Posted:   October 23, 2009

Just a short one here... hope you enjoy it!!

Jacob looked into my eyes with great lust.  I returned the look with my hairy legs on his muscular shoulders.  He leaned over and ran his nice hard 7 inches up and down my crack, making me want his hot cock even more.  He slapped my ass with it a few times before putting at my hole.  I opened up and allowed his cock to enter me like any good slut would do.  As normal pain shot throughout my 32 year old body with his cock squeezing past my sphincter and going deeper.  I tried to not show the pain and take his 22 year old cock like a man. 

“Fucking great ass, Scott,” Jacob said to me.

“Feel so good in me,” I replied and focused on his chiseled body.  This was our first sex together since he had taken the basement apartment here.  Jacob said he wanted a nice quiet place away from the hustle of the university.  When he first looked at the place, neither of us said we were gay but both knew it without saying so.

Jacob pushed deeper in me.  “You okay?”

Never better,” I replied still with the initial pain.  Slowly it was leaving and replaced with such stimulating feelings all over my naked body.  “Fuck me, stud!”

Jacob managed a smile and pulled back.  He pushed hard into my bowels and got a slight moan from me.  He kissed my leg while slowly fucking me.  He dropped my leg and leaned over me.  Damn what a sight to see this stud perched over me with his cock deep in me.  His thrusts were short but hitting the right spot with me.  I let out another moan.

“Tight ass, Scott,” Jacob said not inches from my face. 

I reached up and wanted a little lip to go along with his cock buried in me.  His lips were moist and soft.  It was a short kiss.  His cock slipped out of my ass and was quickly back in me.  I reached as far as I could to pull him deeper.  His ass was so nice just like the rest of his body.  His breathing increased while he continued to pound my ass.  It felt so great.

We switched positions to doggie style.  “Now fuck me hard!” I said. 

His cock was rammed into me with force.  I took it like a champ but almost screamed at the same time.  He grabbed my hips and pulled me back just a bit.  I was on my elbows  with my ass high in the air taking his cock and loving it.  The sound of skin slapping skin filled his small bedroom mixed with my moaning and his heaving breathing.  My head was spinning in ecstasy taking everything he was giving me.  His strong arms went around my chest while he slammed his cock in me.

OOOO fuck yea!” I groaned and was feeling it.

Take it!  Take my fucking cock!” Jacob stated.

MMMM give it to my fucking cockloving ass!” I screamed.

“Love a man that knows how to take a good hard fuck!” Jacob said and seemed to be enjoying my ass. 

OOO fuck!” I screamed feeling him punishing my ass. 

“Fuck yea!” Jacob moaned and pulled out.  He slammed it back in.  I screamed.  Again he repeated it and I screamed again.  “Fucking love pounding your tight ass!”

“God I love you fucking me so hard!  Give it to me!!” I screamed and he gave it to me.  “Fuck yea!”

Fucking take it, Scott!” Jacob yelled now with his bed squealing from the rough fuck he was delivering.  He slowed a bit and long dicked my ass.  His slow fuck was brushing against my prostrate.  He reached down and grabbed my 6 inch cock that was getting hard with his nice pounding.  He reached up and grabbed my hair and resumed slamming my ass with me moaning, groaning and panting louder than ever.

“You like this, huh?” Jacob asked with one hand on my cock and the other with a handful of my hair.

OOOO love it!” I turned.

“I knew you would,” Jacob let go of my hair and slapped my ass a few times.  He reached under my arms and pulled me up, which wasn’t hard since I’m not the biggest guy ever.  I turned expecting a kiss and got a mouth full of spit.  Normally I would freak out and end it right there but damn this 22 year old was too hot.  He pushed me back down and pulled his cock out.

“Fuck yea,” Jacob groaned.  I could feel his warm load on my back.  He kissed me behind the shoulder blades and stuck his cock back in me.  “I want you to get off with me in your ass.”

“Can do,” I replied. 

Jacob put me on my side to jack off.  His cock was still in me and gaining hardness.  He slowly fucked me while I stroked my hard aching cock, wanting release.  I threw back my head and moaned with cum flowing out of my cock. 

“Fuck, I gonna keep fucking this hot ass.  You care?” Jacob asked.

“Hell no, feed me that cock!” I yelled on my side with cum on his sheets. 

Jacob put his arm around my head and rammed me again hard.  This guy was a machine and was not about to hear one complaint from me.  His hard cock was going in and out of me at a nice pace. 

KNOCK! KNOCK! Was the sound I heard.  I tensed up with Jacob pulling out.

“Wait here, I bet I know who this is,” Jacob said.  He exited the room and looked fucking great doing so naked.  I heard the door open with Jacob talking and another voice.  I heard footsteps getting closer to the door.  Jacob and this cute young kid entered.

“Scott, this is Dylan, my fuck buddy,” Jacob said. “He’s a sophomore here at college.”

“This is what I fucking talking about,” Dylan said, seeing me naked.  He pulled off his t-shirt over his long blond hair that hung to his shoulders.   He was slender with a tattoo on his chest to go along with the pierced brow.  He unzipped his pants.  He pulled out on nice long cut cock.  “Suck me, dude!” 

I moved over and took his cock in my mouth.  Jacob jacked his cock while I was sucking this twink.  Dylan reached in his pocket and pulled out a baggie and lighter.  He opened the baggie, pulled out a fat joint and lit it.  He took a big hit and filled the bedroom with smoke.  He passed it to Jacob while I kept sucking Dylan’s cock.  Jacob took some hits and sent the joint my way.  I took a quick hit and handed it to Dylan.  Dylan dropped his shorts and tossed them in the corner before taking another hit and sticking his hardening cock back in my mouth.

“Fuck yea, Jacob.  Your landlord sucks great cock,” Dylan stated and passed the joint to Jacob.  Jacob took his hit.  I didn’t take another one but Dylan was there wanting more with my mouth bobbing up and down on his hard long cock.  “Nothing like fucking great sex stoned out of my fucking mind!” Dylan said and grabbed my head.

Jacob stroked a few more times, lubed his cock up and went back in me.  I was in gay men’s heaven with one stud fucking my ass while I was sucking off this cute twink’s long cock. 

Fuck that ass, Jacob,” Dylan said and pushed my head down even further.  My throat opened up to take his cock with my nose planted in his small bush.  “I know he fucking loves this shit!”

I pulled off, “Fuck yea, love every second of it!” I resumed sucking Dylan’s cock and could feel Jacob so deep in me. 

“Let me fuck some this ass,” Dylan stated.

“Have at it.  This is our second fuck anyway,” Jacob stated.

“Damn dawg,” Dylan laughed and moved to take over.  Jacob stuck his cock at my face while I waited to take Dylan.  Dylan slapped my ass with his long cock and slid it down my crack. He grabbed the lube that was on the bed and lubed his cock up.  He stuck his cock head at my hole and went inside my ass without any problem.  I continued to suck Jacob’s cock with Dylan going deeper and deeper. 

“Nice fucking ass, dude,” Dylan stated with his hands pressing down my back and ass. 

“I know,” Jacob smiled with me on his cock.  I pulled off and let out a groan with Dylan moving faster in me. 

Fuck me!” I screamed.

Dylan grabbed my hips and rammed me hard.  It felt so good and had my head back spinning out of control.  These two hotties were hitting every sense in my body. 

“Dylan, I want that cock in me.  Scott’s ass is probably worn out,” Jacob stated.

“I don’t give a fuck who I fuck!” Dylan said.  He pulled out of me. 

I rolled over and did feel a little relief.  I watched Jacob get on his back.  Dylan dropped his head and starting rimming Jacob’s ass.  Within seconds, Jacob was groaning loudly here in this basement apartment bedroom.

Fuck me, motherfucker! Fuck me!” Jacob screamed. Jacob was totally different during sex  than he was ordinarily but so was I.  Dylan stopped and rose his head.  He smiled at Jacob and threw Jacob’s muscular legs on his shoulders.  I was sitting and stroking while watching this live show in my face.  Dylan entered Jacob with a loud grunt.  Jacob grimaced a little with Dylan going deeper.  I leaned over and put my cock at Jacob’s mouth.  He opened up and took my cock. 

Jacob started sucking me with Dylan fucking his ass.  Jacob spit out my cock, “Fuck yea Dylan, fuck that ass!”

I moved aside and watched the rest.  “I wish I had a camera,” I stated watching these two got at it.

“Would be fucking hot,” Jacob stated. “Fuck yea Dylan, keep fucking me!”

“Take my cock, fucker!” Dylan said.

Give it to me motherfucker!  Give me that long dick!” Jacob said with me now loving this spectacle.

Dylan slapped Jacob’s ass and continued to pump his cock in Jacob.  Both were moaning with sweat mounting on both.  Jacob’s bed was enduring the abuse and adding to the sex with its squeaking.   They changed positions with Jacob now positioning to ride Dylan.  I ached to be a part of this and leaned over to suck Jacob’s cock again.  It was hard sucking him but I enjoyed sucking Jacob with him bouncing up and down on Dylan. 

The stimulation was getting to Jacob.  He screamed and unloaded his load in my mouth.  I heard Dylan groan almost at the same time, “OOO fuck yea!”  Seeing Dylan bred Jacob’s hot ass caused me to blow along with them.  The room now had a funk of stale marijuana smoke, cum and a little sweat.

Damn!” Jacob said in bliss and pulled off Dylan.

“That was some shit,” Dylan said. “Dude, I have to lick your fucking ass and taste that shit.”  Dylan moved around with me.  We both stuck out our tongues while Jacob grunted out the fresh hot load from his hot ass.  It was a great mixture of ass juice and Dylan’s cum.  I took advantage and stole a great kiss from Dylan after Jacob finished expelling the cum.

“Now tell me, how did you two hookup?” Dylan asked with all of us still taking in what happened.

“Scott came down while I was…”

“He was posing in front of the mirror naked when I came down..” I said.

“His eyes told me he wanted to fuck.  In no time, we were naked and in my bed fucking,” Jacob finished.

“That’s true,” I stated and had to smile.  “What’s the story with you two?”

“We’re fuck buddies and met online two weeks ago,” Dylan said.

“Nothing more?” I asked.

“Ummm… no,” Jacob said. 

“Hell no,” Dylan said with emphasis.  “I don’t want a boyfriend just yet after coming out a relationship.”

“I can’t blame either one of you,” I stated.

“Scott, you are so fucking lucky to get us at the same time,” Jacob stated.

“I know,” I said.

We finally got up from the bed with the day basically young at only one in the afternoon.  I found my clothes, “Anytime, I’d damn sure do that again.”

“I would too,” Dylan said.

“I know where to find you,” Jacob laughed.

I headed out the door and snuck up to the main part of my house naked.  I hit the shower and felt no remorse about what had occurred.  I was wanting sex and found two guys, willing and up for it.  I did wish I had had my camera to take pictures of them. 


Quickie for you readers..  hope you liked it.