Written by Big 'D'... Posted 3/2/13

Kris’s POV

I didn’t really have any idea about what to get Colt for his birthday. With it being
his 21st I wanted to give him something to remember, but everything I thought of just
seemed like a bit of a throwaway gift that didn’t really mean anything. I then
started thinking about his party and about all of the people who had been invited. I
was excited to see everyone and knew we would have an awesome time, but I also
wanted to be alone with him so I could show him just how much I love him without
having anyone interrupt or interfere. After a quick chat with Corey while we were
both working at the Rec, I decided to put all the money I had saved for the occasion
to good use and booked us into a really nice hotel suite that came with an evening
meal and breakfast the following morning. I thought it would be perfect and it meant
we could be together the whole time without ever having to leave the hotel.

Once everything was set and I paid the deposit for the room on my credit card, I
headed home after a good but tiring day at work and went straight to Colt, giving
him a big kiss and telling him to pack a bag. He seemed to really like the idea and
I knew from his texts earlier that he’d spoken to his dad. It hadn’t gone well and I
wanted to take his mind off that. He was supposed to enjoy his birthday and not
dwell on the things he had no control over. I hoped our night away from everyone
could cheer him up.

With our bags packed we said goodbye to the guys and got in my car. Since it was a
treat for Colt, I wanted him to relax. He did. As I was driving toward the hotel, he
sank back into his chair and seemed both excited and relieved to be getting away
from everything. He did keep looking out of the window to see if he knew where we
were going, but I don’t think he knew this part of town very well since I had to use
Google Maps to find the route I needed.

When we pulled up in the hotel parking lot, where a barrier had to be raised for us
to even get in, I looked over at Colt and saw his eyes go wide. I chuckled, having
thought he may react something like that when he saw it was a 4* hotel we were
staying at. He turned to me and I know I had a huge smile on my face.

“Only the best for my boyfriend,” I grinned.

“I know we haven’t even gone inside yet, but this place is fucking amazing. I can’t
thank you enough,” Colt replied.

“You can try once we get up to our room,” I winked.

“I will do that. I’m so glad you did this.”

“Me too, but I want to go one step further. I want it to be just us tonight. I gave
Corey the number of the hotel so he can contact us if it’s an emergency, but
otherwise I want us to forget about everyone else and just enjoy being together.”

I took his phone from him and switched it off, doing the same with mine. Then I
tucked them both into the glove compartment and leaned over to kiss him. It was just
meant to be a quick peck but he took my head in his hands and kissed me with so much
love and passion I almost pushed him into the back seat to fuck him there in the
parking lot.

“Come on,” I said. “Let’s get checked in and then we can see what they have to

“I’m okay if we never leave the hotel room,” Colt said, giving me another quick

“I would be too, but we can at least have a look around.”

We got out of the car and grabbed our bags. As we approached the front doors of the
hotel a doorman in a pressed suit and jacket opened it for us and welcomed us
inside. Glancing sideways I could see that Colt was impressed and I hoped he could
see how much I love him by the kind of place I took him to.

After looking around in awe at the foyer and hallways, seeing how plush and high
quality the hotel was from the way it was decorated, we walked up to the reception
desk to check in. I had been buzzing ever since we arrived and loved seeing the
excitement on Colt’s face and how happy he was. But as soon as the girl on the desk
looked up at me I suddenly felt self-conscious. I hadn’t really thought about it
earlier but I had booked a room with a single king size bed, and now here we were,
two men, checking in to share it. I was about to see how comfortable I was being in
a relationship with a guy.

“Hello sir, how can I help you?” the girl said, looking to be about our age.

“My name is Kris Stanton, I booked a room for the night,” I replied, trying not to
let my nerves show in my voice.

The girl quickly typed into her computer and then looked back up at me. “Okay sir, I
can see that you have a single king room booked, is that correct?”

I looked over at Colt to see that he was also feeling a little uneasy. It was mainly
that we weren’t used to being together as boyfriends in public. I took a deep breath
and just smiled. “Yes, that’s right.”

“Okay sir, if I could just take the credit card you booked on from you, we will
charge the remaining amount for the room to your card now and will retain the
details should there be any additional charges when you check out in the morning. If
there are we will clarify that you agree with everything you are being charged for,
and if necessary we will take one final payment, is that okay?”

“Yes,” I smiled, handing over my credit card.

Once everything was processed the girl handed me back my card and reached down into
a drawer to get the key cards for our room. Pushing them across the counter towards
us, she said, “You are in room 415. Just take the elevator to the 4th floor and it’s
room 15 on the left. All of the details on the facilities in the hotel are available
on the desk in the room, though you can call down to reception at any time for
further information. An evening meal as well as breakfast in the morning is included
in the package for your room, so when you are ready just make your way down to the
restaurant on this floor and you will be shown to your table. We hope you enjoy your

“Thank you,” I smiled.

I expected that to be the end of the conversation and was quite pleased, but then
the girl spoke again. “Are you here for a special occasion, sir?”

I turned to Colt and saw him looking at me questioningly, as if he didn’t know how I
was going to react or like he was expecting me to say we were just friends. I smiled
and reached for his hand, taking it in mine and turning back to the girl.

“Yes, it’s my boyfriend’s 21st birthday tomorrow and I wanted to treat him to
something special,” I beamed, feeling so happy and proud that I was able to stand
there with Colt and admit that we were together.

The girl behind the desk smiled and turned to look at Colt, who had the biggest
smile I think I’ve ever seen on his face. “Congratulations. I’ll see if I can
organise something special for the occasion.”

“Thank you,” I said again, picking up the room card and my bag.

Saying goodbye to the girl, Colt and I walked toward the elevator, still holding
each other’s hand and not caring if anyone saw us. We were here to be together and
there was something really exhilarating about being able to just be ourselves and
show our love for each other in a semi-public place.

We got on the elevator and as soon as the doors closed behind us Colt dropped his
bag and grabbed me for an amazing kiss that took my breath away. He still had my
hand in his and we moaned as we broke the kiss and he pressed his forehead against

“That felt so good, hearing you call me your boyfriend to that girl. I love that we
can just be ourselves here and I’m gonna show you how much I love and appreciate
you. Thank you for doing this,” Colt whispered.

“My pleasure, babe,” I smiled and kissed him again.
We broke apart just as the elevator doors were opening and Colt picked up his bag as
we exited and headed down the hallway to find our room. It was right at the end of
the corridor and was on the second highest floor, so I knew the views would be good.

Once inside, I barely got a chance to look around before I was pulled into Colt’s
arms and he was kissing me again, slipping his tongue into my mouth and running his
hands all over my body.

“God, I love you, Kris,” Colt moaned after we parted. “Make love to me.”

“Right now? Don’t you wanna look around first?” I asked, but I had already heard the
hunger in his voice and my dick was growing hard.

“No. I need to feel you inside me now. Make love to me.”

Colt pulled me back to him for another kiss and our lips barely separated as we
fumbled around, trying to strip each other out of our clothes, throwing and kicking
them all over the room until we had to break apart to pull our shirts off.

As soon as we were both naked, Colt wrapped his arms around me and slid his hand
down my back and onto my ass so he could pull me closer to him. He seemed to wrap
himself around me, even threading his leg between mine, wanting us to be as close as
we possibly could. Our hard, dripping cocks were pressed against each other and Colt
clung to me as our heaving chests rose and fell in sync, with our nipples just
touching. It was like they were teasing each other.

Keeping me in his arms, Colt moved backward, taking me with him, until the back of
his knees hit the bed and he fell backwards, taking me with him. I landed on top of
him and he immediately wrapped his legs around my waist and his arms around my neck.
I looked down into his eyes and was overwhelmed by the love I felt for him. It was
more than I had ever felt for anyone.

I leaned down to kiss him again and moved my hips gently, rubbing our cocks
together. We moaned into each other’s mouths as our tongues battled and soon we were
both dry humping each other, feeling the tension, lust and passion build. We wanted
each other so bad.

Knowing it was time to take things further, I moved to get up off the bed but Colt
wouldn’t let me. I looked down at him confused and then said, “I need to get the

“No…” He gasped. “I want to feel you raw inside me.”

“It’ll hurt you too much,” I protested.

“Then let’s just use spit,” Colt pleaded, his eyes gleaming as I looked down into

“Okay,” I nodded, taking his legs from around my waist and pushing them back so I
could lift his ass off the bed and expose it for my tongue as I buried my face
between his gorgeous ass cheeks.

“Oh fuck yeah!” Colt moaned as I used my lips and tongue to eat his ass, getting as
much saliva around his hole as I could before pushing the tip of my tongue against
the opening and eventually slipping in.

I fucked him with my tongue for a few minutes, pulling back to spit or dribble
saliva onto his hole so I could work it inside him with a finger. I didn’t really
like spitting on him, but I knew there was a purpose and it was so hot knowing that
the only thing that was going to lube my entry into him would be fluids from our

I lowered his legs back down and he moved almost quicker than I could see. He spun
around on the bed and pretty much swallowed my dick right down his throat. He
attacked it with so much energy and passion it was overwhelming, running his tongue
all over it, making it as slick as possible.

When my dick was drenched in his saliva and I was satisfied that it would be easy
enough to get inside him, I pulled him off my cock and gripped him by the hair so I
could bring our lips together in another great kiss.

Then I pushed him down onto the mattress and followed him so our lips met again and
he held me close, caressing the back of my head as I gazed down into his eyes and
used one arm to hold up my bodyweight while the other positioned my bare cock ready
to enter his tight spit-lubed hole.

I never broke eye contact with him and we stared into each other’s eyes as the head
of my cock came into contact with his ass. We both moaned and I felt him try to push
his ass up onto my cock, wanting it inside him. Gently, I eased forward, adding more
pressure behind my movements, and his ass slowly opened up, allowing me to slip

Without the slickness of lube the friction as my dick went deeper inside his ass was
amazing. His insides seemed to be gripping my cock so much tighter than they usually
did and I could feel every little bump inside him as it rubbed against my cock. The
heat was also incredible, enveloping my dick and seemingly embracing it.

There was enough spit to make the journey into him a relatively easy one and as I
continued to study his face I knew he wasn’t feeling much, if any, pain. That
pleased me because I wanted him to enjoy this so much and didn’t want him hurting in
any way.

When I finally bottomed out inside him we were both panting. The feelings we were
both experiencing from my bare cock being in his ass sent chills all over our bodies
and we clung to each other, our lips meeting again as I remained buried in his

We must have kissed for five minutes or more while I was balls deep in him, neither
of us moving, both of us just enjoying the feelings of being together and of me
being inside him. There was so much love flowing between us that it was almost hard
to comprehend and I don’t think I had ever felt as close to him than I did at that

Moving as slowly as I could, I pulled my hips back and withdrew my cock from the
tight confines of his ass until the head almost slipped out. Keeping my eyes locked
on his, I pushed back in almost as slowly and watched as his eyes went wide and then
rolled back into his head. He threw his head back against the bed and let out such a
moan of pleasure that I knew he loved the feeling. I pulled back again and repeated
the move again and again for almost ten minutes, long dicking him and driving us
both insane.

My lips were soon back on his and he wrapped his legs around my waist, keeping me
close as I pushed in deep and then began to make love to him with slow, soft
thrusts, removing only about half of my cock before pushing it back in. Not once did
I pick up the pace or increase the strength of the thrusts, we just stayed in the
missionary position, making out or kissing each other’s neck as my dick slid in and
out of him.

Colt’s cock was rock hard and was throbbing between us, but neither of us moved to
touch it. My arms were both on the bed, resting my weight on my forearms with both
of my hands tucked behind Colt’s head, and his were holding on to me, moving slowly
over my back, caressing my skin just like my dick was doing to his insides.

The sweat was really building up on us and started to pour off me onto Colt’s
already glistening chest. There was so much sweat gathering on our bodies that when
I leaned back so I was on my knees, beads of sweat ran down my pecs, over my hard,
tensing abs and down through my trimmed pubes, sliding down onto the shaft of my
hard cock and coating it, easing my entry into Colt. It was so hot.

Eventually, after almost an hour, my body was staring to grow numb so I tried to
change the position slightly, only when I did that and continued thrusting into
Colt’s ass it sent the tip of my cock crashing into his prostate and with a scream
of pure ecstasy Colt’s cock exploded all over his chest and abs.

Seeing him cum and feeling his ass tighten on my cock pushed me right to the edge. I
quickly made a few deep thrusts into his ass and buried myself inside him as far as
I could go, throwing my head back as my cum rocketed up my cock and started filling
his ass.

We were both panting and moaning as our orgasms took over our bodies. Even after we
had stopped shooting and my body collapsed on top of his, my cock still deep inside
him, we were both whimpering and shivering from the sensations.

When we finally pulled apart we kissed again, running our hands all over each other
and savouring the moment. I pulled my slowly deflating cock from his ass and lay
down beside him, taking him in my arms and pulling him close. We stayed in that
position for a long time, never moving, never speaking, just enjoying the feeling of
being with the man we loved.

“I’m sticky,” Colt chuckled.

“Is that just from the cum or from the sweat we built up?” I asked.

“Both,” Colt laughed as he pulled himself from my arms and started to get up.

When he was to his feet and was out of arms reach, I sighed and got up off the bed
myself. It was only then, as I looked across at him, that I really took the time to
examine the room. It was definitely worth the money. The king bed we had just made
love on was the centrepiece, but there was also a big desk that could seat two
people, with various things perched atop it, and a full-size sofa positioned under
the huge window, which looked out on the night sky that was the backdrop to the
city’s skyline as it twinkled with the lights from other windows. A huge LCD TV hung
on the wall opposite the bed and all of the decorations and fixtures in the room
were very ornate.

I held my hand out to Colt and he looked at me for a moment as if to ask what I was
planning to do, but then he took it anyway and let me lead him into the bathroom.
Inside there was both a tub, which looked to double up as a Jacuzzi, and a shower
stall big enough for two. The huge mirror that ran from the top of the basin all the
way to the ceiling gave me a great view of my amazing boyfriend with his messy hair
and still glistening chest. I moved in behind him and wrapped my arms around him,
looking at us in the mirror and seeing one hot couple. I kissed his neck and then
reached out for a towel that was hanging on a rail beside the tub.

Without letting Colt escape from my arms, I wet the edge of the towel and ran it all
over Colt’s chest and abs, wiping away the traces of dried cum that marked his soft
skin. When he looked clean I threw the towel away and just continued to hold him as
we made eye contact in the mirror, both of us smiling and so happy to be where we

After another minute of just enjoying being together, we went back out into the room
and walked over to the desk to read some of the welcome pack that had been left for
us. The list of facilities and services they had at the hotel was so impressive we
would have had to have stayed for a week to be able to do it all.

“You could get a massage at the spa,” I said, looking up at Colt.

“I’d rather get a massage from you,” he smiled before giving me a little wink.

I laughed and knew that I would prefer that too. I just loved getting my hands on
his hot body. We looked through the list some more and saw that they had a swimming
pool and saunas, a small golfing green somewhere out back and various activities
they would arrange for you outside of the hotel.

“I don’t really wanna go far from this room,” Colt said.

“Me either,” I agreed.

“We could check out their health centre. Using that is included in the price, and if
it’s anything like the rest of this place it will be a palace compared to the Rec.”

I agreed with him and we quickly threw on some clothes that would be perfect for
working out in. We headed down to the second floor and entered the health centre
after I gave my name to the person on the door and they checked that we were staying
in the hotel.

There weren’t many people using the equipment, but it was really impressive. They
had two or three of every machine I could think of and they all looked pretty new.
The weight room was what I imagined a professional bodybuilder would have designed.
It may be weird but I was so excited to test things out and Colt was there with me
every step of the way, spotting me on different machines and trying to keep up with
me when I wasn’t spotting for him.

We had an amazing workout that made me feel so good, even if my muscles burned just
a little, but then that meant the exercises were working. When we finished we
debated whether or not to use the showers and steam room there, but we decided to go
back up to the room instead.

“Damn, I’m hungry now,” Colt said and I looked at the clock to see that it was
pretty late and we had only about a half hour to get down to the restaurant before
they wouldn’t serve us.

We decided to quickly shower to get rid of the sweat, but I knew if we went in
together things could spiral if we got our hands on each other, meaning we wouldn’t
get downstairs before the restaurant closed. Colt agreed with me and quickly went to
shower alone while I got our clothes out of our bags and laid them out on the bed.

When Colt was finished and came out of the bathroom with water still running down
his chest, wearing nothing but a towel, I had to fight the urge to push him down on
the bed so I could make love to him again, instead giving him a quick kiss and
telling him to get ready while I showered.

I was back out in near record time and gasped when I saw Colt dressed in his shirt
and smart pants. He looked so sexy and I made sure to tell him so, emphasising the
point with another kiss. As soon as I was dried I threw on my own shirt and pants
and we headed down to the restaurant with about ten minutes to spare before they
stopped letting people in.

The man on the door checked us in and then showed us to a nice little booth with a
table for two tucked away inside it before disappearing, though I was sure I heard
my name being mentioned to someone.

Colt and I sat down opposite each other as a waiter approached and handed us menus.
We gave our drink orders, wishing we could get two beers but instead settling for
water, and then we looked around, realising that we were pretty shielded from the
other people in the restaurant and so could let go and just be ourselves.

I reached over the table and took Colt’s hand in mine, lacing our fingers together.
I watched as he looked down at our joined hands and then slowly looked up until our
eyes met. There was a bit of twinkle in one of his eyes that might have been a tear,
but I didn’t say anything. The smile that lit up his face made even my heart tremble
and he squeezed my hand.

“I love you, Kris,” he smiled.

“I love you too, Colt,” I replied, meaning every word.

“This is amazing. I can’t thank you enough for bringing me here. It means so much to
me that we can be together like this. It proves to me just how much I love you.”

“I feel the same way.” 

We never let go of each other’s hand and I slowly made circles on his with my thumb.
We looked at the menus and decided what we wanted to eat. When the waiter came back
with our drinks and to take our food order I saw him looking at our hands with a bit
of a knowing smile, but I just ignored him and concentrated on my boyfriend as the
waiter walked away.

“Are you having a good time?” I asked, wanting to make sure he was happy.

“The best,” Colt grinned. “I love that we’re here alone. I can really appreciate
where Matt is coming from now when he wants his private time with Corey. It’s so
special just being with the person you love.”

“It really is. I’m not one for all the romantic stuff, but this is awesome. We need
to do it more often,” I said.

“We do. We need to find the time and money to just go off alone every now and then…
Man, I can’t believe I nearly missed out on all this,” Colt sighed.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Not being with you,” he replied. “If I hadn’t spoken up when I did you might have
been doing this with some other guy instead of me.”

“That’s true, but I’m so glad it’s you. I’m not sure it would have ever worked with
another guy anyway.”


“Yeah… it’s always been about you, Colt. You’re the man for me,” I said and I could
see that Colt was a bit taken aback by that, and maybe I was a little too, but it
was the truth.

“I feel the same about you,” Colt smiled. “But we tried to convince ourselves
otherwise for so long, didn’t we?”

“Yeah, for about two years,” I chuckled. “I think we were just scared of what we
were feeling.”

“I know I was,” Colt replied. “Before you I’d never really thought about being with
a guy. I got a blowjob from that one in high school, but that was it. I never
thought I’d actually sleep with a guy, let alone that I’d end up in a relationship
with one I love.”

“I was the same. I think a part of me was always curious, but I thought if I was
serious about trying it out then I would have slept with Matt, but that never
happened. Back then the desire wasn’t there. It only really kicked in when I met
you, and then when we had sex on Spring Break two years ago certain things just
seemed to fall into place. I tried to fight them because of what I thought it meant,
but when we just kept coming back to each other I knew it was more than just fooling
around, I just couldn’t admit it to myself.”

“When did you admit it to yourself?” Colt asked.

“In Amsterdam, I think,” I replied.


“Yeah. It was when we were in that park and you were making love to me. I remember
thinking that how we were then, when we were together, out in the open and where so
many people could have been watching us, that was how I wanted us to always be. Not
the sex, just us. We didn’t care about anyone else, about what they thought or what
they saw, all we cared about was each other, and we were lost in each other as we
made love. You were the only thing that mattered to me then and I felt like I was
the only thing that mattered to you. It was special and it made me want to be with

“Wow,” Colt said, knowing that I was being honest.

“That whole trip made me see you in a new light. We shared the bedroom together and
were with each other so much. I know we roomed together before, but we were truly
together for the first time that trip, sharing the bed. But it wasn’t just having
sex with you and getting to sleep in your arms that made me want to be with you on a
more permanent basis, it was how comfortable we were with each other. It’s not just
an attraction between us. There’s so much more there. We connect on so many levels
and have so much in common. And as much as I love having sex with you, if we could
never have sex again I’d still want to be with you.”

I think that comment shocked Colt more than anything and I was waiting for him to
reply but nothing came out of his mouth so I decided to continue.

“I didn’t wanna leave Amsterdam,” I said, “because I knew it meant we’d have to go
back to how things were before and I didn’t want that. I didn’t want to be with
someone else and pretend everything was great when really I just wanted you, but I
didn’t think you wanted that, so I pushed my feelings aside and just got on with it.
I wanted to date other guys in part to try to take my mind off you, but also I guess
it was to see if it really is just you that makes me feel like this. It is, Colt,
and if I’m ever gonna end up being with a guy for the long haul, it’s gonna be with

Now Colt had the biggest grin on his face I’d seen, even bigger than the ones
earlier. “Damn, I knew you love me, but I guess I didn’t really think I meant that
much to you. Hearing you say that fills me with warmth and I want to tell you that I
feel the same. You’re the guy for me. And you know how insane it drove me thinking
you were gonna be with someone else. I was an idiot. We both were. I’m just glad we
came to our senses.”

“Me too,” I smiled, leaning over the table to kiss him just as the waiter headed
back over to our table with our starters.

Colt and I finally let go of each other’s hand and sat back to eat our meal. We
continued to chat between mouthfuls and courses, almost never taking our eyes off
each other. The rest of the conversation wasn’t really anywhere near as deep as
that, we were just chatting about anything and everything, not just being lovers,
but being best friends, enjoying each other’s company. That is what’s great about
Colt, we can talk for hours and I never get bored.

Before we knew it we had eaten our main course and had had to hold ourselves back
from licking the plates the food was so good. We were perfect together. The words
just flowed between us effortlessly and time seemed to pass so quickly. We were lost
in each other.

When the waiter came to clear our plates he looked at us with an expression that I
really couldn’t read and I was trying to figure out what was on his mind as he
disappeared back into the kitchen. Was it just that we were two men together who
were clearly in a relationship?

I didn’t have too much time to dwell on it because when he reappeared everything
made sense and I couldn’t stop a huge grin from spreading across my face. When Colt
saw me smiling and looking over his shoulder he turned too and I heard him gasp.

The waiter and two of the kitchen staff were walking towards us with a small cake
that had a candle burning on top of it. They placed the cake in front of Colt,
wished him a Happy Birthday and watched as he blew the candle out before walking
away. The grin on Colt’s face said all it needed to.

“Did you organise this?” he asked.

“Honestly, I wish I had,” I smiled. “It must have been the girl on the reception
desk. She said she’d try to organise something.”

“Awesome. It’s personalised too,” Colt said.

“What do you mean?” I asked, looking at the cake. Sure enough, piped on top of it in
chocolate were the words ‘Happy 21st Birthday’. I couldn’t have been more impressed
by the hotel, and so far it was well worth the money.

Instead of cutting into the cake, we decided to leave it until later since we were
both pretty stuffed from the great food we had already eaten. We mentioned it to the
waiter the next time he checked on us and he came back with a box, a knife and two
spoons, saying we could eat the cake in our room and to just leave the knife and
spoons on the coffee tray on the desk.

Since the meal was part of the cost of the room and we didn’t have to pay our bill,
we headed back up to our room. Colt put the cake down on the nightstand beside the
bed and we quickly stripped down to our boxers. We were about to take those off too,
but something said not to so we kept them on and climbed up onto the bed.

We were both stuffed from the food and needed to rest a little before we made love
again. We sat on the bed with our backs against the headboard, holding hands again
and resting our heads against each other. We continued to chat about anything that
came to mind and just loved being together.

After a little while I kissed Colt on the side of the head and asked him if he
wanted to watch a movie since some of the latest DVD releases were available via the
PPV system on the room’s TV. He thought it was a great idea so I handed him the
remote control and let him choose which one he wanted to watch while I went to my
bag and brought two beers back to the bed for us.

I sat back against the headboard and expected Colt to sit down next to me as he had
before, but he had different ideas. He took my legs and pushed them apart. I looked
at him to question what he was doing, but he just smiled and sat down in front of me
so he was sitting between my legs. He then scooted down just a little so he wouldn’t
block my view and lay back against me so his back was against my chest and his head
rested on my shoulder. I moved my legs in so they were pressed against his and then
wrapped my arms around his chest. He sighed and pressed start. We watched most of
the movie like that, barely saying a word, only moving to drink our beer or to
quickly kiss each other. We relaxed completely and enjoyed the movie. I loved having
him in my arms like that and it made me feel warm inside that we could be in that
position, with me holding him, and it felt totally natural and right.

Only when the movie ended did we finally break apart, putting our empty beers on the
nightstand before Colt moved so he was straddling my waist and looking down into my
eyes. He leaned in for a kiss that I happily met as I ran my hands up and down his

“Are you hungry?” he asked.

“Maybe a little,” I said.

Colt smiled then and jumped off me. He grabbed the cake and brought it into the
middle of the bed so he could straddle me again. Instead of using the knife to cut
it he just used his fingers and pulled part of the chocolate sponge from the rest of
the cake. He then moved it toward my mouth and slipped it between my lips, placing
it on my tongue so that I also licked his fingers.

We both moaned at the contact and the intimacy of him feeding me like that and I
quickly swallowed the cake. It tasted great, but my mind was elsewhere. It was so
strange to be in that position with him, but it was incredibly hot too. I broke off a
small piece of the cake and fed it to Colt. When my fingers entered his mouth he
closed his lips around them and sucked on them sensually before I pulled them out and
he swallowed.

Our eyes made contact then and we kissed again. When we broke apart we knew the
playing around was over. I pushed him off me and moved the cake back to the
nightstand. Then I took off my boxers and grabbed hold of his ankle, pulling him
toward me so I could get his boxers off too.

With us both naked now, I climbed back up onto the bed so that my body was covering
his. I leaned down and our lips met again. He wrapped his arms and legs around me as
we made out and our dicks grew hard against each other, trapped between our abs. I
gently humped down against him as he thrust up to meet me. It was all slow and
deliberate. We wanted to enjoy every second of this and we were going to take our
time. The next time our lips parted I managed to roll us over on the bed so that Colt
was on top of me.

“You’re in control this time, babe,” I said, leaning up to kiss him. “Do what you
want with me.”

Colt smiled and continued kissing me. We still humped against each other slowly, only
now he was on top. That continued for maybe another ten minutes while we made out. It
got us both so worked up that our abs were covered in precum.

His lips then travelled down to my neck and he had me pinned against the mattress. I
was panting for breath as he continued his assault on my skin with his lips and
tongue. It felt so good and I was moaning and groaning beneath him, throwing my head
from side to side and trying to push my body up against his as he moved down to my
chest and nipples.

His tongue traced every one of my abs and slowly made its way down to my throbbing,
leaking cock. He sucked it into his mouth and I yelped as the heat enveloped me. I
had felt his mouth on me so many times but there was something about this blowjob
that beat all the others.

He deep throated my cock and had me panting and whimpering, calling out his name as
he twisted my balls in his hand and buried his face in my trimmed pubes. Just when I
thought my abs were about to get so tight and tense that the tendons would start to
snap, he pulled off me and slapped my glistening, spit-covered cock against his

I could barely breathe. He had me in the palm of his hand and I would have let him do
anything to me. He hooked his hands under my knees and pushed my legs back, exposing
my ass to him. I screamed when his tongue made contact with my twitching pucker and
he bathed it with saliva, running the tip around and around the outside, teasing it
so my cock was jerking against my belly and my hole was constantly clenching.

My eyes rolled up into my head and I found myself trying to grip on to anything,
clawing at the sheets beneath us. He was doing things to me that we had done a
hundred times, but this time they were different. It was like my senses were
heightened and every lick and kiss to my tight hole sent shockwaves 1000 times more
powerful than any I’d had before surging through my body.

“Oh God, Colt. Put it inside me. Make love to me,” I moaned.

Colt moaned at my words, but he listened. He lowered me back to the bed and climbed
on top of me until our lips were back together and our tongues were battling. His
cock was actually dripping precum down onto me he was so hard and turned on.

Without saying a word he pulled back and lined his cock up with my hole. Using the
precum that was all around the head of his dick he lubed up my ass a little and slid
the head inside. I gasped and my hole clenched so tight around his cock I was afraid
it would snap it off. My ass was gripping his dick so hard and it felt like it was

He must have sensed my discomfort because he pulled out and moved over to get the
bottle of lube out of his bag. “I should probably use this since I’ve got a feeling
this is going to be a long ride.”

He popped the top on the bottle and poured it onto his cock, stroking it up and down
to make sure he was nice and slick before pressing it back against my hole and
pushing in.

“Oh yeah, Colt!” I moaned. “That’s it! Fill me with your gorgeous cock, bro.”

He did just that, pushing in slowly until he was buried to the hilt inside me. His
bare cock always felt so good when it was lodged in my depths and I could feel it
pulsing and twitching every time he took a panted breath. Using lube meant he slipped
in much easier than I had when we just used our spit, and there wasn’t as much
friction to stimulate us more, but it still felt so good and I loved having my man
inside me.

“Oh God, I love you, Kris,” Colt moaned as he pushed himself as far inside me as he
could go.

“I love you too. You feel so good inside me,” I said, pulling him into a kiss.

Colt smiled and slid his cock almost completely out of me only to push it back in. I
moaned and looked up into his eyes, which were slightly glazed over. I loved being on
my back with Colt on top of me, my legs around his waist or high in the air on his
shoulders or held in his hands as he pumped his dick in and out of me. This time my
legs were on either side of him, bent so my feet were on the mattress, allowing me to
push up to lift my ass off the bed and give him slightly better access to my hole.

I moaned with every thrust he made into my ass. They were pretty slow, letting me
feel every inch of his veiny 7 inch cock. He ran his hand over my body, licking his
lips as he felt my muscles, and then his hand settled on my cock, softly stroking me
in time to his cock as it long dicked my ass.

Pretty soon I had to pull his hand off my dick because his hand jerked me perfectly
and his cock felt too good inside me that I could feel the rumbling in my balls that
told me I was about to cum and I didn’t want to. I knew that Colt was nowhere near
his orgasm and I wanted to last as long as I could with him inside me before I blew
my load.

We continued on in that position with us both moaning for a few more minutes and then
Colt slid his cock as deep as it would go and manoeuvred us so that my right leg was
between his legs and my left leg was up on his shoulder with my knee actually bent
over the shoulder as he leaned down and place his hands on either side of my chest.
That position folded my body back slightly, lifting my ass off the mattress and
opening me right up, leaving me so vulnerable that I could do nothing but moan as
Colt started to move again, pulling his cock out of me and then pushing it back in.
His dick felt like it was sawing straight through me, ploughing its way into my
depths like it was trying to reach my core.

Colt kept up the thrusts and we were both moaning and panting as our bodies once
again became covered in sweat. He was looking down into my eyes as he made love to me
and he moved his left hand up to cup my head, pulling it toward him as he leant down
further, pressing my leg against my chest, and kissed me deep while he still made
love to me, never missing a beat.

Having Colt’s tongue in my mouth at the same time as his cock seemed to spear
straight through my ass was amazing. With his hand still cradling my head and some of
his bodyweight now supported on me, I reached up and gripped onto his forearm, using
it to both hold him close and also just so I had something to hold on to and squeeze
as the pleasure surged through me.

I was moaning his name and he kept moaning mine. He let go of my head and took my
hands in his, pinning them to the mattress and linking our fingers together. Our eyes
never broke contact with each other and his cock played a sweet tune inside my ass as
it ran over my spot every few seconds.

We stayed in that position for another few minutes until my leg felt like it was
starting to cramp. Colt pulled back but never let his cock slip out of me. With my
legs now free and on either side of Colt, he leaned back down so we could make out
some more as he rocked his hips back and forth, humping me slowly.

Colt pulled back and held himself up on his arms, hovering over me and looking down
into my eyes. I stared up at him and reached up to touch his face, gently caressing
his cheek. I felt so much love for him and hoped that he could feel that. I moved my
fingers across his face and traced a line around his lips until he opened them and
took my finger in his mouth, sucking on it and teasing it with his tongue.

Lying back, I took the time to admire his body while he made love to me. His perfect,
rounded pecs rose and fell with every breath, covered in a fine coating of sweat. His
abs contracted with every thrust into me, dotted with a little bit of hair he’d let
grow on them. And his arms looked incredible, his biceps popping as he held himself
up over me. I ran my hand up from his wrist, all the way up his forearm and on until
I was running my fingers over the hard bicep.

On a backwards thrust Colt’s cock slipped out of me and I thought it was a mistake
until he took hold of my hips and rolled me over so I was on my stomach with my dick
trapped beneath me. Almost as quickly as he had slid out of me he mounted me again
and sank his cock back inside me.

When he was buried balls deep inside me again he ran his hands up my back and then
bent down, licking his way up my back without ever leaving my ass until he was
kissing and licking at my shoulders and the back of my neck.

He then pressed his sweaty chest against my back and nuzzled his head into my neck as
he started moving his hips, humping down into me and making love to me again, keeping
up a slow but steady pace.

I could feel his breath, lips and tongue on me the whole time he was inside me,
sliding that gorgeous cock in and out of me. I could feel that it was leaking precum
by the way his cock glided through me so much easier, just slipping straight in in
one swift movement and punching a hole right through me.

I reached up my hand to put it on the back of his head while his lips played with the
skin on my neck. I moaned, “Oh fuck… yeah… right there… feels so good… make love to
me, Colt.”

“I am making love to you, baby,” Colt whispered in my ear.

He was playing a symphony on my body now and I was tingling all over from the way his
cock was assaulting my ass and crashing into my prostate, and from how my own dick
was rubbing against the sheets and from his hands, lips and tongue caressing my

Sensing that things were getting the better of me and that the end was drawing near,
Colt pulled out of me and moved us so I was on my side. He moved in behind me and
slid his dick back inside my ass, throwing my leg over his and wrapping his arms
around my chest so he could thrust deep into me, hitting my prostate every time,
making me scream in ecstasy.

I felt Colt’s lips on me again and his thrusts became a little faster and a bit more
urgent. His dick seemed to be twitching inside me and jumping around a little as he
pushed it in deep. Then his breath was tickling my ear and I heard him whisper.

“I’m close, Kris. Cum with me.”

I moaned and pushed my ass back against him, my own neglected dick throbbing so hard
it was almost painful. He moved his hand down and slowly stroked me in time with the
deep thrusts into my ass and we both started panting until Colt bit down on my
shoulder and my cum rocketed up and out of my cock, spraying the sheets at the exact
same moment that Colt erupted in my ass, hosing down my insides with the biggest load
he had ever shot inside me.

We collapsed on the bed, exhausted, with his cock still buried deep. I didn’t have
the strength and neither did he. We panted and our bodies shook as we tried to
recover. It was no good, though, and our eyes started closing as he held me in his
arms, tightly pressing his chest against my back.

“I love you,” he whispered.

“I love you too,” I said, and just before I fell asleep I glanced over at the clock
and saw that it was 1am, “Happy Birthday.”

Colt moaned and pulled me even closer to his body. He kissed my shoulder and snuggled
up against me as we drifted off to sleep.

The End!!

Hope you enjoyed another hot story written by Big 'D'.  I can't thank him and Andy enough for all the hard
work they put in adding to the story. Both volunteer freely without me ever saying a word to them.  They
are both great guys who I've enjoyed working with now going on over 2 years.
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