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I walked into our room, and looked over to my friend of almost two years, and watched as he undressed for
bed. I walked over to him and put my arms around him and made him look into my eyes. I knew something was

“Colt what is it? Are you still pissed at Chase because of the rims?”

“No I am not, actually; I am pissed how I reacted towards learning about it. They are stupid car parts. I was an
ass today.”

“No more than usual.” I tried to use humour. “I was jealous; I bet you would have been jealous if when Nathan
got something, you never did.”

Talking about Nate now is not that hard anymore, especially with Colt. “Actually, with our age differences, and
the fact that we talked all the time meant we were open and honest about everything.”

Colt broke away and stood by the window. His bare ass was hot as were the muscles in his back but I didn’t act
on it.  I just waked up to him and stood behind him. It was then I noticed the tear in his eye. He turned towards

“Kris, Chase and I had excellent relationship; we fought like brothers, but we never were as close as you were
with Nate, or even Matt for that matter.”

“Yeah, but I hurt Matt more than I ever hurt you. I lost my brother; it doesn’t make my life perfect. You still
have Chase and you can be better brothers.”

“I kept things from him.” Colt said honestly, walking back the bed. “He never knew I was bisexual, and when
Jess blurted it out, like that you remember how mad I was. What you didn’t know is I was shocked about his

I wasn’t expecting this, but I tried to act like Matt as best I could and listened to Colt. “What was so shocking
about it?”

“I thought he would be more like dad, or worse that he would think less of me. When he turned out to be okay
with the entire thing, it shocked me.”

“I won’t lie, Tabor and Chase have never been that open to gayness before, and they took it surprisingly well.”
Colt looked at me, almost on certain of how much he wanted to reveal. “The point Kris, I feel I let Chase down
a lot; I wasn’t the best role model in the world.”

“That is fucking bullshit.”

“No it is not! Do you even remember how I was when we first met? I was so ignorant about gay people, and
their lifestyle. I used to beat up gay people in high school. Then there was that New Years Eve.”

“What are you talking about, New Years’ Eve?”

“I came home drunk and it was Chase who took care of me! I should be the one who takes care of him. I should
be the one who was there for him, when he stumbles in at four in morning. What do I fuck and do. I yell at him.
I blow up at him. What I did today was inexcusable being a fucking ass about rims on the car.”

“I understand what you are saying.” I thought back to how Nathan brought be chicken noodle soup when I was
sick. “However, just because you are older doesn’t mean you are great role model.”

“What are you talking about? You always speak highly of Nate, now that you openly talk about him.”

“You never knew how he died. He wasn’t the best role model; I mean you heard what he said on the DVD
during the Christmas break. The night he died, seeing how bad he was I told him, ‘I’m worried about you. If you
do that you might be going to and early grave. I don’t think I could ever find anybody to replace you. I talk
about everything with you. You are my best friend, my brother and the best role models I have. I love you too
much to see anything happen to you.’  I was six years younger than him at the time, and I had to be the voice of
reason. He didn’t listen to me.”

Colt just looked at me. I remembered those words because I curse myself for not trying harder. “My point is
just because you are older doesn’t mean you are wiser, or better. Sometimes we learn more from our younger
brothers too. Chase showed you a lot. He kept your bisexuality a secret; he was there when you needed him.
When you get upset, he comforts you. That marks the unwritten code of what a brother is.”

“You are so right Kris.”

“If you want to be a big brother, just do what Nate did with me, and what I did with Matt. Be open, be honest
and listen to him.”

Colt just softly kissed my lips as a way of saying thank you for the kind words. I smiled, “This is better than

“That is true. We can fight all we want, and in the end will be there for each….” Colt stopped midsentence, and
I was curious why.

“What do you mean did with Matt?”

“What?”  I wasn’t following his train of thought.

“You said what I did with Matt, in the past tense. You don’t share as much anymore.”

“No we do, but with Corey becoming more a permanent role in Matt’s life. I won’t be needed as much.”

“Bullshit. I don’t believe that one bit. You have been friends for years. He completes each other.”

“That is all true.” I said out loud, “but it won’t be the same. Before he met Corey, before he came here. He
needed me as much I needed him. Had I not forced him out that first night, he wouldn’t have met Scott and
Jess and he wouldn’t have the friends he had now. You wouldn’t comprehend how much it meant to him that
everybody showed for his dad’s funeral.”

“That’s a good thing.” Colt stated.

“He didn’t need me to find Corey...they met in fucking bathroom.”

“He needed you to keep Corey.” Colt said without even needing to think about it. Off my look not
understanding, he continued. “Oh come on, Kris. When Corey cheated on him, he came to you. When Corey
had his meltdown he came to you, he needed you with Corey.”

“I agree with all that bro. But now that they are steady ground and sleep together every night.” Then a noise
from next door broke the conversation.

“I LOVE YOU MATT!” We both burst out laughing at Corey’s comment from Matt’s bedroom.

“You regret shifting the beds at the beginning of term” Colt asked.

“Nope, not in the least; they need there alone time for fucking, and talking and whatever they do.”

“Are you jealous about how close they are getting?” Colt asked again.

“Not really, it did throw me by surprise that he would want to spend the night with Corey after the attack, and
don’t get me wrong I felt rejected. But, that is not the problem.”

“What then, that you have thing for him, and you want to trying fucking him again?” Colt joked.

I didn’t return him comment with laughter at all. He knew from my reaction.

“You’re serious.” He said. “You have a thing for Matt.”

“I don’t have crush on him or anything like that.  When we first had sex and I bottomed for him; that was
completely new gay experience for me. We fucked a lot too, but with Matt it was somehow different. I cannot
explain why it was. Then, when I saw Corey take Matt’s cock in him; I wanted to know how it felt. It was horny
fuck session when all had that orgy on your birthday, which really didn’t count. We need to have sex again on a
one to one basis.

“Why though?”

“I need to show Matt how much I love him in a physical sense. I have heart him so many times; this way he will
know that our friendship has no boundaries. We can express our love physically as well a emotionally. Like
how we fuck Colt. We have made love a few times, and after all we can express so much that no matter how
much we fight, in the end we are there for each other, sex is just another tool to express that emotion of joy. I
haven’t done that with Matt. “

Colt put his arm around me and just nodded. “So tell him, and show him.”

“With Corey in the picture; besides, they are so close these days. We don’t have our nightly chats are much we
used too.”

“You just have make up some line and start slowly. He has never said no to your touches before.” Colt looked
into my eyes and continued, “If you want to play with him alone, then do it. Just have fun with him. Matt will
say no or yes. I confident that Corey and Matt are looked in their love that fucking you wouldn’t be an issue.” 
“That is true.” I had to concede that point. “Who knows, maybe as a birthday present he will return the favour.”
“I wouldn’t press you luck.” Colt laughed, and hit him across the chest. With that, he pushed me on the bed
and started kissing my body. We started making out like rabbits. Colt was going down on my dick and I loved
every minute of this. I came in his mouth.

We relaxed in our moment of glory; I really didn’t want to sleep. Colt just held me. We talked about the
moving arrangements and about formulating a plan of attack. Then some time passed while I thinking about
Corey and Matt as item and me as third wheel. He whispered. “Bro, you know I love and you will never want to
see you get hurt.”

“I know that, and I appreciate the sentiment. I just hope Matt feels the same way.”  I said without thinking.
Colt and I haven’t had a deep conversation like this in a long time.

“What makes you think?” Colt asked me.

“When we were in high school I used to drive him to school, and I had his back from those idiots that would
make fun of him. He doesn’t need me anymore.”

“Of course he does. Where would he be without you?”  Colt asked softly.

“Colt you got it backwards. Where would I be without him? He saved me times than I saved him.”

“I doubt that.” Colt argued.

“First few weeks, sure I got him out of the dorm room and he found his friends, but he was the one who was
called when I drank the cocktail shit at the party. You weren’t there I was completely out of it, and didn’t know
who anybody was. He held me all night. Whenever I had meltdown with my temper, he calmed me down. He
made me study. He was my rock. Now, he can handle himself with anybody who wants to fuck with him about
being gay.”

I waited for Colt to reply. He didn’t for a long time. “Bro. That may be true Kris. However, you complete each
other. He is nothing without you. That is why he keeps coming back. Your temper is an issue and will always be
an issue. It doesn’t matter to him. To him you will be the best friend that never questioned his gayness, never
said anything bad about him, and was always in your corner. You have done more for him than he can forgive.”

“Like what?” I all I could think about was the accomplishing things he did for me.

“What was Matt like before he came here?”

“A loner who used the computer all the time; he had very few friends, and was dating some guy online at the

“Okay.” Colt looked seriously. “Would you consider that the complete opposite of what he is now?”

I didn’t have to think about that. “Fuck no. He has so many friends now. He has steady boyfriend, and can
handle being gay in this cruel world.”

“That is what you did for him. You changed him; you molded him to be a better person, to understand why
friends are extremely important. Had Bryan been like that with me, then we would still be friends.”

It took a second to remember who Bryan was. “The asshole roommate you couldn’t stand.”

“Yeah, we didn’t have anything like your friendship with Matt. You made Matt become a better man, and not
only did you do that for him, you did for Corey, for me, for Scott... for everybody in our group. You are our
leader and you keep us going. Say you are right that Matt doesn’t need you anymore. I know I do. I know our
group friends would need you too. Kris just don’t sell yourself short on the accomplishments you made in
Matt’s life and our lives.”

I smiled at that, “Maybe your right.”

“Of course I am. You guys have come to blows, you guys have hit each other and had major fights. In the end
you come back to each other, because you need each other to grow, and to live. One more thing, Scott told me
all about what you did to bring loverboy back into the picture after he cheated on Matt. You did everything you
could to make Matt feel better when it happened; then you listened to Corey’s side of the story, and got Matt
to forgive him.  You contributions may not be as many Matt’s but there are more impactful than what Matt has
done for you.”

I kissed him without thinking. “Fuck!” We heard coming from the door we forgot to close completely.

“Tabor,how long has been there?”

“Long enough to see to men kiss each other," Tabor replied. 

I looked at him, “What do you want?”

“I couldn’t help overhearing.”

Tabor was standing in the doorway naked and looking hot as ever.   It really showed the work he and Chase
were doing back at school. “Kris, Colt is right. The friendship you have with Matt is great. Chase and I admire
that friendship. We look up to you too.  I personally want to like you. You command the room, you lead the
bunch of guys, and keep us entertained.”

“Thanks bro.” I got up and told him to park it the chair. “What you doing up anyways?”

“I couldn’t sleep. Plus when I heard you talking, I was curious.”

“Why couldn’t you sleep?” Colt asked.

“Chase has started to snore, but Matt and Corey they aren’t exactly quiet when they fuck.”

“Guess not,” I had to agree, although for the most part the walls keep out most of the action, but every now
and then I do hear a scream or a laugh or shout. “Is something on your mind?”

“Nah, bro. I am cool.” I could tell instantly that was lie. I didn’t know Tabor that well to press the issue, but I let
it slide.

“Tabor, you idiot just spit it out. What is it?” Colt said.

“It’s Chase.” Colt’s face tensed up, but Tabor raised his hand. “Nothing like that, just lately we have not been
talking like we used to. Rachel seems to have him controlled. And when it is just us, he doesn’t talk anymore.
The entire drive here, we didn’t speak about anything serious.”

“I see.”  Colt commented. “Do you think there is problem with him?”

“Maybe, but he won’t tell me one way or the other.”

“Force the issue.” I told him. “During the early days of my friendship with Matt I didn’t want to talk about Nate,
or even mention his name. Long story short, he noticed something was off about me, and he practically tackled
me to the ground, and made me talk about Nate.”

“No offense, but Chase wouldn’t take to kindly to be tackled, bro.” Tabor acknowledged.

“Maybe, but if he doesn’t come through on his own and you suspect there is an issue you need to discuss.”

“I’ll think about it.  I still can’t believe you guys like doing gay stuff. Colt you had always been straight.”

“It’s an acquired taste. For me I just do with Kris.”

“I guess. I can’t ever see me doing that with Chase. It just feels wrong.”

“You don’t have too. Like Colt said, it takes a real man to kiss another man on the lips.”  I kissed Colt again to
emphasize my point.

“Trust me I am real man.”

“Okay there.” I said, and we looked over and Colt was a sleep. Tabor and I spent another hour talking and I
tried to explain my situation and how I became to like the gay action, he seemed curious about it. I explained
my struggles this last Christmas, editing out my brief time I thought I loved Colt. Tabor then wanted to know
how I was become to such a good leader. I told him about how I transformed from a loner computer nerd who
had nobody, to the outspoken guy I was today. Tabor and I may joke around but I realized we are so alike then
either of us would know.

Around 3 in the morning, we both went to bed. Instead of going in the spare bed I slept with Colt and held him
until sleep took me away. The next morning came too quickly, Colt hit me while he was getting up to use the
bathroom and I fell to the ground.

I got up and went to main room and saw Corey ready to go to work eating a cereal bar.

“Hey bro. You are up early.”

“Colt hit me in the head when he got up.” I said and went to sit with Corey.

“Do you got a minute?” My discussion with Colt was still at the forefront of my mind. I need to make sure that I
don’t get in the way anymore.

“Colt and I have been talking last night, and regardless where we move, or if we move. I don’t think me and
you should switch rooms anymore.”

“Why?” I could sense that he wished the same thing, but he was showing a curious expression on his face.

“Simply put, you guys are lovers and you should spend every night together. You’re his rock, his soul mate and
his lover. I am just his best friend.”

“What about your chats?” Corey asked.

“We can still have them. Matt and I will always be best friends and will be with each other forever. So needing
to spend two nights a week with him is not necessary. It would be setting a dangerous precedent when we

Corey laughed at that. “Yeah, that wouldn’t work you and I trading places when Matt and I are living together.”
“So, unless Matt has a problem with this arrangement; we are agreed.”

“Yep.” Corey said eagerly.

“Honestly, you didn’t like having to switch all the time.”

“That is so true, I won’t deny it. I would love sleeping next to him, and being with him every night.”

“And fucking banging his ass every night.” I laughed.

“We don’t fuck that often.” He paused. “Anyways, I have kind of relieved. I thought you would be rejected or
something, if me or Matt suggested it.”

“No. I just need to find my place in your relationship, and that is not in your bedroom.” I laughed at the
comment, not realizing how it sounded.

“I agree. However, to me and Matt, you are our best friend here. That will never change.”


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