WARNING: This chapter contains sex between two males and one female. If you are easily offended by such content then read no further, otherwise enjoy!

Written by Big ‘D’… posted November 23, 2011...Ties in with Chapter 33 and 34...Not a fantasy story and did happen within the context of the main story.

Matt stood up, drinking the last of his beer. He grabbed Corey’s hand and pulled him to his feet. They said goodbye and headed off to Matt’s bedroom together, leaving Kris sitting alone on one couch with Colt and Andrea cuddled up on the other.

Kris groaned, standing up, “Well, I guess I’d better go get a couple of pillows and the comforter. Will you guys help me pull the bed out?”

“Why bother?” Andrea said.

“What do you mean?” Kris asked. “Matt and Corey will be fucking in there I need to give them their privacy.”

“No, I know that, but since Corey’s bed is free tonight, why don’t you sleep in it?” Andrea asked.

Colt pulled away from kissing her neck, “but babe, I thought we were going to have a little fun of our own tonight?”

“Yes, and I still want to, but there’s no reason why Kris can’t be in the same room when we do it.”

“Seriously?” Colt asked, studying his girlfriend.

“Why not? You’ve fucked each other. You’ve got nothing to hide from him. Why not give him a live porn video and let him watch you fuck your hot girlfriend like you fucked his sexy ass. He can jerk off all he likes,” Andrea smiled, feeling herself growing more aroused with every word.

“Are you cool with that, dude?” Kris asked.

“If Andrea’s okay with it, it’s fine with me,” Colt said.

“Great!” Andrea exclaimed, jumping up and pulling Colt with her. “Let’s show him what you’re made of, baby.”

Colt looked back at Kris and shrugged as Andrea pulled him toward the bedroom. Kris himself chuckled and followed them, thinking that it would at least be more interesting that jacking off by himself in the living room.

They were no sooner in the bedroom with the door closed when Andrea threw herself at Colt, wrapping her arms around his neck and attacking his lips with hers. She ran her hands all over Colt’s hard body, slipping them under his shirt to feel his soft skin.

She pulled the top all the way up with Colt lifting his arms so she could pull it off him. She tossed the shirt right at Kris who caught it and, for a reason unbeknownst to him, lifted it to his nose to inhale the unmistakable scent of Colt.

Andrea’s lips caressed Colt’s chest, loving the feel of the muscles as she snaked her tongue out, circling his nipples, hearing him moan and then doing it again. Andrea loved Colt’s body and how it continued to develop. Unlike Kris and Corey he had a more natural build from working on farms when he was younger and she found that to be such a turn on.

Colt pulled her up from his chest, taking her head into his hands to kiss her deep, slipping his tongue into her mouth, gently teasing her own tongue in an erotic dance. When they pulled apart Colt slowly pulled Andrea’s top over her head and tossed it aside, taking her straight back in his arms, bending down to lay kisses on her firm breasts.

He wasted no time in unhooking her bra and letting it drop to the floor, taking her nipples into his mouth, gently caressing them with his lips, flicking them with his tongue and softly sucking on them, until Andrea put her hand on the back of his head and tried to force him harder against her, loving the feelings.

With Colt bending down Andrea looked over his head directly into Kris’ eyes as he sat on Corey’s bed watching the scene unfold, his pants unzipped, starting to manipulate his hard cock as it strained against his boxers.

Andrea smiled and pulled Colt back to a standing position so she could kiss him. She ran her hand down his body, slipping it into his pants to feel his throbbing cock. Pulling her hand back out, she undid the button, pulled down the zip and let Colt’s pants fall around his ankles.

As Colt stepped out of his pants, kicking them off, he pulled Andrea close to him, kissing her lips again as he undid her own tight fitting pants and pulled them down, never letting go, but instead lowering his body down with them.

Now kneeling in front of her, he pulled her pants all the way off, leaving her in nothing but a tiny pair of panties. She moved her hand to her own breast to caress her nipples as Colt moved his head and started kissing her thighs.

After teasing Andrea with kisses along the seams of her panties, Colt pushed her until she felt back gently onto his bed. He leaned forward, taking the waistband of the panties in his mouth and slowly pulled them down, the tip of his nose coming into contact with her clit, making her jump and scream.

Colt smiled at the noise, quickly removing her panties and kissing back up her legs, travelling up her calves, along her inner thighs until finally he was able to bury his face between her legs, using his tongue to tease her opening.

Andrea moaned, taking Colt’s head into her hand, grasping at his hair. It felt so good as Colt’s tongue continued to work her. She looked over to the other bed to see that Kris was completely naked, his hard seven inch cock throbbing in his hand as he stroked it and watched them intently.

“Do you like what you see, Kris?” Andrea asked.

“Fuck yeah!” Kris moaned. “Eat that pussy, Colt.”

Colt moaned but never once pulled back from the tongue bath he was giving his girlfriend, hoping to get her good and wet so he could sink his hard dick inside her and fuck her until she came.

“I bet you’d like a taste, wouldn’t you?” Andrea asked.

Kris stopped stroking his cock, focusing his attention on Andrea’s face to see a serious expression staring back at him, “For real?”

“Oh yeah, I want you to show me how good you are at eating a hot pussy. Show me whether you’re better than my amazing boyfriend here,” Andrea said, getting so worked up as Colt continued to drive her wild with his tongue.

“Are you okay with that, bro?” Kris asked.

Colt pulled back from Andrea, “Shit, dude, I don’t care so long as I get to fuck her when you’re done.”

Kris smiled and got up from the bed. Tentatively he moved across the room, thinking it was all some kind of joke, but then Colt moved back and motioned for Kris to take over, so Kris got down on his knees in front of Andrea, moved into position and started licking her sweet hole, actually able to taste traces of Colt’s spit as he ran the tip of his tongue over her clit.

Colt took the opportunity to wipe his face, step back and remove his own boxers, which were dripping with precum as his hard cock tried to escape. Hearing his girlfriend moan as she ran her hand through his best friend’s hair, who was down on his knees eating her out, was hotter than Colt ever imagined.

Andrea held out her hand and pulled Colt in for a deep, passionate kiss. She looked into his eyes and said, “thank you.”

Colt smiled and then got down on his knees next to Kris to watch closely how his friend was tonguing Andrea’s pussy using the same tongue that had so lovingly worshipped his own cock.

Kris pulled his head back and turned to Colt, their eyes meeting and both smiling, enjoying the moment. Kris put his hand on the back of Colt’s head and pushed him forward until his tongue was sliding between Andrea’s lower lips, probing her deep.

Colt then pulled back himself and pushed Kris’ face into his girlfriend pussy, watching as Kris lapped at the opening, working his tongue inside and swirling it around ever so slightly.

Kris then felt a more delicate hand on his head. He pulled back to see that Andrea had a hand on both his head and Colt’s. Gently she pushed the two together and said in a whisper, “kiss”.

Kris looked into Colt’s eyes who just raised his eyebrows and let the moment take him over. With Andrea’s encouragement Colt placed his lips against Kris’ and tasted his own girlfriend on his best friend’s lips. It was the biggest turn on ever. He quickly took Kris’ head in his hands and slipped his tongue into his mouth, wanting to taste all of Andrea as they made out.

When they finally broke the kiss they both turned to Andrea, who was touching herself, “that was so fucking hot,” she said. “I’ve wanted to see you kiss for the longest time.”

The boys smiled a mischievous smile at each other and both dived down between Andrea’s legs, using both of their tongues to bathe her opening, working her into a frenzy as their tongues touched and they managed to push them both inside her at the same time.

Andrea was writhing around on the bed, her fists clenched around the hair on Kris and Colt’s heads, unable to believe the amazing feelings she was experiencing. It was better than anything she had ever felt. Suddenly she felt like she was going to cum but she wanted to hold out longer even though she knew that she was capable of multiple orgasms due to Colt’s amazing ability to hold off on cumming for what seemed like forever.

“Stop… FUCK! Oh man… Stand up and let me see those hot cocks of yours…” Andrea managed to pant as she pulled the boys heads back.

Kris and Colt looked at each other and smiled. They stood up, put their arms around each other, displaying their throbbing cocks and leaned in to kiss each other, licking the mixture of saliva and Andrea’s juices from each others face before feeding it to each other with their tongues.

Andrea slid off the bed to the floor and admired the two hot cocks, both cut, but oh so different. Kris’ cock was longer than Colt’s but Colt had Kris beat on thickness and Andrea loved that with Colt’s veiny cock, she could see it pulse with the blood flowing through it in his excitement.

She leaned in to lick the precum from the tip of Colt’s cock, rolling it around on her tongue, loving the taste. Then she moved on to Kris’ cock and did the same, noticing the difference in their flavour.

As Andrea took a cock into each of her hands she looked up at the boys and smiled, “You two have sucked each other’s cock, right?”

Kris and Colt looked at each other and smiled, Colt answered, “Yeah, babe, we’ve sucked each other’s cocks.”

“Good, now get down here and show me how good you can suck Kris’ cock, baby.”

Colt was hesitant for a moment, not wanting his girlfriend to see him blowing another guy, not wanting her to see him in a submissive position and think he was less of a man, but he was too turned on to think about it for long, dropping to his knees beside his girlfriend.

He pulled Andrea in for a long kiss and then turned his head, softly kissing the tip of Kris’ cock, making it jump. Colt and Andrea laughed as Kris moaned. Colt then leaned in further, taking the head into his mouth and working it with his tongue, bobbing up and down on Kris’ hard cock until Andrea pulled him off and took over herself.

Colt watched for a moment as Andrea sucked Kris, looking up at his friend’s face to see Kris staring at him. Kris winked and smiled at him as he placed a hand on the back of Colt’s head and encouraged him to get back to work on his cock. Colt knew without the words being said that Kris was saying Colt could suck cock better than his girlfriend, which made him strangely proud.

Leaning in, Colt ran his tongue over Kris’ balls, really making Kris moan. Andrea took her mouth off Kris’ cock to run her tongue up and down the shaft so Colt moved up to join her, running his tongue over the opposite side until their tongues met, swirling around the head, sending Kris racing toward his orgasm.

Colt couldn’t believe he was on his knees sharing a cock with his girlfriend. It one of the strangest situations he had ever found himself in but he was so turned on he didn’t care.

Colt sensed that Kris was close so he pulled back and stood up. “I think it’s time you return the favour and show my girlfriend how good you can suck my dick. I want you to compete to see who gets me closest to blowing my load and then whichever one it is, I’m gonna fuck you.”

Kris was slightly taken aback by Colt’s assertiveness but he also found it incredibly hot. Colt smiled and pulled Kris in for a deep kiss and then pushed down on his shoulders until Kris was on his knees with Colt’s cock twitching in front of her face.

Andrea turned Kris’ head and kissed him, slipping her tongue into Kris’ mouth before turning his head and forcing him to swallow Colt’s cock. Kris quickly got into it, using his tongue to caress the head of Colt’s dick, moving his head back and forth, bobbing up and down on Colt’s hard cock.

Kris pulled back with a final lick and then kissed Andrea, feeding her Colt’s precum. Then Kris guided Andrea’s head onto Colt’s cock as she started going to work on her boyfriend’s dick that had fucked her more times than she could count over the past few months.

After a minute or two, Kris leaned in to help Andrea suck Colt’s cock, running his tongue up and down the shaft as Andrea had her lips wrapped around the head. Kris reached down and slid a finger into Andrea, making her moan as he moved south on Colt’s cock, tonguing his balls and using one hand to squeeze Colt’s hot bubble butt.

“Hot damn!” Colt moaned, “Two hot fucking mouths sucking my cock.”

Andrea pulled back and wiped her mouth, “so who’s better at sucking cock?” she said, licking her lips.

Colt looked down at her and Kris, suddenly feeling panicked.

“Oh shit!” Andrea exclaimed. “Kris is better than me, isn’t he?”

Colt still didn’t want to answer. How did he tell his girlfriend that Kris sucked better dick than she did?

“It’s okay if he does, babe, that just means I get to watch you fuck him,” she said smiling.

Colt smiled, with Kris looking nervous. “Kris just knows what really makes a cock feel good because he’s got one. You’re still damn good though, and nothing compares to your hot pussy.”

“I’m glad you say that because I want Kris to fuck me.”

“What?” Kris and Colt asked at the same time, both surprised, looking at each other and then back at Andrea.

“Oh come on, Colt. Kris is hot as hell and if you’ve got to experience his hard cock fucking you, why shouldn’t I?” Andrea asked.

Colt couldn’t argue with that logic and even found himself thinking that it might be hot to actually watch the two greatest fucks of his life fucking each other.

He smiled and pulled Kris to his feet, planting a hot, wet kiss on his lips as he reached down to stroke Kris’ throbbing cock. Breaking the kiss, Colt reached over and tore open a condom wrapper, rolling the condom down Kris’ hard cock. “Fuck her good, bro.”

“I will,” Kris smiled, rubbing lube onto his covered cock.

Colt pulled Andrea to her feet, kissed her passionately, lifted her up and gently lay her down on the bed. He got back down on his knees and started kissing the soft, wet skin around her opening before sliding his tongue inside her.

Oh fuck… oh fuck… let him fuck me, Colt, let him fuck me,” Andrea pleaded.

Colt smiled and reached over to take hold of Kris’ cock, pulling him toward the bed. He kept a firm grip on Kris’ dick, stroking it a couple of times as he lined it up with his girlfriend’s hot pussy, pushing it inside, making them both moan.

Kris sank his hard cock all the way inside Andrea and left it there, feeling it twitch and jump as Colt’s hands pressed on his ass trying to push him even deeper. Slowly he started to move, pulling his cock back and then thrusting forward, burying himself in Andrea’s warm depths.

Your dick feels so good inside me, Kris. Fuck me!” Andrea moaned.

Kris smiled and began to move his hips faster, gently fucking Andrea and slowly picking up the pace until he had built up a nice rhythm.

Colt watched Kris’ dick moving in and out of his girlfriend and he couldn’t believe how hot it was. He ran his hand down Kris’ body, pinching his nipple and carried on down his abs and further until he ran his hand along the length of Kris’ cock on an outstroke, his hand coming to settle on the exact place where Kris was beginning to drill Andrea, stroking it with his index finger.

Leaning down, Colt placed kisses all up Andrea’s body, causing her to moan and shiver and buck up into Colt, which also drove her further onto Kris’ hard cock. When he got to her breasts, Colt used his hands to gently knead them, taking the nipples into his mouth, swirling his tongue around them.

When he started kissing her neck she pulled his head up and pressed her lips against his in the deepest, hottest, most passionate kiss Colt had ever received from anyone, he could tell she loved what they were doing as Kris continued to plunge his hard cock into her.

Ending the kiss, Andrea pulled Colt down so that his ear was next to her mouth. She whispered into it, making Colt shiver at the words, leaving Kris to wonder what she just said, but he didn’t have time to think about it as Andrea used her internal muscles to clamp down on Kris’ cock, which only made him fuck harder as he panted for breath.

Kris continued to fuck, leaning down to take one of Andrea’s nipples in his mouth. He suddenly realised that Colt wasn’t where he had been and quickly looking around he couldn’t see him. That was strange. As he thought again Andrea squeezed his cock once more and Kris focused his attention back on the task at hand.

About a minute later Kris felt Colt move in behind him, his hard cock throbbing and dripping against his back. Kris moved back up until his back was pressed against Colt’s chest. Colt wrapped his arms around Kris and rested his chin on Kris’ shoulder.

“Yeah, Kris, fuck her good. Fuck that pussy that takes my cock so often, the same cock that’s fucked your hot ass,” Colt whispered.

Kris felt his dick jerk and his ass twitch hearing Colt’s words.

“Give it to her like you gave it to me,” Colt continued, moving his hand to stroke Kris’ hard muscles that were beginning to glisten as he was working up a sweat, while thrusting his own hard cock up against Kris’ back.

Oh yeah,” Kris moaned. “Feels so good!”

Colt kissed the side of Kris’ face, with Kris turning his head until their lips met for a long kiss. Kris never let up on his thrusts into Andrea, though he did alternate the power and speed of them, taking short stabbing thrusts followed by deep powerful ones.

“Bend down and give those beautiful tits the attention they deserve,” Colt said, pushing Kris down toward Andrea’s chest.

Kris allowed Colt to push him down as he kept fucking Andrea, opening his mouth to take her nipple between his lips.

He felt Colt move back away from him for a moment but then he returned, running his hand up and down the length of Kris’ spine. Suddenly Kris stopped thrusting into Andrea, his body frozen as he felt Colt’s hard cock pressing against his own hole.

Kris tried to move to see what Colt was doing but Colt placed a hand in the middle of Kris’ back and then Andrea wrapped her arms around him too, keeping him in place as Colt slowly slid his entire dick deep into Kris’ ass, causing them both to moan.

Colt held still for a moment to let Kris get used to it and then he removed his hand from Kris’ back, withdrew most of his dick from Kris’ ass and plunged it back in.

“Oh fuck!” Kris moaned. “Oh fuck!”

“How’s that big dick feel in your ass, Kris?” Andrea whispered seductively in his ear.

Colt started moving his dick in and out of Kris’ ass, which was squeezing his cock tight, but he just fucked through the resistance, really making Kris moan.

Fucking amazing!” Kris screamed with a deep plunge from Colt’s cock, which buried itself balls deep in his ass.

Colt placed his hands on Kris’ hips and pulled back a little, pulling Kris’ dick about halfway out of Andrea. Colt then thrust forward, driving his dick deep into Kris’ ass, which in turn pushed Kris forward, burying his dick in Andrea.

Colt kept up that movement, and picked up the pace so that when he was fucking Kris, Kris was fucking Andrea. He found it so hot, it was like he was still fucking Andrea but he was using Kris’ dick to do it with his own feeling all the benefits.

Kris couldn’t believe the feelings racing through his body and found himself panting for breath. His ass was being totally worked over my Colt’s cock as it sawed in and out of him and his dick was being squeezed by Andrea’s tight, wet pussy as he fucked her. He was getting to feel sex from both sides at the same time and he loved it. The pleasure he felt was indescribable.

Andrea was panting and moaning on the bed, feeling the power of Kris’ thrusts into her and knowing that Colt was fucking his ass good. She reached up to run her hand over Kris’ sweaty muscles as Colt reached around and placed his hand on her’s, their eyes meeting as they had sex with the same guy.

Kris was feeling so good and Colt soon let go of his hips when he felt Kris beginning to move of his own free will. Kris would pull out of Andrea, pushing his ass back on Colt’s cock and then pull forward off Colt’s cock to fuck Andrea. He was drilling Andrea while fucking himself on Colt’s hard cock.

All three were moaning loudly, overwhelmed by how turned on they were and how good it felt.

“Oh God!” Andrea screamed. “You two are so fucking hot! I wanna see you fuck!”

Colt looked at her puzzled, “You are watching us, babe.”

“No I mean really watch you,” Andrea replied. “Take him over to Corey’s bed and fuck his brains out, Colt.”

Colt couldn’t believe the words coming from his girlfriend but he was so turned on. He was going to show Andrea just how much of a man he was. He grabbed hold of Kris’ waist again, pulling back until Kris’ dick left Andrea with a pop. He pulled his own cock from Kris’ ass and spun Kris around to kiss him.

Ripping the condom from Kris’ cock, Colt actually picked Kris up and carried him the short distance to Corey’s bed, throwing Kris down onto his back. Colt wasted no time in putting Kris’ legs up on his shoulders and quickly plunged his dick back into Kris’ ass.

Kris screamed and turned his head to look at Andrea on the other bed. She was watching them intently, licking her lips and using one hand to tease her nipples, while the other slipped down between her legs so she could touch herself as she watched her boyfriend fuck his best friend.

“How does that feel, Kris?” Andrea asked, breathing hard.

Oh fuck!” Kris screamed as Colt pounded his ass. “Feels fucking amazing!

“Yeah, my boyfriend sure knows how to fuck, doesn’t he?”


“Do you like him fucking you, Kris?”

Fuck yeah!

“Tell him that.”

“Oh God… Oh Colt… your dick feels so good inside me. Fuck me, bro, fuck me!” Kris panted as Colt’s cock continued to move in and out of his ass.

Colt smiled, shocked by what Kris was saying to Andrea, he had figured Kris would want to keep up an image of masculinity but he was on his back, getting fucked and loving it.

He turned his head to look at his girlfriend to see her touching herself, her eyes focused on Colt’s cock as it fucked in and out of Kris’ hot ass. Just from looking at her he knew she loved what she saw.

Turning back to look down at Kris, their eyes met and Kris reached up, pulling Colt down into a hot kiss as Colt continued to thrust deep into Kris’ ass which  twitched around his cock.

Colt kissed Kris hard, forcing his tongue into Kris’ mouth. As their tongues battled, Colt picked up the pace, moving back and forth, in and out of Kris with increasing speed until he was really fucking him.

He grabbed hold of Kris’ legs and pushed them back until Kris was almost folded in half. He moved up into a push up position, taking Kris’ hands in his and linking their fingers together with Kris’ legs held back by Colt’s arms, lifting the ass of the bed to allow for maximum penetration.

Colt drilled his cock into Kris, fucking him as hard as possible, wanting to show Andrea how he could control another man in bed just as much as he could a woman. Kris’ moans and screams filled the room, more than enough proof of how good Colt’s cock felt ploughing that ass.

Kris’ moans started to take on a higher pitch, almost becoming yelps as Colt pounded down into him, their flesh slapping together, Kris feeling himself sinking into the mattress with the force of Colt’s fuck.

Andrea slipped a finger inside herself, moaning as she watched Colt fuck Kris harder than she could ever have imagined, much harder than Andrea had ever seen anyone get fucked. She was amazed that not only could Kris take it, but he seemed to love it.

Colt felt Kris’ ass squeeze his cock and was almost deafened by the scream that followed. When Andrea heard it she jumped off Colt’s bed as quick as she could, wanting to see what was happening.

FUCK!!!!!!” Kris screamed.

His entire body went into spasm, his muscles tightened, his back arched. He threw his head back and thrust his hips into the air as cum rocketed out of his cock, coating his body in the biggest load he could ever remember shooting. Shot after shot pulsed out of Kris’ cock, his hands still held tight against the mattress by Colt’s. He could barely breathe.

“Holy shit!” Andrea screamed. “I can’t believe that. He just came without touching himself! Damn, Colt, you must be good, baby.”

“Fuck yeah, I’m the best,” Colt said as he pulled his dick out of Kris’ twitching hole.

Kris’ cock finished spurting but he still found it hard to breath and just collapsed back against the mattress, covered in cum. He did manage to turn his head though to see what Colt was doing.

Colt pulled off the condom covering his cock and pulled Andrea to him, holding her close and kissing her deep, sliding his tongue into her mouth. He ran his hand down her body until he slipped a finger inside her, her moan making his rock hard cock jerk.

He pushed her gently back toward his bed until she was flat on her back. Reaching over he grabbed another condom, tore open the packet, rolled it down his cock and quickly mounted Andrea, sinking his cock inside her.

He wrapped her legs around his waist and moved down to kiss her lips as he thrust his cock in and out of her, his tongue running over her lips and then slipping into her mouth as he fucked her.

Harder, Colt,” Andrea pleaded. “Fuck me like you just fucked Kris.”

“Are you sure?” Colt asked looking into her eyes.

Yeah, baby. Fuck me!”

“You asked for it, babe,” Colt smiled.

He took hold of her legs and pulled them up away from her body, lifting her slightly off the mattress as he started to get faster and harder with his thrusts, really driving his cock into her, making her moan and cling to him, clawing at his back as he fucked her hard.

Andrea felt like Colt was actually fucking her brains out. She was being shaken around on the bed with the force of Colt’s movements, but she loved it. Colt’s dick had never felt so hard inside her. She looked over to Kris to see him still lying exhausted on the other bed and knew she was about to join him as her orgasm raced toward her.

With a scream of her own she bucked her hips, driving Colt’s dick as deep as it would go inside her, the orgasm rushing through her body, taking her breath away and leaving her helpless as she gasped for air.

When her pussy stopped twitching around his cock, Colt pulled out of Andrea, threw off the condom and got up from the bed until he was stood over Kris. With Kris still unable to move, Colt jacked his cock hard until he came, pointing his dick down to fire his load all over Kris’ chest, soaking him.

Colt then returned to his bed where he took his girlfriend into his arms, kissed her passionately and held her as they fell asleep.

It wasn’t long until Kris drifted off to sleep himself, utterly exhausted to the point where he couldn’t even summon the energy to wipe the cum from his body, he would have to let it dry and wash it off in the morning, but hell, it was more than worth it.


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