This is a fantasy chapter written by Big D. This chapter is total fantasy and did not really happen.
Posted:   Jan 1, 2012

Entering the motel room Scott threw down his bag on a chair and raced across the room, jumping on the bed and almost bouncing off the other side. Juan laughed and then ran toward the bed too, flying through the air and tackling Scott to the floor.

They rolled around for a couple of minutes, laughing and wrestling each other, vying for control until they both called a truce and crawled back up onto the bed to catch their breath.

“Fuck,” Juan said, still laughing. “I’m so glad you’re here, bro. I couldn’t have picked a better guy for my best man.”

Scott’s smile lit up the room, “Thanks. It means the world to me and I just want you to know I wouldn’t have missed it for anything. Even if the others hadn’t decided to be here, there was no way I wasn’t coming. I’ll be by your side every step of the way.”

Juan threw his arm around Scott’s shoulder and hugged him tight. They both lay back on the bed with Scott reaching over to pick up the TV remote. He pressed the buttons to turn the screen on, lighting up on a local news station. He kept flicking the channels until he came to stop on a film with two naked lovers on screen. It wasn’t a porno but it was very erotic.

“Damn, would you look at that?” Juan said.

“Hot as hell!” Scott smirked.

“Oh man, turn over.” Juan said, reaching for the remote.

Scott kept the remote out of Juan’s reach, playfully pushing him back, keeping him away from it so the movie remained on screen.

“What’s wrong, bro? You become a prude now?” Scott asked.

“No, but it’s been longer than I care to admit without sex. We’re both horny as Hell but it’s getting harder to actually fuck. She’s in the mood but only briefly, then she gets tired and irritated and I just end up jerking off in the bathroom.”

“That sucks man. I think I’d go mad.”

“I thought that at first, but I love her, and it’s only temporary.”

“Yeah, after she has the baby she’ll be dying to get in your pants again.”

“I’m not sure about that,” Juan said. “I was talking to a guy the other day who said that childbirth was so painful his wife never wanted his dick near her just so she wouldn’t have to go through it again.”

“Oh come on, dude, she won’t be able to resist you,” Scott said.

Juan turned his head to look at Scott.

“What?” Scott asked, studying the expression on Juan’s face.

“You said she wouldn’t be able to resist me…”


“Could you?”

Scott’s eyes shot open, “are you suggesting…?”

“I’m not suggesting anything, I was just wondering,” Juan said with a smile.

“I think you’re hot if that’s what you were asking, you know I do from all the times in the past when we fooled around, but that doesn’t mean I’ll try anything.”

“But you don’t mind me jerking off beside you?” Juan asked.

“Not at all, as long as you don’t mind me doing the same,” Scott smiled.

“We used to jerk off in the same room all the time when we roomed together, it’s no big deal.”

“Well in that case…” Scott said, changing the channel again on the TV and reaching over to the sheet of paper they got from reception. He punched in the pass code they were given for the premium channels and turned on to a bi movie that had two guys sharing a girl, pushing their dicks into her from both ends.

“You know how to do that way too easy,” Juan chuckled.

“Hey, I’ve been in a few of these motel rooms over the years, there’s not much in the way of entertainment, sometimes you’ve got to take advantage of what there is.”

“Bullshit!” Juan laughed. “You’re just a horny fucker who’s always looking for ways to get his rocks off.”

“Yep! Fuck, would you look at that? They’re really pounding her.”

“I bet you’d like to be her, wouldn’t you?”

“I’d like to be any of them!”

Juan laughed but turned his attention to the screen to see the men pull out of the women and position her on her back on the bed. They switched places and entered her again. As they picked up the pace on her they leaned over and started kissing, their tongues twirling around each other.

Watching the action had Juan’s cock hard in his pants. He moved his hand down to rub the growing bulge and moaned, feeling precum leaking from his slit.

Scott kept moving his gaze from the sex on the screen to his best friend rubbing his cock. Scott was harder than he had been in a while and reached down to rub his own cock, but instead of leaving his pants on, he unzipped them and lifted his ass up off the bed to pull them down around his knees.

Scott’s cock was dripping as he started to stroke it, running his hand up and down the length of his shaft, pulling back his foreskin and then slipping it back over the head, smearing the precum around the tip of his dick. He repeated the action over and over again, turning his head to see that Juan was doing the same, though he had only unzipped his pants enough to get his cock out.

Climbing up off the bed, Scott pulled his top off and threw it across the room, pulling his pants and briefs down and kicking them off before jumping back on to the bed naked.

Juan looked Scott up and down for a moment, a slight smile curling his lips. Scott looked hot. His swimmer body had filled out even more from the continued exercise since they had been roommates. As Juan got up off the bed he felt quite self-conscious about his slightly chubby body since he had other things on his mind than working out, but he hoped Scott wouldn’t judge him as he stripped out of his clothes and got back on the bed.

When Juan didn’t resume his stroking, Scott looked directly at him and asked, “What’s wrong, bro?”

Juan hesitated, “I just… I feel really out of shape.”

Scott looked at him for a moment and smiled, “So you’re not built like Kris or Corey but you’re still hot, Juan. So you’ve gained a little weight, you’ve still got a hot chest and hidden muscles.”

To emphasise his point Scott moved his hand to Juan’s chest and gently rubbed the meaty pecs. There was definitely muscle beneath the little bit of meat that was covered with just a little hair. Scott thought it was hot. It made Juan look and feel like a real man, not some kid and not just some muscle junky.

He ran his hand down to Juan’s smooth stomach, there weren’t any abs and just the slightest hint of a belly, but it still felt good. He made circular movements with his finger as he leaned in to lick one of Juan’s nipples.

“Fuck!” Juan gasped, jumping.

Scott pulled back, “Is this okay? I can stop if you’re uncomfortable.”

Juan stared into Scott eyes. “It’s okay…”

“I just want you to realise how hot you are,” Scott said, leaning down to take the nipple back into his mouth and moving his hand further south until he was running a finger up and down Juan’s shaft.

Juan moaned as his cock throbbed and jumped under Scott’s finger. Scott wrapped his hand around Juan’s shaft and started stroking his cock up and down, running his thumb over the tip to smear the precum around the tip.

Seeing the precum leaking from Juan’s cock, Scott moved his head down Juan’s body and extended his tongue out of his mouth to lap at the slit on the tip of his dick.

Juan gripped the sheets in his fist, “holy shit!”

Scott smiled, taking the tip of Juan’s cock into his mouth. He ran his tongue around it and then took more into his mouth, slowly bobbing up and down, lavishing the hard shaft with attention.

“Aww, shit!” Juan breathed, pulling Scott’s head off his cock. “You are so good, man, and I want you to continue but I’m not sure we should.”

“I know where you’re coming from, but look at this as your last night of freedom before you get married. You can have one night with me instead of some random girl you could end up getting pregnant.”

“I don’t plan to ever cheat, Scott. It’s never even crossed my mind.”

“If you don’t want this to happen, I’ll agree to that, we’ll just jerk off. If you want to say goodbye to this part of your life forever, with me, I’m good for that. I’ll go with whatever you decide.”

Juan looked at Scott thoughtfully. All kinds of thoughts were running through his head and as much as he told himself he would never cheat, Scott’s hand was still around his cock and that was speaking louder than anything else. He trusted Scott with his life, he was his best man. What was one last tryst with him as a way to say goodbye to his single life? The next day he would make a pledge to his soon-to-be wife and he planned to uphold that until the day he died.

Without words Juan nodded. Scott smiled and moved his head back to Juan’s cock, taking it inside his warm mouth and sucking it inside, using his tongue to work up and down the shaft, around the head and then down on to Juan’s big balls.

Scott was really enjoying servicing the cock that he had missed, having not sucked it since early on in the first year of college, but Juan placed his hands on Scott’s head and pulled him up until their lips met in a hot, wet kiss.

Breaking the kiss, Scott smiled and moved from on top of Juan. He went over to his bag and reached in, pulling out some lube and a couple of condoms. For a brief moment Scott saw hesitation in Juan’s eyes but it quickly went away and was replaced by a smile.

Scott crawled back up on to the bed, running his tongue up Juan’s thigh, all the way along the shaft of his hard cock and on up his body until he was tonguing Juan’s neck as he used his hands to open the condom wrapper and roll the condom down Juan’s thick cock.

Juan wasn’t quite as thick as Corey, but Scott knew from experience that Juan’s dick would definitely stretch his ass. The six or seven inch cock looked so hot and Scott really wanted it inside him.

Before the trip he made sure to give his ass a very thorough clean, having had sex with Kris, Matt and Corey, he didn’t know if any such activity would happen again so he did it just to play safe. He had even thought he might finally get some time alone with Colt, but he never thought it would be Juan’s cock that he would be lubing up his ass to receive.

Scott lubed up Juan’s cock and Juan held it up as Scott lowered himself down on to it, both moaning as, after a little resistance, Scott’s pucker gave way and Juan’s cock sank inside.

“Oh fuck…” Scott gasped. “I forgot how good this dick feels inside me.”

“And I forgot how tight your ass is,” Juan said, thrusting upward, burying himself balls deep in Scott’s ass.

Scott bit his lip to muffle a scream, having noticed that there was a door linking their room to the others’ room and he didn’t want them to know he was getting fucked by Juan. He wasn’t sure what they would think.

Throwing his head back as pleasure started to surge through his body, Scott started moving up and down on Juan’s cock, rocking back and forth, riding the cock as it ploughed into his depths.

Juan’s hands went to Scott’s waist, gripping on tight as Scott continued to ride him, drilling himself down onto the cock, impaling himself on the hard shaft. Every once in a while as Scott was lowering himself back down, Juan would thrust up to meet him, driving his cock that little bit deeper and really making Scott whimper and yelp.

Sweat was beginning to build on Scott’s hot body, running down between his small pecs, into the creases between his abs. Juan looked up in awe and found himself thinking about how hot his best friend was as he rode him.

Moving one of his hands, Juan ran it up Scott’s body, which never stopped riding him, feeling the muscles and admiring them, wishing he had the same kind of body. He circled one of Scott’s nipples and then lightly pinched it.

“Fuck!” Scott screamed gritting his teeth as Juan shoved his dick in deep.

Scott’s uncut cock was rock hard, bouncing up and down as he rode Juan, spending drops of precum flying off the tip in every direction.

Watching the ecstasy on Scott’s face made Juan start thinking about what it was like to be on the receiving end of a dick. In all the playtime he’d had with Scott he had always been the top. Sure he had sucked Scott’s cock, but that was as far as he went.

As good as Scott’s tight ass felt around his cock, it wasn’t what he wanted, so he moved his hands and slowly, gently pulled Scott off his cock.

“Is something wrong?” Scott asked, sitting on the bed next to Juan.

Juan took off the condom, “yeah, as much as I want to fuck your hot ass, I get to fuck Felicia as much as I want after the baby comes. Tonight I want something only you can do for me as a one time deal…”

“What?” Scott asked, still baffled.

Juan slowly lifted his legs to expose his asshole, “fuck me”.

Scott stared at Juan in disbelief, trying to figure out if he was being serious or not.

Juan saw the questions on Scott’s face so he spoke up, “I’m not clean but I really want to feel you inside me tonight. Let me feel what it’s like.”

“You’re serious about this?” Scott asked.


“And you won’t act weird in the morning?”

“I might not be able to walk properly in the morning, but I won’t regret it and I won’t act weird.”

“In that case, lets go shower. I’ve got some stuff to prepare an ass. If you still want me to fuck you when we come back out here, I will,”

Juan smiled and pulled Scott in to a tongue filled kiss. Their hands ran up and down each other’s bodies until the broke the kiss and Scott took Juan’s hand in his, leading him toward the bathroom.

Juan started the water running as Scott went to get what he needed for the prep work. They got into the shower with the warm water running over their bodies and they kissed each other and washed each others body. Scott showed Juan just want to do so he was ready to have his cherry popped.

After turning off the water they each grabbed a towel and helped to dry the other’s body. They were both rock hard, taking the time to caress each other, to stroke the others cock, with Juan even slipping Scott’s between his lips and giving it a little lick.

Juan pulled off Scott’s dick, satisfied that it was hard enough and stood up to kiss him, taking the cock into his hand, giving it a few jerks and then pulling on it to lead Scott back toward the bed.

He let go of Scott’s dick and climbed up onto the bed on his hands and knees, looking back over his shoulder to see Scott staring at his hole.

“Fuck…” Scott whispered, unable to stop looking. “You sure you want this?”

“I’m here on my knees with my ass in the air, aren’t I? Do you not wanna pop this or not?” Juan smiled.

“Oh man, I want it so bad,” Scott said, taking the few steps needed to reach the bed and kneeling down to put his head just inches from Juan’s ass.

Without another word Scott placed his hands on Juan’s ass, pulled his cheeks apart, revealing his hole that much more to allow him to lick the delicate hole. Juan jumped and buried his face in the mattress as Scott buried his in Juan’s ass.

Scott probed at the ass with his tongue, running it around the opening, pushing against the tight ring until his tongue popped inside and Juan yelped.

As Juan started to push back against his face, Scott knew he was ready for more so he lubed up a finger and slowly worked it inside Juan’s ass, having to fight some resistance as the muscles in Juan’s ass tightened around his finger.

Using one hand to stroke Juan’s cock and the other to start finger fucking his ass, moving his finger back and forth, twisting it slightly and searching out the prostate inside Juan’s ass, Scott had Juan climbing up the walls.

“Oh God…” Juan moaned. “Fuck me, Scott, fuck me!”

Scott laughed, pulling his finger out of Juan’s ass, “You’re not ready yet.”

“But it feels so fucking good I just want you inside me now,” Juan pleaded.

“Just wait. I want this to be the best possible experience for you,” Scott said, lubing up a second finger.

Scott teased Juan’s hole with his fingers, pressing against it without pushing in. Then he slid the first finger back inside Juan, fucking him with it a little more before pulling out and gently adding the second.

Juan threw his head back and pushed his ass on to Scott’s fingers. When Scott started to finger his ass there was a bit of pain but that had all gone. Knowing that his dick would hurt even more didn’t worry him in the slightest because he knew, like the pain from the fingers, it would go away and leave behind incredible pleasure.

With two fingers sliding in and out of Juan’s ass easily Scott smiled and reached for a condom, rolled it over his cock and lubed it up. He stood up, holding his cock out so it brushed against Juan’s hole.

Juan moaned and arched his back, hoping to get the dick to enter him. He pushed back but Scott had already moved and the dick slid between his ass cheeks and up his back.

Scott continued to hump against Juan for a moment with Juan getting impatient and actually reaching around to grab Scott’s dick, pointing it at his hole. Scott chuckled and took his dick in his hand, holding it against Juan’s ass without pressing in.

“Come on, Scott, fuck me!” Juan begged.

Scott slowly rocked forward, pushing the head of his cock against Juan’s hole so it gently pushed on the entrance. There was a lot of resistance as Scott continued to press on Juan’s tight hole but Scott told Juan to push out and then he reach up and covered Juan’s mouth with his hand.

Moving his other hand up to Juan’s shoulder, Scott tightened his grip and jabbed his hips forward. The head of his cock broke through the resistance and popped inside, being trapped by the clenching muscles. Juan’s scream was muffled by Scott’s hand.

Scott bend forward over Juan’s back and whispered into his ear, “Just relax… give it a minute to adjust and it will start to feel better.”

“Fuck…” Juan panted in return.

Scott didn’t move his dick, he just held still, running his hand up and down Juan’s back, placing kisses on his skin. It all seemed to work because Juan started to relax and the vice grip his ass had on Scott’s cock loosened enough to let Scott slowly slide the rest of his cock into his best friend’s ass.

Juan groaned and bit down on the blanket as Scott bottomed out in his ass, pushing in as deep as possible and then leaving it there so Juan could get used to it. Scott’s dick did twitch and jerk a few times though, causing Juan to whimper.

After another few minutes Juan’s panting turned to deeper breathing and his whole body began to relax. Scott knew he was ready and started to pull back, removing about half of his cock before pushing it back inside.

Juan’s moans were good moans and Scott knew that; though he was still feeling some pain it was also starting to feel good so Scott kept up the movements, slowly pulling more of his dick out of Juan’s ass until he was almost sliding all the way out before going back in balls deep.

A minute or so later Scott changed up the pace of the thrusts, going from long, slow ones to shorter, quicker thrusts, his cock moving through Juan with must more ease, allowing him to start fucking the ass properly.

Feeling Juan start pushing back onto his cock, accepting it inside him, Scott smiled and started to move on the bed, pushing Juan down until he was lying on his side. Scott moved in, lifted up Juan’s leg, draping it over his own, allowing his cock to be perfectly positioned for re-entry.

Scott wrapped his arms around Juan’s chest and gently slid back inside him. Juan arched his back, pushing his ass back on to the invading cock. His head moved so it was resting against Scott’s shoulder, so Scott started placing kisses on it as he planted his feet on the bed and began with his deep thrusts in to Juan’s ass.

Back and forth Scott’s dick went, ploughing in and out of Juan’s ass. Scott held Juan close, stroking his pecs and kissing his neck as he continued to fuck, loving the tight warmth around his cock.

Juan couldn’t believe how good the dick in his ass felt. He knew it had to feel good because of his experience with Scott before and from hearing things from Matt and Corey, not to mention Kris when he had his fight with Matt and let it slip to Juan that he had been fucked.

Scott reached down and lifted up Juan’s leg, almost at an uncomfortable angle, but it was only to move position so he was between Juan’s legs, giving him the angle to start driving his dick in to the hot depths.

Juan grabbed his own legs, hooking his arms behind his knees as Scott moved up further and started pounding his ass, their skin slapping against each other. His eyes nearly popped out of his head as the tip of Scott’s dick started rubbing his prostate. He yelped and Scott quickly bent down to cover Juan’s mouth with his so the others in the next room wouldn’t hear the noises coming out of Juan.

Scott could feel Juan’s ass squeezing his cock and as he kept fucking in and out of him it all become too much. He quickly moved back from Juan’s lips, pulled his dick out of his ass, threw the condom off and with a few strokes came all over Juan’s own cock and balls.

Groaning as his cum shot out of him and his orgasm sent waves of pleasure through his body, Scott moved back and lowered himself down on to Juan’s body. When he was finally able to move properly he opened his mouth and started licking his cum from Juan’s dick before taking it in to his mouth and deep throating him.

Juan threw his head back against the mattress, gripped on to the blanket with his fists and bit his lip.

“Holy fuck! You could never deep throat like this before!” Juan said, placing a hand on the back of Scott’s head.

Hearing Juan’s moan, Scott smiled and picked up the pace of his sucking as he bobbed up and down on Juan’s dick. He moved a hand to Juan’s balls and suddenly felt them pull up close to his body.

Bucking his hips up, driving his dick deep in to Scott’s mouth, Juan moaned as his cum started to rocket out of his cock, flying down Scott’s throat and filling up his mouth.

Scott swallowed down all of Juan’s cum and then licked up his own from Juan’s balls. He kissed up Juan’s body, planting a long, hard kiss on Juan’s lips. He then fell down on the bed next to Juan. They looked at each other and started laughing.

“I can’t believe I just did that but fuck it felt good. What a way to say goodbye to sex with anyone but Felicia,” Juan said. “I’m glad it was you.”

“Hey, what’s a best man for if not to fuck someone in the wedding party. I just didn’t think it would be the groom!”


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