Posted:  April 17, 2011

I was sitting in bed just staring at ceiling. My fifteen-year-old body was nervous with anticipation about the coming days. The next day, I would be starting my first year of high school, tenth grade to be exact. I laid out the clothes I was going to wear the night before. Now all that was left was to fall into a peaceful sleep. Tossing and turning I kept thinking what if nobody liked me since I knew very few. What if I come off as too smart? Finally I was able to drift off to sleep.

The next day came too quickly for me. I showered first and did my morning ritual, which is common for a guy my age.  With my clothes out, it was easy to dress and look my best.  Next was messing with my hair which I had let grow to hang down in my face and to my shoulders. After I was dressed, I exhaled audibly with a bundle of nerves. The school was close enough for me to walk though it was a distant walk. However, Mom would not have it; she drove me to school and parked in the lot. I tried to get out but Mom was hugging him too much. There was a tear in her eye while there were butterflies in my stomach.  She then said to have a good day at school before driving off to work.

Looking at my schedule, I saw my first class was history. Not wanting to call too much attention, I sat at the front of class and started reading the third chapter of the book I located at the library the last week called ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’. The teacher just arrived and started putting his name on the blackboard when a group a five boys entered chattering about some girl one of them was doing. I noticed that the blonde-haired person in particular was leading the group, and was about to make eye contact when the teacher spoke up. I vaguely recognized the guy and thought maybe they had gone to elementary school together but then again maybe not since a lot of people change during the formative years and especially during the onset of puberty.

“Good morning class. Before we delve into the course content, I would like to call roll for this first day.”  I waited as he went down the names until reaching my name, Matt Raymond.  Next was Kris Stanton, the guy I had seen and noticed earlier.  The teacher then started to throw an agenda on the board as my eyes looked around to see if anybody was looking at me. It turned out most of the people were not even paying attention to the teacher’s little speech much less me.
As the day went on, I finished my classes and headed in the direction of my locker. I noticed that most of my classes had the same five people. The blond haired guy who was in my history was always engaging them into a conversation. I could hear his loud voice while walking by and looking off into the yonder. It would be killer to have a big group of friends but I wanted to concentrate on my school work and worry less about the social aspect of high school.  I was just picking up the stuff from my locker when two guys who I had seen around came by and pushed me into the locker extremely hard.

“You’re a fucking freak!” one said.

I wanted to react but knew better of it.  My barely hundred pound frame was shaking and scared while they walked away.

That guy was walking home with his group of guys. They were talking about the amazing weekend they had. He was just leading them in the story of how some girl named Melissa sucked his dick for a good twenty minutes. They were so into their conversation; they didn’t even notice I was walking in the opposite direction.  I continued to walk with my head lowered with my bangs covering my eyes and avoiding another confrontation.

The next day after walking to school, the first person I saw was that Kris guy again.  Every time I turned around we saw each other.  This time, he made eye contact with me even in his crowd of mixed friends. I looked up and saw Kris charging towards a group of students.  As the mass of people parted, it was easy to see one guy, smaller than me had a bloody nose.  I watched Kris stormed off after shouting obscenities loudly while the others attended to the bloody kid. He found two what I would call punks alone and behind the building and proceeded to take both on without much trouble with me peering around the corner. The football coach saw the fight, stormed in and broke it up sending them all to the office.

I headed off to my first period class and noticed the blond haired kid talking on the phone outside the principal’s office. I passed the other four in his group but didn’t make eye contact with them.  Once in the class, our teacher called roll again with Kris being absent until one spoke up about him being in the principal’s office for a fight.  By the comments coming from the others, it wasn’t unexpected.

As class ended, I walked to my locker near the principal’s office and noticed Kris sitting there. He had a black eye and marks on his arm. I didn’t know what compelled me to go there but I did and sat next to him. Without any preamble, I asked. “Hey, are you okay?”

“I really doubt it.  My dad is gonna kill me if I get suspended.  Worse could be if I get booted off the football team.  I know my parents won’t be happy at all.  They told me to watch my temper at all cost.  Dude, I couldn’t.”

The door opened with the balding principal looking at us both.  “Mr. Stanton, I need to see you.”

“Sir, I maybe out of place but it wasn’t his fault.  I saw the whole thing.  He was standing up for a friend was all after they jumped him.  He was acting pure self defense after he tried to talk to them.”

“Mr. Stanton?”

“Yes sir, I was.  I know I shouldn’t have done it but I did.  The kid they picked on was way smaller than this dude than thought they could take me,” Kris replied.

“Hmmm,” the principal said rubbing his rounded chin.  “So I take you two came up with this lame story.”

“Sir, I don’t even know his name.”

“I only know him since he’s in my class,” I stated.

The principal left and returned shortly.  “Mr. Stanton today is your lucky day.  You leave with a stern warning about fighting even if it was self defense.  We can’t have students fighting here.  The next thing we will have guns and everything else here. Do I make it crystal clear to you?”

“Oh yes sir, it is very clear. Thank you, sir.  It won’t happen again.”

“It better not or else you’ll be suspended.  You got me on a good day,” the principal said and went back into his office.

“Hey thanks a million, dude.  I know you lied a little bit,” Kris said.

“Yeah, I did. It was nothing,” I said and walked away to my next class. I kept thinking about it. Why would did I go in there? What was it about this guy? I couldn’t put my finger on it.

It was time for me to go home and went to my locker. The same bullies came back and punched me hard into the locker. This time following Kris’s example I tried to punch him, but it didn’t work and accidentally punched the opposite locker. I was completely embarrassed and mad while the two walked away laughing.

Walking home, I noticed Kris and his gang walk in the opposite direction from me and just eyed each other. No words were said. I walked a little further and almost banged into the nicely built, blond spiked haired blue-eyed guy talking on his phone. Now, I began to realize why I had done what I did earlier with Kris being so hot.  I continued walking and felt a tap on my shoulder.

“Did you need something?” I asked after turning around and see this hot blond in my face.

“Hey, I wanted to know your name.”


“To thank you more than anything, dude. It’s not every day somebody saves your life,” Kris replied.

“Aren’t we being a little overdramatic, I lied to help a guy out. I didn’t rescue you from a burning building.”

“Trust me; with the year I have been having not getting suspended did save my ass like you wouldn’t believe.”

I laughed at his comment. I was about say something when Kris got a phone call and had to dash saying it was nice talking to me. I continued walking home with thoughts of the first two days.  I was excited when I got home to get a phone call from my father. He told him how nice it would be to see him this weekend, which was only two days away. I hadn’t seen my father for a while. Dad said we could spend some time together if that was agreeable with me. However, as whole, he was not dependable. For some reason my mother really believed my dad would show up this time.  That really sent my hopes soaring high.  After doing my studies, which wasn’t much, I headed off to bed.  I lie there thinking about the day with my hands down my boxers.  I closed my eyes and gently stroked my hardening cock.  All I could think of was Kris and what was underneath his clothes.

Kris was in bed he was so happy that he did not get grounded or worse. He turned his phone off; he just wanted to be alone. He chugged a beer which he kept stashed in his chest, turned the TV on low, and thought about the guy in the office. He wished he knew his name. He thought for a minute and remembered that the kid was reading the same book when in that history class. Moreover, the teacher called his name, Matt just before his. 

It turns out Kris put the phone on vibrate, as Melissa just texted him, and told him they had to talk. So against his better judgment he called her back. He couldn’t get a word in. She wanted to know why he missed their lunch date.  He tried to explain and all he got was screaming. He hung up the phone and threw it against the window. The window shattered upon impact from the phone. He let out a few quiet obscenities and knew he was grounded for sure. His dad did just when phone broke the window and caused his parents to come running to see what was broken.  Both Walt and Jenny looked at their fifteen year son and dished out the punishment.


It was now Friday, the day that I would see my father for dinner and go to the fair in town that week. The weather was nice but a little warm and humid. I saw Kris and his gang most of the day but didn't want to join Kris’s group for fear of not being accepting.

Throughout the day, I continue to notice Kris along with others including another guy I deemed hot as hell.  My lunches were quiet but gave me time to continue my reading and concentrate on the class work.  As I was about to jet home and call it a weekend, I got a call on my phone that was stuffed into my shorts.  It was dad telling me he couldn’t make this time.  I quickly called Mom standing just outside a door for privacy with very few others passing.  While talking, tears streamed down my face in utter disappointment.  I had let that sorry bastard get me again.

I hurriedly went to my locker in hopes of avoiding the bullied.  Just after shutting my locker, I turned and was face-to-face with them.

“Thought you could avoid, huh, freak?” one said and delivered a blow to my gut.  Leaning over in pain, I got another hit across the face.  I was now crying in pain when I looked up to see Kris storming in my direction.

“Don’t Kris, I can see it your face you want to go after them.”

Kris walked towards me and lifted me to my feet with his strong arms instead. “After what they did to you? Sorry assholes!”
“Yes they are, Kris.”

“Okay, bro. Can I ask you something?”

Trying to find get some composure I replied, “Why not? My name is Matt by the way.”

“Yeah I remembered that after awhile. I was curious why you didn’t come join us?”

I didn’t know what to say, so got my bag together to buy some time. “I don’t know…you guys seem like such a tight group.”

“We are but the more the merrier the way I see. You don’t have to do it unless you’re scared of something.”  We walked to front doors of the school. “Hey, do you want to come help me with something? It’s really not much but seem so smart.”

Not really wanting to go home, I said sure and started walking behind to follow him home.   We did see some of his friends but Kris just said hi and continued walking. On the way to his house, we talked a little about who we were and where we came from. Kris mentioned that he been living in this city most of his life, and that he so stoked to get his license in a few months. I told Kris about transferring to the school for a special academic program and little about my home life. We walked through the front door of his nice home.  Kris opened the door with a bang and strolled inside while depositing his things in the first place he saw. We walked through the nice home before coming to his room.  Stepping inside, I had to cover my nose and almost gagged at the putrid smell.

“I know, dude.  I should learn to clean.” 

I looked at him, “Yeah maybe a condemned sign would be fitting.”

Kris looked like he might hit me, but just laughed. I glanced over and saw the broken window.

“Ah, I assumed you didn’t bring me here to see your beautiful room.”

Kris laughed again. “Nah, I need your help with the window.”

You broke it?

“A little, all I need you to do is to hold some wood together and help me patch up the hole with some nails.”

I looked at the wood. “Wouldn’t tape be better for the hole until you can get a new pane for it?” Kris chuckled again and said he hadn’t thought about that. So we managed to patch the hole a little once he located some ever useful duct tape. His father came home early and looked at our handiwork after Kris introduced me.

Kris asked me what I wanted to do. It turns out most of his friends were going to party while Kris was still grounded on that account. Walt was nice enough to allow him to go out with me but no parties. He said his friends couldn’t pass up a chance of possibly getting laid. I mentioned the fair in town.  Kris smiled and said it could be fun since the options were slim at that point.

We caught a ride from his dad who did graciously supply us with a little cash. The fair was surprisingly more fun than most.  Kris was a daredevil and was game for any and every ride at the fair.  I was more cautious seeing the condition and workers.  There was a lot of interesting people there: Kids with smiling parents, parents with snot nosed kids, a dirty blond haired boy and smaller boy who looked so gay it wasn’t even funny and others near our age trying to stay out of trouble.

We were about on our last dollar and hit the Ferris Wheel.  It was lame as Kris put it but he eagerly jumped in line seeing we were standing behind two cute girls. 

Kris poked me in the side, “Hot, huh?”

“I guess.”

“No guessing to it,” Kris said.  His loud voice caught their attention.  He began talking to them while the line slowly moved.  Nothing doing that we had to ride with the two girls.  I sat on the outside and peered into the crowd.  My attention was caught by the numerous guys that were there while Kris did his best to entertain the girls.

Exiting the ride, we said goodbye to the girls and checked our pockets to find nothing but coins.  I pulled out my phone and called for Mom to pick us up at the front gate.

Kris was on his good behavior with my mother, Linda, on our ride back to my house. Kris was about to call for a ride home, when Mom said just stay here for the night. Kris decided to take her up on the offer. Kris’s mother even offered to bring him some stuff when he called. Kris told me it was more to check up on him and meet his mother.  I was pleased at how well Mom and Kris’s mom got along once Jenny arrived with some of Kris’s things.  They talked and talked until Kris’s mom headed back home with Kris and me playing a video in my living room.

It was close to midnight when we headed to my room.  I jumped on my double bed and was followed by Kris.  We talked for a few minutes with Kris getting antsy.

I said, “Kris, you are so antsy just relax and make yourself at home.” Kris took my advance a little too literally. He got up and took off his shirt and pants and sat on Matt’s bed in his boxers. I just shrugged and followed suit.

“Kris, you okay?” I asked trying not to stare at his youthful fit body that sports had molded so greatly.

“Yeah, it’s been a long time without a phone.”

“You really like being connected to the world?”

“A little, plus it has never been in nature to sit around.”

“Why did you throw your phone at the window, anyways?”

“It’s kind of personal, bro.”

“Oh come on, we’re friends and I saved your life, remember?” I said with a sly smile.

“I knew you would bring that back on me.”

“Of course, what are friends for? Spill it.”

Kris told me about Melissa, and how they met and fell in love. He missed a few dates to hang with his friends or some emergency. Missing their last date was the final straw as far as Melissa was concerned.  Kris commented how he’d miss her but knew there were others out there.

I just listened and said when he was finished, “Bro that is understandable, I’m sure you will find the great girl who loves you for you and able to handle your need to be with others. Who knows maybe one day that girl will hang with them.”

“Matt, come on, my crew having a girl in it?”

“You’ve got to listen to your heart.”

“Well, she did give really great head and had a nice pussy. Matt, have you ever got any pussy yet?”

“I can’t say that I have,” I said.

Kris went to into a lot of detail about his sexual encounters that I could do without.  I listened yet wondered how much was really the truth since guys our age tend to exaggerate their sexual conquest. We talked about everything for the next few hours, it turns out Kris was great conversationalist, able to change subjects and talk about anything. I understood why Kris was the leader.

It was now two in the morning, when Kris asked me all of sudden, “Matt why were crying at school today?” That caught me a little off guard since I thought I was alone when I shed a few last tears. I knew right away that Kris a trustworthy person. So I told him.

“You see my father came back into the picture, even my mother thought he had changed, and he let me down, some fucking business trip. Yeah whatever, I bet he wanted to get laid over seeing his fucking son.”

Kris just looked at me.  He tried to speak but couldn’t, all he did was hug me. It was great feeling to feel some comfort after the day I had endured. “Thanks” I said and grinned a little too much. Then the next thing Kris knew he was on the floor laughing his eyes out as I tickled me like crazy. Kris got me as well with hopes Mom wouldn’t come barging in the door and tell us to tone it down. Around three in morning, our energy was zapped and Kris stopped talking enough for us to fall asleep.

The next morning, I jumped to the shower and forgot Kris had stayed the night. I came back into the room drying my hair with the towel, thus showing everything.

Kris opened his eyes, followed by his mouth.  “Whoa Matt, you’re fucking hung.”

I looked down and let the comment slide like was nothing, “I’m sure you’re pretty big too plus guys in the locker room.” 

Kris looked some more as I finished drying. “Nah not like that. I swear, bro.”

He asked to use the shower and just stripped off his boxers and grabbed a towel. I giggled after catching a glance, “Yeah your cock isn’t that big.”

Kris stared hard at me.  He came over and slyly put his arm around me.  Then the next thing I know he had me in a headlock.  I started laughing and didn’t mind.  He released his hold and laughed.  I watched his hot naked ass walk in the bathroom.

I was dressed when he came back in. “Level with me,” Kris said. “Seriously why didn’t want to hang with us?”

“Because I would stick out or not be accepted by you guys,” I replied.

“Why? Because you are smart and because you have a good sense of humor?”

“Too name a few.”

“Forget that! Your ass is coming with us tonight or whenever my ass ain’t grounded.”


“For the simple reason I need someone to watch my back and make sure I don’t get too crazy.”

“That’s a full time job.” I laughed. Kris threw a pillow at me.

“Yeah, it is and one day you will tell me why those bullies were bugging you.”

“One day I will but not today.” Matt said.

We went down to find some breakfast while Kris gave me the lowdown on our crew. This was the start of a beautiful friendship or at least I hoped it would be.

NOTE:  Just a little extra for my readers on my website.  I can’t take but very little credit in this story.  A Canadian reader wrote a majority of it and did a great job.  He deserves the credit for this and getting in small details.  Hope you enjoyed our combined effort! 
Hope you'll return in about 10 days or so for more "Rooming" and see what happens on the guy's Spring Break.