Saturday arrived with anticipation and fear while I had the house to myself with mom gone for the day and most of the night to visit family. My first encounter with a boy turned out so bad, I didn’t want this next one to be so fatal. Sure, I got a laid by some stranger. It wasn’t as great as I thought it would be.  It left me so empty and worse feeling used.  The only bright spot was I knew I was gay and had enjoyed touching him in various places.

Kris kept calling me on the hour to give me advice on how to handle Jacob. You know the general clichés: Just be yourself; have fun: let the night take you to where you want to go. If you end up getting laid, so be it.  

It was approaching 1 o’clock and the nervousness was still getting to me. Just when I thought about cancelling this entire adventure, a voice in my head said that I need to do this.  So when the doorbell rang I answered it.

Jacob stood there in his low rise jeans, button down shirt along with the cutest smile ever. “Hey Matt it is nice to finely meet you.”  I don’t know if it was the look on his face, the way he said that or my extreme nervousness that made me do it but as I let him in the door, I kissed him full on the mouth.

Jacob was obviously shocked by this but welcomed it all the same as our tongues met.  After a few minutes, hours, days, the kiss ended. I smiled, “Hey yourself it was nice to finally meet you.”

“Surprisingly… I didn’t expect that when I walked in the door. I think that would be the best way to say hello.”

I smiled widely, “I agree.”  We chatted for a while as I cooked some sort of lunch for us.  It was a nice salad and some grilled chicken. The topics ranged from what hobbies we enjoyed, to discussing our friends and to even discussing the weather.  I learned how to switch topics so easily from Kris. Jacob loved to listen to me talk about some my passions in life. Although, he was looking into the computer world for financial gain, his passion was writing. Every chance got he would write stories or thinking of stories.

“Yeah, I am not exactly the best writer out there. I am more creative with the ideas and allow them to inspire my writing. You know the creativeness I get into solving complex computer software problems; it is the same ability that I apply to my writing. The problem I haven’t had any huge ideas of late. Maybe I will have some experiences in college”

“I think I know what you mean. I always wanted to be an actor and perform for people to entertain. However, I am not that good; so I spend my time at the diner trying to get people to. I am pretty sure college would be an excellent adventure for you.”

I put a hand on his shoulder, “Well, you seem to be a great kisser. I hoped that wasn’t an act.  However, I never had much experience in that field.”

“Yeah, we talked a lot how little experience you had with your sexual desires in our countless talks. I am sure I can help you explore those passions,” Jacob said with a wicked smile.

“Oh really,” I said with a raised eyebrow.

Jacob just laughed and my expression. “Of course Matt, you’re damn hot and sexy. I’ll be extremely honest I wanted to fuck you the day I got to know you.”

This floored me speechless, “Why? I am not all that. I’m just a simpleton who lives and ordinary life.”

“You are more than that. I learned a lot from you. We may have only talked about gay life, gay experiences and you coming out of the closet. The more I talked you, the more I understood what a unique person you are with such drive, such ambition and such caring.”

I was sad, I kept saying. “I wish I knew you felt this way. If I knew it was going to be so easy to talk you, I would have agreed to meet with you. Before, I thought it would go the other way.”

Jacob brushed the hair out of my teary eye and said, “I understand, this had been one of my best days. Knowing you and being with you is what I call a gift.” That moment Jacob took my hand and led me to a bedroom. It just happened to be mine. He whispered, “Just go with it.”

I did.  He gently pushed me on the bed and kissed me passionately on the lips. I wanted to explore his body but I let him take control. He slowly moved his kissed down my neck as his hand unbuttoned my shirt one button at a time. When he opened my shirt and he was kissing my exposed chest, I smiled wickedly and used my strength to roll him over as I straddled him. He pulled me into a long kiss as I opened is shirt and pulled it off him.

We both locked eyes as Jacob pulled away from the hold and got up. He did something I would not expect with his IPod in his pocket he played a song with an interesting beat and started to dance for me. It was the funniest thing I ever saw. It was so cool to get a lap dance from him. Then the doorbell rang.

I went down to the front door with an angry look on my face and opened to see Kris, Johnny, and Tanner standing there. I yelled, “WHAT DO YOU WANT?”

Tanner said in his Canadian accent, “I see what you were about to do, eh” Johnny just smiled and pointed at my exposed chest. Kris on the other hand was on the front step laughing his ass off.  I looked down my huge tent.

Kris trying to recover, “Sorry bro, we thought maybe it didn’t go well and we wanted to help you through it. I assume by the state of your appearance things were looking up.”

Tanner looked at me gave a knowing look. “Guys let’s go and give Matt some privacy.”  Jacob had come down to see what was going on. I gave him a quick introduction. Kris looked him over like a father approving his daughter’s date to make sure they would treat her well.

I said to Jacob come on and made a phone call sign to Kris saying all call you later.  Jacob and Matt went back to his room. “I am sorry about the intrusion.”

Jacob said, “It’s okay. What is up that Kris guy he eyed me extremely hard?”

I laughed a little, “He was making sure you weren’t here to take advantage of me and making sure you treated me right.”

Jacob looked a little mysteriously and then shifted up his face and smiling widely. “I am so going to take advantage of you.”

I knew he was right that I would allow him to do anything he wanted to me. Jacob without preamble carried me back to my bed and slowly stripped me, removing my pants ever so slowly. Then is one swift motion my boxers were down by my ankles and off.

“Oh my! I didn’t expect that.” I was nervous and tried to cover my 8-inch dick.

My phone began to ring with the smell of sex filling my room. I let it ring a few times and answered it knowing whom it was calling. Quickly I answered it, “Yes Kris, I just made love. It was the best experience of my life. Adios.”

We lie on my bed, naked just holding and petting each other.  I was on a high better than weed.  This time it was almost perfect except for a small incident we both had been too excited.  Jacob was very understanding and was a great teacher. 

I admired the man I just had nice sex with.  His ass was perfect, his cock was cut and about six inches hard, his body was nice with a cute treasure trail and his smile was infectious. At around seven o’clock Jacob looked at his watch and said he needed to jet.  I watched him dress. He exited out of my room.

I started crying. What did I do to deserve that treatment? Why did he just leave without telling me why?  Was he blowing smoke up my ass by telling me how wonderful I was? I called Kris instantly.


Jacob didn’t want to leave Matt side so suddenly and had he remembered his cell phone before he left his house he would have reassured Matt that he was just late for work. Today was completely different. Jacob understood Matt was nervous and, because Jacob loved him, he would wait forever to meet Matt.

Jacob never expected a kiss from the hottest guy he ever met. Jacob was extremely experienced with kissing guys, having a plethora of boyfriends. Matt was a natural. To compound the kiss was his massive long hot cock. Jacob’s ass will be sore for weeks. Matt was the true thing and he would never ever let anything happen to this relationship. He knew the first moment he got he had to call Matt and tell him how wonderful he was.

Jacob got back to the diner where is Mother greeted him with a kiss and knowing smile, she shouted to the full house, “MY SON JUST GOT LAID.”  Applause sounded from the regulars.

Jacob was expecting this type of reception and bowed. He said to the crowd, “That was why I was late.” He started waiting tables thinking he forgot to do something.

As the night continued, and three hours into his shift his former boyfriend Cameron came in. “Hey so what is this I hear you got lucky.”

Jacob looked at him in anger “What the fuck do you want?”

Cameron eyed him evenly, “Is it true?”

“Of course, it was and it was the best fuck I ever had…Including you!”

Cameron was speechless and walked away. “You could at least tell me you dumped me.”

The anger was spewing through him, “I said it. I told you. You treated me like me like shit the entire time plus you wanted someone else too.”

“Fuck you bastard. We had a great thing there and I made one little mistake.”

“One little mistake. Accidentally spilling milk is a mistake. What you did was fuck around on me. That is unforgivable. I did not want to share you. You and that guy were buddy buddy. You were practically joined at the hip.

Cameron tried to look ashamed for his misdeeds, but Jacob saw through it. “We are not together anymore. I wanted you. You filled me with such greatness.”

Jacob felt for him, but the bitterness of knowing his boyfriend was fucking another guy sat with him. “So it must hurt you so much that I found a great guy, who actually loves me for me. I am glad. Now get the fuck out of here, bitch!”

Cameron was going to say something, but decided to retreat with some dignity.

With Cameron leaving, Jacob said, “One more thing bitch, his dick puts yours to shame.”

Gail came around and asked Jacob what happened, and recanted the story to his mother. Jacob realized he needed to make a call.


After Kris was relaxing at McDonalds with Tanner and Johnny, Kris walked home, noticed that Walt was on the phone talking to one of his friend’s from work and waved at him as he grabbed a coke from the kitchen and headed up to his room.

He was about to listen to some music when the phone rang with Melissa on the other line. It had been the third time she called. Kris loved her very much and their relationship was strong, but recently her need to control his every movement and question his decisions was truly the raw part of the deal. They had a frank talk the last time they spoke and ironed out a few details. Mainly that she would accept who he was and that, he needs some space and freedom with his friends.

Melissa surprisingly understood that. After some time, she came to accept Kris again. She known him since before Nathan had died and seen him change from a socially awkward person to a leader of the crowd and that change did play an impact on their relationship.

“Hey Lissa, What’s up?”

She spoke with a warm and inviting tone, “Just wanted to see if you were free tonight go to the movies or something.”

Kris actually did want to spend some time with Melissa after helping Matt see him through his relationship with Jacob he needed to have some time to be with his girl. “I’ll check my calendar and get back to you,” he said jokingly.

Melissa laughed at that and said, “Your ass is picking me up in one hour.” She hung up the phone. So Kris looked in the mirror and gauged his appearance as acceptable. He went to his floorboard, grabbed a box of condoms and placed two in his wallet.  Obviously, Kris was confident he’d be getting some.

He was about to leave his room when the phone rang and he heard Matt practically in tears. This stopped him in his track. Kris was surprised by the reaction seeing how happy Matt was when they left the house. That asshole better not have fucked my man up. I will kill him.

“Kris, I don’t know what happened. It was the best day I had in my life and the best sex I ever had. But after a few hours of just sitting there holding each other, he left. He made some excuses about being late for work. I don’t buy it. I really think he was using me for sex. I knew I… I should have waited but things happened… you know,” Matt said with tears rolling down his face while on the phone.

Kris was pissed and angry that Jacob would do something like this to his friend, to his brother. At the same time, Kris was a loss for words. What could I say? Matt was the strong one. He was the one who kept Kris centre. I never thought I would see him like this. “Matt… Do you want me to rip his ass a new one? I will find this fucker and fuck his world up.  Just say the word.”

Matt smiled at that with Kris able to detect a change. “No Kris. I think I just want to be alone. I have been used again. I’m so stupid!”

“In that case I am going over right now to speak to you.” He rushed out the door into his car and made it to Matt’s house in what felt like 30 seconds. During the ride he called Melissa, “Sorry honey, I was looking forward to spending time with you but Matt needs me right now.”

She yelled at him for a few minutes and then calmed down.  She said she understood and ended the conversation on her terms, “I was going to let you hit your home run too. Well I guess I will bench you for now. Bye Kris.”

Kris was little hurt by the comment but right now his time was focused on Matt.  He parked into the driveway and entered the door with the bang. By now, Linda was still gone so it was just the two of them. He entered Matt’s room and there was a crying naked Matt. Kris just walked over to him, placed a comforting hand on his shoulder, and turned his head towards him.

Matt got up in a sitting position, not caring about his appearance. Wiping his tears, “You didn’t have to come here.”

“Of course I did. I wasn’t going to let my best friend sit here in the dark crying. Now get up and get dressed. I am going to take you out, get yourself drunk and forget all about Jacob. “

Matt did not move. Kris really didn’t know what to say. He was not used being the comforting one. He just pushed Matt up off the bed and into the mirror by his door. “Look at this person what do you see.”

“I see a stupid ass kid who keeps falling for the wrong person.”

“Well, I see a guy who is stronger than the two of us. Sure, he has girly arms and barely any pubic hair and walks like a chicken.”

At that, Matt turned around and punched Kris in side of head playfully. Kris laughed it off. Matt smiled, “Do I really walk like a chicken?”

Kris laughed some more. “Yeah, of course. Now get some boxers on at least. I hate looking at that thing. I get jealous every time I see it.” This time Matt laughed so hard. Kris went to the can, and when he got back Matt was just putting his shoes on. Kris filled Matt in with cancelled date with Melissa.

“Kris. I love you to death for missing up a chance to have sex with Melissa to be with me through my problems.”  He eyed him closely. “Which means you will owe me for this.” They got into his car and went to one of his favorite haunts.

They talked for a few hours about Melissa, school, Tanner and the rest of the boys. They were just about to head home when Matt received a call from Jacob. Kris decided this would be a great moment to call Melissa and give him some privacy.

He called her, “Hey honey, I am sorry I had to bail. I was wondering if you were free this Friday and we can do anything you want. I don’t care we do. I just want to be with you.”

“Aw that is so sweet. Bring some condoms with you, between you and me. During our time apart I really missed that part of you. We need some special time together, just the two of us naked,” she whispered in a sexy tone.

Grinning from ear-to-ear, Kris went back to Matt.  Matt was off the phone and looking very happy. I was about to ask him what happened. “We talked and I forgave him. When I told him how I felt when he left. He really had no idea, and I could tell he was speaking the truth, we are going to meet up again next Friday.”

Kris smiled at that. “I am going out with Melissa as well. I apologized so maybe we can double date. She promised me a shot at that hot pussy of hers. You can fuck Jacob again while I fuck the hell out of Melissa.  How fucking hot would that be, bro?”

Matt pointed with his finger, “That explains that small tent in your pants. I do not know about all that. I’ll talk to Jacob.”


Again much thanks goes out to Andy, my friend, for taking his time to continue this story.  Sorry about the 2 pages but I tried with my limited skills to get it on one page.  Still I hope you enjoyed his story about life before "Rooming".  He has put a lot of time and effort in this.

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