This story takes place between Chapter 40, 41 and 42 and New Year’s. Or more precisely the last week in December
I was sitting alone the car on my way to Jess’s house to join their family for their holiday tradition. With Jess’s uncle and
mother being Jewish, and Jess’s father being Christian, they celebrate the holiday in a unique fashion. I was surprised Jess
wanted me to join him for the holidays. Everybody likes spending their time with their families, so I assumed Jess would want
that for a private time with them.
Then again in my household, I couldn’t wait to leave. Dad and I had a great bond, but Mom and I were different and weren’t
connecting. I don’t know what it was, but since I moved away from home, Mom and I didn’t speak as much. It didn’t help at all
that she and I never seemed eye to eye on anything other than we loved each other. I don’t know. Added to that, Trevor and
his new boyfriend were constantly making out all over the house, it was disgusting. Yes I know, considering my sexual
history, I am one to judge. Sammie, my sister was always on the phone chatting with her friends from school. So, basically it
was me and Dad talking a lot. However, after so much catching up there was only so much conversation left. When Jess
called asking me to spend some time with him, I smiled at the idea and drove to his place straight away, telling my family
that I promised to spend New Year’s Eve there.
When I knocked on the door, Jess’s gay Uncle Joe greeted me with a friendly hug, and welcomed me into the house. First I
heard many loud voices coming from the kitchen. I couldn’t understand who was talking to whom, but when Joe led me into
the kitchen, Jess welcomed me with a kiss on lips. Everybody seemed to ignore this attention. They were too busy arguing
over something. After we broke the kiss, I was curious what the discussion was about. Jess’s parents were discussing Katie’s
new boyfriend and how peculiar his interests were. It seems Katie and Shane wanted to move to a new suburban area
because it has a great environmental record. Frank, Jess’s dad, indicated that it also had a high crime rate, and kept
suggesting that there was no reason to move.
“Dad,” Katie replied, “it’s not going to happen…we are not living next door to you. We aren’t the cast of ‘Everybody Loves
“Well, Grant does seem to have a striking resemblance to Raymond’s brother, Robert,” Jess said, referring to his brother-in-
“Because I am tall and have a raspy voice, like Brad Garrett,” Grant responded.
“No, because you are dumb,” Katie replied, before Jess could.
“Besides,” Frank stated, “I don’t want my grandchild raised in a community in the middle of nowhere.”
“It’s 20 minutes away by car.” Katie said.
“It’s bad enough,” Sarah, Jess’s mom interjected, “that the kid isn’t going to have meat to eat.”
“We will give him meat,” Katie rolled her eyes at her mother, “but, we will encourage a vegetarian diet.”
“Let’s not get started on the whole breast feeding issue.”
Katie and Jess’ other sister, Joannie, responded, causing Joe and Jess to counter them. Before I knew it six voices were
talking in three different conversations…
Darren, Joe’s boyfriend pulled me aside, “It’s hard aint it.”
“What?” I said,
“Trying to concentrate on all the conversations around here; it takes a while but you get the hang of it. The more Framptons
that are gathered around, the more conversations occur. It took me awhile to get used to it, and more time to be confident to
interject. My ears bled the first time I visited them when Joe introduced me to Sarah and Frank. It was just them and three
I had to admit it was hard to keep up, but then a burst of laughter was heard from Jess as his mother told a joke and that
made everybody laugh. That broke it up. Jess took me by the hand and told me that I was spending the night with him, which I
knew was going to happen regardless.
The meal was delicious, it was simple fair: bagels, cold cuts, and cream cheese and party sandwiches. There was a platter of
something that looked like pancakes in the center of the table. Jess indicated to me that it was called potato latkes. He put
two on my plate and dabbed some sour cream and apple sauce on them. It was fucking awesome.
After the dinner, Jess whispered to me, “Show time.”
I had no idea what Jess was up to, but he disappeared and for about 10 minutes I listened to the many loud conversations
that were going on around the table. This one centered on Frank wanting to get a new dining room table to accommodate a
bigger number, and Sarah was worried that the small room couldn’t accommodate more people. She cited the example that
when they had everybody over last April for their Passover meal they had to be creative in locating a place for 20 people to
eat comfortably. Her suggestion, however, was to move the dining room into the living room that was adjacent, connected by
an open archway. And then move living room’s furniture into the current dining room, thus allowing for more places. Frank
stated that it would be disastrous, because Sarah wouldn’t have room to put the present furniture and so it would then
require more furniture to fit the smaller space.
Darren just listened and then came to the defense of Frank. While the conversation continued, the family moved to the living
room and all found place to sit, with me taking chair close to Jess. I saw there were three piles of presents. It had to be about
50 or so, and I thought our family had a lot.
“That’s a lot, Jessie, eh?”
He shook his head no and said, “Our record was in ‘98, but that year we had three or four extra people. It is a Jewish custom
to give eight gifts per person; however, that was costing a lot of money. Mom suggested limiting it to four per kid, and then I
added the tradition of sibling gifts, the getting for parents and such.” I looked around the room, and counted the people here:
Jess, Joanne and Grant, Katie and Shane, Frank and Sarah, Joe and Darren and me. This may take a while, I thought.
Jess started handing out the gifts one at a time, and everybody was talking, and I was enjoying myself. I didn’t expect gifts,
though. However, each couple gave me a small gift, and Jess gave a lot of clothes. In the back of my mind, I felt embarrassed,
because I didn’t get anybody anything.
Two and half hours later, the gifts were all given out and dessert was being served. I really could not believe this. I don’t get
to see Jess that often. The last semester, with him being an RA and being with friends, we had very little time for each other.
But deep down I truly loved him.
After dessert was served and the guests started leaving, I thanked them again for all their gifts, and Joe even winked at me,
“Don’t sweat it Scott, I’m sure you will think of something nice for Jess.”
Jess obviously was thinking the same thing, because he escorted me up to his bedroom. We made loud passionate love, and
it was very intense and made the other times I fucked melt away. It was amazing. We went to sleep and the next morning
came too quick.
I rubbed my eyes and Jess was sitting naked in his computer desk chair, reading some emails.
“Morning,” I said. He turned and came back to bed to greet me with a fresh kiss.

I knew this day was coming, and I knew it was the right choice. I asked him to join me for one last night, mainly, for my
selfish reasons of feeling Scott inside me one last time.
As he greeted me and gave him a fresh kiss, I knew it was right to have the discussion that I had been having in my head for
the last month. Ever since Thanksgiving and our families meeting for the first time did I sense Scott may have been feeling it,
“Jessie, are you okay?” he asked, bringing me back to the present and to the moment at hand.
“Yeah, but I think it’s time to have the talk that both of us have been dreading.”
Scott didn’t say anything; he just looked lovingly into my eyes. Before I could utter my thoughts, he spoke,
“Jess, yes, it is time I become truly honest with you. I cheated on you, with a girl named Regan.”
“Oh,” I said, not surprised in the least. Scott and I had the agreement that we could play around. Brad and I, when our duties
allowed, continued to have a great sex life. It was just fucking; there was no love in it. That was reserved solely for Scott. “It
is okay.”
“Really?” Scott stated without truly thinking.
“Yeah, we said you can play around before. I wouldn’t blame you if you had a fling with Kris and the guys, or even Jordy
again. So, having sex with a girl isn’t that shocking. I just regret you never told me before.”
“I don’t know why I didn’t.”
“If it puts your mind at ease, I forgive you. More importantly, I understand that need to be with a girl. You are bisexual; it is
only natural for you to want to be with a girl. I had been expecting this for a while now.”
“I don’t know what to say, Jessie. I am more taken aback that you’ve forgiven me for cheating on you.”
The gist of the matter is: I was okay with cheating. In my eyes it wasn’t cheating, it was him getting something I couldn’t give
him. “I won’t lie and say I am hurt that you neglected to mention it until now. “
“I had been thinking about it for weeks, especially with our schedules being so annoying lately. The moment I had sex with
Regan, I wanted to inform you. I just didn’t know how you’d take it. There is no excuse for it.”
I looked at my boyfriend, “Scott after everything that has happened between us, I can forgive you. I already have. If we are
completely honest, I had suspicions that you were holding something back. When you left Matt’s birthday, and you told me
your story of being bisexual, I thought you’d tell me what you were holding back.”
The honest truth was, because of the hectic schedule of being an RA; it prevented me from being with Scott. And sometimes,
he needed to be relieved of his sexual energies.
“Come here, Scotty,” I said. He came closer and we hugged. “What made you want to confess to me now?”
“As you know I went to Matt’s place for his birthday with the guys, and Kris created this shrine to commemorate his life and
he set up a little wall for me. There were pictures of you and me there. It was then that I decided for us to go forward, we
needed to be honest. And when you made that declaration talking about something we’d both been dreading, it seemed like
the perfect time.”
“I see, you should have come to me sooner. We could have worked it out together.”  But that wasn’t what I was dreading. I
think it is time to break up.”
“What!” Scott said. “Because of Regan?”
“No.”  The truth was that Scott sleeping around with his friends had only an indirect impact on my thoughts. My feelings are
that there is no time for us to continue as boyfriends.
“Scott, I have been so wrapped up with my work being a good role model with the guys in the dorm, and that job keeps me
there 24 hours a day sometimes. Sure, other floors have huge fights, and drugs and alcohol problems, but my guys still have
the occasional need for my presence.”
Scott nodded. I didn’t know if it was his understanding, or just nodding for me to continue. It was the former.
“Yeah, Rick had many problems in his years as our RA. We were a good group like your guys. But, there were still issues
demanding his attention.”
Lee came to my mind instantly, that asshole. He had almost caused Kris to be kicked out of school because of the fight that
occurred weeks into our freshman year. 
“We can make it work.” Scott said.
“Maybe, but it wouldn’t be fair to you. You have showed me so much kindness. Forgiving me for our dispute at the end of the
freshman year, and sitting with me while I was in my coma to name a few. Getting together when I am sure my demands will
increase will be difficult. Not just with the supervision of my guys, but the school work load is increasing.”
“We can find time.”
“We shouldn’t need to. Look at Matt and Corey they are inseparable. They don’t need to find time to make their relationship
work. Colt and Kris, they live together.”
“Firstly, there is nothing wrong with our relationship. I love you, and you love me, just like Corey and Matt and Kris and Colt.
That’s all we need.”
“It’s not right, though. Since we got together last summer, how many times has it been just the two of us; just you and me?
Before Scott could respond, I continued. “How often have we made love? Three, four times maybe in the last four months? 
That is not fair to you. In a perfect world I would fuck you every day.”
“But…” I put my finger to his lips, “Scotty, you know it’s true. You know this relationship isn’t working. Besides, eventually I
want us to be monogamous. With our schedules, we are both needing to pursue other people to feel the sexual pleasure that
we should be giving each other.”
Scott was about to respond with another rebuttal. He didn’t, he dropped his head. “I hate it when you are right.  Maybe that is
why I went to Regan in the first place. Not just because some pussy would be nice, but because you weren’t around. Thinking
about it, we both could have made an effort if we believed this relationship was ready for the next step. We could have found
the time, but right now our priorities have taken more importance. You need to concentrate on your job and your schooling,
and I need do the same.”
“It will be hard, yes,” I said, speaking to Scott’s unsaid comment. “There will be days when we see each other and want to
fuck right then and there. I mean right now. I love you and haven’t loved anybody as much as you. I know you feel the same.”
“That is true. I love you.”
We kissed for a long time, the kiss and the passion therein conveyed the feelings we have for each other and how this wasn’t
the end, but just a temporary separation. In the back of my mind, I believe Scott and I will be together.
I broke the kiss, and we looked at each other’s naked bodied. He said, “Jess let’s end the relationship with style.”
With that Scott and I made love one last time.
I was driving Scott to certain place I been before. I was looking for an excuse to return to this place, and with Scott feel a little
down with the break up, I decided it would be a great idea. We pulled up to the mall in my home town.
Scott raised an eyebrow, and I gave him a look that said trust me. So, he followed me into the mall. But, actually, we were
heading for store next to Wall Mart entrance. It was a private place that I discovered by accident.
The place had no outside marquee and just a subtle door that an average passerby would think it was just entrance to a
janitor’s closet or something of that nature and not a shop.
I pushed the door open and Scott gave me another look before passing the threshold. I followed him and there were the stairs
that led to man showroom of sorts. At the bottom of the stairs was the sign that named the store: Underneath. It was late in
the day so there weren’t many patrons.
Before Scott could ask me about the store, Olivia the sales clerk I met when I accidentally stumbled on this place sighted me.
“Welcome back, Kris.” She said happily.
“I couldn’t resist returning to see you here.”
“Did you like the purchases you made?”
“Yes, they were put to good use,” I smiled widely.
We continued to flirt for a few more minutes, while Scott watched us.
“Um, Kris? What is this place?”
“Forgive me.” Olivia stated to Scott. “This is underneath. A store reserved for anybody who looking for the hottest
underwear, anywhere. We supply numerous brands, numerous kinds.”
Scott looked around, “What are you talking about? Where is your merchandise?”
“Ah,” Olivia smiled. She looked hot in her uniform. The policy I assumed was meant to showcase the store’s stuff. She wore a
white blouse with her buttons open to reveal a nice green bra. He skirt was made of material that was slightly see-through,
revealing green underwear. Scott noticed Olivia’s clothing as well, as he waited for her reply.
“Well it quite simple.” Olivia said as she eyed Kris with a knowing glance. “We have these massive television screens, as you
see. You flip through our catalogue on the screen. When come up to something you like our system will produce to garment.”
In the certain of room where the only show pieces; they were seven live mannequins, who wore boxers, briefs, bras, and
other undergarments. They moved into new positions to showcase the garments assets.
He turned to me again, and smiled, unbuttoning another of shirt buttons. It was obvious what she wanted. When discovered
this location last summer, Olivia and I had amazing sex. She turned to Scott who was perusing the catalogue.
“Olivia, love.” I flirted. “When do you have a lot of time?”
She frowned, “We close in 30 minutes, but for our special customers I can stay on and give you a helping hand if you need it.”
She departed, giving a clear view of her ass, to make the arrangements.
“I take it you and the sales girl knew each other?”
“Well, I was home a bit working on the room, and needed some supplied for the pictures, and I was preoccupied and walked
through the door thinking it was an exit. Olivia flirted with me, and we hit it off.  I went back once more to get the underwear
for you guys, and she had her life mannequins display them for me. And one thing led another…”
“What about Colt?” Scott eyed me.
“This was before Colt and I became a couple. Anyways, bro, look around.”
Scott smiled and looked at the catalogue and selected some hot briefs. They were brought out on mannequins.
Olivia had returned and we chatting when Scott asked her a question. “Do you have any place I can try these on. See how
they look.”
I knew the answer, because it was there we fucked. She showed Scott to changing lounge that was hidden by three curtains.
It seemed to be taking a long time, so I went inside to see what was happening.
“Oh, you jealous Kris,” She said and waived me over. Scott was in blue briefs. “He wanted some opinions, so I stayed.”
“You look hot Scott.”
“They’ll look great on you Kris.” She smiled
“I’ll take’em.”
“Perfect!  Now have you decided on the color?”
Kris admired Olivia’s ability to make her customer at ease. At this shopping spree for Scott’s favourite clothing item seemed
to take his mind of his troubles. Turning to Scott, who seemed to be look at me for an opinion, I responded. “I saw take the
yellow, blue and red ones.”
“Okay, but first Kris, you need to try on some of these briefs.”
“They really aren’t my style.” I said, recalling the one time I tried on Scott’s underwear at party in their sophomore year. It
was as hell, but not very binding for my package.
Olivia piped up, “Nah, Kris you would look good in them. I seem to remember you liked boxers, but a little change might show
off your beautiful piece.
Scott laughed, “She would now, bro.”
Before I had to choice to disrobe and try on some of the briefs, which I had to admit Colt would love to see me in, Scott got a
phone call and excused himself.
Olivia walked up to me and smiled, “Kris, if you can get rid of your friend. I have some other new creations that you may
enjoy. “
“I take it you have the store to yourself again.”
“For my best customer, yes.”
Scott entered and asked for a minute. I rushed over to my friend.
“What’s up, Scott?”
“I need to go back home. Trevor had some bad news with his boyfriend, and I need to help him out.”
“Okay, I am here if you need me, bro.”
“Kris, I love you man. I really appreciate your talk today, and this shopping really helped forget about Jess. I am glad you were
I hugged him and he worried about how I would get home but I told him it was cool and to just go. Before he left, as present
as ever, Olivia had Scott’s three pairs of briefs packaged and ready for him. Scott tried to pay but I forbade him, and paid for
clothes. It was the least I could do.
As soon as he was gone, Olivia gave me a smile and threw her arms around my neck, pulling me in until her lips were on
mine. I was stunned when she kissed me, but I didn’t pull away. After a moment she moved her hands over my body to feel
the muscles that were pushing against my top and she continued to kiss me.
I don’t know why I didn’t push her back straight away, but her lips felt so good on mine and her hands caressing my body had
my skin tingling. All I could think about was what it had been like the last time the two of us were alone and I had fucked her
so good. My dick started to get hard and almost as soon as it did her hand moved down to find it, giving it a hard squeeze
that made me gasp.
She bit my bottom lip and pulled on it as she continued to rub my dick through my pants and then she pulled back so she was
looking right into my eyes. “You’re even more beautiful than I remember. And your body feels so good. I want to see it again,
naked. I want to see the sweat pouring down your muscles while you fuck me.”
Fuck that made my dick jump. I remembered how intense that first fuck with her had been and knew that being with her again
would be just as good if not better, but where I would have jumped at the chance to get back inside her before I was no
reluctant and I had doubts in my mind about whether or not it was the right thing to do.
While I was thinking things over in my head she was opening the buttons on my pants and let them slid to the floor so they
were around my ankles. She took in a deep breath when she saw my cock straining against the tight boxer briefs I had on and
her hand immediately went back down to rub my shaft.
As she kissed me again she took my hand and put it on her boob. Instinctively I started to squeeze and caress is and she had
a huge smile on her face. She quickly broke off from rubbing my dick to pull my top off and tossed it to the floor. I was
standing in front of her in nothing but my boxers, which were tented massively by my cock, which was throbbing.
She pulled me back into another kiss and I embraced her, quickly unbuttoning her shirt and pushing it from her shoulders so it
dropped to the floor. My dick was throbbing and leaking as I reached around to unhook her bra, but then she did something I
didn’t expect. She slid her hands down the back of my boxers and I felt her nails grazing the skin on my ass. I can’t explain it
but it just felt so wrong and I jumped back from her, ripping her hands out of my boxers. She looked at me shocked but I
quickly pulled up my pants that had been around my ankles and found my top.
When I looked at her there was a mixture of shock and disappointment on her face. “I’m sorry,” I said. “I can’t do this. I’m
with someone and I don’t want to fuck that up for something that means nothing to me other than a good fuck.”
Before she could say anything else I grabbed my things, pulled my top back on and got out of there was quickly as I could.
I was bored out of my mind. It was two days and bit after Christmas, Chase and his buddies were away on the slopes, and
was here doing absolutely nothing. Mom had girlfriends to visit and I had no reason to talk to my father anytime soon.
My mind went to Chase and hopped they had a great time at their ski trip, and hopped that Chase and Tabor and their friends
connected like we did. It’s funny how far I came in my life. Before college I was picking on kids who weren’t my equals just to
be popular. I made friends with Bryan turned to a prick, and then my relationship with Chase was forced. Now, I love my little
bro more than I loved anybody. I fell in love with hottest guy in the world, and have two of the best fucking best friends. It just
blows my mind how much I changed.
But as it was approaching ten o’clock none of my friends were around. Matt and Corey were still on their mini vacation, Kris
was with his family and Scott I haven’t heard from him since Kris show us that magnificent room that had walls dedicated to
us. That’s when the idea came to me. I got off the couch where I was watching some show, and moved to my bedroom and
found some items I wanted to Kris to add to his room. I found my yearbooks in high school, and well as pictures of Bryan and
me growing up, and pictures of me and Chance and Lucky my best junior high friends.
While I was searching for my memorabilia to add to Kris’s storage space, I heard the doorbell ring. It was pretty late and was
surprised to see Kris standing there soaking wet.
“Hey, bro.” He said, like we planned this little meeting. I stared at him, just still in mild shock with his presence.
“You going to invite me or what? I am fucking soaked.”
I did and he started stripping off his wet clothes, opening his bag that was on his shoulder to produce some dry jeans and a
shirt. Seeing his naked body was always a pleasure.
“Did you miss me or something?”
Kris nodded and then greeted me with some passionate kiss I had from him in a while. I broke the kiss after a minute and
brought him up to my bedroom, so we could have more privacy.
“Yeah, man.” Kris stated. “I came here as quick as I could.”
“Why?” I asked, not admitting I missed him a lot more.
“I had an encounter the other day at this store. And I really didn’t like what happened.” He told me. I am not used to Kris
being this serious about something. “Basically, Scott came to visit me yesterday out of the blue, because of some
relationship issues with Jesse. There are broken up.”
“What?” I was surprised, again. He held up his hand I let him continue his story. He moved on to my bed next to me.
“Anyways, I managed to cheer him up, and I took him shopping for some hot underwear. Scott left and this sales girl, Olivia,
who I had slept with before we became an item, wanted me then and there.”
“So, you fucked her?” I said putting a hand on his shoulder. “Kris it’s all right. We all have a need for a woman every now and
“No, you don’t get it, babe. I couldn’t go throw with it. She got me down to my boxers, and then put her small hand on my ass
unexpectedly and I backed off. I backed off.”
“Why though?”
“I am in love with you Colt! It felt wrong to doing that with somebody else.”
Before I could process the second statement, I let my body take over and kissed Kris on the month. I felt so happy right then.
Kris isn’t the kind of guy to turn away a pussy, but to do it for me. I felt honored.
Kris broke the kiss. “I just didn’t feel right to mess with what we had.”
“Babe, I wouldn’t have cared if you fucked her or not. I know you would have come to me in the end.”
That made Kris smile, “Now I feel stupid.”
“Because you came all the way over here for no reason,” I said
“No,” he smiled. “I could have had a nice pussy.”
“Fuck you.” I pushed him off the bed. “I am really happy that you came, though. But, I got to ask was that really why you
didn’t go through with it.”
“Yes,” Kris stated as he sat on my desk. “When she touched my ass, and they were your hands I just felt completely wrong.”
“But, we both had been with others even before we started dated.”
“However, besides Corey, Matt and Scott, the three women we were with we tagged team. You were with me every step of
the way. Which, really added to the entire thing?”
Now, I was more surprised. “Kristopher Joshua Stanton, what has happened to you? First you become this sentimental guy
with storage room full memories, now this.”
“Yeah, what can I say Colton Hilary Landerham, I am not the same guy I was. We all change little by little.”
“I am just happy that I can experience this other side of you. You may be jokes and king of sociality at campus, but when it’s
just you and me; I see calm, smart and sensitive side of you. And don’t ever use my middle name again.”
“I didn’t name you after a hot first lady.”
“I am surprised you knew she was the first lady.”
“I am smarter than I appear.”
“You could have fooled me.”
Kris jumped on the bed and wrestled me, and soon our clothes were off and we were fucking. With the sense of sex filling the
air and recovered I asked Kris for something.
“I really love you, bro. Why not you stay here with me until we head back for New Years?”
“You really missed me, eh.”
“Yep,” I said and kissed his chest where his N tattoo lay.
“I think I am going to get a C on my chest for Chase.”
“That seems like a fucking great idea. So you are okay with me getting some tale once in a while.”
I thought about it, “Now that we are together, Kris; let it just be us. And when either has the urge for a girl, we do it together.
You agree when we fucked Toni it was hot.”
“Yeah, it was. However, I would prefer not to see Andrea again; she creeps me out.”
Tell you what if she ever shows up again, I will tell her that I am with you, and won’t do anything with her, unless we both
“Cool, now get that ass over here, time for round two.”
Sorry this is posted a little late.   I hope you still enjoyed this story!!

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