Posted:   June 18, 2011


Kris sat in the cafeteria alone. He couldn’t be with his parents right now. They
were more of wreck than he was at this moment. Kris always felt guilty that he
never did tell his parents about Nathan’s antics. Up until this morning, he was
able to handle some of Nathan’s more extreme choices.

After the car crash, Jenny was the first to arrive at scene. She didn’t even no
Nathan was in the car at the time. Walt understood as soon as he came outside and
saw the smashed truck. Kris on the other hand witnessed the entire thing. 

Kris didn’t know when it happened or how much time had passed; but some how he
was at the hospital listening to the doctor verify Nathan’s permanent condition.
When he left his parents, Walt and Jenny were going to see their older son. Kris
wouldn’t look at him. Seeing the accident happen, seeing his brother’s  face
would hurt him to his core.

Kris didn’t feel like eating, he just sat in the corner. Going over it in his
head, maybe if he spoke up more, alerted his parents or took a harder stance, and
forbad him from leaving this one time, he might still have his 18 year old
brother back. The thirteen year old shook his head.

Another voice in his head countered. You couldn’t stop Nathan from doing these
things. He is your older brother. It is his job to help you not the other way
around. “This is not your fault.”  However, that did not come from his head it
came from somebody standing near him.

Kris’s tear filled blue eyes looked up, and standing there was sober looking
Derek.  Derek was always nice to Kris, calling him ‘Squirt’ and ‘Sport’ and all
these childish nicknames. Derek was Nathan’s boyfriend and was the last one to
see him alive.

“Huh?” Was all the young teen could handle to say.

Derek put a hand on his shoulder. “Squirt. This is not your fault.”

Without thinking, Kris whispered “I know.”  It clicked in his brain. “IT IS YOUR
FAULT. If you had not shown him the ways of the world; I might still have a
fucking brother.”

Kris stood up and punched Derek in face. He did it again. And Again. The more he
did it, the more power was behind each punch. Derek stood there and took it. The
hurt Kris was feeling was strong, and he needed some way to release it. “You
stupid asshole. What are you even doing here?”

“Believe it or not Kris. You and your family are not the only people who cared
about Nathan. I loved him.”

“This is all your fault. You knew more than anybody how he acts. What he was. If
anybody could have changed him, it would have been you. So take your love, take
your support and leave. Leave me and my family alone. You caused us so much
fucking pain as it is. LEAVE RIGHT NOW!!”

Derek was about to say something, but Kris would not listen to another word. He
punched him in face again, with so much force and emotion behind it that Derek
fell to the ground. Derek left.

What happened to Derek next, Kris could care less.  Kris decided he needed to
leave and try to be a comfort to his parents. They need him. He was about to
leave the cafeteria when somebody came and tapped him on the shoulder.

“Are you okay?” she asked.

“Yeah, I am.” Kris said automatically.

“Listen, I heard your conversation with that guy. I was wondering if you wanted
to talk about.”

Kris looked her over. She seemed like an understanding person. Approximately his
age, and Kris could use some sort of comforting at this moment. The fury. The
rage and the sadness were very real to him at this moment.

“My name is Alison Green”

“Kris Stanton. I don’t want to talk about the details. ” Kris gave her a brief

“That is alright. Like I said your conversation carried. Kris listen to me.
Nathan was his own man. He made his own choices. You couldn’t make them. There
was nothing you could do. Nothing. I know that.”

Kris wondered how she new about Nathan for a few seconds. Then just listen to her

“People die all the time. During my time at this hospital, I have seen and heard
many fights, many angered conversations and many people trying mourn the loss of
a loved one. The most common trend is to place blame.”

Kris took the words in. “Yeah. I blame myself for his death.”

“You shouldn’t. Would Nathan want to see you here punching the lights out of his

Kris shook his head. The thought of Nathan’s wishes came to the forefront of his
mind. The last thing Nathan told him was to live his life and to take chances. He
knew deep down Nathan was right. Behind all the problems Nathan had; Kris knew
Nathan loved him and wanted only pure joy from him.

Alison asked, “What are you thinking Kris.” Kris just stared into the open space.
It was nearing 5 in the morning. Kris was beyond tired. However, the thought of
sleeping was right now out of his mind.

“Kris. What would your brother want you to do? What would make him happy?”

Kris thought. “He would want me to get out there, and stop living life on the
stupid computer. Meet new people and have fun.”

“Would he want you to think of blaming yourself for his demise? Would he want you
to feel guilt over not talking to your parents?”

Kris shook his head again. “I need to go be with my family. I appreciate your

“If you ever need to talk, I am more than happy to listen.”

“Thanks.” Without thinking Kris needed to do something totally unlike him. He had
to do this. Whether it was the high level of emotion, the need for this kind of
connection, the internal rage that is going on, he didn’t know.  He walked up to
her and kissed her on the lips with so much raw emotion. They kissed for a full

Kris walked off to find his parents. Alison made him feel better. It wasn’t the
kiss. It was her words. They rocked him to his core. From that moment on it will
not be about Nathan’s death, it would be about his time alive, and making sure
his wishes are followed.

I was worried about Kris on the ride to the hospital to check on Johnny and
Brady’s grandmother. I have never seen him this white in my life. Tanner called
Kris but all I heard was Kris giving short one word replies and he hung up. It
was totally not like Kris.

We walked into the hospital with Kris having the blankest look ever on his face. 
I studied the sign board in the large hospital until seeing the arrow point to
the ICU Waiting Area.  I gestured in the direction with Kris following right
behind me.  I knew I was in the right spot when I saw Don sitting in a chair.  He
jumped up and walked towards us.  Going in, I knew that the elderly grandmother
had suffered some complications in her intense surgery.

I asked, “How is she?”

“I don’t know.  Johnny and Brady are with her now. They will come and get us if
there is any news. Tanner is on his way,” Don replied.

At that moment, Tanner came in with a worried look on his face.

He looked at us and asked, “How is she?”

Don shook his head. I told him were waiting for news. Tanner and Don sat in a
chair while Kris and I grabbed a seat across from us. Kris had been keeping
quiet. Kevin came into the hospital running full length looking for us.

Brady and Kevin had been the best of friends since elementary school so it was
understandable his dire concern. However, I was surprised Kevin was the last one
here. “Well?” He said trying to catch his breath. I put a hand on his shoulder
and told him we do not know much so far but would be informed if anything

Tanner, who was sitting next to us, looked at Kris. He turned to me “What’s up
with Kris, eh?”

“It had been a long day,” I said while Kris said something about getting some
air. I tried my best to lighten the mood and we talked about the pride parade
that occurred early that day. Kevin kept to himself the entire time and kept
staring off into space.

Kris was coming back into view. I could see him talking to a girl who looked
quite striking. I excused myself while Tanner and Don tried to help Kevin. I
walked over to Kris who looked more like himself.

“Alison, you really know how to comfort people.”

“You okay Kris?” I asked.

“Yelp.” He was smiling quiet brightly now. I could see he was almost back to
normal, because he didn’t bother introducing me to his mysterious woman.

“I am Matt Raymond,” I said punching him into ribs as way reminding him I was
still there.

“Alison Green,” she extended her hand. “Kris, you didn’t tell me your friend was
such a hottie.”

Kris laughed. “Alison… he is taken.”

I eyed Kris sternly and blushed at the complement. Turning to Kris “I thought I
knew all your friends?”

Kris talked quieter so his voiced didn’t carry. “When Nathan died, Alison was
working at this hospital and comforted me. “

“I haven’t seen Kris since… I assumed coming back here would be hard on him.” 

Kris nodded in agreement, “I regret not staying in contact with you. I assumed I
would see you around our high school.”

I was so interested in this woman I just listened to the conversation. I wondered
still what the connection was between the two.

Alison said, “I am home schooled. My mother wanted me not to be distracted from
other activities and focus on my studies.”

I agreed, “That is commendable.”

Kris looked at me bewildered, “Commendable, ha! That’s nothing but bullshit if
you ask me. You are missing out on so much good stuff like drinking, partying,
being with friends and having a great time.”

I was about the change the subject because this situation might turn ugly since
Kris just pretty much said Alison was loner who had no fun.

However, Alison laughed at Kris’s comment.  “Actually, I’ve told Mom all of this
but she refuses to let me go. Besides Kris, I do have friends and a steady

I laughed at Kris for putting his foot in it, “How did you find your way here at
the hospital?”

“Honestly, I banged up my knee in minor accident when I was 12. The nurse who
looked after me was so sweet and caring, that I wanted to go back there and tried
to be that to other people. So, I shadowed the nurse who helped me and after few
years they allowed me to have an unofficial role within the hospital.”

Kris was intrigued by this and asked, “So you don’t really work here?”

Alison nodded. “I officially work in the gift shop, but I spend most of my hours
walking around this place to help people in need.”

“I bet it is quite rewarding?” I asked her

“Yeah, there are a lot of hurt people out here. I don’t mean physical hurt
either. However, speaking of my successes, Kris you are doing so much better.”

Kris obviously was never good at taking a complement. “Well, thanks. It took time
to recover, but eventually I pulled through. Now, my life has changed. Thanks to
this guy over here.”

I played along looking around. “Who? Where?”

Kris slapped me on the head, “You, idiot.”

Johnny and Brady were coming to the waiting room so Kris and I said a quick
goodbye. It looked to be great news. They were smiling. “She is going to make it.
The heart complication turned out to be a very minor ordeal.”

“Congrats, guys. That’s awesome news,” Kevin stated. He came up and hugged Brady.
After few minutes of conversation, Tanner pulled me aside.

“Hey, is Kris really okay, eh? When he came in here, he was white as sheet.”

I spoke truthfully, “He is fine. Don’t worry that cute butt of yours.”

Tanner laughed and I knew his concern was gone, “I know. Look at this tight ass
of mine, eh?” I slapped his butt playfully and headed back to the others.

Kris and I stayed around for a bit longer before navigating our way out of the
hospital.  “Kris, you had me worried there for a second.”

“Sorry but I hate hospitals,” he said before we went through the revolving doors. 
I knew Kris was in a much better mood when he continued going around and around
until getting some awful looks from the older visitors. 

I grabbed him by the arm. “Excuse my friend.   Sometimes he thinks he’s still ten
years old,” I said to the gray haired couple who didn’t find Kris amusing.

We found the car in the maze in the parking lot.  Strapped in, I asked, “Tell me
what was that all about?”

“Nothing Matt.”

“You can’t fool me Kris.  I know something was up.”

“Matt, think back to probably the last time I was ever at a hospital,” he said.

My brain was in high gear trying to remember something that could send him into
such a state.  “I’m sorry Kris.  It was Nathan, right?”

He glared at me with those steel blue eyes, “Yes and that’s all I fucking wanna
say about it.  It wasn’t a pleasurable experience.”

Trying to make light of the situation, “Not like being with a girl or when I’m
with Jacob.”

“Damn that was fucking stupid,” he said.

“I was just trying to help,” I explained.

“Try harder next time.  You can’t even begin to know the pain associated with
that joint.  I really don’t care if I ever visit there again in my life,” he

We made it home.  I said goodbye and entered my house.  Mom was waiting on me.  I
explained what was going on before retreating to my room to talk with Jacob.  He
and I stayed on the phone until my eyelids were about closed. 

March was almost over and the school year was in home stretch. It was great to
see Johnny and Brady back at school and being back to normal.  Each lunch period
I really looked forward to seeing and being around all my friends that Kris had
made for me.  Tanner and I were becoming better friends along the way.   I loved
his accent and was so intrigued by his story about a world I had never visited. 
He was from the Toronto area and was forced to move southward when his father’s
mechanic job forced him to seek work here. 

I was even invited to his house on a Friday before our spring break with Kris out
with Melissa.  Entering his nice home, the smell of home cooked food filled the
air.  Tanner laughed and told me his mom enjoyed experimenting with new and
different ideas in cooking.  He shook his head telling me tonight was Thai.  I
wasn’t thrilled but couldn’t offend his mom by not trying it.  It was actually
very good and filled me up.  Tanner offered that I stay the night, which I did. 
Nothing doing he had to show me what he was working on out in the garage behind
their house.  As he explained the parts, he might as well been talking in Thai to
me.  I listened and could only stare at the sweat now dripping down his cute
young athletic body.

Continuing with his interest in cars or soccer, our choices for video games were
limited to games involving either one.  The racing games offered a challenge but
Tanner had mastered them to the point it wasn’t much fun.  I could see Kris
rubbing off on him as well as he never would let me win and would rub it in my

Before going to sleep, we lay on our sides and talked for hours.  His past was so
interesting to me.  I loved hearing his stories about hockey and his passion for
the game.  He said he’d tried to become interested in the local hockey team but
couldn’t.  We talked about our friends and the school gossip.  What surprised me
the most was his orange briefs.  I complimented them with him turning red.

I had the best time with Tanner and felt much closer to him than I ever had.  He
understood me like no one else other than Kris.  I left and quickly got a call
from Kris.  He almost sounded jealous that I had stayed with Tanner and wanted to
know everything we did.

Spring Break wasn’t much.  There were no fancy trips like some of the rich kids
at our school.  I divided my time between Kris and Jacob.  Each time was special
to me but in completely different ways.  Kris was a lot of horsing around and
joking with each other.  Jacob on the other hand was more like boyfriends should
be with lots of kissing and holding hands.  I could tell Jacob things I never
even thought about telling Kris.  I did go on and on about Tanner and his nice
body but stopped once Jacob got a little mad.  

Once Spring Break was over, it was time to get serious about my studies.  With
the bullies out of the picture, I excelled like never before.  I began thinking
long and hard about my future.  My dream was to go to an Ivy League school and be
the biggest success ever.  However, my financial constraints brought me back to

“Hello… Matt?” Kris called. No answer. Kris decided that he was out with Jacob.
The kid deserved some action. Kris knew his way around the house and went to
kitchen to see if there was any good food around.

He heard something. “Matt? Are you’re here. I am not fucking playing hide and
seek with you.” Again nothing, so Kris decided do take the time and play with
Matt’s toys. Jacob had lent Matt a dildo for some reason.

Kris walked upstairs and he heard the bed shaking in Matt’s room. Understanding
what the noise was he waited for them to finish in the kitchen, while getting
turned on knowing that his best friend was enjoying himself.

He decided to leave. Kris left a note under Matt’s door to call him when he was
finished. It was then, that he noticed the door was opened slightly. Against his
better judgment, he opened the door somewhat. There was Matt in pure pleasure. He
looked over to Jacob. He was shocked. He slammed the door open and stared angrily
at Matt.


“What does it look like?”  It looked like Matt was getting fucked by Tanner. And
he told them so.

“Oh brother, I wanted to experience another guy.  Is that so wrong? Me and Jacob
weren’t doing too well lately and I wanted some attention.”

“FUCK!! I can’t believe you would do this of all people.” He was staring at

“What?? I was helping a friend out.”

Kris’s face was in utter shock. That’s when Matt started laughing. Tanner laughed
also. Kris didn’t understand this. “Seriously? What is up? What is so fucking

When Tanner got up, Kris noticed Tanner was wearing orange briefs that from a
distance looked like he was naked. Matt was wearing the same getup.

“APRIL FOOLS!!!” They both shouted. After a few minutes, Kris understood and
laughed with them.

“You mean you didn’t cheat on Jacob?”

“No bro, I would never do something so awful like that. I called Tanner last
night and he was so game at messing with your head.”

“In that case.” He grabbed a pillow from the bed chucked it at Matt square in the

“That was the worst joke in the history of mankind.” Kris kept smiling.

That moment Tanner and Matt threw pillows back at Kris and the fight began. Kris
was losing. Matt took advantage and pulled Kris’s pants and boxers down in one
swift motion.

Tanner laughed, “It is so small.”

“It is bigger than yours.” Almost on cue, Matt pulled down Tanner’s briefs.

Matt looked at both. “Not by much. I got you both beat.” He pantsed himself.

Tanner looked at it and waved it away. “Not even close.”

“Fuck you!” Matt and Kris said together. Then Kris through the pillow at Tanner
and fell on the floor with underwear down to his ankles still.

Tanner laughed. Matt laughed harder and he too fell off the bed, right on top of
Kris.  That is when the unthinkable occurred. Someone entered the house and came
up the stairs. The laughter in Matt’s room was so loud; they didn’t hear Jacob
enter the room.

Tanner was speechless. Matt and Kris stopped laughing and noticed the literal
position they were in. Jacob lef, in udder shock.

Matt found his pants and went after him. Kris and Tanner got dressed and went
down to support Matt. Matt came in through the front door and slammed it. 

Kris came over and put a hand on Matt’s shoulder and Tanner brought Matt’s

“It’s over. He just left and walked away. I tried to get him back. But he
wouldn’t listen to me. Why do pranks end up so bad?” Matt was crying.

“It’s okay Matt.” That is when Jacob came back and stared right into Matt’s
crying eyes.

Jacob and Matt spoke at once to Tanner and Kris. “APRIL FOOLS!!!”

Tanner looked at them. “Fuck you bitches.”

Kris really underestimated Matt’s ability to do an April Fools prank. Kris got up
and put Matt into a headlock and tickled him; Matt never stopped laughing.

“I am sorry. Please stop. Help me Jacob.”

Jacob decided to take advantage of his boyfriend and told Tanner where to tickle

After that, the four boys headed to the movies and Matt told Kris how he pulled
it off. Kris loved Matt so much nothing could break them apart but he knew he
would get Matt back and use his boyfriend to do it.


I was so happy with my life right now. The April fools prank went off without a
hitch. Kris may get me back bout I am the master at this. I was surprised Jacob
went along with the prank to begin with.

The next day at the diner I asked Jacob about it.

“Well, to be honest, I thought it was cool to humiliate Kris. He’s such in
control of everything, catching him of guard was great.”

This got me a little ticked. “The point was to have fun with Kris, not make him
feel horrible.”

“Matt, we have been boyfriends for awhile. Since day one Kris has always been
around. I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t know about our sex life by now.”

“Yeah, well believe it or not Jacob, Kris and I talk almost every day and speak
about everything. However, Kris never asked about our sex life, therefore I never

It was true, Kris was always talking about his interesting encounters with
Melissa, but I never felt it necessary to discuss what happened behind closed
doors. Jacob doesn’t seem to get that there is no competition between Kris and

“Matt, I will be honest the competition between Kris and me is pretty much over.
While we’re at the movies and you and Tanner were discussing something. Kris and
I had a heart to heart. I understood what great guy he is and said he would never
stand in the way of us. He even went to great lengths of apologizing to me if he
did overstep his bounds as a friend.”

This was a good sign. I made a mental note to thank Kris.

“So you guys are really okay?”


I kissed him square on the lips, he opened his mouth and allowed me to explore.
Gail came by and slapped her son on the head, and said to get a room.

Jacob smiled sweetly and we left to find some privacy. Over the course of a few
weeks, Jacob taught me a lot about gay sex, how to be passionate, how to be
intense, how to be creative and to be fun. He was one of the best teachers in
romance I could ever ask for.

It was hard to balance a boyfriend, friends and school, so school work needed to
be worked on. As the April was ending, I had to hunker down and study. I became
the teacher the crew. Everybody but Tanner was in their history class.

That Friday night I quizzed the group on American history. The final test covers

“Johnny: What important event happened in 1941?”

“Ummm… that was Pearl Harbor, which prompted the US to join the War.”

“Correct Kevin. Who was Teddy Roosevelt?

“Wasn’t he the 26th American President? One of the Rough Riders, I think he
suffered Polio.”

“Close but FDR was the President who suffered polio.”

“You guys are doing great. Can anybody name me three important wars that the
American troops fought, excluding the World Wars?

Kris answered. “The Great War, The War of the Roses and Yom Kippur War.”

Everybody laughed. I stared at him to give the correct answer. “Vietnam, Korea,
War of 1812, the Revolutionary War and so forth”

“When was the Great Depression?”

Brady asked a question, “What was so great about the October 29, 1929 Depression?
Lots of people lost their homes, their land and had to relocate to find work.”

Kris fielded the answer. “It was great because the fat cats in Washington and the
rich and powerful were laughing at people …”

My phone rang for the eleventh time today. I had to say no to Jacob so many
times. I needed to concentrate on my studies.  I gave him a very strong worded
email to him that I can’t have him calling me every five minutes.

This time it was simple text. “I don’t want to bug you, but I wanted to see if
you wanted a break at the diner.”

I had it with Jacob. He sent the same text five times in last two hours. I tried
to be kind. But it was getting on my last nerve. I took a breath and excused
myself. Kris came with me. I assume to give me support.

I called Jacob. “Listen Jacob, I know you are getting antsy I promise when these
tests are over I will come by the diner. I really don’t need you calling me all
the time. It is very distracted.”

Jacob responded. “You just don’t want to be around me. You don’t like me

“I love you. You have been my rock and my soul for these last few months. You
allowed me to come out and be open.”

“Fine! Be with the Kris and fuck his ass! Goodbye.” The phone went silent.

Kris had a hand over my shoulder. “You okay bro?”

“Yeah Kris.” He walked into the bathroom and dried his eyes. Kris never left his
sight. “Kris, just give me a few minutes. I will be there shortly.”

Kris stared at him with the sweetest eyes in the world. “Are you sure?”

“Yeah, but I would appreciate if you stayed with me tonight. I know you had late
night date with Melissa. So I understand.” I was dead serious. I didn’t want to
get in the way of his love life.

“Nah Bro. I’ll stay with you tonight.” He went to call Melissa and I put myself
together and went back the guys, who seemed to have made this break time.

“Guys, lets back to it.” We studied another three hours until Kris said, “Matt if
you ask us one more question I will throw you out your own window.” 

At that I got the point and the crew said their good byes and made arrangements
to party the following weekend. Kris and I stayed and cleaned up a bit. I didn’t
have to even make Kris clean up. After that Kris and I stripped to our boxers and
got into the bed.

“Seriously… Matt, are you okay?”

The phone rang again. Kris ripped the cell phone from my hand and answered it.


“KRISTOPHER. That is some language, coming from you, now put my son on the
phone.”  Kris handed me back the phone.

“Hey Mom, sorry about that, Kris was trying to be funny.” She told me she had to
work another shift and won’t be home tonight. After hanging up I laughed at Kris

Then the phone rang again. It was Jacob. I turned it off.

“I don’t know what I am going to with him?”

“Is he still angry with me? I mean after the stuff he said at the movie about me
trying to take you away from him.”

“He said that. He told me you apologized and said you don’t want to come between

“Be straight with me. Was the sex good?”

“Yeah, to be honest, I never experienced anything like. Why?”

“That must be the reason you are staying with him?”

“Yeah, you might be right about that. Lately has been trying to control my
actions. On our last date he practically wouldn’t let me use my phone. He wants
to know what I am doing all the time.”

“So it is the sex?”

“Yeah, guess so?”

“Should I break it off?”

“Honestly. Yeah. You would never let anybody else tell you what to do. I think it
is time to pull the cord.”

“Kris, I really do love you.” I kissed him on the lips to show my appreciation.
This time Kris didn’t wipe it off. He just kissed me back, and said I love you

The night ended with us holding each other like two brothers would. The next day,
I went to the diner and asked to speak to Jacob.

“Matt!” Gail shouted, “Haven’t seen you around these parts.”

“I have been studying.”

Jacob came out from the kitchen and greeted me with a kiss. I pulled him back and
said we had to talk. So we went outback.

“Jacob, this isn’t going to work. I want to break up with you. Your constant
calls make you sound a little needy. You’ll always hold that special place with
me since you were my first real boyfriend and were a wonderful teacher.  I
wouldn’t mind at all if we stayed friends.”

Jacob tried to kiss me, but I backed out. “Good luck Jacob.” I walked out of the
diner and out of his life. The second I left I called Kris and told him what
happened. He told me to come over.  I went to Kris’s where he was supposed to be
studying but was on the phone with Tanner.  I looked to see Kris in nothing but a
white jock strap.

“Yeah Tanner, it was fucking sweet that goal you scored,” Kris said and pointed
for me to grab a seat.  “See ya later.”

I raised an eyebrow. “So all your clothes are in the dryer?”

“Don’t give that face.  I was about to hit the shower after our sorry ass game
you missed today.”

“What face?”

He pointed at me. “That one. I studied with you and the guys until late last
night and two hours this morning.”

“That’s good.” I sat down at his chair before removing a pair tattered boxers
from it and threw them at Kris.

“Be careful those are my favorite pair. I got lucky in these last week,” he said
with a big smile. “I wanna wear them every night I go out with Melissa.”

I laughed, “If I’m not mistaken, you have to get lucky without them on or at
least I do, right?”

“Smart ass!” Kris said and pushed into my chest.  I laughed as he did as well.

Johnny, Brady and Kevin came by to congratulate Kris on a big win.  I knew
however Kris’s playing time was limited with Tanner being the star.  Kris just
had to open his mouth about Jacob and me.  Thankfully the conversation turned to
events of the upcoming weekend. 

I stayed around as long as I could before heading out.   I was just about out the
door when I felt a hand grab my tee.  I turned to see Johnny there.   He asked,
“How are you feeling?”

I thought about it and told him the honest truth, “Had Jacob and I worked out who
knows but right now watching my friends hang out and make fools of themselves
makes me laugh. Johnny, I am very happy right now. I’ll make it just fine.”


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this story.   I hope you enjoyed his story about life before "Rooming".  He has
put a lot of time and effort in this.

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