Posted:   June 11, 2011

I was enjoying my time with Jacob; I can’t believe I thought it would be like Daniel all over again. Jacob has always been the kind and caring guy, throughout our constant talks online to even our first few dates. He taught me the finer points of having a boyfriend including the sexual part even though we did not do it that often. It is a good thing in my belief, I don’t want to rush into it. Sex is not everything in a relationship especially for a teen though Kris would beg to differ.

Although I kept myself away from Liberty Avenue, Jacob’s territory, I knew all about it from him. I heard it was for overly stereotypically gay folk, not the average teenager who just wants to be normal with his boyfriend. I denied Jacob’s request to visit the diner he worked at up to this point. Kris said I was nuts. However I was changing to be a more open and more outgoing personality would be extremely difficult.

One evening Jacob and I decided that our respective mothers should meet. I believed Mom would find it nice to know another mom with a gay son. Linda and Gail, who seemed so different on the outside, surprisingly were able to talk for hours about their children. I knew about Jacob’s true parents. As Gail told the story, it made it so powerful. I don’t understand how any parent could hate their kid for that reason. I mean there is a lot of love lost between my father and me. If he could just keep a promise, be there for me once and awhile and show that he has interest in me then maybe I would be able to share some feelings for him. I knew deep down I will always love both my parents.

I finally relented to Jacob’s request and we went to Liberty Avenue to see the diner first hand. Gail, of course, was there. She worked double shifts most of the time to pay the rent. The entire diner, let alone the entire community, knew Gail. Personally, it is because her voice was loud and carries throughout any conversation with nothing personal off limits to her.

Jacob kept saying hi to his friends as he sat in the both. At first it was nice that my boyfriend had so many friends and didn’t need to lean on me all the time.

Jacob kept starring at me like with his giant red eyes. “So Matt how do you like the place?”

I looked at him and smiled, “It is interesting, definitely better than the cafeteria.”  After a little chit chat I asked him a question that threw him for a loop, and he actually spat out his water when he heard it. “Do you have a problem with Kris?”

“No… not really.  He seems to be a good guy. You seem to really like him; you never once said a bad word about him,” he replied honestly.

It is true I never spoke a negative word about him. Sure I make fun of his weaknesses in private but didn’t want to do it to others.

“It is just you seem to get annoyed whenever I bring him up and it didn’t go unnoticed you wanted to compete with leadership role with Kris when we all got together.”

Jacob mulled over his spicy tomato soup as he seemed to think of an appropriate way on conveying the message. “It’s true. There is no problem. Sometimes I think you like him more than me. You talk about him a lot, especially after you guys became such great friends.”

I stared at him evenly. “He is very special to me. He is my best friends that I care for him very deeply, but I care for you just as much.”

Jacob took this in. “Okay, because I cannot compete with him. Your loyalty towards him is so evident to me that anybody could see it. All I can give you is me.  Gay, happy well hung me.”

I chuckled at the comment, “I want you! I’m in love with you. I want you in my life. Kris is like my brother that I trust completely but I don’t want to fuck him; I don’t want to have that kind of relationship with him. Besides, he is 100 percent straight and would never ever look at me that way.”

Jacob didn’t seem to be buying my commitment, so I gave it one more try. “Kris will be in my life forever. I can’t share my gay remarks to him or my gayness with him. He doesn’t understand it. He is completely different than you in that he will never understand what it is liked to be with another guy sexually. To experience a blowjob from an experienced person, there is no competition between you and him.  He my best friend, but you are my boyfriend.”

That got him as he planted a big wet kiss on me. “So let it be written.” 

I enjoyed the meal. We spend the next hour watching Gail command the diner with such authority. Not taking lip from the loyal customers; forcing her regulars to eat her recommended meal choices, and swearing at the kitchen staff for giving her the wrong food. Her argument with the kitchen staff made me laugh so hard.

“Listen guys. When this beautiful transvestite cop over there orders a coffee and big slam breakfast that does not mean you give burnt toast, no bacon and a side of fucking lasagna.”

“Now Gail. Don’t make me rip off your wig and beat you with it. What does the ticket say?”

“It says shut the fuck up and get the order right.”

“No it says. Go back to school and learn how to write a fucking ticket. It says a side of lasagna.”

“Burt, are your glasses on?  The ticket says: A side a hash browns. Use your fucking head.”

The cops listening to the conversation unfold said, “I don’t mind the lasagna honey.”

“It’s okay Alex. The kitchen staff made a little mistake. We will have it fixed in second.”

Burt grumbled loudly, “We didn’t make a mistake.”

I laughed. Gail was a character and Jacob seemed to be watching me with intensity as I observed the scene.  “Is she like this all the time?”

“Yeah, you got to love her. Which reminds me next Saturday is pride week and she organizes all the parents of lesbians, gays and transvestites to walk in the parade. Are you game?”

I thought about it. I was nowhere near ready to do that. For one thing to be with strangers openly admitting I was gay to the world.

“No. Sorry Jacob I am nowhere near ready to admit to the world I am gay.” I said telling a sort of truth to him.

“Yes you are. You just need to push I think,” Jacob said encouragingly.

“NO! I don’t need to be pushed. And I don’t need you telling me what I need okay. I will let you know if I am ready. Ok.” I said a little too rudely then intended.

“It’s okay Matt. We don’t have to go. We can do something else.”

It was then that my phone rang and looked at the text message from Kris and made me laugh: “Did you fuck Jacob yet? Can he handle your powerful weapon?”

Jacob laughed at the comment and told me to text him back saying: “Yeah. He can barely walk.”  As we were leaving the diner Gail refused to let me pay for the meal. She said it was Jacob’s duty as my lover or something close to that.

“So Matty boy, where should we go to next?”

Kris was worried about his friend. When Matt told him about Jacob wanting to join him at the Pride Parade he told Matt just how he felt.

“What is wrong with you?” he asked the Friday before the parade.

Matt looked at him with a raised eyebrow. “What? Why should I have to go?”

Kris looked at him seriously. “Who said you had to go? Basically you’re telling your boyfriend you don’t want to do something he is interested in.”

“It is more than that. I would feel uncomfortable portraying my gayness to world.”

“What world? It is a damn parade,” Kris said getting off of Matt’s bed and coming closer to Matt. “You know I think it is more than being conscious about portraying your gayness to the gay community.”

This comment caught Matt’s interest. “What do you think it is then?”

“I think it is going out in public and socializing more. I know you had tough blows with those bullies but turds are fucking history.”

It is true when the tape surfaced on the internet. The bullies left the school with expulsions charges. Andy’s family moved away while Lee’s parents turned their son in to the authorities. The damage to Matt was already completed. Kris knew in detail how these bullies tormented him and been made the laughing stock of this entire school. That torment took an eager outgoing and friendly Matt into a shell of the man that sat before him.

Kris had tried numerous times to help Matt with socializing but Matt committed to his studies and would only go out with the crew once in awhile. Deep down Kris believed Jacob would help him out of this shell.

“It is hard for me change like that we both know what it took for you to change your complete personality. I need to take this one step at time. I don’t want to be pushed.” Matt stated.

Kris understood Matt’s reason, but Kris never overly pushed in one direction. “Who pushed you?”

“Jacob. He said I needed a push. And that is why I got so upset with him.” Matt walked away to kitchen to get some food while Kris followed him.

“So he pushed you. He might be right.” Matt stared at him like he was hit by Kris’s fist.

“Kris, of all the people… I think you should understand my need to do this on my own. I don’t need to be pushed to be with people.”

“Would it help if me and the crew joined you at the parade?” Kris offered as he took a can of soda out of the fridge.

Matt looked intrigued. “Yeah, why not? Maybe sometimes a little push is what the doctor ordered.”

Kris was happy know that he understood Matt’s troubles and was there to help him through this, but that is when it hit him. Melissa, he would be cancelling on her again. He knew that she would not want to come with them. She has always found it awkward being around his crew. Then he realized what he had to do.

He told Matt of his plan and he encouraged him to go with.


Melissa was looking forward to nice night at home where she could watch the newest episode of American Idol. Melissa was such a reality junkie it was hard for her to miss one episode. She was so upset though that her favorite was voted out and so watching the episode would just fuel her rage.

She decided to write in her journal. It was her second entry this week. She normally wrote about her feelings and fears but of late it has been about Kris. She loved him very deeply. It was just bothering her that she was always on the bottom of his to do list.

It was fifteen minutes later when the doorbell rang. Making sure she looked great and as hot as possible, she went to answer it. Opening it up there was Kris standing there in a nice suit with flowers in his hands. She giggled at him and made him come inside.

“What are the flowers for?” She eyed him suspiciously. “Did you do something wrong?”

Kris waved the thought away and grinned. “I just wanted to say I love and take you out to dinner to prove it.” That was so sweet of him; she kissed him on the cheek.

They went out to nice restaurant a block away; it was her favorite Chinese hangout. They had a great meal and Kris told the funniest stories. She couldn’t stop laughing the entire time. When the check came with the fortune cookie, she opened at it “Beware of a good thing.”

That is why she always loved the Chinese restaurant. The fortune cookies told the weirdest sayings. “Happiness will only happen on Tuesday.” “Make sure you eat peas three at a time.” So, she didn’t take any thought of the warning.

She was happy with Kris and the day they had. After making out in car for an hour and half, they decided to spend the night watching the stars. Kris received a phone call and had a hushed conversation. She turned to him and asked what was up.

“Nothing sweetie, it was Matt asking if I had any plans tomorrow. He wants us to go join him at the pride parade.”  Melissa was having such a nice time. It was then she realized they had plans to see this new movie.

Melissa said. “What about our date?”

“That’s what I told him that I had plans with you. He persisted saying it would help him a lot if the crew would be there. I told him Johnny and Tanner would go.”

“Did you want to go with them and see the parade? I am sure you would enjoy it?”

“A little.” Melissa believed him and gave her permission to join them tomorrow. In return she received a fulfilling experience with Kris.


Scott was sitting on the steps with his younger brother Trevor figuring out a strategy to talk with Juan. Ever since his father told him about the new kid, he wanted to meet him. He spent the next few days finding out all he can. There wasn’t much information. Trevor told him to just go over there and be himself.

“What should I say?”

“Just say my name is Scott Trenton, I was wondering if you want to hang out sometime. It is really simple.”

“To you it is. It is hard for me to meet to people.”

“That’s some crap. You’re my brother. I’ve known you all my life. You have never been afraid to tackle any task. What do you think is going to happen? You go there and he slams the door in your face.”

Scott didn’t even think about that. His friend Patrick did that the first time I came over his house. He both knew then he was kidding around. Scott really enjoyed Patrick’s company. He loved being around him. It was only recently that they started talking about guy stuff. However, Scott was uncomfortable with it. He could never talk about his sex life with Rebecca with anybody let alone his thoughts about jacking off.

“Now that you mention it, he might slam the damn door in my face. All I was thinking is saying the right thing.”

Trevor put a hand over his shoulder and whispered in his ear. “I can make the introductions.”

That is just what Scott needed his kid brother being all outspoken to a new stranger. That is exactly what happened with Patrick when he came over the first weekend. It was lucky that Patrick had a brother Trevor’s age that was also equally out spoken and they became the best of friends.

“Alright you made your point. I am going.”

However, he just got up the steps when a mysterious stranger that we know as Daniel exited his house and was coming towards them. I wander what he wants thought Scott. Daniel was walking with a purpose.

“Hey.” he said to the two of them.

“Yo, what’s up?” Trevor said.

“Nothing much I was just wondering if you guys had any plans. I didn’t seem many kids in the neighborhood and it always nice to meet somebody knew.”

Scott agreed with him. Most of the teenagers hung out at the pool hall and not around the neighborhood.

“Yeah, well I got nothing to do.” Scott said. 

Trevor had to say no, he was going swimming with a friend. Daniel offered to come see his house and play some video games. Scott walked with him. Hopefully this will relive my nerves to talk to Juan. They entered the house, which was a little bigger than Scott’s put when they went into his bedroom, he was surprised by the room.


I was surprised how well the parade was. Jacob at first was little shocked that Kris and my other friends tagged along. I feel there is still a little competition between him and Kris. I am sure he will get over it in time. As for Kris, he loved every minute of it. Tanner seemed a little bored by the event.

“Well, it is not like this was my first time, we Canadians practically made gay life fashionable, eh?” I laughed at the comment. It was true Canada did legalize gay marriage and all. But, the way he said it made the comment funnier. I will not get over this Canadian accent. 

Johnny and Brady were making quite display. They decided to dress up. Where they got those outfits on short notice I will never know. Johnny was dressed up as one of the leather bears. With leather pants, a leather vest. The pants opened up at the back to display his ass, while Brady was dressed up like a transvestite in drag. The scene was so comical I almost pissed my pants just seeing the two.

As it ended and the crew went to the diner for food, it was so much fun and I thanked Jacob for suggesting they go. After we ate, I went back with Kris and Jacob to Jacob’s house. It was the first time Kris had seen it.

We walked into the family room and Jacob got us some pop. “So Matt did you enjoy it?”

I thought about it. “Yeah, I really didn’t think it would be that good. I mean seeing all those people expressing themselves.”

Kris was smiling. The afternoon dragged on as Kris and Jacob slowly became better friends. To me Jacob was just being the nice host, and was playing along with Kris. But I decided to allow the matter to rest. Jacob had to call it quits when he had to go back into the diner. He had to pull the evening shift. His buddy called in sick.

Kris asked in the car ride back to his place. “Are you and Jacob okay?” 

“Yeah, I really don’t think he likes you that much.”

Kris kept driving and shook his head. “I can see how he might not. We are like brothers. It would be hard to top our friendship. Between you and me, Melissa feels the same way.”

I looked at Kris, this was the first I heard about problems with Melissa since they got back together. Kris continued his comments. “It is just she feels awkward around the crew. It is not just you. And it hard for her to compete with my attention.”

“Has she told you about this?”

“No. Just a feeling but that is my point. Jacob it is worse. He feels he needs to be better than me, to compete with your attentions. With Melissa I need to show her that her needs are more important.”

“I think I understand. Basically Jacob believes that you and I are in relationship, a platonic brotherhood friendship that he needs to win me over to keep me. The fact that I keep mentioning you and talking about you seems to him that I like you better than him. And with Melissa she knows you love her it just that you sometimes prioritize your friendships with Johnny, Don, Kevin, Brady and Tanner over her needs.”

“That is just what I said.”

“True but I said it much better.”  Kris slapped me in the back of the head. Just then I got a text from Johnny.

It turned out that his grandmother was back in the hospital. There was complication that the doctors didn’t catch. So I suggested that we go and comfort Johnny and Brady.

As Kris turned to the wheel to the hospital, he looked white and sick.

“Are you okay bro?”

“Not really. I haven’t been to hospital in a long while and might not be able to handle it.”

I knew what he meant. It had been almost 2 and half years since Nathan died and seeing his brother in such conditions would hurt anybody.

“I will be with you the entire time. You can lean on me.” We drove in silence; I can see Kris preparing for this visit.


Again much thanks goes out to Andy, my friend, for taking his time to continue this story.   Still, I hope you enjoyed his story about life before "Rooming".  He has put a lot of time and effort in this.

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