Posted:   June 4, 2011

I was enjoying my time with Jacob over the next few weeks.  Now every opportunity I got I tried to see him even though we lived about 20 minutes apart and went to a different school.  I now saw having sex with him the first time we met wasn’t the best idea in the world. Sure it was great, looking back on it, but it was wrong on so many levels.

Each time, we went out he grew in my eyes and in my heart.  I was falling for this guy.  He thought me there was more to a relationship than getting naked.  He thought me all the little nuisances of kissing and making out.  He was a great kisser and left me wanting more.  I learned what great fun it was to French kiss and use lots of tongue.   He showed me gently petting and touching was so great.  I cherished our time just holding each other fully clothed or shirtless.  He did take great joy in being able to count each rib and each bone in my back along with saying I was still wearing children’s pants, even though I wore size 28 and loved how they hung low on my skinny body.

Each time Jacob dropped me off at the house, I had to reel in my excitement for I was hiding our relationship from Mom.  Each time, she’d be waiting on me and asked how my night went.  I usually replied okay and quickly exited to my room to either take care of business or lie on my bed in my deep thoughts.  It sucked having to lie to Mom but I wasn’t yet ready to come out.

Friday came with another planned date with Jacob.  Now my friends, especially Kris, were interested in getting to know him better so we planned to meet them out at a local coffee shop. 

We entered with all of my friends there and grabbed an espresso each.  My friends were courteous and greeted Jacob.  Kris was giving him the eye like never before. 

“So dude, what’s your story?” Kris asked.

“Ummm… what are you talking about?” Jacob replied with his own question.

“How did you know you were gay?” Johnny asked.

“Oh… that story,” Jacob laughed and seemed at ease.  “Oh a few years ago, my parents sent me to this camp for the summer…”

“Glad it was you, not me,” Brady interrupted.

Kris pushed Brady, “You’re rude.  Let him finish.”

“You know being around boys say thirteen and fourteen I realized how attracted I was to them and enjoyed being in the shower.  You talk about hard not to get a damn boner,” Jacob laughed as did a couple of the others. “That signaled to me I was gay but I was scared to death to tell anyone.  Night after night, I had to listen to all these macho asses say how gay this was and how gay that was.  I finally had enough and told them to shut the fuck up because I was offended and was gay.  You talk about complete silence.”

Well… yeah,” Tanner said. “Did you get any offers?”

Jacob laughed, “Of course.  At that age, you’re crude as fuck!”

“We’re crude as fuck, now!” Brady laughed.   We continued talking about various things with Jacob telling them about being booted out and having Gail take him in. 

Leaving that night, I wasn’t sure what they thought but I knew I was in love or at least I thought I was. 

Barely home, Kris was calling me to give his complete assessment of Jacob and the night.  He finally asked when I was going to come out.  I ignored the question and kept talking.  Kris didn’t know it but I was playing with myself while he talked.  Now, we knew each other’s masturbation habits.  Kris was a shower and bedtime stroker while I was mostly a bedtimer.  You realize how good of friends you are with someone when you can freely discuss this with each other but I believe Kris enjoyed sharing it.

The next day Saturday, I was messing around when I heard Mom yell Kris was there.  I could barely open the door when he came barging in.  He had a big smile on his face and dressed casually but still was so cute.

“Alright big boy, if you’re going to date a guy, you have to tell Linda,” Kris stated. “I’m here for support.”

My heart pounded. “I’m not ready.”

“You are ready and need that push.  Hell, you said you fucked him…”

“Bro, I’ll come out on my own terms and when I’m ready.”

“You know Linda suspects something.  Do it, Matt.  I’m here for you.”

We left my room and found Mom making lunch.  It was hot dogs with chili.  Naturally, Kris was hungry and ready to eat.  Eating I held my breath and knew Kris would say that I liked weenies or something juvenile to that effect.  All the while thinking and knowing Mom needed to know I was gay and dating a boy. 

After Mom cleaned the dishes, I went and grabbed her skinny hand.  “Mom, we need… we need to talk.”  I led her into the room with Kris kicked back in her chair. 

Kris was about to leave, I motioned for him to stay, "It's okay bro. You can do this."  He left us alone and headed to my bedroom.  I watched him and saw he left the door cracked.

“So what’s this about?  Are you failing?” she asked.

I shut my eyes with a huge knot in my stomach.  “Mom… Mom…”

“Spit it out, Matt!” Kris yelled from my bedroom.

“Mom, you know how much I love you.”

“Oh of course Matt.  I love you, too,” she said. “Oh dear God, you’re doing drugs.”

“No Mom worse… I’m gay,” I said and it was out.  She didn’t say a word and grabbed me for a hug.

“Oh Matt, it is alright.  I suspected it a few years and have been waiting for this moment.  I’m proud of you,” she said.

“Shut the… keep quiet,” I said.  "When did you know?"

Mom went very quiet. "Mom, what is it?"

"Well, I knew since you were eight?"

"Does Dad know too?"

Linda nodded. "No, he was too busy…mmmm… doing his thing all the time to care or notice about you."

I asked, "This wasn’t the reason you left?”

"No honey. If your father even knew you were gay that is one thing but we ended our marriage for other reasons."

"What do you mean one thing?"

She sat me down in one of the chairs. "You see your father wanted you to be great man, not like him. He had high hopes that you would make something out of yourself, such as doctor, lawyer… you know… big money stuff. He doesn’t want his son, his heir to be gay or be anything that isn't considered normal."

Hearing this made it worse. "This asshole hates me because of what I am. About a fact of me I cannot change."

We sat for a few minutes. I made up mind right then and I would never ever speak to him again. I didn't want to mention this to Kris. This man is evil.

"Listen Matt. I love you so much. I want you to treat him with respect, if he calls you again, be as nice as possible. He may be a horrible person. He is your only father"

I just nodded. "Anything for you mom." We hugged again. 

After that moment, Kris came down and barged in. "Did you tell her about Jacob?"

I shot daggers with my eyes at Kris and said to my mother. “So you know it hasn’t been a friend but something more.  Jacob’s my boyfriend.  I think I’m in love.”

Mom smiled, “I knew that too Matt.  You think you can disguise those feelings but I can see right through your act. But I need to ask you something. Does this happen to do with bullies? You coming home depressed in elementry school. Few days coming home with blood on your clothes."

Kris looked at me and I was surprised as she was. "How did you know about the bullies?"

"Son, give your mother a little credit. Just answer the questions. Did they beat you up because you were gay?"

I nodded.

"Okay I will get them suspended."

Kris then launched into the story about how Kris came up with a clan to stop the bullying and what had happened with them. Kris loved showing the video. However, I asked him not too.

“I am glad that they bullies are gone. You know I did think you were doing drugs.  You know you hear about those horror stories.”

“I don’t, Mom.  Life is too important for that nonsense,” I said. It was hard lying to her face but that time at the cabin was one time deal.

“Man, this is so sweet.  Linda, Matt was scared to death to tell you,” Kris stated.

“Son, I hope you will be safe.  I know you boys and what happens,” she stated.

My face was red, “Oh Mom!”

“Use condoms if it comes to that point if it hasn’t already.  I don’t want you to ruin your life with something you should enjoy,” Mom said.

“I’ll remember that when that moment comes,” I said and saw Kris biting his tongue.  


Tanner was listening to Johnny telling an extremely bad joke to try to lighten the mood around here with their chief players, Matt and Kris gone. The last few weeks have been a total bore.  Tanner was lucky enough be able to spend some time with his hobby of fixing cars with his father.

Ever since Tanner was young kid, cars have been his favorite joy; he always asked for small toy cars to play with. At one point, he owned a 100 model cars and put them together everyday just to understand the mechanics. When he turned fourteen, his father offered to come to his auto shop and watch his crew deal with some real cars. Tanner was even allowed to play with the cars and in six months he became a first rate unofficial mechanic. Although Kris and Matt were with their significant others, he kept working on his birthday present, a shell of a Mustang that his father was going to throw away.

Johnny asked him a question that brought him back out of his thoughts, “Huh, Johnny? What did you say?”

“I said what do you think of Jacob, Matt’s boy toy?” Kevin and Don were at the table waiting for Tanner’s response. Tanner was the guy who always told the truth regardless if it was most popular idea.

“I think he’s a little old and extremely out there in his gayness. Matt never strutted his gay features.”

Don, the resident intellect and the only one of the crew who is making straight A’s, put in his two cents. “Well, it’s not like Matt could bring his gayness out if those two assholes keep beating the shit out of him. I mean fuck, if we didn’t do something they would have attacked Matt every day.”

“That’s true, eh. Especially when Kris told us about the bullies were from Matt’s elementary school; it would be hard for Matt to be himself. Matt told us himself that he became a shadow of man; he used to be when those assholes bugged him. He was almost as outgoing as Kris eh.”

Tanner realized this conversation took him back to last Wednesday when the crew met Matt, Kris and their respective lovers. Jacob wasn’t the stereotypical gay person. Jacob spoke of living on Liberty Avenue the gayest part of the town. Being from Canada and moving here two years ago, he had nothing bad to say about gay people. He had three gay friends back in Toronto. What he never liked were people flaunting their gayness at you. Kissing in public and making comments that were so gay it wasn’t even funny.  It was during this dinner that Matt opened up and talked about how he used to be elementary school before the bullies made his life a living hell.

Kevin interrupted his thoughts by saying, “Who gives a fuck about that Jacob kid? You could tell right away he was gay. The way he was dressed.”

Don interrupted. “He dressed better than you.” At which Johnny laughed and shook his head in agreement. “Maybe that is his point.”

“Maybe what is whose point?” came a voice behind Tanner. Brady had spoken pushed Tanner over to sit at the table. Johnny quickly filled him in the conversation. Tanner really didn’t want to talk about this anymore. He wanted to enjoy his meal.

Usually Kris changed the subject; so, Tanner changed it. “Brady and Johnny, how is your grandmother? I hear she has recovered from her surgery eh?” 

Johnny looked at his brother Brady tried to stay up beat. “Actually, the heart surgery went extremely well. She made it through in record time. For an 80 year old woman she has the heart of a rock.”

Brady nodded in agreement. During the car ride to the Johnny’s cabin, Tanner learned that their grandmother was going for a routine surgery. It turned out she had minor heart defect when she was born that required a regularly surgical routine to put her heart in alignment. This surgery occurred almost every five years. Unfortunately, as she gets older, the surgery success rate goes down.

Brady spoke, “She is a fucking trooper. She never let that issue stop her from living her life. She married and three beautiful kids. Has never stopped smiling always looking at the glass full. You know what I mean.” The crew shook their head in agreement.

Johnny decided against popular opinion to shift the conversation back to Jacob. At which point Kevin decided to leave saying something about getting a book from the library. Tanner had a feeling either Kevin himself was uncomfortable about being around gays or he didn’t like them.

“I believe every word the dude said.  He sounded genuine and real.  I rather admire him,” Tanner stated.

Brady couldn’t resist. “Aren’t you forgetting something Tanner?”  Tanner didn’t grasp the question obviously he said something funny or else Brady and Johnny wouldn’t have that stupid grin on their faces.

“What,” They burst in to laugher. “What?” Tanner said again.  They couldn’t stop laughing so Don said, “You didn’t say eh after your previous statement. Being a Canadian you normally end every sentence with an ‘eh’?”

Tanner smiled at the giggling brothers. “Fuck you! And Fuck you!” Then he playfully slapped Johnny.

Johnny, through a fit a giggles, said, “I think I will leave the fucking to Matt and Jacob. They might be able to accommodate you.”  At that the entire table laughed.


Daniel moved to small town 30 miles north of a big city after encountering Matt online. The town was quaint and quirky; gays were in the minority.   In this town lived a 16-year-old dirty haired boy who stayed fit with lots of swimming and had a swimmer’s body to show for it. The boy was just leaving the public pool in his board shorts after a lengthy swim with his brother Trevor. Scott encouraged his brother to swim the last length.

“Come on Trevor you can do it,” He said coolly. Trevor was such a sweet kid and he would never let anybody harm him. When it came to swimming, Trevor was the only one who could keep up him.
Trevor got out of the pool after swimming a few intense laps and asked him. “So was I fast Scotty?” Trevor was the only who called Scott this.

“You were faster than me.”

“You bet the fuck I am,” he blurted out in his tight little blue Speedo.

“Trevor, I don’t want to hear the f-word ever come out of your mouth,” Scott said and was serious while they moved to the dressing room.

“I’m sorry, Scotty.  It just slipped out,” Trevor apologized.

“Well, okay.  Do you know how bad it sounds to hear a thirteen year old say that word?  Lord, these people around here live and breathe church,” Scott stated and saw his brother removing his Speedo whereas he was wearing the usual board shorts out in public. “How can you wear those things? They are so gay.”

Trevor looked him seriously. “Scotty I look hot. That’s why.” He put on his pink briefs and grey pants and very pink and purple polo shirt. Scott knew is brother was gay. There was no way to deny it. He dresses gay. He knows more about fashion then Scott ever cared to know and he talks about guys all the time.

The brothers headed home from the pool.  Scott was proud as ever in his new Honda.  It wasn’t new but still nice.  He fought over the radio and turned it to his music, rap or pop.  Trevor looked out the window while they drove home.

Barely in the door, Samantha came running up to her brothers.  She was missing a few teeth in her youthful seven year old smile with her blond hair flowing.

“Please play Barbies with me, Scotty,” she said clinging to him.

“I will, Sam,” Trevor said.

“You do all the time.  I want Scotty to this time.  It’s not fair to him that you get to play all the time,” she said.

“Sam, maybe next time,” Scott said.

“Okay then.  Trevor, you be the Barbie while I be Ken,” she said so innocently.

“Cool,” Trevor stated.

Scott left the two and headed to his room downstairs.  He was shaking his blond hair.  He loved the area that was set up for two boys.  It was perfect for him with a TV and video system along with a nook with books that his mother collected being the school librarian where Scott attended.  He loved curling up and losing himself in a book while Trevor was playing a fantasy video game or listening to some pop music.

Scott found a book of short stories on the shelf and kicked back.  He was about finished with the first story when he heard footsteps coming down the stairs.

“I hope you’re decent,” Scott’s dad yelled.

“No dad, I’m butt naked as always,” Scott joked.

“Oh well if you are.  It’s not like I have seen your little ass before or worse cleaned your shit,” he said.  Rod smiled seeing Scott in the chair in his shorts.  “Scott, it turns out old lady Torres down the street has had her grandson come live with her.  It seems his mom is not able or can take care of him.”

“I guess being a mailman has its advantages, huh?” Scott said.

“Well… she barely let me go.  She was telling me all about him as any grandmother would.  I think she said he was around your age or so.”

Scott’s ear perked up then.  He was now intrigued and liked the idea of having a friend close by despite having many friends at school.  “Hmmm… what did she say about him?”

“Son, I was trying to get away and finish my route.  She did say something about how he loved sports.”


“Maybe you could be a nice young man and go introduce yourself to him.  I’m sure he’d welcome that since living with your elderly grandmother isn’t ideal.”

“That would suck balls!”

His dad laughed, “I’m sure it would.”

“Y’all need to see this really cool room Sam and I put together in the Barbie house,” Trevor said as excited as ever entering the room and finding Scott and their father.

Scott rolled his blue eyes.  “Dad, I’ll guess I’ll need to meet him and welcome him to the neighborhood.”

“Who?” Trevor said.

“Don’t worry about,” Scott said. “I was going to see if he liked soccer and hunting.”

“I like hunting,” Trevor said.

“Since when?” Rod turned and asked.

“Ummm… I guess I could,” Trevor laughed.


Again much thanks goes out to Andy, my friend, for taking his time to continue this story.   Still I hope you enjoyed his story about life before "Rooming".  He has put a lot of time and effort in this.

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