This is another chapter in the prequel.  It is written by my friend, Andy.  It was his idea to show a little insight into Matt and Kris...  CHAPTER 1 for those you missed it.

I was surprised how easy it was to develop a friendship with Kris. Although I had a few friends in elementary and middle school, I spent it reading book, playing video games or on the computer. I always caught up with the latest hairstyle, fashion and news about the newest celebrity gossip.

Kris changed my world around almost as much as my first boyfriend, Jacob, did. Although Jacob taught me explore my gayness, it was Kris who forces me to expand my social activities. As soon as Kris was allowed to go out, he practically dragged me to his favorite haunts. I was surprised how many places Kris frequented. No matter where we went, we always had a blast in our own unique way.

When I met the guys: Brady, Kevin, Don and Johnny, at first it was awkward, but Kris being the leader got us to enjoy each other’s company very well. I stayed at home a lot. Although I enjoyed having a great group of friends, my academic status was equally important to me.  Kris even spent the occasional weekday at my house to go over some school stuff when nothing else was going on.

Kris and I talked almost every night over the phone and spent every Friday night at my house.  I wasn't going to set foot in his room again until he cleaned it. Just thinking about the mess and smell sent shivers all over my body with that smell returning to my nose. Regardless of how closely we have become, I have yet to able to tell him my true secret.

Although Jacob and I have just started to get to know each other last summer while online, I understood my desire to be gay; he was the only one who knew about that side of me. That was going to keep that between us. However, Kris would probably be the first guy I tell, but just not yet.  I wasn’t sure of the ramifications it could have with him and his group.

Kris taught me a lot in those first few weeks. He helped me to open a little more, with Brady, Kevin, Don and Johnny. Brady and I had the same taste in music. Don and I had the same wit. Johnny and I bonded a lot because, out of the three on them, he tried his best to get to know me. Kevin and I never spoke one on one and didn't speak much when I was around. I still remember the time Kris throw his first tailgate party for the football game. I just went along to see what all the hype was about. However, Walt sat me down, seeing that I and Johnny weren't enjoying the game as much and showed us where Kris' XBOX was.

As the night ended, I beat Johnny so badly at the Street Fighter, he had to tell everybody. So with Kris's team winning the football game, everybody headed home. I was going to head home but Kris wouldn't have it. He told me he had a surprise just for me before I left.   He drug me back to his room.

I was surprised by three things. One: I couldn't believe there was a floor. Two: There was picture of me and Kris from the carnival by his desk. Three: The window that we patched up was fixed.

"Kris, what happened? I can't believe it," I asked quite surprised by the new look of room and the removal of the odor.

Kris, trying to keep a straight face, asked, "What?"

I laughed, "How much did you have to pay to have someone clean it."

"You know me so well… $60. Johnny and Brady did most of the work."

A little taken aback why I wasn’t asked to help with the cleanup, I wondered still why Kris wanted me up there. I knew it wasn't the reason I wanted to be. Three nights in a row I dreamed he would invite me up, strip me down and have his way with me.  So I asked him. "Why I am here? To give you grade on your room? Because I can still see some beer cans on under the bed."

"Hey, nobody is perfect. No, I needed your help. You see I have test coming up in three weeks in history. I know you have the best notes in the class. I was wondering if you could help."

"I am not going to cheat for you, if that's what you meant." I said seriously.

"No… no… hell no! I need your smarts to help memorize some dates"

"I see and cleaning up your room was just a peace offering?"

"Something like that."

I got the feeling Kris didn’t understand the term though. So I said I would help him and stay the night.  We got undressed and talked about our friends and school.  Late in the night, Kris mentioned his desire to go to college where his went.  It was the first time I heard Kris even mention college.

The next morning, I woke up to a surprise. Kris was checking out his body in the mirror. I enjoyed the show that Kris was putting on. Kris maybe not realizing I was still in room stripped off his boxers and flexed his muscles. I was enjoyed looking at his fine ass and thinking of the possibilities. It was at that moment, Kris turned around. He screamed forgetting that I stayed over. I just laughed at him.  Before I knew it, he joined me in the bed with a big smile on his face.  Now I could see Kris didn’t have a shy bone in his hot body and no problem that I saw him in all of his glory. I was too envious of his developing six pack and deep Adonis cuts at his waist along with his chest whereas I had zero signs of muscle and a six pack out of being so skinny. His cock wasn’t the biggest or smallest plus his cock fit his body so well along with showing a few pubic hairs above.   He was a total hottie in my eyes.

His mom Jenny came after hearing the scream while Kris ran to cover himself up. He hit closet door and fell on the floor. Jenny just shook her head and left us alone with Kris in the floor with his ass shining. I couldn't stop laughing. After that Kris put me a headlock until I stopped laughing. Once I stopped, he pranced his naked ass to shower.  If only he knew how much it turned me on.

Naturally, being in my new best friend’s room, I looked around. The picture of the two of us was rather good except Kris was obviously staring at the cute girls just in front of the photographer. I noticed a name written in permanent maker on the back picture frame. Kris came back in the room with the towel around his waist.  I asked who Nathan was and saw an odd look come across his face.

"He was just a friend from elementary school."

I knew right away he was lying. However, I didn’t want to talk about if he wasn’t ready to speak of it. So I let it go for the time being.

The next week or so, I was deep in studying for a big test that was very important to me.  I heard my phone ringing and saw it was Kris calling.

“Matt, stop studying and come with us.  We’re all going bowling tonight since it’s cheap.”

Thinking it over, I replied, "“I wish I could but you knew I had to study.”

I could feel Kris rolling his eyes, "You and your studying.  Don’t it get old?”

Laughing I said, “No because I plan on getting a scholarship one day.  I thought you had plans to go to college.”

Kris laughed in the phone,  “I do but that shit can wait.  Ah come on Matt, you need to get out.”

“One last time Kris, I’m studying.  You have a good time.”

I hung up the phone with Mom staring at me.  She gave me a big hug and said how proud she was of me.  She stated I had my priorities in order and my head on straight. Then she said walking out the door, "It wouldn't kill you do go out once in awhile."


Kris was happy. It has been 3 years since he had been since he was happy. It was this one adventure where Matt couldn't come due to studying for final test in one of his courses, that Kris missed him a little. Matt always had interesting wit, and a way of communicating that made feel people at ease. Kris could learn a lot from him.

So on this night out at this bowling alley Johnny found, the topic of conversation came to Matt.

Johnny, "Kris you really know how to pick them. Matt has been the one of the best additions to our group since...well, since me."

Kris looked at Johnny, first annoyed because that comment came right when he was about to throw his ball down the alley. But, then he seemed to agree with the statement.

Kevin piped up.  "He isn't the most open person in the world? I mean he still gets beaten up by those bullies, without explaining himself. Plus never had a girlfriend"

Kris trying to steer the conversation, "Well, I'm sure we all have our own personal secrets. I mean Kevin, would want to world to know that smoke weed."

Kevin looked at him angrily "Shhhhhhh. How the fuck did you know that..."

"It's pretty obviously, you smell."

"That's because I don't shower on daily basis."

Don offered an opinion, "Neither does I Kevin. But I don't smell like that. Anyways, Kris he never told you about why the bullies are bugging him."

Kris thought about it, we have known each other a month and it never did come up. He always felt that this subject would have been too personal, especially considering the past he has. "Nope. But I have feeling he will tell us when the time is right."

Johnny added his two cents, "I agree. But do you think it has anything to with his preference for guys. “This time you it was Brady who throwing the ball when it went sailing to the alley next to our groups.”Jesus, Johnny, can you make statements when people are not trying to bowl. And what the fuck."

Kris was waiting for Johnny to explain himself, but he thought about it. It does make sense. "He never makes any comments and seems to enjoying our conversations about pussy."

Johnny was about to make another statement, but he waited for Don Bowl first, "Well, I believe it is because he seems to checking guys out at school. Who knows?"

Kris thought about this for a while, after he smoked his friends a bowling and pool, the group went the home. Kris was in his room when he got a call from Matt. Kris rubbed it right away, "Did you finish your studying, egghead?”

“Yes I did.  So how did it go?”

“It went great.  Kicked their ass…”

“You should be so proud.  Was I missed?”

“Yeah and a big topic of conversation,” Kris said into the phone.

“About what?”

“Well…” Kris hesitated. “We were just talking about this and that and why you don’t have a girlfriend.”

“I’m too busy for one,” Matt said and was glad Kris couldn’t see my reaction.

“Is there another reason?”

“No!” Matt said and hung up the phone, saying he was going to sleep.

Kris thought about it and it seemed Matt was in denial about it. Matt has been the best thing that has happened to me. He always kept me level headed. He reminds me of Nathan so much. I don't care if he was gay. He is my best friend and that is how it is going to stay.

Tuesday, Kris came over and wanted to study with me for some history.  I agreed and liked he was eager to study.

"Who was the first American president of the United States?"

"Um. George Washington. Right! He was the guy who never lied,” Kris replied proudly.

"Yeah, that's right. Was he also the drafter of the Declaration of Independence?"

"No, that was Thomas Jefferson, the third president.”

"You’re good."

"Okay, Matt... What significant event happened in 1963 on the 22 October?"

"Well, it was month before President Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald. He became the fourth president to assassinated in American History."

"Fuck!! November. I should know that!"

"Kris, don’t worry you got it right. You are going to be fine. One last one before a break, how many years did the War of 1812 last?"

"Aw! I know this. James Madison's war when the British stormed Washington and Dolly Madison made a feast before evacuating the White House. I think it ended in 1814."

"Perfect Kris." Kris patted himself in back, as I went to use the facilities.

I returned and saw Kris in front of my computer.  My heart skipped a beat knowing I had been on a few gay sites including a chat site for gay guys.  My hope was he wasn’t very good on the computer and went directly to what he was looking for instead of peeping into my ‘history’. Seeing the gay chatline change to ESPN I was little worried, but changed topics.

"So they gonna win on Sunday?” I asked over his shoulder. Kris shook his head and pointed to a chair.  He stared at the screen which was on ESPN but didn’t say much.  He moved out the way to let me check my email and such.  While I was reading a few, Kris stepped away and took a call.  I didn’t have to ask who it was and knew it was Melissa calling.  The call was short and sweet.  While he was out, I checked but couldn’t tell he had looked at my ‘history.’  He returned and was going on and on about Melissa and her gall.  We spent most of the night talking about his things before one final review so it would be fresh in his mind.

Although Kris and I and were becoming best friends, talking about everything we can think about. The weather, girls, cars, girls, sports girls. We still haven’t talked about anything real since I told him about my father that first night. I couldn’t tell him I was gay because it was completely obvious to me that he preferred girls and wouldn’t like me anymore.  

There was more to Kris that meets the eye. I know there is another layer to him. I wanted to know the real Kris, too. I couldn't do that without opening up about my past. I still haven’t told him about the bullies. They still picked on me once a week or so. I was good a fighting back. However, they always waited until I was alone and knew if Kris was around it would be hell on them since they weren’t that big but enjoyed razzing me and making my life hell.

The Thursday before the Christmas holidays arrived, Kris and the gang were going to something completely stupid. There was this karaoke bar Johnny and Brady found one day. So we all decided to head there Friday night and spend the week fishing up near Johnny's uncle's place.

I was so excited about the trip. I was gliding on air. The bell sounded and I was heading to my locker. And the two bullies were waiting.

"You really think we wouldn't give you a Christmas present." The bigger one punched me in face. While the smaller one, said Merry Christmas and punched hard in stomach that knocked me into the lockers. I tried to get up. But they wouldn't let me. The bigger ended it, "Happy New Years, Faggot." And they walked off.

It took me a few tries to get but I finally made it up and was about to call Kris, when he and four guys came to me. Kris was running towards me. "Are you okay? Are you okay?"

I told him I was, despite a little pain lingering.  Kris knew it was the bullies. He went off to find those to but I asked Don and Brady to bring him back. They were not worth it.

Kris came back with a red face, “Matt that really fucking pisses me off.  Tell me what the fuck is up.”

“I’m fine, Kris.  It’s their juvenile way of showing their superiority over me,” I said.

“Are you okay?” Johnny asked.  “You look awful.”

“I said I was fine but thanks for asking,” I said.   Johnny and the others walked away.  As Kris was leaving, I grabbed him by the shirt and asked if we could talk while we walked home.

While walking home, Kris did his best to engage me in conversation.  He was on me with every question about my nemesis.  I repeat what I said earlier to hear more four letter words come spewing out of Kris’s mouth. 

I knew if I told him that I would be back to where I was alone and reading all the time.  It wasn’t that I minded a little alone time but now I treasured my time with Kris and all the guys, except Kevin who kept to himself.  For once, it was nice having friends.  So, I couldn’t give the real reason behind some senseless bullying.

The next day Friday, Kris called me up and told me to get my ass ready to night singing. I told him I didn't want to go. Ten minutes later he was out my house he opened my bedroom with bang and dragged me into this car. During the struggle, I noticed a necklace he wore that came lose. It had the letter N on it.

He throws me in the car, I tried to resist, but he wouldn’t have it. It couldn't stop laughing

"Listen Matt, after yesterday, you need a night out. So you will come, sing and drink. As you can see, I’m not taking no for an answer.  Besides Linda said you needed to get out as well.”

I knew deep down he was right. So we went and had a good night, Kris ended sleeping the night at my place. We were both tired so we went to sleep fully clothed in my bed.

The next day, we packed for the trip. Kris and I were going in one car and Johnny, Kevin, Don and Brady would go in another seeing that only Kris and Brady had a license. It was ten minutes before we were going to that Linda, my mother gave the guys some snacks for the road along with this huge lecture about my trip.  I was just about out the door when the phone rang for Kris.

Kris answered it and his girlfriend Melissa was trying to get back with him, but Kris wouldn’t have it and hung up on her. Then the house phone rings and Matt's father calls.

"Matthew, how are you doing? I wanted to see if ...." I didn't even listen to him complete the sentence before I hung the phone and left. I knew it was rude but I had other things I was doing.

Kris was in driver's seat playing with radio, I hit his hand to try a get him to stop.


"MATT, WHAT'S UP YOUR ASS?" Kris and turned off the radio.

"I don't like every time we get into your car you fucking change channels. Every time, Okay!"

"Well, it is my car. When you get a car, you can fucking change all the channels you want!"

"Fine, I will!"

We stopped talking for good thirty minutes.

I was about to apologize, what I said was out of line and way out of character for me when Kris opened up the conversation himself.

"Matt, are you okay? You are usually the most friendly, most positive in the group, and lately been upset, distant and alone. I know what is must be. The bullies."

"Kris, I understand what you are trying to do, but I really don't want to talk about my personal life right."

Kris stopped the car and turned to Matt. "You little prick! We have known each other almost three months. We talked on the phone almost everyday. I think I earned a little trust on your part."

I was little was surprised at Kris but everything he mentioned was true. I trusted him more than anybody else. Johnny was caring and always listened, but Kris and I just struck a bond that stuck.

"Bro, I think you know you can tell me anything, I won't judge. I won't tell anybody at all but I need to know what the story is behind the bullies."

I thought about for a few minutes, and finally told him, "First, Kris this will take some time to explain. When I was at my elementary I had a secret I didn't want anybody to know. Well these two kids Lee and Andy found out about it. They teased me every day. Every day, they made sure everybody in my class hated me. It was awful. It got to a point, where I couldn't face them at school anymore. I stopped going, using any excuse I could think of. Well Lee got in trouble and was suspended from school. I was lucky enough. Andy however was still there and he spread the secret around the entire school. But eventually they left"

I stopped for a pause, and Kris just looked at me and waited for me to continue. I was surprised how easy it was to tell this story to him. Even my mother never knew all the details.

"So, now I came to this school. I thought being able to skip a grade would rid me of those two bullies. But no. They came to this school too. Now here is the kicker. Instead of spreading my secret around the school, they just beat the living crap out of me."

Kris sat there speechless. "You should have let me beat them up when I had a chance!" Kris hugged me for about four minutes. I was surprised there was a tear in his eye. Then Kris asked the one question I knew he would ask and I knew right now he would be okay with it.

"What was the secret? I promise I will never speak a word of it to anybody." So I told him. But was shocked me was when Kris said, "That's it you’re gay. The crew suspected you were."

"Wait, so you guys knew about it!!?"

"Well, obviously we didn't know; we saw some minor things that made us suspect is all. Obviously, I am cool with it. I had friend in elementary school that is gay too."

I was feeling relieved, I now was confident I can tell Kris anything. Then I hit him in the back of the head.

"What the fuck was that for?"

"For making me worry that you wouldn’t accept me. I have been thinking about this day for weeks. How would I tell my best friend that I liked guys?"

Kris smiled, "Very simply, Hello Kris, I need to tell you something. You know how you like talking about pussies and stuff like that. I don't. I am gay."

"Yeah, you say that now, but what you really have accepted me, If I told you I was gay. You wouldn't feel awkward around me." I looked at Kris driving the car.

He seemed to be giving it some thought before he said, "Matt, I will be honest, if you had come out and said it. I would have been surprised and it might have been a little awkward. But I'm sure if I came out said I was gay, it would take some time to adjust."

I never thought about it, but in reply I said. "Actually I know, in the past three months, I know what kind of person you are. If you were gay, first I would be shocked. More importantly, I would be there for you and comfort you. You telling me a secret like that just build trust."

Kris just looked at me and smiled, "My point exactly, you are my best friend, I wouldn't feel awkward around you. I mean the crew and I suspected you were gay for the past month, and I was just waiting for you tell us. If I feel weird around you, would I be showing off my dick all the time?"

"You do have a point bro, but in all fairness you would show you dick off to anybody who would see it."

Kris laughed, "So true. Does your mom and dad know about this aspect of you?"  It was nice, being open about it I would have never hidden my gayness, but being able to talk about like this was such liberation. I told him how my mother found at that story which leads to a few laughs, because she caught me watching gay porn one Saturday morning.

I asked Kris if anybody in the crew had a problem with it. Kris explained that Johnny was the one who put two and two together. Brady and Kevin wouldn't accept it for awhile and Don was so happy about it. Kris told the group that anybody who does have a problem will be through out the group.

"That was the day, that I framed the picture of us at the carnival and put it by my bed." I was so touched about the sentiment that I almost cried. However, then Kris asked the question I was waiting for."So any hot guys at the school you want to bang?"

Without thinking I said, "You," I was shocked that it even left my lips.

Kris laughed it off, "Of course you do I am so fucking awesome, who wouldn’t want to fuck me."

"Um, Jill, Sarah, Melissa, Belinda, Sandra, Amber," I jokingly mentioned the various girls who were in our class. This time Kris slapped my head playfully.

Seeing that my secret is now out, "Well you see there this guy named Jacob." I was about to go into more detail about the guy, when the worst song on the radio turned on. I looked in glove compartment for a CD, Kris wanted when I noticed the label. Nathan's best. I wonder who this Nathan was and what he meant to Kris. I was about to ask him this when the unthinkable occurred.

In front of him, was two cars smashed into each other. One was old Volkswagen; the other was Sam's truck. I looked out the window as we stopped the car near the accident. Kris opened the door with a bang. I was glad to see Kevin, Brady, Don and Johnny alive and well with a few bruises.

I looked over at Kris. He was white as sheet, his face in a shocked expression with tears rolling down his cheek. He said barely above a whisper, "Not again."  And he fainted on me right there.


Kris was sitting his room, three years ago playing with Nathan on his bed, when Jenny called both Stanton brothers down to dinner.  Kris loved his older brother. The 18 year old was always teasing Kris for being in his room playing on the computer and not socializing at all.  So they both went down to dinner, it was their favorite corn and chicken and asparagus. Nathan eats his corn the same way. One corn at a time, therefore leaving no waste. Kris tried but he could never do it so he just laughed at Nathan.

After dinner the boys went up to Kris's room to play some video games. Every night Kris and Nathan talked about stuff. Kris would tell him about this cute girl, he was too shy to say hello too. Nathan would try his best to comfort him but he was always outgoing, always being out there. He hung out with different friend every night; each weekend was new story for Kris to endure.

Nathan asked, "So Kris did you ask the girl Melissa out yet? "

“No, she not in my league. She is beautiful. I mean today she dropped a pencil and I was able to see her breasts. How could I ever be near those?"

"You can start by not putting yourself down. You are smart, somewhat lazy and skilled in numerous areas."

"Like what, I can read and play video games."

"And good at cleaning up vomit when come in at three in morning drunk off my ass."

"Hey, I hate doing that. Why do you have to be out there? So flamboyant. So socialable. There nothing wrong with a good book. What more do you need?"

"Kris I told you a thousand times. You need to live. You need to experience live. You need to have fun. Between you and me, you need to find that Melissa girl and have some fun with her."

"I can't do that. You and Derek may be able to explore your passion and have fun but that is not me. I would never be able to strut naked or be able to talk about fucking a girl, let alone allow someone to blow me. Like you and Derek last night."

"That was kinda cool. Had we known you were there, we would have stopped. Derek is really hot smokin’ guy. Did you see his dick?"

"Yuck! My point is I’m worried about you. If you do that you might be going to an early grave. I know you act. I am not stupid. How many times to drive around under the influence?

"KRIS! You don't know what you are talking about. I know my limits."

"I don't think I could ever find anybody to replace you. I talk about everything with you. You’re my best friend, my brother and one the best role models I have. I love you too much to see anything happen to you."

"Listen to me bro. I will not let anything happen to me. Just remember. Be out there. Have fun and live like every day is your last."

"I will try."

"That's all I ask"

With that statement Nathan hit him with pillow.


Andy and I hoped you enjoyed the second part.  He deserves all the credit for this whereas I did some editing.  I will use parts of this in upcoming chapters in "Rooming" and want to thank him for some added ideas.  I'm open for more guest writers if you feel the urge to do so on other things in the story.

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