Posted:  October 30, 2011

Kris’s POV

I was happy to be home, Mom, Dad and Linda had thrown us a welcome back party. It was amazing. It ended on a sad note though. Alison and I broke up, we both agreed a long distance relationship wouldn’t work, so we had one last ‘goodbye’ fuck, and agreed to stay friends. The next month flew by, I managed to get laid twice by this girl called Karen who worked with me. It wasn’t the same though; Alison was tender and sweet whereas Karen was rough and experienced. I was swamped with work and going to the high school gym, so I didn’t even have much time to spend with Matt, let alone the other guys. I was counting the days on my calendar, liking how few days remained until it was time to get ready for college.

The time was moving so fast. I realized it was the Wednesday, two days before I had to leave for college. I went to the hospital to say goodbye to the kids there, Albert hugged me so hard. I promised him I would see him again. I told the kids one last story, and then left.

Alison was waiting for me at the door.

“Kristopher, I guess this is goodbye,”

“Are you sure I couldn’t convince you to come with us?”

“No. My loyalty is to the hospital, and the community college here has best nursing program.”

“I love you. I just needed to say that.”

“Aw, Kris,” she kissed me on the lips. “I love you too.”

“You helped me a lot. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be the man I am today. You’re one of the few people I am going to miss here.” I said honestly

“Kris, you will find other girls. My guess is you will fall in love the moment you get there.”


“You never know Kris, you never know.” With that she kissed me again and went off to do her rounds. I left the hospital and passed the cafeteria where Alison and I first met almost five years ago. She saved my life that night. I owed her a lot. In the parking lot, a face I hadn’t seen since junior year popped up, Marty Jones. We used to smoke weed with him in his basement, it still amazed me Matt took the whole bong himself. He said was back to visit his grandmother. Marty was sent to a boarding school out of state.

I left and needed to say goodbye to Derek. In all the running around since the Toronto trip there had been no time to talk to him. We spoke on the phone last night, but tonight, he and James had asked me around for dinner. Arriving at their house James welcomed me in. I found Derek in the kitchen cooking up a storm. It was one of my favourite meals. We chitchatted about my life and his. We both seemed to be avoiding the conversation.

Eventually at dinner I took Derek aside and gave him a little present. He opened it and inside was the ‘N’ necklace.

“Matt, had the idea of giving this to you. Nathan was your best friend, and your fiancée, you should be the one you carries that with you. I made some adjustments to it though.”

“I cannot accept this. Nathan was your brother, you should keep it.”

“I want you to have it,” I said as Derek examined the additions more closely. ‘Nathan’ was spelled out, not just the ‘N’ anymore. And in between was a locket. He opened it up and inside was a picture of Nathan and Derek smiling happily. Derek broke down.

“Thank you. I wonder what he would say at this moment.”

“I think he would be proud of us, and in the end his death brought us back together. He would be proud of you for returning.”

“And he would be proud of you for getting off that computer and becoming the socially outgoing Kris that we both knew you could be.”

“Remember, I’m just a phone call away.”

“Yeah, but me and Samuel will be gone for a while. We’re going on vacation.”

“I see… then this really is goodbye?” I had a tear in my eye.

“Nah, I am sure, you’ll see me around.”

“I’d better.” We hugged and I went home.

The next morning I looked around my room, it was nearly empty. All that was left was to go through the contents beneath my hidden floorboard. After grabbing some boxers I opened the board and retrieved a few things from the space. The first things were three empty beer bottles. I had come a long way since drinking those, after Matt and I reconciled I hadn’t drank once. I took the bottles and threw them away. The next thing I pulled out was a picture of Nathan and me from the time he took me to the fair, nearly 10 years ago. I looked at it and wondered if I’d be able to live up to his standards. Had I changed enough?

I spoke to the picture. “Nathan… your friendship to me has always been the best. You brought me up right. When we talked at night, and we spoke so openly, it allowed me to express some of my deepest fears and you were always there to help me.” Thinking about Nathan was always hard because I will never be able to get over the fact I could have prevented his death. “Some days, I would do anything to hear your voice again. You’re my brother and I will always treasure you.” 

I took the picture and put it in my wallet. I released there was something else there. It was a DVD. Reading the tape on the cover there was message, “Little Bro, a gift for you.” I opened the DVD and put it into my system. A few second later Nathan appeared on the screen. The date on the top right corner indicated it was filmed three months before his accident. He looked so young. I studied his face, behind the piercings I saw the eyes of the brother I grew up with.

When Nathan spoke, the voice was comforting and sweet, a voice I didn’t even realize I missed.

“Kris. I hope you discover this DVD eventually. I have been using that floorboard for many years, when your bedroom used to be mine.”

I never knew Nathan had my room. All my other thoughts quickly vanished as I listened to Nathan speak.

“I don’t know where my life is going. I let Mom and Dad down so many times. I don’t want you to follow in my footsteps. There’s so much potential in you, Kris, to be an even better person than I ever could be. You just need to be assertive, outgoing and live life to its fullest. The computer will destroy you, just like my drinking is destroying me. I know one day you’ll make me proud. You’ll find some great friends, fuck some hot girls and graduate high school, college and go on to keep the Stanton name shining high. I wasn’t the best role model for you, obviously. I fucked up a lot. You’re the future of the Stanton clan. You have never let me down. I hope to be there when you graduate college and enter marriage. I see you now and sitting there reading books, and jerking off most nights. Please, for me, get out and enjoy life. I know you will. I don’t really know what else to say, except don’t fuck up. Dad has been hurt by me he doesn’t need to be hurt by both of us. I love you, Kristopher… Oh, and ask Melissa out, it’s obvious you want her.”

The DVD went fuzzy after that. I watched it three more times, and nearly memorized his words. I paused the recording on his face and stared into his eyes.

“I’m going to do everything to make you proud. I graduated high school and I’m going to North Central where Dad and Grandpa went. I’ll get Matt to study with me, and will never ever let Dad down. For the record, you never let him down either. I am almost certain he knew you were on a different path. You know, Nathan, I try to be exactly like you, you were such a great role model to me. I still won’t forget the nights we spent talking, the nights you opened up to me, and our nightly chats. Those rituals will live on with me and my best friend, scratch that, my second brother, Matt.

Bro, all is forgiven, I know why your life turned out the way it did and you live in my heart and soul every day.” I pointed to my heart. “You will always be with me. I will never forget you. I love you, Dad loves you and Mom loves you.”

Keeping my hand on my heart, “We are as one here, and yeah I'm gonna make it big time for both of us. You watch me from above and make me behave in college. Yeah, I might get really wild but I'll be thinking of you when I do. I hope I make you proud.”

My hand hit the remote accidentally and the video played, “I know you will.” I took that video and popped into my bag.

I grabbed my stuff and packed my car. Mom and Dad were waiting by the door.

“Son, I want to thank you for going to North Central. My grandpa and father would be happy to know there will be a Stanton at that school again. We may not have seen eye to eye on a lot of things, but I know you will do well. I know because if you flunk out there will be hell to pay.”

“Walter!” Mom exclaimed. “We both know you will do well.”

“Son, enjoy college life as much as you can, because the real world is going to hit you square in the ass.”

“Dad, Mom, don’t worry, I will be the good little boy but I will have fun too.”

“No, Kris,” Mom said. “We will get regular updates from Matt to make sure you stay on the straight and narrow. Kris don’t worry, you will know everybody in your dorm before the weekend is over. You have knack for keeping people entertained.”

“That is true. We’ll I should head over to Matt’s.”

“Aw my baby is leaving.” Mom grabbed me in a hug and wouldn’t let me go. “Did you remember to pack some soap?”

I rolled my eyes and nodded, “Yes, mom.”

I shook Dad’s hand. He gave 100 bucks and sent me on my way. I got into my car and drove away. I got few blocks away when Felix flagged me down.

“Hey, Kris, I wanted to thank you and Matt for your talk. I came out to Mom and Dad after graduation and they were so happy for me. They said I had nothing to fear.”

“That is so fucking awesome. Where are you going to school?”

“I am taking a year off to get some employment and my parents, my older sister and I are going to have a long family vacation next month.”

“You will enjoy that. I am sure. If you want I’m going over to Matt’s to hang with our crew one last time, you’re free to join us.”

“Thanks, but I want to go home and be with my family, ever since I came out we gotten so much closer.”

“Cool, well if you change your mind; drop by.”

With that I drove off, as Felix waved goodbye.
Matt’s POV

I was just getting the house ready for my last night with all my friends, Mom had gone to spend some time with Kris’s parents to allow us kids to have some fun, when Tanner showed up at the door. Johnny and Lisa arrived separately; then came Kevin and Brady with Melissa, then Don and Kris eventually showed up.

The night was going very well, Kris was telling some of the best stories about the road trip to the Gulf of Mexico two summers ago, Christmas at Johnny’s uncle’s cabin and when I smoked marijuana the first time. The room was full of laughter. It was hard for me to stay excited when tomorrow it would all be over.

I was in the kitchen getting some ice cream when I got a tap on the back. Turning Johnny was there.

“Can I help?”

“Sure Johnson.” I smiled

“Please don’t call me that. I never forgive my mom for naming me after Lyndon Johnson.”

“I see… so you enjoying yourself bro?”

“Yeah, Kris is putting on a great show but it’s pretty obvious he’s going to miss this.”

“We all will. I am concerned about another thing.”

“What’s that?”

“What if I’m not accepted there for being… you know… gay.”

“Oh don’t worry about that, Matt. If people aren’t going to accept you, then fuck them.”

“I don’t think that’s good advice,” Tanner said jokingly, while entering the room. “You’re missing some great stories. Kris is talking about the time we were up in a tree watching some cute girls undress in the school locker room.”

We entered the room as Kris’s stories were becoming hilarious. Around 11 pm Tanner looked at his watch and said, “I have to leave very shortly, I have an early flight tomorrow.

I just want to say it was an honour being your friend these last few years. We had some amazing moments as Kris had told us throughout the night. We had some bad moments too. In those moments we were there for each other. When Brady and Johnny lost their grandmother, when Don ran away and came back, when Kris and Matt had their dispute, we were all there. So I want to thank you. Kris and Matt, I personally wish the best to both of you. We all know the horror stories of rooming with your best friend. None of us want that to happen to either one of you. Matt, you make sure his temper stays in check, and Kris, you make sure nobody picks on him.”

“I think I got the rougher part of that deal.” I joked. Kris hit me on the back of head.

“Anyways, I personally don’t want to leave anymore, I loved you all. Being your friends has been the best part of my life, so Kris and Matt, if I hear another fucking fight happens between the two of you I am coming there to beat your ass.”

Tanner hugged each one of us as he whispered into my ear. “He will always have your back, you know that.”

I nodded as Tanner left. Johnny also left with a goodbye to everybody, he said to me. “Remember, be yourself and you will be fine.”

“Okay.” I whispered back, “Bye Johnson.” We both laughed.

The party continued. Lisa pulled me aside and we talked about Johnny for a bit and how the relationship didn’t work out, but they still were good friends. She wished me all the luck and left too.

At midnight Kevin and Brady announced their need go because they also were leaving really early to go to their university. 

“Hey Matt, I want say in front of everybody here. I am sorry for how I treated you these last few months, well since the early days in high school. I have been wrong. You are a great guy, and hopefully we can be friends in the future.”

I really didn’t know what to make of this apologize, Kevin sounded sincere, but I had a feeling he was just playing his part, as if somebody put him up to it. I shook his hand and I looked into his eyes.

“Matt, I have been a jackass. I am really sorry.” I forgave him, then. And we hugged. Brady gave me hug too.

“Kris, you and Matt are invited to a kegger at our place anytime.” Brady yelled across the room. Kris was in deep conversation with Melissa, but went over and hugged Brady. Kris and Melissa kept talking after they departed and I went to sit on the couch with Don, who hadn’t spoken the entire time.

“Don, what’s wrong?”

“I am going to miss you and the rest of the guys, when you were around I was happy. It took me a long time to deal with the divorce and finally get over it, and mom and dad are finally able to talk to each other. You helped me through that. I don’t know what to do now.”

“It is tough, but you are strong, Don, you came back, it takes great courage to come back. You will be great here.”

“It just sucks that the crew are all done.”

“We are not done. We are just moving on to the next adventure.”  We hugged and I told him to call me if needed any help. Don got in his car.

Melissa exited next and flagged Don before he left. She kissed me on the cheek and departed. I entered the house and Kris was nowhere to be seen. So, naturally I went to my room and there he was sitting in his boxers on my bed looking at some playboy.

“Where did you find those?”

“Nathan gave them to me. They were deep under my floorboards.”

“I see. What were you and Melissa talking about?”

“Not a lot. Honestly, she kissed me on the lips and said if I ever want a hot blow job I should call her.”


“She was my first love, Matt, and she knows more about my dick than I know. So, we came up here and she blew me. It was her way of saying goodbye.”

“Cool, did you like it?”

“Yep, but with us going in different directions, I’m not sure it will work out.” With that we went to sleep, and thought about the next day.

I couldn’t sleep. I smiled and reached over to feel Kris’s cock in his boxers and whispered. “I think I’m ready.”

“Can we 69?”

“Sounds good to me.”

We positioned with Kris’s cock in my face. I licked on the underside before taking his hard nice cock in my mouth while he was tonguing my cockhead. He let out a gasp when my mouth engulfed his cock. My lips moved back and forth with my hands all over his ass. He was sucking the head of my now hard cock. It was unreal this was actually happening. I tried to keep my mind at the task at hand while enjoying sucking his cock while he sucked mine. I stopped for a moment and moved to where I could access his ass. Kris stopped sucking mine once he felt my tongue hit his hole.

“OOO fuck,” he moaned and sounded as though he liked it. I continued to rim and rammed a finger up his ass to hear a loud groan. “You like getting your ass rimmed?”

“OOO fuck yeah. Feels fucking great,” he replied while turning his head. I continued to lick his divine ass and took a few detours to his balls and cock. Returning, my face was buried in his ass with Kris moaning like a bitch in heat. His moans were music to my ears. 

“OOO Goddamn! You have to fuck me now!” Kris stated. I grabbed a condom and lube. Kris watched while I unrolled the condom. Patience would need to be taken. Waiting a little while with very little movement was rough but my cock stayed hard in his tight hot ass. Slowly I moved and heard a soft moan. He turned his head and smiled. 

“OOO fuck me, Matt!  Fuck me,” Kris moaned. I leaned over and kissed his neck while wrapping my arms around his great body.  Our breathing was labored while I continued to fuck him. I pulled back too far and slipped out. “Whew! Enough!” Kris stated and moved me off top of him. “Can I fuck your hot ass now?”

THEN I WOKE UP! Kris had fallen to the floor and was snoring loudly.


The next day, in the small college town, Rick Richards was enjoying himself. He and his long-time girlfriend, Kathy, were experiencing some sexual pleasure in the dorm room showers. Rick had grown to love this action with Kathy. He regretted that it would be the last day he would be able to experience this appreciation so openly.

Kathy and he ended their activities early because Rick had to be present at the main residence office to offer his assistance to the students trying to locate their new rooms. Rick looked forward to being an RA. Samuel had experience many great times being an RA and eventually running the entire residence complex. He hoped he would be able to serve his uncle will in his new responsibility.

Getting to the office, he said hello the receptionist. She greeted him and gave him the official list of residences that would be under his care for the duration of the school year. He knew Kris and Matt would be on the list, as it was his and Samuel’s influence that got them in. The others were a complete shock to his system; Colton Landerham, Corey Teller, Scott Trenton. If he was not mistaken, his new dad, Derek, encountered them on his travels. 

He couldn’t be sure until he met these individuals. His main responsibility was helping the new arrivals to locate their rooms. He had been waiting about 20 minutes when the first one entered. A guy called Jess. Jess was about 6 foot tall, with brown hair that went to the middle of his ears and studs in his ears.

“Hello, I am Rick. I wanted to welcome you to North Central State University.”

Jess shook his hand and they walked the short distance to the dorm and went to the second floor. The floor was deserted.

“Here you are. Do you need any help with your stuff?”

“Nah I got it.” 

It was just turning 10 am and Rick had been making countless trips to and from the residence office and the dorm. Robert showed up next, who became Jess’s roommate. They seemed to hit it off quiet well. I noticed when I brought Robert to his room, that Jess was unpacking a large amount of porn.

Stephan showed up next. His processing took some time since he had been moved into a single room at the end of the hall. This was so Kris and Matt could share a space. Had Matt not come to the college, Kris and Stephan would have been roommates.

“I am sorry, Steve for moving you to this space. I hope it won’t be a problem.”

“Actually, it is Stephan. This won’t be a problem I prefer my own space.” He checked me out and went to his room, he was obviously gay. His attitude would need adjusting if he expected to make friends, Rick thought.

Rick was leaving the dorm for his next trip when he found a kid looking at a map and went to offer his assistance.

“Can I help you?”

“Thanks, I’m not sure where my dorm is.”

“What’s your name?” Rick asked looking at the clipboard. His name was Hayden, he was moving in to another dorm building close to the one Rick was looking after. Rick showed him to the building. “This is you. Your roommate Jeff hasn’t shown up yet.”

“That’s so cool. I appreciate all your help…”

“Rick. Thanks I’m RA at the dorm across the way,” he pointed. “I hope you have a great time here on campus.”

“Hopefully, I will.” Hayden said and went to find his parents to locate the rest of his things. Rick left him and made another trip to the office, when he heard his name called. Rick went to the residence window and Sally, the assistant there introduced him to Scott Trenton and Juan Torres. They looked like typical freshmen, thin with a head full of hair, Scott’s dirty blond and Juan’s curly black.

“Hey Rick, this is my roommate, Scott.” Juan said. Rick was surprised that they knew each other. Scott indicated in passing they had grown up in same town for quite some time. The conversation turned to families and Juan mentioned how much his grandmother was happy that he made college. It turned out not many of the Torres’ were formally educated. His father and mother never went to school they had to support their growing family. Having both died when Juan was seven made it extremely difficult for Juan to keep supporting the family and continuing to pursue his education.

Scott, on the other hand, mentioned his brother Trevor and his little sister, Sammie. Rick could tell that Trevor was not a fun subject for Scott, as he mentioned more about Sammie and how much she is interested in playing with her big brother. Scott did mention that he taught Trevor how to swim. As he brought Scott and Juan to their shared room, they were more than eager to start unpacking.

Leaving the two to their own devices, Rick wondered if Scott was gay, being around Samuel and Derek he managed to pick up a few signs. From everything he learned from Derek, he was almost certain this was the Scott Trenton.

Outside two very wealthy looking teenagers were walking around campus. They approached Rick and asked if they were at the right building. Rick got out his clipboard of residence personnel and asked for their names. “I’m Kendall Washington.” Kendall said. Rick looked him over he was stylish with brown hair and highlights and two diamond studded earrings. 

“Those are nice earrings.”

“Thanks. I got them last year at my summer house on the beach.” He commented. Looking at the list Rick asked the other guy, a hairy guy with a large tattoo. “You are Noel Jordan?”

“Noah. Yeah,” Rick showed the stylish friends to their first floor dorm rooms. Kendall mentioned that they had been friends since high school and used to run an AA meeting in their home town, when Rick asked how they knew each other. Rick did a double take when heard that news.

“You seem like a nice guy. Are you an RA on our floor?” 

“I have the floor above. Rumour has it that it will be a pretty quiet floor with not too much excitement.”

“That won’t be a bad thing, Rick?”

“Hopefully it will be an easy year.” Rick said a quick goodbye and ran into another girl and boy trying to figure out the floor numbers. He pointed them in the right direction and offered to help the girl with a box. Rick learned their names were Shawn and Terra and that Terra was helping her boyfriend move in.

Rick walked the halls and checked in to make sure everybody was doing alright. He had to help Brennan move into the room next to Noah and Kendall. The three hit it off reasonable well. Leaving them, Rick heard Kendall saying that Brennan seems decent. Brennan was tall slender with dark hair. Rick was sure his uncle would think it cute with his green eyes.

Rick had to tell a girl called Liz she was in completely the wrong place. Another two girls were pointed to a sorority house, Andrea and Jacee, and then he helped David and Sammy into their room next to what would be Kris and Matt’s. He took a quick break; it had been a tough morning, so he decided to call his uncle.

“Hey Samuel, this has really been a fun day so far. How have you been?”

“Been doing great, Derek will be here tomorrow.”

“I am so happy for you. You get to experience Rome.”

“Yeah, life works in mysterious ways.”

“How does the Rec Center look? I haven’t been able to check it out lately.”

“Honestly, it looks fucking awesome. It has the best weight facility ever. We can have 100 people in there and still not be crowded. The Rock Climbing wall is where I will be spending most my days. And the pool looks so amazing.”

“Cool, I will make sure it’s well looked after.”

“You better or I am blaming your ass.”

“Yes, father.” I said jokingly. “Tonight I will come by and we can have dinner. It will be a while before we can check up on each other.”

“Sure Rick that would be awesome.”

Rick turned to look in the hall, and from everything Derek had mentioned, Corey was standing in front of him. Derek never mentioned he was coming to this school. Rick knew from everything Derek said this was the man Derek helped a few years ago.

“I’ve got to go.” Rick hung up and walked toward the guy. He had blond hair, blues eyes, was well built with two of the coolest earrings Rick had ever seen.

Rick watched him walk by him and went to help Corey if he could.  He walked to the room where Corey was situated. He could tell that Corey travelled very light he had two bags.

“Are you okay?” Rick said after noting Corey’s expression.

“Fine, it was a long ride by car. It took 30 minutes to find way on campus. But, honestly, I’m okay. How are you?”

“I have been helping people all day. You are the first one to ask me that. I am doing quite well considering all the trips I made today over the residence complex.”

“I can understand that. I’m Corey by the way. This place is huge.”

“Rick. Yeah, I’m sure after a while you’ll be able to adapt to the surroundings.”

“If I don’t flunk out that is.”

“That is a common feeling around here, Corey. Anyways, I will be your RA if you need any help throughout the year. My room is at the far end.” Looking around Corey seemed concerned.

“Um where’s the bathroom?”

Rick laughed, “Actually, in this residence the bathrooms and showers are located at that end of the hall.” He said pointing to it, “And over here is the common room.”

“Thanks again, bud.”

“Any time.” Rick was about the leave when Corey’s roommate entered. Checking the list, his name was Lee Campbell. Lee looked around the room and noticed Corey. “Which one of you is Corey?”

“I am.” Corey said.

“Okay then.” Turning to Rick, he asked. “Who are you?”  

“I am Rick Richards. I am the RA.”

“Fine.” Lee went to the bed that Corey put his stuff on and pushed it to the ground. “I will take this bed for mine.”

Watching Corey’s reaction, Corey took his stuff to the other bed, and Lee started unpacking his stuff, barely even trying to engage Corey in a conversation. Rick was concerned, but decided to let it play out, hopeful it wouldn’t become a situation, and if it did, they could correct it in due course.

“I hope you guys have a wonderful year.”

“Thanks Rick.” Corey said, but Lee didn’t even bother looking at him. Rick left and made a note to keep an eye on them. Lee was from nearby and people knew he was wild person. He was very hard to get along with.

Leaving them, Rick saw a girl, Toni, lost so he directed her to the fourth floor of an adjacent dorm. Rick saw two great friends chatting in the common room. Rick went to say hello to them. They seemed like the best of friends. One looked like a country boy. He seemed to be chewing something.

“I am Bryan Fuller and this is my best pal Colton Landerham.”

“Y’all have a great place here. And the name’s Colt.”

“Thanks, where did you guys meet? It’s pretty obvious you have history.”

“Actually it’s a great story. Last year I was playing football, I was lead quarterback for my high school team. During one of the practice games my stupid brother, Chase, came running up with his little sidekick Taylor.”


“Yeah, whatever his name is. They tried to get my attention. I turned and got tackled by a teammate, spraining my knee. The kid didn’t even say sorry.”

“Anyways,” Bryan continued. “I was the one who brought him to the nurses’ station and we’ve been inseparable since.”

“I see.” Rick said. “I believe you guys are roommates too?”

“Yep, we wouldn’t have it any other way.” Bryan said.

“That is so true.” Looking at his watch it was nearing noon and Rick wanted to get some food, so he bid them a farewell and went to grab some lunch on the way. He told another group of buddies; Garrett and Bryson where they needed to go.

After a quick bite in the office, he exited and noticed a guy who had a nice haircut. Justin claimed he does all his own hair. They talked about getting Rick’s hair done as he was introduced to Alex, his roommate. They chatted for a few moments. On his way back he helped Michael find his room in his dorm and passed Corey and Lee who seemed to ignoring each other. On Rick’s way back to the residence office, he passed two huge men. Samuel mentioned these two were on football scholarships. Rick went over to Ted and Luke and wished them luck on the new season.

By the time he called it a day it was three o’clock, he was going to meet Kathy at her place for quick afternoon delight. On the way to Kathy’s place, Rick was almost stunned that so many people from Derek’s past ended up hear at the same place, at the same time. If Derek hadn’t mentioned his travels to him, Rick would have never been able to place so many people. He was certain that Scott, Corey and Colt met Derek at some point. Rick got out his phone and was about to call Derek and tell him of the news, when he thought of a better idea. Rick was going to see how many people know Derek and then surprise Derek with them all meeting. Rick smiled, and thought about how it would play out. In the distance he heard someone “This is so sweet.” However, he paid little attention and looked over his directory of students in the residence complex to see who else could have crossed Derek’s path.
Matt’s POV

I woke up the next morning. Kris had poked me in the ribs. “What was that for?”

“I’m so ready to head to school; I cannot believe you are still sleeping.”

“It’s 6 in the morning, Kris; we went to bed four hours ago.”

“Yeah, isn’t that enough sleep?”

I threw my pillow at him. “How is that for an answer?” Kris wouldn’t have it, so he got on the bed, pulled the blankets off and stared at me, his eyes focused on my morning erection. Then, he started tickling me all over. Laughing, I finally got up and headed to the shower, Kris came too and brushed his teeth. “Are you excited Matty?”

“Not really.”

“You have to be. This is going to be fucking sweet. I bet by the end of today, we will meet so many new people.”

“I know you will.”

Kris opened the curtain. “Matt, you will too.”

“I hope so. Do you mind?”

“I am just checking out the goods, I thought gays like guys checking out their packages.”

“Feel free to touch it.” I said half-jokingly.

“No, thank you.” With that he left to get dressed. After breakfast mom made for us, she was crying a little.

“Are you okay mom?”

“I cannot believe my only son is going to college.”

I hugged her. She turned to Kris who was drinking milk from the carton. “I cannot believe you even got into college.” She said jokingly.

“Linda, I am hurt.” Kris said, while I laughed and Kris hit me on the side of the head, and ruffled my hair.

Kris went to put his stuff in his car while I said goodbye to my mom.

“I will call you mom, don’t worry. I will be fine.”

“I’m just concerned about you. I know you will be fine. I hope and pray you will be able to find a group friends like you have here.”

“Me too, I am a little concerned about being gay. But if they don’t like me for me, then fuck’em.”

“Matthew!” Kris said coming back in, “What language to use in front of you own mom?”

We all laughed and I hugged mom again, Kris grabbed me and pushed me out the door. “Don’t worry Linda I’ll take good care of your boy.”

I waved at mom and she went back inside.  “Are you ready for the next big adventure?” Kris asked.


“Promise me you will have my back there and I don’t get too crazy.”

“Yep, as long as you have mine.”

“You know I will, brother, when we first met, you lied for me in the principal’s office. I will never forget that. I will be there for you, whenever you need me.”

“We had a great few years.”

“A bumpy road, but in the end we made it to this moment.”

“So true.”

“Enough of this crap; we have a long journey a head of us.”

I slapped him on the back and we got into our cars. I turned the engine on and left the drive after Kris. “Rooming with my best friend, this will be fun.” I spoke out loud as I left the city.

Following as close as possible, Kris and I sped down the long and fairly boring interstate. I was excited yet nervous about what lie ahead for me at college. I had never been away from home and going almost 4 hours away was scary to me. Thankfully, my best friend, since I can remember, would be there with me and be my roommate. Going this far away wasn’t my first choice but Kris and I talked since we were freshmen about rooming together in college. His father went here so Kris was dead set on going here to keep the family tradition alive. At times, I was against it but decided to go along and keep the friendship alive, despite hearing tales of not to room with your best friend, and having a cool roommate that I knew.

Kris led the way when we entered the spacious campus. I had visited one time and it looked so much bigger now that I was really here for good. He knew exactly where we were going and drove straight to our dormitory.
He jumped out of his car and was the excitable Kris I always knew, “This is so sweet!”

“Yeah, I guess so,” I replied and turned off my car.

We headed inside to get our room assignments. Luckily we landed a second floor corner room. We climbed the stairs and opened the door. “This looks like home,” Kris said. I agreed.


With Matt and Kris at college, this concludes the series.   We hope you enjoyed a little background to the 'Rooming' series.  Andy wants to thank all his supporters and appreciates it so very much. You can email him at:  or comment as always in the area provided below.