Posted:  OCTOBER 26, 2011


As I sat on the plane, I thought the whole trip would be exciting. I’d never
left the country before. This week promised to be one the best times of my life.
I was sitting next to Kris who had the biggest smile on his face to brighten
things up. Tanner was with his father a few seats in front of us, while Johnny,
Brady and Kevin were behind fighting about which video game was better; Street
Fighter or Guitar Hero. It seemed like Street Fighter was winning.

As we were soaring through the air I still couldn’t believe the chain of events
that led to this moment. After the graduation ceremony Tanner got us all
together and said, “Since we are going in different directions, we need to make
one final trip together. So my dad surprised me as graduation present; round
trip tickets for us to go to Toronto.” I couldn't believe it. All I got for a
graduation present was cash for college, though not much. When I told mom of the
plan she was as excited for me as I was since she knew she couldn’t afford much
with me going off to college in a few months.

She got me a passport which was fairly simple. I arranged my work schedule so
that I could get the time off. Kris came over all the time and could do nothing
but talk about the trip. His parents almost didn't let him go because he smart
mouthed them more than he should have, but that was just Kris. The night before
we had to go Kris was naturally sleeping in my room. He kept talking about all
the sites and all things we could do in Toronto.

"Come on, the CN TOWER, the Sky Dome, something called the Harbour Front. This
is going to be the best trip ever."

"Yeah, but it’s sad that it’ll be our last trip. Don couldn’t come."

"Mr. Negativity. To be honest, Matt, I got you. Would you at least get excited
so I don’t feel like an ass?"

"I am excited."

"I’m so fucking happy I could scream." He did. He jumped on the bed, so
naturally I pulled his boxers down and ran off with them. All I could do was
shake my head in disbelief since we would see plenty of each other in college.
Best friends rooming together.

Now, sitting on the plane, things were so good. We started to touchdown and Kris
kept hitting me with excitement until we left the plane and waited for everybody
outside the airlock. Tanner's father, George, told us what would be happening.
First, we would unpack, walk down to Harbour Front and enjoy the excitement
there. Then tomorrow we would see the CN Tower and take in all the sites. The
one I was looking forward too was seeing the World's Biggest Bookstore and
something called Casa Loma. Kris was keen to experience seeing the Jays at the
Sky Dome, while Kevin, Brady and Johnny were eager to see some of the
Universities and Tanner wanted to show us Canada Day by seeing the fireworks at
Ontario Place. It was a good thing we are staying a week. The only dark spot was
that Tanner seemed upset when we were travelling to the hotel. I guess because
he would miss all of us when we left. I’d have to ask him later.

When we set off for the hotel it was approaching three in the afternoon. We
stayed in a nice standard hotel room that looked almost like one of the dorm
rooms that would be our home for the next few years. I unpacked my suitcase,
while Kris stripped down and took a shower. Fifteen minutes later, we were all
out of there and we started walking down the Harbour Front. Seeing Lake Ontario
and the little shops on the corner was not that appealing to me but eventually
we headed onto the Subway to go to the World’s Biggest Bookstore

When I walked in my mouth began to water. The sheer number of books excited me
to no end. Johnny went straight upstairs to look at the DVDs, while I ventured
into the science fiction section and then Tanner pointed me toward the gay
section. It blew me away, first, that there was a section of books dedicated to
gay people, with shelves geared towards coming out and teaching your parents how
to deal with a gay child. The next section had stories with gay characters with
the lasy section being GAY EROTICA. I couldn’t resist and picked up one. After
just reading a few pages I was engrossed in it.

Tanner showed me another book, "Gay: Kama Sutra" He pointed to seven texts, all
about expanding your sex life. "My God!" 

"In case you get lucky, Matt, you can teach your boy some new tricks. Tonight,
if you want, I’d be more than happy to take you to ‘The Village’ and show you
and Kris around a bit,” Tanner stated while we exited the bookstore. He should
be a flyer. "Toronto is home to Canada's largest gay community and welcomes
visitors from all walks of life. Toronto’s Gay Village, or “The Village” as the
locals call it, is a predominantly gay neighbourhood nestled amidst Toronto’s
downtown core.”

“Exactly what I want to do, Tanner, get stuck in a gay part of town with them
thinking my ass is gay, too,” Kris stated.

“It was just a suggestion,” Tanner retracted. “We have to do something for
everyone, you know?”

“I know,” Kris said. “I love Matty here to death so if he wants to go, I’ll go.”

“Thanks. Since we’re going to see the Jays one night…” I said.

Kris was holding up two fingers, “Two. George said we could.”

We made it back to the hotel. Kris and I were relaxing when Brady came in the
room since he was staying with us. He tossed his shirt aside to show off his
dark body. “I like this place.  There are some really cool shops and nice places
to eat at the Harbour.”

Kris leaned over, “So what do the girls look like here?”

“Fucking hot, dude. My shorts were tented the entire time,” Brady laughed. 

“They must have been in their forties then,” Kris joked.

“Sorry that I don’t go for grade school chicks like you do,” Brady fired back.

“Before you both get mad, just stop it,” I said. “Besides, you’re both getting
laid. I’m not.”

“Johnny offered to fuck you, you should have said yes.” Brady suggested.

“I don’t want to sleep with my friends, it could ruin things. Imagine if Kris
and I fucked?”

“No, thank you.” Kris added. “No offence, Matty, but no guy will ever touch me
that way.”

“Don’t knock it until you try it,” I smiled, and with that we all went to bed.
Kris and I shared a bed, but it was so small, Kris ‘accidentally’ kept kicking
me and I ended up sleeping on the floor.

The next morning, George woke us up about nine and said we had a full day ahead
of us so we needed to get a move on. We were dressed in our shorts and tees,
with Kris putting a hat on backwards over his growing mop of hair. Our first
stop was the CN Tower. Looking up at it was breathtaking. We entered the
elevator to be taken to the top to overlook the city and the surrounding area on
this nice day.

“Matt, are you scared?” Kevin asked me in the elevator.

“No, why should I be?”

He shrugged, “I didn’t know if you were scared of heights. If you are, I’m sure
Kris will help you out like he always does. You are a little delicate.” 

Kris gave him a stare while we rode to the top. Exiting, Kris grabbed Kevin by
the arm and pushed him aside. “What was that supposed to mean?”

“Nothing,” Kevin replied. “I know how Matt looks to you to be his protector. The
little gay boy can’t defend himself. We all know that.”

Kris mumbled, “Fuck you” and walked away while I heard the entire thing. Kris
couldn’t enjoy the view for being pissed off at Kevin. I knew Kevin wasn’t the
most accepting person in our group but he usually stayed quiet. Lately, he was
getting more vocal though. I did, however, enjoy looking over the big city. It
was so beautiful with the lake bordering it on one side. I began to see the
appeal the city had for Tanner and his family.

We shopped some more before retreating to the hotel. We grabbed our suits and
headed to the pool to enjoy it. By now, Kris was over his thing with Kevin and
had been since we left the Tower. We were really having such a great time by
being ourselves and we enjoyed being around each other while we had the chance
to do so. Kevin and Brady went to see York University with Tanner and George.

We returned to the room to dress for dinner that evening with Tanner mentioning
we were going to ‘Chinatown’ to eat. Brady wasn’t an exhibitionist like Kris and
went to change in the bathroom while Kris and I dropped our wet trunks, while I
changed with a towel.  

Brady came out in his shorts in a flash while Kris and I were drying off. “Matt,
in case you don’t know this, you’re really skinny.”

“Bro, I can count your ribs,” Kris said and moved his finger to my ribs.

“I know and I try to gain weight but I can’t,” I stated.

“I have the perfect solution for that, weights,” Kris said.  “Look what they’ve
done for me.”

“Matt, Kris has put on some muscle, especially this summer,” Brady commented,
looking for a shirt.

“Kris, you really think I want to go to some gym and embarrass myself in front
of a whole ton of fit guys like you?” I asked.

Kris smiled while putting on his boxers, “Come August your ass is going with me
whether you like it or not.”

“I doubt that,” I said, dressing.

“I can see Matt now sitting in his room on his computer or watching TV while
Kris is out getting every girl on campus,” Brady stated. “I really wish y’all
would reconsider and go with me, Kevin and Johnny instead.”

“My dad would kill me,” Kris stated. “His one goal was for me to go where he
went, plus we have all our shit together for the semester, not to mention I
would be fourth generation going to that school.”

“Brady, don’t give up hope. If worse comes to worse, I may transfer if I don’t
like it,” I said.

“Like it?” Kris asked loudly. “You’re gonna love it, bro. Just look at it as you
living away from home and going to school. Imagine all the cool people we’ll
meet. All the new friends we'll make…”

“You’ll make, Kris,” I said and put on my tee shirt. “I’m not the social guy
remember. My one biggest fear is that you’ll desert me.”

“My one biggest fear is that I’ll flunk out. Oh the fucking parties, bro!” Kris

I moved over to make sure my hair was perfect, with lots of gel so the wind
couldn’t displace it. Brady threw on a hat while Kris ran his hands through his
growing blonde hair and declared he was ready right after he messed my hair up.

We headed out to enjoy a fine meal. I thought our Chinese food back home was
good but this blew them away. George seemed to enjoy our banter as Kris started
up again and was bragging to the others about what fun he and I would have in
college. A few choice words did manage to come in but George, Tanner’s dad,
couldn’t let us drink because the drinking age was 19 there.

After eating we entered somewhere called Ontario Place, it provided a perfect
view of the Toronto’s landscape. Finally we made it back the hotel around
midnight. Kris jumped on the bed and grabbed the remote, switching channels at
warp speed. 

“Fuck, stick to one channel for more than five seconds!” Brady screamed. I was
used to Kris not sticking to the same channel.

“I’m looking for porn, ass lick,” Kris stated, stopping at a channel. “What the
fuck kind of gibberish is this shit?”

I laughed, “It’s French. You do know some of Canada speaks French? I’d love to
learn the language one day.”

“The only foreign language I wanna learn is Spanish. You know those Mexicans
were always talking shit about us at school,” Kris said.

Brady laughed and knew more Spanish than either one of us, “Kris, I never heard
it if they did. Now change the channel since not a one of us knows a word of
what they are saying.”

I snatched the remote from Kris’s hand and changed it to a movie. It was one
both Kris and Brady enjoyed so things got quiet in our room. We turned off the
lights and sat quietly. Not thirty minutes into it, both were asleep while my
eyes were heavy. I turned down the volume but left it on.

The next day, George had planned for us to see more of the city and hit a large
mall with a Rainforest themed restaurant and huge shops. We again had a
wonderful lunch but I ordered lightly worrying how much it was costing Tanner‘s
dad. It wasn’t enough for them to fork over the funds for the trip but so far
George had paid for every meal without hesitation. We walked to Eaton’s Centre
and enjoyed, by our standards, a mild summer day. Tanner and I were about the
only ones interested in shopping, though I wasn’t blessed with money or a card
to spend on things I desired. I did grab a shirt along with a nice souvenir for
Mom while I was there. 

To cap off the day, Tanner was aching for us to take a cruise on the lake to get
a completely different view of his city as he called it. We were all game and
didn’t argue since it was something different. I loved the Toronto skyline, it
was impressive. I was sitting quietly and taking in the sights when Johnny
walked up to me. 

He slapped my knee, causing me to jump and sat next to me, “Bad day or what?”

“No, I’m just enjoying the view instead of fighting for a spot along the rail,”
I replied.

“You know Matt, I’m really looking forward to college, but in a way I’m not. I’m
terrified that I won’t make it or find good friends like we have now. We do have
that something special, you know?”

“We do, but we’ll make new friends while still staying in touch. That’s what
Facebook is for and a cell phone. Lisa’s going with you, so you’re not going
alone, not mention Kevin and Brady,” I commented.

“Any second thoughts about rooming with Kris?”

I smiled, “No, not really. You hear the stories about best friends rooming in
college and how it is a disaster. Kris and I have been through so much I don’t
think that will happen to us but… it could. There are things I would get pissed
at Kris for like nailing someone in my bed, or having people eat our food.
However, in the end we are there for each other. We both know Kris far too well.
You know one of my fears is that he’ll not take it serious enough and fail…”

“Serious or not, it could happen. They say college is so different. They don’t
hold your hand at all. It is sink or swim,” Johnny said and chuckled. “I’m sure
you will be fine.”

Kris came over and grabbed me by the hand with great excitement, “Bro, you’re
missing it. The city has a sparkle just as it’s turning dark. Get your camera
and take some pictures.”

It hit me just then that my camera had been in my pocket most of the time. I
took out the camera Mom gave me before prom. She mentioned to me at the airport
that she wanted me to take pictures of this trip and my days in college so she
wouldn’t miss out. I went over and took lots of pictures of my friends to have
those memories for some time.

After we messed around after getting off the boat, we went to our rooms for the
night. We were barely inside and done with our thing before Brady was knocked
out in his bed.

“Damn, one night I’m sleeping alone,” Kris stated.

“Me too,” I said. “You’re a bear to sleep with.”

“Sorry but I think it was you who had all the covers last night,” Kris stated.

“Kris, you know this is practically it for us with all of these guys…”

“Yeah but I’m ready for the next step. Every time I think about it I get so
pumped up. You and I are gonna show them we aren’t making a mistake. I know they
wonder why you are rooming with me but the way I see it we have that bond unlike
I have anyone else in the group. I could make it just fine with any one of them
but I need you to be there for me. Promise me you’ll watch over me,” Kris said.

“I will but don’t get mad if I tell it to you like it is. Jenny won’t be there…”

“Neither will Linda for when things don’t go just right. You can’t run to her.”

“I know but it is time we both grew up and became men.”

Kris laughed, “I became a man a few years ago, remember?”

“No... you fucked a girl. Sticking your dick in someone doesn’t make you man or
I’d be one too,” I laughed.

“Bro, sticking your dick in a guy’s ass doesn’t count. Just be prepared to see
live porn happen in our room. It may change you once you witness the real shit.”

“Kris, I don’t mind you having girls over and having sex with them in our room,
but I ask you have the same courtesy if I wanna have a guy in the room and have
sex with him.”

Kris rubbed his chin, “Hmmm… I never thought of it that way. I guess it’d only
be fair but I don’t see you fucking some guy right there with me in the same
room. And even if you did, I doubt I would want to see that.”

“I just hope that I have a guy. I’m worried to death I’ll be single for four

“Ha,” Kris scoffed. “You’ve found them now and you can find one with ease at

“I hope so. I would really love to find some cute ass skater boy with a few
piercings and tattoos and huge cock,” I dreamed.

Kris laughed, “I can really see you with some emo fuck. I could never ever see
you with a muscular guy or someone with spiked hair.”

“Me either,” I said and yawned, causing Kris to do the same.  “Good night.”

On our fourth day, George had us up and out of bed early to go see some house. I
didn’t mind at all, but the others, especially Kevin, hated the idea, plus the
fact he was awake before eleven. It was some trek we made but finally we climbed
the hill to see the house. It was without a doubt the biggest house I had ever
laid eyes on and to think someone used to live there. We entered and began
walking around. 

“Don’t take too long,” Kevin said to me while I was studying a room.

“Don’t worry, I won’t, just so you can get back to your nap. I don’t see why
you’re in such a rush. It’s not like we’ll ever be here again. We should enjoy
it while we can,” I stated.

“Whatever,” Kevin said throwing up his hand and walking away.

In a place such as Case Loma, my mind started to daydream. It would be so
wonderful to be able to live here and enjoy a lifestyle like this. It drove home
the very point of why I would succeed in college in something internet related.
I only hope someday to come up with the next big thing like Facebook or Twitter.
Those were simple ideas but it took a brave soul to push it out there. 

I was the last to leave the house and found them waiting on me. I caught a
little grief but they were eating some snacks so they weren’t too mad. 

That night, I absolutely dreaded the thought of going to see a stupid baseball
game. The only good part was is that it was inside. Kris was excited about it
even though he had been to a few near our hometown. I was told it was so
different, the roof opens up.

Walking up, I noticed the sign, “Excuse me but aren’t we supposed to go to the
SkyDome? This says Rogers Centre.”

Kris laughed, “Bro, do you really think they have another big ass building like
this in town?”

George interrupted, “They changed the name a few years ago to rake in more
money. Most of the true sports fans still call it the SkyDome.”

We entered the large domed stadium with the smell of food flooding my nostrils.
While I was getting nachos with peppers, Kris came walking up with a new hat
turned backwards and smiling.

“The girls here are smoking hot,” he leaned over and commented to me.

“Where are they?” I asked. “Better yet, are the guys cute?”

“Bro, get real. Like I know if one guy is cuter than another,” Kris said with
Tanner right behind us.

“Yeah, straight guys can’t say if another guy is cute or not. It goes against
our manhood,” Tanner said.

“Damn right it does. They all look the same to me,” Kris said.

I discretely pointed at some really obese older man and then some guy who I
really thought was hot. “You tell me you can’t tell if one is cuter than the

“Unfair,” Kris said.

“Matt makes a good point, Kris,” Tanner said.

I got my food and soda while Kris walked away to find a chicken sandwich and
water. I was looking over his fare and wondered why he hadn’t been eating fried
food or greasy food the entire trip. “Hey, you have to eat right if you wanna
look great, bros.”

I shook my head and followed behind. It was an exhausting trip up to the upper
deck. Once there, we were pretty much alone so we could spread out. I never did
think they would start and was bored out of my mind after the first time the
Twins finished hitting or whatever they called it. When the Jay’s first batter
came, the music started. The National Anthem played and we all stood out of
respect, Tanner and George were singing too. I had to hit Kris because singing
our national anthem. “I have to admit it. O Canada is much easier to remember,”
I whispered to Kris. The game began and Kris was clapping his hands and then
came out of his shirt. 

I leaned over to Tanner, “See what I have to look forward to for the next four

Tanner laughed, “It could be worse. You could be rooming with Kevin.”

“You’re right there. Does he not like me or what?”

“I don’t have a clue but he’s been saying stuff the entire time,” Tanner said.

I wasn’t going to worry about it and noticed Kris had struck up a conversation
with the people that came and sat near us. There were two boys a little younger
than us, say around 15 or 16 that were talking to Kris. Both had short hair, one
blond and the other dark brown. I looked over and Kris had them standing without
their shirts. The blond had some really nice abs whereas the dark headed one was
thin. All I could do was be entertained. Tanner switched seats with me to be
next to Kris. He pulled off his shirt and was right there with them. 

The game was close and seemed exciting with two home runs hit by the Jays, but I
was so bored that I pulled out my phone to play a game. When George suggested we
leave, Kris wouldn’t have it. We had to stay until the bitter end. 

Finally the last out was made. We gathered our things and finally were leaving. 

“See ya Austin. See ya Franklin,” Kris said waving.

George commented, “Kris, you act like you’ve known them your entire life.”

Kris threw up his arms, “Hey, I was having fun. It wouldn’t be any fun just
sitting around. They were some really cool dudes. Tanner, they made you sound
like you didn’t even have an accent.”

“I don’t, eh,” Tanner laughed. “I bet they were laughing at you though.”

“I don’t care if they were,” Kris said while we headed down the steep stairs. 

Tanner grabbed me by the arm, “I pity you come August.”

“I do too,” I said. “Four years of that shit.”

George was right behind us, “Matt, he did make it fun and gave me lots of good

“No dad, those five Molsons did that,” Tanner said. “One more year and I could
have ‘em at a game. I can only image what Kris would be like if he came to
college here where you can drink at 19.”

“Oh I’m sure you’ve seen him drinking so it wouldn’t be any different,” George

“No dad, we never drink,” Tanner lied.

“Tanner, I was your age not that long ago. I know what teenage boys do. Not only
do they drink but they really enjoy the girls too,” George said.

“Damn Dad, stop it before I puke my two hot dogs up. Just the thought makes my
stomach turn,” Tanner said.

“Hey George, it could be worse. Matt could be your son,” Kevin said behind us. I
had no idea he was even behind us.

“If he was Kevin, I’d love him just the same. I see nothing wrong with Matt or
any gay people. You better learn to at least live them because Matt won’t be the
only gay person you ever encounter,” George said.

“I can hope he is the only one. One in life is enough,” Kevin said.

I gritted my teeth and sped up to catch Kris. Once near him, I could smell the
sweat but he didn’t care and was still excited.  He was talking to whoever would
listen as we exited the massive stadium.

The next day we went back to the Harbour Front to mess around there. According
to Tanner, tonight we would go to ‘The Village’ as a treat for me. 

Leaving the hotel, I noticed Kevin wasn’t with us. Tanner said he was tired and
wanted to stay around the room.

“You know, fuck his ass,” Kris said.

“Kris, the language,” George said.

“Sorry Mr. J but it’s just how I really feel. Matt told me last night all the
crap he’s been saying. That he’s been building to this for the past four years.
I’m not in the least bit gay but I have always accepted Matt for who he is…”

I poked Kris’s shoulder, “Nathan, maybe?”

“No, you’re a good person. You never flaunt it around us,” Kris said, walking. 

“That is true,” George said.

“I’m with Kris. Screw his butt if…” Brady started saying. We all started
laughing. “Alright, fuck his ass… is that better?”

“No better, but it’s your true feelings,” George laughed. “I had to be around
you guys when I’m gone.”

“You hear it all, Dad. Remember it wasn’t that long ago when you were my age,
eh,” Tanner stated.

Once at the Village, my eyes were opened. We had a gay area in my hometown but
nothing like this. Seeing guys holding hands, kissing and being who they really
are made me so happy to know that there was a place like this in the world where
gays are accepted for who they are. One day, I could see me and another guy
being here and enjoying the freedom. 

We walked around and finally found a seat to watch.  I could see all my friends
taking in the sights.  The one thing I wasn’t crazy about was the guys in
leather.  It wasn’t my thing nor was the so called ‘Bears’.

I did see so many young guys that were my type and that brought a smile to my
face. We stood and walked along the street. The shops were amazing. If I had the
cash, I’d be coming home with lots of cool clothes and other accessories. Tanner
dragged me into a special shop that had gay sex toys, and Johnny explained to
Kris what guys do with them.

Passing a tattoo shop, Kris spoke up, “Now I can really see me getting a

“Do it then. I’ll pay for it,” George joked.

“I would, but Mom would kill me,” Kris said. “I can see me in four years with
tattoos on each of these bad boys.” He pointed at his arms.

“Keep dreaming,” Johnny joked.

“You just wait and see,” Kris said. “I’m going make you wish you’d came with us.
I’m gonna be so fit it is unreal.”

Tanner laughed, “No, I see with a massive beer gut by your sophomore year.”

Kris bent over laughing, “You may be right.”

I could have stayed there all night but I was considerate and did leave when the
others were ready to go. We came back and found Kevin in the pool. Kris marched
right up to him. “I see how tired you are. You keep talking shit about Matt and
you’ll be talking to me!”

“Oh you’re so tough and have to protect little Matt,” Kevin said.

I could see Kris’s temper flaring and had to step in. “Come on, Kris. This is
not the place or time to be fighting.”

“I’ll get you,” Kris said and pointed at Kevin while I was doing my best to push
him away. 

It took Kris a few minutes to settle down once we were in the room.
“Why now? Why does Kevin have to start shit now?” Brady asked in his boxers.

“Fuck if I know,” Kris said. “Keep the shit to yourself. Why come if you’re
gonna be an asshole when you knew the entire time Matt was coming?”

“I just hate this. Here for all these years he put on such a good front. Now I
see the true Kevin,” I stated.

“Such a bummer, but tomorrow is the big day, Canada Day,” Brady said.

Kris looked at him, “Okay so what? Every day is Canada Day when you live here,

Brady laughed, “Dumbass, it’s the same as our Fourth of July.”

“Why don’t they just wait and celebrate it on the fourth like everyone else
does? It would make more sense,” Kris said.

I laughed, “Kris, it’s really called Independence Day. I think it’s Canada’s Day
of Independence. They did so on July 1. America is the only place that
celebrates it on the fourth of July.”

“Oh, I see now,” Kris said. “I’m such a dumbass. Do they have fireworks?”

“Tanner says they do, just like we do,” Brady stated.

“Awesome then,” Kris said. “Hey I hate to change the subject here but we’re all
guys right?”

“Of course,” I said.

“Good. Bros, I need to bust a nut in the worst way,” Kris said. “I haven’t
jacked off one time since we left.”

“You haven’t? Hell, I do every morning in the shower,” Brady said and laughed.
“Matt, have you?”

I know my face turned bright red, “Yes.”

“When?” Kris asked. “Please tell me you didn’t jack off in this fucking bed.
Please tell me.”

“No, but that is private,” I said.

“Ah come on. Where did you jerk that big dick?” Kris asked.

“On the toilet last night and one morning,” I replied quickly. “There, are you

Kris rose in his boxers and went to the bathroom. “This shouldn’t take very
long. Just forget I’m in there.”

Brady and I both shook our heads. The worst part was hearing Kris moan and say
Fuck yeah’. It was enough to know he was jacking off but to hear him. We both
knew when he climaxed with a loud grunt. The door opened with Kris coming out
naked and his cock limp.

“Felt so fucking good,” Kris said. “Biggest damn nut I’ve had in a while.”

“Thanks for telling us, there stud. We enjoyed listening,” Brady commented.

“Damn, I guess I did enjoy that more than I thought so,” Kris laughed.

“Now put on some fucking clothes. Only one of us wants to see your dick,” Brady
said. Kris looked at me. We smiled and together jumped on top of Brady. We were
tickling him with Kris doing most of the work. Kris had the grand idea and
easily got Brady out of his boxers.

We let him up, “Damn Kris, you homo.”

Kris was holding Brady’s boxers in the air. “See if you see these again for
calling me that shit.”

“Fuck,” Brady exclaimed. “You know who is next?”

My eyes grew wide. “Alright, I’ll just lose mine.” In one quick tug, Kris had
off my boxers. Once the strangeness and oddity wore off, we were somewhat
comfortable. We sat and talked for quite a while. Brady said he normally slept
naked so he just got under the sheets. Kris laughed and said he did too. I was
petrified but I usually did. I didn’t mind to sleep naked next to Kris, we had
done it few times before.

The next day, we could see the festivities surrounding Canada Day. The downtown
was bustling with activity with a nice parade.  Tanner and George were beaming
with great pride as George took out his Canada flag and attached it his jacket.
Come night fall, we made our way down to the lakefront and found a seat among
the many who had gathered for the fireworks that were like none I had ever seen
before in my life. They went on and on forever. The best part for me was seeing
all the different designs they made, they even were able to be in time with the
music. The last one was all red and white, and played to the tune of the
Canadian National Anthem. Looking towards Tanner and George, they were standing
with pride.

Back in the room, we had to pack for our flight home the next day. It was sad in
that this was it for me and high school. I came to love Toronto and hated that
it was the last night. We sat up talking until 3 in the morning with all the
guys, including Kevin, in our room. Kevin was quiet and rarely spoke directly to

The next day, a bunch of tired sleepy teenagers boarded a plane for home. I was
awake long enough to see the Toronto skyline fade into the distance with Kris’s
head on my shoulder asleep.


Hope you enjoyed this weekly installment of 'Before They Roomed Together'. 
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