Posted:  October 16, 2011... WRITTEN BY ANDY


I awoke the next day, feeling happy. Making love to Alison last night was only the
tip of the iceberg. The prom was entertaining; the football season was one of best
seasons I ever played; however, what had made me cheerful was to know in a few
weeks I would be graduating from the hell hole.

Alison left early for work at the hospital, and I promised I would drop by later
that evening to help out with then children. I decided to meet up with Johnny and
Matt to work on the presentation we had to do. Getting into the car, I called
Johnny’s house and his father informed me that Johnny had stayed at a friend’s.

Not sure what to make of that I called around and learned that Johnny took Matt
home after the party so I drove over there. As I got to Matt’s house, I opened the
door with my key and went up quietly to Matt’s bedroom. I opened the door and
Johnny was naked on Matt’s bed. Matt was checking his email on his computer.

Smiling wickedly, I said: “I guess I wasn’t the only to have fun last night?”

“Nope, we jerked each other off. Matt really didn’t want to ruin our friendship
with sex, even though I wanted to experience it with a guy.” Johnny said.

Matt turned to Johnny with worry on his face; he seemed to know what Matt was
thinking. “No, I don’t regret last night. Thank you, Matt…”

“Why you wanted to experience gay sex is beyond me.” I commented. Johnny filled me
in on what happened as Matt and he got dressed. After that we all drove to
Johnny’s house so he could get changed.

We prepared for the presentation we had to give on Tuesday. I loved every minute
of it, Johnny and I got along so well. To think we have never had any serious
fights. After our practice session, we went to grab a bite to eat and I told them
I needed to spend some time at the hospital.

“Nothing is wrong with me Matt. I’m just putting in some extra hours of volunteer

“Okay cool. Have fun.”

“When have I not have fun?”

With that I left to go to the hospital. It was nice to spend some time with the
kids. One of my favourites was Albert. He had had some brain problems and he
always loved getting a visit from me. I walked into the children’s ward. The 8
year old Albert dropped the toys he was using and came running towards me.

“How are you, sport?”

“Great now that you’re here.” The smile on his face was infectious and I laughed.
I put him down and Malcolm, a brown haired child with one arm, waved hello.
Britney, a 10 year old, smiled at me too. She had crush on me.

“Where’s Robert.” I asked.

Britney pointed to the door.  It was marked O.R. Remembering that he was due for
his chemo today, I nodded.

“Kris, will Robert be okay?” Albert asked.

Looking at him, I spoke the truth. “Surgeries are always risky, but he has been
through these many times so I have faith he will be okay,”

“Awesome.” Albert smiled again.

Britney tugged on my pants to get my attention. “Tell me a story.”

Looking at the clock it was close to their bedtime. “Sure.”

All the children gathered around the ward as I made myself comfortable in one of
the easy chairs against the wall.

Albert looked eager and Britney sat real close to me, almost on my lap.

“A long time ago, in kingdom far away, lived a prince and his friends who loved
jokes and pranks and being entertained. The royal jester had been able to meet
those needs head on. The jester was in the middle of telling a story about how his
father had come from a long line of court jesters and he wanted to practice
something else, when two of the evil wizard’s henchmen got into the castle and
kidnapped the prince.”

The kids listened to the story with rapt attention. Taking a dramatic pause I
thought about how stories help the kids forget about their problems for a time.

Albert shouted. “So what happened, Kris?”

“Well, the jester was mad so he stormed into the forest and used his fighting
skills to defeat the two men, bringing the prince back to his friends. The prince
thanked the jester and spoke of his bravery to all he could find.”

Britney spoke. “So they lived happily ever after?” 

Kris regarded at her and smiled, “Actually, no. The wizard learned of his
henchmen’s defeat and used magic to capture the jester to come to his lair and was
thrown into the dungeon to wait his doom. Secretly hoping that the prince and his
friends would save him before it was too late, he waited. Time moved slowly, he
thought about what his father, who entertained the king, would think of his son. A
knight did come sometime later. Learning of jester’s escape the wizard flew to
them. The knight drew his sword, and the wizard brandished his wand. They battled
and the jester watched and cheered his knight on. The knight skilfully defeated
the wizard. He took the jester on his horse and they made their way to the
kingdom. Where the Prince made the jester an honorary knight and they all lived
happily ever after.”

At that the applause from the kids was deafening. They begged for another story.
Kris told two more stories of the knight and the jester. He was about the leave
when Alison came in and stopped at the door.

“Kris, how do you do it? Where do you get these stories from?”

“Easy, Alison; the first one was the time Matt and I first met and how got me out
of a detention from my principal.”

“You amaze me, Kris!”

“I amaze myself.” I said and left Alison. The drive back to Matt’s place didn’t
take long and I was in his bedroom lying on his bed in no time at all, we studied
for a few hours.

“Well, I’m getting antsy, I gonna call Tanner to see if he wants to chill. Do you
want to come?”

“Nah, I’ll finish studying.”

“Okay, one day I will get you to be more sociable.”

“God, I hope not.” He said with a laugh and I left.

Monday arrived and the presentation went off without a hitch. Matt and Johnny
talked about the important points, while I added the necessary humour factor to
make the presentation interesting. Afterwards, we went to the cafeteria. As Matt
talked to Tanner, he seemed to have something on his mind.

“There may be some good news coming my way.” Tanner smiled suspiciously.

Matt and I looked at him. “Oh?”

“Yeah, dad will tell me later this week but he said the whole crew would love it.”

“Fucking cool,” came out of Matt’s mouth. I did a double take.

“Since when did you start swearing bro.”

Matt smiled. “I’ve been around you too long I think.”  The rest of crew joined us
and Kevin congratulated Johnny and me on our parts but neglected to offer the same
to Matt. I let it slide since I was feeling excited from the possible good news
from Tanner.

The next few days were a blur. As I had six exams to be ready for, I spent the
nights studying. I needed to get at least a C to graduate and be able to go to
college with Matt, taking two extra courses because I flunked them last year. I
practically forced Matt to study with me and drill the important information into
my head.

By the time the exam period started, I was so nervous I wasn’t talking to anybody.
The gang were equally stressed. I sat through the six exams and managed to
remember the knowledge and was able to write some compelling essays. After the
exams I went straight home. I went into my room, reached under the floorboards and
had a celebratory beer.

I called Derek and told him how it went.

“Kris, that is wonderful.”

“Yeah, I’m so fucking proud of myself.”

“You should be.” I heard him screaming to someone in the background.

“What was that?”

“Samuel came into town to be here for your graduation and I just told him about
your exams. Seriously, Kris, I am so happy for you. You applied yourself and it
seems to have paid off magnificently.”

“Let’s just hope your praise equals good grades when the results come out next

“You’ll be fine.”

“Hopefully. One more thing, can the crew come and crash at your restaurant for
celebratory dinner next Saturday when the grades are announced?”

“Of course, bro.” 

We talked for a few more minutes and then I hung up. I stripped off my clothes and
looked into the mirror. I looked down at my limp dick and started squeezing it. My
mind was racing with some of the best images ever. I went to my bed and climaxed
three minutes later.

The next week passed before I knew it. It was Friday afternoon and Matt and I were
over at his computer looking at the end of term marks that were posted. Matt got
all A’s but one. He got a B in Phys Ed. When we looked at my scores I just about
fell over with shock.

“MATT! Is this really my report card?”

“Yep, Kristopher Stanton: Two A’s three B’s and a C.”

I yelled so loud Linda came in and asked what was going on.

“Fuck” I mumbled. “Sorry, Linda, I got the best report card all year.”  I called
my folks and they too were so cheerful.

“That’s wonderful Kris.” Linda said.

That night the crew went bowling and had a blast. I realized when I got home that
I needed to empty out my locker.

“Hey Matt, you want to come to school tomorrow?” I called him to ask.

“No. Why?”

“I need to empty out my locker.”

“Okay, pick me up tomorrow and we’ll go.”

“Night, bro.”

“Night, brother.”

I went to sleep and woke up the next morning around 10am. Walking outside there
was my car with a new coat of paint.

“Ah, son,” Dad came out, “Think of this as an early graduation gift.”

I hugged him. “I love it Dad. I will make you proud.”

“I know you will.”

After the embrace, I picked up Matt’s ass and we went to the school.


Matt’s POV

I was waiting at the curb for Kris to arrive. When I saw that his car has been
upgraded I could tell he was happy. When I hopped into the front seat, his shirt
was off.

“My god Kris, you really have been working out a lot.”

“Yeah, I know, Matt, it’s summer take off your shirt.”

“No thanks. I would prefer to look a little more professional when I enter the

“Suit yourself.”  The drive over was quiet. I just realized the little things
about Kris that annoyed me before, haven’t been anymore. When he kept fiddling
with the radio station I laughed a little.

“What?”  Kris eyed me suspiciously.

“Nothing, I’m just happy you have my back when we go to college.”

“Of course I do. You and I will make this thing work. I promise.”

We made it to the school and looked at the main entrance when out came Clinton
being pulled by his father.

“First, Lee ends up in jail and now you get yourself expelled. What were you
thinking of beating up a little kid? Didn’t that stunt at the prom teach you

I looked at Kris and smiled. “At least he’s gone.”

“Yeah, but I feel sorry for the kid.”

“Aww don’t sweat it, Matt.” He rubbed his hand through my combed hair, messing it
up. I was just about to retaliate when he ran off. “I’ll meet you in the cafeteria
when you’re done with your locker.” He yelled as he ran.

Surprisingly, our lockers were nowhere near each other. I went through mine,
collected some notes and binders I left in there. Then hidden in the back were
pictures of Kris and I and the rest of the crew on one of our first bowling trips.

After emptying out the locker and taking the lock, I walked to the cafeteria and
ordered some healthy food for a change. The room was deserted. I looked at my
phone and realized I had received four texts. I didn’t even know my phone did text
messaging. I needed to make a note that I should check it more often.

I went through the texts; Tanner, Brady, Derek and Lisa wanted to know when we
were meeting that night to celebrate our last day as high school students. I sent
them a reply. I realized Kris had been gone a long time so I ventured to his
locker and he was sitting with one of our classmates. He was small for his age.
Kris saw me and called me over.

“Felix, this is my friend Matt. Tell him what you told me.”  Felix looked at me
and I gave him a reassuring smile. He looked to Kris who nodded.

“Basically, I was coming here to remove the stuff from my locker and Clinton
showed up. He called me some horrible names and started to beat me up.”

I looked at Felix more closely, he seemed to have swollen eye.

“Why would he do that?”

“Well, I thought I was alone in these halls and I have this bad habit of talking
to myself. Clinton heard that I was gay and if it hadn’t been for Mr. Jose passing
by I don’t know what would have happened.”

“That’s good then. You’ll make it through this.” I said cheerfully

Felix had tears in his eyes. Kris turned to me. “Felix knows somehow his news will
make it out there.”

“I’m scared to death about coming out. I only realized a year ago.”

I was shocked. I had seen Felix around but I never thought of him as gay. “Why are
you scared?”

“Because I don’t know if anybody will accept me.”

“Does anybody know?”

He shook his head, no. “Well, do you want to tell people? Are you ashamed of being
who you are? Felix, I came out last year ago. When I told my mom she was thrilled
that I finally admitted the truth to her. You see, she knew for a long time.”

“Matt, you came out to us four years ago.”

“Kris, you guys found me out four years ago, I only came out the school as whole
last year, up till then I kept the people who knew very small. I am trying to make
a point, here Kris.”

“She was happy for you?” Felix asked, ignoring Kris’s interruption.

“Yeah, she was so open to the idea she got me books and learned how to raise a gay
kid. She became a full fledged supporter for me. Since that day our bond has been
even stronger.”

“Kris said you and him never let that get in the way of your friendship.”  I
looked at Kris and smiled at him.

“It’s true. Kris and I have never let my gayness or his straightness get in the
way of our friendship. Now, there will be some people out there who won’t be able
to take it. Some of your closest friends may have an issue with it but if that’s
the case, then they were no friend of yours.”

Felix got up and wiped his eyes. “Thanks. I may not be ready to come out yet, but,
if it happens I won’t deny it.”

“Felix, trust your instincts, trust your gut, and most importantly, trust your
heart. If you’re not ready, then wait until you are.”

“Thanks, man.” With that he left.

Kris wrapped his arms around me. “Matty boy, that was nice of you. I’ve tried for
a long time to get him to calm down. Felix was so afraid, he thought about running

I looked at Kris. I could not think of better person to call my best friend. We
gathered our stuff and got changed for the party. The whole crew showed up at the
restaurant. Kris was just about to go in when he stopped.

“What is it?”

“I’m worried. I might not be able to do this.”

“You hang with the guys all the time?”

“No, what if I don’t find a great friend anymore like you and the crew. This might
be the closest thing I have to family in there. You’re my brother, Matt. But they
are special to me in there.”

“You’re Kris fucking Stanton, if anybody could establish lasting bonds it’s you.
You strike conversations with more strangers in one week than most people do in on

Kris sat on the hood of his car. I joined him there. “I know, but it isn’t easy.
What if my temper jeopardizes these friendships? What if I say the wrong thing? I
make it look easy being outgoing, but the reason I am so outgoing is because I
need companionship. I need to be with people. It scares me that I might not be
able to find friends like those in College.”

I hugged him and whispered in his ear. “I’ll be there for you. I have your back,
like you have mine.”

We broke the hug and Kris went through the door with bang.  Brady, Johnny and
Tanner looked up. Kevin and Don were in a corner, with Lisa, Melissa and Alison
huddled together by a table. Derek was serving food. I spoke the room at large.
“My friends, Kris has something to say to you all.” I pushed him to the center of
room. All the eyes were looking at the man who had entertained the group for so
many years.

“This may be the last time we’re together before graduation. I want to say from
the bottom of my heart thank you. You have been great friends. Tanner, you found
me on that curb many years ago and haven’t left my side since. You were one of the
star players that got me and Matt talking again. Brady and Johnny, you are two of
the funniest brothers I’ve ever seen. When we used to climb those trees and look
at some of hottest girls in junior high, I’ll never forget those moments. Kevin,
it was great having you around. Don, you stood up for Matt at the prom, you spoke
up when it mattered and I cannot thank you enough. Melissa and Alison, you were my
angels, when I was alone and needed help you were there, I love you both as
friends. Lisa, when you and my boy, Matt, were alone last Christmas I know you
cheered him up and gave him the friendship I didn’t. When we came together again,
we made our group stronger. You all made the last four years some of the best
times of my entire life. We may all be going our separate ways soon, but now we
are here let us remember this moment, remember this day and remember right now
that we are the best friends any high school has ever seen.”


Derek’s POV  - JUNE 6th 2009 - GRADUATION DAY

I got up early because I was so excited for Kris and his friends. When I graduated
from high school many years ago, I felt so good. Samuel was laying next me and he
looked so hot. I kissed him awake and he smiled. 

“Last night was fun?”

“The sex? Yeah, with you the sex is always good.”

“No, Derek. I want to know about the celebration with Kris and his friends last

I told him about the speech that Kris made and how they chatted about where they
were going to go. 

“Tanner and I talked for a while. He almost regrets going back to Canada. He’ll
miss Kris and the guys. I told him that Toronto is his home and he spoke about his
friends he missed there too.”

Samuel looked at me laughing. “What?”

“You have a way with people, love. They’re able to talk to you and you make them
feel good.”

I thought about it. Tanner was worried about his friends, he didn’t like the feud
that occurred and I had helped him understand that going home might be his best
option. Kris, on the other hand, didn’t really need me he was able to make a great
life for himself with Tanner and Matt and the rest of the guys. After visiting
Nathan’s grave we both helped each other come to terms with it. Then there was
Corey; I saved his life in more ways than one. He actually found out where I was
and came to find me.

Samuel was watching me closely, “See, love, you have done a lot of good, a lot of

“Yeah, I guess I should become a shrink or something.”

“Maybe… put your talents to good use.”

“I thought last night my talents were put to good use?”

Samuel laughed at that, got up and dragged me by my dick to the shower. He asked
if anything else happened at the party.

“Not really. People were getting drunk and I think a few of them used the bathroom
for their own purposes.” We got out and ventured into the kitchen. James was there
eating some cereal and said a letter came for me so I opened it.

Hey Derek

Things have been going great, though nobody will talk to me still but I don’t let
that bother me. One day this girl, Jill, spoke to me. She said I was hot and
suggested I try her out. We started dating and even went to prom together. I
couldn’t do it anymore though because I wasn’t being me, so we broke up. She went
to on tell her friends about my performance and it resulted in more name calling.
However, things are going great as I said. I’m more confident in who I am. I put
all my energies into my studies and last Friday I graduated. What made it better
was that Heath and Lane showed up and told me they were proud of me and that we
should hangout this summer. My mom even hugged me at the ceremony. I felt so good.
I would like to thank you for all you did. Had I run away I don’t know where I
would be now. Marie even offered to pay for my bus ticket to college and most of
my tuition.

I hope you are doing well.

Corey Teller.

I read it a few times, deciding to give him call since he left his phone number on
the letter.

“Hello?” The voice answered

“Corey? It’s Derek.”

“DEREK!! How the hell are you?”

“Me? I’m great. I couldn’t be better. I got your letter. I see things are going

“Yeah, Heath and Lane have been great to me. When I come home in summer I will
have people to hang around with….”

He trailed off. I could tell something was bothering him.

“But?” I prompted gently.

“I’m worried when I go to college that the same thing will happen to me. I just
want to be liked, to find a friend who is gay, that way I could be myself and not
worry about homophobic people.”

“If the same thing happens, Corey, I’ll be by your side and I’m sure Heath and
Lane will be the same.”

“Maybe, I think the worst thing that could happen is having a homophobic asshole
as roommate.”

“Yeah, but think positively. Be yourself. Make the first move in a conversation
and have fun. If you see some hot guy checking you out, go with it. You have so
much goodness in you, Corey, you will make an excellent friend, and an better

“I hope you’re right. But what if I fuck things up?”

“Remember, everybody in life makes mistakes, we just need to learn from them. Live
every day like it’s your last, and have fun.”

“Thanks, man. I should go, Heath wants to go camping this weekend and we need to
get supplies.”

“Alright, talk to you later, bud.”

I hung up and Samuel had been watching. We had breakfast and I told them I was
going to drive Matt and Kris to the ceremony that afternoon. It was almost noon so
I got in the car and went to pick them up.

I got to Kris’s house to find Matt and Kris arguing about something.

“Derek, Matt thinks I am idiot!”

“He wants go naked under his robes today. He saw Patch Adams last week and thought
it would be funny.”

“I so would, but Matt thinks I should wear a tie and get my hair all done up like
his.” Kris went to mess Matt’s hair, but Matt moved away.

“Matt, let Kris be his own man.” I said to him, “We can’t control Kris. Kris is
Kris through and through.”

“Thanks, Derek.” Kris smiled.

“And, Kris, this your graduation, put on some fucking clothes.” I said half
joking, half serious. Matt smiled and laughed. Kris went up to his bedroom and put
on some nice slacks and a blue button down shirt. Matt, on the other hand, was
wearing a blue suit with a red tie. They grabbed their robes and when we got into
the car they told me about something else that happened when they left the party
the previous night.

“Brady and Kevin thought it would be a great idea to burn our notes and notebooks
and school supplies.”

“To show how mature you are since you graduated high school.” Matt interjected.

Kris turned to him. “Matt, you had fun, because of the supplies and notes you took
over the year it took forever to burn.”

“You got that right.” Matt smiled and looked out the window.

I turned to Matt and looked at him. I had this feeling that something was wrong
and I had to ask. I really wish I knew what it was that made people open up to me
because he seemed to think about it and then spoke his mind.

“My dad promised to come to ceremony but this morning mom told me he couldn’t make
it. Some bullshit excuse.”

From Kris’s reaction, I could tell that Matt doesn’t talk about his father that
often. I tried to make him feel better, but not having a father myself anymore, I
thought it would be difficult to put a positive spin on the unfortunate turn of
events. Luckily I didn’t have too.

“Matt, listen to me.” Kris said. “You don’t need him. You have us, and your mom is
going to be there with my folks. You know they think of you as a second son.”

Noticing Kris said second and not third put some thoughts into my mind. However,
Kris’s comments continued.

“So, you will have a lot of support, plus the whole place will be listening to you

“Thanks for reminding me.”  Matt replied.

“I have your back, remember that,” Kris said, which did the trick because Matt was
smiling again. Matt kissed Kris on lips tenderly and whispered something to him.
The ride to school didn’t last very long. They got out thanked me for the ride and
went to get organized with the rest of their class.

I parked my car and walked around the school thinking about my time as a tutor
there. I even saw the room I first met Nathan in. He was hot as hell and it was
after a few frustrating weeks that we got his studying in order and he applied

I heard someone call my name. It was Mr. Stanton.

“Yes Sir?”

“Kris mentioned you were in town again. I don’t like it. I don’t like you.”

I was expecting that type of reaction. “I’m sorry you feel that way. I can’t feel
any more guilty for Nathan’s death.”

“HOW DARE YOU MENTION HIS NAME? If it wasn’t for you, I would have two sons. You
took my oldest child away from me. You destroyed him. Kris is old enough to make
his own friends, but if you hurt my son I WILL HURT YOU.”

With that Walter Stanton left and went to sit with his wife and Matt’s mother. I
decided to sit as far away from Stanton’s as possible, luckily Samuel showed up a
short time later. He knew instantly something happened.

I told him about the exchange, telling him that Mr. Stanton had every right to say
those things. Samuel wouldn’t hear it and kissed me on lips with so much passion
that it made realize that I would always love Samuel. His love and friendship is
the only one I truly need.

The ceremony began and the graduates, in their cap and gowns, were walking in to
their prearranged seats. It was nice that the high school was so big it could hold
all of its ceremonies outside. I found Kris seated only a few seats away from
Matt, he looked impressed with himself.

The principal spoke and welcomed everybody. There were a few more speeches and
some big important awards to give out. I looked at the program every time but the
people weren’t important so I chatted with Samuel some more.

The principal finally said, “Now, the Class of 2009’s Valedictorian, Matthew
Alexander Raymond.”

Matt went to the microphone with his cue cards. He looked so nervous. I could see
Kris nodding at him as Matt started to speak.

“Good afternoon. When I was asked to be the valedictorian I thought it would be
funny, but then I realized I would have to address 500 people, including my
mother. It was hard trying to come up with competent words that would address the
situation accordingly. What has this experience meant to me? When I began this
journey, four years ago, I never thought it would be this wonderful. I never
thought people like me. Would I find people I could be friends with? Would I be
able to get into the college I wanted? These years flew by for reason. I had great
friends to help me come out of my shell, allowing me to explore more of myself
than I thought was possible. We had very fond memories that I will treasure
forever. This last year had tested this bond like no other but I know standing
here today knowing what friends really are. 

“I have had to deal with a lot of things over the years and the fact that I am
standing here is no small part to my best friends: Tanner, Johnny, Brady and Don.
Then of course my mother, who on day one had a tear in her eye when she dropped me
off at school. The person I have to thank for getting me through these hard tests,
and passing these courses, goes to the man who should be giving this speech, Kris

At that there was roar of applause. It made sense since I was sure Kris had become
friends with just everybody there.

“I am going to do something now that is totally unexpected and something I would
have never done before. I am going to let Kris close the speech out. For a number
of reasons, one, I ran out of cue cards, and two, because he should really share
in this moment.

The crowd agreed as they applauded even louder. Kris made his way to the

“Well, hello class. This is totally unexpected. I really don’t know what to say.”
He turned to Matt. “Matt, we didn’t rehearse this part. I thought this was one of
your pranks.”  I laughed at that but Matt shook his head and sat down.

“Okay, I guess I’ve got to close this speech out. Words of Wisdom? Hmm…  Well, I
think the first word of wisdom would be, always be prepared for the unexpected. As
you can see this is totally out of left field. Thanks Matt. Well, I had feeling
this might happen so I prepared a speech for this occasion. I want to thank my mom
and dad for having me. I wasn’t the best guy to live with but you put up with me
like I was your own son. And Linda, my adoptive mother, without your cookies to
get us through those long nights of studying, I don’t know how I would have ever
graduated. That leaves Matt, the man who taught me the true meaning of life.
Sorry, I forgot what it was; I guess that he’ll remind me later. Here are some
serious words of wisdom that I learned from a friend of mine. Live every day like
it’s your last. Take chances, make mistakes. Go out there and be the best person
you can be. Wait, that’s Army. Whether you are black or white, gay or straight,
tall or short, ugly or stylish; don’t hide who you are. You are special. Thank

Kris went to sit back down and the audience cheered his impromptu speech. As the
cheers died down I watched as the graduating class got up and accepted their

The first name I recognized was Donald Cullen. As he collected his diploma his
mother was waving and I was guessing his father took his picture. He looked
pleased to be able to graduate. More names were read, and eventually;

“Mr. Tanner Johnson will be attending York University in Canada.” Tanner had a
little bit of a conversation with the principal and moved along, he strutted off
the stage like he owned it. Felix Hampton, a small little guy, made it to the

When I heard the next two names, I did not recognize Bradley or Johnson Kramer,
but it turned out Brady and Johnny walked up to receive the prize. I never knew
Johnny had a girlfriend, but to see him excitedly leave the stage and kiss her on
the mouth before making it back to his seat, surprised me.

“Mr. Matthew Raymond will be attending North Central State University.” The cheers
from his mother and from the Stanton’s, not to mention a few others were hard to
ignore. Matt gracefully walked up to stage and spoke briefly with the principal,
as he left the stage as his mother took a picture of him. Lisa Reynolds was called
next, followed immediately by Kris’ former girlfriend, Melissa Rogers, who used
the stage like a fashion runway. The cheers for Kevin Smith where mainly from I am
assuming the Smith and Kramer families, then came John Stroller and Kunta Thomas.
Finally Frederick Zwellerton received the last diploma. Samuel poked me.


“What about Kris?” It just occurred to me that Kris wasn’t called. He wasn’t even
in line.

The principal called out. “Wait, I have one more. It must fell between the cracks.
This isn’t right. It says Kristopher Stanton.”

The crowd laughed and Kris entered behind the principal.

“I’ll take that.”

“Not until we finalize your grades.” The principal spoke out the crowd.

Kris pulled out a hand. “Truce.” The principal shook it, and Kris grabbed his
diploma as the crowd cheered. I thought to myself, he must have planned that
little stunt. Kris bowed to the crowd and the principal and those seated there
were not pleased. Turning, he bowed to them and his bare ass was visible to us.

“Kris will be Kris.” I said to no one in particular.

With Kris taking a seat, the ceremony came to end with the singing of the National
Anthem and few closing remarks from the principal.

“All in all, a pretty fun graduation.” Samuel said.

“Yep.” I agreed as the graduation class threw their hats in the air. We walked
towards the crew who were all standing around talking about Kris’s stunt. Samuel
and I offered to take the group out for dinner, but it turned out the Stanton
parents were hosting a big party at their house. I took Kris and Matt aside as the
parents came to congratulated the kids.

“Kris, I just wanted to say that Nathan would have been very proud you today. Not
just the speech, but making it to college.” 

Kris smiled and hugged me and whispered into my ear. “He would be proud of you
too.”  Matt was smiling and then Tanner came up to us.

“I have the best news ever. Since we are all going in different directions….”

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