Posted:   October 9, 2011

Kris’s POV

April was in full swing and Alison and I had become an item again, though how long it would last I didn’t
know. What was nice was how much we talked, mainly about our relationship and how to make it work,
realizing my friendship with Matt and the rest of the crew was equally important.

Tuesday night, the whole gang was free and took the time to have some much needed fun. Matt wanted to
focus on his studying, so I told him that after our bowling game we would join him for a study session.
Alison had a shift at the hospital so it was just me and the guys.

Derek showed up too. With my school work and social schedule with Alison and Matt it was hard to find
time to talk to him so I took the initiative and included him our game. We decided to make the games more
fun so Derek and I broke the group in to teams with me, Tanner and Brady one side and Derek, Johnny and
Kevin on the other. Don offered to keep score since his bowling ability was worse than Matt’s and he didn’t
want to embarrass himself.

The game was going well. We were in the last frame of the game, with Tanner lining up the finish it; he
only needed to score two strikes to win the game.

“You can do it Tanner. Your sorry ass is walking home if you don’t win this for us.”  I said in my most
motivating voice.

Tanner threw the ball and all the pins were knocked down. All the guys cheered, we even managed to
capture an audience, who cheered as well.

Tanner came over to me while waiting for his ball to appear. “Any words of advice, coach?”

I thought for a minute, and then I heard Derek call out. “Yeah, aim for the gutter.” We laughed. I slapped
Tanner’s butt and told him to aim well and win one for the Gipper.

“What the fuck is a Gipper?” He asked.

I shrugged and said, “It’s from a movie I saw on television last week.”

“Back at you then,” Tanner lined up his path, aimed the ball, and threw it down the lane. It moved slowly,
and bang, all the pins were knocked down. The problem was, it knocked down the pins in the opposite

“Ah Fuck.” I said.

Derek came over to me, “Starting a losing streak, I see? First Soccer and now this?”

I laughed with everybody and said, “Rematch, you and me right now.”

“Perfect.” The game went well, and quick, both of us were determined to win. Strikes and spares happened
every time we threw a ball down the alley. The score was tied the entire game.

I was lining up my last shot. I needed spare or strike to clinch the victory and I was just about to throw the
ball when I heard, “Kris, honey are you here?”

The ball had already left my hand and went down the alley. Alison walked up and we watched it sore into
the gutter. “Thanks, love. Great timing…”

The game ended and Derek won, barely. He went with Don to talk about something while Johnny, Brady
and Kevin went to grab table and play pool.

“Sorry, Honey.” Alison said.

“It’s okay, how was the shift?”

“Great. The kids loved the stories you told the other day. You’re definitely a natural.”

“Thanks. I really loved working with the kids, they had such great personalities, with most of them all you
need to do is show them some attention and they smile for hours.”

Derek returned and offered to give me a ride to Matt’s house. I said a quick goodbye to the gang, who were
already engrossed in their first game of pool, kissed Alison on the lips and we left.

In the car, Derek turned on the radio, but I wanted to speak to him. “Hey, what were you and Don talking

“Noting in particular, he was just upset about his dad. It really affected him and now he leans on Don a lot
to help cheer him up. Don doesn’t know what to do though.”

“I’m surprised he never brought that up before.”

“It’s not something he wants out there.”

“True. I can understand that.” I said and we both knew what I meant.

“Did you give him good advice?”

“I think so. I just said to be there for him. Sometimes the child needs to be the parent. We all go through
rough patches.”

I thought about that; Don had been quiet and kept to himself ever since he returned. I guess that was why. I
needed to make an effort to speak to him before we went our separate ways.

Changing the subject, “I really don’t know if I want to go the prom.”

“Why’s that?

“To be honest, most proms are so boring. And Alison might have to work that night.”

“I can understand that. When I graduated from high school, many years ago, I didn’t go the prom. I just met
my friends at the after party for some drinks and fun.”

“That could work.” I said.

We arrived at Matt’s house. I got out and said a goodbye to Derek, thanking him for the lift. I really am glad
to have somebody else to talk to who has been around the block a few times.

Opening the front door and walking up to Matt’s bedroom I opened the door to find Matt studying. What
surprised me was that he was in his boxers and his hair was unkempt.

“Nice look, Matty.”

He laughed, “As I was coming home, I slipped on the step and fell on the grass. When I was getting up the
sprinklers turned on and I got soaked. I came up here, and knowing I wasn’t seeing anybody but you, I
decided to stay like this. I don’t have to dress up for you.”

“That’s true.”

“How was the game?” I got comfortable and stripped down to my own boxers, explaining what had
occurred. We spent most of the night studying after that until we were both tired and went to bed.

The next morning was interesting. I woke up on the floor. Somehow Matt must have kicked me during the
night and pushed me out.

We went to school and I was surprised to see Derek outside afterwards.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“I want you to come with me.”


“To see Nathan.”

I tried to keep thoughts of him away from me. I didn’t even like thinking about him. What scared me the
most was I forgot that it was even his birthday.

“I can’t believe I forgot about his birthday.” I said.

“Derek, Kris has never gone to the grave site.” Matt explained.

“Why not?

The conversation was getting to be too much. “Derek, I don’t want to think about a person who I could have
saved.” The anger and guilt stuck in my throat. Calming down I continued, “I just make myself busy around
this time of year. Mom and Dad don’t even talk about him.”

Matt spoke: “I understand, but maybe you should go it. It could help soothe the pain.”

“Yeah, let’s go.”

“I’ll catch up with you guys later.” Matt suggested and started to go.

“Where are you going?” Derek and I said.

“This should be private time, time with family.”

Kris hit me on the head and said, “You are my family.”

With a nod from Derek to confirm things Matt agreed to go with us and the three of us went to the
cemetery. During the car ride I looked out the window and thought of my time with Nathan and some of
the great times I had with him. However, one of the reasons I didn’t like thinking about it was that the first
image of Nathan I see is him going through the windshield with his head cracking against a tree.

When we got there it took a few moments to find the gravestone. Derek and I walked closer to read it.

Nathan Michael Stanton

April 15 1985 - December 3 2003

A wonderful son
A great brother

“Live every day like it’s your last”

I read the quote that I had asked to be written. “That was the last thing he ever said to me before his

Derek put an arm around mine and Matt’s shoulder. He turned to me. “The last he said to me was, ‘you
know I'm always a safe driver’ and then he blew me a kiss. The good thing was he made great love to me
that night. So we ended on the greatest note.”

Speaking was hard for me. “Nathan was one of the best people I ever knew. I remember when I was eight
or nine, he would come home and spend at least three afternoons a week just playing games on the
computer with me or he would tell me about his day and tell me jokes. Mondays, Wednesdays and
Thursdays, I waited for him to come by and he put a smile on my face.”

That thought brought a tear to my eye. Derek wiped it clean and I spoke some more, this time directed
more toward Matt. “After that, one night I had strange nightmare. I can’t remember what it was about but it
scared me shitless. I got up and walked in to Nathan’s room. When I told him I was scared he held me the
whole night. I don’t know why but the nightmares continued and I ended up spending the next three nights
in a row there. On the fourth night, before I went to bed, Derek stayed with me until I fell asleep in my
room. He started to read to me and eventually I fell asleep. The nightmares went away, but he kept coming
in to read to me each night. When I turned 10, after three months of the nightmares, I asked him how his
day was and what he been up too. He filled me in and then asked me about my day. That night we spent
three hours talking. From that night, for almost three years straight, we had our nightly chats.”

Matt stared at me bewildered. “Kris, I don’t know what to say… We have our chats but I didn’t know they
originated that way. Maybe, because you don’t talk about him as much, your subconscious allows you to
keep him alive through our chats.”

“Who knows? I just know I love talking to you before I go to bed, just like I loved it with Nathan.”

Derek looked at me, “Kris, I just realized something else. You are Nathan’s age right now. You are 18. Isn’t it
strange that you come to his gravesite the year you turn eighteen?”

“Yeah, now that I think about, it is interesting. I’m about to enter in to college life and hopefully have a
career, children, and live a great life. My brother won’t have anything like that.”

“Actually, he found a great love. Kris, I don’t think you knew about this, but the weekend before he left us,
we got engaged. It was one of best days of our lives. We went out for dinner to this Chinese Restaurant and
had a lovely meal. We talked about our future together and about you, Kris. He thought the world of you.
He even told me a story about when you were born and how he looked after you and even watched you
sleep. He even took credit for teaching you your first word.”

I smiled, “Ass. He mentioned that to me a few times.”

“Anyways, when dessert came, he handed me a fortune cookie and I broke it open. There on the little strip
of paper were the four greatest words I’ve ever seen, “Will you marry me?” While I tried to figure out how
he pulled it all off I got up and kissed him on the lips, and said yes.”

Smiling some more, I said, “That explains why he didn’t come home that weekend.” Matt had a confused
look on his face. “What is it, bro?”

“You told me your father, grandfather and great grandfather went to the school we’re going too. How come
Nathan didn’t go? He was 18 and was able to go for the September classes, wasn’t he?”

Derek filled Matt in on that one. “He got held back a year for flunking one semester in high school, which
did not sit well with Kris’s folks.”

“I see… I wish I knew Nathan, he seemed like a great brother, and a great boyfriend.”

“He was... Nathan may have made some mistakes, but in the end he went out the way he wanted. He had

“He understood the bonds of brotherhood; knew how to be an excellent lover and was always a great
friend.” Derek added

I turned my attention to the gravestone. “I’m just sorry you had to go so early. Goodbye brother.”

“Goodbye Nathan. I will never forget you.” Derek said with a tender smile.

I turned to Matt. “Thanks for coming, brother”

“Anytime, brother.”

As we leaving the gravesite a wave of sadness hit me and uncontrollable tears escaped my eyes. Derek was
by my side in an instant with Matt looking worried.

“Kris, what is it?”  Derek asked.

Over my tears I tried to convey my thoughts. “I’m sorry. I just hate this. I owe a lot to Nathan. He was the
one who changed my fucking life. His last wish for me was to get off the fucking computer and enjoy life.”

“You did that.” Derek said comfortingly.

“But he’s not around to see all the good fortune and I feel like I got my life in order, with great friends, and
it cost me my fucking brother. I would take back everything I gained in these past five years just to see his
face, to ask him about his day.”

Derek tried to comfort me but my tears were still streaming down my cheeks and Matt wanted to say
something, but he couldn’t. He wouldn’t know what to say.

“Kris, listen to me. He may not be with us in person but he is watching over us. I’m not spiritual person. I
don’t believe in destiny or second chances or any of that crap. I believe in Nathan. He is in our hearts and
he is listening to you.”

“No….I had watched out for him. If I had just spoken to him and forced him to get his act together in his last
year then he would be here.”

“Yeah, that may be true, but the Kris that Matt knows, that Tanner knows, and who all of your friends love
would not be there. He would be sitting at home, online and alone. We may have failed him, I certainly

Matt gave me a kleenex and I stood up, wiping my eyes. “What do you mean?”

“When Nathan read to you when you were little boy, I saw that closeness and brotherly love that so few
families nowadays have. I saw that exact scene in my travels with Samuel, my boyfriend, and his nephew.
They were reading together and showed that family unity. It made me think of the kindred soul Nathan
was, and I ran away. I couldn’t handle the guilt that I caused with his death. I ran away. I drank myself silly
and nearly died. I could have had the same thing you and he had. But I ran. I spent the better part of two
years running.”

I got the urge to hug Derek. He hugged back with so much emotion. “I love you, Derek. You have me. You
have us,” on cue Matt joined us. After a few minutes we separated.

“Derek, Kris, I cannot imagine what you are feeling. Look at his grave. Look at what it says. ‘Live everyday
like it’s your last.’ You’ve both have done that. Kris, I known you for five years, I’ve seen you at your worst
and at your best. You’re living the best live ever. I’m envious of you. The friends, the ability to change
subjects, your fucking outgoing nature, Nathan’s death gave you that! Derek, you may have been a coward
but you changed, you became of beacon of hope. You helped Don, and Tanner. You helped me. People
have the ability to confide in you. That’s a rare gift. Not to mention, Samuel. He saw the goodness in you.
When you found Kris two months ago, he took you back. Nathan knew what kind of a man you are and a
coward isn’t it.

I looked at Matt, the tears were gone. I may have not stopped his drinking in time. “Matt, you’re right. As
much as I hate to admit it, his death helped me become the man I am today.”

Derek nodded, “Too true. I may have made a mistake in letting him drive home but I wouldn’t be standing
here with Kris without him.”

“Okay enough of this crying bullshit. Let’s go. I got finals to study for and prom to go to.” I could see the
smiles on my brothers’ faces. We drove off. Derek said he needed to go home but would be back in a few

I hugged him and whispered, “Thank you, big brother.”

I turned to Matt as we were getting out of Derek’s car, “Let’s go and get this studying over with, bro.”

“Okay,” he said as we entered his house and headed upstairs.

When he opened his bedroom door I turned him around and kissed him on the lips. “I love you, brother.”

Matt kissed back, “I love you too. Brother.”


Matt’s POV

The exams were drawing near as I looked at my calendar and plotted a study schedule. It was already the
beginning of May. Things could be better. Kris and I started preparing final reports and presentations the
weekend after we went to say goodbye to Nathan.

It was hard for me to stand and watch my friend grieve, but Derek was there as well, supporting him every
step of the way. Derek left that night to be with Samuel and we hadn’t seen him in almost two weeks. 

I turned back and looked at my schedule. The prom was one week away, and after that weekend, a
presentation was scheduled that Johnny, Kris and I had to present on the any subject of our choice. We
were being graded on the presentation style, creativity and ability to communicate to an audience. After
that I had my final exams in four subjects: History, Geography, Maths and E-commerce, an elective I chose.
Finally, circled in red was June 6, 2009, my graduation ceremony.

I was reflecting on my high school days when Kris came right in to my bedroom. I was so used to it that I
barely looked up. I only took notice when I saw the smile on his face and his extremely long blond hair.

“What are you happy about?”


“Oh… that.” I looked at him like I couldn’t care less.

“Your ass is going to it.”

“I don’t know. There’s so much studying to get done. Plus, I would have to rent a tux, find a date, and that’s
just for starters.”

“Fuck, studying, this is a rite of passage, so you are going.”

“Yes, mother.” I said, laughing a little.

“The question is who is going to be your date? Jack?”

“No, for many reasons; first I haven’t spoken to him since our fight; second, I don’t like him that much;
third, I don’t think I should be taking a guy.”

“Why not?”

“I’m not ready for the whole school to know about that.”

Kris laughed. “Matt, the whole school knows. Last year before Christmas break your boyfriend at the time,
Tommy something, kissed you in class as spur of the moment thing and he word spread then. Nobody
touched or said anything about it or you because I made it crystal clear that if there was problem they
would have to deal with me.”

“I see. Well maybe I’ll just go stag.”

“YEAH!” He smiled again, “Tanner’s going stag too. Kevin’s going with Melissa, Johnny with Lisa, and Brady
and Don don’t have anybody yet.”

“So, you’re going with Alison?”

“Yeah. Okay, we’re meeting Tanner and the guys in 15 minutes, let’s go.”

I got up, “Where?”

“For a smart guy you’re pretty dumb. To get tuxes.” 

We left the house and found a decent store with some great outfits. I was called upon to make the final
verdict on most of the guys’ choices. However, Tanner had a good eye as well. After that we went to
Derek’s restaurant for a bite to eat.

We sat down and surprisingly Derek was there. We waited around for his shift to be over and he joined,
telling us about his time back home. Samuel, it seems, was surprised to see him.

Monday, back at school, our teacher gave us a form we had to take to parents to sign, basically outlining the
details and all the information. I couldn’t believe we had to do that. It pretty much seemed common sense
that we wouldn’t be drinking or anything else.

That night, Mom was home and we had dinner together. It was nice, it had been awhile being just the two
of us. The conversation was light and free.

“So, Mom, for some reason they’re making us sign a contract saying we’ll follow all the rules about
drinking, etc.”

I gave it to her and she signed it with a little tear in her eye. She was always sentimental. She had been like
that the day she drove me to school for the first time.

“Your senior prom, I remember my senior prom, many years ago.” She told me about it and it seemed
exciting. I went to bed surprisingly eager for the event. The next few days flew by.

Kris came over and we both changed together. He wore a blue suit and silk black tie. I, on the other hand,
used Tanner’s suggestion and went with a classical look, black bowtie and jacket with tails. Kris helped me
with the bowtie.

We went down the stairs and mom was there with a present in her hand.

“What’s this mom?” I asked curiously.

“Just open it. Think about it as early graduation present.” I opened it and inside was new camera. “This is an
important day in your life Matt, you should remember it.” She smiled.

I took it and hugged her, giving her a kiss on the cheek. She made us stand for pictures and then we were

We got there fashionably late, but we could not get there any earlier, Alison could only make at that time.
Kris took her inside and kissed her hello.

I went in and saw the room, a huge dance floor, great band and gold and silver decorations everywhere. At
one table were our crew and their dates. We took our seats with Kris telling stories some of the memorable
stunts we pulled during our time at the school. We were just laughing up a storm when the dancing began.
Kris wanted to show off his fantastic moves and led Alison the floor.

Johnny, Tanner, Don and I decided to sit and watch the dancers. Then when the music hit, with some great
tunes, I got up and danced around. My dancing style wasn’t exactly the best but I had fun. The next slow
song I sat down and took pictures of my friends dancing. Kris and Alison looked happy, but Kris seemed to
be eying Melissa and Kevin. I made a note in my head to ask him about it later. I was too busy taking
pictures, when I accidentally banged into another person.

“I’m sorry,” I said and looked to see Derek there.

“It’s okay Matt.”

Smiling I asked. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m a chaperone. I wanted to see Kris, to make sure he was having a good time. He seems to be.” We both
looked at Alison and Kris enjoying the slow number, lips locked.

“Yeah, it was nice of you to get the manager to close down the restaurant to have our after party there, on
such short notice.”

“It was nothing. Most of you guys have been coming to that place for years. Are you having a great time?”

“Yeah, I just wished I had a date.”

“Sometimes it takes time to find the right guy, but it will happen, probably when you least expect it.”

At that moment the principal got up and asked us all to gather around, I said a quick goodbye and joined my

“Good evening. We have come to the part of the evening where we hand out the awards. To handle the
three major awards, our valedictorian will be naming the recipients. I guess we should announce who the
valedictorian for the class of 2009 is. You have chosen: Matthew Raymond.”

What? I couldn’t believe it, I assumed Kris would be named Valedictorian, he was the one most popular
seniors. Kris pushed me and I went to stand by our principal.

“Congratulations, Mr. Raymond.”

“Thank you, sir.” I looked out and the room was cheering. They were cheering for me. I took it in and went
over the microphone. “Thank you, I really didn’t expect this.”

Then from the back of the room, someone called out: “Who voted for this fag to be valedictorian?” Looking
around I saw a guy I knew was called Clinton, he was the younger brother of Lee, the guy who used to beat
me up my first year.

Then another voice spoke up, it was Johnny: “I did, Clinton.”

Tanner spoke too. “So did I.”

Lisa and Melissa spoke at the same time. “We did too.”

“Do you have a problem with this?” Kris said with such force.

“Yeah, I do. I don’t want… this guy to speak for me.” Clinton spit at Matt.

The entire place was at a stand still. Then Don spoke with such force that I never expected it.

“Then get the fuck out of our school. NOW! Matt is one of the best in our class, he has brilliant mind and is
able to help people. WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU DONE?”

Clinton looked pissed, “Who the fuck do you think you are?”

“I am Matt’s friend. We’re all Matt’s friends.” Don spoke with confidence. “What are you?”

“The person who’s going to kick your ass!”

Tanner, Johnny and Kris had rounded up on him. “I don’t think so.”

They were about to punch him in the face when the Principal screamed in the microphone. “THAT IS

As he was going Kevin held him up at the door long enough for Brady to pull his pants and boxers down for
the crowd to see is little 4 inch dick.

I was stunned, and watched as the principal nodded to Brady and he then walked the guy to the office.
Without thinking Kris and Tanner were by my side.

“I am alright, Kris.” I whispered in his ear. Don spoke again to the room at large.

“When I was going through some troubles at home with my parents divorce, Matt treated me like a brother
and listened to me. That is why I voted for him.”

Johnny spoke next: “He is one of the brightest kids I know, he always spoke from the heart.”

Tanner added. “He is the rock that held our friendship together. He is the master of pranks and he is best
person I know who should represent our class.”

Kris yelled: “He’s hot too.” The crowd laughed at that. “Let’s hear it for Matt.”  The roomed screamed and I
was speechless. I never realized how much of a friend I was to the crew let alone our senior year. 

“I just want to say thank you. I will do my best to make you proud.”

Once the cheering ended I was given an envelope. The principal announced it was my duty to give out the
three awards of the evening. Thinking on my feet was always a challenge. “I know you guys want to get on
with the fun so I’ll make this brief. Our first award is the SPORTS MVP of YEAR. The winner is… Tanner

Tanner was just as shocked as I was as he came up and accepted his trophy. The crowd applauded and
Tanner took a bow before he went back to stand with his friends. I spoke again, feeling a little more
confident. “Moving along, our second award goes to our most popular classmate. MISTER POPULAR is Kris

I applauded the loudest as he came up to collect his bigger trophy and received a kiss on the cheek from
Alison. I was given a paper with the envelope. Reading, “The person who made THE PRINCIPAL’S LIST, our
smartest classmate, who received the top marks in every subject and an incredible GPA, is Johnny Kramer.”

This surprised me even more. I really thought I was one of the smartest in our class but I recall Johnny
always seemed to outshine me in our tests, not to mention getting a great percentage on our scholarship

After Johnny collected his trophy I was given one last envelope. It’s time to award your class’s prom king
and queen. You voted for your king to be: Kris Stanton.”

Kris bowed and went to center of the dance floor as the room cheered. “Your queen is: Melissa Rogers!”

With some encouragement from Kevin, Melissa went to join Kris.

The music began to play. Kris and Melissa looked at each other. From what I could see they looked like they
belonged together. The music and dancing continued for the next few hours.

One of the kids in our class, who usually kept to himself, approached me and personally wanted to mention
that he voted for me as valedictorian. I was grateful and Felix said he wanted to say hi and left to dance.

At 11:00 pm, our whole crew and our dates headed to the restaurant for the after party. It blew my mind
how well it was decorated; there was more food, and alcohol. Tanner and I drank a beer and went to sit

“Matt, I wanted to congratulate you on becoming the Valedictorian. You are by far the glue that held our
crew together so Kris made it his mission to get you that honour. You must feel happy.”

“Yes, I am. It shocked me, I won’t lie to you, but the problem is, I’m going to have to give speech in front of
everyone. I have no idea what to say or how to say it.”

“Matty, you know what to say to everybody. You’ll think of something,” Something else came to mind and I
asked Tanner a serious question. “Are you going to miss us?”

“I’ll be honest, yes. I really thought you and Kris would never make up. But now that you have I wish I could
have stayed.”

“Yeah, but keep in mind the whole group is breaking up anyway when we go to college.”

“True,” he raised a glass. “Here’s to us.”

“To us.”

Kris called us over so we joined the entire crew. I looked at each one and saw some of the best friends I
could ever have. We spent the night laughing and drinking. Around three, Derek made us all leave and
Johnny drove me home.

“Aren’t you going with Lisa?” I asked as we got into the car.

“No, we had a fight.”

“Really? I didn’t see that.”

“Yeah, I don’t want to talk about that, to put it simply. I don’t like what she says when she gets drunk. She
said some horrible, nasty things.”

“That is so horrible. I’m sorry bro. Do you want to talk about it?”

“In all honesty, I just want to sleep.” He said as we pulled up outside my house.

“Johnny, if you want you can spend the night.”

“Yeah? I am so tired.”

I laughed and helped him into the house. He came to my bedroom and as I was getting undressed, he

“Matt, I was wondering if you would help me with something. I’ve been thinking about this for a few
months. Lisa thought it was stupid,” Johnny took his pony tail out and you could see the blue dye in his
more dramatically with his long brown hair.

I was pulling off my shirt and looked at the fully dressed Johnny. “Yeah?”

“I want to know what fucking a guy is like, and I want that guy to be someone I trust.”

Thinking about this, I asked: “You want to fuck me?”

“Yes. Plus, you haven’t had sex in a while, so this could kill two birds with one stone.”

“How did you know?”

“Matt, we’ve known each other for four years, I know a lot about you.”

I really didn’t know what to say. “Are you trying to see if you’re playing for the wrong team?”

“No. I know I’m one hundred percent straight. I just want to know what it feels like. I’m sure you had an
inkling about experiencing a girl?”

“Honestly, I haven’t.” I was already in my boxers, not really knowing what to think. “Why me?”

“Because you’re great guy and I’m sure you know how to please a man.”

“That is true.” I smiled.

“Have you and Kris ever?”

“Nope. He’s not interested in guys and I doubt he ever will be.”

“But you want to do it with him?”

“Honestly, yes I do. That being said, our friendship is more important to me, and sex will never be on the

“Never say never.”

“I won’t keep my hopes up.”

After a long silence Johnny asked again. “So do you want to?”

I gave him my answer…


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