Written by Andy with help from Big ‘D’.
Posted:   September 25, 2011


Matt’s POV

Then one of my friends started to move. I couldn’t stop crying. Slowly, Derek got up. He walked over towards me and Kris. He was limping and holding his arm as if it might be broken. I was a wreck. He and I bent down and moved the breathing Kris from the side of the road to the bottom of the porch steps of my house.

Derek looked at him. “It’s all right Matt, he just fainted. He’ll come around in his own time. I suggest you take him up into the house and let him rest.”

Looking at Derek, his injuries seemed extremely bad. “What about you, Derek? Your arm looks horrible.” He held it and said he was okay. “Go be with your best friend. It would probably be best if we never mention that I saved his life.”

Knowing Kris was alive and well I went and hugged Derek. After telling the driver of the car that he and Kris were okay he left us and headed off on his own, hopefully to get his arm checked out. The driver left soon after.

Carefully, I carried Kris to his bedroom, struggling with the weight of his growing body, once there I stripped Kris to his boxers and lay him on the bed. I watched Kris from my desk, taking off my own clothes. After about 30 minutes, Kris woke up.

“Matt? What happened?”

“There was minor accident. What was the last thing you remember?”

“I remember walking over here, wanting to apologize to you. I wanted to tell you that I love and miss your friendship. You are my best friend, and my brother. I love you and I am sorry.”

“Kris, for the last six days, I wanted to tell you how much your friendship means to me. I could never cope with losing you.”

As Kris regained his bearings he looked over at my door and saw the words that he had scrawled there. I tried as hard as I could to wash them off but they wouldn’t fade. In the end I gave up and left them there as a reminder of what had happened. Kris had tears in his eyes.

“I’m sorry for doing that. I’m sorry for even having those kinds of thoughts running through my head. I love you, Matt, and I accept you completely for who you are.”

“It’s okay, Kris, I shouldn’t have said what I did either. It was terrible of me to use the drinking against you, and then to say what I did about Nathan and you, I can’t believe you’d ever want to forgive me.”

“I was mad as hell at you, Matt. I couldn’t believe you would say something like that, but I know now that it was all in the heat of the moment and that you didn’t mean any of it. I was just too stubborn to see that. Your friendship means the world to me, and as much as I’ve tried to tell myself otherwise these past few months, there has been a massive whole in my life and the only person who can, and will ever, fill it is you.”

“I feel the same way. I’ve never had a brother or a best friend really, but you are like both rolled in to one. I’ve never met another person who I could ever just really relax and be myself with, even Jacob. You bring out the best in me, Kris.”

“And you bring out the best in me too, Matt. It’s like we need each other around in our lives to keep us sane and on track.”

“It really is,” I said, smiling. “Nothing could ever break the bond that’s formed between us.”

“I knew from the very first day I met you that you were something special. There was just a feeling I had somewhere deep inside me that told me you were different from anyone else, and when you helped me in the principal’s office, well, that just confirmed it.”

“You’ve helped me more than I could ever put into words too, Kris. You opened up a door for me to have friends and be a part of your crew, which is something I would have never had without you. I would probably have been some loner, sat alone in his room, studying or wallowing in his own self pity, a lot like I have been since our fight.”

“And you’re the only one I really feel I can trust, and I don’t just mean with silly secrets, I mean with my life. I can open up to you when I don’t feel like I can to anyone else and know that you won’t think any less of me. Through the alcohol problems and things with Nathan, you were by my side and I can’t thank you enough, Matt.”

“It’s funny. It feels like when we’re together we can face anything and beat it, yet when we’re alone we’re not strong enough. I can’t even begin to count the number of times I cried myself to sleep because you weren’t my best friend any more. I wanted to make everything right with you, to go back to how we were but I just didn’t know what to say or if it would work.”

“I felt the same way but after that text message I sent I didn’t think you’d ever want to talk to me. I regretted sending that the minute I pressed send, but it was too late. I should have never blamed you for breaking up my relationships. It wasn’t your fault, it was their problem for not seeing how great you are and what you mean to me. And I’m sorry for ruining your relationship.”

“That’s okay, Kris. I knew as soon as he reacted the way he did, that things weren’t meant to be. I don’t blame you anymore.”

“Here…” Kris said, reaching into his pants pocket as they lay on the floor. He pulled out the ‘N’ necklace. “I’ve kept this in my pocket the whole time, hoping you’d come back for it. Now you’re here with me I want you to have it back. If you’ll take it that is…”

I smiled and took the necklace, slipping it around my neck. “Of course I’ll wear it. When I have this around my neck I feel as if I’m carrying a part of you with me and when it dangles so close to my heart it feels like it’s symbolic because you’ll always have a place in my heart… brother.”

Kris smiled and held out his arms. I went to him and we hugged each other stronger than we ever did in the past. We almost knocked the breath out of the other. It felt so good to be back in his arms and to have the smooth skin on his cheek against mine. I turned my head and kissed him on the cheek. Kris then pulled back and looked directly in my eyes. He leaned forward and planted a big wet kiss on my lips.

I pulled back, somewhat shocked. Kris chuckled. “You’re the only guy I could ever kiss like that.”

“Why did you kiss me?” I asked.

“Because I wanted to seal this friendship with something more than a hug to prove how much you mean to me and I think I just did.”

“You’re right, you did. But that’s enough of that. Brothers shouldn’t kiss each other. It’s weird.”

Kris chuckled and pulled me onto the bed, unbuttoning my pants and ripping them off. My shirt quickly followed and I was left in nothing but my boxers. I wondered what was going on until Kris climbed into bed and pulled me back against him, his arms around my chest so he was spooning me. He rested his cheek against mine again and whispered in my ear.

“Let’s just sleep like this, can we, brother? I want to hold you close and never let you go.”

“That sounds perfect,” I said. No more words were spoken that night as we both drifted off to sleep but I knew as I slept contentedly with Kris’s arms around me that while he may physically let go of me, emotionally we would be tied together for life.

When we woke the next morning, having had the best night’s sleep either of us had ever had, it was like I had never lost my best friend. Kris was a little antsy to start the day and get the crew back together, so he started dialing numbers. They knew right away Kris and I were friends again. It being Sunday, the crew decided to meet at Tanner’s for the football game. He had the biggest TV of them all.

I watched Kris get animated when his team were winning and then heartbroken when they eventually lost. After the game Kris and I told them about the car accident and how it drove us back together. I made sure not to mention Derek.

After dinner, Kevin asked Kris a question.

“Now that everything is back to normal, are you okay with me seeing Melissa? I know you guys were an item around Christmas and how you stormed off the other night at Matt’s party, so I wanted to be sure.”

I had forgotten all about the party. Kris looked mad. It seemed he forgot about it too. “Of course, I talked to Melissa right after and we are just friends now. Although, she did mention she likes my dick more than yours.”  At that the group laughed.

Johnny was reasonably quiet for the most of the night so I asked what was on his mind. Instead of answering right away he spoke to Tanner. “Tanner, are you really moving back to Canada for school?”

“Yes, I really missed all my chums from Toronto and with the way our crew was fracturing I needed to get away. I will come back to see you guys when I can, of course.”

Then Don added. “We’ll miss you. You’ve always been a great when I needed to vent about my parents.”

“Oh come on, no more crying, Tanner isn’t leaving us yet. We still have to finish our year and we have the big soccer game coming up.” Kris suggested.

“Of course, then we’ve got prom and after prom parties to get geared up for.” Johnny piped up.

Kevin asked a little sarcastically, “You going to dress up all gay like Matt?”

I laughed. “Of course, a nice pink bowtie and a matching jacket. I was going to ask you to be my date.”

“Aw, Matty, I wanted to go with the cutest gay guy in school.” Tanner said with a straight face before the room erupted with laughter. 

Brady turned to Kris, “You going to go stag or you going to ask Alison to the prom?”

I was wondering that too. I think Kris loved Melissa and Alison equally.

“Depends if she will put out or not…” Kris said and the evening continued with many comments, and stories. One of the things I missed the most about hanging with my friends.


DEREK: February 7, 2009. - IT’S TIME!

After leaving the scene of the minor car accident I knew Kris and Matt were on the mend. I looked down at my arm and it was still moving. I couldn’t have hurt too badly. As I kept walking home my arm was feeling much better. I guess the car stopped suddenly enough that the impact didn’t cause too much damage. I called James as soon as left Matt’s house. I told him it wasn’t a serious accident and I should be home relatively quickly.

I could tell by the way the call ended that something was up, so I quickened my step. By the time I arrived at the house the lights were on and there seemed to be a roar of excitement inside. Stopping at the front door I noticed two small cuts, one on my arm and another on my cheek.

Then the front door swung open. I felt a set of hands hugging me. Then a pair of lips found mine and I knew instantly who it was. The way the tongue slipping into my mouth and seemed to make love to my own. The way the hands ran through my hair, pulling me in close as if it was the last kiss either of us would ever have and we never wanted it to end.

I opened my eyes. “Hello, babe, I take it you missed me?”

“Of course, I wanted to surprise you.”

We walked in and James was making tea for us.

“That was one hell of a surprise.” I said, while Samuel looked me over.

“Hon, are you sure you’re okay? Do we need to take you to the hospital?”

“I’m okay,” I told them what happened and then Rick appeared from the kitchen.

I got up and hugged him. It was sweet to realize I may have lost my original family due to my actions but now I had found a new family. Rick punched me on the arm.

“What was that for?” I asked.

“You left us again.” He said, jokingly. I slapped him on the side of the head playfully and before it got to out of hand. James spoke up.

“Don’t wreck the furniture.” At that, we all sat and had some tea.

“Sorry,” Rick said. “We just really missed him. Derek is like an uncle to me now.”

“And he’s even more than that to me,” Samuel said with a mischievous smile.

“I’m so happy to see you here, babe. I knew I missed you but just now how much. I can’t believe I ever made it without you.”

Samuel leaned over and took my hand in his, lacing our fingers together. We stared into each other’s eyes and just held each other’s gaze.

“Well, I’m feeling the need for something sweet. Do you fancy coming with me to grab some ice cream or something, Rick? My treat… James said.

“What? But… OH!” Rick said. Without looking at him I could tell there was a smile on his face.

I heard the front door close but I still hadn’t taken my eyes from Samuel’s. There was fire burning behind them and before I knew it he lunged across the room and had me pinned down. His lips found mine again with his hands running all over my body, quickly undoing my pants and pulling my shirt over my head.

Still straddling me, he ripped his own shirt off and my dick sprung up instantly seeing his amazing muscular body that I had missed so much. He looked even bigger than I remembered and I wanted to run my hands all over him.

He stood up and pulls his pants off, pulling me up into a deep kiss. When he pulled back he looked me in the eye and asked, “have you been with anyone since you left me?”

I was a bit taken aback by that, but the look of total lust in his eyes soon had me shaking my head to the negative.

“Good,” he said, “I can’t wait to fuck you senseless. I’ve got so much cum stored up in my balls that I’ve been saving for you and there’s only one place I want to shoot it.”

The next thirty minutes were almost a blur of passion, love and sex. Samuel picked me up and carried me into the nearest bedroom, which was luckily mine. He lay me down on the bed and dropped to his knees, devouring my cock like a starving man.

After no more than a minute I forced him to turn into a 69 because I couldn’t wait to get my lips around his hot cock. We were in such a frenzy we were just fucking each other’s faces. It would a little rough but it was just what we needed to work out all our sexual frustrations.

As he was working my dick so good he moved his hand down and slid a finger in my ass. It had been so long since he had been in my ass that I couldn’t wait and I just begged him to fuck me. That was it then. We were done with any pretence and foreplay. I handed Samuel the lube I kept for jerking off and he quickly applied it to my ass and his dripping cock before he rammed his hard, bare dick inside me and started fucking me for all he was worth.

Having not been fucked for quite a while there was quite a bit of pain but that added to the experience because I NEEDED to feel Samuel inside me, fucking me, making me his, and that is exactly what he did.

His dick fucked in and out of me constantly with me on my back the whole time so that we could look into each other’s eyes and he would often lean in to make out with me while he fucked me better than he ever had before. He pounded me so hard and made me shoot the biggest load of my life without either of us ever having to touch my dick. When he finally exploded inside me it felt like a fire hose had gone off inside me there was that much cum.

He collapsed on the bed with me and we moved around which his cock still inside me so we were spooning and through exhaustion we fell asleep in each other’s arms with me still impaled on his hard cock that amazingly never left my ass all night.

Saturday arrived and I was hurting. Rick as usual was in his boxers eating cereal when I got up. “Dad, did you get that from last night?” He smiled wickedly.

“You uncle is a great lover.” I said as poured a bowl for me. How have you been Rick?”

“Good, things at the college are better than ever. You wouldn’t believe it. There are hottest girls there. But Kathy and I are inseparable and my grades are good.”

Samuel walked out naked. “Hey babe, James isn’t a fan of nudity.” I looked around. James is normally an early bird.

“Don’t worry, he said he was going to a friend’s house” Samuel said, while he kissed me on the lips. “He wanted us to have some alone time. And when Rick learned I was coming, he made it his mission to come along and see you.”

“What can I say? I missed him.”

“You don’t miss me?”

“You never leave.”

“Are you telling me to leave?”

“Would you leave if I told you?”

“Enough, I really wished I could go back with you tomorrow. I missed your fighting. It’s so awesome.”

We dressed and the three of us went to a nearby park close to the high school. I told them on my days off from the restaurant I went there to think.

“I thought it would be easy to talk to Kris again. But it wasn’t. Then recently I talked to Matt and we’ve been figuring out a way to sort things out between them, which had thankfully happened finally.”

“That’s good. Which means, you can finally talk to Kris,” Rick said encouragingly.

“Yeah, I think it’s time to see Kris.”  The time flew and Saturday turned to Sunday rather quickly. After one more night of passionate love making the family had to depart. They were kind enough the give me ride to work.  

“It was no nice to see you guys again. I love you both.”

“We love you too, baby.” Samuel said, pulling me in for another hot kiss, much like his welcome kiss.

“Yeah, we all love each other,” Rick said, joining in with our little gush fest.

I kissed Samuel again, not wanting to let him go and when I hugged Rick I was shocked to feel his lips press against mine. When he pulled back he winked at me and laughed. I shook my head and knew that I was gonna miss that guy, though not as much as I would miss his uncle; this weekend just made it more than clear that I was in love with Samuel.

At the restaurant my manager gave me letter. I looked at the sender’s name and wasn’t surprised that the letter was sent there and the not to the house.

Dear Derek

I wanted to thank you again for your advice. I went home and things started to get better. For one thing Mom and Larry are talking to me little more. I think they’ll come around eventually. Heath is being great to me too. A week after I returned he brought me a beer and we talked. As for school life things are hell. JJ, the most popular guy in school, still treats me like shit, and these two really big assholes, Ben and Josh, make it their mission to torment me.

I don’t let it affect me. I go work out when the stress gets too much. The good news is I actually got decent grades for college and Mom is even willing to commit some money to the tuition, so things seem to be working out.

Hope all is well,


The letter was sweet but before I could take it in I noticed there was something interesting happening at the table on the patio. Matt, Tanner and Brady were there having some food. A new character I hadn’t seen approached the table.

Going to the break room I opened the window and could hear the conversation.

“What do you want, Andy?”  Tanner said as Brady got up.

“I don’t want any trouble,” he said. I couldn’t see much so I risked going outside to the patio.

Tanner and Brady were standing protecting Matt from this huge person.

“Seriously, I don’t want any trouble.”

“Sure, then what do you want? The last time I saw you, you were beating the crap out of me.”

It was obvious this was a tense meeting because nobody even noticed I was there. “Then your buddies got me expelled and we moved away.”

“You deserved it.” Brady said strongly.

Andy looked straight at Matt. “I am sorry for how I treated you. I was a complete asshole. Being gay is a hard thing to be. I realize that now. I am sorry for all the bullying that occurred at my hands your first year.”

He put out his hand for Matt to shake. Matt looked Tanner and Brady but then asked. “What do you mean you realize?”

“When I moved away it was hard being the new kid in school. Then I met this football player who was so friendly and one thing led to another. I am gay. Surprisingly, nobody gave shit in world. It made rethink my ways so I came back to find you, to apologize.”

I felt for the kid, realizing you’ve made mistakes is always hard. It really reinforced that I needed to talk to Kris. I looked at Matt to see that he and Andy were hugging. I always liked that Matt could see the good in people. He, like Samuel, saw the good in me.

I left them to their meal, with Andy joining them, and clocked in. I was extremely happy. First Corey was doing well and it seemed Matt was doing great. Things couldn’t get any better. By the time my shift ended I received some generous tips. I was about to walk the short distance home when Matt seemed to be waiting at the front door.

“Derek, how are you? Get in, I will give you a ride home.”

That was totally unexpected but I got in and Matt and I chatted.

“I wanted to thank you for saving Kris’s life two nights ago. How are you feeling?”

“I’m doing well, Matt. Things are going great and the arm wasn’t broken, just sore from the hard fall.”

“That’s good,” We parked in the drive and moved to get out. He grabbed my arm. “Okay, me and Kris are friends again, check. Now you need to speak to Kris. I am more than positive he would want to reconnect with you.”

“I guess it’s time. But how?”

“I have a plan.”


Kris’s POV

It was now Monday, the weekend had been quite eventful for me. I didn’t even get laid once. As school started, Matt and I drove to school. He was wearing nice pants and a button down shirt with my brother’s necklace around his neck.

“The necklace looks good on you, bro.”

We made small chat, he told me about the Andy conversation in more detail. By the time we got to our first class, a girl was waving at Matt. We sat next to her.

“Hey, Lisa, did you just get here? You remember Kris…”

I stood up and bowed to her. “Morning, m’lady.” Tanner having walked in with Brady laughed. What the fuck was so funny? I spun around looking for the joke. “What?”

Brady answered “Nice buttcrack.”  We laughed and the day passed by so quickly. I met up with Melissa, she and Kevin seemed to be doing well.

“It’s official,” Kevin told us at lunch, ”Brady, Melissa and I are going to college and joining this fucking awesome fraternity.”

Johnny looked at them, “They’re probably going to haze you with some gay act.”

“That’s okay, I’m sure Matt would be able to prepare them.” I said. Matt laughed and spilled his coke.

After school I decided it was time do something about my body. We had 8 months until college began. So I forced Matt to go to the high school gym with me.

We went there and started a routine. I mentioned that we need to keep our bodies fit.

“Kris, there is nothing wrong with your body. You will be great for that soccer game.”

“I’m just the coach I’m not playing in it. Besides, you and I both had a burger and fries. Not exactly the best meal option.”

“I’ve made a decision. I’m going to college with you.” Matt said

“What about your scholarship and plans to go abroad?”

“I’ll be able to see England anytime. I want to spend my college life with you.”

“When did you decide this?”

“Yesterday, I even have a few connections there, and I got in easily.”

All the shock of that was too hard for me to handle right now. I sat down. “I applied already and I was a shoe in with my family connection to that place.”

“I know, my connection told me about that.”

“Who is your connection?”

“I’ll tell you later Kris. Lets finish the workout.”

We chatted through our routine, then I brought up a subject. “You, know it’s good we’re back to being good friends.”

“Why is that?”

“Because, then I don’t have worry about fucking up like I did with everybody else. I can be me and you will still love you.”

“Of course, I’m sure we’ll have our fights in the future but we’ll come through them.” We walked to the showers and Matt made a call to his mother saying he would be home late for dinner.

“Kris, was Derek one of the people you think you fucked up with?”  I still hated talking about the past and anything connected to Nathan, but it was Matt who was asking. I have never not been honest with him.

“Yeah, you know what happened. It was the heat of the moment.”

“And your temper is starting to become legendary.” He said finishing my thought. I was just getting dressed and looked at Matt’s naked body, then laughed. “You’re right. Telling him to leave was the biggest mistake I ever made. He was such a good guy and everything.”

“That’s good. He’s waiting outside and wants to see you too.”

I dropped my shirt on the floor and stared at Matt. The thoughts were zooming through my head. I told him to get out and that I hadn’t seen him for five years. Where had he been? Did I miss him? Then I voiced my last three thoughts.

“HOW? WHAT? WHERE?” I didn’t even realize I was smiling.

“Come on I’ll take you to him.”

I got dressed very quickly and we out the door. In the parking lot was man standing around with long brown beard and short hair. I stared right into his eyes. Then Matt pushed me and I ran towards him and he ran towards me.

We slammed into each other and hugged for maybe a minute, or an hour, who knows? We both spoke at the same time. “I’m so sorry.”


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