Written by Andy with special help from Big 'D'

Posted:  September 11, 2011

Kris’s POV

I stormed out of Matt’s life. That cold day happened four weeks ago. During that month I put on a brave face, but my friends knew something was wrong with me. Nobody approached me about the details though. Essentially things had changed dramatically in that past month. Matt no longer hung out with us; he just went to class and then went home. That was alright by me, everybody I cared about had left me. Why would Matt be any different?

Remembering, Nathan’s death; it was my entire fault. I didn’t stop him from becoming the boozer he became. Then in the heat of the moment at the hospital I told Derek to leave and I haven’t seen him since. But with Matt it was different, I did nothing wrong; sure I may have hit him, but the comments he threw out at me were out of line.

The time Matt left me after his break up with Jacob haunts me still. But there was some good news to come from this current fight; I hadn’t picked up a drink, not even once. I couldn’t. A lot of things kept me going through that hard time.

Johnny, Brady, Kevin and Don had been so good to me. Knowing what happened to me the first year in high school; each one took turns to make sure I wasn’t alone for long periods of time. All of them decided to not mention Matt to me, or even ask about the fight. I was pretty sure Matt already told them what occurred, but, I am glad they respected my privacy.

What I didn’t expect around the middle of October was a phone call from Melissa. We hadn’t spoken since I saw her in the restaurant that one evening.

“Hey Kris.”

“Melissa. How are you doing?” I tried to keep the conversation friendly.

“I’m doing well. I have seen you in class lately and you seem to be down a lot more than normal.”

“Yeah, just some personal stuff, “I said. I tried my best to keep the hurt from my voice.

“We may not be dating anymore Kris, but you can still trust me. I’m coming over.”  I thought about protesting but agreed instead.

Naturally, I looked at my bedroom, with clothes everywhere. We couldn’t meet here. So she mentioned Johnny’s place.

“You know Johnny, “ I inquired.

“Yeah, we’re in the same Phys Ed class this year. One day after school, he asked to talk. I thought he was trying to pick me up. But, he was worried about you.”

Johnny and Brady had been great friends since their grandmother died. Johnny had been around my place at least three times as much as my other friends.   

After she hung up, I drove to Johnny’s place and he and Brady greeted me at the door.

“Kris, thanks for coming, I knew Melissa would be able to get you to come by. She’s in my bedroom waiting for us.”

As we walked up the stairs, Brady mentioned about meeting somebody and left Johnny and Melissa with me. As I banged the door opened, Melissa sprang up and gave me a hug.

“Johnny told me all about the fight you guys have had. I was shocked something so small as where you are going to university would break you guys up.”

Johnny added, “There is more to the story isn’t there Kris?”

I can’t believe I walked into an ambush. I never liked talking about myself, my feelings and my thoughts; the only one I ever let in was Matt. But even after all this time, it was hard not to hold back. But first another question needed to be asked…

“Melissa, why are you here? We haven’t spoken in almost three years, not since we broke up. Sure we passed each other in the school. Why all of the sudden, you have taken an interest in me?”

Melissa looked outraged! “Fuck you Kris. Seriously, when Johnny told me what occurred and asked me to help, I felt sorry for you.”

“I DON’T NEED YOUR PITY! OKAY?” I said without thinking. I don’t know what had come over me. Ever since Matt and I fought, the outbursts kept on coming.

Johnny spoke: “When I spoke about you to her she just wanted to help you. Believe it or not Kris, she still cares about you.”

“I’m sorry Melissa.”

“It’s alright, I should have been more understanding, and losing Matt is like losing a brother.” 

She didn’t know about Nathan, nobody knew about it. I needed to control my emotions more. But with that simple phrase I lost it. The tears started coming. Melissa held me.

Johnny asked, comfortingly, “Do you want to discuss what happened?”

“I guess I should… I need to tell somebody. Essentially, the night I lost Alison started this.” I told them everything Matt said about his drinking, how I might turn out like my brother, Nathan. I told them who he was and they were both floored with that insight.

“I cannot believe Matt would say something like that. I understood Matt was little controlling but to actually say he wishes you were dead.”

Melissa seemed sceptical. “What brought this on Kris? There must have been something you said. Did you blame him for losing Alison?”

“No!” I said to defensively.

“Do you blame him?” She said knowingly.

“Yes I do! She resented the fact we were so close to each other. I blamed Matt for making me tell him about my brother.”

“Hold on Kris, he didn’t make you tell him that. That is not Matt.” Johnny said.

“He sat on me and practically wouldn’t let go of me until I told him about Nathan. I didn’t want anyone to know about him.”

“Wait a minute, Matt forced you to tell him about your brother, and Alison dumped you because you wouldn’t reveal that aspect of your life to her, and that Matt and you are closer than she was with you?”

“Yep,” I said

“Then, he went off about your brother and commented on drinking and stuff like that?”

“Yes! Guys, please don’t mention my brother to anybody. Every time I think about him it hurts. Matt knows that more than anyone.”

Melissa got up. “Now I’m fucking pissed. I don’t care how mad you are at someone you don’t use a dead relative in a fight, that’s an unforgivable sin.”

Kris moaned, “He said I wished you dead.”

The bedroom door opened and Brady came in with Matt.

“What is he doing here?!” I shouted.

“Being forced against my own will.” Matt said.

“FUCK YOU! This is all your fault, take your stupid prancing little faggot ass and leave before I physically push it out a window.”

“I didn’t even want to be here. I’m leaving, oh and by the way, you owe me 100 bucks for the paint on my door, you son of bitch. Oh and this is for you.”

He took a necklace with N on it and dangled it in front of my face before throwing it at my head so hard I started to bleed.

“Oh, one more thing, Stanton…”  He punched me in groin, “That’s for hitting me! Goodbye!”


Matt’s POV

I walked out of Johnny’s house that night and couldn’t believe how angry I was. I told Brady I didn’t want to talk Kris, especially after what happened. It was one of the reasons I never wanted to make friends with people, something always goes wrong First with Daniel, then with Jacob, then with Jack; now my best friend and I are fighting.

It did feel good to hit the bastard. Six weeks of peace and quiet, without Kris and his stupid antics, and I was on track for the scholarship test. I knew I was going to do very well.  I know the crew missed me, everybody tried to talk to me, but I told that that as long as Kris was there I wouldn’t show my face.

I am grateful for Brady and Johnny trying to help mend the friendship, but I knew Kris was the only one who could fix it.  I did my best to be his friend; I was there during his hard and low times.  

Something inside of me wanted Kris to get hurt while playing football.  I actually went to the games to watch hoping someone would hit him in the knees or hit him so hard he’d get a lasting concussion.  Kris only played for one reason, to impress the girls.

Two weeks later I got up and walked to school, Kris was nowhere in sight, all his crew ignored me as well. Kevin even took my clothes and threw them outside after Phys Ed. That night, I cried myself to sleep. I guess I lost those friends too and would miss the last home football game.  

Mom tried to be understanding and kept her distance. She knew I was a big boy who could take care of himself. Maybe she was wrong. All I knew was that in the last week, deep down I realized I missed Kris being in my life. Sure the anger was still there but Kris was the only one I truly respected as a friend and equal. I needed him as much as he needed me.

The next day as November began I got a knock on the door. It was Sunday morning, so I was surprised to see Tanner there. Out of all the guys, he was the only guy who continued to talk to me throughout this whole ordeal; even after most of the crew abandoned me.

“Matt, listen, this has gone far enough. You and Kris need to get back together.”

“No. I appreciate your help, but we need to correct this by ourselves.”

“I heard Kris’s side of it. What’s your side of what happened?”

“He played an awful joke and I lost my boyfriend because of it.” 

“Matt, when Kris told us about that, I will be 100 percent honest, I thought it was funny. If Jack really knew you, then he would know you and Kris weren’t a couple. Plus, he was just getting back at you for the prank you pulled on him last year. Ever since the Jacob prank both of you were trying to one-up each other.” 

Thinking about it, Tanner was right.  That evil joke last September needed a comeback. Jack should have known it was a joke. 

“There has to be more to fight than that though, something must have happened?”

“I wanted to get my studying done and I wanted some peace. He wouldn’t give me any and to add that to the joke and the drinking and partying, he was becoming just like his brother.”

“His brother?”  Tanner asked. “He has a brother?”

“Fuck! Kris trusted me not to mention it.”

“Don’t worry, Matt, you can trust me. I will never ever mention it to Kris. Believe me.”

I did, so I told him what Nathan was like from the limited information Kris told me about him. Then Tanner spoke, which explained a lot. “I met Kris on the curb at middle school, he seemed upset and sad, I thought it was because his mother was late to pick him up. That would be around the time his brother died. We became friends instantly and the crew was formed.”

“I never knew that story. That does seem right. I just wanted Kris to be good and not let the fun and drinks go to his head. He might drink the wrong thing. Then it might become worse and who knows where that will lead?”

“If that happened, Matt, then you would be there for him. He told you personal shit, he didn’t tell Alison, he didn’t tell me, and he didn’t tell his other friends. You and he are some of the best friends I have ever seen in my life. Kevin and Brady have been friends since they were born and they still keep secrets from each other.”

“Kris is just being Kris, is that it?” I said

“Yeah, essentially; He lost his brother at young age right? He probably never learned the brotherly stuff that older brothers teach the younger ones.”

Tanner was always smart. “You might be on to something. Brothers are there to make sure their little brothers don’t fuck up.”

With those thoughts in my head I finally found some rational thoughts. I went to Kris to try and make amends, going to Stanton house. Kris answered the door in his shorts and a hat turned backwards.

“What the fuck do you want, Matt?” he asked more with his nose in the air.

“I wanted to apologize for how I treated you. I was wrong.”

“Yes you were. Goodbye!”  He shut the door in my face. About a minute later as I drove back home I received a text from him.

“Fuck off, Matt seriously. We have nothing left to talk about. If you try to come back here again I will put you in the hospital.”

I went home sulking, climbed up to my bedroom, and cried. I can’t believe I lost the only friend I truly loved.


Derek’s POV

December 2: 2008: I am confused about what to do.

When I heard about the fight between Kris and Matt all I could do was blame myself. James did his best to comfort me but it was really no use. I should never have run away. I should never have stayed away for five years.

That night, Samuel called me: “How are you holding up, love?”

“I’m doing fine. Kris and Matt have pretty much stopped talking. I still blame myself. I shouldn’t have stayed away for so long.”

“Love, I love you more than anything, you know this is not your fault. Bad things happen to good people. That’s why you went on your journey. Everybody you have encountered, you either helped or they helped you.”

“No. That’s so not true. I was running away from my family.”

“What about Hayden, that kid you met at the church? He helped you move on and deal with the immediate guilt. Kendall and Noah helped you see that drinking is not the answer. Rick helped you come back to me. Then there are the guys you helped: Corey who was dealing with the harsh reality of being a gay person in a straight community; Scott, being confused with his bisexuality, and Colt who had issues with his brother. You even helped that Don guy return to his family. I was shocked he finally went back.”

“You’re right. This long journey has been good. I guess I’ve never seen it like that. I spent most of that journey walking from town to town. It was a harsh life.”

“Come back to me soon, Derek, I miss you.”

“I will, love, I love you a lot. I just need to fix Kris first.”

“It sounds like now would be the best time. Go be a brother to him.”

“I don’t think so. I need to wait until this feud blows over. I know Kris is a good man and he will come to his senses, plus, with his violent behaviour these last few months, I would probably get a black eye.”

“So Kris has never had any violent outbursts before?”

“James says the fight was the first time he hit somebody or really lost his temper.”

“I see. Well love, I got to get some sleep, I need to be at work early, and the rock wall is almost finished.”

“I still can’t believe Steve let you take control of the Rec Center after he retired. Not that you’re not capable of it, I just never thought he would ever give up control of it.”

“I’m surprised he never thought of putting making the pool bigger in that place, all the hot gay dudes walking around in the speedos, especially wet ones.”

“Yeah, Kris might actually go to that school. I’m sure the rec center will be one of the first items on his list of things to do.”

“It will be fun, just like the next time I see you.”

“Oh yeah? And just what do you think will happen?”

“Well, after the last time we were together I think it’s time I let you return the favour and have your beautiful dick inside me for hours on end, fucking me until I can’t take any more.”

“Oh babe, I miss you do much. I’ve give anything to be there right now, fucking your hot ass.”

“Me too. I’m almost becoming desperate to feel you deep inside me again… Fuck! I’d better go or I’ll never get to sleep. I know where this conversation will lead us.”

“To our special little happy place… I’ll be going there tonight regardless, thinking about being with you again. I might even hold a pillow in my arms so I can pretend it’s you.”

“I love you, baby.”

“I love you too.”

“Goodnight, my love.”


The next day, after an afternoon walk, I saw one of Kris’s friends by a tree outside and went over to him to ask what was wrong. He seemed upset.

“Hey, are you okay?” I asked. I was being a little risky talking to Kris’s friend. If he told Kris I was in town he would probably be pissed. I wanted to talk to Kris, but it needed to be on my terms.

“I’m fine.“

“No, you’re not. You’re far from it.” I caught myself from saying his name, Tanner.

Over the last few months, James had been telling me about Tanner and the rest of Kris’s friends. I was surprised at how closely James had been keeping an eye on them in my absence. It should have been something I had done.

“Who are you? I haven’t seen you around the neighbourhood.”

“My name is Derek, but don’t change the subject. What’s wrong?”

For the life of me I will never understand how people keep confiding in me. Tanner was no different from the rest of people I had spoken to on my travels. But being so close to Kris, allowed me to pay extra attention to Tanner’s story. 

We spent the next two hours talking, with Tanner telling me a little bit about Canada and how he vacationed there last summer. He said he really missed his old school chums and wanted to reconnect with some past girlfriends.

“I think I want to go to school in Canada, go back to my roots,” he said after a few minutes of thought. I really took a shining to this guy.

“Go then, what is keeping you here?” I was pretty sure Kris and the crew were.

“To be honest nothing is. My two best friends have stopped talking to each other, and when we get together now it’s just not the same.”

I was taken aback by his response. “What you mean? What has changed?”

“Well, me and the crew have been good friends for all of high school. Sure we had the occasional fight or argument but when we were down we made each other better. When my friend’s grandmother was in hospital, the whole crew went to support him and his brother. It was touching. When the chips were down, we were there for each other. When Nana passed away the guys were all there for them.”

“Those are marks of true friendship. My first two boyfriends I trusted with my life and we supported each other through many bad times. My best friend of 20 years even made sure I saw the truth, even though it hurt. What has changed with you guys though?”

Tanner thought about it, I could see him trying to put the words together. “Basically, the crew are divided now. We hang out but it’s been awhile since we all hung out together and I miss the closeness we once had. The closeness I had with chums in Canada.”

“I understand that. The only advice I can give you is to follow your heart. Do you go to Canada with people you understand and like? Or do you stay here and wait for two friends to settle their differences?”

I stood up and tried to leave but he grabbed my arm. “What would you do?”

“I’ve made many mistakes in my life, although, in the end it worked out. I would simply listen to your heart. The answers are in there. You may regret the decision, but soon after you will know it was the right one.”

I left Tanner to think about this.


Kris’s POV

It was nearly Christmas. I was not doing too well. The moment I sent that text to Matt I instantly regretted it. I sat in my bedroom, which was still a mess, as always, thinking back over the last few years; Matt helping me in the principal’s office; holding Matt after I told him about Nathan and gave him the necklace; the trip to New York with Matt in our second year that was so much fun; staying up all night during New Year’s Eve in our third year. We had so many good times and now we had thrown it all away.

One little prank and one misunderstanding changed everything. Sure, everybody left me; my brother died, Derek left, Melissa dumped me because of Matt, Matt left in my time of need. Fuck, now even Tanner is thinking about leaving. He and his father are checking out schools in Toronto and Montreal.

It was just after dinner with my folks when the phone rang.

“Hello.”  The voice said.

“Hello, who is this?” I replied.

“Sorry, wrong number.” They hung up.

That was strange, the voice was oddly familiar, and then my cell phone rang.

It was Melissa. She wanted to come over and talk, so a few minutes later she came over. She sat on my bed. “Hey Kris. How are you tonight?”

“Good. And you?” I lied. She looked at my blond hair and blue eyes and knew I was lying too.

“Great, I just wanted to wish you Merry Christmas. I wanted to make sure you weren’t spending it alone.”

“Not this time. I’ll be with my folks, and then dad is forcing me on a trip to the school where he went to college. I really wanted to take Matt with me but I couldn’t bring myself to ask him.”

“Why not?”

“The way we treated each other last month. I really don’t think we’re ready to talk to each other yet.”

“Why not, Kris? I’ve never known either one of you to hold a grudge. Especially you. Something bad happens and you get over it in a few minutes.”

“THIS IS DIFFERRENT! I lost the closest thing I have to brother. I loved MATT LIKE A BROTHER! I DON’T WANT TO LOSE HIM LIKE I LOST NATHAN! OKAY!

“Kris, tell him that. Tell him what he means to you. I’m pretty sure Matt feels the same way!”

“I can’t, not anymore. I burned that bridge the moment I hit him.” I said.

I sat beside her and looked at her. She didn’t say anything, but then she whispered softly in my ear.

“We all make mistakes, go out there and fix it. You can fix this. Matt and you have been close all the time. Now go out there and fix it.”

“NO!  I can’t. I never went to him when I hit him, and then I text him saying I knew we were over. I just knew it. You see, I never had a proper brother to teach tell me the harsh lessons in life. “

“Kris, I think you turned out fine. Sure, me and you didn’t end well, but I have high hopes for you. What lessons would he have told you that are so important?”

“He would have told me to control my anger, to not let things to go too far and look for the bright side of any situation. I wouldn’t have started drinking.” I motioned to the beer on the ground.

“Kris, in all the time I’ve known you you’ve been the best guy, and when we were together, you were the best boyfriend. We had our arguments and fights, but you were always better in a few hours. This wasn’t the first time your temper got the best of you, is it?”

I shook my head, feeling ashamed. “I hit the only person in world I ever really trusted. Ever loved…”

“Come here.” She wrapped her arms around me in a tight hug and planted a wet kiss on my lips.

I was shocked for just the briefest of moments but soon my lips were parting and my tongue pushed through her lips into her mouth. She held onto me, stroking my hair, running her hands over my back, the passion building as we continued to kiss.

Pushing her hair out of the way so I could move my lips to her neck to kiss her tenderly, tracing the length of her neck up to her ear with my lips and tongue. She moaned and whimpered as she clung onto me. We looked into each others eyes and our lips met against as we sank onto the bed, caressing each other’s body as our lips made love to each other.


Derek’s POV
After my encounter with Tanner, James and I decided to sell my stuff that he kept in storage after I ran away, including all the old memories I had of Nathan and me. I wanted to get rid of all his porn and the black dildo that was a frequent third partner in our relationship so James and I gave them to a local sex shop James frequented. I heard days later some kid named Jess, who was in town for a visit and didn’t have the nerve to risk buying that kind of stuff in his hometown for fear of getting caught, bought a lot those items. We had a garage sale for the rest of the stuff, with some furniture and other memories of Nathan I wanted to get rid of.
It was when James and I were packing up from the sale that I saw a blast from my past show up at the side of the road. I ran and hugged Rick and he kissed me on the lips.
“What are you doing here?” I said with a smile.
“I couldn’t let you be alone for Christmas. Considering…” I knew Rick knew about my brother and father.
“It’s cool bro, I love that you are here, come inside have some dinner with us.”
James poked his head out and the introductions were made, “Actually Derek, I’m having Christmas with my family.”
“Yeah, I remember you telling me that. Don’t worry Rick and I will catch up.”
“That’s cool, Rick, feel free to stay the night and use my bed.”
So we ordered pizza, sat down and talked all the way through “It’s A Wonderful Life.”
Rick curled up beside and laid his head on me. I love this guy. He turned to me.
“Are you okay, Derek?’
“Not really. I’m dealing with some heavy burdens. I ran away from Kris and learned that my actions led to my family thinking I were dead. It’s hard to hear.”
“But you’ve got me. You’ve got Samuel. And I know in time you and Kris will be okay too.”
“How do you know that?”
“Because, I know you’ll do the right thing, you always do in time.”
“I love you, Rick.”
“I love you, dad.”
“You are like a father to me, these last months, you spent with us; you made Samuel happy and you made me happier. I trust you.”
“Rick Richards… you are the best. Thank you!”
“For what?”
“For beating the crap out of me and making me come back.”


Matt’s POV
Christmas ended a few days ago, and I still felt like shit. Kris and I had barely spoken since he told me to fuck off. I really didn’t know what to do. I knew Kris still loved me. We had too many great memories to let this end badly. 
I was determined I was going to talk him. I got up out of bed and told my mom I was going to repair things with Kris. I went to Kris’s house but as soon as I got to his front door I thought, no. He wouldn’t want to talk to me. He’d be pissed at me for showing up unannounced. Besides, he made it perfectly clear he didn’t want to speak to me again.
I was just getting into my car across the street when I saw Kris pulling up. I could tell he didn’t see me. He was happy, smiling with his arm around Melissa. He really didn’t seem troubled by our little breakup. After seeing a full blown kiss I realized that Kris went onto his next friend and just forgot about me.
Driving back home the thought of walking up Liberty Avenue occurred and I went to the local haunts. Four years later, and it still felt refreshing. I went to the diner where Gail used to work. It had become a Starbucks. I ordered a coffee and walked to the bench to sit and watch people come and go.
As I was taking a sip of coffee, the phone rang and the volume was so loud I dropped my coffee over my shirt. The voice on the other end was a person I never thought I would hear from again.
“Merry Christmas, Matt. How are you doing?”
“Merry Christmas, Jacob, I’m doing okay. I’m surprised you called after all this time. “
“I just wanted to see how you are doing.”
“I am doing just great.” I decided to keep the conversation short. I had a feeling I knew where this was going. It had been the second call I received from him since we broke up.
“How are you and Kris doing these days?” 
“Not that well, we’re in a bit of rough patch.” I said
“That’s too bad. I’ll be town around New Years. Mom wants to visit her sister.”
“I see. She is doing well then?”
“Yeah, the place she owns is busy as ever. She even trusted me to manage the place.”
“That is so cool. Tell her I said, hi.”
“Of course, so tell me, any plans for college?”
I didn’t know what to say so I tried honesty. “Actually a few places have caught my eye. Probably England, if I get my scholarship through. I’ll know about that next month.”
“Cool, I am thinking of going close to home myself. I was looking for a nice roommate. I think I would like the campus here. So are you dating anyone?”
“Not at the moment, my last boyfriend wasn’t a keeper.” I didn’t feel it was needed to tell him that story.
“That’s too bad. I’m dating guy named Craig. He is not as hot as you. He is great in bed though.”
“I am glad for you.”
“Thanks, anyways, I’m off, just wanted to check on you Matt. Hope things get better for you soon.”
“Bye Jacob.” I hung up. That didn’t go as I expected. At least he is happy with his boyfriend. After a few hours of people watching, I went home.
I was surprised to see a specific car in the driveway. I walked in and there he was sitting in living room watching TV. My father: Larry Raymond.
“There you are Matthew. I was wondering when you’d get home.”
“What are you doing here?” After so many failed promises I was surprised to see him here.
“I wanted to take you on vacation for some father and son time.”
“Why?” I eyed him suspiciously.
“What do you mean ‘Why’? I was an asshole the last three years. I was too busy with my career and I want to make amends.”
“Forget it. You hurt me so often I don’t want to feel like that again. You promise to spend some time with me and nearly every time you break your word. What makes you think I want to spend time with you now? You couldn’t even get your lazy ass here from Christmas. ”
“Matthew, we all make mistakes”
“I don’t care! You broke my heart too many times.” I let him have all the pent up frustration over my issue with Kris.
“If that is what you really want son. Then I will go.”
“Yes, dad, that is what I want. Here, let me help you.” I opened the door and he walked out. As a peace offering he handed me a Christmas Card. “In case you change your mind.”
He walked out the door. I looked down and there was 100 bucks cash inside. Mom came into view. I went to hug her. “Oh, honey. I told him you would react that way. He just showed up three hours ago.”
“It’s okay mom. In all honesty, my day hasn’t been the best.” I told her about Kris and Jacob’s call.
“Why don’t you run off and try to have some fun? The fair is in town again. I think they are taking advantage of the unlikely warm weather we’re having this time of year.”
I thought about it, maybe she was right, so I drove to fair and as soon as I got in line for one of my favorite rides, the bumper cars, I saw Kris leaving the ride with Melissa. I was glad he was having fun. I walked around and played all the games and tried the foot long hotdogs. It was nearing midnight, and most of the rides were closing.
The Ferris Wheel was the last one on my list still to do. As I walked toward it, there was no line and it looked like they were just about to turn it off. I might be pressing my luck, but the girl there waved for me to come to her.
“Hey stud, we’re just about to close up, but we can do one more go around. Get in.”
I went into the car as the attendant handed the controls to her partner and joined me. I eyed her questioningly. “You looked like you needed some company. I’m Lisa.”

I introduced myself. As the ride was making its way to the top, I asked her, “So have you been with fair long?”

“Only a month, I needed some money before I went transferred to this new high school in town.” I turned my head, but she gently got me to look at her. “Hey, are you okay? I saw you walking all over the fair grown tonight.”
“Yeah, just been a bad day.” 
“Do you want to talk about it?” Lisa asked.

“Sure.”  We ended up talking that entire night and well into the morning.


Thanks again to Andy for taking his time to write this mini-series based on how we sees things before Matt & Kris roomed together in college.   You can email him at: or comment below as always.  I'm know he'd love to hear from you.