Note from the Author: to my fellow readers. Due Wasputz’s Sophomore Year beginning, it is time I continue the Prequel series. I have decided that the Derek story will also continue but within this story. Therefore, the prequel series will deal with Matt, Kris and Derek. You will see how these two stories intertwine with each other, as the next five chapters wrap up the prequel series. Think of this as recap and preview of the prequel series. I hope you enjoy what is to come.

I’m surprised how much things have changed since my first year of high school. First of all Kristopher Joshua Stanton entered my life. He had been the best thing ever to happen to me and we were inseparable since the day we met at the principal’s office.

In our second year, things were rough. Kris was still trying to kick his alcohol habit.  He managed to stay off it for six months, but on December 2 he started again. I and Alison, his best female friend at the time, tried to get him off the stuff, but the night Nathan, his brother, died was horrible for him, because he actually saw the tragic event that killed his only sibling.

Alison, Kris and I spend that day away from everybody and chilled with a few beers. Kris told us many stories about his brother, which surprised me a lot because he wouldn’t talk about him and usually he would get mad if we even mentioned Nathan’s existence. So, it was nice to hear those stories. 

As the second year ended, nothing much happened between me and Kris. I tried to experiment with a few boyfriends, but I realized I wanted to concentrate on school. It was later in our second year and our biggest football team was in the playoffs so Kris wanted me to go and watch but I pretty much told him no.

“Matt you have to come. It is the biggest game of our lives.”  He said, trying to be persuasive.

“No, I have three big tests to study for and I want to be ready for anything the teacher might throw at us.”

“You are ready, you’ve been studying non-stop for the best part of seven months.”

“Weeks, not months…”

“Whatever… so are you coming?”

“Bro, seriously, have fun with Tanner and the guys, I just want some peace and quiet.”

Kris got really offended. “I’m sorry; I never realized I was bugging you.” He left with the door slamming behind him.  As he left the house, I said. “Nice try, Kris. “ He laughed and but I had small feeling in the pit of my stomach, that he was a little angry with the comment.

It turned out the playoff game was a winner, Kris kept talking about each play, and his commentary was interesting at first, but being clueless about football I was missing the required element needed to get me excited. 

It was a few months later that thing started to get worse.

Don and I had been talking about his parents’ divorce and how nobody really wanted him. He had been threatening to run away and leave without telling his folks because they would never notice. So in January 2007, he left. I had no idea where he went. Tanner and I spent the weekend searching for him, and we continued to look for the next three weeks, but Don had disappeared.

It was three days after Kris’s birthday in February when the crew received their next blow. Brady and Johnny called us to meet them so we all headed over to my house since it was the closest. Kris and I sat on the couch with Tanner and Kevin sitting on the floor.

“Hey, guys. I appreciate you coming. It just made sense to tell you all in person.”  Johnny began. I had never seen the guys looked so bad. I assume Kevin knew what the announcement was because he was quiet.

“Nana passed away early this morning.” Brady blurted out. The reactions were apparent at once. Kevin ran and hugged Brady. Johnny tried to keep brave face but was hurting. Nana was a fierce, opinionated, argumentative person, with strong emotional ties to her family. She was sweet and compassionate.

Breaking the silence, I asked, “I assume her heart finally gave out.”  There was an anomaly with her heart and she need frequent surgeries to realign it. The procedure was generally safe, but recently they had been having issues.

Johnny said, “Yeah, it was the worst way to go. She called me, of all people, and said I can’t hear my heart beat…Please hel… She died on the phone… The worst part was she was alone. I woke Brady and my folks and we headed over there, but it was too late.”

I got up and went to hug Johnny. “Are you okay?”  He nodded but then cried on my shoulder. We all stayed together that night, there was a lot of sadness, but everyone shared there favourite Nana story.

After the funeral, Kris talked to Brady and Johnny who told him that they actually put Nana in the hospital but she had nobody there. Kris decided to take some time and volunteer at the hospital to be there for the elderly people.

Alison helped Kris find his way. His humour and ability to listen to those elderly people helped them a lot when they were away from their loved ones. I really thought Kris doing a lot of good. As April approached Kris and Alison were doing well, in fact they started dated. I learned about every physical thing they did. He did it deliberately because since Jacob I had yet to have a real boyfriend.

Our third year was starting in September 2007 and things were finally looking up. I was still single but managed to get some action that summer. Mom was worried that I spent too much time alone with my video games, so I went to Liberty Avenue and had some memorable moments. Nothing serious, deep down I wanted to experience Kris and through the months of September, October and November, I had regular fantasies about what Kris and I might do together.  However, I never told him about those dreams. He was dating Alison and was enjoying it.

That Christmas things looked up a lot. My father finally came home and we had a fun family dinner with presents.  For some reason my dad gave me a journal with the advice that if something crazy ever happened in my life I should record it so I can remember it.  That’s not what made the Christmas period better. What made it better was New Year’s Eve. Kris and Alison invited the gang over to her place.

I knew a lot of people there but there was this hot guy with spiked hair. He wore glasses, but he was dead sexy. He saw me looking and said, “Hey, do want to dance?”

“Sure, I’m Matt.”

“Jack Harder.”  I nearly spat out the coke I was drinking. “Pardon me.”

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist. That is my name. I just wanted to cool the ice with some…my god.”

I turned. “What’s up?”  I was out of my comfort zone but I just went with it.

“You…you’re so fucking sexy. I mean, long brown hair, the sweetest eyes, and that mouth just begs to be kissed.”

“Thank you.” I looked over and saw Kris staring at me, giving me the thumbs up. Jack said something but I couldn’t hear. “Pardon?”

“I want to see you out of your clothes.” I said with a wicked grin. Before I could say anything else he kissed me and slid his tongue in my mouth. We went to Kris’s bedroom and locked the door.  I jerk off to the thought of that night so often.

Weeks later I learned that Kris and Alison knew I needed a boyfriend and hooked me up with him. We started talking and taking it slow. Jack was a sweet guy and he was a much better kisser than Jacob. Kris got jealous because we kept our meetings private and although we didn’t had sex that night, our make out sessions were so hot.

It was January when Don finally returned. I tried to talk to him to see where he had been the last year, but he was quiet. He said his father had been calling the last few months and their bond had continued to grow so he decided to come back and see how things worked out.

As our junior year ended things were looking even better, Kris still drank occasionally, mainly with Alison, but never alone. Kris and Alison seemed so good for each other. Whenever I needed Kris he would still drop everything to talk to me. Mostly it was about my feeling for Jack and my mother’s decision to start dating again. 

What was really cool though was that the week after school ended Tanner, Brady, Kevin, Don, Kris and I went to the carnival and had the best time of our lives. Alison and Jack even showed up later on. The night was magical.

Tanner pulled me aside and said he wanted to talk to me the next day.

“Hey Matt, I wanted to tell you personally before I let the gang know.”

I was interested, “What’s up?”

“My dad and I are going to be spending the entire summer in Canada. I really miss my school friends from back home. So we’re going to stay with my father’s uncle.”

“That must be fun. I’m sure when Kris hears about it he’ll want to whole crew to join you for a weekend.” I said.

“Which brings me to another point… I’m leaving tomorrow. I really don’t want anybody to know.”

“Why? We would all be happy for you.”

“I just don’t want a big to do. You know Kris.”

“Yep. I do.”

With that he hugged and left to get his stuff packed. I had a feeling there was more to it than he was telling me. But I decided to let it go for the moment. I put it out of my head and went to Jack’s house for a night of TV.



As I woke up today after a rough dream I realized that in the grand scheme of things I am very lucky. These last several months, back with Samuel, were, quite frankly, some of the greatest moments of my life. I will never forget where I came from or my love of Nathan, but Samuel forgiving me and finding love with him and Rick was more than I could have hoped for.

It took three months before Rick would open up to me again, and in moment of clarity, I explained in detail everything I had done since I left them. I told him about meeting Noah and Kendall on the beach, getting back on my feet with Damon’s help and help from people like Corey, Scott and Colt. I even mentioned the conversation I had with Hayden, who stopped me from killing myself. After my revelations he hugged me for long period time, and then I mentioned my internal battle before going back to Samuel and about the conversation with Shawn.  Although I gave him the short version in December, this time I told him my complete story.

Rick was a great listener, and he asked me to join him and Samuel for their nightly storytelling rituals. Although the story part was discontinued I listened to them speak to each other, absorbing every word. Rick talked about his time away from Samuel and they both looked at me, not with blame, but with understanding.

It was hard not walking out, but I stayed and told them how I was feeling. They both understood. Over the next few months the nightly rituals continued and we talked about everything. It felt good having this new support system, but I knew I was still missing something.

Today when I woke up Samuel had gone to work. I walked to the breakfast table where Rick was eating, noticing he was eyeing me suspiciously. “You okay, Derek?”

“Not really. But I will be. It was just a bad dream.”

Rick walked over to me and put a hand of my back, “The same one’s you been having lately?”

“Yeah, but this time I have feeling that I need to be doing something about it.”

“Like what?”

“I need to go home. I need to fix things back there.”

“So go!”

“I can’t, for many reasons.”


“Don’t worry about me Rick, it’s my life and I don’t want to burden you with it. Besides, is it true that you and Kathy were using the showers in the dorm building for some extracurricular activities?”

“First of all, Derek, it has been eight months since you came back. You and I are family now, I trust you with my life, and we forgive you for the mistake you made back then. So your problems and your concerns are my problems. Samuel will agree with me, you know he will. “

I couldn’t resist so I hugged him and we walked outside, taking a stroll around the campus. Rick continued. “Secondly, me and Kathy have been using my advantages as the junior resident.  Besides, shower sex is very hot.”

“I agree with that.” I grinned.

“Yeah, it was pretty obvious with Samuel screaming in pleasure all morning yesterday.”

I sat Rick on a bench, the same one they actually found me on 4 years ago. “Do you really want to hear about my problem?”

“Yeah.”  When I told him it made him cry. “Samuel and I love you but you need to fix your past. We know you wouldn’t run out on us again and Samuel knows you won’t leave him.”

“You’re leaving again?” Came a voice from behind as Samuel came in to focus.

“No, love,” I got up and kissed him hello. Rick smiled at his uncle being so happy.  “I will never leave you again.”

Rick spoke, “Basically, Derek was having the dreams with Kris and Nathan in them and he needs to go back to talk to Kris, to sort everything out.”

“I just don’t want to leave you though.”

“You have to go. I’ve been telling you this for the last two months, ever since the dreams started again. “

“What am I going to say to him? I killed his fucking brother.”

Rick and Samuel both spoke at the same time. “No, you didn’t.”

“But he didn’t want me in his life. He beat me up and told me to leave.”

“His brother died that night. He was speaking out of anger and hurt.”  Samuel said.

“What is the real reason you don’t want to talk to Kris?”

“I….don’t know.”

Rick and Samuel spoke in hushed tones, coming to a decision between them. It was Samuel who spoke, “You are going to back home and fix that part of your life, or you’re not coming back home with us. That’s how much you mean to us. We know you have to do this.”

“I have to go back, don’t I?” I asked more to myself than Samuel.

“Yeah, you do. “

We all went back to house and I packed a bag. As we were eating together one last time I told them I would call them to keep them updated with the progress. Samuel offered some sex for the road, but I knew if we started I would never leave.

I decided to walk back home, for a few reasons, the first being so I could figure out what I would say to Kris. I was just about to leave when Rick walked up beside me.

“Do you want company?”

“I would love for you to come with me, squirt. But, I need to do this alone.”


“My past has been horrible, as you know. I need to fix it myself. To put it simply, I fucked up and need to fix it. Only I can do that.”

“I guess I can understand that.”

“Besides, you need to keep Kathy satisfied.”

“You’re right,” he said with a smile, “and don’t worry about Samuel’s sex life, I’ll find him a nice boy toy.”

“Like hell you will!”

I started to horse around and then a few minutes later Samuel called Rick inside to do this work.

“Derek. I love you. I wish you good luck, and if you ever need me, for anything, just call me and you know I’ll come to you as soon as I can.”

I held him in my arms for around five minutes, wanting to remember the feeling of having him in my arms, and I kissed him with the most passion I could muster. Samuel slipped his hand down and stroked my crotch, but I stopped him and said:

“I love you, Samuel. You are the man I fell in love with. You will never replace Nathan, but you are just as good and I want to be with you forever.”

“You better be.” We held each other until Rick said. “Either go in and have sex or go let Derek go.”

I whispered in Samuel’s ear. “I have to go…” but when I leaned in for one final kiss I knew I couldn’t leave like that. “Fuck it! Let’s have one more go before I leave.“

Samuel smiled and took my hand, leading me up to our bedroom. He locked the door behind us and had me stripped naked within seconds. The look in his eyes was one of complete lust and I knew that he was going to give me one of the greatest fucks of my life.

I moved in to kiss him, hoping to do one of my favourite things in stripping the clothes off his sexy body, but while holding my head in one hand he unfastened his pants and pushed them and his boxers down to his ankles, quickly stepping out of them.

I put my hands on the bottom of his shirt, wanting to pull it up and slowly reveal his body so I could lavish it with attention, but he grabbed my hands and ripped the shirt apart, the buttons flying all over the place. He pulled his arms out of it and threw the shirt across the room.

Before I knew what was happening Samuel put his hands under my arms, lifted me up and threw me back on to the bed. His big body crawled on top of me as he ran his hands up my body and slid his tongue in to my mouth. I bucked up in to him, rubbing our hard cocks together until he was grinding down to match my thrusts. We moaned in to each other’s mouths.

Slowly Samuel drew back, his lips moving from my mouth to my neck where he kissed, licked, sucked and bit my skin, making sure to leave a mark that would remind me of him every time I looked in a mirror for the next few days, not that it was necessary because I would never forget him.

I tried to move but he held me down, looking at me with pleading eyes as he told me to just let him do what he wanted if he wasn’t going to get to have sex with me for a while. I smiled and gave in to him, wanting whatever he had to offer.

His lips traveled down my body, from my shoulder blades to my chest and nipples and further down until he reached my throbbing cock. I thought he was going to play around but his hunger must have got the better of him because he engulfed my cock with his mouth, taking it down to the base in one smooth move.

He gave me the blowjob of a lifetime while I was laying there. I couldn’t have moved if I wanted to with the feelings that were surging through my body as he worked the head of my dick with his tongue, massaging the shaft with his lips.

Just as I was getting close he would pull back, moving down until be could roll each of my balls around on his tongue, taking them in to his mouth and sucking on them. When I was on the verge of cumming again he traveled even further south, using his tongue to work over my asshole, really making me whimper. I kept begging him to fuck me but he wouldn’t, he was totally in control and he would decide what happened to me.

After the fourth time of bringing me to the edge he climbed up and straddled my chest, slapping me in the face with his dick that I don’t think I had ever seen harder. The flesh slapping against mine was almost enough to hurt but in the delirious sexual state I was in, I didn’t care. When I moaned, opening my mouth, Samuel shoved his cock inside and told me to suck him good and get him ready so he could fuck me.

I was so hungry for him and for his cock that I went to work on that beautiful dick with more energy, passion and enthusiasm than I had ever given to anything before. Feeling it in my mouth was so amazing, I would never get sick of sucking him off and I knew that even though I was leaving, my love for that cock would bring me back to Samuel, though I was sure the love for the man attached to the cock would do that too.

When he thought he was ready, Samuel moved back down my body, running his cock all the way down, leaving a trail of precum from my chest to my own dick that was also leaking. He moved down again so he was eating my ass, really getting it wet. I knew what he was going to do.

Four months after I returned to live with Samuel we had gone to a clinic and had all the tests necessary so that when the results came back we could make love how we both wanted to, completely uninhibited and without condoms.

Samuel pushed my legs back and lined up his bare cock with my ass, rubbing the head against my hole to add his precum as extra lube. Then, slowly, he pushed inside and didn’t stop moving until his entire shaft was deep inside me, his balls resting against my ass.

He leaned down to kiss me, his tongue battling with mine, as he began to move his hips back and forth, pulling his dick out of me before pushing it back in. His movements were almost painfully slow but it meant that I felt every inch of his cock moving inside of me, rubbing against the walls of my ass, running over my prostate, making me moan in his mouth.

I kept begging him to do faster, to fuck me harder, but he wouldn’t. He was not fucking me, we were not just having goodbye sex, he was making love to me. Everything he was doing was designed to give me maximum pleasure and make me feel all of him, including his love for me. If his aim was to make me remember how he made love to me, it worked and it was something that I would jack off to many times afterwards.

He was so passionate, his big, throbbing cock moving back and forth, sawing in and out of me, driving me wild. He would pick up the pace for a little while until we were both drawing closer to our climax and then he would slow down again until the impending orgasms had retreated. This sex was like a marathon.

While he was fucking my ass with his dick he would kiss me deep until he had to come up for air, at which point he would just stare in to my eyes, looking in to my soul, no words were needed, the look told me that he loved me and it couldn’t have meant more.

I tried to reach for my cock more than once, wanting to jack off and make myself cum, my balls were literally tingling from the amount of times I’d been close but never quite got there, but every time my hand touched my cock Samuel took my hands in his, linked his fingers with mine and held them above me as he continued to stare in to my eyes and fuck me deep.

He had been fucking me for almost an hour, we were both exhausted, when he finally picked up the pace again, angling his thrusts so his cock was sliding over my prostate with every movement. I was panting, whimpering and eventually screaming from the pleasure racing through my body.

Finally it was too much and my cock literally exploded like a fountain all over both of our bodies, coating us with shot after shot of my cum. I almost passed out. I had never cum that hard in my life.

As I was cumming, my entire body was in a spasm, causing my ass to tighten around Samuel’s cock, milking him until he pushed all the way inside me, leaned down, bit down on my shoulder to muffle his scream and came so hard inside me, his cock throbbing with every pulse of sperm he sent deep inside me.

Neither of us could move afterwards. Samuel didn’t even have the energy to pull himself up off me or his dick out of me. He laid on top of me, our chests pressed together, holding each other, with his hard dick still planted inside of me until eventually it started going soft and slipped out of me on its own. Only then did Samuel find the strength to roll over on to his back.

We spent another half hour just trying to recover from that incredible love making session that I knew I would be feeling for days. When we finally got up we showered together, washing each others body and making out until it was time to get out and dry each other.

I got dressed, said a final goodbye to Rick, who had the biggest grin on his face I had ever seen. Clearly he had heard everything that had gone on with me and Samuel. I was a little embarrassed, but it was worth it.

At the door Samuel gave me a final kiss, holding me so tight I wondered if he was ever going to let go.

“I love you so much, Derek.” He said.

“I love you more than I ever thought possible,” I replied, feeling the tears building in my eyes.

“Keep in touch, won’t you?”

“I’ll call you every night, babe. I’m not leaving you, I’m definitely coming back this time, I just have to go home and sort things out so that I can move forward with my life and with you.”

Samuel’s smile was enough to melt my heart and make me want to stay, but I knew I had to go, I had to find Kris and finally make things right.


Thanks again to Andy for taking his time to write this mini-series based on how he sees things before Matt & Kris roomed together in college.   You can email him at: or comment below as always.  I'm know he'd love to hear from you.

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