TWO WEEKS LATER... Continuing with "Right Visit" and "Wrong Visit"

Nate woke up that Sunday morning in early August.  He smiled seeing his boyfriend of two weeks not counting their one nighter.  Ross opened his eyes to find eyes piercing his firm body.

“What?” Ross asked.

“Nothing, Ross,” Nate replied.

“What the hell are you staring at then?”

“You, my lover, my boyfriend.  I still can’t believe this is actually happening to me, to us. Dude, you have really changed my life now.”

“Thanks, Nate.  This has been an awesome two weeks for me as well. You know, this hotel is about to drive me nuts.  These walls are really starting to close in on me.”

“Ross, we’ll move when the right place opens for us.  This is cool with me.”

“You heard the noise outside last night.”

“So, our neighbors in the next room are probably tired of us fucking every night and banging this headboard against the wall.”

Ross smiled, “We have been a little crazy in our sex life, haven’t we?”

“Yeah we have, but I love every second of it,” Nate said and petted Ross's face with his forefinger.

“I do too,” Ross kissed Nate.

“Before we got at it again, you wanna go for a run?” Nate asked. “It really is a great way to start the morning.”

“Only if we can fuck in the shower again,” Ross smiled.

“I can damn sure do that,” Nate said.  Nate pulled Ross by the hand out of their bed.  They kissed quickly and told each other how much they loved each other.  Ross put on his jock and shorts as did Nate.

“I love these shorts.  You really scored with these,” Ross said.

“Well, I said I needed to try them out before I could get a sense just how to market them,” Nate said.

“That’s total bullshit but I like that you love her new job,” Ross said tying his shoes up for the run.

They headed out the door and saw a man leaving out the next door.  “Hey you two stop right there!” he shouted.

Ross and Nate just looked at each other and turned to see an older man looking at them from the door of the room next door.  “Yes sir,” Ross spoke up.

“I can’t thank you enough for going at it each night,” he said and smiled.  “My girlfriend hears that and it sends her all over me even though you are both homos.”

“Well, watch it tonight,” Nate smiled.

“No, keep doing it.  We actually envy your stamina and vigor.  Now I see that you two are made for each other.  If I was so inclined, I wouldn’t mind being with either of you two,” he said.

“Thanks, sir,” Ross said.  They smiled at each other and hit the pavement running.  They laughed over the encounter once in the clear.  Nate prodded Ross to keep up.  They made the mile and half loop and slowly walked up the stairs to cool down their muscles.

“Damn, all the hotties around here are gay,” a woman said to them and continued down the stairwell. 

Nate was confused by the comment. “That’s the one next door to us,” Ross replied.

“What the hell is he doing with her then?” Nate laughed.

“I guess its easy pussy,” Ross laughed.

“Now there’s something you know nothing about,” Nate said.

“Dude, I’ve fucked a girl before,” Ross said and opened the door.


They stepped inside.  “Tenth grade in high school in my bed at 11 o’clock on Saturday June 5th,” Ross smiled.

“Damn you’re like me with my sobriety,” Nate said and tossed his sweaty clothes in a corner. “I never knew you liked pussy.  I’m impressed you remembered it exactly.”

“A guy never forgets his first even it was a girl.  It wasn’t until I was 18 and start really going for guys exclusively,” Ross said. “When was yours?”

“Hell if I can remember.  I was drunk or high or both.  It was in high school was all I remember,” Nate said. 

“You can’t be serious,” Ross said now naked after stripping his sweaty shorts and jock.

“Dude, I did so much shit that memory of the past is shot to hell.”

“Man, I didn’t know they messed with your memory that much.”

“Yeah, it does. No telling how many times I woke up with a girl naked and didn’t remember how I got there, much less boning her.  Sometimes I wondered what I really saw in her,” Nate chuckled. “Whew, I ended up with some nasty chicks back then.”

“You did some hard shit then.”

“Yeah, Coke, Meth, Heroine, whatever I could find to get me high I did it. Ross, looking back, I wasted 3 good years of my life.  I think I’m pretty lucky to be still here.”

“Wow, I just thought you were a hard drinker.”

“I was.  I drank like a fish every night til I was 20.  I did drugs on the side as well.  I was a total and complete mess then. I had to go summers at college to catch back up once I was clean again.”

“You still have that desire?”

“Not really but every now and then something triggers it.  It was really hard when I first got out but I just took day by day.  Right now, I just desire you and fucking your hot ass,” Nate smiled.

“Babe, I’m all yours,” Ross stepped into the shower.  It didn’t take long before Nate had his desire fulfilled.  He grabbed onto Ross’ shoulders and rammed his cock deep inside his lover.  Moaning and grunting filled the small shower.  Ross turned his head for a kiss and Nate obliged.  They kissed while the water flowed over them.  When the hot water ran out, they continued on with Ross bent over the sink area.  Water dripped from their bodies as they kept fucking like they had so many times before.  Nate quickly pulled out and shot his load up Ross’ back.  Ross turned around and covered Nate’s chest with his creamy load. 

They dried each other off and headed out to the room.  Both collapsed on the bed.  “Nate, you wanna run over to the beach for a while and get out of here?” Ross asked after a quick make out session.

“Sure but I don’t have a suit that I know of,” Nate said.

“We can stop and get one on the way,” Ross said.

“That’s fine if you’re paying,” Nate said. “Ross, I’m just about flat broke now.”

“Thank goodness pay day is Monday right?” Ross asked and looked at Nate.

“I know.  Finally a half decent check for a change.  Maybe then we can start our search for a place besides here.”

“Fine, I’ll pay unless I can find another one in here.  I think I have just this one,” Ross pulled out his board shorts.

“Whew! I just knew you had a bikini or something really gay,” Nate said.

“Speaking of, I think I do.  I think I saw it here just the other day,” Ross said and dug through his clothes in the closet.  “Here it is!” Ross held up some trunks.

“Those are fine with me unless you want to wear them.  I see nothing too gay about those,” Nate said.  Ross handed the trunks to Nate to gauge his boldness.  Nate slipped on the trunks.  They were a perfect fit and really showed his body of well.  He spun around to show Ross.  “I like em actually.”

“I do too on you,” Ross smiled while admiring his boyfriend. “Cool, that problem is solved. We stop then and buy some beach towels somewhere along the way. I know there are a lot of those touristy beach stores along the beach.”

Nate pulled on some baggy athletic shorts and a tight sleeveless shirt for the trip.  “So exactly what beach are we going to?  I hope it’s not a openly gay one.”

“Well… I was sort of hoping… Nate, you need a good test of your new sexuality,” Ross said. 

“Damn, I knew it,” Nate said and looked at Ross.  “Alright, we can give it a try.  If I don’t like it, we are going elsewhere.”

“That’s fair enough,” Ross smiled.  They headed out to Ross’ old SUV with their cheap shades and flip-flops.  Nate just smiled and wasn’t sure he was actually ready to be tested outside the confines of their sheltered environment.  He just kicked back and endured Ross’ taste in rap/hip-hop music.  He didn’t mind most and knew Ross’ taste.  They made the long trip in about an hour.  They stopped and picked up some colorful beach towels for their use on the beach.

Ross pulled into the parking lot at the beach area and noticed it was somewhat crowded.  Nate shot him a look.  “It’ll be just fine,” Ross reassured him with a nice pat on the shoulders before getting out.

“I hope so,” Nate said and gathered the towels out of their sack.  He took off his shorts and shirt while Ross tossed his shirt in as well to put them in the back of the SUV.

They headed down the sandy path and passed the restroom.  Both stepped in and did their thing before heading to enjoy the bright sun and the nice white sand beach.

Nate got to the main part and scoped it out.  Ross grabbed his hand only to have Nate push it away.  “Dude, give me time,” Nate said.  Ross just nodded and they continued to make their trek down the beach for a place to lie out.

They walked down a good 200 yards.  “HOLY FUCK!” Ross said under his breath and stopped in his tracks.

“What?” Nate stopped.  He saw what had frozen Ross in his tracks.  Nate’s brother, Nick, dressed in a blue bikini, and his boyfriend Chris, also in a green bikini, were heading straight for them.  They put down their heads, hoping not to be noticed but knew it was too late for that.

“Bro, what are you doing here?” Nick asked with a smile still skin and bones as was his boyfriend Chris.  Both had a little tan going but not extremely dark as some of the others on the beach.

“Umm… we just came to the beach for the day,” Nate said with Ross trying to hide.

“Why don’t you two join us?” Nick asked.

Nate looked at Ross. “Are you sure?” Nate asked his brother.

“Of course.  This is freaking awesome to have my brother and my ex here,” Nick said rather excited by the encounter.

“You aren’t pissed at me, are you still?” Ross asked.

“Why should I be?  I was messing around you and deserved what I got.  Come on Ross, I don’t hate you now.  If anything, you should hate me but you did snag my brother.  We will have fun here like we always have but will be with different people,” Nick said.  “Ross, just how did you get Nate in that suit though?”

“It was all he had,” Nate laughed and just looked down at the snug trucks. “Bro, I look fucking hot.”

“Bro, you do look good in them,” Nick walked back with them to show them the spot where he and Chris were set up.  “I’m still a lot shocked over my brother being with another guy though on a gay beach.”

“I did a little gentle persuading to get him here,” Ross laughed and finally was able to hold Nate’s hand. 

They threw down their towels while Nick and Chris headed back to where they came from.  Nate looked at Ross and laughed.  He looked around and saw a variety of men with men and women with women.  The women with women thing didn’t bother him that much as to where the other was still fresh to him.

“What do ya think?” Ross lay out and applied a sunscreen to his chest, arms and stomach.

“I’ll tell you later but it’s just so-so,” Nate said.

“Just relax and enjoy this nice free setting,” Ross rubbed sunscreen on Nate’s back.

“I just wish I could.  You were right, Ross.  It’s easy just the two of us there in the room.  This pretty much announces that I’m a queer,” Nate said.

“Welcome to my world then,” Ross laughed. 

Nate sat up and saw his brother walking back his way.  Nick and Chris sat down on their towel.  Nick busted out laughing.  “This is freaking hilarious, Nate.   You here with your boyfriend on a gay beach.”

“Cut the shit, Nick.  I’m just trying to adjust to this whole notion of being somewhat gay,” Nate said.

“Nick, he’s still uncomfortable with this and now to see his brother doesn’t make it any better for him,” Ross chimed in.

“Every one is cool here, Nate.  Just act normal and everything will be fine,” Chris said. “Nick is excited to see you again.”

“Now is when I wish I had a drink,” Nate said.

“Just chill, bro,” Nick said. “I am glad you are here.”

“I bet you do,” Nate said.

“Nate, if it helps any, you look as hot as anyone here,” Nick said.

“Thanks Nick!” Nate said and just laid back on his towel to take in the sun. 

“Fine ass!” Chris commented upon seeing a cute younger guy walk by with his boy. Both had on bikinis and were dark with great youthful bodies.

“Do you have to announce it to everyone?” Nate said after popping up.

“Nate, you can’t tell me those two weren’t hot,” Nick said.

“Ummm… maybe just a little,” Nate said.

“I’ll say it.  They were fucking hotties,” Ross said.

Both Nate and Ross turned over on their backs facing the water and each other.  “We can leave if you want,” Ross said quietly.

“I’m fine for now,” Nate said with a kiss.

Ross scooted closer and saw Nick with a big smile.  Nick kept quiet and held Chris close. They lay in the sun and took in the sights in front of them.  Ross would occasionally whisper comments to Nate about the guys that paraded in front of them.  Nate didn’t say much and let Ross have his fun. 

“You wanna go for a walk?” Ross asked.

“Yeah, I could do that,” Nate replied.

Nate got up and helped Ross up as well.  “You guys have fun,” Chris said.

“We’ll be back shortly.  I’m going to give Nate the tour,” Ross smiled.

They walked together along the edge of the water.  “Ross, between you and me, I kind of like this,” Nate said.

“You do?” Ross looked at him.

“Ross, I’m trying to put up a little cover in front of my brother.  I like checking out the guys and see where I need some work.  Hell some of them are fucking hot, I must admit, thanks to you opening my eyes to all of this,” Nate confessed.

Ross smiled, “I was starting to wonder how long you would last.”

“Hey, this is so cool.  The best part is I’m with you,” Nate said.

They passed a group of older men and noticed the stares.  Nate put out his chest and proudly put his arm around his guy.  They continued to walk along the beach until coming on some younger guys towards the south end of the long sandy beach.  He saw a few cuddled up together and wasn’t in the least turned off by their show of affection.  He enjoyed seeing their youthful fit bodies and remembered the fun times though not gay times he had with his friends on occasion at the beach. He was a little surprised that each had the boldness to wear either bikinis or trunk shorts.

“You think they are high school or college aged?” Nate asked.

“I think maybe college aged,” Ross replied. “You think they are cute?”

“Actually I do.  I rather envy their boldness to tell you truth.  It takes a lot of guts to come here,” Nate said.

“Yeah, no way would I have done it a few years ago.  I was still pretty much in denial,” Ross said.

Nate and Ross stopped walking a few yards from the younger group.  They sat down in the sand and just watched the waves come tumbling in with their arms around each other.  Nate leaned over and kissed Ross without any qualms.  Soon Ross fell on Nate and they began making out under the bright sun and in the sand.  Nate grabbed Ross’ ass and held on to it.

“Get a goddamn room, for Christ’s sake!” they heard the yell from the younger group.

Rage ran all over Nate’s body.  Ross could see it in his eyes, “Calm down!”

“Fuck them!” Nate said.  Ross got off Nate and looked back.  The young guys were laughing hysterically now and didn’t see how pissed Nate was.  He looked up and saw two of the younger one with their suits down to off their fine asses making out and acting very crazy. 

“Nate, look! They are just fucking with their friends,” Ross said.

Nate turned around and just laughed at them and saw they were just having fun and cutting up in a harmless way.  The group saw Nate and Ross giving them the eye.  Nate and Ross just smiled at them.  They headed back to find Nick and Chris.  They got in the water and washed off the sand. 

Nick and Chris were sitting up on their towels.  “Nate, we’re leaving,” Nick said. “You guys can stay but we’re tired. We got here about an hour before you guys did.”

Nate looked at Ross, “You wanna go or stay?”

“It’s totally up to you,” Ross said.

“See ya, Nick, Chris,” Nate said and got a nice hug from both.  “I’ll call you later. Thanks for everything!”

“Okay, if nothing else, maybe you and Ross can stop by the house some time,” Nick said while leaving.

They watched them leave and sat down on their towels.  “Thanks, I really wasn’t ready to go just yet,” Ross said.

“You wanna move back down where we came from,” Nate asked.

“We can do that,” Ross said.  They gathered up their towels and headed back down the beach. 

“Ross, those two older guys were creeping me out a little,” Nate said in reference to two older hairy guys that had set their things near there and gave both of them the eye.

“I saw them and didn’t think you noticed them,” Ross said.

They found a spot near the younger crowd of six at the south end of the beach.  It was actually less crowded and quieter than their original spot.  They threw down their towel and sat back to be alone with each other. 

“I know why we moved down here but truth is I like seeing them too,” Ross laughed.

“I just can’t get over that they don’t care who sees them and are very open about being gay,” Nate said and had a Frisbee nearly hit him in the head.

“Sorry dude,” one of the younger ones said. “My boyfriend sucks at this.”

“No problem,” Nate said and gently tossed the Frisbee in his direction.  He and Ross just watched them for a while before the two called it quits for the time being.  After an hour, the group of younger guys gathered their things and left.

“I guess it’s time we left too,” Ross said. “Your eye candy is gone.”

“You were watching them too,” Nate smiled and kissed Ross on the cheek.  They picked up their towels and headed to the car about ten minutes after the other group left. Ross smiled when Nate reached down to grab his hand while they walked back.

“Nate, we need to shower off this sand before we leave and have all in my truck,” Ross said while they neared the shower.

“I can do that,” Nate said.

They opened the shower room door and entered the shower.  The two Frisbee players were showering off innocently.  Nate and Ross dropped their suits quickly and rinsed off.  They could see the others glancing over at them but they were checking them out as well.  The two players had okay bodies and dark tans.  Both weren’t real hung either and tried to shield their crotches but turned to show their hot asses.  All four quit at the same time and dried off as an older man with a bulging belly entered to shower off. 

“Just in time,” one smiled.

“Yeah I know,” Ross smiled back at him.

Nate and Ross walked back to their car to head back.  They shook the sand from their towels and got in Ross’ SUV. 

“How’d I do?” Nate asked.

“Actually very good once you adjusted to everything around you,” Ross said while driving.

“I wasn’t sure at first.  Seeing Nick didn’t help either at first but he was really cool with it,” Nate said.

“I wasn’t sure how that would work either,” Ross said. “I think you liked watching those young guys.”

“Yeah, it sure beat the hell out being around a bunch of fat, hairy old guys.  Some of them were a little weird.”

Nate laughed and found the main road to lead them back to their room.  “Next time, I want you to wear a bikini.”

“I’ll do it.  I know I would look better than some of those guys,” Nate laughed.

“You really would?”

“Sure, no problem,” Nate shrugged.

“Wow, I was actually kidding with you.  You are taking to this like a fish does to water.”

“So far so good for me.  Was it me or were the lesbians nasty looking out there today?”

“I have to agree there.  I’ve seen some really hot ones there before but there weren’t any I would classify as hot.”

“I was just checking to make sure I wasn’t too fucked in the head to notice,” Nate laughed.

They stopped for a quick meal on the way home and then proceeded back to the room.  Both could feel the drain of the bright intense sun and collapsed on the bed together.

“Ross next week, we can go look for a place together,” Nate said.

Ross smiled, “Great!”

“I’m about ready to move on from here,” Nate said.

“Me too,” Ross said.