Posted:  May 2, 2010

Alex entered the tattoo parlor right after 8.  He could easily hear the buzz of needles doing their work.   He spotted one of his favorite artists, Neal, leaned over a customer.  He walked over to inspect the work that Neal was doing on the waist of college aged boy.  Alex thought the boy was cute with a really nice body.

“Looking good,” Alex commented.

“I try,” Neal replied while wiping off the specks of blood.

“It’ll look great as always when you’re finished,” Alex stated and continued to walk to the rear of the establishment.  He waved at Felicia doing a piercing and knocked on the office door.  He heard the voice of Jeff and entered the cluttered office.

“What took you so long?” Jeff, the owner, asked.

“I got here as soon as I could,” Alex replied with a smile.

“At least you made it,” Jeff stated. “I have someone waiting on you.  I know for certain you’ll deliver if you want any more work done.”

“That’s why I’m here,” Alex said. “I do you a favor and you do me a favor.”

“How’s that snake looking by the way you had done two weeks ago?”

“Looks great as always,” Alex said and lifted his tee to show Jeff the tattoo on his right side.  “I’ll see you a little while then.”

Alex headed out the back of the office.  He went down the dimly lit stairs to the basement of the parlor.  Very few people if any knew that the basement even existed.  He came to the metal door and knocked.  Alex heard a voice calling to enter and slowly opened the door.

A tall man in his late thirties approached Alex. 

“Nice to meet you,” Alex said. “I’m Alex.”

Bitch, I know your name.  I would enjoy it if you called me ‘Sir’,” the man said in a gravelly voice with a cigarette hanging from it.

“Whatever you want, Sir,” Alex said.

“Good.  Now we are finished with the lame ass intros, why don’t you start undressing me?” the man asked in a rough tone.  He blew smoke in Alex’s direction before extinguishing the cigarette in the floor.

“Okay,” Alex said and approached the man in the sparsely lit room.  Alex reached over and started unbuttoning the man’s shirt.

“I want some attention while you undress me, you little bitch!”

“Yes sir,” Alex said.

“I’ve got a better idea before you started.  Get naked right now and let me inspect you before we get down to it.  I want a strip tease to entice me,” the man stated.  “Jeff said you are one hot little fuck!”

Alex stood back.  He slowly pulled his black tee over his straight long black hair.  He stood with his hands on his hips while the man inspected Alex’s inked thin torso.

“How old are you?” the man asked.

“Twenty four,” Alex said.

“Turn around,” the man said.  Alex turned around slowly.  He felt the man grabbed his ass.  “Impressed to say the least with the tats.  Now drop those jeans slowly and show me that ass.”

Alex bent over a little and unbuttoned his jeans.  He pushed down the back with his jeans dropping to the concrete floor.  Before he could take off his briefs, he heard a rip.  He took the shredded briefs off.  He shook his ass for the man’s pleasure.  He felt a hard slap and grab before turning around. 

“Shaved, I see,” the man stated.  Alex stood naked in the front of the man with his uncut cock hanging between his legs.  “Now get over here and continue undressing me.  I expect lots of attention.”

Alex moved to the man and finished taking off his shirt.  The man lifted up his tattooed arms and gestured with his head to his hairy pits.  Alex moved over and began licking the right pit with his pierced tongue.  The man grabbed Alex by the hair and moved him to the left pit.  He shoved Alex’s nose into his sweat ridden pits with Alex tasting the sweat.  He guided Alex to his hairy chest. 

“Work my nipples and get em hard as fuck!” the man instructed.

Alex moved over and began working the pierced nipples.  He alternated back and forth to get them hard before the man pushed Alex’s head down to lick his hairy beer belly. 

“Now comes the part you’re dying to see and play with,” the man said.

Yes Sir,” Alex said.  He reached over and unbuttoned the Levi’s.   Alex pushed the jeans to the floor.  He licked the outline of the man’s cock.  He took his forefinger and pulled down the waistband of the stained briefs to expose the man’s hairy cut cock.

“Not the biggest I’m sure a whore like you has had,” the man stated.

“It is a beauty,” Alex said.

“All you fucking whores are alike.  You want a dick no matter how big.  Now get to work on it,” the man said.  

Alex dropped to his knees on the cold floor. He stuck out his tongue and began licking the man’s cock.  He glanced up to see the man’s cold blue eyes staring and watching his every move. 

“Balls, Goddammit!” the man said and pushed Alex’s head down.  Alex could smell the manly sweaty scent with his tongue working each hairy nut.  He finished licking and took each one in his mouth to play with them with his pierced tongue.   The man grabbed Alex by the hair and pulled him up for a wet kiss.  The man shoved Alex down. “Start sucking my dick.  Then I’m going fuck the living hell of you!”

“Yes sir,” Alex said.

Alex took the man’s cock in his mouth.  He worked his tongue on the underside and felt the man’s cock growing in his mouth.  Alex assessed the man to be about six and half inches at the most.  Alex knew it was the perfect length and width to give the man exactly what he wanted.  He moved up and down the man’s hard cock.  He opened his throat and buried all the man’s cock in his mouth.

OOOO fuck yeah!” the man moaned with Alex taking it all without a problem.

Alex slide off and licked all over the hard cock.  He went back down and took all of it again with a loud moan coming from the man.  Alex cut his blue eyes up and saw the man with his head tilted back.  Alex could sense he was enjoying his efforts.   Alex continued to suck and lick with the man moaning and groaning.

“Boy, now move around and eat my ass!” the man commanded.

Alex scooted on his bare knees and got behind the man.  He could see the man’s hairy ass.  He reached up and parted the cheeks.  He kissed the hole.  He stuck out his tongue and started rimming the man’s puckered pink hole. 

“Bury that fucking tongue in there, bitch!” the man growled.

Alex shoved his tongue in the man’s ass to hear him moan.  He repeated the tactic several times.  He continued to lick and ram his tongue in the sweaty hairy ass.

“You ready to get fucked?” the man asked.

Yes sir,” Alex said.

The man turned and grabbed Alex from the floor. “You better like it rough!”

“I do, sir!”

“Fucking figures,” the man stated.  He turned Alex around.  Alex heard the man spit and moved right behind him.  Without much warning, Alex felt the man’s cock at his ass.  He pushed out and let the man enter him.  The man buried his cock balls deep in Alex and pulled completely out.

“I got a better idea now.  Beg me to fuck you!” the man said.

“Sir, please fuck me,” Alex said.

“What the fuck? I said beg, you little cunt!”

“Sir! Fuck me!”

The man slapped Alex’s back with force, “I said beg. I want to hear how much you want my fucking dick in your pussy!”

Sir! I need you to fuck the shit out of me!  I want that fucking hot dick in my ass!  Please fuck me, Sir!  Please give it to me hard!

“That’s more like it!” the man said and shoved his cock back inside Alex’s hole.  Alex groaned a little.  The man wrapped his hands around Alex’s waist and began fucking him hard.  Alex was thankful the man wasn’t that big with the initial pounding he was getting.  Alex wanted the man to think he was doing great and moaned with each deep plunge. 
“You like my dick fucking your ass?”

“OOO yes sir, feels so fucking good in me,” Alex purred with honest approval.

“Your ass… make it your pussy is so fucking hot,” the man said.

Alex let the man fuck him as hard as he wanted. Within a minute or two of the hard skin slapping pounding, Alex could hear the man breathing hard and groaning with pleasure. 

“Bitch, I’m tired of doing all the work,” the man said. “See that chair.  Let’s move over there and you ride the fuck out of me.”

Alex and the man moved to the big chair.  The man took a seat.  Alex spit on his hand and rubbed it on the man’s hard cock.  He lowered his ass to slide down.

“Let me hear you now.  Tell me how much you love this dick in your ass,” the man stated.

“OOOO I fucking love it,” Alex said.  He moved his ass on the man’s cock.  He felt the man grab his hips.

“I said fucking ride this shit!”

Alex started riding the man’s cock with all he had.  “OOOO fuck yeah… ooo yes!... fuck yes!” Alex groaned.

“Fucking tell me what a whore you are,” the man said.

“The biggest cock whore there is, sir… fuck me with that hot cock…” Alex continued to ride the man’s cock hard as ever. 

“Jack off while you ride me.  I want you to cum with my dick so deep in you,” the man said.

Alex grabbed his cock and started to jack off.  He continued to ride the man’s cock, “OOOO fuck yes… fuck me!... fuck yeah!”

“You about ready for my cum!” the man said.

“OOOO yes I live to be fucking bred,” Alex moaned.

“Just what I thought!” the man said.  He was sweating and was breathing hard as ever while Alex continued to ride his cock.  He could feel his balls churning with Alex moaning and groaning.  “OOOOO Fuck!!!!” the man grunted.  He shoved his cock deep in Alex to expel his load.  Alex could feel the pulsating cock in his ass and started firing off his load in response.  The man shook and shot his last drop inside Alex.  He pushed Alex off.

“Damn,” Alex said and felt cum dripping from his used hole.

“I fucking filled that pussy with a shit load of baby makers,” the man said. “Get down here and clean this shit off.”

Alex moved and started to lick the combination of ass and cum from the man’s cock.  He could feel cum sliding so gracefully from his hole.  He reached back and fingered his hole.  He tasted it.

“Nasty skinny ass fucking pig,” the man said.

“Hell yeah,” Alex smiled.

“I’m getting dressed.  You wait about five minutes before you leave that why no one will know we were together,” the man said.   Alex found the man’s clothes and dressed him.  The man kissed Alex on the cheek.  “So you know you are one hot fuck!”

“Thanks!” Alex said.  He watched the man leave and moved to a corner of the room to expel the man’s cum from his ass.  He put on his clothes and didn’t care if he had waited the time.  He climbed the stairs and opened the door to Jeff’s office.

“Alex, another well done job,” Jeff commented.

“Oh well,” Alex shrugged.  “You owe me some underwear.  The fucker ripped mine.”

“I guess I could do that,” Jeff laughed.  He reached in and grabbed a ten for Alex’s troubles.  “How was he?”

“Oh not the best or the worst,” Alex replied.

“Care if I call you again?” Jeff asked.

“Of course not as long as I get some ink out of it,” Alex smiled.

“You will,” Jeff said.  “I think we’re even now with the snake job.”

“Great.  See ya around!” Alex smiled and headed out of the shop.  He knew it was easy money to service Jeff’s customers.  He didn’t mind the work since he was addicted to both cock and ink.