Written by Big 'D'... posted Dec 31, 2012.

Colt’s POV

My head was all over the place when we returned from our hunting trip. It was one of the best and
worst weekends of my life. I was still reeling from finding my dad with that woman. I had seen him
playing around before, but the way he acted this time when we actually confronted him just made me
want to punch him, especially when he called me a fag. There was so much venom in his words and a
look of pure hate in his eyes. It’s hard seeing something like that from one of your parents.

If there was an upside to what happened it was that me and Chase had become closer than ever and
seemed to bond over something that could have torn us apart. We both love Mom so much and I never
doubted that we’d be by her side and not Dad’s. I felt so much love between the three of us when we
were all crying and hugging each other. I think breaking down was needed to make us all stronger.
We knew we’d get through it together.

Then there was Kris. He had been so amazing over the past couple of days. He was always there for
me when I needed him, but he never crowded me or pushed me into doing anything. That first night
after I found out about Dad I was afraid he would want to have sex when I really didn’t feel like
it. Instead he just held me in his arms, wanting to comfort me, and I knew what we had was real.

The next night, all I wanted to do was show my love for him. I wanted him to know how much I
appreciated him and how much he meant to me. When we entered our tent and he started kissing me I
just knew it was our night. The feelings that ran all over my body when I entered him that first
time without protection were almost beyond words. Knowing there was nothing between us and that my
bare dick was sliding against his insides made me feel closer to him than ever. We were really one
for the first time and I knew why Matt and Corey loved fucking bareback so much.

I was so lost in the moment and the feelings that I was caught off guard when my balls suddenly
pulled up and I felt my cum racing up my cock. Instinctively I pulled out and started shooting my
load onto Kris’ body, but he wanted it inside him. Even though I slid back in for a final burst I
think he was disappointed that I didn’t fill him up until my cum was leaking back out of him.

When I got back to our apartment after spending some time with Mom and Chase, Kris greeted me with
the hottest kiss and I wanted to take him into my bedroom right then so we could fuck until our
balls were empty, but we had so much to do before school resumed after our weekend. I was so hard I
almost jerked off right there but I wanted to save it for when we got together.

That night, after we spent some time with Matt and Corey, Kris went off to shower and then took me
by the hand and led me to his bedroom. We made out for about ten minutes, with our hands travelling
all over each other’s bodies. I loved his big muscles and feeling his strength. Then there was the
hair that was growing on his chin, brushing against my own, making the kisses so different to
anyone else I’d ever been with. It gave me a bit of a rush knowing I really was with a man.

Kris surprised me a little when he pushed me down on the bed and ran his tongue all over my body,
including flipping me over so I was on my stomach as he licked down my back and then focused in on
my ass, giving me an amazing rim job that seemed heightened by the tickling of his facial hair. I
moaned and told him how good it felt, pushing my ass back against his tongue. I was so hard, with
my dick trapped underneath me.

“Fuck me, Kris! Fuck me!” I begged.

He pulled away and licked his way up my back, resting his hard, leaking cock in the crack of my ass
and thrusting gently as he whispered in my ear, “Not tonight, babe. I need to feel your hard dick
sliding back inside me. I want you to fuck me raw and cum deep in me like I wanted you to last

He licked my ear and I shuddered hearing those words and how he called me babe instead of bro. It
showed how far we’d come and how comfortable we were with each other during sex. It was even a turn
on for me to hear him speak to me like that. I could feel the love oozing out of him.

We switched positions and I worshipped his amazing body, kissing and licking the muscles that
popped beneath his skin. He was so hot. I mimicked him in flipping him over and diving down between
his big, muscular ass cheeks, pulling them apart with my hands and burying my face in his ass so I
could lick at his hot, tight hole.

“Oh God! Fuck me, Colt! I need your hard fucking dick inside me now," Kris moaned, squirming
beneath me.

I crawled up his back so my lips were next to his ear. “I’m gonna fuck you so good, Kris. I’m gonna
make love to you and cum deep inside you. Do you want that?”

“Oh fuck yes!”

I climbed off him and moved over to get the lube from the nightstand. When I turned back around, he
was on his back with his legs pulled up to expose his ass. I poured some of the lube into my hand
and gently ran my fingers around his tight hole, pushing softly until his ass seemed to open up and
my finger slipped inside. I spent the next two minutes fucking him with my fingers, getting him
nice and slick for my cock, until he pulled my fingers from his ass and dragged me up the bed so I
was on top of him.

“I can’t take it anymore.” Kris panted. “I need to feel you inside me.”

He wrapped his legs around me, so I couldn’t get away or change position, and reached for the lube.
Still holding me close, he kept eye contact and managed to spread lube all over my cock, stroking
the length up and down, before he pulled me even closer and lined the head of my dick up with his

My eyes never left his as I slowly pushed my way inside him and his body accepted my bare dick deep
into its depths. We both moaned and clung to each other at the feeling of my hard, raw cock sliding
against the walls of his ass. I will never get tired of that feeling and knowing we’re completely
giving ourselves to each other.

Our lips met and we kissed so passionately as I gently thrust in and out of him. It wasn’t a hard,
fast fuck, it was slow love making that had us both moaning each other’s names and saying I love
you. I picked up the pace a little bit, but his ass felt so good wrapped around my cock that I had
to slow down before I went over the edge. It was incredible. I had never felt the urge to cum so
quickly before. Having my bare dick inside Kris pushed all the right buttons and had me almost
constantly ready to blow.

In that position Kris’ cock was trapped between us and was rubbing against our abs every time I
thrust into him. I noticed that his breaths became shorter and he started almost panting so I
picked up the speed a little and we stared into each other’s eyes until Kris threw his head back
and his dick exploded between us, coating our stomachs. Feeling the hot cum on my skin pushed me
over the edge and my cock erupted deep inside him. Kris screamed and had such a look of ecstasy on
his face as my cum coated the walls of his ass. I groaned and my eyes rolled up into my head as my
dick continued to spurt. I made a few more tiny thrusts and then pushed in as deep as I could for
the final shot. His hot ass clenched so tight around my cock it milked it dry.

I collapsed on top of him with my hard dick still lodged inside him. It was a while before we had
our breath back. When we did we held each other and kissed passionately as my dick began to soften
and slipped out of him. He moaned and pulled back to look in my eyes again.

“That was amazing…” Kris said.

“It was,” I agreed.

“It felt so fucking good. I love it when you make me cum without touching my dick. And when you
came… holy fuck! The heat of your cum splashing on the walls of my ass made me shoot even more. I
thought I was done but you got another two shots out of me.”

“I take it you liked it?” I asked.

“I fucking loved it!” he laughed. “I could feel every inch of you, every little bump on your cock.
I didn’t think getting fucked by you could get any better.”

“And how do you feel knowing my cum is swimming around deep inside you?” I asked, smiling.

“Awesome. I have part of you inside me. It was like it was the last thing that separated us from
being one. The first time bareback was special, but this just blew that away. I felt so much love
for you. I can’t wait for you to feel that.”

“Soon, Kris… I wanna feel your bare dick inside me, fucking me. Then I want to feel you fill me up
with your hot cum.”

“Oh shit… Don’t talk like that! I don’t think I can go another round and you’re making me hard

I laughed and pushed him up onto the bed. I grabbed my boxers from the floor and cleaned his cum
off our bodies. I climbed onto the bed beside him and took him in my arms. We kissed again and then
just held each other as I pulled the covers over us and we drifted off to sleep.

When I woke up the next morning my dick was rock hard and was nestled right in the crack of Kris’
ass. I felt my dick twitch and smiled, knowing we didn’t have any early classes. I reached over,
without pulling away from him, and grabbed the lube, popping the cap and pouring some into my hand
to get my cock nice and slick. Once I was ready I slid my hand down his back until my finger
slipped into his ass. It was still wet from last night’s lube and the load I shot inside him. That
was such a fucking turn on and I couldn’t help myself. I pulled my finger out of his ass and
replaced it with the head of my cock, slowly pushing in.

I was about half way in when Kris woke up and moaned. He turned his head to look at me and smiled,
reaching back to pull me into a kiss.

“Morning, baby,” I smiled, pushing the final few inches into him.

“Oh fuck… morning…” Kris gasped as I pulled my cock out of him and slowly slid back in. “Oh yeah,
fuck me, Colt!”

“You like being woken up like this?” I asked, wrapping my arms around his chest as I started to
thrust into his hot ass.

“I fucking love it! Fuck me!”

For the next forty five minutes I slowly fed his ass my dick, using long, deep strokes to fill him
up and make both of us feel so good. I had to pull out to apply more lube, but my dick just slipped
straight back in and I continued as though nothing happened. We were both on our sides, with my
arms wrapped around his chest, and I kept kissing his neck and shoulders as I slid in and out of
his ass, making love to the hottest man in the world.

Finally we both reached our climax and I shot another load deep in his amazing ass. We were panting
and covered in sweat, but it was the perfect way to start the day. After we spent ten minutes
kissing and catching our breath, we got up and went to shower, washing each other down. Our dicks
were spent so we didn’t play around, but as Kris bent over slightly to let me wash his back I saw
some of my cum running down the back of his leg and it made my whole body shudder. It was so hot.

The rest of our day went as usual, with us both attending classes and then going to work in the
early evening. When we got back we were both exhausted and just relaxed in front of the TV with
Matt and Corey for a pretty quiet night. About one we headed to bed and, apart from a few little
playful touches and some very hot kissing, nothing happened. Kris put his head on my chest and
draped his arm over me as we fell asleep.

Kris had an early class the next day and was gone before I woke up. I eventually pulled myself out
of bed and showered before heading out for my classes. Once they were over I headed to the
Athletics Department to help the team as they trained for the big game we had coming up. They were
all so serious and wanted to do well so it was tough work, but also really rewarding, especially if
they won.

When I arrived back at the apartment I was still kind of buzzing from my time with the team and
when I saw Kris sitting naked on the sofa my dick plumped up a little. I went over and kissed him,
running my hand down his hot body until I was playing with his cock.

I looked up and saw Corey watching us from his place at the dining table where he was studying. He
smiled and turned his head back to his books. I gave Kris another quick kiss and headed for our
bathroom so I could shower after the long day.

After washing my hair and most of my body I soaped up my ass and gently slipped a finger inside,
moaning when it rubbed against my spot. I threw my head back and slowly fucked myself. After more
than a week without, I knew I needed more than a finger up my ass tonight.    

I cleaned out my ass and turned off the shower. As I stepped out and grabbed a towel I was overcome
with nerves and felt the butterflies building in my stomach realising that tonight would be the
first time I bottomed for Kris since we stopped using condoms. I was gonna get fucked bareback by
my boyfriend’s raw cock and there was a pretty good chance he was going to cum inside me. Fuck! My
hole twitched in anticipation.

I headed back out to the living room in just my towel to find Matt, Corey, Scott and Jordy all
seated around Kris, who was fully clothed. They all turned to look at me as if I’d done something

“What?” I asked.

“Come on, bro,” Kris said. “Get ready so we can go eat. We’ve been waiting on your ass to get

“Oh, sorry,” I said, having no idea we were going out to eat. “I’ll be ready in five.”

I went to my room and quickly threw on some clothes. My need for food outweighed my desire to get
fucked, but I knew by the end of the night I’d have seven hard inches of Kris’ cock buried deep
inside me.

The meal was nice and beat anything we would have cooked ourselves, but part of me just wanted to
get home the whole time. When we got back, Kris invited Scott and Jordy to have a beer with us and
I almost screamed. It wasn’t that I didn’t want them to I was just so horny I felt like if Kris
didn’t fuck me soon I was going to just mount him in front of everyone. About five minutes later
Shawn turned up at the door and for the first time I found myself wishing they would all go back to
their own places so I could be alone with Kris.

I didn’t want to cause another rift in our group of friends or anything, though, so I grabbed a
beer and sat down to drink it while everyone else sat around and talked about something I paid no
attention to. I couldn’t take my eyes off Kris. My dick was so hard thinking about what I wanted
him to do to me and I was glad that for once we were actually wearing clothes, or I might not have
been able to stop myself.

Just before midnight Shawn, Scott and Jordy finally left. Almost as soon as the door was closed I
was on my feet, approaching Kris. He looked up at me in confusion as I reached down and took his
hand in mine, pulling him up off the sofa and leading him towards his bedroom.

“Goodnight guys,” I said to Corey and Matt, who I knew were watching us. All I heard in reply was
giggling as I pulled Kris into his room and shut the door behind us.
Kris looked like he was about to say something but I stopped him from talking by pushing him back
against the door and attacking his lips with mine. At first I think he was taken aback because he
didn’t kiss me, but as I ran my hand up under his shirt and slid my fingers over his hard abs, he
started responding and it got more heated. Our hands were going all over the other’s body until we
started literally ripping each other’s clothes off.

We were kissing so hard. The sounds of our lips smacking together and our tongues swirling around
each other filled the room. Kris was moaning into my mouth as my hands went on a tour of his body.
I gripped the bottom of his tight tee and pulled it up over his head, hearing it tear as I yanked
it off him and tossed it across the room.

He had me out of my shirt just as quickly and then our mouths collided in another heated kiss as we
reached down to unfasten each other’s pants. As soon as I had Kris’ zipper down and his pants open,
I ran my hands around his waist and slipped them under the fabric so I could feel his incredible
ass. He tensed the cheeks in my hands and it drove me wild.

I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him closer so our hard cocks were thrusting against each
other as we continued to kiss. Kris had one hand on my head, gripping my hair, and the other on my
hip, holding me close. My left hand was gripping his ass tight, pulling him against me as the
thrusts continued, but with the right hand I pushed his pants down so they fell around his ankles.
I broke the kiss and glanced down.

“Holy fuck!” I groaned.

Kris stepped back from me and kicked his pants off. “I take it you approve?”

“Fuck yeah!” I screamed as my eyes took in every inch of his amazing body, settling on his crotch
and the tiny underwear that barely concealed his hard cock.

My dick jumped and I felt my stomach tighten just from looking at him. He was wearing a tight pair
of baby blue briefs that was straining to hold his cock and exposed every line and cut at his hips
and waist. His body looked incredible. His eight pack abs stood out, so defined, against his skin
that was starting to lose the tan it gained over the summer. The swirling, curving lines at his
hips disappeared beneath the waistband of the briefs and seemed to be pointing to the hard,
leaking, throbbing cock that was pushing against the material, leaving a growing wet patch on the
light fabric.

What drove me even more wild though was Kris’ decision to take no shave November all the way by not
shaving his body all month either. The stubble on his face was a turn on, but the trail that was
thickening between his abs, running down to blend in with his pubes as they stuck up just above the
waistband of the briefs, had me so hot for him I almost couldn’t control myself.

I pushed my own pants down to reveal the black boxers I threw on before we went to eat. They
weren’t as sexy as what Kris was wearing, but I still felt kind of hot in them. They were quite
tight fitting around my big thighs and they cupped my cock and ass perfectly, giving me just the
kind of bulges that I knew made Kris’ cock jump.

“So hot…” Kris breathed as he stepped back up to me, grabbed me by the sides of the head and pulled
me in for a deep kiss that had his tongue almost buried down my throat.

We wrapped our arms around each other again and instead of making out we placed kisses all over the
other’s neck, feeling the stubble tickling the skin and sending shivers right down to our cocks as
they rubbed together with only a thin layer between them now.

Kris’ dick felt so hard against mine and I felt the precum that had soaked through his briefs
seeping into mine. The heat coming from his cock was incredible and made mine tingle even more.

His lips and tongue were working the spot on my neck he knew made me melt and my whole body was
heaving as I panted for breath, holding on to him for fear that my legs might give way. He thrust
against me again and I heard a slapping sound. We broke the hug long enough to see that the briefs
Kris was wearing couldn’t hold his dick back any more and it had sprung free and was bouncing in
the air, slapping against his abs.

He kept me in his arms and bent down, sliding his dick up and down my leg, matting the hair there
with his precum. My abs felt so tight with my heavy breathing and my dick felt like it was
constantly twitching as Kris thrust up, somehow getting his dick up under the leg of my boxers and
holding me close as he humped against me.

Neither of us could believe the feelings going through us, especially since we were both still in
our underwear. I pulled one arm free of him and moved my dick slightly so it was lying sideways in
my boxers. The next time he thrust up, the head of his cock collided with mine and we both

“OH FUCK!!!”

We held still and clung to each other as we tried to regain control of ourselves, both of us
shocked that we almost came from the contact and we weren’t even naked yet. 

When we stopped shaking and shuddering, Kris pulled his still throbbing dick from the leg of my
boxers, pecked at my lips with his and then pulled back to look in my eyes, “I love you so much.”

“I love you too,” I said, feeling warmth spread all through me.

“No one has ever had this effect on me, Colt. You make me so hot and horny. I can’t get enough of

“I want you so bad, Kris. I need your bare cock inside me. I don’t care whether you make love to me
for an hour or pound me through the mattress. I just need you to fuck me. And if you pull out I’ll
kill you. I wanna feel you cum inside me.”

“Oh shit, Colt… I’m gonna fuck you so good… better than ever before. You’re gonna be screaming my

“Fuck me, Kris!”

Before I could say anything else his lips were on mine. I ran my hand up his muscular back until I
had his hair wrapped in my fist and moaned around his tongue as it slid into my mouth. He was so
hot and I couldn’t remember ever being so turned on.

Using the hair I had in my hand I pulled his head back so he was looking at me and then I leaned
in, swiping my tongue over his lips. He smiled seductively at me, reading the lust in my eyes and
the near desperation bubbling up inside me as I wanted to take things to the next stage.

I placed my hand on his chest and pushed him over until we were almost at the bed. I ran my hand
down his hot body until I cupped his cock and gave it a good squeeze. He moaned and closed his
eyes, which is when I quickly released his dick and pushed him back onto the bed.

He propped himself up on his elbows and looked up at me. He had never looked hotter. His biceps
were tensed and made such huge mounds, with veins running down each one. His big, round pecs were
glistening with just a little sweat, and there was a light dusting of hair around each nipple.
Every one of his abs was rock hard, tensing every time he took a breath. The cuts on his hips
swirled at just the right angle so they looked like there were pushing down the briefs that had
failed to contain the hard, seven inch cock that was pulsing and leaking against his abs. I wanted
to lick every inch of his amazing body.

I got to my knees next to the bed with Kris lying back on top of it and leaned in, taking deep
breaths so I could inhale the manly scent that rose from his crotch. It was like a mixture of
sweat, musk and soap and it turned me on so much. I blew air along the length of his shaft, seeing
it twitch and hearing him moan. I extended my tongue and licked up some of the precum that was
flowing out of the tip.

“Fuck yeah, Colt! Suck that dick!” Kris moaned.

I smiled and moved my head to kiss his big thighs. He kept moving his hips, trying to push my face
closer to his cock, and I knew he wanted me to suck him, but I wanted to get him really worked up
before he fucked me.

I gripped the briefs and started tugging them down. Kris smiled and lifted his ass so I could pull
them off, fully releasing his cock and balls. Seeing them now in front of me I couldn’t fight my
desire to have them in my mouth. I had come such a long way since we first had sex. Back then I
only really sucked his cock because he sucked mine and it seemed like the right thing to do. Now I
suck it because I want it in my mouth so bad. I love the taste and think it’s one of the hottest
things I’ve ever seen. It’s perfect.

Leaning in, I ran the tip of my tongue up his shaft, but I made sure to miss the head. I knew if I
got a taste of his precum I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from devouring his cock and sucking it
dry. I still wanted to toy with him a little more so he was desperate to fuck me.

I ran my tongue back down and continued going until I was licking his slightly hairy balls, sucking
them into my mouth one by one and rolling them around on my tongue. The sound of his moaning that
filled my ears was so hot and made me even hungrier for a taste of his dick.

“Suck my fucking cock, Colt! I’m begging ya,” Kris said with his teeth gritted and his fists
clenching the covers on the bed.

I smiled and licked up his shaft. “You want me to suck you?” I teased.

“If you don’t I’m gonna throw you down on this bed and fuck your throat.”

Damn, that made my dick throb. He wanted it as much as I did. Finally I gave in and when I licked
my way back up his hard cock I didn’t stop before the head, swirling my tongue around the tip to
taste that sweet yet salty precum that I had come to love when it was pouring from his cock.

I sucked the head into my mouth and used my lips and tongue to caress it. Kris let out a satisfied
moan and lay back on the bed to enjoy the sensations as I started to suck him.

At first I just focused on the tip, forming a tight ring with my lips and almost fucking my face on
the top inch of his cock. Then, when he started moaning my name and his dick was literally
twitching in my mouth, I started taking more of him as I bobbed up and down. Eventually, after
about five minutes of sucking his cock and having him writhing around on the bed beneath me,
yelping, whimpering and moaning my name, I opened my throat, pushed my head down and swallowed
every inch of him, burying my nose in his pubes.

“Oh fuck, Colt! That feels so fucking good!” Kris panted. “Suck me!”

I pulled back up off Kris’ cock and looked up over his amazing body until I was looking into his
hot, lust-filled blue eyes. With his cock in my hand, I slapped it against my face a few times,
which I could tell he loved from the expression on his face, and then I dove back down, sucking him
into my throat. I couldn’t believe how big a thrill I got from deep throating him and knowing I
could take all of him inside me. I hoped I could soon say the same about my ass since he wouldn’t
be limited by how far up his cock the condom went.

“Oh God…” Kris moaned, pulling my head off his cock. With his hands on the sides of my face he
pulled me up onto the bed until I was on top of him and took my lips in the hottest kiss. Pulling
back, he stared into my eyes and said, “I need you now. My dick is so fucking hard. I can’t wait to
get it inside you.”

“Good, ‘cause I want your bare dick in me, Kris. I want you to make love to me and let me feel
every inch of your gorgeous cock inside me.”

He pulled me in for another kiss and flipped us over so he was on top of me. Pinning my arms down
on the mattress, his tongue snaked its way into my mouth and he started thrusting his hard cock
against me, stopping suddenly with a gasp.

“What?” I asked.

“You’ve still got your boxers on,” he said, almost like he was confused.

“I was a bit busy sucking your dick to notice,” I smiled.

Kris chuckled and leaned in for another kiss. His lips then moved down to my neck and he worked
that spot that made me tingle all over. My hips were lifting up off the bed, pressing my hard cock
against him all the time he was nuzzled against that spot. Just as I was about to beg him to stop,
his lips travelled to my chest and nipples, before he licked his way down my abs and then ran his
tongue over the length of my cock, which was still trapped inside my boxers.

“Oh fuck, Kris! Suck me!” I moaned.

He just chuckled and kissed along the length of my shaft, making my body heave from the sensations,
while not actually feeling his bare skin on mine.

“Please, Kris…” I begged.

He reached his hands up to the waistband of my boxers and I lifted my hips, but instead of pulling
them down he clamped his mouth over the head of my covered cock and sucked at the precum that was
oozing out of the tip and soaking into the fabric.

“Fuck… fuck… fuck!” I panted. “Please, Kris, suck me.”

Finally he tugged at my boxers and I lifted up so he could pull them off me. My dick was so hard it
sprang up and slapped back down on my abs, splashing a string of precum that extended from the tip
of my cock all the way up to between my pecs. I moaned and heard Kris growl as he dove in to lick
it up and then my dick was in his mouth.

I threw my head back and gripped the sheets as his tongue danced around the head of my cock. He was
lapping up all the precum, pushing his tongue into my slit, while squeezing my dick from the base
up to the tip, trying to milk the precum out of me onto his tongue.

I tried to speak but it was all feeling too good and my words got caught in my throat. All I did
was whimper. Kris chuckled around my cock, sending vibrations through my dick and up my spine. I
could barely breathe I was panting so hard.

With my body like putty in his hands, ready for him to do whatever he wanted with, he flipped me
over and pulled me up so I was on my hands and knees in the middle of the bed. He moved in behind
me and rested his hard, throbbing cock in the crack of my ass. I felt my hole twitch in
anticipation of feeling that hot dick breaking through and burying itself inside me.

Instead of trying to push his cock into me, he bent over me, pressing his hard chest against my
back, and wrapped his arms around me as his lips kissed at my shoulders and the back of my neck. He
kept his dick almost completely still, but I could feel the heat from it as it jerked slightly
between my cheeks. The kisses continued and he started moving his hands all over my body, feeling
my pecs, running his fingers over my abs, and stroking my hard cock, which was still leaking, with
drops falling to the bed beneath us.

As he continued to stroke my dick I couldn’t help but move my hips, trying to move my ass around on
his cock, but he just held still and didn’t try to thrust against me. After about a minute of
slowly jerking me, he pulled his hand off my dick and brought it up to his lips, which were just
beside me ear. I turned my head and saw him licking my precum from his fingers. I groaned seeing
that, but as soon as my mouth opened he stuck one of my fingers in my mouth so I was licking my own
precum from it.

“That is so fucking hot,” Kris whispered. “You taste so good, Colt. How bad do you want me?”

“Fuck me, Kris! Fuck me!” I almost screamed, wanting him more than I ever had before.

“You ready to feel my bare dick inside you?”


“Do you want me to cum inside you?”

“Fuck yes! Bury that raw cock deep in my ass and fuck me ‘til you cum, Kris!”

I was so horny now. My ass was literally twitching and my dick was so hard. I had never wanted to
get fucked so much in my entire life. I felt like I’d go mad if I didn’t have Kris’ dick inside me

He thrust against me, making me moan and throw my head back as his dick slid between my cheeks. I
tried moving my ass so his cock lined up with my hole, but when I did that he pulled his dick away
from me and gave my ass a really hard slap that made me scream.

Leaning back over me, he got so close to my ear I could feel his breath tickling the hairs around
it. “You’re mine tonight, Colt. You’ll get fucked when I’m ready to fuck you. Do you understand?”

“Yes! Fuck yes!” I groaned, burying my head in the cover on the bed and biting down on it. He had
total control over me and I would have let him do anything to me as long as the end result had his
dick sliding deep inside me.

He kissed me between my shoulders and then slowly made his way down my spine with his lips and
tongue. When he reached my ass I moaned and pushed back against him, but he moved away and slapped
my ass again.

“What did I tell you?” Kris said as I yelped. “Stop trying to force it. You’re gonna get my dick
soon and I’m gonna fuck you better than I ever have before, but you’ve got to let me be in

“Okay, I’m sorry!” I panted.

“Good,” Kris said, giving my ass another, softer slap.

My chest was going up and down so fast and I was breathing like I’d just run a marathon. This was
beyond anything I had experienced before. I don’t know if it was because I hadn’t been fucked in a
little while and really wanted it, if it was the idea of being fucked bare for the first time, or
just my desire for Kris, but nothing else mattered to me right then but the two of us and what was
about to happen.

Placing his big, strong hands on my cheeks, he began to knead them, really squeezing each muscle,
massaging them, making me grunt and groan. Anyone listening at the door probably already thought he
was fucking me from the sounds I was making.
After what seemed like forever, he finally kept his hands still and used them to pull my cheeks
apart, exposing my hole to the cool air in the room. I shivered at the feeling and moaned even more
when he blew warm air onto my pucker.

“Fuck!” Kris gasped. “You should see your fucking hole, Colt. So hot!”

Before I could say anything I felt the hair on Kris’ face against my ass and then his tongue attacked
my hole. Fuck, it felt good! I was clawing at the sheets and almost trying to wriggle away from him
as he flicked his tongue against the opening and gently pushed the tip inside.

I couldn’t help myself as I started pushing back onto his tongue. It felt too good to just be still.
As I drove back he thrust forward and started fucking my ass with his tongue, actually breaking past
the sphincter and pushing inside. I felt my toes curl and my ass clench as my eyes rolled up into my
head and I nearly passed out from the incredible sensations that seemed to be flowing through me.

“Fuck me, Kris!” I screamed. “Stick that hard fucking cock in me and just fuck me.”

He had totally made me his bitch. I was begging for his cock now but I knew he was in complete
control, just like he wanted, and I had to submit to him. It gave me even more of a thrill, knowing
that no woman would ever have me in this position and that what I was feeling could only be achieved
by being with a man, by being with Kris.

After another minute of driving me absolutely fucking crazy with his tongue, he pulled back and I
thought I was finally going to get what I wanted when he walked over and grabbed the lube from the
nightstand. Instead what I got was a lubed finger running around the outside of my hole, gently
pressing in until it slipped inside. I moaned and pushed back on it, but it felt so small. I wanted
something bigger.

Kris fucked me with the finger for about thirty seconds, moving it around and bending it slightly
until he found my spot and had me screaming his name. When I was whimpering at the feelings and
biting my own fist so everyone in the apartment complex wouldn’t know what we were doing, Kris pulled
that finger out of me and then pushed it back in alongside a second before doing the exact same thing
all over again.

“KRIS!!” I screamed. “I can’t fucking take it anymore… Please fuck me or I’m throwing you down on
this bed and riding you whether you like it or not.”

“Damn…” Kris groaned, pulling his fingers from my ass. “You really want it that bad?”

“If your dick isn’t inside me in the next two minutes I’m gonna go get Corey or Matt to fuck me!”

“Holy shit…” Kris groaned.

I don’t think either of us expected me to want him so bad, but getting fucked was all I could think
about. It was like there was an itch inside me and only a nice hard cock could scratch it.

I was still on my hands and knees, panting for breath and feeling empty now Kris didn’t have his
fingers in me, when I heard Kris pop the top on the bottle of lube and my stomach tightened in knots.
Even though I wanted it so bad I was still nervous as hell to get fucked without a condom.

I looked down through my legs to see him spreading the lube all over his gorgeous seven inch cock. My
ass twitched again and my whole body was shaking, every hair standing on end. I felt a slight chill
on my body and realised for the first time that I was covered in sweat and we hadn’t even started
fucking yet.

When his dick was nice and slick and ready to enter me, he moved back behind me, but instead of
lining his dick up with my hole and starting to push in he slid it between my cheeks again, softly
humping against my ass as he bent over me.

He kissed my back and moved up so his lips were just brushing my ear. “Are you ready?”

“Yes,” I managed to reply, nodding.

“Good. I’m gonna take it nice and slow at first so we can both enjoy the feelings. This is the final
step, Colt. My dick is gonna be inside you and there’s gonna be nothing between us, just me on you.
I’m gonna remember this for the rest of my life. I hope you will too.”

I almost melted hearing him whisper those words into my ear. “I’ll remember it too. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

I felt that wave of warmth surge through me again and turned my head so my lips met with his. When he
broke the kiss he slid a little way down my body and pulled his cock out of from between my cheeks. I
was about to protest when I felt the head of his dick touch my hole like it was kissing it and I
threw my head back in ecstasy.

“Holy shit that feels good!” I moaned as Kris rubbed the head across my opening.

I couldn’t believe the thrill I was getting from feeling his bare skin on mine. We had teased each
other with our bare cocks a couple of times, but we never pushed inside. This time it was for real,
he wouldn’t pull back to slip on a condom, he was going in raw.
After a little more teasing I felt his cock start to press against my tight ass and closed my eyes,
trying to relax, even though I was nervous as hell. Kris could clearly read what was going through my
mind just from the way my ass was clenching as he tried to push in because he didn’t try to force his
way in. He waited for me to relax a little and when I pushed out, feeling my hole open a little, he
immediately pushed in and the head of his bare dick popped inside me.

We both screamed and Kris gripped onto my hips, keeping his dick still, both to let me get used to it
and no doubt to absorb the feelings and maybe to stop himself from cumming. I had underestimated how
good fucking his ass bare could feel the first time and Kris was a bit more trigger happy than I was
so I knew he’d have to take his time.

Just having the head of his dick inside me felt so different. The smooth slickness of the condom was
gone and the sheer heat I felt from the soft head of his dick seemed to radiate through me.

After maybe a minute of him just having the head of his dick inside me he started to push in. I
groaned and gripped the sheets again. The feeling was incredible as I felt his hard shaft push its
way inside me, rubbing against the walls of my tight ass. I could feel where the ridge at the head of
his hard cock was, moving from the soft head to the stiff shaft. I felt every little bump and vein
running along his cock and even felt where the tube was that his cum would rush up when he was ready
to shoot inside me.

As he slid further and further into me, filling me up with his bare cock, it was like a part of me
that had been missing was slotted into place and I felt whole. The moment was so special and was a
show of my trust for the man I love.

I was so lost in the feelings, both emotional and physical, that I didn’t realise he had bottomed out
in my ass. I heard him moan and felt his balls pressed against my ass, truly against me for the first
time, as his whole cock was lodged deep inside me.

He leaned down and kissed my back, “It feels so good to be inside you, baby. How do you feel?”

“Amazing! I love having you inside me with nothing between us. It feels so right.”

“It does. You’re so tight, Colt. Your ass is really gripping my cock.”

He flexed his dick inside me and I yelped, feeling it jerk and bounce deep in my ass. He started
withdrawing really slowly and I nearly came feeling the corona around his cock grazing the walls of
my ass, just catching my spot. I could barely breathe and my body was starting to jerk as I tried to
stop myself from cumming. I couldn’t believe the effect having sex bareback had on me.

Kris must have sensed I was close because he pulled completely out of me and slapped his cock against
my ass cheeks. When my body stopped shaking he pushed back in slowly and then withdrew again so only
the head was still inside before sliding it back in.

He long dicked me at first, making sure I had every inch of his cock inside me, which was such a
thrill, and then he started using quicker, shorter thrusts to fuck my ass. After a moment, getting
used to him being inside me again and the novelty of their being nothing between us but a thin layer
of lube, increasing the friction as we fucked, I planted my hands on the mattress and started pushing
back against him.

We quickly got into a rhythm, with Kris holding my hips and pulling me back onto his cock as he
thrust forward, and I drove my ass back with extra force, wanting to impale myself on his hard cock.

“Oh fuck!” I shouted. “Fuck me Kris! Fuck my ass!”

“Yeah, you like it raw, don’t you, Colt? You love it when I fuck you.”


I was nearly delirious now. I had never felt so good in my life. Nothing could compare to having my
boyfriend inside me, feeling him properly for the first time.

The room was filled with slapping sounds as our skin collided and he continued to fuck me. Soon our
moans rose in volume too and we were almost screaming as Kris’ dick slid in and out of my ass at
increasing speed. We were both saying the same things over and over again.

“Kris… Kris… Fuck me!”

“Oh shit… Oh shit… Take my dick, Colt, take my fucking dick!”

He continued to pull me back onto his cock, sawing it in and out of me, varying the thrusts so some
were short and some were really deep. I yelped every time he bottomed out in me because he felt like
he was going to slice straight through me. He was getting deeper than he ever had before now he had
no restrictions and it blew my fucking mind.

Sweat was pouring off my body and I looked over my shoulder to see that Kris was covered in it too,
but it just sparkled off his muscles and made him look so fucking hot. If he hadn’t have already been
fucking me I would have mounted him when I saw him like that.

Just when my arms were starting to get tired I felt Kris move behind me and he pushed me down onto
the bed so I was lying flat on my front. It trapped my hard, leaking dick beneath me and I realised I
hadn’t touched it once since he entered me because I was too caught up in what he was doing to my

Kris never missed a beat though. Even though we were in a different position he just pushed my legs
apart and lowered his body over mind so he was almost lying on my back as he pounded his throbbing
cock deep into my ass. He pushed his arms under me and wrapped them around my chest, using the grip
to pull his body closer to mine so he could thrust harder and deeper into me as he kissed along my
shoulders and neck and still fucked me hard.

I was whimpering and moaning as he pummelled my ass and my spot. I was starting to feel a tingling in
my balls and wanted to reach down to jerk myself off, but Kris had me pinned to the bed and I had no
choice but to just hope the movement from him drilling my ass would be enough to rub my dick against
the bed so I could cum.

He hit my spot again and I felt my body spasm. I didn’t cum but my ass clenched tight and squeezed
his cock as he drove it into me.

“Holy fuck!!” Kris screamed. “I’m gonna cum!”

He buried his face in my neck and drove his dick as deep into me as he could. Then I felt it. His
dick pulsed and seemed to expand in my ass. It felt like it was rumbling as the cum raced up the
length and then exploded deep inside me, firing the hot spunk against the walls of my ass.

“OH FUCK!!!” I screamed.

I was so overwhelmed my body went limp. The moment had finally come and it was incredible, feeling
his essence pumping into my body. It was as close as we’d ever get to each other and I felt nothing
but love for him.

His cock continued to throb and spray load after load into my ass. When it finally stopped shooting
he collapsed on my back. His chest was covered in sweat and was heaving as he tried to catch his
breath. He was panting in my ear and his dick was twitching almost in time to his erratic breath as
it remained buried in my depths.

I still hadn’t cum and my dick lay impossibly hard, trapped between my abs and the mattress. I had
Kris’ bodyweight on top of me so I couldn’t move, but then a part of me didn’t want to because he was
inside me and I relished in the feeling.

After a couple of minutes, when Kris had finally caught his breath and pulled his body up off mine a
little, I realised his dick was still hard inside me. Usually when he came he went soft within a
minute or two and slipped out, but he was still rock hard and I felt him beginning to thrust again.

“I think I’ve got another load in me, you think you can handle that?” he asked.

“Fuck yes!” I said as he started to fuck me again.

This time it was different though. The cum he shot inside me must have lubed his cock because it was
like he was just gliding in and out of me as he started to hump my ass at a steady pace.

As he was pulling back his cock slipped out of me and instead of thrusting back in he flipped me over
to my back. I looked up at him and gasped. He was covered in sweat and his muscles looked more
defined than ever. He was a total stud. My dick jumped and slapped down against my precum covered abs
now it was free. I was about to reach down to jerk myself a little when I saw Kris’ cock covered in
the cum that was also planted deep in my ass and I don’t know what came over me because I knew where
that cock had been, but it looked so tasty and I just had to have it in my mouth.

I pushed myself up and got back onto all fours, only this time I was facing Kris. I wrapped my hand
around the base of his dick and pulled him to me. I saw his eyes go wide and he couldn’t believe what
I was about to do as my lips opened and I took him into my mouth.

The minute my tongue got a taste of the cum it was like I was a hungry animal getting to feast for
the first time in months. It tasted a little different, which I knew was partly the lube and partly
because his dick had just been in my ass, but I didn’t care, I loved it.

I ran my tongue all over his dick as he moaned and put his hands on my head, gently fucking my face
as I sucked and licked every inch of cum from his dick.

When he was clean I kept sucking until he pulled me up off his cock and shoved his tongue into my
mouth in a deep, passionate kiss. It was so dirty and nasty, but it was also the biggest fucking turn
on ever.

He pushed me back on the bed so I was on my back, and with his lips still attached to mine, he pushed
my legs around his waist and slid his hard cock back inside me. He didn’t add any more lube to either
of us since there was enough spit on his cock and enough of his cum in my ass that we didn’t need it,
his dick just slipped in and out of me with ease.

He held me in his arms this time and looked into my eyes as he thrust in and out of me. If I felt
love coming from him before it was nothing compared to what I was feeling now, seeing his beautiful
eyes staring down into mine, the sweet smile etched on his face, and feeling his hard dick as it
moved seamlessly inside me.

I wrapped my arms around him and clung to him as he drilled his dick into my ass. He picked up the
pace just a little and my dick was still twitching between us so I lifted my ass up off the mattress,
thrusting up to drive his dick deeper into my body and also to make the head of my cock rub against
his abs.

He slowed down again so he was making love to me with soft, deep thrusts and his lips returned to
mine. We kissed and made out while he continued to hump into me until we had to come up for air and
moaned each other’s names as our eyes met.

Just as I was starting to think he would cum inside me again in that position he pulled himself back
from me and took my legs from around his waist, lifting them so they were on his shoulders without
his cock ever slipping out of my ass.

He pushed my legs back to lift my ass off the bed so he had better access and then he started fucking
me hard. He drove his dick in deep and then absolutely hammered my ass. His balls were bouncing off
my cheeks as he drilled me so hard I thought the bed was going to break.

Any thoughts I had about the position or the force of the thrusts hurting me were soon erased when
the head of his dick started crashing into my spot and I screamed as jolts of electricity raced
through my body.

“Kris! Kris! KRRRRIIIISSSS!!!!!”

My eyes went wide and I gripped the sheets as my whole body went into spasm, causing my back to arch.
My dick stood away from my body and exploded. The first two shots were so powerful they went straight
over my head. The next two landed directly on my face, with the fifth and sixth painting my chest.
Finally the seventh, eighth and a small ninth shot pulsed out onto my abs.

I collapsed back onto the bed totally exhausted and covered in the biggest load I ever shot in my
life. Shooting hands free was always amazing, but doing it while Kris’ bare cock was still inside me
topped all orgasms that came before.

“Oh my god! That was incredible,” I panted. “Best ever.”

Kris smiled and still made gentle thrusts into my ass since he was still rock hard. I looked up at
him and smiled. “It’s okay, you can keep fucking me. I think I’m done but I wanna feel you shoot
inside me again.”

The grin on Kris’ face told me everything I needed to know. He pushed my legs off his shoulders and
leaned in for another kiss. I returned it so passionately, wanting to show him how good it felt and
how much I loved him. He pulled back and giggled.

“What?” I asked, slightly offended that he’d laugh at that moment.

“You’ve got cum in your beard.”

I laughed then, wondering what I must look like. He kissed me again and then licked the cum from my
face before slipping his tongue in my mouth to feed me some of my own load. He pulled back from the
kiss and slowly slid his dick out of my ass. I was surprised and a little disappointed because I
thought he was going to finish off inside me again.

I was about to ask him what he was doing when he pulled me up the bed so my head was on one of the
pillows and turned me so I was on my side. He then got down behind me and spooned against me. He
kissed the back of my neck and I moaned as he lifted my leg over his and pushed his hard dick back
inside me.

For the next ten minutes he held me close and slowly slid his cock in and out of me, long dicking me
and really fucking me deep. It felt so good to have him inside me and even though I knew I wouldn’t
cum again I got so much pleasure from knowing he soon would.

His thrusts got a little quicker and his moans changed pitch so I knew he was close. He hugged me
even tighter to his chest and buried his face in my neck to muffle his scream as his cock seemed to
get longer, fatter and stiffer inside me before it erupted and filled me with another load of his hot
college boy cum.

We were panting and moaning, both of us covered in sweat and cum. I soon heard Kris’ breathing change
and knew he was asleep even though his dick still hard inside me. I chuckled slightly and relaxed
against the pillow, feeling safe and loved in his big arms as I closed my eyes and went to sleep.


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