Posted:   July 11, 2009

I hated being late to anything and had missed the first inning of the baseball game.  I bought a cold one and a dog before I found my seats in the upper deck.  It was my luck there was a family with screaming kids right next to my seats, so I headed higher up to escape them.  I didn’t mind the upper seats and could see the plays developing in front of me.

I was so into the game with our team about to score with runners on second and third with no outs.  The next batter hit a rocket to the third baseman and easily had the runner at third, who wandered too far down the line.

“Excuse me,” I heard a voice.  I looked up to see a guy near my age of 23 wanting to sit in my row.  He was beyond cute with dark brown hair and the biggest brown eyes ever with a pierced brow.  I stood up and allowed him in the row.  He walked down the aisle and sat three seats away.  The next batter nearly decapitated the ace pitcher with a line drive up the middle to score the first run of the game. 

“Did you see that?” I asked him.

His head was down.  He looked up and didn’t seem to care our team had scored the first run of the game.  “I guess I missed it.”

“It was so sweet,” I said and sat down to take a drink and grab a bite of my dog. 

The next batter lined a shot off the right field wall and threw a perfect strike to get the runner from first trying to score. 

“Shit!” I screamed and looked to see he wasn’t paying attention. He still had his head down and staring at the concrete floor below.

The game continued with not much action for three more innings.  Our pitcher had the opponents looking awful with weak swings or just high lazy fly balls that were easy outs. 

“He’s pitching pretty well, huh?” I heard his soft voice.

“Oh yeah, he’s throwing a gem out there,” I replied and was glad to see he was at least watching the game and not so gloom.

“You come to many games?” he asked.

“A few when I can afford it,” I replied. “Do you?”

“Some here and there,” he stated.  “Usually I sit in the lower boxes in the seats of my parents but not tonight.”

“I’m sure you can see better down there than up here in the nose bleed sections,” I stated and finished off my beer.

“I can but it’s not worth the hassle with who is there,” he stated.

“I see,” I replied and diverted my attention back to the field since my favorite player was batting.  The third pitch, he launched one high over the wall into the bullpen with one runner on.  I jumped and hollered with excitement. It was exactly what I came to see and enjoy.

“He’s pretty good,” he stated.

“He’s more than pretty good that dude is awesome,” I stated and was still excited as was the sparse Wednesday night crowd.

“He’s really cute in…” he stopped in mid sentence.  He sat down and looked off into space with his big brown eyes.

I could see he was embarrassed and distraught over blurting out. “I think he’s pretty hot if you want to know the truth.”

The guy looked over and smiled at me.  “I guess I did pick the right seats after all.”  He moved over and introduced himself as Jeremy. 

“Nice to meet you, Jeremy,” I shook his soft hand. “Kevin here.”

Jeremy smiled, “It’s just as nice to meet you.”

We sat down with the opponents changing pitchers.  Jeremy looked at me, “Are you…?”

“Yes I am, are you?”

He smiled, “Oh yeah!  I honestly don’t like baseball that much and come here to scout out the hotties here.”

“There are quite a few on any given night,” I said with a nice smile. “This place is covered with lots of cute straight men and boys.”

“It’s the only reason I come and usually stand in the corridor just ogling all them,” Jeremy smiled.  “Tonight I thought it would be fun to come with some friends but they were being total assholes, so I had to leave and get away.  I come here sometimes just to think when there are not many people here.”

We talked until the final inning and got to know each other better.  If Jeremy couldn’t tell, I was a big fan and had been all my life.  We walked down the long ramps to head to the exits still talking.

“Are you coming tomorrow night?” Jeremy asked.

“I doubt it.  I can only afford one game a week at that unless there’s a good team in town.  Then I’ll make exceptions,” I stated.

Jeremy pulled out his iPhone from his short pockets.  “Give me your number and we can meet here tomorrow that is if you want to come to another game on me.”

“Sure Jeremy, I would love it,” I stated and rattled off my cell number.  He gave me his number as well before I walked to the distant parking lot after a good home team victory.

The next day at lunch, I got a text message from Jeremy telling me where to meet him and a time.  I texted him back with a short reply of okay.

When I got to the Thursday night game, I spotted Jeremy in shorts and a tight polo.  I could see he was rather thin by the looks of things.  He had his hair looking great where I had a hat on backwards in my team jersey of my favorite player.  He handed me the box seat ticket before we entered the game.  He was nice enough to buy beer and nachos before we headed to the seats.  The seats were perfect, ten rows behind the end of the home dugout.  They were awesome and so close to the action.  Before the game, I felt a nudge in my side and looked to see my favorite player walking out of the dugout.  Jeremy was right he was so cute in the face with the day old beard and had a boyish smile.  He dragged me down to the edge of the field and asked the player to sign my jersey since it was his number on the back.  Jeremy was really going all out to impress me.  I leaned over and watched my favorite star scribble his autograph on my jersey.  I could have kissed both him and Jeremy right then.  I was on freaking cloud nine at that moment and could barely eke out thank you to him as he walked off to get ready for the game.

The game itself was now anticlimactic to me and was rather boring.  We stayed until the seventh inning and parted ways.  I couldn’t thank Jeremy enough for his hospitality and the great seats.

“So when are we doing this again?  They are home until Sunday,” Jeremy stated.

“I can’t tomorrow for sure,” I replied.

“You have a date or something?”

“No,” I smiled. “I have to work until 8 on most Fridays.”

“How about Saturday night then?” Jeremy asked. “It’s an earlier start time.”


“Everything is on me again and would love to have you join me again,” Jeremy stated.

“In that case, I guess I can make it,” I stated.

“Maybe you can come to my place and we can go from there.  I have a season parking pass and save you some money, too,” Jeremy stated.

“Sure thing then,” I replied with a quick smile.  Jeremy gave me his address and I stored it in my phone so I would for sure have it.

“I would love to kiss you but…”

“I would too but neither of us wants our ass beat!” I said.

“Exactly,” Jeremy smiled.  We hugged affectionately as possible in a public setting with fans walking all around us and parted ways.

Saturday, I was pumped for both the game and seeing Jeremy again.  Friday we talked on the phone for a little while after he texted me 3 times that day.  I did love the attention he was showering me with since I hadn’t had anyone in nearly 6 months.  It was fun too having someone to go to the game with even though Jeremy knew little about the game.  He was able to point out the cute guys and was worth a good laugh as well.

I left my studio apartment a little early in case I got lost on my way.  Much to my surprise and good planning via the internet, I found his place which was a condo without any problem. 

He wasn’t quite ready for the game when I got there and greeted me without a shirt.  I knew it was on purpose and gave me a good look at his nice torso which I was impressed with.  He went to finish dressing after handing me a beer to start out the night.  I looked around and could see his place was so much nicer than mine. 

Jeremy reappeared dressed over for the game and smelling so good.  He walked over to me, “Now we can kiss.”

“You bet,” I smiled “You are due one”.  His lips were so soft and so kissable.  He took liberties and coped a feel of my ass while we enjoyed a nice long first kiss.  We didn’t want to stop but did.  We both had big smiles on our faces.  It did feel great to kiss a cute guy again.

We headed off to the game and were there in plenty of time to scour the nice Saturday night crowd.  We grabbed a beer and just peanuts to begin the night.  Jeremy always was looking around for more eye candy in the crowd.

In the third inning, I finished my second beer and put my cup under my seat.

“You want another one?” Jeremy asked.

“Nah, I’m fine now,” I replied after the third cold one.

“Oh come on, have another one,” Jeremy stated. “I’m driving, remember?”

“No thanks,” I said and leaned over to him to quietly state. “If you are trying to get me drunk so I have to stay with you, I had plans to anyway if things went as planned.”

Jeremy smiled and knew I had caught on to his deviant plan, “I wanted you to have fun here. You are one sharp cookie though.”

By the sixth inning, the game was a blowout and had gotten boring even for me.  I was ready to go and Jeremy was more than ready to leave the game.  We walked out and quickly drove to his condo.

“Kevin, I do appreciate you going with me,” Jeremy stated when we arrived at his place.

“Honestly I love going and even more so with you,” I stated.

“Dude, I barely know anything about the game whereas you know every little detail and even the other team’s players.  I just go for something to do and do a little scouting there at the game,” Jeremy opened the door.

“Jeremy at least you will go.  My gay friends, the ones I have here, won’t even consider it much less go there for a quasi date.  I love the game and the atmosphere surrounding it.  Of course the crowd of young guys is a big bonus,” I stated.

We barely made it to the couch until he grabbed me and pressed his lips against mine.  Now was my time to let my hands do so roaming and slid them over his shorts while we enjoyed a long kiss.  We took a deep breath and went at it again. 

“Damn Kevin, you are a great kisser,” Jeremy said with his hands cradling my ass. He reached down and pulled my shirt over my head.  He smiled and kissed my pecs and shoulders. I wasn’t in perfect shape but just fit without the ripped abs like Jeremy.  I pulled off his shirt and kissed his soft smooth chest and abs.  He reached down and undid his belt to let his shorts fall gracefully to the wooden floor.  He stepped out of his shorts in his revealing grey boxer briefs.  My eyes were glued to his V-shape.  His hands found my shorts and pushed them off me.  I was wearing printed boxers which were starting to tent as the moments passed.

We sat down on his leather sofa and stared into each other’s eyes for a brief moment.  I took a deep breath and knew without a doubt I wanted him and lust to experience him.  He must have been having the same thoughts and groped my crotch with his skinny hand. I lifted up and shed my boxers to reveal my nice 7 inches of cut meat.  Jeremy leaned over and kissed me with his hand lightly stroking my cock.  My hand went down his boxer briefs and felt his cock.

“I want you so bad now!” Jeremy said in the sexiest way and quickly got rid of his boxer briefs.  His cock was hard already and maybe 6 inches cut with very neatly trimmed pubes.  He pushed me to the arm of the couch and grinded our cocks together while kissing noisily and wildly. Damn, we were both horny and wanted the same thing. He started dry humping me with my hands on his nice bubble ass.

I watched him drop down and take my cock in his mouth and a hand on the shaft.  My head automatically went back feeling his wetness.  I closed my eyes to enjoy his expertise.  Without thinking, I started to moan with delight over his mouth on my hard cock.  My fingers ran through his hair while the sound of his slurping and sucking filled my ears along with his sexy aroma.

Jeremy found my mouth again after one great blowjob.  I could taste my cock on his breath.  I kissed and licked down his smooth torso while Jeremy lay back to enjoy my worship of his nice body. I sucked his nipples one by one before kissing his abs and hips. I tasted his cock with my tongue and sucked his hairless balls.  Opening my mouth, his nice cock slid in.  He groaned slightly at the feeling.  I looked up and saw the quick pleasure my mouth was delivering.  He too ran his hands through my short blond hair while my mouth and tongue easily sucked and licked his cock.  I enjoyed sucking him and by the sound of it he did too. 

I stopped with my jaw growing tired.  We met half way with him kissing my neck and ears. 

He looked at me and said with the most seductive voice, “God do I ever want fucked!”

A nice smile came on my face for the same thought was going through my head.  “Condoms?” I asked.

“Definitely,” Jeremy replied.  He grabbed my hand and led me to his bedroom.  He reached in a drawer and pulled out the condoms and Boy Butter lube.  I pushed him to his king size bed and fell on top of him.

I took a little lube on my finger and inserted it in his inviting asshole.  He squirmed with the feeling as well as moan.  I poked and prodded his ass with the volume increasing throughout the room.  I kissed his little bubble ass and tasted it as well.

“Fuck me!” Jeremy strongly stated in my face. “Fuck me now!”

I gave him a nice kiss.  I donned the snug condom and lubed us both up for intercourse.  He was on his back and spread his legs wide and pulled them to his chest.  I placed my cock at his hole and felt it slide in with relative ease.

“OOOOO yes!” Jeremy moaned.

“Does it hurt?” I asked.

“Oh fuck no, it feels so good!!” he eked out. “Fuck me!”

I slid deeper in him and loved the feel of his ass around my throbbing hard cock.  I put his legs around my waist and looked into his eyes.  The connection was undeniable or I was just plain fucking horny as hell to get laid.  I started fucking him slowly and could hear his moans, groans and slight whimpers with each subtle movement.  I leaned over to swap tongue with our hands going in every direction all over each other’s bodies while we fucked.

“Fuck yeah!” Jeremy screamed in ecstasy.

“MMMM!” I groaned with a steady nice pace.

“Oh Kevin, fuck that ass!  Fuck me!” Jeremy voiced his pleasure. “Fuck me harder! I want to feel that cock so deep in me!”

His nice bed was shaking since I increased the pace out of request and lust for him.  Our skin was popping together with the sound of my cock fucking his hot ass.  He pulled me deeper and tightened his ass around my cock.

“OOO yes, you feel so good! Keep fucking me!” Jeremy stated between breaths.

I fucked him a little harder with my breathing increased.  He was taking me and really getting into our sex.  He was a moaner which I loved as well as spewing a few words out during our first fuck.   

We adjusted position now on our sides.  My hands roamed his abs and down to his hard cock.  We now were as one and in a good rhythm.  We were both moaning and groaning along with a little kissing.

“OOO fuck!” Jeremy groaned.  I felt his ass tighten.  My hand felt his cock explode.  “OOOOOO, stay in me!”  He plastered his comforter and lower abs with his fresh cum.

I pulled out and tossed the condom to the floor.  His mouth went directly for my cock.  He used his mouth along with his hand to bring me to the brink of cumming.  “Fuck dude, I’m cumming!” I warned him.

Jeremy pulled off and watched me shot my nice load on his chest.  Shot after shot flew from my cock.  It felt so good to shot with another person there to enjoy it instead of jacking off alone. 

I found his lips and pulled him close to me for a nice blissful kiss with both of us basking in the afterglow of our first sexual encounter together. We lay there with his arm wrapped around my shoulders.

“Damn Kevin, you are so hot!” Jeremy said.

I had to smile and return the compliment.  We kissed a little more with some nice petting.  I loved his affection and attention.

The next morning Sunday, I woke and found Jeremy looking at me.  He gave me a nice kiss.

“Thanks for staying with me.  I really do appreciate it,” Jeremy stated.

“Hey the pleasure was all mine,” I said.

Before I knew it, I was back inside him and fucking his hot ass again.  It was simply a perfect start in my mind to a good day.  He was again quite vocal along with being very passionate during our repeat encounter.  Upon both of us blowing our loads, Jeremy grabbed me by the hand and led me to his very nice shower.  We did our best to shower but our hands found each other as well as our mouths.

After we dried off, I was in a quandary.  I didn’t want to overstay my welcome.  “I guess I should be getting home,” I stated still in my towel.

“Why?  There is a day game today,” Jeremy stated. “I don’t have the seats today but we can sit in the bleachers or in the upper deck if you want to go with me.”

“Jeremy, I would love to go but don’t go just because I like to.”

“Kevin, I want to be with you more than anything now.  Besides, today is the last game of the home stand.  I’m not sure you’ll want to see me again until the next game.”

I had to kiss and dispel his doubts. “Dude, I love being around you.  We can actually do other things and see each other even though there’s not a game.  I do love going and your seats are killer but now we have maybe a relationship started. I can’t imagine being away from you until next week for damn sure now after what we’ve done.”

Jeremy smiled, “Whew, I was wondering whether it was me or those seats that got my ass laid.”

“It was definitely you.  Jeremy, I’ve been rather lonely lately and questioning whether I should move back to my hometown.  My job is just okay and can find one just as good there.  If things work out, I’ll have a great reason to stick around.”

“So you really weren’t just after a piece of ass?”

“No.  Don’t get me wrong, it was great having hot sex with you and about the nicest sex I’ve had in a while. I think we were both searching for someone and happened to stubble on each other.”

Jeremy kissed me in agreement with our towels falling to the ground.  It wasn’t to jump back in bed but I wouldn’t have minded it.  Our kiss lasted for what seemed to be an eternity.  I was so into this little hottie now and under his spell.

“The game or what?” Jeremy asked.

I cowered a little, “The game would be nice.  We can sit in the outfield without our shirts and catch some rays.”

“Badass thinking Kevin.  I need some sun plus there will be lots of skin on display as well. I’m a total sucker for some ripped abs.”

“That makes two of us,” I smiled and ran my hand over his stomach to see him smiling.

I put back on my shorts and borrowed a shirt of Jeremy’s for the game.  Jeremy donned some shorts and a sleeveless shirt. 

At the game once we got through the gate, both of us pulled off our shirts and put on sunscreen not to get burnt.  I had a little money and started out with buying the first round of beer and dogs.  It was hard to keep his attention with most guys with any kind of bodies enjoying the sun and showing off their torsos.  Neither Jeremy nor I had much to be ashamed of and did see a few guys looking our way or stealing a glimpse.  Jeremy just knew they were gay too but I surmised they were only looking and comparing.  Surprisingly the game was a good one and caused us to stay for all nine innings.  The biggest disappointment for me was losing the game in the eighth inning with some horrible relief pitching.  By the end, neither of us was burned and had enjoyed the day with a few cold refreshments along the way.

Once back at his condo, I knew it was time to leave and end the weekend.  Jeremy begged me to stay again but work was the next morning.  I couldn’t thank him enough for the good times before I left.  Our last kiss was great and left me wanting more. 

The following week, I did everything possible to see Jeremy three times and ending up staying the entire weekend at his place.  He had a certain charm about him that lured me to him. We saw we did have something going here and worth pursuing.  At first, I was leery and wondered if he would want to be faithful.  After we were together for a short time, Jeremy’s main focus was on me as mine was on him.  Our friendship and romance grew each time we were in each other’s company. 

By the end of the season, Jeremy and I were living together at his place.  He developed an interest in baseball and started to learn the little things that made the game interesting and exciting.  Better yet, he developed into my best and most trusted friend.  With Jeremy as my boyfriend and more, I had no desire to leave anytime soon. The best part was we were madly in love with each other and stopping looking for others.

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