This is a fantasy chapter written by Big D. This chapter is total
fantasy and did not really happen.

The adrenaline was still pumping through my body after an
incredible football game. We had travelled to an away game to see
the team play one of their fiercest rivals and were nearly deafened
by the roar of the crowd when we emerged victorious. Everyone in
our section of the stadium was jumping up and down, cheering and
hugging each other. Kris nearly kissed me he was so happy.

After the game we followed two other fans from our college who had
also made the trip, I wasn’t surprised to find out that Kris knew
them from the Rec Center, and we all went to a local bar. They were
both Juniors and were already 21 so we had no problem getting in
since the man on the door thought we were all the same age when one
of the guys showed his I.D.

Kris was using his new friends to his advantage and was gladly
supplying them with the funds to get him the countless drinks he
was pouring down his neck. He was having a blast though, dancing
like crazy and even making out with two hot girls who were drooling
over him.

That was when I decided to leave. Sure, I was having a good time
and I would have loved to have made out with one of those girls but
I just couldn’t bring myself to do anything. It wasn’t fair on
Andrea. I know that probably sounds stupid because I have no
problem messing around with guys even though she’s my girlfriend,
but cheating on her with another girl, that just wasn’t an option.

I made my way back to the hotel, we had been lucky enough to land a
room in the team’s hotel thanks to Ted and Luke since there was
just the two of us, and I was surprised by how many fans and
members of the media were still hanging around, wanting a piece of
our guys.

When I finally made it through the crowd and up to my room I felt
exhausted. The day had really taken it out of me and I just wanted
to relax. I had no idea when Kris would be back so I was going to
make the most of my time alone. I threw myself down on the bed and
just lay there with my eyes closed enjoying the silence, something
I hadn’t heard in hours. I even wished Andrea was with me so I
could just snuggle with her and fall asleep.

It was after about a half hour of lying on the bed, with no sign of
Kris, when I felt myself growing a little hungry. It had been hours
since we had eaten anything and I remembered seeing a vending
machine at the end of the corridor so I decided to go grab
something to eat.

I walked down to the vending machine and bought a few different
things when the door behind me swung open with the sound of someone

“Oh Colt, thank fuck!”

I spun around to see Luke closing the door from the stairwell and
leaning back against it to catch his breath.

“Are you okay?” I laughed, noticing that he seemed on edge.

“Fuck no, dude!” Luke chuckled back, checking around us as if he
was expecting to see someone. “Is your room on this floor?”

“Yeah, why?” I asked.

“Can we go there?” he asked, with a pleading look in his eyes.

To my room?”

“Yeah, I just want to go somewhere quiet for a while where no one
will find me.”

“Okay, I just wanted something to eat, we can share if you’re
hungry,” I said, showing Luke the snacks I had bought before
leading him down the corridor to my room.

“I just went for a piss and got followed in to the bathroom!
Honestly, dude, people were trying to take pictures of me taking a
leak, one even tried climbing in my stall!” Luke said as I closed
the door behind us.

“Fuck! I never realized it was that bad.”

“That shit is crazy down there. I always knew college football was
a big deal, but fuck, you never fully realise it until you have
hundreds of people mauling you, all wanting a piece of your ass for
one thing or another.”

“I thought you’d be used to it by now,” I said, sitting down on the
bed after a really quick bathroom trip.

Luke sat down beside me. “Nah man, Ted might be, he’s used to
playing and starting, it’s pretty new for me. It’s like we’re
celebrities. There were fans, camera crews and journalists just
constantly screaming for our attention and snapping photos.”

“I guess it makes how I acted around you seem tame in comparison?”
I asked.

“Oh no question, it makes Chase just look slightly excited when he
meets us.”

“Damn!” I laughed.

“It’s one of the down sides. I love playing football and only ever
dreamt of playing on this level, that I actually am is amazing, but
I’m just a normal guy and getting treated like some star is weird,”
he said, leaning back on the bed, putting his arms down behind him
for support. I couldn’t help but notice the huge biceps threatening
to break out of the short sleeves of his polo shirt.

“I bet there are some perks though. Girls must be all over you,” I
said with a smile.

“They are, but we’re not allowed to go near them,” Luke said with a

“What do you mean?” I asked, looking at his face.

“We can have steady girlfriends to fuck back on campus but we’re
forbidden to sleep with women we meet at away games.”

“Why is that?”

“Oh, lots of reasons really. Like you said, we’re kind of stars and
some of us might have a chance of stepping up to the big leagues
after college so there are girls just waiting for their fifteen
minutes of fame by getting you in to bed. We have to avoid kiss and
tell stories, for our own good and everyone else’s. If I did
something that got me in trouble or if I got some random girl
pregnant, it wouldn’t just embarrass me and maybe ruin my career
and my life, it would look bad on the coach, the team and the
college. We’ve got a lot of pressure on us that most people don’t
realise. It’s not just performing on the field that counts, it’s
everything we do.”

“Damn, and here I thought being some big college football stud
would guarantee you’d get laid.”

“Oh, it can, I’ve just got to be careful who gets to taste my big
cock,” Luke said smiling.

“Well... it does taste good,” I smiled back.

“You liked it, huh?” Luke grinned.

“I did. Don’t pretend you didn’t like sucking mine either, you
loved taking my load in your mouth.”

“You tasted damn good, Colt. In fact, you said if I was hungry
you’d be happy to share with me.”

“I did,” I smiled. “What did you have in mind?”

Instead of answering me with words Luke put his big hand on the
back of my head and pulled me in to a hot kiss with his tongue
pushing its way into my mouth and his hand running up under my
shirt to feel my body.

Finally he broke the kiss and looked deep in my eyes, “Fuck, you’re
hot, Colt.”

He took hold of the bottom of my shirt and ripped it off over my
head. I had to raise my arms to let him get it off or he would
probably have just torn it in two.

Before my shirt even hit the ground Luke’s lips were on my chest,
kissing my growing pecs and flicking my nipples with his tongue. I
couldn’t believe this big football stud was in my hotel room
worshipping my body. After I blew Ted and Luke in their dorm I knew
Luke was the more experienced of the two when it came to getting
with guys but I never thought he would love it as much as he was.

He used his tongue to lick my abs. I was becoming increasingly
proud of them and Luke’s appreciation of them only made that
better. I had been working hard to improve my body and even though
I had the natural muscle from farm work, I wanted some more
definition like Kris and Corey and it was finally paying off.

Luke moved back up my body until he was kissing my neck so I turned
my head. He got the hint and returned his lips to mine. I held his
head as our tongues battled, his hand still running up and down my
body. I never felt sexier than I did with his big hands all over

Pulling back from the kiss I looked into Luke’s eyes and could see
that they were filled with lust. I kissed him again and then moved
my lips down to his neck as I reached for the bottom of his polo
shirt and slowly lifted it up, revealing each of his muscles along
the way.

Luke was so hot. His body wasn’t as compact as Kris or Corey’s but
he was still really built. With Luke being as tall as he was there
was some natural size there that made him a little bulky compared
to Kris, whose body I knew so well, but despite that his hard
muscles still showed through. He had nice abs and the most
incredible chest I had ever seen.

When I had been giving Ted a blow job and Luke walked in I was too
caught up in what was happening to really take the time to admire
Luke, but he was a total stud in every sense of the word.

With his shirt off, I pulled him back into a kiss and ran my hands
over his hot body. I started kissing down his neck and to his
shoulder. I was going to start kissing lower but he raised his arm
to place his hand on the back of his head which made his bicep flex
and I just had to kiss it.

I leaned in to worship the hot muscle with my lips and tongue until
my nose came to rest in his arm pit. I had never been near another
guy’s pit before but there was a smell to Luke’s that was the pure
scent of a man. It wasn’t disgusting in the slightest; in fact I
don’t think I had ever been more turned on.

I flicked my tongue out and started licking his pit. Luke yelped;
“Oh Colt! You dirty little fucker! Lick that pit, man.”

My senses were overwhelmed. I couldn’t believe the position I was
in but there was nothing more exciting and my cock was so hard it
was throbbing against the material of my jeans and was starting to

Thankfully Luke pulled my head back from his pit and even though I
couldn’t see my own face, I knew my chin was covered with saliva.
He pulled me closer to him and licked my chin and lips, tasting
himself on them.

He looked into my eyes and pulled me in for another kiss, falling
back onto the bed so he was on his back and pulling me down on top
of him, his lips never leaving mine.

We continued to kiss. His hands travelled down my back to my ass,
squeezing each cheek. I knew tonight we would be going much further
than blowjobs and I was really looking forward to it. I wanted Luke
so bad and I started thrusting my hard cock against Luke’s
throbbing monster, both leaking enough precum to leave a wet patch
on our jeans.

I moved back and reached down to unzip Luke’s tight jeans but he
took my hands in his and stopped me.

“Not so fast, boy,” Luke said with a smile. “You need to show my
body the real appreciation it deserves before you get to feast on
the real prize.”

I loved the way he was talking to me. I knew I was there to service
him and to get him off the way he wanted and I was going to do
everything I could to make that a reality. I respected Luke so much
and would have done anything in that moment to please him.

He didn’t move and just lay there on his back beneath me, waiting
for me to do what I wanted to his body. It was so hot. I leaned
down to place kisses on his amazing chest that was almost perfectly
symmetrical. His pink nipples stood out against his lightly tanned
skin and begged me to lick them.

Luke’s moans were so good to my ears. He loved what I was doing
with my tongue more than I enjoyed doing it. I used the tip to
slowly circle and tease each of his nipples, running my tongue from
one to the other and then up and down the valley between his pecs.

I kept kissing my way down his body, focusing on each of his abs in
turn. I ran my tongue between them and flicked it in and out of his
belly button, making him buck up in to me so I could feel the bulge
in his jeans against my chin.

I pulled back from his body and looked up to meet his eyes. He was
smiling at me and nodded silently, giving me permission to undo the
button and pull down the zip. He lifted his ass off the bed so I
could pull his jeans completely off, taking the time to notice one
of the hottest bubble butts I had ever seen. Oh how I would love to
get the chance to be inside that one day.

After pulling off his socks and shoes I turned my attention to the
tight boxer briefs he was wearing, showing off his hot body to
perfection and making his hard cock look obscenely big.

I ran my hands up his huge, thick legs until my face was hovering
over his crotch. The wet patch his precum was making looked so
inviting. I bent down further and extended my tongue until I was
lapping at the fabric, loving the taste of his precum as it soaked
through the material.

Luke’s dick was jumping and jerking inside the fabric as I kept
working it with my mouth, kissing along the covered shaft,
playfully biting it with my teeth to make him yelp and using my
tongue to run up and down the length, wanting to taste all of him
that I could.

“Oh fuck, Colt, you’re so good,” Luke said as he writhed around
beneath me. “Suck my cock.”

I smiled and ran my hands up until they were hooked inside the
waistband of his boxer briefs. I pulled them down slowly, keeping
his hard cock trapped inside them for as long as possible before it
popped out and slapped back against his stomach, glistening with

I pulled them all the way off and threw them across the room,
running my hands back up Luke’s big legs until I was able to push
my face into his crotch, using my nose to push up his balls
slightly so I could lick at the spot just behind them.

Luke howled when I did that and kept saying “fuck” over and over
again as I continued to tongue his balls, sucking them into my
mouth and rolling them around. I made sure not to lick his cock
though because I wanted him so worked up he was begging for it.

I moved up, placing kisses along the length of Luke’s big nine inch
shaft. He moaned and pushed his hips up as I got nearer the head of
his cock but instead of taking it into my mouth like he expected
and wanted I missed it out completely and kissed up his body until
I was fully on top of him staring down into his eyes.

“How are you feeling?” I asked.

“Amazing! You’re so fucking good. I don’t think I’ve ever been this
hard,” he said, pointing down at his cock as it twitched between

“What do you want me to do now?” I asked with a smile and a raised

“I want you to get on your knees and worship my big cock. Get it
nice and wet before I sink it deep inside you and fuck you until we
both cum.”

My entire body shuddered when those words left his mouth and I even
felt my asshole twitch. I really wanted him inside me.

I climbed off the bed and got to my knees on the floor, still in my
jeans, which were barely containing my hard cock, as Luke stood in
front of me completely naked, his dick pointing straight at my

Leaning in, I extended the tip of my tongue to lick a drop of
precum that had formed on the head of his cock. He moaned and so
did I, his from the feelings, mine from the taste that sent a wave
of pleasure all the way from my tongue to my dick.

I kissed the tip of his cock and then opened my mouth just slightly
to start taking him inside. He moved his hand down to stroke my
cheek as I started to run my tongue around the head of his nine
inch cut cock. Taking it slow as I began to move up and down,
taking more in to my mouth with each movement.

Sucking Luke before had prepared me for taking him in my mouth
again, but the size of his cock was still unreal. I only had about
half of it in my mouth when it started to feel too much. I kept
going, wanting to please him, but could only get maybe six of the
nine inches into my mouth, I had to use my hand to jerk the rest.

He put his hand on the back of my head and started to move his
hips, fucking his big cock in and out of my mouth, without trying
to push too much in so we built up a nice rhythm and I really got
in to working his cock.

I moved my hands to his balls and felt them draw up near his body.
He must have been second away from cumming down my throat because
he quickly pulled his cock out of my mouth, lifted me to my feet
and grabbed my head, kissing me hard with his tongue slipping
between my lips.

“Fuck, you can suck a cock,” Luke breathed when he pulled back from
the kiss. “I just wish you could have taken more.”

“Me too,” I said, feeling a little disappointed. “Maybe you should
try Corey or Matt, those two can deep throat the biggest dicks
around. Hell, Matt has one of them.”

“Yeah?” Luke asked. “I might just do that one day. As for now, I
want you out of those pants and back on the bed.”

I smiled and quickly pulled off the clothes I still had on, jumping
on to the bed, naked.

“On your back,” Luke said.

I lay down on my back and waited for his next move. He climbed up
onto the bed and straddled my head so his cock was just millimetres
from my lips. I didn’t need to be told what to do so I opened my
mouth and leaned up to take his dripping cock back into my mouth.
He moaned and used his hips to gently thrust down into my mouth.

As I reached around to grab his ass, trying to pull his cock deeper
into my mouth, he bent down and started sucking me. I was glad his
cock was in my mouth to muffle the scream I let out when I felt his
tongue on my cock.

We continued to 69 like that for a few minutes, sucking each
other’s cocks, fucking up or down in to the other’s mouth and
running our hands over each other’s body, mine over his ass, his
over my thighs.

Then I felt his hands on the backs of my legs and before I could
ask what he was doing he pulled me up so my ass was off the
mattress and dove between my ass cheeks, licking my ass.

I moaned and my eyes rolled back into my head at the feeling of his
tongue on my ass, it was something that I didn’t feel too often but
damn it felt good. Luke was working my ass over good, getting it
really wet and probing my hole with his tongue.

Luke’s tongue felt so good on my ass that I soon couldn’t
concentrate on sucking his cock and just lay there enjoying the
feeling of his tongue trying to push its way into my ass. Luke
thrust down, fucking my face for about a minute before he pulled
out of my mouth and jumped off the bed. He grabbed hold of my
ankles, pulled me to the edge of the bed and turned me over,
pulling me up so I was on my hands and knees. He had complete
control over my body.

“How’s your ass feeling?” he asked.

Fucking amazing!” I panted, not realising I was struggling for
breath until I spoke.

“You like my tongue up there?”

“Fuck yeah!”

“Good!” Luke said as he buried his face between my ass cheeks again
and went to town on my hole, pushing his tongue against the opening
until it actually popped inside.

“Fuck!” I screamed. “Oh Luke, fuck me man! I need you inside me.”

I couldn’t believe what Luke was doing to me. He was the stud
quarterback on the college football team and he was on his knees
eating my ass, turning me to jelly and making me his, making me beg
for his big cock to fuck my ass, but damn how I wanted him.

He pulled back from my ass and stood up, resting his hard cock in
the crack of my ass. He rubbed the head against my hole and I
thought for a second he was going to push his bare dick inside me.
When he pulled back I was almost disappointed that he didn’t.

“Condom?” he asked.

“Wallet… dresser…” I managed to pant, still not able to form full

Luke laughed as he walked away from me. I could hear him move
around the room and could hear the rustling of what I could only
assume was my wallet. Then I heard his footsteps moving, but they
weren’t coming toward the bed. I turned my head to see Luke enter
the small bathroom before reappearing with a tiny bottle of shower
gel in his hand.

“I need something for lube, unless you want me to fuck you raw?” he

“Just spread it on my ass and fuck me!” I commanded, desperate for
his cock now, with my dick painfully hard waiting for him to fuck
the cum out of me.

I jumped when I felt the gel being poured over my ass and yelped
when Luke’s finger started rubbing it in, slipping inside my spit
covered ass to really get me ready for his big cock.

Luke rolled the condom down his hard cock but it almost didn’t fit
he was that big. He lubed himself up and moved to push his dick
against my ass. I braced myself for his entry but he suddenly
pulled away and I felt his hands on my hips.

“I want to see your face when I sink my big dick inside your tight
little ass,” he said with nothing but lust in his voice. 

He flipped me over so I was on my back, but instead of letting me
pull my legs up to hook under my elbows, like I had when Kris had
fucked me face-to-face, Luke grabbed my left leg and pushed it
between his own legs, moving my right leg until it was on his
shoulder. I had never been in a position like that, ever, let alone
when I was about to get fucked. I was surprised my body could even
stretch like that. It totally exposed my hole at the perfect level
for Luke’s cock to enter.

He was in total control of me and there was no way I could even
move in the position I was in, I was his for the taking. He moved
forward and I felt just a little strain on the hamstring of the leg
on his shoulder but then the head of his dick kissed my hole and I
just moaned in anticipation.

I felt him start to push forward harder, his hand on my thigh as he
almost used my leg to pull my body down on to his cock. After some
resistance, the head of his cock stretched my hole wide and he
popped inside.

I screamed with the pain of penetration but Luke stopped moving and
stroked my leg, trying to lessen the pain I was feeling. Not being
a virgin it didn’t hurt anywhere near as much as it could have but
I didn’t get fucked often so it was still painful.

After about a minute of neither of us moving I started to relax and
looked up to see that Luke’s eyes were focused on mine. I smiled
softly and nodded. The grin on his face told me everything I needed
to know and I braced myself for what was about to happen.

Slowly Luke pushed forward, feeding more and more of his dick into
my ass. I was surprised by how little it hurt after that initial
wave of pain. Now I just felt really full as his cock moved further
into my depths, stretching my insides.

I groaned when he started to pull back out of me only to thrust
forward again, going slowly. As he moved, it started to feel really
good. I tried to look up to see how much of his big cock was being
driven inside me but I couldn’t see.

“Are you all in?” I asked.

Luke laughed, “Nowhere near.”

“Seriously?” I asked, unable to believe his cock, which already
felt as big as Kris’s, if not bigger, wasn’t all of what he had to

“Yeah, I’m breaking you in slowly. Soon I’m going to give you all
of it and I’ll be fucking you deeper than anyone else ever has.”

I just groaned in response as he continued to fuck about two thirds
of his hard cock in and out of me. He started picking up the pace
and it felt so good. I relaxed into it completely and reached up to
stroke my cock as he fucked me.

Just as I was feeling my orgasm coming on Luke pulled his cock from
my ass. I looked up at him wanting to know what he was doing. He
answered me by climbing onto the bed, straddling me and putting his
hands under my arm pits. In one quick motion he moved me into the
middle of the double bed and then he climbed back between my legs.

He pushed my legs apart and lifted them up, pulling them together
at the top so he could hold both of my ankles in one of his big
hands, freeing up his other hand to aim his cock back at my hole.
He sank it back in and I felt him go even deeper than before.

FUCK!” I screamed, feeling him really stretch me.

I threw my arms around him as he let go of my legs, pushed them
aside and leaned over me. His dick was deeper inside me than Kris
had ever been and I was feeling it. He was fucking parts of me that
had never felt a dick before and the feeling was just so intense. I
felt so full.

Instead of pushing even deeper into me Luke started fucking me with
what must have been about seven of his nine inches because I
couldn’t even feel the hint of his pubes against my ass yet. I
couldn’t believe how big his dick was.

I moaned every time he withdrew about six inches of his cock and
then plunged them back in. His thrusts were slow, making sure I
felt every inch of his dick as he fucked me.

Finally Luke stopped moving and bent down, pressing his lips
against mine. I opened up to let his tongue inside as his hands ran
up over my chest and settled on my shoulders. Then he pulled back.

“Brace yourself,” he said, looking me straight in the eye.

Before I even had time to ask why I felt the pressure on my
shoulders as he pulled me down toward him and impaled all nine hard
inches of his cock inside me.

I screamed out and clung to him, but he just stayed still, kissing
my neck and letting me get used to the feeling of being so full of
cock. Our skin was touching so I knew he was all in me.

After about a minute of him holding and kissing me, he moved back
from me and looked down, past my own cock, which was still hard and
throbbing, to where his entire dick was buried inside me.

“Fuck, Colt!” Luke said, his voice and the look on his face were
filled with happiness. “No one has ever taken all of my dick
before. They usually tell me to pull out.”

It took me a few moments to be able to form the words I wanted to
say. “I’m not gonna tell you to pull out. Just give me a minute to
get used to it and then I want you to fuck me.”

The smile on Luke’s face couldn’t have got any bigger. He returned
his lips to mine and kissed me with so much hunger and passion,
even biting my bottom lip a little.

When he finally pulled back from the kiss and took his tongue out
of my mouth he ran his hands back over my body, gave my dick a
quick stroke and then planting his hands either side of my chest he
slowly withdrew his cock until only the head was left inside my
squeezing ass and then he drove it back in, going balls deep again.

I let out a yelp, but it was a good yelp. The pain had all but gone
and even though I did still feel that uncomfortable sensation of
being full where I shouldn’t be, Luke’s big dick was feeling really
good in my ass.

He kept up the movements, long-dicking me, letting me feel all of
him as he stared into my eyes and studied the expressions on my
face. My eyes went wide on one thrust when his cock ran directly
over my spot and made me buck up into him.

Fuck me!” I screamed.

I could swear I heard Luke growl. He gripped the sheets beneath me
and pushed my legs up. I was already regretting my words because I
knew he was really going to fuck me now.

He pushed his cock all the way inside me and then started pulling
back so that only about half of his dick left me, then he rotated
his hips and forced it back in. He quickly built up a rhythm like
that so it was almost like he was doing a sort of dance but it was
pulling his dick in and out of me the entire time.

“You like my cock?” he asked.

“Fucking love it!” I panted.


He moved up onto his knees even more and put his hands behind my
knees, pushing them back to lift my ass off the mattress. His
thrusts started getting harder and faster. Our moans filled the
room along with the slapping sounds of our flesh as his hips
crashed into my ass.

The harder he fucked my ass the better it felt. He was totally
dominating me and I loved it. He pushed my legs even further back
and moved until he was on his tiptoes. Once he felt comfortable in
the position he started pounding the holy hell out of me, driving
his dick inside me, drilling me into the mattress.

My moans quietened but it wasn’t because I wasn’t enjoying it, in
fact it was the exact opposite. I was feeling so good that I lost
the ability to speak. All I could do was lay panting, my cock
throbbing harder than ever before as Luke’s dick pummelled my ass.

Suddenly I felt him tense up and knew he was close. He dropped back
to his knees, leaned back and wrapped his big hand around my cock,
jerking me furiously in time with his thrusts into my ass.

In less than 30 seconds we both let out a deafening scream and our
cocks exploded. Mine, which was in his hand blew a massive load all
over my body, covering me from my neck to my belly button. Luke’s
cock expanded in my ass and just added to my pleasure as it pulsed
and throbbed, firing out shot after shot into the condom.

When we finally came down from the incredible orgasms, Luke kissed
me again and then pulled his softening cock out of my ass. I was
totally exhausted and just collapsed back onto the bed as Luke
removed the condom carefully and then held it upside down, emptying
the contents all over my chest and stomach.

He used his finger to mix our cum on my body and then he leaned
down, scooping as much up on to his tongue as possible. He lay down
beside me, pulled me close and pressed his lips to mine.

The moment I opened my mouth it was flooded with the mixture of our
cum. It tasted so good. His tongue pushed its way into my mouth and
we shared our cum as we made out until finally we had to swallow

Luke fell back onto the bed with a huge smile on his face. “Fuck,
Colt, that was awesome. I’ve got to fuck your ass again sometime.”

I was finally able to speak again, “After that, I’d let you fuck me
any time you want.”

“That’s just what I wanted to hear,” Luke smiled, leaning in for
another kiss. “Anyway, I’d better get going, coach will be
wondering where I’ve got to. I’ll see you back at school.”

I just nodded and watched him get up from the bed to find his
clothes. I was completely exhausted and just couldn’t find the
energy to move.

Luke had just finished putting on his boxer briefs, jeans and shoes
when the door opened and Kris walked in with Ted behind him. The
first thing they saw was me lying on the bed covered in cum.

“What the fuck?” Kris exclaimed.

Luke stepped up to him and pulled him into a long, passionate kiss
filled with tongue. Kris fully got into the kiss after the initial
shock and ran his hand up over Luke’s incredible body.

“I was wondering where you were,” Ted said with a big grin as he
reached his hand down to reposition the bulge in his own jeans.

“I just fucked the cum out of Colt,” Luke said with a huge smile.
He ran his hand down Kris’s back until he was squeezing his ass.
“Maybe next time I can get a piece of your hot ass.”

“Come on, man, we have to check in with Coach before we can go to
bed,” Ted laughed.

Luke kissed Kris again and walked out the door, putting his polo
shirt back on as he left, following Ted.

Kris walked over to the bed and looked down at me, shaking his
head. He quickly stripped off and I could see how hard he was.

“Fuck! Look at you, man, you’re covered with cum. I take it Luke’s
a good fuck?” Kris asked.

“Oh dude, amazing,” I managed to say.

“You gonna take care of this for me like you did for him?” Kris
asked stroking his leaking cock.

“Sorry, bro, I’m all fucked out. Maybe tomorrow,” I said as I
closed my eyes, not even trying to wipe myself off or cover my body
with a sheet.

Just before I fell asleep I heard Kris moan and felt his warm cum
spraying all over my chest, joining the mixture that was already
there. Then I heard him chuckle.

“Damn, I thought I was bad…”


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