Posted:  July 1, 2011

A short something for you from Big ĎDíÖ

With the door to the guestís room in Mattís house closed behind them, Kris and Colt started to strip out of their clothes. They werenít wearing all that much to begin with but it was warm and after drinking a few beers they both just wanted to get naked before they went to sleep.

ďAww, man, how cool of Mattís mom was that? I canít believe she let us drink and stay here.Ē Colt said, jumping on the double bed.

ďI know. I didnít think sheíd agree to it either, but sheís always been cool,Ē Kris said, taking off his underwear and throwing them at Coltís face.

ďFucker!Ē Colt shouted, throwing them back at Kris.

Kris laughed and got on the bed next to Colt, leaning back on the pillows, stretching his limbs. He felt so relaxed and was beyond happy to be back in Coltís company; he never thought heíd have missed him so much.

ďThis has been great, man,Ē Kris said, ďus being back together like this, just chilliní, drinkiní and shootiní the shit.Ē

ďYeah and itíll be even better tomorrow at Scottís.Ē

ďAny idea whoís going?Ē

ďNah, but whoeverís there we know weíll have a good time.Ē

ďI know thatís right,Ē Kris said, smiling. ďDamn, Iíve missed you, bro.Ē

ďMe too, man,Ē Colt said, returning the smile.

Their eyes made contact with each other and the smiles dropped from their faces. They stared in to each otherís eyes for a moment, no words being spoken, but the message was clear. Colt was the first to move, leaning forward, pressing his lips to Krisí.

That was all Kris needed. He grabbed Coltís face in his hand and attacked Coltís lips with his, kissing him passionately and with a hunger that had been building up inside him. Their lips parted and their tongue found each other, dancing around, battling, and stroking each other.

Kris moved one of his hands, running it down Coltís cheek, on to his shoulder, before moving it down to feel Coltís hard body. He ran his hand over Coltís chest and down until his fingers traced Coltís abs, occasionally coming in to contact with Coltís hard, throbbing dick.

Colt loved feeling Krisí lips against his, his tongue hungrily probing his mouth, his hands caressing his body. He couldnít help himself, running his own hands all over Krisí body, pulling him closer as they almost hurt each other with the intensity of their kisses.

Without breaking the kiss, they lay back on the bed, on their sides, facing each other. Their hands were on each otherís dicks, slowly stroking up and down, heightening the pleasure.

Kris pulled his hand from Coltís dick, moving it around to his ass, pulling it closer to him until his cock was rubbing against Coltís hand that was still wrapped around his own cock. Colt quickly removed his hand and started thrusting against Kris, rubbing their dicks together, making them moan in to each otherís mouth.

It wasnít long before Colt moved his hands to Krisí shoulders, pushing him on to his back, breaking the kiss. Kris looked up to see what Colt was doing, but he just smiled and bent down to kiss Krisí neck. Kris groaned and placed a hand on the back of Coltís head, not putting any pressure on it but slowly stroking it to encourage Colt as he kissed along Krisí neck and shoulder blades, moving from one side of his body to the other.

The kisses continued but started to head south, covering every inch of Krisí rock hard pecs. When Colt reached Krisí nipples he focused on them with long kisses, flicking his tongue out, back and forth over each nipple until they were hard, finishing with a playful bite to each before moving down to kiss each of Krisí abs that seemed even harder than they had when they were still at college.

Moving down further, Colt skipped over Krisí cock that was throbbing and leaking precum, starting to pool in his belly button, until he was placing soft kisses up Krisí big muscular thighs. Kris was moaning, pushing his hips up, silently trying to urge Colt to move on to his cock, but Colt was enjoying the moans coming from Kris as he teased him.

Colt moved up Krisí thighs, kissing one and then the other until he had his nose pressed against Krisí balls, breathing in the manly scent that made Colt shiver, the smell was unmistakably Kris.

The first flick of Coltís tongue on Krisí balls made Kris jump and whimper, trying to keep the noise down so no one would hear them and know what they were doing, but it felt so good. Kris reached down and grabbed Coltís hair in his fist, applying just a little pressure as Colt continued to tongue his balls.

ďOh fuck, Colt... suck my dick already... I canít take it bro,Ē Kris moaned.

Colt slowly pushed up so that the tip of his nose ran up the length of Krisí cock with his tongue following close behind, leaving a faint trail of spit along Krisí shaft. When Colt got to the tip of Krisí dick some of the precum found its way on to his tongue, making his taste buds tingle. He needed more.

With his hunger growing by the second Colt wrapped his hand around the base of Krisí dick, pulling it up and away from Krisí body. He was too caught up to take it slow and dived down on the dick, almost taking it all the way in to his mouth, though he stopped just before he started to gag.

Colt went to work on Krisí cock, moving his tongue around the head, pushing it in to the slit, trying to feed on Krisí juices. He ran his tongue up and down Krisí shaft, alternating between just licking it and taking it in to his mouth.

Before long Colt was bobbing up and down on Krisí cock. They were both moaning as Colt ran his hands over Krisí thighs, occasionally pulled on his balls, moving his hands up to run them over Krisí hard, tight muscles, gently flicking the nipples.

With Coltís lips wrapped around Krisí cock, Coltís moans sent vibrations along the entire length of Krisí dick, vibrations that shot in to his body and had him arching his back, trying the thrust deeper in to Coltís mouth.

Colt continued to work Krisí cock for another few minutes until Kris could barely stop himself from screaming out from the pleasure surging through his body. Sensing that Kris may be drawing close to his climax, Colt pulled off and started kissing his way back up Krisí body until he was back at Krisí mouth.

Their lips connected again and they made out like never before, needing to feel each other. Both cocks were rock hard and throbbing between their bodies as they made contact, making them groan. Once again they started thrusting and grinding in to each other, rubbing their cocks against the otherís dick and abs as they panted and yelped in to the otherís mouth.

Colt held Krisí head in his hands as they continued to kiss and hump against each other. Krisí hands were moving all over Coltís body, running over the muscles in his back before gripping his ass tight, pulling him closer so that Coltís dick was really pressing against Krisí stomach.

Kris moved a hand to the side of Coltís face, but Colt quickly grabbed it, along with Krisí other arm, and raised them above Krisí head, pinning them down on the pillow. Colt laced his fingers between Krisí and the two held hands as Colt pulled back from the kiss, staring in to Krisí eyes as they continued to rub their cockís together.

Kris could only take two minutes of that before his desire took over his body. With the power he had gained from working so hard in the gym he managed to push up, forcing Colt from on top of him and flipping them over until Kris was laying on top of Colt.

Smiling, Kris bent down to kiss Colt again. It was a hard, deep, sloppy kiss. With a final peck on the lips Kris started kissing down Coltís body, mimicking the movements Colt had made on him earlier.

As he kissed Coltís abs and slowly ran his tongue along the tanned skin, Kris could taste the mixture of their precum on his tongue and he growled with excitement and lust. Instead of teasing Colt when he reached his dick Kris opened his mouth wide and nearly swallowed the whole thing. He wanted all of it.

Colt grabbed on to the sheets beneath him, gripping them in his fists, having to bite his lip to stop him from screaming as Kris started to suck his dick. Kris had made a lot of progress when it came to sucking dick and was really getting good at it. He knew exactly what to do and which part of Coltís cock he should work with his tongue to really get a reaction out of Colt.

Taking the dick out of his mouth, Kris ran his tongue down the shaft to the base until he reached Coltís balls. He knew how good it felt when Colt played with his own balls so he figured Colt would get the same enjoyment from it.

First he took them in to his hand and rolled them around with his fingers, pulling on them slightly, getting a groan from Colt. Then he bent down further and started licking one before taking it in to his mouth and rolling it around on his tongue, sucking on the sack and pulling back until Colt was whimpering above him.

Moving back up to Coltís cock, Kris dove back down on it, moving his head up and down quickly, with Colt starting to thrust up in to Krisí mouth until they had built up a perfect rhythm where they were both sharing the work.

There was a lot of saliva dripping from Krisí mouth that travelled down Coltís shaft. Kris was watching as a bead slid down Coltís dick and it gave him an idea. Gently, he ran his finger through the spit, coating his finger and without missing a beat on Coltís cock, he moved his hand around until the finger made contact with Coltís ass. A high pitched yelp escaped Coltís lips and his cock jerked in Krisí mouth, his ass tightened and his whole body shuddered.

Kris kept up with the sucking, moving up and down on Coltís dick as he continued to play with Coltís hole, teasing him, just running the tip of his finger over the opening, pushing in slightly, but never with enough force to actually penetrate.

Colt was writhing around on the bed, moaning, moving from side to side with Kris making him feel so good. Groaning at the feeling of Krisí finger teasing his hole again, Colt thrust forward quickly, pushing himself on to Krisí hand. The finger slipped inside, with no resistance, sinking deep.

Kris had barely moved with Colt pushing back on to his hand, but as his finger slid inside Coltís ass it ran directly over Coltís spot. Colt threw his arm over his mouth, biting it to muffle his scream as he bucked up and without warming started shooting his cum in to the back of Krisí mouth.

Never missing a beat, Kris continued to suck on Coltís dick, trying to swallow the cum that kept shooting from Coltís cock as it jumped in his mouth. Kris actually loved the taste of Coltís cum. He had only tasted it once before, on the camping trip, but despite thinking he would hate it, he loved it, and knowing that he had caused his friend to shoot that cum made it all the more satisfying.

Kris pulled off Coltís cock and crawled back up his body until they were face to face. Colt looked up in to Krisí eyes as he panted with a smile on his face. Kris bent down and placed his lips to Coltís and when Colt opened his mouth, so did Kris. He hadnít swallowed all of the cum and as their mouths connected, Coltís own cum slid from Krisí mouth on to his own tongue so that he could taste himself. It was so hot.

Colt grabbed hold of Kris and kissed him deep, his tongue running over every inch of the inside of Krisí mouth, searching out more of the cum that Colt now wanted to taste. There wasnít enough. He needed more and there was only one place where he could get it.

Much like Kris had earlier, Colt used his strength to flip their positions. With Kris on his back, Colt slid down the bed in one swift move until he was between Krisí legs taking Krisí cock back in to his mouth.

There was no teasing or playing around this time. Colt had one thing in mind and he was determined to get it. He wanted to work hard and be rewarded with a mouth full of cum. Kris looked down in shock, seeing Colt attack his dick, bobbing up and down with such speed his head was almost a blur.

ďDamn, Colt,Ē Kris moaned, ďKeep that up much longer and Iím gonna cum in your mouth.Ē

As soon as the words were out of Krisí mouth he had to laugh. He knew he didnít need to warn Colt that he was about to cum because Colt wanted his load, he needed the load, and he wouldnít stop until he got it.

Within less than a minute with Coltís lips and tongue working his cock, Coltís hands running over his body, Kris let out a groan and exploded in Coltís mouth. Coltís eyes even widened as he felt the power of Krisí shots that quickly filled his mouth and forced him to swallow. Colt loved the taste, it was even better than his own. Why had he never tried it before?

Colt continued to suck Krisí cock until Kris couldnít take any more. He reached down and pulled Colt off his dick, pulling his body up until their lips were connected again. They made out and ran their hands over each otherís body for another five minutes before Colt finally rolled off Kris and settled beside him.

Still wanting to be close to Colt, Kris rolled over too, taking Colt in to his arms so that Krisí chiseled chest was pressed against Coltís hard back. Placing his own cheek against Coltís, his chin resting on Coltís shoulder, Kris hugged Colt closer and sighed, feeling one of Coltís hands resting on his.

No words were said, no more movements were made as the two held on to each other and drifted off to sleep.


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