Rooming With My Best Friend - At Colt’s

Part Two…  Written by Big 'D'...  Posted July 18, 2011

“Let’s see… I’ve had sex, and I mean full sex, with Matt, Juan, Jess, and Garrett. I traded blow jobs with Corey on Spring Break, and I’m not including Hayden or a few other guys I’ve fucked we didn’t really hang around with, though hopefully I’ll be adding you to that list tonight.”

“There’s no hopefully about it, Scott. After hearing all that I need to fuck your ass so bad. I’m so turned on right now I don’t care if there aren’t any condoms, I’ll fuck you bare and cum so deep inside you it’ll be dripping out of you for days.”

Scott didn’t have the chance to say anything else as Brennan literally pounced on him and forced his tongue in to Scott’s mouth as he ripped off Scott’s shorts.

Scott was taken off guard but was soon returning the kiss, his tongue twisting around Brennan’s. Their tongues continued to dance between their mouths as their hands began sliding over each other’s bodies. Scott ran his hands over Brennan’s back while Brennan held Scott’s head with one hand and ran the other over Scott’s chest and hard abs.

Brennan slowly moved his hands until they were on Scott’s shoulders and as his tongue continued to wrestle with Scott’s, Brennan started pushing Scott backwards until he was laying flat on the ground with Brennan on top of him.

Pulling his lips away from Scott’s even though Scott raised his head to try continuing with the kiss, Brennan kissed Scott’s cheek and chin before attacking Scott’s neck with his lips and tongue. Scott was moaning, trying to hold on to Brennan who was driving him wild.

Using just the tip of his tongue, Brennan slowly and softly moved down Scott’s neck to his hard chest. Scott wasn’t the most muscular of men but he did have an incredibly hot swimmer’s body; his muscles were small but firm and well defined. Brennan growled as he licked one of Scott’s nipples, giving it a playful bite before moving over to the other nipple.

Scott was moaning and almost thrashing about under Brennan as he continued working Scott’s nipples. Having worked Scott up in to a frenzy Brennan knew it was time to move on, so again with just the tip of his tongue he trailed it down Scott’s body until he was gently pushing it in to Scott’s belly button, causing Scott to whimper.

Brennan smiled as he kissed each of Scott’s abs, laying kisses down the tiny treasure trail of hair Scott had leading to his pubes. Brennan loved that Scott’s body hair was the same dirty blond color that decorated Scott’s head, for some reason it turned him on even more.

Finally Brennan moved down until he planted kisses along Scott’s shaft with a final one on the head of Scott’s dick, making him buck up towards Brennan, his dick leaving a string of precum hanging between his dick and his stomach.

Brennan growled again as he took his first proper lick at Scott’s hard, uncut dick. Brennan pulled back the foreskin and ran his tongue around the head, making Scott moan.

“Oh man, I love that your dick’s uncut,” Brennan smiled. “It’s so hot, and since I’m uncut too, I know exactly what to do to drive you crazy.”

After taking a few swipes at the head of Scott’s dick, Brennan left his tongue against the tip and pulled Scott’s foreskin up until it was wrapped around his tongue. He circled the head of Scott’s cock keeping his tongue inside the hood, making Scott writhe around beneath Brennan in ecstasy at the feelings running through his cock.

Brennan smiled at the reaction and slowly pulled his tongue out, taking the skin between his teeth, gently biting and pulling on it. Scott let out a high pitched yelp, arching his back and thrusting up in to the air.

“Fuck, Brennan, you really do know what you’re doing,” Scott panted.

Brennan said nothing in reply as he leaned down even further until he was lapping at Scott’s balls, taking them in to his mouth one at a time, rolling them around on his tongue, pulling on them as his mouth softly sucked on the balls. Brennan strokes Scott’s dick while he continues to work his balls, but soon he had another urge.

Putting his hands behind Scott’s knees, Brennan pushed Scott’s legs back, lifting his ass up off the ground. Licking his lips Brennan focused his attention on Scott’s tight ass that was staring up at him, diving in to probe the hole with his tongue.

Scott was whimpering and trying to move around but Brennan had him pinned beneath him, eating away at Scott’s ass, fucking his tongue in and out of Scott’s hole, opening him up and lubing him up with spit, getting him ready for the fuck of his life.

“Oh God, Brennan, you’re so good at that. Fuck me!” Scott begged.

Brennan pulled his face from Scott’s ass, making sure Scott could see his face, he smiled and shook his head, leaning back down to attack Scott’s ass with his tongue. After another minute Brennan slid an index finger in to his mouth coating it in saliva. He moved it to Scott’s ass, teasing the opening, before slipping inside.

Scott threw his head back, every muscle in his body seeming to spasm as his ass was worked over, feeling better than it ever had before. Brennan took the opportunity to lower Scott’s legs back to the ground but his finger never left Scott’s ass.

Scott was starting to buck up on to Brennan’s finger so Brennan took his cue and slipped his middle finger inside Scott alongside his index finger. As Scott continued to moan, Brennan kept finger fucking him, twisting his fingers inside him, pushing them in and pulling them back out at alternating speeds.

Brennan leant down, placing kisses along Scott’s cock before moving up his body, kissing every inch of skin he could find until he was almost completely on top of Scott, laying kisses on his neck and mouth. Scott pulled Brennan too him and kissed him passionately, their tongues wrestling again as Brennan still fingered Scott’s ass, his long arms coming to great use.

Finally Scott pulled back, pushing Brennan’s head away from his mouth, instead nuzzling in to Brennan’s neck and kissing him, placing playful bites along his shoulder blade.

Fuck me, Brennan, fuck me. I’m begging ya, man, fuck me,” Scott panted.

Brennan pulled away from Scott again and shook his head. He pushed Scott on to his back and straddled his body, moving up until he was sat on Scott’s chest, his hard dick just in front of Scott’s mouth.

Suck my dick, Scott,” Brennan said, slapping his cock against Scott’s chin. “I need you to get my dick ready, get it as hard as you can, Scott, so that I can fuck you the way you deserve to be fucked.”

Scott opened his mouth, ready to beg Brennan to just fuck him, but before he could form any words Brennan leaned forward and pushed his dick in to Scott’s mouth, almost choking him. Scott loved it and hungrily went to work sucking Brennan’s cock, moving his head up and down to take as much of the shaft in to him as possible, running his tongue down it all the way to the tip before going back up.

The desire and need to be fucked overwhelmed Scott. He pulled his head away from Brennan’s cock and put his hands on Brennan’s chest, pushing until Brennan had no choice but to fall backwards until he was lying flat on his back with Scott straddling him, attacking his lips with a deep passionate kiss.

Travelling quickly down Brennan’s slender body with little kisses, Scott wasted no time in taking the big cock back in to his mouth. There was no teasing, Scott was too hungry as he went to work on Brennan’s dick deep-throating it as Brennan held on to Scott’s head, his clenched fist grabbing a handful of Scott’s hair, barely able to believe how good it felt as his big uncut cock slipped down Scott’s throat.

Scott gasped and pulled back, releasing the dick that was covered in his saliva. Brennan was panting beneath Scott, who moved to sit on Brennan’s thighs, pinning him down. Scott reached over, grabbed the bottle of lube and applied it to Brennan’s cock until it was glistening in the lantern light.

Brennan tried to move but Scott leaned forward, pressing a hand to Brennan’s chest to keep him on his back. With the other hand Scott reached around and lubed up his own asshole, slipping a finger inside. Groaning, Scott pulled his hand away from his ass, wrapped it around Brennan’s dick, pointing it straight up, and slowly sat down on it.

As the head popped in to Scott’s ass, they both groaned, “Fuck!”

Scott continued to lower himself down on to Brennan’s cock. Every thick inch of Brennan’s big dick stretched him wide. The feeling in Scott’s ass was amazing. Without a condom he could feel Brennan’s skin against his insides, every vein as it throbbed with the blood that raced through the cock.

Oh fuck, your dick is big,” Scott moaned, panting with about six of the eight inches inside him.

“You’re saying that even after you’ve been fucked by Garrett?” Brennan asked with a smile, holding on to Scott’s hips.

“Garrett’s cock is huge, but a lot of it’s the length,” Scott groaned. “You dick is long and thick, it’s amazing.”

With a final push, Scott felt the tickle of Brennan’s pubes on his ass. He had the whole of Brennan’s huge uncut cock inside him, fucking him deep and raw. Sitting down fully on the cock for a minute, adjusting to the size of it, Scott reached forward to caress Brennan’s chest, pinching his nipples.

Lifting himself up slowly until just two inches of the cock remained inside him Scott smiled and sat down hard, forcing the dick back inside him. They both screamed out in pleasure as the walls of Scott’s ass squeezed Brennan’s bare cock, driving them both to the edge without sending them over.

Scott was almost shocked by how good Brennan’s cock felt as he started moving faster, riding Brennan’s cock, moving his hips back and forth and around in little circles, driving Brennan’s dick further inside him at all angles, rubbing his spot again and again. Scott threw his head back, panting, using his experience to clench his ass around Brennan’s dick, making Brennan scream and start to thrust up in to Scott.

“Fuck, your dick feels so good inside me,” Scott moaned. “I can feel every inch of your big cock fucking me. It’s so much better than fucking with a condom.”

“Really?” Brennan asked, holding on to Scott’s hip and pounding up in to him.

“Yeah,” Scott panted, “especially ‘cause you’re uncut. I can feel your foreskin moving up and down over the head of your cock inside me. Fuck! It’s amazing. Oh fuck!”

Scott loved the feelings being created in his ass. It was so exciting. He was feeling something he had felt many times before but it was heightened by the fact that it was bareback. He could understand why Matt and Corey didn’t use a condom now, even though they were both cut. Scott could get used to the feeling, but he knew for safety it would have to wait until he was in a monogamous relationship.

Brennan loved the feeling of Scott’s tight ass, squeezing the entire length of his shaft, working it perfectly, like it was made to worship his cock. He needed more. Planting his feet on the ground and gripping Scott’s hips even tighter Brennan started really pumping up in to Scott, actually lifting Scott completely off the ground at one point with a really hard and deep thrust. Scott was in heaven.

Feeling the need to change positions, Brennan slowly moved, his dick never leaving Scott’s ass, until he was sat up, staring straight in to Scott’s piercing blue eyes. Scott put his arms around Brennan’s neck and came to a stop, Brennan’s dick all the way inside him. He was mesmerized as he stared into Brennan’s beautiful green eyes. He had never really noticed Brennan’s eyes before but they were stunning and only made his passion and hunger worse.

He started moving again, riding Brennan’s dick, Brennan’s arms now around Scott’s waist, Scott’s around Brennan’s neck. They were looking deep in to each other’s eyes as Brennan continued to slide in and out of Scott’s ass. Before long, Scott leaned forward, pressing his lips to Brennan’s, pushing his tongue in to Brennan’s mouth and accepting Brennan’s in to his as he continued to work the cock with his ass. They were moaning in to each other’s mouths.

“Hold on to me tight, Scott,” Brennan said, smiling.

“Why?” Scott asked confused, his movements never slowing.

“You’ll see…”

Gripping Scott around the waist, putting one hand under Scott’s ass, Brennan carefully moved, never letting his dick slip out of Scott, until he had managed to get to his knees. Scott held on tightly around Brennan’s neck and took the initiative to wrap his legs around Brennan’s waist to keep the two connected, dick to ass.

Even though he wasn’t the most muscular of men, his height and frame provided Brennan with enough natural strength to hold Scott’s swimmers body up that was still managing to work its magic on Brennan’s cock. With Scott’s legs wrapped around his waist and his arms around his shoulders and neck, Brennan wrapped one of his own arms around Scott’s lower back and placed the other on the ground.

Scott’s entire body was completely off the floor, Brennan was holding up his entire weight with Scott anchored on his dick. Slowly, Brennan started rocking back and forth. Every time he rocked backward his dick would pull out until only the head was still inside Scott’s tight ass, and as he rocked forward it would impale Scott fully on his dick, making Scott scream out in ecstasy.

Brennan continued with long strokes, swinging Scott back and forth on his dick for another few minutes until he grew tired and his body started to ache. He moved slowly so he could lay Scott gently on his back on the ground while he continued to fuck in and out of his tight ass.

Scott’s legs were still around Brennan’s waist, helping him to thrust deeper in to Scott as he made out with him, really pounding in to Scott, moving them both across the floor of the tent. The two were screaming but the noise was muffled by their tongues being in each other’s mouths. They really loved the feelings, the passion, the intensity.

Oh God, Brennan, fuck me harder, man. Harder! Deeper!” Scott screamed, breaking the kiss.

Brennan gave Scott what he wanted, fucking as hard and fast as he could in to his ass, their flesh slapping against each other so hard there would probably be bruises in the morning, but they didn’t care, it would be worth it for what they were feeling.

As Brennan continued to drill Scott’s ass, Scott’s entire body tensed up and began to spasm. His orgasm took over his entire body, making every muscle and limb tingle. He could actually feel his cum travelling up his cock until it erupted from the tip, spraying his body, coating him in cum. It was the most intense orgasm he had ever had, especially without having to touch himself.

Fuck… Fuck… Fuck,” Scott panted.

Scott’s ass tightened around Brennan’s cock and was really milking it, working it perfectly. Brennan could feel the orgasm building and knew he wasn’t going to last much longer.

Oh fuck, Scott, I’m gonna cum. Where do you want it, man?” Brennan asked with urgency in his voice.

“Cum inside me, I wanna feel it when you cum,” Scott moaned, reaching down to pull Brennan deeper inside him.

With a few short thrusts Brennan pushed all the way inside Scott’s ass, going as deep as he possible could. Screaming, he exploded inside Scott, sending shot after shot of warm cum deep in to Scott’s ass, coating the walls and making Scott scream from the amazing feeling coming from his ass. He had always dreamed about having someone cum inside him and it had finally happened.

Brennan held still for a moment, trying to catch his breath. Between his cock twitching and Scott’s ass still tightening around it Brennan couldn’t control himself as another three spurts of cum shot from his dick.

Quickly pulling his dick from Scott’s ass, both groaning with the final pop, Brennan fell to the ground beside Scott, panting heavily, still not able to believe how amazing his orgasm had been. Scott was still flat on his back, his breathing had slowed slightly but he was still unable to move or speak.

The two lay side-by-side enjoying the feelings coursing through their bodies, breathing heavily, their arms touching, lightly rubbing against each other. Slowly Brennan turned on to his side so he was facing Scott, who was covered in his own cum.

“Damn, Scott,” Brennan finally said, “you shot one hell of a load, man.”

“I shot one hell of a load?” Scott laughed. “What about you? I feel like a hose went off inside me.”

They burst out laughing as Brennan moved his hand and softly ran it through the cum on Scott’s stomach, playing with it. When he got to a bit of a puddle between Scott’s abs, Brennan dipped his finger in it and wrote his name across Scott’s chest in cum.

“There you go, Scott, you’ve officially been branded,” Brennan laughed.

Scott smiled and pulled Brennan in to a long, deep kiss.

“So,” Brennan asked when they finally pulled away, his hand was still stroking Scott’s stomach. “Did getting fucked bare really feel so different to being fucked with a condom?”

“Yes,” Scott sighed. “It was amazing. I can’t really explain it to you. I think because you’re uncut it just made it that much better ‘cause I really felt you. I guess the only way you’d know what it felt like was if you ever tried it.”

Brennan smiled, “Is that a request?”

“What?” Scott asked, surprised. “It wasn’t.”

“Really?” Brennan asked. “‘Cause I was gonna ask you if you wanted to make me feel everything you felt just now after we’ve recovered, but if you don’t want to…”

No, I do!” Scott exclaimed. “I just didn’t want to push you in to anything.”

“I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t want to Scott, but right now, all I can think about is having you fuck me.”

Scott smiled, slowly pulling himself up to lay across Brennan’s stomach. He reached down and lifted Brennan’s cock that was still semi hard and covered in cum. He licked his lips, the temptation too much as he bent down to lick Brennan clean. The rush that went through Scott’s body as he tasted Brennan’s cum, the very same cum that was inside him, was almost too much for him and he was hard again, his dick poking Brennan in his side.

Scott straddled Brennan’s head, his dick bobbing up and down in front of Brennan’s face. Brennan was about to take Scott’s dick in to his mouth but Scott reached around and took hold of Brennan’s legs, hooking them under his arm pits and slowly pulling back so that Brennan’s ass lifted up off the floor.

Scott leaned forward and gently ran his tongue along Brennan’s crack, gently teasing the pucker before diving in to really probe it with his tongue, lapping at it, moving around in circles, making soft stabs forward until he felt Brennan start to open up and his tongue managed to slip deeper.

Brennan grabbed Scott’s dick in his hand and started jerking him off as Scott kept working on his ass. The moans coming from Brennan were moans of pure pleasure, he loved everything Scott was doing to him and the more Scott tongued his ass, the more he needed to feel Scott’s dick inside him.

Oh God, Scott, fuck me, fuck me now!” Brennan screamed.

“Yeah? How bad do you want it?” Scott asked with a smile, pulling back from Brennan’s ass.

“More than anything…” Brennan gasped.

“Okay, so how do you want to do this?” Scott asked, lowering Brennan back down until he was flat on his back.

Instead of replying with words, Brennan pushed Scott away from him and turned around, lifting himself up until he was on hands and knees, his ass pointing toward Scott, the saliva glistening in his crack. Scott growled when he saw Brennan’s ass looking like it was calling to him, begging him to fuck it.

Instead of trying to fuck Brennan straight away Scott moved behind him and buried his face back in Brennan’s crack, tongue fucking him, trying to get as deep as possible. With Brennan moaning beneath him and begging for Scott to fuck him, Scott grabbed the bottle of lube and poured it on to his hand.

He slid two fingers up and down Brennan’s crack, making Brennan jump and yelp. Scott smiled, rubbing Brennan’s ass, lubing it up until he could slip a finger inside to start fucking Brennan with it. It didn’t take long for Scott to push a second finger in alongside the first. Pushing them in, twisting them, pulling them back out, Scott really went to work on Brennan’s ass, making his scream.

“For fucks sake, Scott, just fuck me already!” Brennan cried out, his body writhing beneath Scott’s.

Brennan’s ass finally started clamping down on Scott’s fingers and he knew he had Brennan close to cumming just from fingering him so he pulled his fingers back until they popped out. Quickly he smeared his dick with lube and rubbed it against Brennan’s hole, smearing more lube on the ass he was about to fuck.

Neither guy could wait any longer. Scott took hold of Brennan’s ass with one hand, parting the cheeks while with the other he positioned his cock at Brennan’s hole and pushed forward. With just a little resistance, Brennan’s ass gave way and Scott’s uncut cock sank deep inside it.

Oh fuck, Scott,” Brennan moaned.

“Does that feel good, baby?” Scott asked, his cock moving deeper until he bottomed out.

“It feels amazing,” Brennan panted. “I can feel you stretching me.”

“Yeah?” Scott asked, pulling his dick back and pushing back in. “Can you feel the skin moving around my cock?”

Oh, fuck yeah,” Brennan groaned, throwing his head back. “It feels better than I ever imagined. Fuck me, Scott, fuck me.”

Scott wanted to make the sex last as long as possible because his dick felt better than it ever had before. He couldn’t believe how good it all felt, maybe the best sex he had ever had. The thrusts were slow, pulling Scott’s dick back until only the very tip remained inside Brennan’s ass before pushing it back in as deep as it would go. Scott’s cock even popped out a few times but he just pushed it straight back in.

After a few minutes of long-dicking Brennan, Scott started to move faster, his thrusts became shorter, his pace increased. He put his hands on Brennan’s hips and really went to work on Brennan’s ass, fucking it hard and fast, pounding in to it, his balls slapping against Brennan’s ass as the two screamed in delight.

As Scott was fucking his dick in and out of Brennan’s ass as hard as he could, Brennan’s moans encouraging him, he felt a little trickle on the back of his leg.

Oh fuck, Brennan, your cum is starting to leak out of my ass while I’m fucking you. That is so fucking hot!” Scott screamed.

The idea of the cum leaking out of him made Scott even more aggressive, he was so caught up, so turned on that he put his hand in the middle of Brennan’s shoulders and pushed him down until he was lying on his stomach. Scott quickly shoved his dick back inside Brennan and started jack hammering him. If someone else had been in the tent looking on they would have probably seen nothing but a blur with the speed of Scott’s thrusts, he was pounding Brennan in to the ground beneath them.

Brennan was clawing at the ground, trying to find something to grab on to, to squeeze as Scott went to work on his ass, hitting his spot with every thrust. Just as Brennan felt like he was about to cum and his ass started to tighten, Scott pulled his dick out and flipped Brennan over on to his back. Within seconds Scott shoved his cock back inside Brennan and continued to fuck him hard and deep.

Brennan’s legs were either side of Scott, pulled up enough to give Scott the access he needed to really fuck Brennan’s ass. It didn’t take long in that position for Scott to feel his balls starting to tingle, he knew he couldn’t last too much longer, which just made him thrust harder and faster, wanting to really fuck Brennan before he reached his climax.

Knowing that he was close, Scott wanted to make Brennan cum with him. He brought one hand to his mouth and licked it, getting it sloppy with spit before wrapping it around Brennan’s cock. Scott jerked Brennan’s cock as fast as he could without losing the rhythm he had built up fucking Brennan’s ass.

Scott kept fucking Brennan and jerking his cock until he felt Brennan’s body spasm beneath him. He pulled his hand away from Brennan’s cock just in time to see it explode all over Brennan’s body, some of the shots so powerful they flew over Brennan’s head.

As Brennan screamed with each eruption from his cock, his ass clamped down on Scott’s dick as it continued to fuck him, literally milking it and sending Scott racing over the edge, shooting deep in Brennan’s ass. The orgasm was so intense, the pulsing of his cock so hard that Scott was almost worried for a second that his cock would actually pop off he was shooting so hard.

When the final shot left his dick, Scott collapsed on to Brennan’s chest, his dick still hard inside Brennan’s ass. Finding Brennan’s mouth, Scott kissed him passionately, with Brennan returning the kiss just as eagerly, running his hands all over Scott’s back, down to his ass, where with a finger, Brennan felt his own cum leaking from Scott’s hole.

Slowly Scott pulled his dick from Brennan’s ass but he kept kissing him. Eventually they broke the kisses and Scott rolled off Brennan, on to his side. Brennan turned to take Scott in to his arms, spooning him. Brennan laid soft kisses on the back of Scott’s neck as he reached around to run his hands over Scott’s body.

Scott could feel Brennan’s cock getting hard again as it rubbed against his ass. He moaned and turned his head to look at Brennan as Brennan slowly pushed his dick back inside Scott’s tight ass.

“Are you going to fuck me again?” Scott asked.

“No,” Brennan breathed between kisses on Scott’s neck. “But I’ve always kind of dreamt about falling asleep with my dick inside a guy I’ve just fucked.”

Scott smiled as Brennan pulled him closer and held him tight, not moving, the full eight inch uncut cock inside him. Nothing more was said as the two fell asleep holding on to each other and knowing they may have just had the greatest sex they would ever have in their lives.


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