Rooming With My Best Friend - At Colt’s

Part One… By Big 'D'... Posted 7/14/11

There was nothing better than a group of friends all gathered around together, drinking, smoking, dipping and just having a good time. The fire Colt had built was roaring, keeping the guys warm, even though it wasn’t all that necessary in the middle of summer, though any excuse for some of them to wear as few clothes as possible was always welcome.

Over the course of the conversation a few of the guys kept dropping hints about what had happened on Spring Break involving most of the group. The jokes and innuendo were just the result of some drunken guys having a good time, and no harm was meant, but Colt was growing increasingly nervous and was beginning to fidget. The last thing he wanted to happen was for his brother to find out that he’d had sex with Kris. It might have been common knowledge with the guys but his family didn’t need to know, ever.

Kris sat across from Colt and noticed how he seemed to be on edge, constantly scanning the guys and then focusing on his brother. Kris wanted to say something to Colt but he knew he had better keep quiet until they were in the privacy of a tent in the hope of getting the truth from his friend. To bring it up before then would have caused problems which Kris didn’t want to do since everyone was at least tipsy and having a good time.

The talking and joking around carried on for another half hour before Colt grabbed a bucket of water to put out the fire. As the embers started to fade the guys all got up and slowly started splitting up to head off in to their tents.

“Well guys, it’s been a blast,” Chase said. “We can’t thank ya’ll enough for making us feel welcome, but I guess we’d better be getting back to the house.”

Chase and Tabor started to walk away.

“Hang on guys,” Shawn shouted. “There’s plenty of room in my tent, you can stay down here with us if you’d like.”

“For real?” Tabor asked, turning around.

“Yeah, this is a four-man tent, there’s plenty of room. I’ll have one compartment; you two can have the other. What do you say?”

“Fucking A, man!” Chase smiled, making his way over to Shawn’s tent.

“You don’t have to, Shawn,” Colt said, quietly.

“It’s fine, don’t worry. I might even enjoy their company.”

“Don’t count on it,” Colt laughed.

Chase and Tabor headed inside Shawn’s tent with him and zipped it up as the others all headed toward their own tents.

“How cool of Shawn was that?” Alex asked. “I was kind of worried he wouldn’t fit in if he’s rooming with us all next year but he’ll be a great addition.”

“I told you he would be,” Matt smiled.

“Don’t start gloating or one of us will have to fuck you up,” Kris laughed.

“Yeah, I think Corey will be fucking him up the ass pretty soon,” Colt laughed.

“That’s my cue to leave,” Alex said, quickly heading in to his one-man tent.

Neither Matt nor Kris had brought a tent. Matt knew he would be sharing with Corey and Kris just assumed he would be able to crash with one of the others. Luckily there was more than enough room and as Matt headed off with Corey, who had pitched his tent slightly away from the others, Scott and Brennan headed for one tent, so Kris followed Colt to the other.

Colt headed straight inside and held the flap open for Kris to join him, but Kris froze for a moment. Seeing the tent again brought back memories of the last time he had been in it alone with Colt. They’d had sex. What would happen this time? Pushing the fear and nerves to the back of his mind he walked to the tent and crawled inside.

Just a few feet away Scott and Brennan zipped themselves up inside their tent and arranged their things so they would be able to sleep comfortably. Barely a word was said as they got ready for bed, cleaning their teeth with some bottled water Brennan had brought.

“So…” Scott said as he pulled his clothes off. “I hear we’ve got more in common than we might have thought.”

“Meaning?” Brennan asked, stripping down to his underwear.

“Jess,” Scott smiled.

“What about him?”

“We’ve both fucked him,” Scott grinned.

“You heard about that, hey?” Brennan asked, returning the smile.

“Hell yeah I did, and I’ve been thinking about it ever since.”


“Yes. Everyone’s seen your dick and knows it’s pretty big, about the same as Matt’s, so thinking about you using it to fuck another guy is really hot.”

Brennan’s cheeks flushed red. He was pretty embarrassed hearing that Scott had essentially fantasized about him, but the more he thought about it, the more it turned him on.

“So how was it?” Scott asked.

“How was what?”

“Fucking Jess, dumbass, what do ya think I mean?”

“Oh, it was hot, but I don’t need to tell you that, do I?”

“Not really,” Scott smiled, “though I never fucked him in the middle of a room where the other guys could watch us go at it.”

“We were caught up in the moment and just needed to fuck. Sometimes the dick can overrule the mind.” Brennan laughed.

“It’s quite funny…” Scott said, trailing off.

“What is?” Brennan asked.

“You... You never give off any signals that you’re in to guys, or not usually anyway. It’s not really mentioned at the dorm and I never see you with any guys, what’s the deal?”

“Well, I’m only bi, and okay, I did have sex with Jess again after the trip but other than that I try to limit the amount of sex I have with guys since I don’t really want a relationship with one. If I’m being honest I’d prefer to keep the gay stuff out of the dorm, it’s better for everyone that way.”

“Well… we’re not in the dorm now,” Scott smirked.

“You mean…?”

“Only if you’re up for it,” Scott said, fearing he’d been too forward.

Brennan took a deep breath before a smile crept on to his face. “I’m definitely up for it. But I never expected to have sex here so I didn’t pack any condoms.”

“That’s okay, I’ll have some,” Scott said, hurriedly searching his bag.

As Scott rummaged he pulled out a big bottle of lube that made Brennan smile, wondering if Scott had planned for sex, though he was probably always prepared. Scott then pulled out a box of condoms, but he was quickly shaking the box.

“Fuck!” he screamed.

“What?” Brennan asked.

“I must have used the last condom the other night. Shit. Hold on, I’ll go see if the others have any.”

Before Brennan could say anything the tent was unzipped and Scott had run out in to the night in search of condoms.
Scott sprinted across to Matt and Corey’s tent, not even thinking he was so eager to have sex. Without a word he unzipped the tent to find Matt on top of Corey; the two were really making out, Matt’s hands were running through Corey’s hair while Corey’s were caressing Matt’s ass. They were getting ready to fuck and it made Scott even more desperate to have sex himself.

Matt turned around, startled, as Scott said “Sorry to bother you but ya’ll didn’t happen to bring any condoms, did ya?”

“Sorry Scott, we didn't," Corey replied.
"I didn't think so but I thought I’d ask,” Scott said. “I’ll let you two get back to business. Sorry for interrupting.” He zipped the tent back up, still not thinking about what he had just done or what he was about to do as he quickly ran over to Colt’s tent.

Again, without bothering to alert them to his presence, Scott unzipped the tent and popped his head inside. “Erm, really sorry to bother ya but do ya’ll have any condoms?”

“What?” Kris asked.

"Do you have any condoms with ya?” Scott asked again.

“No. Why would we? We didn’t plan on having sex with anyone while we're out here," Colt said, coldly.

Scott’s face instantly dropped in to a frown. Why did he have to forget his condoms?

“Who are you planning on having sex with?” Colt asked. “Are you and the lover boys having a threesome?”

Scott hesitated a moment.

“No?” Kris asked. “Then which one is it? Alex or Brennan?”

“Come on, dude,” Colt said. “Alex wouldn’t fuck Scott’s ass, it must be Brennan.”

"Look, we’re just horny and we wanna fuck, that’s all there is to it. It’s not like ya’ll can comment after what ya did on Spring Break,” Scott smiled.

"Will you shut the fuck up?" Colt spat. I don't want my brother hearing about that shit. I have no problem with you fucking Brennan, but don’t let my brother know, and don’t go asking him for condoms, understood?”

“Yeah, alright,” Scott said, sounding like a scolded little boy. “I’'d ask what crawled up your ass but I'm scared you'll attack me.
"Fuck off,” Colt laughed.
Scott’s head disappeared from the tent which was quickly zipped back up. With Scott gone, Kris turned to Colt, the two of them sitting around in just their underwear.

"What's going on, man?” Kris asked.

"I don't know what you mean,” Colt replied.

“I saw how you were fidgeting earlier when the guys were joking around and kind of mentioned Spring Break. You looked like you were about to shit yourself.”
“That’s because I don’t want my brother knowing what happened, it meant nothing. If he finds out and tells my parents then it will be made in to something it doesn’t need to be and something I don’t want to have to deal with. I wish they’d all just drop it now, it’s not like it’s become a regular thing.”

"So it's not just that you’re worried about sharing this tent with me again?” Kris asked, trying to trivialize the situation. “’Cause you know, the last time we were in this tent together we fucked each other’s brains out.”

Colt couldn’t help but smile. “Look, I can’t say I haven’t been thinking about that and I can’t say I’m not tempted, I mean look, I’m rock hard,” he said pointing to his throbbing cock, “but nothing can ever happen with my brother out there, it’s not worth the risk if he found out ‘cause my ass would be fucked in a different way if he did.”

“Yeah, I guess you're right," Kris said with a slight sigh.
“What did you mean by that?” Colt asked, sitting up.
“You guess I’m right? What do you mean?”

“I just wondered if that was the only reason you didn't want to do anything with me."
“Is that what you were hoping for?” Colt asked, “That we’d end up fucking each other again?”

"Hell no," Kris said. "You know what? I don't know. I’ve been thinking about us pretty much the entire time since the camping trip, especially after we left college. You know I’ve been dating girls back home, fucking them, and it’s amazing. Being with a girl again has made me realise how much I want to be with one and have a relationship with one, it’s just right and it’s who I am. I could never imagine myself dating a guy, but I still have urges.”

“Yes. Like right now. I see you sitting there and your dick’s hard and I just wanna crawl over and grab it. I look at your face and I wanna kiss you. It’s weird. I don’t wanna be with you but I do wanna fuck you. Jesus, how fucking messed up is that?”

“I don’t get it Colt. I mean, it’s not like I fancy guys. I don’t just see a guy in the street and think about how I’d like to fuck him. It doesn’t happen. I can see when a guy is good looking but I’m not attracted to him like I am with girls. But then when I’m with you, especially the last time, it just feels so fucking right and… shit, it’s just got me so confused.”

“You’re not the only one," Colt sighed.
"I know, I can't handle these feelings any more, Colt, especially ‘cause they’re not just about you.”

“What do you mean?” Colt asked, sounding surprised.
“Don’t get me wrong, I don’t fancy guys, but when it comes to you and when it comes to Matt, something inside me just makes me want you.”

“You want Matt too?” Colt asked, his voice rising in pitch with each word.
“Not like you’re probably thinking, but I’ve thought about all my experiences with gay sex; with you, Bryson, Jess, Corey and Matt. The blowjobs from Bryson and Jess meant nothing, I was just horny, but then I got thinking back to my first time, when I fucked Corey…” Kris trailed off as he drifted off in to his thoughts.

“What were you thinking about that first time, Kris?” Colt asked, bringing Kris back to reality.
“That night I was drunk and horny as hell and I just wanted to have my dick sucked. I didn’t even really think about what I was saying, I just asked Matt and Corey to suck my cock. I never thought they would, but they did, and as they were sucking me off, I got this overwhelming desire to actually fuck one of them so I said that and I ended up fucking Corey, but the thing is, Colt, as good as that was, it was Matt I wanted to fuck that night.”

“Are you serious?”
“Yes. I’ve never said it out loud before, probably ‘cause I didn’t wanna admit it, but I can now. I wanted to fuck Matt that night and I’ve wanted to fuck him again since then, it’s not a constant urge but occasionally it pops up. I’ve even tried to tease him, that’s how messed up it is, to see if he’d react. I walk around naked in the dorm or wearing clothes that might attract his attention. I’ve got my dick out and offered it to him more than once, and even though I don’t want to be in a relationship with him, I’ve wanted to have sex with him so bad at times, and realizing that got me thinking about us,” Kris said, looking directly in to Colt’s eyes.

“What does that have to do with us?”
“Well, I think the reason I’ve wanted to fuck Matt is because I’m curious or I have been, and since Matt’s my best friend and I already love him and he’s gay, I guess I wanted the sex to be with him because I knew I could trust him and I knew it would be amazing.”

“Okay, I get that, but where do I come in?”
“Well, Colt, other than Matt, you’re my best friend, at least since starting college. I love you, not like that, but you know what I mean, and I trust you with my life. I never thought about having sex with you before Spring Break, but then when we were both up for it I just went with it because I was doing it with you, and it was great. When we’ve done it again, it’s been even better and I’ve loved it. But I think the reason why I’ve loved it so much is because of who I’ve been doing it with.”

"'Cause we’re so close?”

“Exactly. I can have sex with you and not have to worry about what anyone might do or say afterwards and it's great. Buth then every time I have sex with you, Colt, I find myself enjoying it even more. The next moring I end up wanting to do it again as soon as possible and just keep doing it because it's so good, but then I start to feel shit again 'cause even though I wanna keep fucking you, I don't. Does that make sense?"
“Yeah, I think it does,” Colt said softly.
“So all I meant a minute ago is that I just think there’s probably more to you not wanting to do anything with me than your brother being out there, that’s all.”

Colt sighed and was silent for a moment, thinking about what he wanted to say next. Kris waited patiently for Colt to speak.

"I've been thinking about us since that camping trip too, Kris. I try not to but I can’t help it. I’m so fucking confused and messed up, man, it’s unbelievable. It’s like there are two different versions of me and they’re fighting each other to see which one wins out.”

Kris thought that over for a moment. “How do you mean, Colt?”

"You think about what we’ve been doing together?” Colt asked, not answering the question.

"Of course I do, but I'm trying not to let it get me down. I just have to move on. We have to move on.”

"That's what you want, right?” Colt asked.

“It is,” Kris said. “I loved having sex with you, Colt, especially that last time when we were camping, it was amazing, but it can’t become a regular thing, we both know that, which is why it hasn't happened since."
“Is that the real reason?” Colt asked.
“Now I don’t get what you mean,” Kris said.

“You heard those guys talking tonight, they all know we fucked each other on Spring Break and we've let them know that, haven't we? None of them know that I fucked Bryson, do they? We've kept that quiet, but why did we tell them about us?"
"I don't know,” Kris said, “I guess it just slipped out.”

"I've been thinking about that too. Why did we feel okay with it coming out that we fucked on Spring Break? Was it because pretty much everyone thinks it was a one time deal?”

“Does anyone but Matt know we had sex again?”

"Well, Corey knows we sucked each other's dicks at the dorm, but I think Matt’s the only one who knows we fucked on the camping trip, and that was only because he found the condom wrappers.”

“And you wouldn’t have told him otherwise?"
“No,” Kris said, not hesitating for a second.

“Why?” Colt asked.
“What?” Kris asked, confused.

"You just said you wouldn't have told Matt that we had sex again if he hadn’t have found those condom wrappers. Why is that?”

"I don't know. Maybe because he doesn’t need to know, no one does. Like you say, it’s not like we’re fucking all the time.”

"You're full of shit, you know that?” Colt said, staring at Kris.

"What the fuck are you talking about?” Kris asked, a little shocked.

"I’ll tell you why you wouldn’t want him to know, shall I? It’s the same reason you don’t want any of the other guys knowing what happened. If they think it only happened on Spring Break and that you didn’t really enjoy it, you still get to walk away as the big man on campus. You get to write it off as an experiment, as you being curious, just like Bryson has, and say it wasn’t for you, but if they find out it happened again, you can’t say that, can you?” Colt asked, seriously.

“No, let me finish,” Colt said, cutting Kris off. “You don’t want anyone else knowing that we fucked each other again because you don’t want them knowing that you fucking loved it the second time around. You were moaning, screaming, and when I had you on your back fucking you deep I made you cum without you even touching yourself it was that good, and that’s what’s really hanging with you, isn’t it, Kris?”

“I guess…”
“And the reason you don’t want anything to happen between us again is because you can’t let go of that thought and you’re afraid that if it happens again, you’ll love it as much or even more than you did last time, and then what? Will you want to keep doing it because of how good it feels, even though you don’t really want to be having sex with guys?”

Kris nodded. “That’s the same thing with you though, Colt. You loved it every bit as much as I did, and I know you want to do it again ‘cause of that, but you can’t let yourself do it again ‘cause if we keep having sex it becomes more than just fooling around, doesn’t it?”

“Yes, it does,” Colt said. “Like that last time you fucked me.”
“The last time?” Kris asked.
“When you woke up in the middle of the night and slid your dick into me. You didn’t just fuck me that time Kris, you made love to me. We both know it, and as good as it felt, it freaked us the fuck out in the morning because we don’t want to get that close with each other. We’re not gay. We’re not even really bi either. So we might like fooling around but we’ll never be with another guy properly, and the more we do stuff together, the deeper we get ourselves in to this thing.”

"You’re right,” Kris sighed. “I keep thinking about having sex with you again and it just doesn’t feel right. I’ve got all these urges I don’t want to have and if we keep fucking each other, we’ll never get over them, and that scares me, because while you’re one of my best friends, I don’t want you as a boyfriend.”

“Neither do I,” Colt said.
“So we’re agreed then? We need to stop fucking around with guys,” Kris said

“Yes, you do,” Colt snapped.
“What do you mean by that?” Kris asked, taking exception to Colt’s words.

"I haven’t been fucking around with ‘guys’, Kris. Okay so I let Corey and Jess suck my dick and I fucked Bryson in the heat of the moment on Spring Break, but do you know the difference between me and you, Kris?”

"I’ve only had one dick inside me.”

“So have I,” Kris almost screamed in protest.
“No, you haven’t,” Colt said. “I’m talking ass AND mouth. You’ve sucked at least three dicks; mine, Matt’s and Corey’s. You’ve been sucked off by all of us, plus Jess and Bryson and that’s not mentioning that you’ve been fucked by me as well.”

"What's your point?” Kris asked, starting to get offended.

"You don't get it, do you?” Colt asked. “Your dick is the only one I’ve sucked or been fucked by. You’re the only guy who’s been inside me in any way, you’re the only guy I’d do that with and I want it to stay that way.”

“What are you saying?” Kris asked, his heart starting to race.

"I'm not in to guys, Kris, at all. I don’t look at any other guy and admire him or think about having sex with him, I’m just not attracted to them. But damn, there’s just something about you that seems to drive me mad, that makes me want you, to fuck you, to be fucked by you, and I can’t take it. I don’t want to think or feel that way and I can’t have sex with you again because it’ll just make me want to keep having sex with you and it’s not good for either of us.”

Kris sat in silence for a moment taking in everything that Colt had just said.

“Well then,” Kris finally said, “we have to make a promise to each other that nothing will ever happen between us again. We need to do what Bryson has done and be happy that we tried it, be glad that we enjoyed it, but now we need to forget about it and move on, go back to fucking girls and being nothing more than friends.”

“Agreed,” Colt smiled, holding out his fist.

Kris chuckled and bumped fists with Colt. They turned off the lantern they had in the tent, said goodnight and turned over so their backs were facing each other before falling asleep without even thinking about jerking off.

In the next tent Brennan was waiting eagerly for Scott to return.

“Fuck,” Scott exclaimed entering the tent. “None of them have any condoms.”

“Shit. I guess we can forget about sex then?” Brennan said. He was completely naked with his hard dick bobbing up and down.

After a brief pause that was just long enough for Scott to take a good look at Brennan’s body he replied, “Maybe not…”

“What do you mean?” Brennan asked, looking puzzled.

“Well, I wouldn’t suggest this normally, and definitely not with just anyone I met, but I trust you, and if this is a one time thing I guess we could go bareback.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes. Matt and Corey do it. I’ve been checked out and given the all clear so I know I’m clean, and if we’re being honest, my ass is clean too.”

“You mean…?”

“Let’s just say I came prepared,” Scott chuckled.

“Were you that confident your ass would be getting fucked tonight?” Brennan asked with a chuckle of his own.

“Not really, but you never know with our group, so I thought I’d be ready just in case, even if my dumb ass did forget to bring condoms.”

“What do you mean ‘with our group’?” Brennan asked, confused.

“Oh come on, man,” Scott sighed. “Don’t tell me you don’t know what all those guys out there have been getting up to over the past couple of months.”

“Not really. Okay, I know a few things that have sort of been joked about but that’s it.”

“We’re hanging with a bunch of sluts,” Scott laughed.

“Why do you say that?”

“Alright, so forget about the guys in Shawn’s tent who haven’t been around us before, then look at the other five guys we’re here with. Every single one of them went on Spring Break with us and they all had some form of gay sex on that trip.”

“I guess…” Brennan said, trying to think back.

“You’ve got Alex,” Scott stated. “He’s your typical straight college guy with a girlfriend and everything, yet from what I hear when he was horny and drunk on Spring Break he let you go down on him. What’s to say he wouldn’t do it again or maybe even more if he were in a similar situation?”

“I doubt that,” Brennan answered. “But then I never thought Alex or some of the others would do anything with another guy, so I guess you never know.”

“Exactly! Just look at Kris and Colt. I went the entire first semester not even doubting Kris’ sexuality for a moment. Everything about him screams ‘straight jock’, but then I hear that he got in drunk one night and was horny when Matt and Corey were there and he asked them to suck his dick. That was long before Spring Break.”

“And did they?” Brennan asked.

“Hell yeah they did. I bet Matt was on that dick the second Kris asked. But that wasn’t all, ya know? Apparently Kris sucked Matt as well, just briefly, and then Kris asked if one of them wanted to get fucked since he was in the mood, so Corey gladly offered up his ass, and what did Kris do? He fucked Corey with Matt watching.”

“Fuck…” Brennan moaned as he started rubbing his hardening dick.

“And that wasn’t all, ya know? They fooled around again after that, the three of them, sucking each other off. But it’s not just Kris. Colt had his dick sucked by Corey in front of some guys at a poker game.”

“Yeah, but that was just a bet, wasn’t it?” Brennan asked.

“Maybe at first,” Scott said, “until Colt went back for more.”

“No way…”

“I’m not kidding. Colt enjoyed it so much he stayed behind and got Corey to keep sucking him. And then of course there was Spring Break. I mean, I wasn’t there with you guys but I heard that Colt pulled his dick out and asked Jess to suck him, which of course Jess did, and then later that night Kris and Colt actually fucked each other.”

“Did they really though?” Brennan asked. “I know they’ve joked about fooling around with each other, but surely they didn’t go all the way?”

“Dude, they fucked each other, dicks in ass and all. I heard it from Kris himself one night. They popped each other’s ass cherry and God only knows if they’ve been fucking each other since then, but I wouldn’t bet against it.”

“Jesus…” Brennan said, his hard uncut cock throbbing as he stroked it.

“And don’t think the Royal couple are sweet and innocent either,” Scott said with a smile.

“You mean, Matt and Corey?” Brennan asked, confused.

“Damn right I do,” Scott smiled. “Okay, so they do make a great couple and I really do believe they love each other and haven’t cheated on each other since they got back together, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been having sex with other guys. They’re both as hungry for cock as me and you.”

Brennan was about to ask a question but Scott held up his hand so Brennan just sat still, the only part of his body that was moving was the hand stroking his cock.

“At first when I heard about them having sex with other guys, well Kris, I kind of thought it was mostly Corey’s doing, he was the one who cheated on Matt after all, and I thought Matt just went along for the ride so he knew what Corey was doing. Matt was there when Kris fucked Corey and he was there when Corey sucked Colt, watching, maybe even joining in, I don’t know. But then we all went on Spring Break and Matt showed that he’s just as bad as Corey.”

“How do you mean?” Brennan asked, intrigued.

“Well, again I wasn’t there, but I got told that Matt just whipped out his cock in front of everyone when they wanted you and him to compare dicks, and then he let himself get sucked off by Corey, Jess and you while the rest of the guys pretty much had a circle jerk around him.”

“That did happen but it wasn’t really anything,” Brennan said.

“That’s what I thought,” Scott said, “until me, Matt, Corey and Garrett had sex in our room. It was my suggestion, but Matt was the first to make a move and you should have seen how fast he moved. He attacked Garrett’s big dick like a starving man who’d discovered a feast. He wanted it so bad and if he wasn’t with Corey he’d have probably ended up being fucked by it, but in the end that pleasure went to me.”

“You got fucked by that massive cock?” Brennan asked, eyes wide, a little drool escaping his mouth as precum flowed out of his dick.

“Damn right I did. It was some of the best sex I’ve ever had too. It still didn’t beat when I got fucked by Matt, that was awesome, but it was still good, and you know, if Matt wasn’t with Corey I bet you he’d have been fucking Kris by now.”

“You think so?” Brennan asked, genuinely surprised.

“Definitely! They’ve both hinted that they’d be up for it. Matt just won’t do it because he’s with Corey and it would feel like cheating and Kris won’t do it for a couple of reasons, but if all the circumstances were right, they’d fuck each other in a heartbeat, even if it only happened once.” Scott smirked.

“Holy shit, Scott, that’s so hot. I’d love to watch those two fuck.”

“So would I,” Scott beamed. “So you see, all of our friends are sluts, though it’s not like we can talk.”

“What do you mean by that?” Brennan asked, almost insulted.

“Oh don’t act all innocent now, Brennan. How many of our group have you sucked or fucked? Alex, Matt and Jess at the very least. You’ve been fucked by Jess, you admitted that earlier, and I know it was more than once.”

Brennan chuckled and held his hands up. “You’ve got me there. So, what about you?”

“I’m probably the worst of all!” Scott laughed. “I’ve had sex, and I mean full sex, with Matt, Juan, Jess, and Garrett. I traded blow jobs with Corey on Spring Break, and I’m not including Hayden or a few other guys I’ve fucked we didn’t really hang around with, though hopefully I’ll be adding you to that list tonight.”

“There’s no hopefully about it, Scott. After hearing all that I need to fuck your ass so bad. I’m so turned on right now I don’t care if there aren’t any condoms, I’ll fuck you bare and cum so deep inside you it’ll be dripping out of you for days.”

Scott didn’t have the chance to say anything else as Brennan literally pounced on him and forced his tongue in to Scott’s mouth as he ripped off Scott’s shorts.


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