Posted:  July 18, 2009

A DAY LATER... continuation of 'Visit' Chapters

Nate woke early that Tuesday morning.  He was excited to have spent his last night in the hotel room.  It had served it’s purpose but knew it was time to begin the next chapter in his changing life with his boyfriend, Ross.  He showered quickly and was quiet not to wake Ross.  Ross did wake however and was up by the time Nate was ready to head to work.

“Dude, I hate like hell I can’t help you today.  I’ll be straight home after work,” Nate said.

“Nate, I totally understand.  Besides there’s not a whole lot to move in the first place.  I think I can manage with what little we have,” Ross laughed. “Just remember to go the Villas today.  We’re in Apartment 1104.”

“Whew, I hope I can remember that,” Nate joked.  “You know I’m beyond excited about this.  We are actually renting an apartment together and another chapter in this crazy life together.”

“The worst part is my name is on the lease since someone doesn’t have credit,” Ross smiled.

“Hey it always gives me an out though,” Nate laughed and dodged Ross’ playful hit.  He kissed Ross goodbye and headed off to work in his old Civic he drove.

Once at work, Nate sought out to find his co-worker Evan who he saw at the dance club.  He wanted to tell him all about the move and invite him over once he and Ross were settled.  It was a big change for Nate as each day he grew more comfortable with his life and lifestyle.

With Nate gone, Ross quickly packed their things and checked out of the room that had been home.  He was ever so glad to finally be shed of the place.  He drove to the apartment complex and took possession of the keys after forking over a final deposit.  In short order, he had things in the apartment.  He looked around the rather nice place that looked so empty.  The only purchase he and Nate had made was a queen size bed they did the night before as a couple.  Delivery was set for midday for the mattress, box springs and frame.  It was a beginning and a start for the couple.  Ross organized his and Nate’s clothes in their closet and patiently waited for the delivery.  He was ever so thankful it was early so he could go off to purchase the necessities for the apartment such as linens, towels, kitchen items and food.  Past 4, he returned with his SUV loaded to the top with stuff.  He was glad to have been running and in shape for the constant back and forth from his SUV to the apartment had him exhausted.  A few minutes after 5, Nate called to inform him he was on his way home.  Ross had everything in order and began to wonder where Nate was.  At 5:50, Nate called screaming at the top of his lungs, stuck in traffic.  Ross understood and told Nate to chill since everything was done.

At 6:40, a rap came to the door.  Ross opened the door to a stressed out Nate.  Nate grabbed Ross and kissed him.

“Welcome home,” Ross greeted his lover with the biggest smile he could muster.

“Finally,” Nate said.  He looked around at the vacant living room and started to laugh.  “We don’t have shit, do we?”

“Nope, just each other,” Ross laughed. “We do have bed though. Let me show you.”  He grabbed Nate’s hand and led him back. 

“Wow, our own bed,” Nate said.  “At least, we can sleep tonight.  We may not be able to sit down but we can sleep. It looks plenty big since we do sleep next to each other every night.”

“Yeah, it looks perfect.  We will manage and slowly have this place packed full of shit,” Ross stated.

“You bet we will.  I guess we need to find a couch, chair and a television to start.  I think my credit card can get us a few things to start.”

“Nate, do we really want to fall in that trap?  Surely you have a little savings stashed somewhere,” Ross, the rational one, asked.

“I wish.  Payday is Thursday, but I would just soon get the stuff so this place doesn’t look empty,” Nate sincerely replied.

“Nate, I’ve been thinking…”


Ross shot him a look, “We do need a joint bank account to pay the bills, food, rent and other things.  We really need to set one up and equally contribute if we are truly going to be partners and do this properly.”


“Nate, you know it needs to be done.”

“Okay, you’re off Friday, right?” Nate asked and saw a nod.  “There’s a bank or two near my work.  You can meet me for lunch and we can do it then.”

“Awesome!” Ross said with a kiss. 

After the short peek, Nate wasn’t satisfied with just a peek.  He wanted more and grabbed Ross for a passionate, sloppy kiss.  They kissed together on their new bed with their tongues darting like crazy.  They were going at it hot and heavy until Nate’s phone began to ring.  He stumbled to answer and missed the call.  He checked his caller ID to see it was his brother.  He quickly returned the call.  His brother Nick and Chris were at the complex and waiting to see his little brother’s place.

Within a few minutes, Nick and Chris were at the front door.  Nick was holding a gift bag when he entered and handed it to Nate.  It was a housewarming gift of a candle.

“Gee thanks, Nick.  I appreciate it,” Nate said while Ross took the scented candle and placed on the bar.

“Whoa, this place is empty, bro,” Nick stated and tried not to laugh.

“Yeah, it is.  If you remember, I didn’t have anything when we moved in together,” Ross laughed.

“We’re working on it,” Nate said. “Give us time.  Better yet, gave us some damn money.” 

They all laughed.  They toured the apartment in short order. 

“It is a really nice place,” Chris said. “Are you guys happy with it and being together as a couple almost officially now?”

“I couldn’t be happier,” Ross said.

“Me either,” Nate quickly stated.

Laughingly, they sat on the floor and talked for a few minutes before Chris and Nick left the two alone again.  Once they were gone, Nate and Ross headed out to look for the necessary sofa, chair and most importantly, a television.  They found a furniture store in the area, looked at the selection and left since new furniture was out of their budget.  They spotted a second hand store and went inside.  They were amazed at the choices in the cramped quarters.  They waded among the numerous offerings.  Right before closing, they picked out a small sofa and chair.  They argued who was paying until splitting the cost down the middle.  The sofa hung out the rear of the SUV but was tied down.  The chair was able to squeeze in barely.  They slowly trekked back to the apartment with the sofa protruding out the rear.  They hauled the sofa and chair inside and finally had something occupying the living space.

Nate sat on the couch with his arm draped around Ross, “This is unfucking believable.  Reality is starting to set in here.  I’m actually really living with someone I adore and love to death.”

Ross looked at Nate with his big blue eyes, “Scary, huh?”

“Scary for sure, but I love it.  Ross, you know there’s nothing better than cuddling up with you, sleeping with you and then seeing you in the morning and when I get home.  My ex Renee was never as loving and devoted like you have been.  I know the world thinks this gay shit is idiotic and very unhealthy.  For me, heterosexuality was unhealthy.  It made me a fucking monster and so much grief.  With you, I’ve had the chance to actually grow up and become an adult in a real adult relationship.  Ross without you no telling how I would have turned out.  Seriously, I think I would have relapsed and started the vicious cycle of looking for the next high.  You provide me with the greatest high that I’ll ever need or want.”

“Nate, you are so sweet.  I wondered if this was for real or just a fling on the outset.  With us really having our own place, I know deep down this is real and lasting.  I couldn’t ask for a better person to sleep with each night and be my boyfriend.  Sure you have your faults and struggle daily with your sobriety.  A lot of people do relapse for I see it almost daily at the hospital.  Together, we will fight this and if I can help not let you relapse ever.”

“Thanks Ross!” Nate stated with a kiss.  They got off the couch and headed back to their bedroom.  Ross set the double alarm clock since he worked a 12 hour shift and was to be at the hospital early.  They undressed and crawled into bed.  Nate could feel the soft comfortable sheet against his naked body.  Nate felt Ross drape his arm around him.  He desperately wanted to show his love sexually to Ross but knew Ross was extremely tired from the long day.  They petted and kissed before both were soundly asleep in each other’s arms.

Friday at lunch, Nate and Ross met to open a bank account together.  Both realized it was needed and would be great.  It also meant a further commitment to each other.  Nate had no doubts that Ross was the man for him.  Occasionally, he had to pinch himself to ensure this was real after having multiple female sex partners in his high school and college days.  He knew all would be shocked to see he had fallen deeply in love with a male, especially his friends at college.  He had only had a few drunken nights with guys and really didn’t comprehend what was occurring in his drunken or drugged out state of mind.  Each passing day, Nate grew more comfortable being labeled gay.

Together the two signed the needed documents at the bank and made their first deposit.  Nate wanted to show his commitment to the relationship and allowed his biweekly paycheck to be fully deposited into the account.  Ross saw this and was unprepared with a small minimum deposit.  He felt ashamed and embarrassed by this but later matched Nate’s commitment to show he too was invested in their relationship.  Both knew from previous relationships that money could undermine things and cause turmoil in a great partnership.

Nate hated to leave Ross but knew shortly they would be together for the long holiday weekend.  Though nothing special was planned for the couple, each wanted to make the most of it and share it together with fun outdoor activities and maybe another go at the dance club with his brother and Chris.

Ross returned home and enjoyed a peaceful day by the pool.  He kicked back in a lounge chair and soaked in the rays.  He enjoyed a little time alone to himself occasionally but loved his time spent with his best friend and boyfriend, Nate.  He loved the fact he didn’t have to go off and do sports alone as was the case in his other relationships.  He and Nate were so much alike and fiercely competitive sports wise.  He stayed out by the nice pool until he headed back to wait Nate’s arrival from work.

Nate was home at his normal without getting into much traffic.  He entered the door with athletic shorts, socks and shirts from his company that he was able to sample as a benefit of working for an athletic wear company.

Ross greeted Nate with a sweet kiss and took the gifts.  After Nate settled for a few moments, the two headed for their first visit to the nice spacious workout facility at the complex.  They entered and saw the treadmills were occupied but not the nice weight machines.  Ross had worked out earlier in his life with weights but it had been some time since he had.  Nate eagerly jumped on the bench to attempt bench pressing.  Quickly he saw he was attempting too much weight and dropped down to be able to do the set before allowing Ross to give it a go.  Ross quickly saw how weak his upper body really was but worked hard to complete the set.  Both worked vigorously and enjoyed testing their strength.  By the end, both were covered in sweat and exhausted from their first trip to the new workout area.  They were able to drag back to their apartment.  Both collapsed on the couch until Nate drug Ross for a much needed shower. 

After drying off, they collapsed together on the bed.

“Nate, you wanna just spend the night here or go out?” Ross asked while petting Nate’s sore muscles.

“I’m up for staying here and having sex with you all night if that’s what you want,” Nate smiled.

Ross smiled, “I like your thinking.”  He got up, pranced his naked hot ass and found the candle along with matches.  He lit the candle and placed it in the floor near the bed.  He crawled back to bed and landed on top of Nate.  Nate smiled and enjoyed the body contact the two enjoyed.  The two began making out like crazy with their hands exploring each part of the other’s body.  Nate absolutely loved the feel of Ross’ ass in his hands while they made out.  He now had no qualms about playing with and fingering his lover’s ass while they kissed.  The foreplay was satisfying and pleasing to both.  Both freely kissed and licked the other’s body.  Each slowly sucked each other’s cock.  Ross now was able to deep throat all of Nate’s 8 inches and loved the feel of Nate’s cock down his throat. 

“Ross, would you make love to me?” Nate boldly asked for the first time in their relationship.  Nate had exclusively topped Ross each time.  He was ready to feel his lover’s cock in him.

“Are you sure?” Ross asked.

“I’m ready to feel you in me,” Nate said, horny as ever.

“I really don’t like topping that much but would love to.  Nate, am I popping your cherry?”

“Fuck yeah!” Nate replied with a wide smile. "I'm more than ready to get my ass fucked and see what it is like.  Who knows I might turn out to be one hot ass bottom."

“Awesome.  I know your ass will be so hot.  It’s been years since I busted a cherry,” Ross said.  He kissed Nate passionately.  In their 5 week relationship, he never desired to fuck Nate for he love bottoming for his man.  He dropped down and spread Nate’s sore legs wide.  He eyed Nate’s virgin ass and began licking it and fingering.  He had rimmed Nate numerous times but not in preparation to fuck him.  He could hear the pleasure in Nate’s loud moans.  He loved the taste of Nate’s masculine ass.  He stopped and kissed Nate.  He instructed Nate to get on his knees since it was his first time. 

Nate got on his knees.  He was hornier than ever and waited to feel his first cock up his ass.  Ross lubed his cock up generously as well as Nate’s hole.  He leaned up and stuck his cock at Nate’s hole. 

“Push out like you’re taking a shit,” Ross instructed his boyfriend.

Nate pushed out and felt the tip of Ross’ cock pushing in.  He tried to relax the best he could.  Ross felt the rejection and tried again. 

FUCK!” Nate screamed out feeling Ross slip past his tight sphincter into his ass.

“Relax,” Ross again instructed.  “It’ll feel so good. Trust me.”


“I would never hurt you,” Ross said and stroked down Nate’s back to try to relax him.  He could quickly feel the tightness with Nate’s ass almost squeezing his cock.  He slowly inserted all 6 inches.  Nate had a deep grip on the sheets.

Fuck!” Nate screamed again.

“Just relax,” Ross said.

“I’m trying my best.  It feels like a goddamn stick up my ass,” Nate grunted.

“It is a stick, my love stick,” Ross laughed, hoping to relax Nate even further.  He slowly began to move and could hear Nate moaning and grunting. 

Nate turned his head, “Fuck my ass! I want fucked!”

Ross smiled and began slowly fucking Nate’s tight ass, “Feel better now?”

“A little bit,” Nate replied.

Ross leaned up and kissed Nate’s back while slowly moving in and out.  His cock popped out.  He found the lube and lubed it again.  He slid back inside Nate.  Nate moaned.  Ross leaned over and did his best to turn Nate’s head for a kiss.  Nate moved his head and felt Ross’ tongue with his.

“Let’s try with me on my back,” Nate said. 

Ross slowly pulled out and heard a small pop.  Nate cringed slightly and nearly screamed.  Ross flipped Nate on his back.  Nate spread his legs wide and high in the air.  Ross grabbed Nate’s leg and rested them on his shoulders.  He maneuvered and slid back inside Nate’s tight ass.  He watched Nate cringe slightly.  He leaned over and felt Nate pull him close.

“Fuck me, Ross!” Nate said, staring deeply into his eyes.

Ross found Nate’s lips while he constantly moved in and out.  He could feel Nate finally relaxing with each passing moment.  They remained lip locked for the remainder of the intense fucking.  Ross soon felt his cum boiling inside.

He looked deep in Nate’s eyes, “I am about to cum!”

“Fuck yeah! Breed my ass good!” Nate said.

Ross pumped a few more times.  He pushed hard inside Nate and felt his cock explode.  Nate moaned feeling the warmth flowing in his ass.  Nate grabbed Ross again and kissed him passionately with cum filling his ass.

“This is love,” Nate said.

“Hell yeah it is.  Getting fucking bred on your first fuck. I would say so,” Ross said with his cock still deep in Nate.

“Now, I know the feeling you have every time we fuck.”

“Great, huh?”

“Fucking hot is what it is,” Nate smiled.

Ross pulled out.  Nate quickly lubed up his cock and was deep inside Ross’ hot ass.  The passion continued for a good ten minutes until Nate creamed Ross’ ass.  He pulled out and watched his cum drip from Ross’ hole.  He stuck his tongue down and tasted the sweet mixture of his cum and Ross’ juices. 

They were exhausted from both the workout and sex.  They lay side by side still in the afterglow of their sex.  Ross couldn’t keep his hands off his lover or his mouth.  He could literally feel and now smell the love.

They lay together and recovered.  They ordered delivery pizza to fill their groaning stomachs.  Soon the pizza boy was there.  Nate answered the door in the nude to the shock of the young boy.  Nate handed him a twenty and tipped the boy 5 bucks.  They both laughed at Nate’s boldness and the look on the delivery boy’s face.  They sat down and feed each other slices of the pizza.

After eating, they stayed on the couch naked and made love there in the living area.  It started on the couch but soon both were in the floor with Nate’s big cock deep in Ross. 

After making hot sweaty love again, they showered and went to bed.  Both weren’t sure if it was to sleep or have sex.

“Nate, you were fucking incredible tonight,” Ross said.

“You were too.  I will remember this forever like I did the night I lost my virginity to a girl.  Now I feel so complete,” Nate smiled.

“How old were you when you fucked a girl?”

“15 and scared as fuck.  My dick barely went in Melissa’s tight pussy.  I didn’t last long but it wasn’t our only time to fuck.  She bragged to all of her friends as did I to all my friends like a hot shot.  Soon I was the talk of school.  From then on, I had all kinds of pussy wanting to get fucked,” Nate smiled. “How old were you?”

“17 to a neighborhood kid, 15.  I too was scared and know how you felt.  It’s weird having a dick in you the first time but I loved it.  He was really my first boyfriend.  That summer we fucked our brains out.  I even had a group fuck with his friends on a camping trip.  I knew without a doubt I was gay.”

“Group fucks are great.  I remember many times me and my buddies tag teaming the finest bitches in high school and college.  I would get so fucking drunk or high or both I didn’t give a shit who I fucked.”

“You were a wild fucker.”

“Still am, huh?”

“Yeah but now a sober wild fucker that I love so much,” Ross said with a kiss.

“Yea, thanks to you I will stay that way,” Nate said.  He pulled Ross close to him and held him close. “Like this, I feel so secure and protected from the outside world.  Ross, I love you more than you know.  I really hope this spark keeps going on.  I know we’ll have problems but I for one will do whatever it takes to work through them.  You don’t know how great it feels to be loved and love that person back just as much.”

“Oh I know and feel it every day we’ve been together,” Ross said quietly and enjoyed being held so closely.  Soon he heard Nate’s heavy breathing but loved being so close to his lover as he began to doze off into a great peaceful sleep.