Rooming With My Best Friend - Kris and Colt


***A Chapter for you to tie in with Chapter 33.   WRITTEN BY BIG 'D'***

After watching Matt and Corey drive away, Kris couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief. He loved Matt more than he cared to admit, they were more than best friends, they were like brothers, although Matt could never replace Kris’ real brother, but still, on occasion, Kris felt the need to get away from his best friend.

Matt was a great influence on the whole and without him Kris would have probably failed some of his classes, he knew that, but sometimes Kris just wanted to let go and have fun and he felt that with Matt around he couldn’t always do that. Sure Matt joined in with the fun. He went out with them and got drunk, he smoked and wasn’t afraid to take a dip, but very rarely did Matt just let go and let himself be taken over by the moment and that was what Kris wanted to do. Without his guardian watching over him, he was going to get drunk and have fun.

That night most of the guys who usually hung out with Kris gathered in his room, after the night before where they all went out they decided it would be best if they just stayed around the dorm, their hangovers having only just faded. They sat back and relaxed, drinking beers, spitting in to a can they kept passing around and just chatting about all the things college guys will.

Usually when Matt was there the guys went back to their rooms shortly after midnight but since it was Friday night and there were no classes the next morning they stayed up talking, drinking and joking around until almost two, before slowly the guys started heading back to their own rooms.

Only three guys remained in the room; Kris who was sat back on his bed, Colt who was reclined on Matt’s bed and Bryson who was sat in the chair by Kris’ desk. They kept talking and laughing with each other, finishing the final three beers that were left in the fridge.

“Man, this is great just sitting here, the three of us, like this,” Colt said. “You know I don’t think we’ve been alone since ‘The Night’.”

“Yeah, well I’ve been too worried that you two would try to fuck my ass again,” Bryson joked.

“Like you’d mind that, you loved having my dick inside you,” Colt smiled.

“You know, I hate to say it but I did, it felt great,” Bryson said holding his hands up.

“Damn right it did,” Colt said. “Kris felt pretty good in me too.”

“From what I saw it must have felt more than just ‘pretty good‘. I came to your room when I heard you scream, Colt. I thought you and Kris were fighting, I never imagined that when I opened the door I’d see Kris fucking you.”

“Hey, I never thought I’d ever get fucked by anyone either, but we got so worked up and after I fucked Kris, who couldn’t take more than a few minutes, and he dared me to take it like a man, I knew I had to, just to prove I could do it. But yeah, his dick felt great, man.”

“Yeah and I bet you two have been fucking each other ever since, right?” Bryson asked looking between Kris and Colt.

“No, we haven’t,” Kris said. “That night was the first and last time we’ve done anything together.”

“For real?” Bryson asked, surprised.

“For real,” Colt said, “though I can’t say I haven’t thought about doing it again.”

“Same here,” Kris said. “What about you Bryson? Would you be up for another round?”

“Honestly, between us, I’ve thought about it, and if it never happens again I’ll be more than happy with that,” Bryson said. “I was curious about what gay sex was like since most of the guys around here seem to love that shit and when I saw you two fucking, I won’t lie, it was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen, but that night was it for me. I sucked Kris’ dick and got fucked by you, Colt, there’s nothing left for me to experience.”

“You don’t even want to try fucking a guy?” Colt asked.

“No,” Bryson said. “What I did with you two was the only sex that needs a dick other than mine. If I want to fuck someone up the ass I’ll find a girl who’ll let me do that, otherwise I’ll stick to pussy.”

“No arguments here,” Kris said. “Do you regret what we did?”

“No, I don’t,” Bryson smiled. “I enjoyed myself, and as hard as it is to admit, I loved getting fucked. It’s probably the hardest I’ve ever cum in my life, but I have no desire to do it again.”

“That’s good, man, you did it, you liked it but now you’re moving on,” Kris said.

“Yeah, speaking of which, I should be making a move. I don’t want to get in too late or Garrett will beat my ass up if I wake him up again,” Bryson chuckled.

“Okay man,” Kris said, standing up from his bed as Bryson headed toward the door.

Kris showed Bryson out, they all said their goodbyes before Kris shut the door and walked back over to his bed, throwing himself on top of it.

“Damn, I guess I’d better be getting back to my room too,” Colt moaned.

“Why?” Kris asked. “Matt’s gone for the night, just sleep in his bed, he won’t mind.”

“You sure?”

“Of course,” Kris smiled. “Why bother moving if you don’t have to?”

“So right,” Colt smiled, relaxing on Matt’s bed. There was silence between the two for a few minutes, both just enjoying the quiet before Colt spoke again. “How cool is this, man? Just the two of us laying here, relaxing after a couple of beers. This is what it would be like when we were roommates.”

“Yeah, it’s awesome, isn’t it? But hey, if you end up sharing with me, Matt and Corey after we move, hopefully it’ll be like this.”

“You mean when the two of them aren’t fucking each other senseless with us in the room?” Colt laughed.

“You’d get used to it. They’ve fucked in front of me a couple of times.”

“What, and you didn’t join in?” Colt smiled, sticking out his tongue.

“Not every time, no,” Kris laughed.

“Just enjoyed the sight?”

“Too right, it’s so hot watching those two fuck. It’s more than just sex, you can tell they really love each other. It’s something special.”

“Speaking of which, just think about those two right now. Out in the middle of nowhere, alone, no one around to hear them scream. They’ll be fucking each other’s brains out. Lucky bastards,” Colt chuckled as he stared at the ceiling.

“Tell me about it. I’d love to be in Matt’s position,” Kris said with a sigh.

“Which one? Fucking Corey? Or being fucked BY him?” Colt laughed.

Kris rose up and threw a pillow across the room, hitting Colt in the face. The two burst out laughing as Colt threw the pillow back over to Kris.

“You know what I mean,” Kris said. “Having someone to love… hell, it must be great always knowing where your next fuck is coming from and never having to do any work to make it happen.”

“Yeah, you’re right; women can be so hard sometimes.”

“So can I…” Kris said, reaching down to reposition his hardening cock.

“All this talk of fucking getting to you, Kris?” Colt smirked.

“You know me by now, Colt; I always get horned up thinking about sex.”

“Yeah, so do I come to think of it,” Colt smiled, rubbing his own cock that had started to grow.

“And drinking never helps, it just seems to make me want it that much more.”

“You don‘t have to tell me… You know, all this talk, especially with Bryson about Spring Break and ‘The Night‘, has kind of got me thinking…” Colt said, trailing off.

“Thinking about what?” Kris asked, turning to focus properly on Colt.

“Well, we’ve both sucked each other’s cock, we’ve admitted we liked it and that we wouldn’t mind doing it again, so if we’re both horny and we’re both drunk, maybe we could suck each other off again to get rid of these boners. It beats jerking off.”

Without saying a word Kris got up from the bed and walked over to the door. For a moment Colt thought he had overstepped the mark and was about to say something until he saw Kris flick the lock in to place.

When Kris turned back around Colt took a deep breath. Even in the dim light of the room the look in Kris’ eyes was unmistakable: lust. A different kind of worry now crept in to Colt’s mind, wondering if he had unleashed something inside of Kris that he wouldn’t be able to control. Would he regret making the suggestion?

Before Colt could form any words that may give him a way out of the situation, Kris strode across the room with determination and got down on his knees beside Matt’s bed. He placed his hands on Colt’s thighs and pulled Colt until his ass was barely on the bed, his knees apart, Kris between them.  Colt looked down in amazement as Kris took hold of Colt’s shorts and started to tug them down. Colt lifted himself up so that Kris could pull them completely off, exposing Colt’s throbbing cock which was bobbing up and down in front of Kris’ face.

Kris reached out a hand and began to stroke Colt’s cock slowly, getting a deep groan in response, almost teasing Colt with the slow speed of his movements. Colt really started to moan and began thrusting up to meet Kris’ hand, trying to make him go faster. Kris smiled. He had Colt right where be wanted him. Pulling Colt’s dick away from his body, Kris leaned in and kissed the head of Colt’s dick.

“Oh fuck, Kris!” Colt screamed.

Kris chuckled slightly. He loved getting that kind of reaction out of Colt. He loved knowing he was not only blowing his friend’s cock, he was blowing his mind as well.

Extending his tongue Kris gently licked the head of Colt’s cock, eliciting a high pitched yelp from Colt who threw his head back and quickly pulled his top off, almost ripping the material so he sat completely naked as Kris finally took the head of Colt’s cock in to his mouth.

Kris circled the head of Colt’s cock with his tongue, probing at the slit for a taste of the precum he had unexpectedly liked the taste of. He was quickly rewarded, lapping it up like a hungry animal. Keeping one hand pressed firmly against Colt’s thigh, trying to pin him down to the bed so he remained in control, Kris wrapped the other hand around the base of Colt’s cock and he slowly moved his mouth down to meet his fist, before pulling back up, running his tongue along Colt’s shaft.

Circling the head of Colt’s cock again with his tongue before gently licking it, Kris quickly ran a hand up Colt’s body and over his abs. Colt shivered at the touch and was rewarded by Kris going back down on to his cock and trailing his tongue up the shaft again.

As Kris started moving up and down, bobbing on Colt’s cock, really going to work and trying to do the best he could, Colt’s eyes rolled back in to his head. It felt amazing. He reached down until his hand was on top of Kris’ head as it moved up and down, but he didn’t apply any pressure, he just wanted to encourage Kris to keep going, which he did by slowly stroking his hair.

Kris continued sucking Colt for ten minutes, almost pushing Colt over the edge on more than one occasion, but feeling Colt’s muscles tense up, Kris stopped sucking, instead just lightly stroking Colt until the rising in his balls faded and his body relaxed. Then Kris took Colt’s dick back in to his mouth and started all over again.

“Holy shit, holy shit, you’re fucking killing me, man, it feels so fucking good. Oh God, suck my cock, baby, suck my cock,” Colt panted and moaned.

Kris smiled and felt a wave of warmth and joy rush through his body. He loved that he was having such an effect on Colt where Colt would get so lost in the moment he would call Kris ‘baby’.

Still slurping on Colt’s cock, Kris not only saw the muscles in Colt’s legs tighten but he saw his balls contract slightly and pull up closer to his body. Kris knew it was time… just not time for Colt to cum.

With one last lick Kris pulled off Colt’s cock and stood up. Colt moaned and looked up at Kris with pleading eyes, without words he was asking why Kris had stopped but he was also begging him to continue. Kris just smiled and started to take off his clothes as Colt panted on the bed, still unable to say anything.

When Kris finally got his shorts off, Colt was amazed to see how hard Kris’ dick was, with the precum leaking from it making it glisten in the partial darkness. Kris smiled and slowly stroked his cock, taking a step closer to Colt. “I’ve been sucking your cock for ages, Colt. I think it’s only fair you suck mine for a bit,” Kris said with a smile, watching Colt struggle for breath on the bed.

After a minute of slowly stroking his cock, allowing Colt some time to recover, Kris took a step back from the bed as Colt almost melted off of it on to the floor so that he was on his knees in front of Kris.

Still breathing erratically Colt looked up to see the glint in Kris’ eyes that was excitement and satisfaction mixed with wild lust. Kris had just given him what was the best blow job of his life and now Colt was determined to do even better himself.

Slowly reaching forward Colt ran his index finger up the length of Kris’ cock, getting pleasure from watching it twitch. Circling the head with his finger, rubbing in some of the precum leaking from Kris’ cock, Colt finally wrapped his fist around it and gently moved his hand up and down, spreading the precum up and down the shaft.

Colt found it strange being on his knees in front of another guy for the first time. Yes, he had sucked Kris’ cock before, but Kris had been on his back, beneath him. Now Kris was standing tall over him, essentially in command. It made Colt feel almost submissive. It was a weird feeling but not one he really disliked.

Another first for Colt was looking at Kris’ cock from that angle as he continued to softly stroke up and down the shaft. As his hand moved, so did Kris’ balls, which were dangling not too far from Colt’s face. Watching them swing beneath Kris’ hard cock was almost mesmerizing and Colt was amazed to find himself wanting to lick them.

Colt leaned forward slowly, feeling Kris shudder as his breath hit his balls first, followed by the first lick of Colt’s tongue. Kris almost jumped away at the contact, but he was held in place by Colt’s hand that was still jacking him off. He let out a deep moan and relaxed as Colt’s tongue took a second swipe at his balls.

Thinking back to the one time he had a girl actually play with his balls, Colt used that image as he moved forward, taking one of Kris’ balls in to his mouth. He lapped at it at first before rolling it around on his tongue and then repeating the move on the other one.

Kris’ moans of pure pleasure were driving Colt wild. He knew he had Kris at his complete mercy, not just by the near screams, but by the amount of precum that was flowing over Colt’s hand, literally leaking out of Kris’ dick.

Without really thinking Colt pulled back from Kris’ balls and brought the hand that had been stroking Kris’ cock to his mouth, licking the precum from his palm. Kris groaned seeing that and his knees almost gave out, but the reaction was different for Colt, tasting the precum made him want more. He was hungry.

Placing his hands on Kris’ hips, almost pulling him closer, Colt nearly attacked Kris’ dick with his tongue, running it from the base to the tip, wanting to taste all of Kris, needing to taste him. He had lost himself to the moment and he couldn’t help himself.

He bathed Kris’ dick in saliva before reaching the head and taking it in to his mouth, hungrily running the tip of his tongue over every millimeter, delving in to the slit, before he started moving his head up and down, taking as much of Kris in to his mouth as possible.

Colt knew that Kris couldn’t come close to deep throating him, but Colt was so tempted to try. He wanting to clamp his hands to Kris’ ass and pull him closer until he had all of Kris inside his mouth. It would make him really scream and it would be something else Colt could hold over Kris after Kris hadn’t been able to take Colt’s dick in his ass for very long.

But before Colt could even try he felt Kris grab his hair and tense up. Kris was close. But since Kris hadn’t allowed Colt to cum, Colt wasn’t going to make it easy for Kris either, so he pulled off, with a popping sound as Kris’ dick left his mouth, and stood up facing Kris.

“There you go, man,” Colt said, panting and wiping the saliva from his chin. “I sucked you for a while, now I think it’s time you suck me again.”

Kris was panting as he looked directly in to Colt’s eyes. He had a hard time forming the words so he just shook his head, which clearly confused Colt.

Kris took a step forward, placed a hand on the side of Colt’s face and leaned in until their lips were touching. They each slowly opened their mouths and their tongues met. They could taste their own precum on the other’s tongue. It was too hot. They embraced each other and made out passionately.

As they continued to kiss, their tongue continuing the first for dominance, their hands moved over each other’s bodies and when Kris placed a hand on Colt’s ass, Colt involuntarily took a step forward which brought his cock in to contact with Kris’ dick.

The two moaned in to each other’s mouths and began thrusting against each other, their hard cocks rubbing together, smearing precum all over their cocks and abs.

Finally after a few minutes Kris pulled his mouth away from Colt and took a step backward.

“You know,” Kris said, panting, “I’ve always kind of wanted to try something since I heard Matt mention it.”

“And what would that be?” Colt asked, looking deep in to Kris’ eyes.

“I want to 69 with you. Have you suck my cock while I’m sucking yours,” Kris said with hunger in his voice.

“Damn, that is so messed up, but so fucking hot. Let’s do it,” Colt said, jumping on to Matt’s bed.

With Colt moving back as far as he could, Kris got on to the bed too, turning so their cocks were just in front of each other’s face. Both were still breathing heavily and they could feel the other’s warm breath on the tips of their dicks, making them throb even more than they were.

Colt was the first to take Kris back in to his mouth but as soon as Kris felt Colt’s tongue touch is cock he moved his head forward to envelop Colt’s dick in his warm, wet mouth.

It was quite awkward keeping up a good rhythm on each other on the small bed but despite that they were both feeling so good, they almost didn’t care, until Colt playfully bit the head of Kris’ dick which made Kris jump and almost fall off the bed.

“Oh fuck, Colt,” Kris said, pulling off Colt’s dick. “You just fucking bit me, man.”

“Only softly,” Colt smiled, “Really I just grazed it. Did it feel good?”

“Fuck yeah, it just took me by surprise. Are you comfortable?”

“Well, I won’t lie,” Colt said, looking at Kris’ face, “I’ve felt better, but my cock feels good.”

Kris smiled, “Do you mind if I try something?”

Colt just shook his head and was taken by surprise when Kris pushed him until he was flat on his back. Lifting his leg, Kris straddled Colt’s head, with one leg on either side of Colt’s face, Kris’ dick bobbing up and down just inches from Colt’s mouth.

Colt opened his mouth to say something but Kris just thrust forward, pushing his dick in to Colt’s mouth to silence him. Kris heard Colt moan but he also felt Colt’s tongue on his cock, so he smiled and bent down to take Colt’s own dick back in to his mouth.

They continued to softly suck each other for a few minutes, building up a rhythm. As Kris pulled up on Colt’s cock it pushed his own dick further in to Colt’s mouth, and when he went back down, taking more of Colt in to his mouth, it almost pulled his own cock free from Colt’s lips.

They continued on until the urge to move became too much and Kris began to actively thrust down in to Colt’s mouth, careful not to push down too far, but hard enough to really feel it.

As Kris was thrusting down, Colt placed his feet flat on the bed and began thrusting up in to Kris’ mouth. They were fucking each other’s mouths and they were loving it. It didn’t take long before they were both nearing orgasm.

“Oh fuck, Colt, I’m gonna cum,” Kris gasped, briefly removing Colt’s dick from his mouth before going back down on it.

Colt took Kris’ dick out of his mouth and jacked it quickly, after only a few strokes Kris let out a scream as jets of his cum flew out on to Colt’s chest, part even landing on his chin, until Colt was covered in Kris’ spunk.

Slowly Kris pulled himself from on top of Colt and quickly got down on his knees beside the bed. He took Colt’s dick in to his hand and stroked it until Colt arched his back and shot a huge load all over his abs and chest, where some of his cum mixed with Kris’.

Eventually the two came down from their orgasms, both panting. Colt was laying back on the bed, not moving while Kris had almost collapsed on the floor, his back resting against the bed.

Kris chuckled when he looked at Colt who was covered in cum. It looked like someone had dumped a bucket of paint on him.

“What the fuck are you laughing at?” Colt asked looking up in to Kris’ eyes.

“Man, you should see yourself right now, covered in spunk. Where’s Matt’s camera?”

“Don’t you fucking dare!”

Kris howled with laughter at Colt’s reaction and Colt couldn’t help but laugh himself.

“Are are you going to get me a towel or something you fucker or am I going to have to lie here like this all night?”

“I was thinking I’d let you lie there,” Kris smirked.

“Yeah? And what if I move during the night?” Colt asked raising an eyebrow.

“What do I care? It’s not my bed,” Kris teased.

“Yes, and do you remember what happened the last time I left cum stains on Matt’s bed?”

“Oh shit,” Kris said, remembering how mad Matt had been.

Kris quickly grabbed a towel and Colt held out a hand ready to take it from Kris but to his surprise Kris didn’t give it to him, instead he took it and slowly started wiping the cum from Colt’s body.

He started at the chest, mopping it up, before moving on to the abs, making sure to run the towels between each of the muscles, before finally reaching Colt’s softening dick, which he took in to his hand and wiped clean.

Kris then chuckled, seeing the cum on Colt’s chin, he gently ran the towel over Colt’s face and he couldn’t help himself, he bent down to place a quick kiss on Colt’s lips, which was happily returned.
Kris threw the towel on to a pile of washing near his bed and collapsed back on to his own bed.

“Fuck that was intense,” Colt said finally.

“You’re not kidding,” Kris laughed. “I don’t think either one of us could ever say something to Matt and Corey about being cocksuckers now.”

“Not when we’ve become fucking pros!” Colt chuckled.

“I know, right? Anyway, thanks dude, I really needed that,” Kris said, smiling as he closed his eyes.

“Any time,” Colt said before he too closed his eyes and quickly fell asleep.


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