This is a fantasy chapter written as a collaboration between Wasputz and Big D. This chapter is total fantasy and did not really happen. This chapter is the first in a short series and has no relation to any other stories written before it.

Leaving Andrea’s room on this night, my balls were aching. Normally I could turn on the charm and fuck her lights out as I had done so many times but tonight it wasn’t happening. Her mind was elsewhere while my mind was on her hot wet pussy and sinking my fucking dick into it.

Rather than head to the room, I made a left and continued down the hall to thank Ted and Luke for the tickets to the game we had attended. I lightly knocked on their door and waited. The door opened with Ted answering it in athletic shorts.

“Hey Colt, how’s it going?” Ted stated.

I entered the room and looked to see it was only him with the TV going. “Not too bad. Just came by to thank you for the tickets. I’ve been meaning to do that forever. That was such a fucking sweet game.”

“It was and puts us right back in the thick of things,” Ted said. 

“Man does it ever. So what’s the game plan for this weekend’s game?”

“About the same I guess. Luke is over studying game film but don’t look for him to start, though he needs to be prepared in case Tim Backman’s thumb ain’t ready.” Backman was the starting quarterback.

“Still if his thumb is okay, in my opinion, Luke has proven he has what it takes to lead the team,” I stated.

“Maybe, maybe not,” Ted said. “Colt, I know you enjoy bullshitting about football but damn that shit gets so old to me. That’s all I hear. That’s what I’ve loved about hanging with y’all. After a few questions then I get to be a regular guy. Let’s stop with the football questions for now.”

“That’s fine with me,” I said. 

“So tell me, is it true what I’ve heard, or thought I heard, about you and Kris,” he said.

My stomach dropped. “What did you hear?”

“Come off of it, dude. You know exactly what I’m talking about. I can see it in your face,” Ted stated.

“What? I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.”

“You know, a little fucking around. I can imagine that Kris is one great fuck,” Ted said with his eyes glued on me.

“Ted, I’m insulted! You think Kris and I fuck around with each other!” I shouted and was getting mad. I stood.

His big hand hit my shoulder. “Damn right I think you and Kris fuck around, big boy!”

“Keep thinking it!”

He grabbed my head and kissed me on the lips. Fuck, this stud linebacker was ramming his tongue in my mouth. Chase would shit a brick if he was here right now, his big brother being kissed by this stud. I wanted to push him away but his lips felt so good. The next thing I knew he had hand on my fucking crotch and was feeling me up just as I had tried to do with Andrea not twenty minutes before.

“Dude, what the fuck?” I screamed.

Ted dropped his head, “I went too far and promised I’d never do that. Please forgive me, Colt. I’m such an asshole forcing myself onto you like this. I’m ashamed. Please don’t tell anyone what I just did, it could ruin me.”

“Don’t be ashamed, it happens to the best of us,” I said and could see the big guy was actually sorry.

“You don’t know what it’s like. All the eyes of this school, this state and this country on me every week to perform. I figured you’d be a great guy to show me the ropes and what it’s like to be with a guy,” Ted said quietly after sitting down. “I have great trust in you that you’d never say a word to anyone.”

I sat down and put my arm around him, “It’s okay, Ted. I know it has to be tough for ya. So are you just curious or think maybe…”

He shot a look at me, “Just curious.”

I chuckled, “Been there myself. I had messed with one guy in high school and never thought I’d do it again. Then I became really good friends with Kris and those guys. Kris and I do have a connection and it just happened one night on Spring Break. I fucked him and another guy. Worst part was I loved every minute of it.”

“Was it because Matt and Corey made it seem okay?” he asked.

“Maybe, but I am attracted to Kris…”

“I can see why. That fucking dude is hot!” Ted said. He realized what he had spoken and blushed. “Fuck!”

“It’s okay. I think he’s fucking hot too and so does he as well. Corey’s pretty damn hot as well, you know, with Matt having one great tight lean muscular body too.”

He smiled, “So you’ve fucked around with all of them?”

“I’ve only fucked Kris, but we’ve all sucked each other.” I replied.

“You little horny devil and you have a girlfriend on top of that? Is she putting out for ya?”

“Most of the time but she wasn’t tonight,” I replied.

“It happens. So… you know… maybe you could show me the ropes and show me what it’s like?” he posed the question again.

I leaned over and kissed him as my answer. His strong arms grabbed me like I do with Andrea. The sparks were flying off the charts. He broke the kiss and grabbed me by the hand to lead me to his messy room. He cleared off his bed while I looked around the room. There was nothing but clothes on the floor other than a box of Magnum condoms. 

Sitting on his bed, he walked over and kissed me again while reaching to take off my tee shirt. I lifted my arms and let him take it off of me. He leaned over and kissed my pecs. “Colt, you have a kick ass body.”

“Thanks. Your body is great too.”

“Big, but I have to be to take the punishment.”

I couldn’t help but now notice a nice tent in his shorts. I reached over and removed them. He helped out and came out of his colored briefs. His cock was cut and thick like Corey’s and about the same size but very veiny. His hairy nuts hung low. Now standing before me was one fucking hot guy with big shoulders, big chest… hell everything was big except his cock. I expected a ten incher but it was still very nice and manly with lots of hair. I was really about to have sex with a truly great player.

“Colt, I need you to get naked,” Ted said.

I lifted up and removed my jeans and boxers. My cut 7 inches was hard. I could see that look in his eyes of lust just as I had seen from Kris. He lifted me off the bed and kissed me again. “I see guys naked all the time but damn you’re special.”

“Because you wanna fuck me?”

He smiled, “If I can last that long, I’d love to fuck you.  Do you wanna show me how to suck off a guy?”

I smiled and ran my hand down his thick muscular body. He had a little hair beginning on his chest with lots on his flat stomach. His body felt so much different than Kris’s. Kris was more defined whereas Ted had added bulk. Both were so hot and made me so envious. Smiling, my knees hit the floor with his hard cock in my face. My hand grabbed it to see him jumped a little. I stuck out my tongue and licked the mushroom head of Ted’s cock. Fuck, I was about to suck his dick! I savored the first taste and licked up the length while my eyes glanced up to see a look of pure joy.

“Feels great, Colt,” he eked out.

My tongue and mouth moved to each ball and I sucked each one into my mouth. The hair wasn’t a problem and something I could look past. Now came the task of getting this thick cock in my mouth and pleasing a guy I idolized. I wanted to suck him so good to show him how much I respected him. My mouth opened. The head slipped onto my tongue while his hand moved to hold on to my head. I knew then I’d need to open as wide as possible to get most of his cock in my mouth.

With my mouth open wide, his cock went in and stretched my lips. It was thick but felt so heavenly in my mouth. I started moving and sucking his cock while his breathing increased along with quiet awes and oohs escaping his lips. His sounds drove me to continue, loving the effect I was having on this definition of a man. I pulled off to catch my breath to see spit trailing from my mouth to his dick head. After kissing his thigh, I took a deep breath and went in for more.

“Goddamn!” was the shout of Luke’s voice. 

I pulled off and wanted to crawl under the bed. It was so embarrassing. 

“Seeing what it’s like to get with a guy,” Ted said casually and not at all like it was a big deal.

“I fucking knew Colt would do it,” Luke stated and dropped his things. 

“You want a blow job, too?” Ted asked.

“Fuck yeah, I’m boning already,” Luke said. Within seconds he was naked. His cock was fucking huge, a good nine or maybe ten inches since he didn’t lie and was hard in a flash. His body was different than Ted’s with less bulk. 

“Luke has the biggest fucking dick I’ve ever seen on a white boy,” Ted said.

“I knew you’ve been checking my ass out, fucker!”

“Fuck yeah! Colt, are you ready to suck off your two favorite players?” Ted asked.

“I guess so,” I said studying these two jock cocks in front of me. This would be a real test of my skills. I couldn’t disappoint them. Before I could begin, Luke leaned over and kissed me. It was short but very hot. 

“You’re fucking boning,” Luke stated to me.

“Fuck yeah I am. I’m about to suck two very nice cocks,” I said.

“Get on with it, stud,” Ted said.

I moved to have my first taste of Luke’s huge cut cock. While licking it, my mind was going so fast yet wondering if I could really please him. 

I worked on his nuts by taking each one in my mouth and swirling them around. He grabbed Ted and kissed him.

“OOO fuck yeah, Colt,” Luke said with his arm around Ted.

Opening my mouth, his cock entered with Ted’s hard cock poking me in the ear. I closed my eyes and imagined I was blowing Matt. He did push and make me take it until I began gagging. I pulled off his hard cock and spit on the floor, “Shit!”

“Sorry but it was feeling really good,” Luke stated.

I moved to Ted’s cock and felt it stretching my mouth like no one or nothing ever had. With one hand, I was able to move it to the base and began stroking it in great timing with my mouth. I could hear Ted’s heavy breathing and light moans. I moved over and took Luke’s cock back in my mouth. 

“Damn,” Luke groaned.

“Great cocksucker, huh?” Ted asked while I was jacking and sucking Luke’s monster cock.

“Fuck yeah he is. Maybe one of the best around here,” Luke said.

I sucked and licked Luke’s raging hard cock which felt so good in my mouth. I moved over and grabbed Ted’s cock to jerk it off.

“Try both of us,” Ted stated.

I stopped to catch a breath and reply, “Are you fucking kidding me?”

“Pussy,” Luke said.

“Fuck it,” I said.  First I had to get Luke’s cock back in my mouth. I opened up as wide as possible but there was no way I could manage both in my mouth.

“He tried,” Ted said with me stroking his cock.

I kept sucking Luke’s and was lost in my own world. I was enjoying sucking his big cock. Sure it was attached to a guy I envied so much but it didn’t matter whose big cock was between my lips, I loved it. I moved at a frantic pace and began switching back and forth between the two jocks. Both were breathing heavy and seemed to be enjoying my efforts. 

“OOOO fuck!” Ted screamed while I was sucking his thick cock. I felt it get even harder and pulled off while still stroking it. With my eyes closed, I felt the first shot hit my hair followed by one just above my right eye. “Open!” he said. I did to feel a blast of hot cum hit my tongue. With my eyes still closed, I felt his thick cock at my lips. I opened up and cleaned the remaining cum from his spent cock. Ted grabbed me and gave me one very hot kiss.

While Ted was actually making out with me, Luke screamed, “OOOO shit! Colt, get over here!”

I moved and again closed my eyes. I felt his cock at my lips and opened them. He stuck his cock in my mouth and began blasting cum in my mouth. I swallowed his cum and felt like he had used me. He pulled me up and kissed me hard. “Fucking awesome. Now get your ass on that bed. Ted and I are sucking your dick!”

“I warn ya but it takes me a while to cum,” I said.

“Great,” Ted stated. “We’ll get in lots of practice.”

I lie on a bed and spread my legs as wide as they would go without hurting. Ted leaned over and began licking my cock while Luke took control of my nuts. Fuck! Both of them were going to give me head. Finished licking, Ted opened his mouth. I barked out a few quick instructions before he sunk his mouth onto my cock. My body shook with great excitement with goose bumps covering me. I put my hand on his head to enjoy this. 

“Move fucker,” Luke said and took over after Ted got my cock wet. I leaned up a little to watch Luke start sucking me. He started slowly with one hand jacking me. He picked up the pace with me moaning with every labored breath.

“OOOO fuck yeah, Luke!” I screamed.

Luke pulled off with spit streaming from his tongue to the end of my wet cock. Ted moved back down and started his sucking. No doubt this was his first time while I wondered about Luke. As Ted was sucking my hard throbbing cock, I felt a tongue hit my ass. I moaned and closed my eyes to enjoy this invigorating feeling of having two studs working me over. 

Ted stopped with Luke taking back over. He went deep and had all of my cock in his mouth. He looked up at me with his eyes to say he loved this. He pulled back while I reached to grab his head. I began fucking his mouth.

“Fuck yeah, Colt, give him that dick!” Ted screamed.

I kept face fucking Luke as hard as any guy I had ever done this to. His warm mouth felt so good. Then out of nowhere I felt my nuts boiling. “I’m about to nut!”

Luke didn’t move. My cock erupted in his mouth. He stayed clamped down on it until the last spurt left my cock.  I collapsed back with my head hitting a pillow. One set of lips hit mine which was Luke’s since he sent my own cum flowing into my mouth. Ted fought to get a piece of the action and managed to find my lips.

“Wow!” I said with my cock limp and hanging.

“Fucking great!” Luke said.

“Stud, this wasn’t your first rodeo, huh?” Ted asked.

“Nor my second,” Luke laughed. “Colt, if this shit gets out…”

“Don’t worry, Luke. As much as I loved every second of it, it will go with me to my grave,” I stated.

“It better or else…” Ted said.

Luke moved over and kissed me again. “Next time, I want this ass. I bet you’re one great fuck!”

“Andrea thinks I am…” I smiled.

“So do all his roommates,” Ted blurted out.

“Next fucking semester I know where I’ll be,” Luke stated.

“Where?” I asked.

“Getting my ass some of that hot fucking Kris,” Luke said.

“He’d let you in a heartbeat,” I said.

I stood and felt weak in the legs for the first time in my life after a blowjob. I found my clothes and kissed them both.

“Thanks Colt, it was great,” Ted stated.

“Thanks a million,” Luke said. “Now I know where to go when I need a blowjob or fuck, huh?”

“Bring that big fucking dick of yours on. We may fight over it,” I smiled.

I exited the room and headed down the hall. Before going to the room, I headed down the stairs and outside into the night air. I let out a loud scream of excitement, “Fuck yeah!”

Not thinking anyone was around, I heard a voice, “Was she that fucking good, Colt?” 

I looked to see Scott and didn’t need to ask where he’d been. “Damn, she was!”


We trust you enjoyed this little fantasy.  I know most wanted Matt and Ted but decided on Colt for a different spin on things.  There will be more 'fantasy' chapters to follow involving the stud football players.

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