Written by Andy for Kris's Birthday.. Posted 3/17/12

I just finished studying for the night and it was Wednesday so I shared went to Matt’s room and we sat up talking, Matt was thinking that Corey and he might actually get married. I was so happy for him. Since I met Matt things, he always had a clingy personality, always needed to be love. Through high school he had many flings and one or two relationships, all of which should his clingy nature. However, when he met Corey, he fell in love almost on sight. Sure they had their ups and downs, but Matt and Corey are meant for each other soul mates.
We ended our discussion with nice tender kiss on the lips and I held Matt in my arms. We both know deep down this friendship will last forever. Matthew Alexander Raymond is Nathan to me. He is my brother; I will cherish everything he did for me. I admit I would love to have sex with him again, but that is not in the cards, and I respect that. Where does my future lie.

With that thought I drifted off the sleep.  I awoke from my sleep, and realized I was dreaming, but I went with it. I got up for a pee, and was startled when I saw my 50 year old face looking back at me. I stood there naked, and I looked great. I had was losing my hair and developed a little beer belly. 

Just then, Colt came in the room, also naked, “Happy birthday, bro.”

“Thanks.” I smiled, looking back at Colt, he was staying with me and the family while his place was being remodeled. “Can I get my present now?”

“Nope you will have to wait until dinner. This is all you’re getting right now.” He kissed me passionately on the lips.

Melissa came in and smiled. She had long ago accepted my bisexual tendencies, and didn’t mind Kris having a little fun once and awhile, as long as it was somebody, they agreed with.

The day passed quickly and or maybe the time moved fast in the dream, all I know I was standing behind a curtain, waiting to be introduced. The voice over was familiar but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

“Tonight, for your entertainment pleasure, my friend and yours, the man that makes the girls blush. The man who doesn’t know what thespian, is who it cooler than cool, my brother: Kristopher Joshua Stanton.”

I walked out and I was floored by the standing ovation I received. I looked around the room, and it was standing room only. I couldn’t believe my meager 50th birthday party would garner so much attention; I was just a high school coach after all.

I was ushered to my seat, and around the table was my wife, my two sons, Matt, Corey, Scott and Colt.  Melissa whispered in my ear, something I couldn’t hear. She walked up to mini stage and spoke.

“Kris, when a man of your caliber turns 50 people notice. All the people in attention here dropped whatever they could to share this birthday with you. Some of them even prepared a few remarks. All I want to say is love. When I met you back in Junior High School, I saw shy boy, who was to afraid to approach me. With some encouragement you finally spoke to me, and that was one of the best days of my life. Sure, we may have broken up a few times.”

“More like  a hundred times.” I shouted, which the room laughed at.

She rolled her eyes, and continued. “Honey, I love you, and you have been a great husband ever since.” She came and sat down next to me, and I kissed her to show my appreciation. Then I heard a cough and at the podium was guy a I haven’t seen in years.

“There’s my best friend,” Mike said and pointed at me, “I treasured ever moment we were together at those college games, you made me feel so special. Always spoke to nice to me, and made me smile. You touched my life. I wasn’t the only kid you touched, by your big heart.”

Albert, Malcolm and Britney walked out smiling bigger than Mike was. Albert spoke, “Kris, you touched our lives. When we weren’t doing too well in the hospital, you came and read to us. Bethany couldn’t take her eyes off of you.”

“He is so dreamy,” she commented.

“And married,” Malcolm told her. “Seriously, Kris thanks for always being there for us. ” They came and gave me a hug. I think back to those days high school when I read to them, Malcolm with his one arm, Britney with her crush on me, and Albert the smartest guy I knew. I was happy, that they turned out so good.

I looked back the podium, and Tanner and Johnny were standing there. “Bro, we had some great times in high school.” Tanner spoke from the heart.

“The day I met you sitting on the curb at school in junior high, looking all depressed. I knew I had to find out what was wrong, but the moment you got in the car for ride home I know now what kind of person you are. Hidden behind all the shyness you had as kid. There was true outgoing personality lock in there. Of the course of time in high school you had created a crew of your own, always the leader we looked up to. Always making sure we were happy. That is the mark of true friendship.”

Johnny took over, “The transformation that occurred wasn’t overnight, but it did happen. My friend Marty and I met Kris New Years Eve, and He was flustered and nervous about meeting new people. To think now he can meet anybody and become instant friends, but back then. It was art he was trying to master. He started by asking about our families, and soon I was stroke by this friend.”

Brady entered the stage and showed some pictures on the large presentation screen. “This was the first time we went up to Johnny’s cabin. As you can see, Kris coached us on how to fish.” The next picture showed us roasting marshmallows. “He even told some of the best stories ever, always able to engage us in conversation. We changed topics so fast, it was hard for anybody to keep up.”

The next picture showed our high school graduation, “One of his best features in high school was his comedic timing. He made up and funny well received speech right then and there. Making us all laugh. Happy birthday, bro.”

Tanner, Johnny and Brady came down and gave me a hug. Tanner whispered in my ear, “Don’t worry I will never tell anybody we slept together.”

“Can we move this along; some of us are getting old around here.”  I heard from the podium. There he was Derek, my brother, my best friend and somebody I can always turn to for advice.

“Well Kris, you made it to fifty years old. You had some great experiences and a lot of memories. Although, are friendship had some rocky moments, like the fight we had when I came back towards the end of high school.”

“And the one when I came to visit you over Christmas Sophomore year.” I said.

“Yeah that too, I want to say first hand, that Nathan would be proud of you. You accomplished everything he wanted for you. He told a week before he died, that he was worried you might stay on the computer and be shy forever. That you would never make a friend, but as we can see all around here are people who love you. The one moment that speaks out to me is when you had your thinking about having kids. I told you that kids is responsibility, kids need feeding, cleaning, changing, and burping. Then, I said I see way you take responsibility over your friends, how you stood up for Matt countless times. You will be a great father. As your two sons will agree I was right.”

“I just wanted to say one last thing; I want to personally thank you for what you did for me. You kicked me out of that hospital, and I went on my journey of redemption. That led to some amazing miracles. Most notably, I found my future husband, but more importantly it brought me closer to you.”

Derek came down from the podium and we hugged, “I love you Derek. And so did he.”  I pulled out the necklace with Nathan’s name on it.

“Kris, just kiss the guy and get over it.” I heard and that voice could only belong to Scott. There he was with his two best friends.

I looked up and saw Scott smiling. Jess looked just as happy, with Brennan looking at peace. Scott began speaking. “We know for as long you could remember that you had been struggling with whether you were bisexual or not, and or whether you loved Colt or not. And at one point you came to each one of us for advice.”

“Kris, we talked about this before, we love you; and pretty much everybody here loves you. We don’t care whether you liked guys, girls. We know that that in the end you will find the person makes you the best Kris you can be. That person was Melissa.” Jess pointing to my wife, who I kissed passionately with. “The thing that I take with me even at your darkest time, you can always be counted to for advice. One summer, when I was trying to get my life back together, and you were sorting through your feelings, you came to me, and asked how I was doing. After that heartfelt talk, you showed me where I needed to go. I can always count on you as friend.”

Brennan spoke up next, “We had great fun together, through high school and annual trips the Colony. At one point most people here, went to the colony. After college, Kris, Scott and I and decided to go away together. So we headed up to nice piece of land I found one summer. From the moment we got there, to moment we left, Kris stayed naked. As most of us can attest to Kris has a find body. The following year we went up to that same piece of land, and we all stayed naked the entire weekend. As the years continued we bought a cabin on and called it Kris’s Colony. Once or twice a year Kris and his friends go up and have a great weekend. There were two rules 1. You had to stay naked, and two you had to have fun. Thanks for some of the best memories.”

Scott looked a little lost for words, but then he spoke. “Kris, I have known you for many, many, many years. You were always a great kidder, and always knew how to make people laugh. During or college days, you had one unique characteristic, that we all enjoyed. You never got mad at us. You never threw a punch, and never ever lost your temper at us.”

The room burst out laughing, I laughed the hardest, I think I yelled, hit and punched everybody in this room, at one point. I managed to temper my temper of the years.

“But, seriously Kris, you have been here for me, whenever I needed you. You made sure I was always part of the group. Over the years, when I wasn’t sure what to do, should I settle down and get married, or should I just keep going. You told me that I never forgot. Just go where the wind blows. I have ever since. I love you brother, happy birthday.”

Scott, Jess and Brennan came and hugged me. I whispered so they all could here me, “Scott, you were one of the best fuck I had; and all of you great friends I will never forget you.”

“Enough with the cuddle.” Luke yelled from the podium.

Then Ted, spoke. “Luke, it’s a huddle, have you been out of football that long you forgot the terms.”

“At least, I wasn’t sitting on the bench my entire college career.” Luke countered back.

“Says the man, who hasn’t been able to get it up in thirteen years.”

“How would you know?”
“Guys, guys. Enough fighting.” Reese said coming out on the stage. “We’re here to wish Matt a happy birthday. He has been such a great guy, he helped a lot.”

“Reese, actually it’s Kris’s birthday.” Ted said.

“Who?” Reese asked.

“You know Kris.” Luke said, “He liked being naked all the time.”

“Oh yeah, he hit me once, when he lost his temper, senior year.” Reese remembered.

I couldn’t stop laughing, I thought I had seen it all, but never have a seen retired football players telling jokes.

“Seriously, bro. We truly love you, and hope you have 30 more years of happiness.” Luke said with the straight face.

“Luke, he is forty.” Ted said, “I can’t thank you enough for being such a great friend.”

“Thanks for everything man. If it weren’t for you I would have never met Matt.” Reese said, “Or Scott’s brother.”

They all came up and hugged me, “That was funny bros, thanks.”

“Okay, let us get serious for one moment. Now is the time I tell you how I see Kris.”  Corey sounded so confident. On his birthday Matt and I played a horrible trick on him, so I see some pay back coming my way.
“What can I say about our friend here?” Corey began. “When I first met Kris was such a straight shooter, always new want he wanted, and went for it. Then after a few times in great outdoors, he was so happy and gay.  Eventually, he got off the fence and scored for the original team after playing the field on both sides.”

“We get the point Corey, “I interrupted.

“Oh please, I am just getting started bro. You are what we call a third wheel. I could never ever get rid of you. Matt would never have it. So when we graduated and got married we had to get a house big enough to house your ass.  Luckily, time passed and Melissa took you of our hands. Then, you decided to move next door. I would never ever ever get rid of you. When I took my vows it was to Matt, not to Matt and friend.”

“Come on you loved me.” I said playing along.

“Yeah, I loved that you were there for my man. When I did stupid stuff, seriously this man is champion. I made one mistake in my first year of college, and it was because of Kris, and I got a second chance with Matt. I will never forget that. More importantly, If you weren’t around for Matt and molded him in to hot guy, that I know in love, then he would still be alone in his room, not talking to anybody. For those two reasons and many more, I thank you. Happy birthday and remember Matt is mine and always will be.”

When Corey came down, the emotions running throw me were getting high, I really didn’t know how much more I could take. I realized I made a mark with Matt, but to hear all these stories and relive these memories. It was mind blowing. I never realized how much I meant to Corey, we joked around a lot about me ruining their dates and that unfortunate aspect at their wedding, but to know he that he things so highly of me, I would never have imagined it.

I hugged him, and gay him a quick kiss on the lips, and discretely touching his crotch. I whispered, “Later.”

“You have no idea.” He responded back.

“Okay, it is our turn, to give Kris an earful of us for a change.” Chase began.

“Kris, we could be funny, but for a change we want to be serious.” Tabor explained. “You may not remember this but back in the day when Chase and I were visiting you guys at one of the college games, and we made an innocent remark about Reese. Then Colt and you told us how wrong it was for us to make that comment. You sat us down and explained that if Reese heard our comment, Then we would feel like crap. However, we became friends with Reese our freshman year, we joked about it so much. That he laughs every time we say he acts so gay.”

“It is not just that”, Tabor continued, “Your ability to stick up for Matt and Corey and gay people, when they somebody says something. That is something we are proud of. You changed how we view gay people. We don’t see people as gay now. We see them as equal, and people. You made us better people.”

“However, when I learned about your adventures with Colt through the years in college, I didn’t think any less of you. I experimented in high school, but when Colt got made that time, over the Christmas holidays we discussed his experience and became closer, much closer as brothers. I have that to thank you for.” Chase spoke with a smile on his face. “When I came out of the closet, you and Colt were there for me, you made me realize how good I had it.  Kris, I will never ever forget you, and appreciate all the advice you gave me over the years. You turned Colt around on gay people. You turned me and Tabor around on gay people, you turned our parents around. That is a fucking huge accomplishment.”

They came down and Tabor shook my hand, but I would have it I pulled him in on a hug, “I am still straight by the way, and Chase and I never went the distance.” Tabor acknowledged.

“We came close a few times,” Chase whispered to Kris during his hug.
The voice I heard next was joy to be heard, “Okay, we all know Kris was great friend to everybody, but the question now was Kris a good father.” Little Matt, my own son was speaking.

“He was okay,” Nathan, my first son, suggested. “When I was sick with the flu, he dropped everything and personally took care of me that entire weekend.”

“So, he was a good dad then.” Little Matt concluded.

“He was naked the entire time, and seeing a your dad’s old pieces is not a pleasant sight.”

“Oh come on, Dad taught everything we knew about women.”

“Which isn’t much.”

“He taught us the true meaning of family.”

“That is true, Dad always spoke of Matt, Corey, Scott and Colt as brothers, they weren’t blood related but they were just as well as.” Nathan agreed.

“Yep, Nathan and I, were never close as kids, but when I needed my brother; he came to me. It is that rule Dad taught us early on. You don’t have to like each other, but when the chips are down, I expect you to be there for one another” Little Matt stated with pride.

“Dad, I may not approve of the nudity, especially at your current age, but I know you are one of the best fathers I have, and although Uncle Corey and I have secure bond, you will always be the father I love and adore.”

“I love you so much, Happy Birthday,” Little Matt said.

The tears wear rolling down my eye, this one of most emotional dreams I ever had. It seems so real. My boys came to me and we hugged and kissed for what seemed like days.

“Well, enough of this emotional crap, I have the dirt on Kris.” Shawn bellowed with pride.

Shawn and I, along with Colt go hunting every season. During those beer drinking nights with my buddies I could have said a million things I shouldn’t have said. I showed no worry on my face, and nodded for him to continue.

“Well, Kris has made numerous mistakes in the past. This one mistake Kris fixed on his own, without anybody telling him it was wrong. That takes great courage, and respect. We both know the event it happened around after around Corey’s 20th birthday party, when you, Matt, Corey, Scott and Hayden and I were naked and enjoying each other company. You suggested doing having a circle jerk, I enjoyed the show, but after the event when I went home back to my suite with Scott, you and the gang came over to apologizing for pressuring me into something I may not have been comfortable with. That is moment, I do treasure, the amount of respect to come over and admit that you made a mistake. Not many people can do that. Happy Birthday.”

Shawn came down and he whispered to me, “Thanks for respecting my wishes and for everything else you have done.”

“Any time brother,” I hugged him back.

I heard a lot of shuffling and noise on the mini stage. I looked up and there were 50 of my football team I couched through the years from my first five years. I couldn’t believe they came to honor me. My two favorite students of the past stepped forward.

“In case people in room don’t know who we are” Sam one my first football players began. “We represent the some of the players’ Coach Kris as had over the years. I for one was proud to call you coach. We all know some coaches drive for excellence, and for winning. Kris was one of those coaches.”

“But,” George, my quarterback during my very first teaching year continued, “He was so much more, if there was problem, things we needed to know, all we had to was ask. He would spend hours if we wanted coaching us on football skills, but he also coached us with life skills. Because of him I found my best friend, first date and my future wife.”

“Coach, you didn’t touch us,” Sam said, “You touched hundreds of people over the years. Look at this video.” The video showed my football players from years past, my basketball players, my baseball players, all of them wishing me a happy birthday. I was so engrossed in the message it took me awhile to notice the stage was filling up with more people, the both doors to this room opened and more people walked in. Hundreds of people walked in.

Sam smiled, “In case you are wondering in your career you have helped, touched, mentored and coached 435 players in your teaching career.”  I couldn’t control myself I got up and started shaking hands with each player. By the time I made to the stage I noticed that between them was another guy who was skinny guy. I couldn’t be.

“Yes, Kris I was one of the people you helped. Right around high school graduation you saw me crying by my locker, and without really knowing who I was you sat down and talked to me, you brought over Matt and that changed my world. I was gay, and you helped finally come out of the closet, just by stopping and talking to me. Thank you. “I shook Felix Hampton’s hand and whispered, “Matt got you to open up, not me.”

I went back to my seat and kissed my wife and sons, as the guys departed. “Well, we talked about you high school life, your college life, your love of nudity, and that you a great friend, a brother, father and husband. We haven’t mentioned your ability to kiss and your ability to love.”
Colt was standing up there and besides Matt and Melissa this guys know me better than I know myself.

“I wanted to say that I love you, as a friend, as a brother, as more. We have shared a unique bond, a happy bond. We are the only people I know who can happy and carefree one day, but at each other’s throats the next day.  We had some great memories. We had a conversation in that tent that changed redefined our relationship. Other than my wife, you are the only person I ever, ever made love to and enjoyed. Arguably, I see the real Kris, the one that nobody else can see other san say Matt and Melissa. When you showed me that DVD of your brother and opened up to me about him, it spoke volumes, it showed me how much you loved. When you let me into you showed how gentle and sensitive you can be. Kristopher Joshua Stanton is all those things that people have said, but he one of the best kissers I ever experienced.”

With that, I laughed. I am beyond caring if people know I experience gay sex with. “I will treasure ever moment, everY experience I had with you until the day I die. I just ask you to do me one favor, kiss me so this room of friends can see how passionate, how loving and how caring you can be with you kisses.”

I looked over to my wife, she smiled and laughed. I looked Andrea, Colt’s wife and she laughed to. Colt and ran towards each other and kissed, in that moment when we touched each other lips the room faded away, it was pure emotion rushing between us. When it ended we both laughed it off and Colt hit me on the arm. “That’s my gift to you.”

“And now it is time for my gift to you in front of all these people,” I heard my best friend say. He kissed me on the lips with a tender motion. Matt and I are beyond words when it comes to expressing how much we mean to each. Matt broke the kiss and got me to stand up. He slowly undressed me, but when took my boxers off his mouth touched my dick and swallowed it hole.

I thought back to the day I met Matt, when lied for me in the principal’s office. I thought to when he cared for me after I got his by the car, when we expressed how much we care for each other that night. We had our fights, but in the end we knew we were one. The feeling I was getting was magical and when I came in his mouth he liked it up and smiled.

“Happy birthday brother,” Matt said with another kiss on the lips. Matt lead my naked ass us up to stage, I never cared that people saw me naked. I looked at my impressive figure and looked 20 years old again.

“Time for cake,” Matt yelled. I saw the cake and it was my naked body flexing my muscled and smiling. I know I must be dreaming when the person pushing the cake on stage came into view.

I hugged my brother. “I missed you so much.”

“Brother, I may have been gone to a better place,” Nathan said. “But, I have been watching from the heavens and saw the man you become. Look around you. Everybody in this room was affected in some way because of something you said, something you did, or just the person you are. Nothing could make me prouder. The Kris you have become is better than anything I could have dreamed for you.”

I was crying so hard now, seeing my dead brother is more than I could bear. “I love you Nathan. I wish you were here.”

“I am in here.” He pointed to my heart.

“Enough of this, I have one more present for you” said Scott you entered on stage, he gestured me to a special chair on the stage.

Someone turned on some music.  It was playing ‘Happy Birthday’.  Matt walked up to me. I had no idea what was going on.  Matt pushed me down to have a seat.  He started singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to me and trying to be like the famous Marilyn Monroe.  Matt started by throwing off his track coat then he unsnapped his track pants to reveal a thong.  I started cracking up with Matt rubbing all over me. Scott and Corey came over to be and started kissing me all over. I playfully kicked them to get them away but Colt grabbed my dick and the music changed.

Scott, Corey, Matt and Colt stood up and joined all the guys who spoke earlier today as they crowded around Kris and started to sing.

“Thank you for being a friend.
Travel down the road and back again.
Your heart is true; you're a pal and a confidant.
And if you threw a party,
invited everyone you knew.
You would see the biggest gift would be from me
and the card attached would say,
thank you for being a friend.

I was just about to hug my friends again, when I heard a crash, and that woke me up from my amazing dream. I opened my eyes and I was back in the dorm, I looked over and there was my best friend on the floor. I started laughing hysterically.

“Thanks,” he said. “You had to kick me in your sleep.” I smiled and helped Matt up and smiled.

“Matt, I don’t know where my future is going, but what I do know that I will always remember the people who helped me get there.”

“Huh.” He responded. “Are you okay?”

I laughed, then put the covers over us, and held him as we both fell back asleep. I whispered in Matt’s ear. “Thank you for being a friend.”


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