Posted:  December 12, 2014

My eyes popped open early on Thursday.  It took me a second to realize that Corey and I were in our new house in living room on the air mattress.  It had been a long night but the bedroom was now painted and our Christmas tree was up along the back wall of our living room.  Corey and I were both so tired that we were asleep minutes after our bodies were on the mattress.

Corey was awake when I returned from the bathroom and examining our paint job.  “Today’s agenda?” he asked standing naked in the living room and looking so hot.

“I guess we’ll go grab some more of our stuff first,” I said.

“What about the furniture and the washer/dryer deliveries? We’ll need to be here so they can deliver them.”

“Well damn, going back to get our stuff will have to wait.  There’s plenty to do here such as…”

“Tackle that back yard!”

“That will be one big job,” I said.

“One big job I can handle with ease, hubby.  I’ve mastered the leaf blower and the hedge trimmer.  Bring that shit on!”

“I’ll tackle each bathroom and get them spotless,” I said.

“I’m so thankful that you’ll do that…” Corey said.

“I’m so thankful that you enjoy the yard work.  It’s pretty plain to see where our task will be now.”

“For sure!” Corey said.

After eating some breakfast bars that we had, we began our day.  I had to dress to tackle the bathrooms.  They weren’t bad but things needed to be cleaned.  It actually wasn’t too bad starting off in our bathroom and seeing how nice it was with a nice shower and separate tub.  Corey and I had rinsed off in the shower earlier after painting but hadn’t really taken a shower. 

First to arrive were our two pieces of furniture.  The guys were quick with it after I decided to put the new bed in the bedroom opposite near the kitchen.  The loveseat was a little longer than I remembered but looked rather lonely sitting in our living room.  I did call Corey in to check them out.  He approved of both in short order and was back cleaning up the back yard.

Next to come was something I had forgotten about.  It was our internet.  It was vital for me and needed to be reliable so I picked one that had fiber optics.  Next to arrive were our new washer and dryer.

It was just after noon when everything was delivered and the bathrooms tackled.  Corey requested that I go back to our apartment since he was in the middle of his yard work and nasty.  I didn’t mind since he was enjoying what he was doing and really making good progress.

I returned with as many boxes as I could cram into our SUV and began hauling them inside.  It was things that I thought we could use like sheets for the new bed so we could sleep on it tonight and more cleaning supplies.  I also brought some food as well where we could at least have a snack.

While we were sitting on our loveseat after our long tiresome day, Corey’s phone started ringing.  He answered it and told me it was Daniel.  It was a brief call.

“They are coming over to see our house,” Corey said.

“Great.  You know I don’t guess that they’ve seen it yet,” I said.

“So much for our alone time in the hot tub,” Corey said.

“We’ll have plenty of time for that.”

It wasn’t long before we heard the doorbell for the first time.  Corey and I walked together and greeted them.

“From what I can see on the outside, it looks great,” Daniel said.

“It does.  Here, we bought you a little something for your new house,” Cale said and handed me a sack.

“You didn’t have to do that,” Corey said.

“I saw it last week and knew it’d fit ya,” Cale said.

I opened the sack and saw it was a picture.  I pulled it out and saw it was a framed saying, “House + Love = Home”.  “This is great,” I said and showed the nice piece to Corey.

“Thanks a million, guys.  We really appreciate that,” Corey said.

“Now, we’ll have to find a special place to hang it,” I said with us walking in.

“You’ll have to realize that we really don’t have any furniture,” Corey said.

“We understand,” Daniel said.

“The tree is perfectly set.  You see right when you walk in the door,” Cale said while we walked into the living room.

“Excuse that.  We need to buy some more ornaments.  Right now it has the look of a Charlie Brown tree,” I joked.

“It sorta does,” Daniel laughed while we continued to walk to our living room.  “Damn, this is big.  Y’all just said it was nice and never mentioned how spacious it was.”

“You can grow in to it,” Cale stated looking around.

“We can,” I said.  We gave them a tour of the house.  They were very nice but had always been with Cale eyeing our kitchen. 

We made it to the back and turned on the light. 

“Now I see exactly why you bought this house,” Daniel said, looking at the covered pool.

“It was one of the keys,” I said with a smile.

“I don’t suspect many bathing suits will be worn back here.  That fence is nice and high for total privacy,” Cale said.

“I doubt that, too after I plant some stuff along the fence row.  You know the hot tub is ready and waiting…” Corey said.

“And our realtor gave us a bottle of champagne,” I added.

“We actually weren’t expecting to stay very long,” Cale said.

“It looks like we are now,” Daniel said.

“I’ll go grab some towels,” I said. “Corey, grab the champagne.”

I grabbed some towels and returned with the three of them already nude.  Corey had the champagne with Daniel holding four glasses.  We headed out to the hot tub with my clothes in the middle of the living room.  Corey pulled off the cover and set it aside.

“Y’all have the honors,” Cale said.

“Okay,” I said and took Corey’s hand.  Together we stepped into the hot tub and felt the warm water. 

“Fucking sweet!” Corey said.  “Man this feels so good.  Y’all get in.”

“I think we have a problem.  We need something to open this champagne,” Cale said and laughed.

“I think I brought the cork screw opener.  I’ll run back and get it,” I said and stepped out.  “Y’all get in and enjoy it.  It’s really nice.”

“Okay,” Daniel said.

I found the opener and began heading.  Corey requested the light be turned off, which I did.  It wasn’t that hard making it back and got in.  Cale reached over and opened the bottle with ease.  He poured our glasses.

“Here’s to your new home.  May it be filled with great memories and lots of love,” Daniel toasted us with our glasses high in the air.

“Here, here,” Corey said with us toasting.

We sipped the champagne with the warm water flowing over our naked bodies.  Corey had his big arm around me with Daniel doing the same across from us. 

“I agree with Corey.  This is fucking sweet,” Daniel said.

“It just what the doctor ordered after my ass was out here all day cleaning up,” Corey said.

“It is big enough for all your friends,” Cale said.

“Maybe.  I’m sure there will be a big fight the first night here,” I said.

“Speaking of fights, how has that been moving here?” Daniel asked.

“Not too bad.  We had one little argument the first day but since then it’s been smooth sailing,” Corey replied.

“Y’all are doing good then.  You wouldn’t be normal if you didn’t have em,” Cale said. “We have em over the stupidest shit.”

“Us too,” I said.

“Yeah but the best part is making up.  I fucking love that shit,” Daniel said and kissed Cale.

We sat drinking the champagne and talking.  We commented on how romantic that it was in the dark.  There was a good period of some lip time with our lovers. 

We stepped out and felt the coolness hit our bodies.  Quickly towels went around us to head inside.  Cale and Daniel began dressing once we were inside and dry.  We thanked them for stopping by and for the very thoughtful gift.  We said goodbye and watched them walk out the front door. 

“We have two options now.  We can either continue getting the house ready or head back and finish that bottle of champagne,” Corey said.

There was no thinking about it.  “I’ll get the lube,” I said.

“You dirty minded dog.”

“Like you were thinking the same thing.”

“Hell, I’ve been thinking about it all day,” Corey laughed.

We had a wonderful night of love.  It was a new experience for us fucking in the hot tub.  It took some adjusting to the water but we did get the hang of it.  We tested out a few positions and found some that really did it nicely for us. 

After sex, we sat in the hot tub and held each other close under the night sky.  We didn’t say much and enjoyed the silence and warm water.  Once inside, we continued the night with Corey showing his love to me in the center of our living room in front of the fireplace.

Friday morning, I woke and rolled over to kiss Corey.  He woke up my sweet kiss with us in the new bed. 

“You were so wonderful last night,” Corey said.

“You were too.  We’ve got another big day ahead of us.  We still have a little painting to do and we definitely need to clean the carpets,” I stated.

“We’re wasting time in bed then.  Let’s get going,” he said.

We walked out to the kitchen and had something quick to eat with a light cold rain falling outside. 

“I was going to dig up some of those bushes in the front flower bed but that looks to be a lost cause,” he said while we were eating.

“There’s enough to do here plus we can move some more boxes,” I said.

“I’d say let’s keep our focus here all day.  We can load those boxes onto the moving truck which we need to rent.”

“You’re right.  It’ll be a big time saver if we stay here all day.  Sadly, we probably need to spend the night at the apartment,” I said.

“I’m sure Colt and Kris wouldn’t mind staying the night here with us,” Colt said.

“We’ll see how things go,” I said.

“What time are they coming?” Corey asked.

“Kris said just as soon as they were off work.  I’m guessing about 9,” I answered.

We finished eating and heard our doorbell.  Corey and I raced to grab some clothes before I went to the door. 

“Mom, what are doing here?” I asked seeing her standing there.

“I came to help you two so everything would be ready.  I also thought maybe we could run to the warehouse store and grab some things you might need,” Mom replied, coming inside.

“Mom, I don’t have time to go shopping.  Corey and I have a ton of work to be done,” I said and couldn’t believe that she’d just show up unannounced.  Her intentions were probably to be in middle of my business.

“I can do some things while you and Corey do your thing.  The house is looking nice, by the way.  The front yard looks great,” Mom said while walking towards the living room.

“Thanks.  Corey did that and the back as well,” I said, being short with her.

“I see you have a tree,” Mom said.  “That’s a nice loveseat too.  I’m sure it will come in handy.”

“It will.  Mom, don’t tell me you took a day off from work to come here?”

“I did.  I’m more than happy to help out,” Mom replied.

“Hey Matt, I need your help for just a minute in the bedroom,” Corey said.

“Okay.  Mom, we got a new bed as well.  It’s in the other bedroom if you wanna see it,” I said walking towards the bedroom and pointing in the opposite direction.

Corey grabbed me by the arm and led me to our bedroom.  “Matt, you act like you don’t want her here…”

“I can’t believe that she’d just show up,” I said.

Corey put his arm on my shoulder, “Look.  I’m going to speak to both of us right now and not just you.  Both of us have got this attitude lately around our parents.  It’s like we’re put off with any request.  I’m talking to me as well with my attitude when Mom said she wanted to come stay the night before Christmas.”

“She didn’t just show up…”

“Look that attitude right there is what I’m talking about.  You were so about Matt that you didn’t even notice the disappointment on Linda’s face with the way that you were talking.”

“I’ve enjoyed working here with you and take great pride in what we’ve done.”

“I have too but that doesn’t mean that we have to be almost rude to our folks,” Corey said.

“Was I rude?”

“I think you were.  Matt, we need to see that our parents are proud of us and want to share this experience with us,” Corey replied.  “They were some of our biggest supporters.  You’ve always said how Linda never questioned you for one minute when you came out.  Also remember how great she was at our wedding.  Now, she wants to contribute where she can with our move.  It’s not like we asked her.  She came on her own free will because she loves us.”

“Damn Corey, you’re right.  You see… I’m not always right.  I almost really fucked up big time,” I said feeling really bad inside.  Every word which he had spoken was true and beginning to make sense.

“Almost is the key.  I can do the painting and start with shampooing the carpets while you and your Mom go shopping…”

“I don’t want her to buy everything.  I know that what she intends to do.”

“Pick out certain things and tell her that you’re getting them,” Corey said.

“Thanks Corey!  Thanks for showing me where I was wrong,” I said and kissed him.

We headed back out.  Mom was in the kitchen looking in the cabinets.  “We’ve got most of it moved in there,” I said and walked over.

“I can see.  You have more cabinet space than I remember,” Mom said.

“Me too,” I said and grabbed her for a sincere hug.  “I’m sorry for being basically a jackass to you.  I love you.”

“I love you too, son.  I don’t what you said Corey but thanks!” Mom said with us hugging.

“It was just stuff that I needed to hear,” I said and released her.  “Corey’s gonna do some painting while we head out.  Is that alright?”

“It is with me.  You said you needed to make a trip to the warehouse store,” Mom said.  “I almost forgot.  It’s a good thing that Corey will be here.  Your dining room set should be delivered today.”

“That solves that then,” Corey said.  “Y’all have fun.”

I did need to shower quickly and did so with Mom helping Corey tape the hall to paint.  I came out and was dressed to go.

“Matt, we were talking.  Do you think you could shop on your own?  Your mom is ten times better at this than you were,” Corey joked.

“You’ll do fine, Corey,” Mom said and stood. 

“Corey, remember to go rent the carpet cleaner,” I said before we began walking out.

“I will,” Corey said.

Mom and I headed out in my vehicle since it would hold more.  We had a very nice conversation on the way to the store.  It was nice being able to talk with her and come to the realization that she still meant so much to me.  While on the way, Mom volunteered her and Vince’s services to clean our apartment after everything was moved after I mentioned how I was dreading that.  I was so thankful that she would do it and it would be a big help to us.

We headed in the big store and began shopping.  Once inside, there were lots of things that I saw that I wanted to buy.  Some of it was practical like paper supplies until Mom told me the deals at the regular store were generally better.  Mom found a nice rug which she insisted that we buy and put on the floor in the dining room since the dining room and entryway were the only hardwoods in the house.  I was able to stock up on some food and bought a few cases of beer as a thank you to those helping us move.  I was also able to buy more ornaments for our sad little tree and more decorations.

We left the store after spending way longer than I ever intended.  I called Corey and told him that I was bringing lunch.  While I was driving, Kris called to see where to go since he knew that we’d been staying at the house.  I told him that I’d call him later once it was decided but plan on going to the apartment. 

We arrived back at the house and saw another car parked along the street.  I recognized it was Scott’s and wondered what he was doing here.  Mom and I went inside with the smell of fresh paint in the air while hearing the cleaner going.  Mom and I unloaded my vehicle and saw Scott in the hall painting.  I wondered if the old Tom Sawyer trick was in full force.

“Scott, what are you doing here?” I asked.

“What does it look like, painting?  Hey Miss Linda!” Scott replied while Mom waved at him.

“I can see that…”

“I took the day off and came over to help y’all,” Scott said.

“Thanks but you didn’t have to do that,” I said and saw Corey cleaning the carpets in our bedroom.

I left them alone and returned to where our purchases were.   Mom began asking me where I would like things placed so I could find them later.  Together we put up most of the food items but still had ornaments and decorations for the tree to go.  She unrolled the rug in our dining room and hoped it was large enough. 

Corey finished our bedroom and yelled for me.  He wanted to show me all the dirt which he had gotten up.  I was amazed at the dirt in our rather clean looking carpet.  Mom said it was normal.

We continued to work and were interrupted by the installation of our satellite TV.  Luckily, we had brought our TVs earlier and were able to have it installed.  It was dark before our dining room table arrived.  The table and chairs were dark wood and fit on the rug perfectly.  She also bought us four bar stools for our kitchen area.

With the dining room table in place and all of our essentials working, Corey suggested that I call around to find a moving truck.  I used my phone and found a few places near us.  My biggest fear was that we had waited until the last minute to get something so vital to our move.  Thankfully, the first place that I called had plenty of moving trucks but we needed to get a move on it before they closed. 

Since we were leaving, Mom said that she would as well.  I thanked her for everything and told her that I’d be waiting for her tomorrow.  Scott said he’d stay since he was now painting my office. 

We returned after not being gone very long with a nice size truck which they said would suit our needs.  I checked on Scott and saw that he was very close to finishing.

“Corey, we need to make a decision on whether to stay here tonight,” I said.

“Actually I was just thinking of that.  As much as I’d like to stay here, I think it’d work out the best for all of us to start at the apartment.  We still have a few things to do there as well,” Corey said. “We can let the carpets completely dry.”

“I was thinking the same thing.  Kris will be disappointed but he’ll be tomorrow night,” I said.

“Or his ass is sleeping on the floor in our apartment,” Corey joked.

Scott finished in short order and found us.

“Thank you so very much!” I said. 

“Well, I had to earn my keep so I could use the pool this summer,” Scott said.

“Scott, whether you did it or not, you know you’re always welcome…” Corey said.

“Matter of fact, I’ll be disappointed if I don’t see you on bright sunny days,” I added.

“Awesome!  You’ll see my ass then a bunch,” Scott said.

“It’ll be a dark one by the end of the summer,” I laughed. “Even before the summer, you and Brennan are more than welcome to stay here with us.”

“You can get as freaky as you want,” Corey said.

“Maybe in the hot tub as well like y’all did last night,” Scott said.

“For sure,” I said. “It was different.”

“I heard but Corey said he liked it,” Scott said.

We told about our decision to return back to the apartments.  Scott agreed that it would be a good idea as well. 

We finished up cleaning the carpets and hauled it to my vehicle so Mom could use it at our apartment if she wanted to.  We closed up the house and started back towards our apartment for one final night. 

Scott helped us finish up packing the very last items at our apartment since Brennan wasn’t coming this weekend.  It was hard on both of them driving back and forth each weekend so Brennan took the weekend off. 

Kris and Colt arrived at our apartment about 9:30.  As usual, it was great to see them especially Colt since we didn’t see him Thanksgiving.

“Damn bro, it looks so empty,” Kris stated with a bag over his shoulder.

“Hell, what did you expect?” Colt asked.

“Yeah, we weren’t going to be up all night packing,” Corey said.

The five of us exchanged hugs.  Kris headed to the fridge and opened it. “Fuck, where’s the beer?”

“Trust me, Kris.  Matt has a ton at the house waiting on ya,” Scott laughed.

“I don’t think one night will kill us,” I said.

“It might,” Colt laughed.  “We’ll just get hammered tomorrow night.”

“Bro, are y’all excited?” Kris asked sitting next to me.

“Kris, I’m so fucking tired right now that I can’t be.  Moving is hard work.  If Matt even mentions moving in the next ten years, I’ll leave him,” Corey replied.

“I’m excited to be there for good rather than going back and forth.  Actually, I’m ready to leave this place,” I said.

“Y’all have to see all the work Corey has done on the outside.  You won’t even recognize it,” Scott stated.

“I’m ready to see then,” Kris said.

“Corey, Matt’s been working your ass off, huh?” Colt asked.

“You know it has been a labor of love.  Y’all will see once you have a place of your own.  When I was younger, Larry would have to kick my ass to get me to do stuff in the yard,” Corey said.

“I remember those days.  Dad would raise all kinds of hell until me and Chase would mow,” Colt said.

“Colt, how’s Hunter?” I asked since he had mentioned Chase.

“The little man is growing like a weed.  Mom has bought him all kinds of toys.  I have no idea what Chase is gonna do with em,” Colt answered and pulled out his can.   He filled his lip and passed it across to Kris.

“Hell, if we can’t drink, we’ll dip,” Kris said.

We sat around and talked until about eleven.  We said goodbye to Scott before we headed off to get a good night’s sleep.  Corey shut our door and pulled me close.

“Matt, one final time before we say goodbye to a place that will have a special place in our heart,” Corey said.

“I see your reason for coming back but I like it,” I said and kissed him.


There’s another chapter for you.  I hope you have enjoyed reading about their new house and the move. There will be a few more chapters on the way. 

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