This is a fantasy chapter written by Big D as a special treat to commemorate the 100th chapter of Rooming
With My Best Friend being posted, it is pure fantasy and did not really happen in relation to the main

“Corey!” Trey shouted, running up to his employee.

“Is there something wrong?” Corey asked. He was worried by the tone of Trey’s voice,
especially since he had been watching the pool where Matt and Scott had been swimming.

“I’ve just had a phone call and I really have to run. Do you mind locking up for me tonight?
All the other guys have left so you and your friends are the only ones still in here, you can
lock the door behind me to make sure no one else comes in and then work on getting them out of
here, though of course there’s no rush, as long as everything is as it should be in the

“No problem, Trey, they should be about finished up anyway.”

“Thanks Corey, I knew I could count on you.” Trey said, pulling the keys to the Rec Center
from his pocket and throwing them to Corey.

Corey watched as Trey ran from the building over to a nearby parking lot. Taking a quick look
around he noticed there was hardly anyone walking around outside and wondered if he was
missing some big event by being in the Rec so late at night.

They had just been sitting around in the dorm wanting something to do. There was nothing of
interest on television, they had no beer in the fridge and with Corey at work and Andrea busy,
the guys were all alone. Scott had then dropped by, complaining that he was bored too and
wanted to do something. When Matt mentioned that Corey was working a late shift, Scott
suggested they go down to meet him if only for the walk, but Kris had a better idea, since
there was an hour until closing time, so they all went and got changed, deciding to go have a
leisurely work out until the Rec closed and it was time for Corey to sign out.

Corey stepped back into the Rec and closed the front door, locking it like Trey had said so no
one else could get in. He walked toward the weight room where he had last seen Kris and Colt
pumping some iron, trying to outdo one another, to see that they had both lost their shirts
and Kris was now spotting Colt as he did some weights, Kris’ crotch almost directly over
Colt’s face.

“Are you guys nearly finished?” Corey asked. “Everyone else has left; even the other workers
have finished their shifts and have gone.”

“Really?” Kris asked, helping Colt with his final rep. “We’re the only ones left in the entire

“Yes, but I need to lock up soon so are you nearly done?”

“Where are Scott and Matt?”

“Still in the pool I think.”

“Yeah?” Kris asked with a mischievous grin on his face. “Well I’ve worked up quite a sweat and
I think we should go join them, Colt.”

Colt returned the smile as Kris started sprinting toward the pool. Colt shrugged his shoulders
at Corey and ran after Kris. Corey let out a sigh and closed his eyes before opening them
again and giving chase, hoping Kris wouldn’t do something that meant Corey would have to clean
up the mess.

When he reached the pool Kris pulled off his trainers and shorts so he was naked and seeing
that Matt and Scott were facing away from him, swimming at a leisurely pace, he ran along the
side of the pool and timed his jump to perfection, doing a cannon ball into the water just in
front of them, sending a huge wave crashing into their faces.

As Scott and Matt recovered, coughing and spluttering, looking at Kris who had a huge smirk on
his face, they were hit with a second wave as Colt’s naked body hit the water.

“You fucking idiots!” Scott shouted, spitting water out of his mouth.

“Oh, lighten up!” Kris laughed.

“Are you naked?” Matt asked.


“What the fuck are you thinking?”

“What? It doesn’t matter. We’re the last ones here. Besides, I’ve always wanted to skinny dip
in this pool.”

“We’re the last people here?” Matt asked, looking around and finally spotting Corey standing
on the side of the pool.

“Yes, everyone else has left and my shift was supposed to finish five minutes ago but I have
to wait for you guys to clear out before I can lock up.”

“Well we’d better get going then,” Scott said swimming over to the steps to pull himself out.

“Holy shit, Scott!” Colt cried out.

“What?” Scott asked, half way up the stairs.

“You wear your speedo to the swim here?”

“Yeah. Why wouldn’t I?”

“Well it doesn’t really leave much to the imagination,” Colt laughed.

“Hey, these make my body look hot as hell, and it’s not like I’ve got anything to be ashamed
off,” Scott smiled, cupping his bulge.

“I don’t even see why you bother wearing them,” Kris said. “In fact, I don’t think you should

Kris lunged through the water and pulled Scott down off the steps. He dived beneath the
surface and after a brief struggle he came back up for air holding Scott’s tiny speedo in his

“You fucker!” Scott screamed, jumping at Kris.

Corey stood on the side of the pool, laughing as he watched Scott seemingly try to get his
speedo back from Kris, but noticing that Scott wasn’t exactly trying his hardest and even
seemed to be enjoying his tussle with Kris.

Just as Scott was about to get his trunks back Kris threw them over his head making sure they
landed well out of reach of any of the guys in the pool. Scott playfully splashed water in
Kris’ face and the two started play wrestling until they stopped suddenly and turned their
attention to Matt.

“You know,” Kris said. “I don’t think it’s right that, of the four of us in this pool, Matt is
the only one who still has anything on.”

Matt’s eyes went wide, understanding instantly what Kris meant. He quickly took off swimming
for the other end of the pool but Scott used his ability to catch up to Matt and grab on to
his leg, allowing time for Kris and Colt to catch up.

Matt struggled, holding on to the waist band of his swim shorts, but he still needed to tread
water to stop himself from going under and the second he let the grip on his shorts falter
they were almost ripped off his legs and tossed out of the pool, leaving him as naked as the
other three.

Trying to get a little pay back Matt pounced on Kris and Colt, dragging them under the water
with him. When the three resurfaced they were all laughing and turned their attention to Corey
who was standing on the side of the pool with his arms crossed, shaking his head and laughing
back at them.

The guys in the pool all looked at each other and smiled. Corey stopped laughing and his eyes
went wide as he saw that all eyes were on him. Kris and Colt swam quickly toward the side of
the pool where Corey was, pulling themselves out, while Matt headed for the steps.

Corey started running away from Kris and Colt, knowing what they were going to do. He barely
managed to dodge past Matt, who had climbed out of the pool too and gave chase with the other

Scott had seen what was happening and had swum to the other side of the pool, pulling himself
out and waiting for the right moment. Corey was too caught up trying to run from his naked
roommates, who were dripping wet, to see that Scott was waiting in ambush for him. When he did
realise, it was too late.

Scott wrapped his arms around Corey’s waist and dragged him down to the ground. Kris, Colt and
Matt were soon upon him and quickly took hold of an arm or a leg. Corey tried to fight them
off but his four friends had total control of him as they lifted him up, carried him to the
edge of the pool and started swinging him. When they all let go on the count of three Corey
went sailing into the pool fully clothed.

Before Corey had chance to surface the rest of the guys jumped in after him and as soon as he
popped his head up to take a breath they took hold of his work shirt and pulled it off over
his head. Kris and Colt then moved behind Corey and wrapped their arms around his chest,
holding him in place as Matt and Scott went to work on getting Corey out of his pants.

When Corey was finally naked Kris and Colt let go of him and were quickly rewarded by having
water splashed in their face. Corey tackled them and they started wrestling each other, with
Kris and Colt starting to double team Corey.

Matt didn’t think it was fair for the two to be taking on his boyfriend like that so he swam
toward them and jumped on Kris’ back, joining in the battle. Scott stayed back, watching the
play fighting, laughing all the while until he saw Kris throw Matt off his back and take him
in a head lock. Scott decided it was time to join in so he dove under the water, swam between
Kris’ legs and quickly took the tip of Kris’ cock between his lips. Kris let out a yelp and
loosened his grip on Matt’s head, allowing him to escape.

“Okay, that’s enough guys,” Corey said, breaking off from wrestling with Colt. “We’ve been in
here long enough, let’s head to the showers.”

“Oh, come on, we’re having so much fun,” Kris said, pouting.

“Yeah, we were, but closing time was twenty minutes ago, we’re not supposed to be in here.”
Corey said.

“He’s right,” Matt said. “He’s only doing his job. We don’t want to get him in trouble.”

“Okay,” Kris sighed, swimming to the steps and climbing out of the pool.

The others followed, going around the pool to collect the clothes that had been thrown all
over the place before heading to the locker rooms to shower. They rung out their wet clothes
and hung them on pegs before heading to the open showers with Scott and Matt grabbing their
shower gel.

Allowing the water to warm for a moment the five stepped under individual sprays to wash away
the chlorine from the pool. After a few minutes, Corey reached for some shower gel and
lathered up his hands. He stepped out from under his spray and approached Matt, putting his
arms around his boyfriend and soaping up his chest and abs, kissing his neck.

Matt relaxed back against Corey and enjoyed the feeling of his boyfriend washing him,
forgetting that the others were even there as he started to get hard, especially when Corey
started washing his cock.

Kris, Colt and Scott all noticed and turned their attention to the lovers as Corey continued
to run his hands all over Matt’s body, whilst grinding his own hard on against Matt’s ass.
Matt started moaning and turned around to pull Corey into a kiss.

“Damn, that’s hot!” Scott said, rubbing his own growing cock.

“Hell yeah, it is,” Kris said, not touching himself but growing harder by the second.

Colt said nothing but was standing silently watching what was going on, his own dick twitching
as he saw Matt and Corey holding on to each other, their tongues battling.

With Corey and Matt facing each other, their dicks came in to contact and they both gasped.
Scott smiled, licked his lips and moved forward, dropping to his knees in front of the lovers.
He reached up and wrapped a fist around each dick, admiring them for their size and thickness

Corey turned slightly and Scott leaned in, opening his mouth wide to wrap his lips around
Corey’s thick cock as he started to jerk Matt’s big dick slowly, pulling Matt around so that
his dick was right next to Corey’s.

Matt and Corey resumed their make out session as Scott licked the head of one cock and then
the other, moving between the two lovers, taking more of the cocks each time he sucked them
into his mouth.

Just feet away Kris and Colt stood watching the action unfold as they stroked their own cocks,
with Matt and Corey kissing each other, their dicks disappearing into Scott’s mouth

Kris turned his head and caught Colt’s eye. They smiled at each other and Kris reached over to
take hold of Colt’s veiny cock, gently stroking it, making Colt moan as he moved to take Kris’
cock in his own hand.

They continued to jerk each other’s cocks as they watched Matt and Corey get lost in each
other’s mouths with Scott feasting on their cocks, really starting to go to work on Corey’s

Kris leaned in and kissed Colt, their lips meeting and instantly parting. They turned to face
each other, their tongues battling as they embraced and started rubbing their hard cocks
together, thrusting against each other.

Breaking the kiss, Kris moved his lips to Colt’s neck and down to his muscular chest, teasing
the nipples with his tongue and then running the tip down to run across his hard abs. When he
reached Colt’s cock he ran his tongue up the underside of the shaft and sucked the head into
his mouth.

Matt and Corey watched in awe as Kris went to work on Colt’s cock, bobbing his head up and
down, Colt’s hand resting gently on the top of Kris’ head. Scott felt Matt’s cock jump in his
mouth and looked up to see what had caused it. He saw Matt staring at something behind him.
Looking at Corey he saw that Corey was staring at the same thing, wide eyed. Scott pulled off
the cock and turned his head to see what was happening and nearly came on the spot when he saw
Kris on his knees, mouth wide open as Colt fucked his face.

“Holy fuck, that’s hot!” Scott said, moving his hand down to stroke his own cock.

“Hell yeah, it is,” Corey said. “Look how much Kris loves Colt’s dick.”

Kris never stopped sucking Colt’s dick, he was in the zone and loved the feeling of Colt’s
hard cock in his mouth, running his tongue back and forth over the head and up and down the
shaft, but he did smile around the cock hearing his friends speak and knowing they were
watching him.

“The only thing that could ever be better than seeing Kris suck Colt’s dick would be to see
them fuck,” Scott said, his breathing becoming erratic as the speed of his stroking increased.

“That could be arranged,” Colt said, smiling as he rubbed Kris’ head.

Kris finally pulled off Colt’s dick and stood, taking it in his hand again. “I’ll go for that,
but on one condition.”

“What’s that?” Colt asked.

“I get to fuck your ass,” Kris said, smiling and reaching around to cup Colt’s muscle ass,
sliding a finger into the crack.

Colt didn’t answer with words, he just smiled and pulled Kris to him, kissing him deep. Colt
placed one hand on the side of Kris’ head with the other gently rubbing his pecs. Kris
embraced Colt, running one hand up and down his back while the other dropped down to play with
Colt’s ass.

Corey gave Matt a quick kiss and ran off. Scott stood up, looking at Matt to see where Corey
had gone but Matt just shrugged his shoulders. Scott chuckled and pulled Matt in for a
passionate kiss, taking his cock in his hand and giving it a few strokes.

Corey reappeared with a box of condoms and a bottle of lube in his hands.

“What the fuck?” Scott asked. “Were those just lying around?”

“We keep these in the staff room in a spare locker.” Corey answered.

“Why?” Matt asked.

“It’s that case of we’d rather have them and not need them, than need them and not have them.
We’re all hot guys who work here and often have people coming on to us, so if we decided to go
home with one of them, we can just grab a condom from the box and not have to worry about
stopping off somewhere to buy some.” Corey replied.

“Have you ever done that?” Matt asked, raising an eyebrow.

“No, I haven’t needed to with a hot boyfriend like you who fucks me as often as I please.”
Corey smiled.

“Glad to hear it,” Matt said, approaching his boyfriend and kissing him with love. “Now that
you’ve got the lube I want you to fuck me.”

“Go lie down on one of the benches in the locker room then and get your ass ready. I’ll be
along in a second. I just need Scott to get me good and ready.

Scott dropped to his knees and quickly took Corey’s semi hard thick cock into his mouth
working it eagerly, wanting to see it fuck Matt’s ass again since he had been too caught up in
Brennan fucking him to really pay attention the last time he had a chance to watch the two
lovers fuck.

Colt took Kris’ hand and led him out into the locker room where Matt was waiting on his hands
and knees, presenting his ass for Corey to fuck. Colt climbed onto a bench and reached over to
grab a condom and the bottle of lube. He tossed them both to Kris and then got on his back on
the bench, lifting up his legs to give Kris access to his hole.

Scott’s dick throbbed, seeing Colt on his back waiting for Kris to fuck him. While Kris was
tearing a condom wrapper open Scott took his opportunity and walked over to Colt, getting down
on his knees and burying his face in Colt’s ass.

Colt moaned feeling Scott’s tongue probing his ass, teasing the opening and pushing slightly
inside. Colt wasn’t used to having his ass eaten but he loved the sensations Scott’s tongue
was sending shooting through his body.

Kris rubbed lube all over his hard covered cock watching Scott’s talented tongue work Colt
over so well Colt was writhing around on the bench, moaning constantly and reaching down to
push Scott’s tongue further into his opening.

“Oh fuck, Scott! That feels so fucking good!” Colt said, panting. “Fuck me, Kris, fuck me!”

Kris smiled and pulled Scott up from between Colt’s ass cheeks. He took Scott’s head in his
hands and kissed him deep, tasting the faint hint of Colt’s ass that had been left on Scott’s
tongue. It made Kris’ cock jump and he quickly pushed Scott away and took up a position
between Colt’s raised legs.

Kris rubbed the head of his covered cock over Colt’s hole, causing him to moan.

“You want my dick, country boy?” Kris asked

“Just put it in, Kris. Fuck me good.” Colt pleaded.

Kris smiled and pushed forward, sinking his dick inside Colt’s tight ass.

All the while Matt and Corey were over on another bench watching the whole thing unfold. It
had them so worked up they could hardly wait to start fucking each other. Matt had made sure
his ass was well lubed for the assault he knew it was about to take with Corey being so turned
on, and Corey, not knowing what was going to happen, broke with the norm when it came to sex
with him and Matt and had rolled a condom down over his dick, lubing it up good in the
presence of the others.

With Matt on his hands and knees on the bench, Corey pulled him to the edge so that he could
stand comfortably with Matt kneeling in front of him, lining his dick up with Matt’s hot hole.
Corey pushed forward and felt himself sliding into his boyfriend’s ass.

Corey grabbed hold of Matt’s hips and started moving back and forth, pushing his thick cock
deep inside Matt’s ass, bottoming out fully and rotating his hips to drive it home, before
pulling almost all of the way out and plunging back in.

On the other bench Kris was on his knees, hunched over Colt, moving his cock slowly in and out
of Colt’s ass. Colt was on his back, his legs wrapped around Kris’ waist, his arms clutching
at Kris’ back, his hands running up and down the hard muscles as their mouths met and their
tongues battled.

Scott’s cock had never been harder as he watched the two studs in Kris and Colt have sex.
Their union was so tender and loving, even passionate. They weren’t just fucking, Kris was
making love to Colt and it was so hot. Scott needed to do something to take care of his
throbbing cock, he had never been so turned on but he was also feeling kind of left out.

Seeing Matt on his hands and knees, his mouth hanging open with moans escaping his lips as
Corey pounded his ass, Scott got an idea and climbed up onto the bench. He moved forward and
as Corey thrust hard into Matt’s ass, Matt let out a groan of pleasure and Scott quickly
slipped the head of his dick into Matt’s mouth.

Matt was so caught up in the feelings Corey was creating in his ass, drilling him deep, and
from seeing Kris and Colt fuck the way they were, that he was overcome with desire and went to
work on Scott’s dick, feasting on the hard uncut cock.

Scott held on to a coat hook with one hand and with the other he placed it on the back of
Matt’s head, running his fingers through Matt’s hair and holding on as he started to move his
hips back and forth. As Corey thrust his thick dick into Matt’s ass, Scott thrust his into
Matt’s talented mouth.

Corey fucked Matt’s ass hard and fast but seeing him take Scott’s hot uncut cock in his mouth
made Corey envious so he leaned forward, pressing his chest against Matt’s back and moved his
head so he could lick along the length of Scott’s cock, sharing it with his boyfriend.

Scott couldn’t believe his eyes. Two hot lovers in Matt and Corey were not only fucking but
they were both sucking on his throbbing cock. Just a few feet away, Kris was still bent over
Colt with their tongues caressing each other as Kris moved his hips back and forth, fucking in
and out of Colt’s ass at a steady pace.

Suddenly Kris pulled back from Colt and pulled his dick out of Colt’s well worked hole. Colt
let out a groan, showing his displeasure, reaching for Kris’ cock, wanting it back inside him.

“Someone needs to fuck my ass,” Kris said, looking around at his four friends. They all
stopped what they were doing and turned to look at Kris to see if he was serious. “But I don’t
want it to happen in here, I want someone to fuck me out there in the weight room.”

Corey quickly pulled his dick out of Matt. “Hell, I’ll fuck your hot ass, Kris. I’m about the
only guy here who hasn’t fucked you yet. And since we’re alone in here I’ve got to admit I’ve
always kind of wanted to fuck someone in the weight room too, and who better than you? We both
spend so much time in there.”

“Great! Come on then!” Kris said, his hard dick throbbing as he pulled off his condom and
stepped up to Corey, pulling off his condom and planting a kiss on his lips before dragging
him out of the locker room by his thick cock.

Matt, Scott and Colt quickly followed, with Matt grabbing the box of condoms and the bottle of
lube. Entering the weight room they saw Corey positioning a large medicine ball on the floor
before turning to face Kris and motioning toward it.

Kris smiled and stepped up to share a passionate kiss with Corey, their tongues twirling
around each other. When Kris broke off he had the biggest smile on his face and bent down,
laying his hard stomach across the medicine ball and balancing on it with his ass pointing up
in the air directly in front of Corey.

Matt ripped open a condom wrapper and walked over to Corey, sliding the condom over his thick
cock. He opened the bottle of lube and liberally applied it to Corey, kissing him as he
stroked the cock that fucked him so often and was now going to fuck his best friend.

Matt reached down and slid his fingers up and down Kris’ crack, gently pushing his fingers
into the hot muscle ass. Kris moaned and turned his head, smiling when he saw Matt fingering
his ass, getting him ready for Corey’s thick dick.

“Oh shit, that feels good!” Kris screamed. “Get that thick cock over here and fuck me, Corey,
I need it bad!”

Corey smiled and his dick jumped, hearing the words from Kris. He walked over and pushed Matt
away from Kris so he could get access to Kris’ hot hole with his cock. He stepped up and
rubbed the head against Kris’ pucker and then pushed forward, stretching Kris wide as he
slipped inside.

“Fucking hell!” Kris screamed. “Holy shit, Corey! Your cock is so fucking thick! Take it easy
on me.”

Corey smiled, loving the feeling of Kris’ tight ass on his cock. He had wanted to fuck Kris
for a long time, ever since Kris had fucked his ass. He stopped pushing to let Kris get used
to the thickness of his cock and looked over to see Scott and Colt making out with each other.

Scott led Colt over to a nearby weight bench by his cock, kissing all the while. When the back
of Scott’s knees came in to contact with the bench he softly lowered himself, pulling Colt
with him, until he was laying on his back with Colt on top of him.

Scott wrapped his arms and legs around Colt as they continued to kiss. Their hard cocks rubbed
against each other.

“Fuck me, Colt.” Scott breathed into Colt’s ear, breaking the kiss.

Colt turned his head to look at Matt who smiled and handed him a condom. Colt pulled back and
ripped open the condom, rolling it down his hard veiny cock. Matt stepped forward to lube up
Colt’s dick and then Scott’s ass, lining the two up and pulling on Colt’s ass to push his dick
into Scott.

Colt pushed his entire dick into Scott in one swift move until he was balls deep. Scott
screamed out so Colt leaned in and placed his mouth over Scott’s to muffle the noise as Scott
got used to the dick in his ass.

Matt stood back and watched Colt and Scott make out as Colt started moving his hips back and
forth just a little, moving inside Scott, fucking him slowly. Then he turned his attention to
his boyfriend and his best friend.

Corey had almost all of his weight on Kris’ back, the two balanced over the medicine ball,
Corey pounding into Kris’ ass with hard, deep thrusts. Kris was moaning as Corey fucked his
ass, their flesh slapping against each other as Corey’s balls bounced off Kris’ ass.

“OOOO fuck me, Corey! Your thick cock feels so good inside me.” Kris screamed, trying to reach
an arm around behind him.

Corey bent forward, kissing the back of Kris’ neck and the side of his face. Kris turned his
head and their lips met, their tongues slipping into each other’s mouths.

On the weight bench Colt had pulled back and had Scott’s ankles in his hands, he was moving
back and forth rapidly, fucking in and out of Scott’s ass. With each inward thrust Scott
tightened his ass, squeezing Colt’s dick and making him fuck that much harder into Scott’s

Putting Scott’s legs on his shoulder, Colt leaned forward, lifting Scott’s ass up off the
bench to give him better access to the hot hole that was working his cock. He placed his arms
down on the bench and started pounding down into Scott.

Matt was stroking his leaking cock while watching his friends go at it. Corey and Kris were
caught up in each other and were in an awkward position so Matt turned his attention to Colt,
who, in the new position, had lifted his ass up giving Matt the perfect view of his puckered
entrance that seemed to open and close slightly with each thrust.

He licked his lips and moved until he was standing just behind Colt. He positioned his cock,
which was slick with precum, so that it was between Colt’s cheeks and as Colt thrust back and
forth into Scott, Matt’s dick slid up and down his crack.

Corey pulled his cock out of Kris’ ass and lifted Kris to his feet, pulling him into a hot
kiss. He took Kris’ hand and led him over to the leg press. Kris looked at Corey with
confusion until Corey sat down on the machine and pulled Kris forward so he was straddling his

Kris quickly got the idea and placed his feet on the footrests, lifting his ass so it was
positioned right above Corey’s thick cock and then he sat down, driving the full 6.5 inches
inside him.

“Oh fuck!” Kris screamed. “Your dick is so thick, Corey. I can feel it really stretching me,
no wonder Matt loves riding it.”

“Feels so good inside me,” Matt said from across the room.

“Fuck yeah, it does,” Kris said, lifting himself up so he could start to ride Corey’s cock.

With Matt’s cock sliding up and down the crack of his ass Colt felt the desire to have it
inside him. He was still feeling the after effects of Kris’ cock having been buried in his
ass. It was almost like an itch and he needed something to scratch it.

Colt slowed down his pace on Scott until he eased to a stop. Scott looked up, the
disappointment on his face clear. Matt had stopped when Colt did and was just standing behind

“Oh Matt, I need your dick inside me,” Colt moaned.

“For real?” Matt asked.

“Yeah, I want to get fucked and it might as well be by the biggest dick here.” Colt said,
laying his head back on Matt’s shoulder and turning it to kiss him.

“I wanna see this…” Scott said as Colt pulled out of his ass with a pop.

Scott scrambled out from under Colt, who got up onto his hands and knees on the weight bench.
With Colt’s ass still well lubricated from Kris fucking him, Matt simply grabbed a condom,
slid it on and pressed the tip against Colt’s ass.

Colt moaned and waited for Matt to push his big dick into his ass, but it didn’t happen so
Colt took over and pushed his ass back, forcing Matt’s big dick to spread his hole wide as it
popped inside.

Colt screamed out and gripped the weight bench as pain shot through his body. Matt didn’t
move, Colt’s body started to spasm with the pain, squeezing Matt’s dick with his ass muscles,
almost making Matt cum before he’d even got fully inside Colt’s ass. Matt knew that he didn’t
need to move either, because when Colt was ready he would start to move and would fuck himself
on Matt’s big dick, which was when Matt could take over himself.

Colt was panting hard waiting to get used to the feeling of Matt’s dick in his ass, even
though he had been fucked by Kris earlier, when he felt Scott’s bare dick rubbing against his
lips. He opened wide and took Scott’s cock into his mouth, using his tongue to caress the
head, loving the feeling of the uncut cock in his mouth.

As he started to focus on the dick between his lips Colt began to forget about the cock in his
ass and his muscles relaxed allowing Matt to push in deeper and deeper until all of his big
cock was buried inside Colt, who was moaning around Scott’s dick.

Over on the leg press, Kris had his feet on the footrest and his hands on the top of the
backrest, lifting up his bodyweight, pulling his ass off Corey’s cock until just the head
remained inside him and then lowering his ass back down, impaling himself on Corey’s thick

Corey held on to Kris’ ass, pulling apart his cheeks and thrusting up slightly as Kris sat
down, driving his dick that much harder and deeper into Kris’ tight ass.

“Fuck me, Corey!” Kris screamed.

Corey smiled and hooked his arms under Kris’ knees. He used all his strength to stand up, his
dick never leaving Kris’ ass, and carried him across the room to the second weight bench. He
laid Kris down on his back and pushed his legs toward his chest, moving his dick in and out of
Kris’ ass again to slowly fuck him.

Kris turned his head to the side and caught his first glimpse of Colt being spit roasted by
Scott and Matt. Kris moaned and put his hand on Corey’s head, turning it to look at the action
on the other weight bench.

Colt’s head bobbed up and down, sucking Scott’s cock. He had propped himself up on one hand so
that with his other he could stroke the base of Scott’s cock, working the top three inches
with his lips and tongue.

Matt slowly thrust his big dick in and out of Colt’s ass, using his whole cock to long dick
Colt. He had taken his time on Colt’s tight ass, pushing in gently until he bottomed out,
knowing that while Colt wasn’t a virgin to getting his ass fucked, Matt’s dick was a good inch
longer than Kris’ and could have been tough to handle. Taking it easy on Colt meant that pain
was limited and Colt had soon started pushing his ass back on Matt’s cock, fucking himself on
the big dick, so Matt took hold of Colt’s hips and started meeting the backward movements with
his own forward thrusts.

Colt was almost delirious. He couldn’t believe how horny he was. He had already been fucked by
Kris, though not to completion, and now he was on his hands and knees with Scott’s cock in his
mouth and Matt’s dick in his ass, but he loved every second of it and wanted to do the best
job he could in pleasing his friends so he started to squeeze his ass tighter on Matt’s cock.

Matt felt the muscles squeeze his cock, making him moan and sending a jolt of electricity
through his body, pushing him to the verge of orgasm. He pulled his dick completely out of
Colt and flipped him over onto his back, Scott’s dick being yanked from his mouth. With Colt
on his back, Matt pulled him to the edge of the weight bench, pushed Colt’s legs up onto his
shoulders and sank his dick back inside the tight ass.

Scott was disappointed when Matt had pulled Colt off his cock because Colt’s mouth was
amazing, he couldn’t believe how good a cocksucker Colt was. Standing back watching Matt sink
his dick back into Colt had Scott’s cock throbbing, especially when he looked over to the
other bench and saw that Corey had Kris in exactly the same position, the two boyfriends
fucking the supposed straight best friends in the weight room of the Rec.

Scott was so turned on he needed to get someone back on his cock. Seeing Kris with his head
turned so he could watch Matt go to work on Colt’s ass, drilling him hard and deep, making
Colt whimper, all the while having his own ass fucked by Corey’s thick cock, Scott walked over
and pressed the head of his dick against Kris’ lips.

Kris quickly opened up his mouth, licking the head with his tongue, tasting the precum that
flowed from Scott’s slit. He was hungry. Corey’s cock felt so good moving through him, stretching
his ass and rubbing right against his spot, and seeing Matt fuck Colt was one of the hottest
things he had ever seen, so sucking Scott’s hot uncut cock just added to his pleasure.

“Oh fuck… oh fuck… of fuck!” Colt panted as Matt continued to fuck his ass with all of his 8 inch

Hearing Colt’s pleasure and seeing the evidence of it in his smiling face and his raging hard
boner that was slapping against his abs as Matt continued to fuck him had Matt right back on the
edge. Glancing over to see his hot boyfriend fucking his thick cock in and out of his hot best
friend, who was also sucking Scott’s cock like a starving baby feeding on a bottle, and feeling
the squeeze of Colt’s tight ass around his cock got Matt’s balls tingling and he couldn’t hold

He pulled his dick out of Colt’s ass with a pop and ripped off the condom, dropping it to the
floor. He moved up, straddling Colt’s chest and jerked his cock quickly as Colt lifted his head
and opened his mouth. It wasn’t long before Matt let out a scream that echoed around the Rec
Centre, his balls churning and his hard cock shooting thick ropes of cum all over Colt’s chest
and face, two shots even landing in Colt’s open mouth.

Matt felt drained and bent down to rest with his chest against Colt’s, leaning in to lick some of
the cum from Colt’s face, which he then fed to his hot friend as they made out.

Colt was so lost in his lip lock with Matt that it took him a moment to register that someone was
lifting his legs up onto their shoulders. Before he could say anything in protest, his mouth
still full of Matt’s tongue, he felt the cock break through his sphincter and slip inside him.

He broke the kiss with a moan and looked up into Matt’s eyes. Then he turned his head and saw
that Corey still had Kris on his back, fucking him hard with Kris almost bent in half. That only
left one person who could be slowly fucking his own ass; Scott.

When Matt slowly slid from on top of Colt’s body to the floor, Colt could finally look up into
the smiling face of Scott who was fucking his ass with quick stabbing thrusts.

Colt couldn’t believe how the day had gone. When they had been bored and had decided to spend
some time in the Rec he didn’t think it would be his ass getting a workout from three of his
friends’ cocks. It made him feel like some kind of whore, but it also gave him such a thrill, so
much so that he felt himself nearing his climax.

“Oh yeah, that’s it, Corey, right there. Fuck my ass!” Kris screamed as Corey pushed him even
further backward so only his shoulders and neck were on the weight bench as his ass got pummelled
by the thick cock that was driving down into him from above.

Corey fucked Kris as hard as he could, being much rougher with him than he ever was with Matt,
not only knowing that Kris could take it but soon realising that Kris actually liked it. When
Kris gave up his ass to another man it seemed to Corey as if he wanted to be owned, to make him
feel like a bitch at the complete mercy of the man fucking him, so that is exactly what Corey
gave to him and they both loved it.

Matt had barely recovered from his own incredible orgasm when he saw Colt’s chest heaving and his
abs tightening, knowing that he was about to blow. When Matt licked his lips at the thought he
could taste his own cum from licking it off Colt’s face and suddenly had a craving for more.

Moving over to Colt, Matt bent down and kissed him again, trying to taste the cum in Colt’s mouth
and licking his face for more, but it wasn’t enough. Matt licked his lips again and kissed down
Colt’s body until he reached the cock, taking it into his mouth and using his tongue to work the
head as Scott continued to fuck Colt’s ass.

“HOLY SHIT!” Colt screamed, arching his back and bucking his hips up into Matt’s willing mouth.
His cock exploded, flooding Matt’s mouth with cum but Matt just smiled around Colt’s cock,
sucking down the warm cum spewing from his friend’s dick.

As his orgasm ended, Colt collapsed back against the weight bench, completely spent. During the
orgasm his ass had been squeezing Scott’s cock, massaging it, milking it so good that Scott knew
he was about to blow. He pulled out of Colt, ripped off the condom and just as Matt pulled his
head up off Colt’s cock, Scott shoved his inside Matt’s mouth and unloaded torrent after torrent
of cum into Matt’s sucking mouth.

Corey still pounded Kris’ ass as they both watched Matt sucking the loads from Colt and Scott’s
cocks like a cum hungry slut. Corey looked down at Kris and they smiled at each other. Corey
lowered Kris down until he was on his back again and gently removed his cock from Kris’ well
fucked hole.

Corey pulled off the condom and tossed it aside, stepping up next to Scott, who pulled his
sensitive cock out of Matt’s mouth after it had expelled its load and was completely spent. Matt
didn’t even hesitate in taking his boyfriend’s throbbing cock into his mouth, deep throating it
and revelling in the fact that he knew it had just been fucking Kris.

Taking a fistful of Matt’s hair, Corey planted his feet on the ground and started thrusting
forward, fucking his boyfriend’s face like he was nothing but a common whore. Fucking Kris the
way he had and then seeing Matt taking those loads had turned him on so much that all he wanted
to do was cum and it would be down Matt’s hot, talented throat.

As the head of Corey’s cock slipped into Matt’s throat, he felt a trace of Scott’s cum still
lingering on his tongue so he tried to swallow it and in doing so the muscles in his throat
wrapped themselves around Corey’s cock and it erupted down Matt’s throat.

Corey managed to pull back slightly, feeling a little faint as the orgasm overcame him. It was
one of the most powerful orgasms of his young life and he couldn’t believe how good it felt.

Matt hungrily swallowed his boyfriend’s load, glad that Corey had pulled back because he just
loved the taste of his cum. While some people would turn to alcohol, weed or hardcore drugs as
their chosen addictions, it was Corey’s sperm that drove Matt crazy.

Only when he was sure he had every drop from Corey’s cock did Matt pull back. He looked around at
Colt, Scott and Corey to see the looks of total satisfaction on their faces. He smiled himself
and then felt a hand on the back of his head.

“Don’t think you’re done yet,” Kris said, pulling Matt toward him as he lay back on the weight
bench. “Your boyfriend just fucked me good but I still haven’t cum and since you’ve eaten your
own load off Colt’s face and then taken all of their loads, I think it’s only fair you take

Matt smiled, crawling closer, taking Kris’ hard, throbbing cock into his mouth. The second the
first drop of Kris’ precum hit his tongue he was like a man possessed, he needed to taste the
real prize, he needed to suck the cum out of Kris’ balls.

Matt was so worked up he held nothing back, deep throating Kris’ hard dick, using his hands to
play with Kris’ balls and slipping a finger back into his ass. Kris could do nothing but writhe
around on the leather weight bench as he was delirious with pleasure.

With a final scream, Kris grabbed hold of Matt’s head, forced his entire dick into Matt’s mouth
and started what seemed like an endless orgasm as his cock pulsed inside Matt’s mouth, sending
wave after wave of cum into Matt’s mouth and throat.

So much cum shot from Kris’ dick that Matt had trouble swallowing it all, but he kept his lips
wrapped around the shaft and kept sucking and swallowing. When he was sure he had it all he
collapsed back onto the floor with a huge grin on his face.

His four friends stared down at him and started laughing.

“Damn, and you guys call me a whore!” Scott laughed.

“That’s one hell of a boyfriend you’ve got yourself there, Corey,” Colt smiled.

“Too fucking right, the best there is,” Corey beamed.

“I guess we’d better get moving soon,” Kris said. “We’ve been here over an hour after closing

“Shit! You’re right,” Corey said, “and I haven’t signed out yet, so I just got paid for fucking
your ass, Kris.”

“Hell, I wish I could get paid for fucking!” Colt laughed.

“We all do,” Scott joined in the laughter.

“And I guess I should be thanking Matt too,” Corey said.

“Why’s that?” Kris asked.

“Well, he swallowed all the cum, that’s one less thing I’ve got to clean up!”


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