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It was nearing 2 am on Friday with Corey and I almost asleep. My phone began ringing with a familiar
ringtone and startled both of us. I heard his voice and went to the door. 

“Damn, it is good to see you,” Kris said with a big smile.

“It is. We didn’t have to wait two months this time,” I said, with Corey right behind me.

“Colt, did you just wake up?” Corey asked. I had noticed Colt looked like he had just woken up.

“Ride four fucking hours with this joker…” Colt said.

“He scares the shit out of me so I rarely slept,” I chuckled.

We exchanged hugs after I shut the door. They threw their bags down on the floor before Kris walked
over to our fridge. 

“Someone stocked up,” Kris said, peering inside.

“Someone knew who was coming,” Corey said.

Kris came walking out holding four beers in his hand so I knew it wasn’t going to be a short visit
despite the late hour. 

“How was your game?” Corey asked Kris. Colt quickly bust out laughing.

“We lost,” Kris replied. 

“Lost?” Colt laughed.

“Okay, we got our asses handed to us,” Kris said. “Honestly, we lack talent but the freshman team is
doing pretty good.”

“I did go Thursday and see that. You should see Kris on the sidelines,” Colt said. “Remember our
intermural games? Let’s just say he’s not so much in charge as he is their cheerleader.”

“Asshole, it’s my job to pat them on the back and keep them fired up,” Kris said, taking a long drink.

“I know he loves it so there’s nothing wrong with that,” I said.

“We saw the new ride,” Colt said. “When did you get that big scratch along the side?”

“What?” Corey asked loudly with his eyes getting big. I thought he was going to jump up and run
outside to take a look. 

Kris nearly spewed his beer across the room with him and Colt laughing as hard as ever. “Bro, we had
to give you a little hell over it. There’s no big scratch.”

I took a drink and swallowed. “You had me there for a minute.”

“Me too. I almost shit my pants,” Corey said, allowing himself to chuckle even though I could tell his
heart was still racing.

Despite the late hour everything seemed right with the world with Kris and Colt here for two nights.
It didn’t matter that we had plans for Saturday we just wanted to enjoy the fact we were back
together. They were happy in their lives, with Colt saying his job was getting better by the day. 

When the time came for us to head off to bed, Kris grabbed me unexpectedly. He kissed me hard on the
lips before running his tongue around my mouth. I was stunned but enjoyed sharing this nice kiss while
Corey and Colt were doing the same. Once the long kisses were broken, we smiled at each other. I
grabbed Colt for a long kiss while Corey and Kris did the same.

“Bros, is there any doubt we still love each other?” Kris asked.

“Fuck no,” Corey replied. “I knew I did.”

“I did too,” I said with a big smile, putting my arm around Corey.

We separated, with Corey and me going to our room. The surprise of the night may have been that we
stayed clothed the entire time. We undressed and got in bed together.

“I’m kind of tired,” Corey said, lying on his back.

“Alright, I get the hint. I am too,” I said and kissed him. We kissed passionately before I curled up
next to Corey with him turning and holding me close to his hard naked body.

I was just about asleep, with Corey already sleeping, breathing softly on my neck, when I heard the
bed in the guest room beginning to squeak. The squeaking continued and was steady so there was no
doubt Kris and Colt were fucking in the other room. I smiled knowing they still had feelings for each
other and enjoyed sex together. My cock did get hard and I was so tempted to wake Corey and fuck him
but I forewent waking him and soon drifted off to sleep.

My body clock had me opening my eyes much earlier than I wanted to, with our alarm set for 9 so we
could leave by 10. My legs hit the floor and headed to the bathroom. I went out and tossed four empty
beer bottles in the trash before sitting on the couch naked with my laptop. Soon I heard footsteps
coming down the hall and saw a muscle bound Kris walking naked to me. He came and sat next to me and
threw his big tattooed arm around my bare shoulder.

I looked at him and smiled. “I know what you did last night.”

“I think that’s the title to some horror movie, bro, but last night was no horror,” he said. “Colt
fucked me and I really loved it.”

“I can see and heard you did,” I said. “I hope it won’t cause trouble.”

“Melissa is fucking great so it won’t be any problem. She knew lately I had desired to be with a guy.
I just can’t shake that desire. I think Colt was the same so we had great fucking sex and loved it.”

I smiled and kissed his cheek, “Okay. I just didn’t want any problems to come up over a night or
weekend with Colt.”

“Bro, I realize how lucky I am and Colt realizes the same. They both knew going into this shit what we
were. It’s the first time in what seemed like forever that I’ve been with a guy. You know how you love
the same food and will eat it all the time? Well… I love the same food but occasionally like to have
something different to change things up. You, however, will continue to have the same thing over and

I chuckled, “A very unique analogy but it makes sense in an odd way. Then again I should be used to
that shit by now.”

“I know,” Kris said. “Fuck bro, I miss seeing you. I know we talk all the time but that doesn’t keep
me from missing you and Corey. I knew without a doubt you’d be so happy together and would make it
just fine without me. I miss not being here and wish I saw how happy you two were when you bought your
car. I know I could have prevented your little spat.”

“Kris, I miss you too. We’ve done great together. But honestly, I think Corey and I needed this
separation to cement our relationship. We can’t run off to you or Colt with our problems and have to
work them out together. Our little spat was the best thing that has happened to me and got me steered
in the right direction. There are no excuses for why I can’t get my stuff done before he gets home. A
few times I have needed to look over something but I do so in a timely fashion.”

“Corey is still getting enough of your big dick though?” Kris said and touched it.

“He is, but he’s getting more than my dick. He’s getting me and I get him. Sex is a punctuation of our
love for each other, usually done nightly,” I replied with a big smile.

“Horniest motherfucker I know,” Kris laughed.

“No more than you were last night,” I laughed. 

“True, so very fucking true, bro. Damn, did I say how much I loved having a hard dick in my mouth and
in my ass?”

“I do too,” I said.

Kris and I sat with his arm around me. We talked and talked until I deemed it was time for us to eat
and start getting ready for our day at the amusement park. I began cooking with Kris going to get
Corey and Colt up. Just about the time he went to get them, they came down the hall together, naked,
with Colt showing that he was getting hair on his chest and stomach. While Kris and I were chatting,
Colt sat on the sofa with Corey and talked with him. 

“Bro, Matt heard us fucking last night,” Kris said while I was starting the omelets.

“He’s heard us before. Blame me if you want to blame anyone. I missed fucking Kris’s tight ass and boy
was it ever tight,” Colt stated.

“He just wondered how our girls would take it,” Kris said with Corey coming to give me a kiss and help

“Ummm… I dropped a hint or two before I left that I might need a good night with Kris. It was a
fucking great night,” Colt said. “I have zero regrets about it since we know without a single doubt
who we are.”

“You’re bi as fuck,” Corey laughed. “Did you miss it?”

“I did,” Colt replied quickly. “Faith is okay sucking dick but damn Kris hasn’t forgot how to suck

“You haven’t either,” Kris said and kissed Colt.

“Maybe your girls could get dildos and fuck your asses… just a thought,” I said.

“Not a bad one at all,” Kris stated.

“It could be weird but worth a try,” Colt said with a big smile. “It could add something to our sex

“I hate to bring up a sore subject but how’s Chase doing now?” Corey asked.

“He’s doing okay now and has really accepted the fact he’s gonna be a father,” Colt replied. “My mom
is actually getting excited about it. I think in a few weeks she’ll know what she’s having. Chase has
been talking to her and starting to realize the fact it is his child as well and something he’ll be
responsible for. I also think it has calmed his ass down, plus he’s starting to see how much work
college demands of him.”

“I know Chase and the mom won’t be together but I hope they do what’s best for him and the child,” I

“Me too. I know how tough it is on a kid not having a real Dad, though Larry did his best,” Corey
stated while I finished.

We sat down together like we did a lot in college, with no clothes. It was hard getting in a word with
all the talking going on. Once we finished, we hurried to get ready knowing that Scott, Seth, Bruce
and Shawn would be waiting on us. Seth had found discount coupons so the price wouldn’t be so bad,
especially with everyone splitting the cost.

When the time came, we were ready thanks to quick showers. The four weren’t exactly waiting on us.
Kris and Colt greeted them with big hugs, including one for Seth. Scott and Seth were dating and
sleeping together pretty much nightly now. 

Kris and Colt were very impressed with our new car and loved it. Corey got the privilege of driving so
I could interact with Kris and Colt in the back seat. The closer we got the more excited Corey was,
with Kris getting excited as well. 

We parked and headed to the front gate with it being close to eleven. My camera and phone were stored
in my pocket to capture our day and add to my collection of memories. 

“Bros, I don’t know why we waited so long to come here,” Kris stated after we passed through the
gates. We agreed splitting admissions was fair thus we ended up paying about twenty dollars for the

“When did we have time?” Scott asked.

“Summers,” Colt replied.

We saw a map of the park and began planning our attack. To begin the day off right we headed to one of
the smaller coasters. There was a short wait before boarding the old wooden coaster. Corey was all
smiles when it came our turn. We jumped in and buckled up. Corey reached in front of him and grabbed
the bar. 

“No hands,” Kris shouted behind us.

I looked at Corey and laughed. He moved his hands just before we left the station. As with most
coasters we began the slow trek to the top of the first and tallest hill. I quickly snapped a picture
of his face while we climbed the hill. At the top, the coaster began to take off. Corey didn’t know
how to react at first with our stomachs coming up to our throats. Up and down we went with some banked
curves and great speed. I could hear the others screaming and laughing while Corey was adjusting. Near
the end, he seemed to relax and enjoy it.

We exited the coaster.

“How’d you like that?” Shawn asked Corey.

“It was great,” Corey replied. “That was a great one to start on. I’m ready for more.”

We began walking and found another ride to jump on. It was swings and rather tame but having eight of
us made it fun.  We walked around and went to find the next coaster.  

We rode every roller coaster they had working that day, including going on some twice. It was a full
day of fun with eight young guys enjoying every minute we were at the large park. We said it was for
Corey but it ended with all of us having a great time and acting like kids while we could.

The adult part came after we left and headed to a brew pub that Seth recommended to enjoy a few cold
ones and continue to enjoy each other’s company. The pub had lots of great beers on tap for us to
sample along with some much needed food since the prices were a little high at the park.

“What a day with great friends,” Kris stated, holding up his mug of dark beer. “I loved every second
of it.”

“We all did,” Shawn said before we toasted each other with our heavy full mugs.

“Now Corey can say he’s been,” Scott stated and took a drink.

“I sure can and can’t wait to go back. I doubt I’ll have as much fun if y’all don’t go with us again,”
Corey stated.

“I’m just glad Kris and I didn’t drive over for one day and leave,” Colt said.

“We knew you’d stay,” Bruce said.

“Well bros, we almost didn’t. I’m glad we did. Now, we expect to see your asses at the next game,
especially you Bruce,” Kris said before we ordered some food.

“I’ll be there,” Bruce stated.

“Seth, you’re expected too,” Kris said.

“I’ll try and see if Scott will bring me,” Seth said with a smile.

We ordered and waited on our food while drinking the great, tasty beer. The stories were about the
rides and thrills we had just enjoyed. Once the food arrived, we continued to talk and saw what a
great place this was to do so. 

I had to drive us after Corey decided to have three big mugs to keep up with Shawn, Bruce, Kris and
Colt, while I only had one beer. They were a little loud on the short drive but it was music to my
ears hearing them laughing and talking shit.

Once home, Kris and Colt bid the other four farewell since everyone had had a long tiring day at the
park. Once the door was closed to our apartment, Kris threw off his clothes. Colt, Corey and I
followed his lead and undressed to sit around nude.

Kris was nodding his head, “Bros, things are the way they should be right now.”

“More like how they used to be,” Colt said before going for another beer in our fridge.

“Things will never be the same, Kris. I’d love ‘em to be but you and Colt now have your lives while
Corey and I are making our own way,” I said and sat with Corey.

“You’re right, but I can dream,” Kris said and took the beer from Colt. “One day… one day we’ll be
back together all the time. I can just feel it.”

“Kris, we say that shit while we’re here, then the real world comes when we go back to our girls,”
Colt said. “Time marches on…”

“And waits for no one,” Corey stated. 

“True. I love my job and love Melissa. Matt did the right thing when he took this job here. It allowed
each one of us to establish our own way in life without having the other one to lean on. Today did
show how we still are tight as fuck though,” Kris said.

“It did. That part will hopefully never change no matter how many years pass. Each one of us are
making it just fine now,” I said and patted my chest. “Every day I look in the mirror I’m reminded of
two other people that have meant the world to me and continue to mean so much to me. I love both of
you so very much,” I said.

“I agree. Matt and I are making those steps just like y’all are for a better life,” Corey said. “I
love you both. No way in the world would I be sitting here with Matt without both of you in my life.”

“Damn, are we dying or what here?” Colt asked. 

“Fuck you, bro,” Kris said and slapped Colt’s arm. 

“I think it’s great we’re sharing this now rather than at that moment. Then it’s too late,” I said.
“We do sound like we’re fucking 50 years old.”

“I guess we do,” Kris said.

We changed subjects and talked about how well our football had been doing. It was a pleasant surprise
to each of us since we were expecting a down year after Ted, Luke and Myles had graduated. Kris spoke
with great pride about how much he enjoyed his job and the different characters he encountered while
teaching and coaching. 

“Colt, how are you and your dad doing?” Corey asked after we talked about our parents.

“You know, we have spoken for a few minutes,” Colt replied. “It’s so hard talking to him. I try to let
it go that he fucked around on Mom but I can’t because it hurt me and Chase just as much.”

“My advice is, don’t wait until it’s too late,” I said. “Find some common ground and avoid the bad
stuff if you can. I feel your pain and saw it, but he is your only Dad. As much as mine wasn’t a major
part of my life I hate that he’s gone where I can’t share things with him. I too was stubborn and
highly protective of my Mom.”

“I know,” Colt said. “I’ll keep that in mind and remember how it was for you.”

We sat around for a little while longer. We stood to head to grab some sleep and other things. Kris
came up and put his arm me. “Bro, I’d kill for one night again with you.”

I laughed, “Colt, you better watch out.”

“Bro, I’m serious. Corey, with your permission…” Kris said.

“How about mine?” I asked.

“Yours as well, I’d enjoy a night with you, Matt,” Kris said.

“Sounds okay with me,” Corey said. “Colt?”

“I don’t care at all,” Colt replied.

“I know how you and Matt still are today. If we aren’t able to handle one night of fun with our best
buds then we need to reconsider shit around here,” Corey stated.

“Okay then, I don’t guess one night will hurt a thing,” I conceded.

“Great. Bros, keep it down in there,” Kris winked.

“We’ll try like hell,” Colt smiled.

Corey kissed me before I went to the guest room with Kris. Kris grabbed some condoms from their
suitcase and handed them to Colt before he shut the door and pulled me in for a deep kiss with his
hands going all over my body.

“Corey’s the luckiest motherfucker alive. He gets to have fucking sex with your ass every night,” Kris

“Melissa is just as lucky to me,” I said and kissed him again, this time showing him the passion I
could give. 

“This wasn’t really my plan but I figured what the hell,” he said when we broke apart to catch our

“Okay. I guess Corey and I could use a night’s break,” I said and kissed him again, moving one hand up
to grip his blond hair and the other down to squeeze his incredible ass.

When we broke apart, Kris put his hand on the side of my face and leaned his head in so our foreheads
were touching. We were both panting with our chests going up and down. I looked straight into his
amazing blue eyes and saw a love in them that was different to what I usually saw in Corey’s eyes but
that still sent a chill through my body and down to my dick, making it pulse as it grew.

Kris moved his lips back to mine and gently kissed them twice with both of our mouths closed. Just as
he was about to pull back he took my bottom lip between his teeth and tugged on it a little, making me

He put his hand on the side of my neck, pushing his thumb up under my chin to tilt my head backwards.
The move exposed my neck and he leaned in to kiss it, holding me still as he softly brushed his lips
against my skin. When he found the spot that always drives me wild, he nuzzled in and used his tongue
to tease it, causing me to whimper and cling onto his hard body.

“OOOO fuck, Kris,” I whispered, barely able to speak. He had me so turned on that my dick seemed to be
twitching in time with my heartbeat.

He had a beautiful smile on his face as he looked back into my eyes and kissed my mouth again. Before
I could do anything else he bent down, travelling down my naked body with his lips after the short
kiss. His tongue slipped out of his mouth as he traced the initials I had tattooed on my chest and
then moved on to suck on my nipples. I gripped onto his hair as he continued down, stopping to lick my
abs before letting his wet tongue make it to my hard cock that kept brushing against his chin.

He paused and looked up at me as he wrapped his hand around my cock and lifted it up, giving it a few
strokes before he began licking it while I was on the edge of the bed. His tongue felt so good going
up and down my shaft while it hardened even more, growing to its full 8 inches.

When my cock was glistening with his spit he dropped down and licked my balls, sucking each one into
his mouth and bathing them with his tongue. They left his mouth with a pop and he licked all the way
back up my shaft, taking the head of my dick in his mouth. He moaned a little while I was leaned back
on my elbows. 

He sucked in a few inches, bobbing up and down, and stopped, “Damn, what a fucking dick!” 

He licked his lips and continued to suck me, trying to take more every time he plunged his head down
on my dick. His hands started massaging my stomach, his fingers caressing my abs, while he moved
slowly up and down, using his lips and tongue to pleasure me. My head was spinning with his mouth
doing wonders to my rock hard 8 inches. I leaned up when he began licking all over my cock, looking up
into my eyes as he feasted on me. He took a hand and put it at the base, gently using his fingers to
stroke me as he returned the head to his mouth. He attacked my cock and made me feel so good. 

“OOOO Kris,” I moaned repeatedly until having him stop since I didn’t want to blow. 

He stood up and kissed me before I flipped him over and began worshipping his taut body. It was
similar to Corey’s but still such a delight doing so. I loved the feel of his hard muscles under my
fingers and against my lips as I kissed my way over his tanned skin. I took my time going over his
awesome abs, licking them just like I did with Corey’s and enjoying that I got the same reaction from
Kris as I did from my boyfriend. He was gripping the sheets and his dick was really throbbing.

I took his hard cock in my hand and bathed it with my tongue, sliding up and down the shaft, getting
every inch of it wet and glistening with my spit. His hands moved onto the back of my head while I
licked all over. He was guiding me to where he wanted me to lick without ever putting pressure on me.
I placed my hands on his big thighs, feeling the light blond hairs covering them under my slightly
sweaty palms. My lips parted and let his cock slide between them. The taste of his precum hit my
tongue immediately as I swirled it around the head. He gasped and pressed his hands into my hair. 

“Fuck yeah!” Kris said and I felt his dick jerk between my lips.

I began sucking his cock and enjoyed having it in my mouth. I’d grown used to sucking Corey’s fatter
dick so it seemed like I could suck Kris with such ease even though his was still an impressive 7 inch
dick. It had been a while since we had enjoyed sex together. Every so often wouldn’t hurt much between
me and Corey since we loved Kris and Colt and the next time we did have sex it would make us want each
other that much more after the little break. My mouth moved up and down with Kris moaning loudly. He
began pushing on my head, forcing his cock down my throat. It didn’t bother me and was a joy to deep
throat his nice cock. It slid into my throat easily and I felt Kris’s legs rise off the bed a little
every time he gripped my hair and thrust up into my mouth. I looked up as saw that he had his head
thrown back with his mouth open, moaning continuously as he humped up into my face.

He pulled me off and lifted me up under my arms until we were face to face. He looked into my eyes and
whispered, “I wanna fuck you.”

“I want you to fuck me too, Kris,” I said, feeling the desperate urge to have him inside me.

He reached over and quickly grabbed a condom while I got back down on the bed. He tore open the
package and I took it from him, giving his dick a few strokes before I slid it on his hard cock. He
took the lube and smeared it on my ass, getting it nice and slick for his cock, before sliding his
finger inside of me. He seemed to be playing around a little, sliding his finger back and forth,
corkscrewing it slightly and flicking it just enough to catch my prostate. It seemed like he was
making the most of the opportunity having not fucked an ass in quite some time. He lubed up his cock
and put my legs on his big rounded shoulders. 

With my legs high he gripped onto my ankles and looked down at me. His eyes never left mine as he bent
his legs slightly, moving his dick into position, letting the tip kiss against my ass as it twitched
feeling his hard cock wanting to enter. I relaxed and opened up, letting my head fall back as my fists
gripped the sheets and I felt his cock slide inside me.

“OOOO fuck me, Kris,” I moaned, feeling him move deeper into me.

“I’m gonna fuck this hot ass and show you how much I miss you,” he said, still pushing further into

He went as deep as he could and I moaned when I felt the skin on his hips touching my ass, knowing he
was buried almost completely inside of me. We still stared into each other’s eyes as he ground his
hips against mine and made sure I felt his whole length. It felt so good and I could feel my ass
clenching, squeezing his dick almost in time with my heartbeat.

He pulled back slowly and then pushed his cock deep inside me again. I moaned and loved the pleasure
he was giving me as he long-dicked me. He might have just been going slow because he wanted me to get
used to his invasion or because my ass was so tight around his cock and he was used to fucking
Melissa’s pussy, but whatever it was I loved the fact that I could really feel him as he pulled out of
me and then pushed back in. 

“OOOO fuck me, Kris. Fuck my ass,” I moaned.

He looked in my eyes again, making sure I was serious, and then he smiled as he gave me what I wanted.
He bent over slightly, lifting my ass up off the bed to give him better access and then he quickly
went to work, picking up the pace so he was soon fucking me pretty hard. Our skin was slapping
together and echoing off the walls. We were breathing hard as ever while he was fucking me, pushing my
legs back even more so he could hammer down into my ass. His dick slipped out more than once but he
didn’t miss a beat and just kept thrusting until he plunged back inside me and continued fucking me. 

I was panting so hard from the incredible fucking he was giving me when he pulled his cock completely
out of me. I groaned, feeling empty, but he just put his hands on my hips and turned me over so I was
on my hands and knees. With my ass hanging over the edge of the bed, he grabbed his dick, rammed it
back inside me and started fucking me doggie style.

He held onto my hips as he drove his dick into me and pulled me back onto his cock, forcing the whole
length inside me. It felt so good that I arch my back and started humping backwards, trying to shove
my ass hard and further onto his cock. He felt like he was getting so deep and it was such a thrill.

With me now fucking myself on his cock, pushing back to impale myself, Kris still thrust forward to
meet me but his hands left my hips and were travelling all over my back and ass. I felt him caressing
me like he wanted to memorise the way my body felt. We were both moaning from the feelings of his dick
in my ass when I felt a harsh slap on my ass as he spanked me. It felt so good and my dick was leaking
so much precum it was dripping down onto the sheets.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get better, Kris pushed me further onto the bed and climbed on
behind me, never letting his cock fall from my ass. He moved and crawled up onto my back, pushing his
dick in deep. He resumed fucking me, crouching over me as he drilled my ass. His hands we all over me
again, first going up and down my back before he leaned down and pressed his chest against my back,
wrapping his arms around my body so he could feel my pecs and abs, all the while thrusting deep into
me. He kissed my neck and made his cock jerk inside me before leaning back.

“OOOO fuck Matt, I’m gonna fucking blow!” he shouted. He pulled out quickly and shed the condom. I
felt his cum spraying all over my back while hearing his deep groans of pleasure.

When he came down from his orgasm, he wiped off my back and turned me over. He looked me in the eyes
again with a massive grin on his face as he grabbed my hard cock and started jacking me off. It didn’t
take long before it was time to blow my load after he had made me feel so good when he was fucking me.
He moved his head near my cock and took my load on his face. When I finished shooting he slapped my
cock against his cheek and had me begging him to stop because I was so sensitive. He rose up to look
at me again, another grin on his face that was now dripping with my cum. I licked a few drops off
before wiping off the rest. He grabbed me and threw into the center of the bed.

“I wish I’d lasted so much longer,” he said with me reeling.

“I still loved it,” I said.

“I know I don’t compare to Corey but I tried.”

“You did. Corey and I have something different, but you and I still have something very special
between us and we always will.”

“I fucking love showing it to your ass sexually.”

“I do too,” I said.

Kris and I lay together until the bliss of great sex had faded. 

“Normally after I fuck Melissa it’s off to sleep I go…”

“Same with Corey,” I said.

“I would love it if we laid here and talked. You know, like we used to do,” Kris said.

“I’d love it,” I said with a big smile.

“Can you believe the fact that you and Corey are inching that much closer to being a real couple?”

“I can’t, but I think we are a real couple,” I laughed. “What more do we need to do?”

“Get married,” Kris said.

“That can wait, though I would right now,” I said. “We’ve talked about it and both are about ready.
What more needs to happen to show us we’re meant for each other and should be hitched? How about you
and Melissa?”

“Bro, the thought has entered my head. I’ve said I wanted to live with someone for a while before
tying the knot but I see the allure of marriage. It’s something you just can’t walk away from when you
get pissed.”

“I agree,” I said. 

“Bro, neither one of us are using protection now,” Kris said.

“You’re gonna be a dad before you know it.”

“I meant me or Colt. Melissa and Faith are still on the pill, or they better be. I’d prefer a bit more
time, but if it happens now, it’s cool as fuck with me. I’d welcome a little Kris in this world and
Colt would welcome a kid too,” Kris said, now resting on his elbow.

I smiled, “Oh what a day that would be if either one of you were having a kid.”

“Wouldn’t it?”

“You’d be such a great daddy,” I said. “I can see how you’d spoil a kid, boy or girl, to death.”

He smiled, “Stop talking about it. I’ll go home and try my hardest to get Melissa knocked up.”

“Then I’d have to listen to the crying,” I chuckled.

“Just a little, then I’d be happy.”

We talked and talked forever. This was as close as it’d ever get to being like it used to be when we
first started rooming together. It was past 2 before we spoke our final words to each other.

Sunday morning, I woke about nine and quietly exited the guest room. I headed down the hall and saw
Corey sitting on the couch.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Colt snores worse than a freight train,” Corey replied. He stood and kissed me with lots of passion. 

“So we’re good about last night?” I asked with him holding me.

“Very good. Colt and I had a great time. I swear I heard you and Kris talking way into the night.”

“We did,” I said with a smile. “We fucked, as I’m sure you and Colt, did but the late night talk was

“I agree, and yeah I did get some of Colt’s hot ass. We talked like we hadn’t in years. Almost like we
used to as sophomores.”

“Being like we used to be was great for a change,” I said.

“It was,” Corey said.

Corey and I sat and enjoyed the morning together for a little while. I heard one of the doors open and
close. Kris came in and walked right up to me. He gave me a big kiss.

“What the fuck?” Corey asked and winked at me behind Kris’s back. “Is he your boyfriend or mine?”

Kris turned around, “Are you jealous?”

“No, but damn! Hell, you asked to fuck him last night and now this shit! Where does it stop?” Corey

“He happens to be my best friend. Why all of sudden are you…?” Kris said.

Corey smiled really big. “I’m fucking with you. I had to get you back from the first night.”

“You dawg! You had me wondering there for a minute,” Kris stated and kissed Corey on the lips. He
pulled back for a brief moment and then grabbed Corey and made out with him. Kris broke the kiss.
“That was my appreciation for last night. Sex was only a small part…”

“He told me and I told him about my night as well,” Corey said. “It was great and I’m glad you
suggested it. Maybe next time we could not fuck… well just you and Matt.”

“Or you and Colt,” I added.

Once Colt was up, we went to get something to eat with Kris footing the bill out the generosity of his heart.
We returned and sat down to enjoy more time together. They stayed to watch the first half of the Cowboys and
Chargers so we could get a glimpse of Luke on the sidelines and see Ted get in for a few plays. 

As always, it was tough seeing them drive away. I was thankful they came. I just hoped that their weekend of
returning to some old ways didn’t cause any trouble. I didn’t foresee it since they were with two wonderful
girls who were understanding and perfect for them.


As always, I hope you enjoyed this chapter.  They are still a joy and fun to write.   As long as the demand is
here and I have ideas, they will continue like they have been.

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