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Thursday after Labor Day, I was on my computer continuing to read various things for my job. Everything
was working out great for me and Corey but I’m still a little ashamed that it took a drastic event to get
my attention. Corey’s weird schedule allowed enough time for me to get what I needed done before he came
home. More and more every day I welcomed and looked forward to his arrival from work and hoped he felt the
same way when he went in early.

About seven, the front door opened and closed. I quickly marked my spot on the computer and began shutting
it down when Corey came walking into our living room carrying a bag with our food for dinner. It had
become routine for the last one off work to call and see what was for dinner unless it was a late night
for Corey. He gave me a sweet kiss before setting the bag on our small bar. 

We walked over and pulled out the great smelling chicken wraps that we loved. Eating together like this
was a way for us to discuss our day and connect.

“How was your day?” I asked, walking to grab us some water.

“Same shit different day,” he replied. “Yours?”

“Hectic, finishing up a project before the deadline next week,” I replied and brought out our water.

“Matt…” Corey said and began shaking his head. “I fucked up.”

“How?” I asked with great curiosity.

“Well… I was talking to Mom before I got these and told her about our trip to the game. She gave me a
guilt trip how we have yet to visit her…”

“That’s no problem. It’s something we should have done before now.”

“I know, but our weekend is so jam packed with the game Saturday and then racing back for Ted’s game
Sunday night,” Corey stated.

“We’ll be busy all weekend.”

“Another thing too… I’m not sure how much longer my car is going to make it. It ain’t running so hot

“Are you giving me a hint or just stating a fact?” I asked before taking a bite.

Corey swallowed and replied, “Both. Admit we could stand to have a new ride.”

I shrugged and swallowed, “We said we’d drive it until the very last moment.”

“I know we did, but…” he let it linger. “Why wait until my car breaks down and is completely worthless? If
that happens we’ll scramble like hell for a few days…”

“Alright, I get your point,” I said. “Next weekend we can start looking. I have a strong feeling you have
something in mind.”

“Not anything specific, but one of those crossovers or a small SUV would be nice, even a used one with low

I smiled really big, “Okay.”

“Why are you smiling?” he asked.

“It occurred to me that it could be our first purchase as a couple. It will really be a big step for us. I
would love it if we could buy it in both of our names to really signify our commitment to each other for
the long haul. I know it’s not much but it is a beginning to where we would share responsibility on big
things,” I said trying not to get real emotional.

“Boy, it sure would be a big step and one I want us to take together,” Corey said. “I hope those tears in
your eyes are ones of joy.”

“Yes they are! My dream is becoming more and more of a reality every day.”

“Mine is as well, with a guy I love so much,” he said.

We finished eating and adjourned to our couch. He pulled me close and held me against his great muscular
body while flipping through the channels. He settled on the first NFL game of the year. I didn’t mind if
that was what he wanted to watch even though Ted or Luke’s team weren’t involved. While watching the game
a few car commercials appeared to give us an idea of what we might try to buy. We agreed gas mileage would
be a big key and naturally price to where we weren’t over extended. 

At halftime I stood up first and smiled at him.

“Damn!” he cried out since who usually was prepared was the bottom for our night.

“Hell Corey, I’ve fucked you three nights in a row,” I said.

“Made love to me,” he laughed.

“That I did, but I want to bottom for you tonight.”

“I’ll look forward to fucking your hot ass long and hard with a little mix of love,” he laughed.

Since our little trip we had enjoyed sex every day except for two nights when Corey was late getting in
from work and was very tired. Last weekend we celebrated our fourth year together with a really nice meal
on Saturday night. (I’m not sure it was the exact day when we first began dating but it was Labor Day
weekend.) After the meal we returned home and had sex until 3 in the morning. The next day we woke and had
another hot steamy fuck. Amazingly we continued to be sexual with each other throughout the day until we
were completely zapped of energy and cum.

This night, Corey was really great and showed me lots of love. He felt so good inside me and had me
moaning like crazy. I loved looking into his big blue eyes with his thick, hard 6.5 inch cock stretching
my ass yet feeling so fucking good. Corey was such a great sexual partner who always delivered. We didn’t
make it as long as some nights but I still felt so loved with his fresh hot load in my well fucked ass. 

Friday was crazy at work with lots of things to be done to meet deadlines. It was later than normal and
would make us get a late start in heading back to our alma mater. We took my car since in reality Corey’s
wasn’t in the best running condition. 

We arrived about ten thirty back at our old apartment complex. Kris and Colt’s places were across the
parking from our old apartment. I did glance over at it, as did Corey, when we drove up. 

Once parked, I said to Corey, “Let’s keep the talk about last weekend to a minimum. Kris still isn’t happy
for missing the game.”

“I know. You’ve told me that three times on the drive here,” Corey said.

We walked up and knocked on Kris’s door. He answered it in his shorts and a tank top. He opened the door
and grabbed me for a big hug. 

“This better be the longest we go without seeing each other ever!” Kris said and released me.

“I agree,” I said and saw Corey and Colt embracing. 

“Yeah, two months is far too long,” Colt said.

“Tell us then when any of us could get away,” Melissa said in the background while we changed so I could
get a big hug from Colt.

We laughed and walked inside the one bedroom apartment. Immediately I saw our old sofa bed but knew Kris
had it for weekends just like this by mutual agreement. We hugged Faith and Melissa while Kris came
bearing drinks.

“How was the game tonight?” Corey asked.

“We won again, but if we didn’t win those two we might as well not even show up,” Kris stated. “Colt’s
sorry ass didn’t go but I can’t say that I blame him.”

“Faith and I went last weekend and were bored out of our minds. It wasn’t even a good game to watch,” Colt
said. “You never see Kris except coming and going to the press box.”

“Why’s that?” I asked.

“I’m charting plays and keeping stats being the new guy, but it is where I belong right now. I’m learning
a shit load every day,” Kris said.

“Kris, how’s your classes?” Corey asked.

“Wait ‘til you hear,” I said.

“I love the weight training classes. Those are right up my alley. PE is a fucking joke…” Kris replied.

“Nothing has changed since I graduated,” Colt laughed.

“Melissa, when do you finish nursing school?” I asked.

“Next spring…” she replied.

“Thank goodness too,” Kris said.

“I know what ya mean,” Colt said. “Faith finishes this winter. It’s rough as hell right now.”

“We’re making it,” Faith said.

A big smile was on everyone’s face being back together. We talked and talked with time zipping by while we
had a few beers together as best buddies. I’d say around midnight Melissa headed off to get some rest,
thus Faith left as well.

“None for y’all tonight,” Corey commented.

“It’s all good though,” Colt said with a dip in lip now. “I wanna hear about the trouble that was in

I smiled at Corey, “I’ll admit it was completely my fault. I was wrapped up in my new job and neglected

“I told you,” Kris said.

“I know, but I wanted to hear it from the horse’s mouth you might say,” Colt said and spit. Kris withstood
the urge until reaching out for the can of tobacco. 

“Since then everything has been great,” Corey said.

“So you’re back to take all eight inches every night?” Colt stated.

“Fuck yeah I am, including some great fucking sex to celebrate our 4th year together,” Corey said and
pulled me tightly against his body. “Tell me you two haven’t had problems.”

Kris finished getting his dip. “Nothing that drastic, but everyone has problems.”

“I know Faith and I have, but so far we’ve worked things out. A guy can only take so much fucking bitching
from a woman until you have to say something,” Colt said.

“Bros, consider ourselves lucky not to have a fucking period every month. I welcome them, but damn the
emotions,” Kris said.

“I sweat bullets until Faith has her time of the month. I couldn’t handle it if she was to get pregnant…”
Colt said.

“So how’s Chase now that you mention that?” I asked.

“Well… since school has started I think things have settled down. During the summer he was fucking crazy.
I finally had to sit his ass down and have a heart-to-heart with him. I know things went from bad to worse
but he caused them to do so…” Colt said.

“We both had to set him straight. Yeah, it’s okay to party but he was taking it to the extreme. He made us
look like angels. He used the excuse of his parent’s divorce and then about to become a daddy…” Kris

“Did he learn anything?” Corey asked.

“Fuck no! He thought it was the girl’s responsibility to not get knocked up. I had to tell him it was a
two way street and why condoms were invented. I doubt it did any good but he did see how concerned we
were,” Colt replied.

“How’s Jess working out here? I was glad to hear he was here,” I said to change the subject.

“I think he’s doing okay,” Kris said. “I haven’t seen him that much, but then again with football my ass
is rarely here.”

“I saw him Tuesday after work while I was on the bike,” Colt said.

“You were on the bike?” Corey asked.

“I have to keep up with you fit fucks and not get a gut,” Colt laughed and raised his shirt. He still had
a nice six pack but had gotten hairy on his chest and stomach. “Oh yeah, Jess said he was doing fine and
is really looking forward to seeing everyone.”

“So who else is coming?” Kris asked.

“From our end we know Scott, Aaron and Shawn. Bruce said he couldn’t but I think it was more like he
didn’t want to come,” Corey replied.

“Yeah, Aaron and Shawn are staying with me,” Colt said. “Shawn called Wednesday to see if they could.”

Kris headed to the fridge after finishing his dip. He came back with four beers in his hand, thus I knew
we would be here a while but it was fine by me. “Alright, fucking brag about last week,” Kris said handing
us a beer. 

Corey smiled, “It was a great game but it was so different…”

“Yeah, Ted, Myles and Luke weren’t on the field playing. It was a fun game but we all agreed it was

“Different because we weren’t there?” Colt asked.

“That,” Corey replied. “We sat in the adult section and weren’t with the students. You can’t stand up the
entire game.”

“Fuck that,” Kris said. “I will and they can kiss my ass if they don’t like it.”

“Kris, it was really odd with your parents there and you and Colt not but… things will be great this
weekend. I’ve been really excited about this entire week,” I said.

“I have too. Does anyone miss not having to go to class now? I see them leaving when I head off to work,”
Colt asked.

“I sure as hell don’t,” Corey replied. 

“I’m mixed about it,” I said. “Corey says that shit but we talk about what we did for four years and what
we’d be doing. I love my job but now it’s so real…”

“Fuck yeah it’s real, bros,” Kris said. “Now we have other shit to worry about.”

We sat around until probably 2 or later chatting and drinking. Before we parted we stood and kissed each
other to show our love we still had for each other. Kris unfolded the sofa bed while Corey went to the

“Fuck, I miss you so much, bro,” Kris said to me.

“I miss you too.”

“I think about you and Corey all the time and what you’re doing. I can tell now things are going so well
for you two.”

I smiled, “I think about you and Colt constantly. We are doing great now.”

Corey walked back in and began stripping down. “The memories of this thing,” Corey commented and patted
the sofa bed.

“Lots of fucking has been done on this bed, including me and Melissa a few times,” Kris laughed. “I’m sure
more tonight.”

“I hope,” Corey laughed while I was undressing.

“I’ll see ya in the morning,” Kris said and walked away. Corey turned off the lights while I crawled into
bed and waited on him. 

My eyes opened the next morning with Corey holding me near his hot naked body. The smell of coffee filled
my nostrils. I looked to see Kris standing in the kitchen. Once we made eye contact he smiled brightly as
ever at me and gestured me over with the coffee pot in his hand. I untangled from Corey and got out of bed
with Kris having two cups ready for us.

“Fuck bro, your body is amazing now. I never thought I’d see you so well built,” Kris commented. “Corey’s
one lucky son of a bitch.”

“I think Melissa is just as lucky to have you as her boyfriend. I swear you are so fucking hot,” I
returned the compliment with us standing naked in his kitchen.

“Ain’t it great being so in love? You know bro, I loved Colt and still do, but there’s a difference with
Melissa now.”

“It’s great to be in love and I’m happy that you and Melissa are together,” I said and took a sip.

Rather than waking Corey with our talking we agreed to head outside to continue. Now in our shorts, we
walked with our coffee and sat near the pool. 

“I forgot to mention last night that Corey and I may be getting a new ride,” I said.

“That’s awesome for you and Corey.”

“It could be our first purchase as a couple,” I said with a big smile.

“Damn, it would be,” Kris said. “Whose will it be?”

“Both of ours, but we’re gonna get rid of Corey’s car…”

“It is a piece of shit,” Kris laughed. “Bro, I’m excited for you and can tell you’re excited as well.”

“I’m excited just knowing we will be doing it together. I hope we can, but if not it will be like we are.
It will be for both of us rather than one of us buying something for ourselves.”

“I knew you and Corey would make it. He’s perfect for you in so many ways. I’m really hoping one day you
can get married here…”

“I am as well. If not here then we’ll go somewhere where we can legally be married. I’m actually just
about ready to tie the knot with him forever,” I said.

“Just about?” Kris asked.

“You know how it is and how people change over time. I’ve seen a change in you since we’ve left, small but

“I have felt the change with the responsibility and knowing a lot of eyes are on me. I can’t fuck up at
school no matter what. I love what I’m doing and am excited about doing more. I’m learning everyday not
just about football but about how to deal with people, kids mostly. You don’t know how much I wanna beat
the hell out of a kid who smarts off to me or is doing shit I know is wrong.”

“The main thing is your core is still the same. I hope that never ever changes…”

“I hope it won’t either.”

“I’m sure your heart is still there.”

“Oh my God it is. I can’t stand to hear or see kids bullying each other, especially those that can’t help
it. I try to make every student feels special no matter what,” Kris said and started laughing. “There are
some that really look up to me so I feel a sense of responsibility to them now. I love being around them
but I know I have to watch them as well. I feel for our old teachers. It really makes me appreciate them.”

“I’m sure it does. Can you sense a difference now than when we went?”

“Bro, they are so tied to their phones it’s not even funny. No telling how many other teachers have
complained about them.”

I smiled, “I’m glad to hear that. It makes me feel secure in my job. One day here in the very near future
they will be essential.”

Kris laughed, “Yeah, you do like hearing that.”

It seemed so right that Kris and I were alone talking like this. We could tell each other almost anything
and understood each other like no one else. I missed our chats, even though they weren’t nightly for a
long time. They were a big help to me when we first came on campus. 

We headed back and began to see stirring around the apartments. It was odd knowing different people lived
in places where me and all my friends did, but it was part of the change. We walked in with Melissa having
some cereal and Corey sitting watching TV. 

“I’m glad to see everyone up,” Kris said.

Corey smiled, “We’re up. Remind me next time I’m visiting here and it’s not like it used to be.”

Kris and I started laughing. “Bro, so Melissa got to see you naked?” Kris asked.

“It’s no big deal. I’ve seen Corey before,” Melissa replied.

“I was a little embarrassed though,” Corey said.

“Hun, one day we’ll get you to see the light on nudity and I hope soon so we can enjoy a few areas like
the beach where Matt and Corey went,” Kris said.

“Maybe one day,” Melissa said, with me taking a seat and getting a kiss from Corey.

“Melissa, do you see a change in Kris now?” I asked.

“I do big time. Back when we first dated we were both immature and one of us still is a little,” Melissa
replied and elbowed Kris.

“Hey now,” Kris said.

“I’m glad I didn’t meet Matt until college. I don’t think we’d be together if we met before,” Corey said.
“College was the best learning and maturing experience ever. We’re still adjusting to living as a couple.”

“Some of us learn shit the hard way,” I added. “Melissa, did you ever think or believe you’d be with Kris
after the many breakups?”

“I guess I always loved him… well, Kris always had a special place in my heart,” she replied.

“You as well. You never forget your first,” Kris added.

“Matt, you know as well as anyone that Kris can be special. I saw that early on when we dated. I really
thought once we were done with high school I’d find another one, but it seemed I was always looking for
another Kris,” she said.

“Did you think it was over when you found out he was bi?” Corey asked.

“I did, but I know how sexual he is, and you too Matt,” Melissa said.

“Yeah, he is one horny fucking gay dude,” Kris laughed.

“You’re one horny fucking bi dude,” Melissa mocked him with Corey and I chuckling.

“Say, we really need to run to the store and grab a few things before everyone gets here and the traffic
gets bad,” Kris stated.

“We do,” Corey said. 

“Let’s call Colt and get him to go with us,” Kris said.

“He’ll just be going and won’t want to dish out any bucks,” Corey said.

“His ass will if he wants to drink,” Kris laughed.

After we dressed and called Colt, the four of us headed out to the store to buy chips, liquor and other
needed things as well. For once it wasn’t like shopping with 3 kids for we got what we needed and got out
of the store.

When we returned, Kris spotted Deer and Tabor across the parking lot. “Bros, what’s up?” Kris yelled.

They saw him and came walking over to us in their shorts, with Tabor without a shirt showing off his now
great body. “We were getting shit together for today,” Tabor said before shaking our hands.

“So your sorry asses aren’t with us?” Colt asked.

“Ummm… not today. We’re gonna hang out with some buddies of ours,” Deer said.

“So you can get wasted with them?” Kris laughed.

“Damn straight,” Tabor laughed. “It just don’t feel right drinking with y’all.”

“At least we won’t have to worry about getting in any trouble,” I said.

“Exactly,” Deer said.

“Deer, Matt and Corey need to meet your roommates. For that fact we all do,” Colt said.

“Bro, how’s that going for you now?” Kris asked.

“Much better,” Deer replied. “I’m down with them now.”

“Dan is loaded like him,” Tabor said. 

“Lucky dog,” Corey commented. “Our rich friend turned out to be sort of an asshole but we made it.”

“We did,” Kris said. “Hey, we better get inside.”

“Yeah, it’s too damn hot out here,” Tabor said.

Grabbing our things we headed inside. Faith and Melissa were there waiting on us. We were just inside the
door when we heard a knock at it. Kris opened it with Shawn, Aaron, Dillon and Sergio standing there.  

“You made it,” Colt said.

Shawn looked around, “No, it’s just our ghosts. The real ones will be here in about an hour.”

“Fucking hilarious, dude,” Colt said. “For that you can sleep outside.”

It was really great to see Sergio. He and Dillon were still good friends. His hair was cut short and
looked so professional now to fit his job. We greeted him more than the others. I hadn’t seen Dillon but
knew he was still around while we did see Shawn some but hadn’t seen Aaron since the Fourth. 

I walked up to Sergio and greeted him with a big hug. 

“It’s so good to see you, Matt. I swear you get hotter each time I do,” Sergio said.

“Thanks! You’re looking great,” I said. “How’s it been going? Are you dating anyone?”

“It’s going great. Right now I’m not seeing anyone,” he replied.

“Is your family still not accepting?” Corey asked.

“Not at all, but I’ve grown to accept that fact of life. I’m not going to let it hinder me in the least,”
Sergio replied.

“When we all get some money we’ll know where to go,” Kris stated.

“I hope you will call me. I’ll do my best to steer you in the right direction,” Sergio said.

It did remind me that I had an account of some stocks and needed to talk with him. I would love to move
what I had with him and help him out.

We sat around talking and drank a little. We did our best to include Melissa and Faith. They pretty much
knew what to expect from Colt and Kris when we were all together. It was nice hearing how everyone was
doing at their job, or in Dillon’s case, law school. We said we’d have a broker, lawyer, coach and trainer
for years to come. 

About two, Kris got the call that his parents were now parked and how we needed to scurry around to get
over there. Colt jumped in his truck and was able to haul our things over and give us more vehicles. Now
the real tailgating before a great college game was about to begin and had us excited and ready to start.


There's another Rooming chapter for those still interested in the story.   I hope you enjoyed it.

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