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With Shawn’s help, we made it to the country and western honky tonk for our night out. It took us a while
as we let Kris park his ride at our place so he and Colt could ride with their girls. It included a stop
by two banks, one for me and Corey and another for Bruce. Without a doubt this would be something new and
different for me and Corey. These places had a reputation of being extremely homophobic so I was a little
nervous about this.  

We were early by club standards at nine so it would give us a chance to get comfortable before it got
crowded. We got out and saw a few walking to the door. Quickly I felt out of place and wasn’t dressed to
come to a place like this. 

“Shawn, are you sure Matt and Corey will be okay?” Kris asked while we walked to the door in the cold
weather of November.

“They’ll be fine,” Shawn replied.

“I’d love to see someone pick a fight with Corey’s big ass,” Blair commented.

“Kris would be right on top of ‘em too,” Shawn said. “Hell, we all would.”

We paid the cover charge and entered with the country music blaring. Corey looked at me and started
laughing. “I know this song,” Corey said and started singing along with Colt joining him.

“I can see already this is gonna be one of those nights,” Faith said shaking her head.

“Bros, first round is on me,” Kris said while we walked and were looking around. Shawn said there were two
big areas. One was a massive bar area while the other was a big dance floor. It was dimly lit but it was
easy to see the décor fitting for this type of place.

We went into the big bar area and saw the mechanic bull at one end. 

“Before the night is over I wanna see one of you on that thing,” Melissa said.

“Babe, I have a feeling you will,” Kris said and put his big arm around his girl.

“I will for sure,” Blair said. 

Kris went to the bar and ordered while we sought out a table in a corner to do some keen people watching.
The night was just beginning but already the people watching was epic. Surprisingly, there was a variety
of ages up to some where I wondered how they walked in without a walker. Kris returned with a big bucket
filled with beer along with water for Faith and Corey.

We sat around until we had finished the first round. 

“Next round?” Colt asked.

“Since you brought it up your ass is buying,” Kris laughed.

“I think Matt should buy since he makes way more than the rest of us,” Colt said.

“To appease your tight ass, I will,” I said and stood. I started towards the bar and noticed more and more
people had come inside with more and more of them being younger. I almost got to the bar and stopped in my
tracks. I headed back.

“What the fuck?” Kris asked loudly, gesturing with his hands. “Did something scare you?”

“No, but I need you for a second,” I replied.

“Huh?” Kris asked.

“Follow me,” I said and waited for Kris get up. “Walk fast.”

We walked fast to the bar. I stopped Kris about ten feet away and pointed to some guys at the bar. We
talked it over and made our way toward them.

“Damn!” I heard a yell when Kris grabbed the guy just before I grabbed the other one. 

They turned their heads together. It was our old high school friends Tanner and Brady. 

“What the hell are you two doing here?” Tanner asked with two beers in his hand. Surprisingly one of them
wasn’t Molson or some other Canadian import he loved. “You scared the shit out of me.”

“We’re here with some of our friends,” Kris replied before we walked away from the bar and exchanged hugs. 

“Just the other day I asked Tanner if he knew where y’all were,” Brady said.

“Corey and I live here while Kris still lives back at our college town,” I replied.

“Bros, where do y’all live?” Kris asked.

“I live at home for now,” Tanner replied. “Brady lives about two hours south of here.”

“Come on and we’ll see if you remember our college buddies,” Kris said.

“Let us go tell my buddy where we’re going,” Tanner said.

“Bro, get his ass and y’all come sit with us,” Kris said.

Tanner walked back while we stood there with Brady. Brady was actually losing a little hair but otherwise
looked good. He was working as in IT for a large firm. I almost forgot and did have to step away to order
our bucket.

Tanner returned with his friend, Hunter. Hunter and Tanner had gone to college together. We headed back to
our table with the others waiting for us.

“Melissa, do you know these two guys?” Kris asked.

“Of course I do,” Melissa replied with a smile and stood up. “How are you doing?”

“We’re great,” Tanner said and hugged Melissa. “Do not fucking tell me y’all are finally back together.”

“I won’t,” Kris said and laughed. “Do you remember Colt, Corey and Shawn?”

“Of course, I do,” Tanner replied.

“Leave it to Kris to walk in a place and find someone he knows,” Colt said.

We grabbed three chairs and squeezed together after we went around introducing the others to them. 

“Hey Brady, where’s Johnny?” Kris asked about Brady’s brother.

“He lives in Seattle,” Brady said. “He got a job up there and has lived there since June. He said he’ll be
home for Christmas.”

“Unreal,” Kris said. “This is Unfucking real.”

“This was the last place I ever expected to see Matt,” Tanner stated.

“You’re not the only one,” Shawn said. “I was almost joking about coming here. It looks like it’s gonna
work out.”

“We hope so,” Corey said and stood. He asked where the bathroom was and was joined by Bruce in heading in
that direction.

Bruce came back alone so I had to ask where Corey was. Bruce said a guy had stopped him. Corey came back a
minute or so later and said he ran into a guy and girl that frequent his gym. We laughed when Corey didn’t
know their names and how it sounded just like it did in college.

Shawn bought the next round for us. By now, I was really beginning to feel them in me and did have to step
away to the restroom as well. I headed in that direction with Tanner joining me.

“Man, it is so good to run into you,” he said.

“It is. We need to get together some time,” I said. “Corey and I don’t live that far from your folks.”

“Well, I may not be there much longer,” Tanner said before we entered the bathroom.

“I know what you mean. It sucks to live with your parents. I couldn’t. Where are you working?”

“I’m starting in management at a warehouse not too far from our old high school,” Tanner said before we
used the urinals.

“Are you shocked that Kris is with Melissa?” I asked leaving.

“I was but I shouldn’t be. I take it they’re living together.”

“They are,” I said. 

“I’m not at all shocked you’re still with Corey though. I still remember the night at Scott’s house that
summer,” Tanner said.

I shook my head, “Fuck, who doesn’t?”

Tanner laughed and patted my shoulder before we got back to our table. We sat around before Shawn asked
whether we were going to dance or take a ride on the bull. 

“First find some girls and we’ll dance,” Brady said. 

“I said I’d get on that bull,” Blair said.

“I’m with ya,” Kris said.

Corey leaned over to me and said quietly, “This should be fun.”

We got up and headed to the bull. We watched one poor guy get thrown off no sooner than he had got on.
Blair was next and said he was going to show us all how it was done. He got aboard and grabbed the strap.
We cheered loudly with Blair on the bull. He did great and lasted the eight seconds. He threw up his hands
for us to give him five when he returned. Kris handed his beer to Melissa and stepped up to be next. Kris
got on the bull and imitated what Blair had done earlier. The bull started with Kris hanging on. It moved
in a funky direction and sent Kris off the bull after being on for five seconds. Even five seconds seemed
like a long time. Kris stood, shook his head and came back. We gave him grief about it but it was so like
him to give it a try.

After our fun with the bull, we headed out to watch some dancing. I began noticing how it wasn’t much
different than a gay bar in that it was a big meat market. Guys were doing their very best to get with
girls, including Bruce and Tanner, and girls were doing their best to get with guys. While we were
standing and watching, a cute girl walked up to Corey and asked him to dance. He politely said no since he
didn’t know how to dance. Most ended up dancing while Corey and I stood and watched among the large crowd
with country music blaring over the speakers.

Our night at the bar came to an end close to two. We were all able to walk out. I was feeling very good
after my night of drinking. None of the single guys scored but it wasn’t for the lack of trying. We said
goodnight and goodbye to our old high school friends and said we’d get together again. We bid Kris and his
crew good night and said we’d see them later. We got in and started towards our complex.

“What did ya think?” Shawn asked.

“It wasn’t bad,” Corey said, driving. “It’s not a place Matt and I would go alone.”

“No fucking shit,” Bruce said. “Did you feel out of place?”

“A little bit, but it was great to have all y’all with us,” I replied. “Now we need to get y’all to go
with us to a gay bar.”

“Fuck that,” Blair said.

“We might have more luck,” Shawn replied and laughed.

“Not the kind of luck I want,” Blair said. 

“Blair, what do you think of us?” Corey asked.

“Shawn was right and I see why he bragged about y’all. You’re cool in my book,” Blair replied.

Corey got us home safely. We thanked them and headed inside quickly to escape the cold. Once the door was
shut, my arms went around Corey’s neck for a big kiss.

I broke the kiss, “Fuck I want your hot ass tonight! I want you to feel my big fucking dick in you!”

“Damn, you are drunk. I could taste the beer in your kiss.”

“Not so drunk I can’t fuck you!”

“Okay then, but you didn’t make an ass out of yourself tonight,” Corey said.

“Nope, I was in control,” I said and then almost fell on Corey when I lost my balance.

He helped me to our bedroom for our night to begin. We didn’t care about the late hour at the moment. That
night, I fully understood how kids were conceived when having drunken wild sex. Once I started fucking
Corey, I had little control and didn’t know much about what I was doing other than my cock felt so good
inside his ass. I think I fucked him pretty hard and got rough with him. It was something he enjoyed and
let me know it. I know we were loud and noisy during our wild sex. I don’t remember much and don’t
remember me cumming.

Big arms were wrapped around me when my eyes popped open the next morning. Soft kisses were being applied
to my neck before I turned my head. I smiled at him and kissed his lips. 

“How do ya feel now?” he asked.

“My head is hurting and my mouth is dry… fucking hung over,” I replied.

“Babe, I wanna get you drunk more often. Man, you fucked me so hard last night…”

“I’m sorry.”

“I loved it and came without touching my dick. I don’t even think you knew when you came.”

“I didn’t.”

“I didn’t think so. I had to tell you pull out since you were still fucking me with your dick soft,” Corey
laughed. “Are you ready to get up so we can head out to see Ted?”

I glanced at our clock to see it was 10:20. “First I have to take a piss. Then I’m coming back so you can
keep holding me. Nothing is better than waking up and feeling your big arms wrapped around my body and
feeling your naked body against mine.”

I did my thing and returned to bed. Corey put his arms around my chest and pulled me close to him. It was
moments where he just held me that I cherished. When the time came, we got up and began stirring. My first
thing was to get some Tylenol in my system and drink some orange juice. Corey scrambled some eggs and
cooked some bacon for us to eat. After eating, I sent Kris a text to see when he was coming over. I had to
wait a little while before he sent one back saying one. Then I sent a text to Shawn saying we’d leave
about one.

Corey and I were ready to go when someone came to the door. It was Shawn, Blair and Bruce ready to go.

“Are ya feeling it this morning, Matt?” Bruce asked me.

“A little, but nothing I can’t handle,” I replied.

“We didn’t get too wasted last night,” Shawn stated. “There have been nights when I couldn’t walk.”

“I’ve seen those nights,” Blair said. “Been there too but it was still fun for me.”

“Blair’s excited about meeting Ted,” Shawn said.

“I’m excited to see him,” Corey said. “He’s really playing a lot lately.”

“He is and is doing great, plus they have a ton of injuries,” Blair said.

“Hey, I saw Scott when we were coming here. If you don’t mind, he said he wanted to go,” Shawn said.

“Of course we don’t mind at all,” I said and heard the door open. Kris and Colt came walking in without

“Do you think you live here now?” Corey asked.

“Bro, it beats getting your ass up to open the door. How’s everyone making it today after one kick ass
night?” Kris said.

“Great. We were waiting on your sorry ass to get here,” Bruce replied.

“Shawn told us last night was nothing,” I said.

“I bet it wasn’t,” Colt said.

“Where’re the women?” Corey asked.

“Bro, they’re finishing up shopping. They’d rather do that shit than listen to us,” Kris replied.

“If you find more like ‘em, holler at me,” Blair said.

“We’ll keep that in mind,” Colt said. “Let’s go. We can’t keep Ted waiting.” 

“He knows we’re running late, plus we’re waiting on Scott, too,” I said.

We didn’t wait too long before Scott sent a text saying he was ready. Kris and Colt jumped in with me and
Corey after we greeted Scott. I gave Bruce the address in case he wasn’t able to keep up with us while we
were driving out to see Ted.

“Bros, I still can’t get over seeing Tanner and Brady last night,” Kris said once we were in our ride.

“Me either. It made for a great night,” I said.

“Matt, how many did you put away last night?” Colt asked.

“I don’t have a clue,” I replied.

“Enough where he felt it,” Corey said.

“Who really cares? We had a fucking blast. All I know is Melissa was on fire when we got to my house last
night,” Kris said. 

“Matt was too,” Corey said. “So much so he didn’t even know he came.”

“Damn!” Colt said.

“I know how Chase got that girl pregnant,” I laughed.

“I do too,” Kris laughed. “He nutted in her at the wrong time.”

“I think he meant he didn’t know what the hell he was doing when he was drunk,” Colt said.

“Exactly,” I said.

Traffic was hell for a Saturday and slowed us down. I sent Ted a text saying we were slow going but were
on our way. Thanks to GPS we were able to find Ted’s place tucked away in a bunch of other condos and

I knocked on the door and waited. Ted came to the door in his tee and jeans. He gave me a big hug and said
how thrilled he was to have all of us come visit him. He personally greeted each one of us when we walked
in. His place looked really nice and was well decorated. It had a big living area, nice kitchen and two

“Bro, did you buy this sucker?” Kris asked when we walked in.

“No, I just rent it. Maybe in a few years I might buy something,” Ted replied.

“You can buy a big ass place then,” Colt said.

“I guess so, if they want to keep me around,” Ted said. “Y’all want something to drink? I have water,
cokes or beer.”

Bruce, Shawn and Blair took a beer while the rest of us took water. We gathered in his living room with
Corey, Scott and I sitting on his fireplace.

“We’re dying to know how the league is treating ya?” Bruce asked.

“It’s different for sure,” Ted replied. “It is a full time job. This week was hell since we played
Thursday. Truth is I rarely see this place.”

“Do you like it?” Scott asked.

“Of course I do. I love playing and being a part of a team,” Ted replied.

“Hey, are the locker rooms like they say they are? You know with those two dudes in Miami,” Blair asked.

“Well… they aren’t a church camp for sure. I don’t know what went on in Miami. I was hazed but it was
little shit like carrying helmets and dressing up on a road trip. It was just all in fun and I didn’t
think much about it. As far as calling each other nigger and shit like that, I hate to say I heard that in
college,” Ted replied. “So how is everyone doing? I miss y’all. Matter of fact just last week I played the
DVD Matt and Scott made for graduation.”

“Thanks,” I said. “We miss you and Luke too. I’m glad you watched it and enjoyed it again.”

We took turns talking about how our life was and diverted away from football since we knew Ted enjoyed
hearing about our life as much as we did about his. 

When it came time for Kris, he told about his coaching. “Ted, if you’re ever around I’d love to introduce
to the team,” Kris said.

“I’ll be around for sure, Kris. I’d love to meet and talk with them,” Ted said. “Matter of fact, I’m going
start on my master’s this spring since I’ll have some time.”

“That’s awesome,” I said.

“Why?” Shawn asked.

“I see a career in football isn’t very long…” Ted said.

“Bro, get real. You’ll make so much fucking money you won’t be able to spend it in your life by the time
you’re finished,” Kris said.

“I wish, and I’m not a quarterback,” Ted said. “I’m set up for my finances through my agent but I need
something to fall back on just in case.”

“Well… I’ve started using Sergio as my broker,” I said.

“Keep bragging,” Colt said.

“I was saying he’s done really well for me in case you wanted to give him a call,” I said.

“I might do that,” Ted said.

We continued to fill Ted in and talk. Ted had the biggest smile on his face, especially when we talked
about our cruise we were able to go on. We all laughed so hard when we talked about Ted wearing a bikini
that one day. 

“Y’all write this down. If I’m not married and I sign a big contract I’m gonna take all of y’all on
another cruise,” Ted said.

“My interest in pro football just went up a thousand percent,” Scott laughed.

“Hell, mine did too,” Shawn said. “That would be so tight.”

“I know. I can’t think of another group of guys I’d love to do that with again. Hell, I’d even let ya
bring your girls or wives if any of you have one by then,” Ted said.

“This is exactly why we love this big dude,” Kris said.

“You said if you weren’t married. Are you dating?” Corey asked.

Ted shook his head. “I don’t have time right now. Like I said, I barely see this joint let alone anyone
else. I have no idea where the guys find the time to party much less date anyone when they’re playing.”

“With that attitude you’ll sign a big ass contract and our asses will be cruising,” Colt said. 

“Bro, sorry to ask a football question again but do you get beat up in the games? My boys do like crazy,”
Kris asked.

“It’s cool, Kris. Here, let me show my latest bruises,” Ted said. He stood and pulled off his shirt. He
was nothing but solid muscle and had a hairy chest going. There was a big bruise on his stomach and
another on his back.

“Damn,” Blair said. 

“You got beat the fuck up,” Shawn said.

“That’s normal,” Ted said and put his shirt back on.

“Now we see why there are so many injuries and short careers,” I said.

“That’s why I’m getting a master’s. Say I get concussed or a major knee injury. I may not be able to
return,” Ted said.

“But you still get your money, right?” Scott asked.

“That year I do, and the guaranteed cash, but they can release me and I don’t get shit unless I resign
somewhere,” Ted replied.

The time just flew by with Ted until it had turned dark. Ted asked us if we were interested in going to
grab something to eat. Kris stepped away and called Melissa. He returned and said he and Colt were good to

“That would have been one hell of a fight if she hadn’t agreed,” Scott said.

“She knew that too but she understands,” Kris said.

“Kris, you’re lucky,” Ted said. “Let me change. Say, I got some team stuff if anyone is interested.”

“You know we are,” Colt said.

Ted went to his spare bedroom and returned with a box full of team hoodies and signed footballs. 

“Wow! Ted is so fucking cool. Shawn told me he was a nice guy,” Blair said, looking at the football after
Ted had gone to change.

“This is just typical Ted for ya,” Shawn said. 

“Bro, he’s the best in my book,” Kris said.

Ted came and asked if we wanted to go grab a steak on him. Naturally no one objected. We headed out the
door to go to a place Ted enjoyed. 

“Matt, I guess I could ride with you if you got room,” Ted said.

“Why sure, we have plenty of room,” I said. “Corey and I got a new ride.”

“Then I will for sure,” Ted said and went to our ride. “Wow, this is really nice.”

“Nothing compared to yours,” Colt said.

“I wouldn’t say that,” Ted said. 

I insisted he get in the front for more room while I got in the back with Kris and Colt. Ted told us about
his Thanksgiving and how well Reese was doing. The place Ted had chosen wasn’t real fancy and fit us
perfectly. We got a big table and ordered drinks. I would be our driver tonight if things got out of hand
so Corey was able to drink tonight.

“Bro, we now need a place to celebrate New Year’s,” Kris said and looked at Ted.

Ted laughed, “I get the hint, but if we’re in the playoffs there is no way I can do that. If not, I’d love
to have all of you.”

“Damn,” Colt said. “It was a good idea though, Kris.”

“I hate to say this but I hope you lose every game from now on,” Kris laughed.

“Don’t say that Kris. We’ll find somewhere else,” I said.

After the drinks arrived, we ordered our meal. I ordered a filet while Corey ordered a big New York strip
since Ted told us to order whatever we wanted. Kris wasn’t shy and ordered a big one just like Ted did.
Once our meals arrived, we dove right in and silenced most of the talking.

After we finished, we went back to Ted’s with me driving. I was a little more nervous and cautious knowing
I had someone important in the car with me. Nothing doing, Ted insisted we come inside since it was only
about 8. Ted only had two more beers left but plenty of hard liquor to appease the others. Ted began
talking about a few of the cities where he had gone for games. It was great hearing him talk about meeting
up with Luke and Myles in San Diego. He said he really enjoyed New Orleans and New York as well, despite
only being there for two days. It was great getting a little insight on how things were done.  

About nine thirty, we left Ted’s place. He wanted us to stay longer but we knew we needed to head out,
especially Kris and Colt if they still wanted their girlfriends. 

“Bros, it is great to see success hasn’t gone one bit to Ted’s head. He’s the same as always,” Kris said
once we were in the car with me driving.

“It is good to see, but I didn’t expect anything less,” I said.

“We’ve got to find some way so he don’t get married before his next contract,” Colt said.

“You know he might even do it if he does get married knowing Ted,” Corey said.

“He might still do it,” I said.

Once we got back, we got out of the car. 

“Bros, I hate it like hell but this is the end for us,” Kris said.

“I hate it too but we totally understand,” I said. 

“Yeah, but it was a killer few days,” Colt said.

“Yes, it was, but we didn’t expect anything less,” Corey said.

We gave each other big hugs and kisses that seemed to last for a while. Scott and his group drove up in
time so Kris and Colt could say goodbye. We stood and watched Colt drive away in Kris’s ride.

“Hey, we’re going out if y’all wanna come with us,” Shawn said.

“I think we’ll pass,” I said. “Scott, where’s Seth tonight?”

“He’s here. He’s going with us,” Scott replied.

“Y’all have fun and be careful,” Corey said.

“We will,” Shawn said.

We said goodnight and goodbye to Blair since we didn’t expect to see him tomorrow. He did say he really
enjoyed meeting us and would be back soon.

Once inside, it always took me a minute to get over saying goodbye to Kris and Colt. It felt like part of
me was leaving since both were a big part of my life. However, when I looked Corey all separation pains
vanished. He never left me and was always there for me.


That concludes the guy's Thanksgiving weekend.  It is still a joy to write about them and hope you enjoyed

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