Posted:   April 17, 2010

I, like some Americans, decided at the first of the new year to join a gym to improve my body.  I wasn’t fat but at the other end, thin.  I was happy not to have a weight problem at the age of 20 almost 21 but wanted to put on some weight the right way and in the right spots other than my gut.  Coming back from semester break, I was back at my apartment and got on the internet to seek out a gym.  There was a little variety offered close to where I lived.  With a few days before classes resumed, I drove to a few to check them out.  One was entirely too big for me and so intimidating plus I didn’t need a pool, day care, etc.  The next one was small and pricey due to the customized attention.  I drove around and found the last one which was about two miles from my apartment.  It was on the fringe part of town, right on the border of renewal and demise.  The gym was a converted supermarket with two sides, guys and gals.  I took a short look around and felt more at ease there than the others I had seen.  Before making a rash decision, I decided to sleep on it to make sure.

Waking the next day, I headed back after looking over the choices offered.  I signed up for the college package which would take me through the end of my junior year and not extend into the summer months.  While at the gym, I paid as well for a trainer for a week to get me headed in the right direction.

A couple days later and the first day of class, I was back and ready for my instructions.  Brock appeared found me and gave me the full tour first before taking measurements such as my weight 139, my height 5’10”, etc.  Over the next 40 minutes, he instructed me on proper form while I worked up a nice sweat in the process.  After three more times which was all I paid for, I had a routine, instruction and supplements that hopefully would work out.

On my own for the next week or so, I continued going to the gym and enjoyed doing so.  Along the way, I met some really nice guys who were close to my age and were at the gym the same time I was.  I am gay and kept that part out of the conversation.  The others I didn’t know about their sexuality or cared for that matter.  I wasn’t there to find someone to date but was there to improve my thin frame. 

As usual, I entered on Friday some three weeks after joining near the same time as always.  I saw some of the same old faces and even was starting to remember a few names along the way.  I ran into Nico coming out and said hi to him before I headed in to change.  I saw Tommy sitting on the bench staring blankly across the room.

“What’s up?” I asked Tommy.  Tommy was a really nice with one lean muscular body and my age of 20.  His dark hair was buzzed with hoop earrings in each ear.  He had complexion problems with crooked teeth along with always being unshaven.  His clothes were ragged as were his shoes but that didn’t really matter since we were here to work out.

“Rob, I don’t got much motivation today.  I don’t even know why I came,” Tommy replied.

“Habit maybe?”

“I guess so,” Tommy said. “Just things aren’t going like I want right now.”

“I gotcha,” I said and changed into my Under Armor shirt and Nike shorts.

He waited until I was dressed and walked out with me.

“Rob, I think I can see a little change in you over the past few weeks,” Tommy said.

“Thanks for noticing.  Maybe someday I can be… be as built as you,” I replied.

“Keep working at.  It’ll come,” Tommy said.

We started working out and finished next to each other on the treadmills to end the work out with Nico on the other side of me.  Nico finished first and headed off to shower. 

After 5 minutes, Tommy stopped, “I’m done.”

“Ah come on, I’ve seen you do thirty minutes on here without breaking a sweat,” I said and was enjoying the company.

“I said I’m done!” Tommy raised his voice and headed off to the locker room.

I finished my fifteen minutes for the cardio exercise not the weight loss like the guy that was running next to me after Tommy left.  With a towel around my shoulders and wiping the sweat from my face, I entered the locker room just in time to see Nico come out in a towel.  He was one of those guys that had no shame and would show off in a heartbeat.  He did so today and flashed his nice long hairy uncut cock without missing a beat.

“Tommy, you aren’t yourself today, bro,” Nico said.

“I’m to the point of stopping coming here,” Tommy said.

Nico patted Tommy on the back, “Bro, don’t stop now.  Look at you all shredded.”

“Thanks,” Tommy said and dressed while I headed to shower off.  Showering here was either hit or miss as far as hot guys.  You had those like Nico then you had the overweight bald guy trying to regain his youth.  Today I got the latter who wanted to chit chat while showering.  I tried to be nice and gave short answers.  All this did was made me hurry.

I dried off and saw Tommy still on the bench in his jeans and hoodie. 

“You said it was rough but I’ve never seen you like this, Tommy,” I stated to him.

He shook his head, “I want someone so bad it hurts.  I had who I thought was it until I found out he really wasn’t right for me.”

I looked around and saw we were pretty much alone except for some teens in the corner, “I know exactly what you mean, Tommy.  I’m also in your shoes as well.”

He gave me an odd look, “How?”

“I used to have a boyfriend as well,” I replied.

“I didn’t say that, did I?” Tommy looked at me.

“You did.  Glad to know I’m not the only gay guy here,” I smiled.

“Glad it was you instead of Nico that I let that slip,” Tommy said.

“Me too.  By now I know what he’d say,” I said.

“I do too and know it wouldn’t be very nice.  He’s a nice guy and all but..”

“I know what you mean,” I said and started dressing in front of Tommy.  I knew he was really checking me out but I didn’t care with hopes he liked what he saw.

“Ummm… oh forget it…” Tommy stopped.

I finished putting on my D&G boxer briefs, “Go ahead.”

“Any way you’d wanna go out sometime in the future?” Tommy asked.

“Definitely,” I replied. “Just say when and where.”

Tommy gave me a big smile, “That’s so awesome of you.  Really unexpected but awesome!”

“I know but I stopped trying to guess who was straight and who wasn’t,” I smiled and finished dressing.

This started Tommy and I dating.  He was really a very sweet guy and quite lovable.  In the process, I gained a great motivator in my work out regime.  Whenever I wasn’t feeling it, he was there to help push me along and keep me going with muscle slowly being added to my frame. 

After dating him a solid two months, the calls and dates became less frequent.  I was determined to get to the root of the problem when he did want go out for dinner on a Friday night in early April. 

At our appointed place, Tommy was a few minutes late arriving and found me waiting.  “Sorry I’m late but my mom.”

“You know I have yet to meet her,” I said.

“Trust me, you don’t want to either.”

“I can be the judge of that,” I said.

We were shown to our table and ordered water to drink to the dismay of our cute waiter. 

“Tommy, I’m worried to death our relationship has hit the wall,” I stated sitting across from him.

“I was thinking the same thing and why I asked you out,” Tommy said.

My heart sank right there, “Is it because we haven’t had sex yet?”

“No,” he replied. “I’m not good enough for you.”


“You heard me,” Tommy said as the waiter returned and took our order. “You should be dating some rich frat boy with money, not some factory worker that clings to every dime he gets.”

“Are you kidding me? If you wanna break up, then do it but don’t give some lame excuse like you’re not good enough for me.”

“I’m dragging you down.  You practically paid for almost everything we’ve done together, which I appreciate especially the Nickelback concert.  I wear practically the same thing every time we got do something or I come over.  I’m not in your same league, Rob.”

“Do you think that matters to me?  If you do, you had me all wrong.  I’ve fallen for you and your personality.  I’ve tried dating the rich boy and that didn’t work at all.  Have I ever hinted to you about us being different financially?”

“No but I know you don’t like it,” Tommy replied.

“Tommy,” I said as sincerely as I knew how. “I love you.  The rest of that stuff doesn’t matter one bit to me.  I want you in my life even if you don’t have a dime in the world.”

“Not much more than that,” Tommy said. “Rob, I love you as well.  I had you all wrong I guess.  I just knew…”

“That explains why you’ve stopped calling me every night or why this is our first time to see each other outside the gym in a week,” I stated.

“I’m sorry, Rob.”

“Are we straight… well cool with this now?”

“We are.  Now about my mom, are you sure you want to meet her, really?”

“Sure after we eat, let’s run over there.  I want to see where you live.  You’ve seen my place plenty of times,” I said.

We ate and continued talking.  After I paid, we headed out to the parking lot.  I followed him down the road and about a mile from the gym.  I could see I wasn’t in the best neighborhood around.  I parked on the street and saw his house.  It had seen its better days. 

“Mom! I brought Rob to meet you,” Tommy said barely in the door.

I could see that at least it was clean but old and dated.  His mom appeared from the kitchen.  She looked to be near 50 with gray hair and a little overweight.

“Finally I get to meet the guy that has Tommy’s heart,” she said. “I’m Vera Gibson.”

“Nice to finally meet you,” I smiled.

“Tommy, you really have done a lot better this time.  He’s way better than that little punk ass boy you called your boyfriend last year,” she stated.

“Oh thanks, Mom,” Tommy said, rolling his brown eyes.

“Well he is.  I don’t see one piercing or even the sign of a tattoo,” she stated. “And he doesn’t have a cigarette hanging out of his mouth either.”

“I don’t smoke and doubt I ever do,” I said but knew Tommy did in his teens but had quit as part of his health regime.

“I’m just so proud of Tommy.  He’s done so good lately and just look at those muscles would you?” she said and did seem happy with him.

“It’s now my drug, Mom and makes me feel and look so much better,” Tommy smiled.

“So much better than all that other stuff… I don’t want talk about it.  So you just came by to show this handsome curly headed boyfriend of yours off and get my approval?  If you did, then I approve one hundred and fifty percent.  Bob…”

“No Mom its Rob with an ‘R’” Tommy corrected his mom.

“Rob, Tommy has went on and on about what a really great person you are and what really nice things you have.  Lord knows I try but with my disability check every month, it’s hard to stay ahead but Tommy is so good about helping me out,” she said.  “He tells me your Dad is in real estate and your mom is a what?”

“A physical therapist,” I replied.

“Mom, I guess we better run now that you’ve met Rob here,” Tommy said.

“Alright then.  It was sure nice to meet you,” she said to me.  “Tommy, I’ll see you when you get home unless you’re finally staying the night with him and doing whatever you gays do.”

With that, I could see and feel Tommy’s eagerness to leave his house.  Following each other, we headed back to my apartment to watch a movie or television. 

“What did you think?  I told you you didn’t want to meet my Mom,” Tommy said once we were in my apartment.

“Actually she was very nice and very motherly as well as being acceptable to you,” I said.

“She is but she does like to talk.  If I hadn’t said let’s run then we’d still be there with her blabbing up a storm and embarrassing me even more,” Tommy said. “Now do you think I’m good enough or… you know?”

“To me, you’re more than adequate to be called my boyfriend.  It seems we have found what we’re looking for without having to get naked and proving it to each other.”

“Rob, not to pressure you but every now and then it would be nice,” Tommy said.

“Tommy, I’ve been waiting for you to say the word…”

“I’ve been waiting for you,” Tommy said.  Our lips met right there. “Call me a horny fool but I’m so ready to be sexual with you.”

“I am as well, Tommy.  Maybe your Mom was so right in asking if you were coming home tonight.  I would love waking up next to you and dream about it all the time.  Just holding each other would be sufficient for me but damn a good long hot night of sex with you would really hit the spot.”

Tommy smiled and proceeded to undress me.  We knew each other’s bodies forward and backwards you might say from the gym but now there was a different meaning behind it.  With my shirt off, his lips kissed all over my chest, shoulders and stomach.  He raised me and pulled off my shorts and Diesel briefs.  He commented briefly on how sexy I really was naked.

Next it was my turn and privilege to undress him.  My desire was to show him passion like he had never seen before.  His firm pecs and nipples were such a delight to suck on and kiss.  My tongue went crazy on the ridges of his defined abs.  I wanted abs like his but was working hard towards them.  His shorts and worn boxers slid off easy.  The excitement was getting to him since he was sporting a nice probably 6 and half inch erection. 

We admired each other with incredible lust for each other.  Unlike a few times in my past, this lust was accompanied by love and admiration for the other guy naked across from me.

“Tommy I wish I had a picture of this.  I know it will be so hot!” I stated.

“I know.  I want you in the worst way now,” Tommy said. 

The next ten minutes or so, we exchanged wet sloppy blow jobs.  Tommy went down on my hard seven inches first.  I followed suit and went down on him.  There was no doubt we both were versed in oral sex.  I can’t imagine another blow job being more passionate.

“Rob, fuck me!  I want fucked by you!” Tommy said.

I kissed him like so many times that night.  He grabbed my cock while we enjoyed a long kiss.  We headed to my bedroom to fuck.  Tommy sprawled out on top of my bed and offered his hot ass for my taking.  Normally not a rimmer, I did so without thinking about it.  With my face buried in his ass, Tommy let his feelings be heard. 

After tasting his ass, I rose and grabbed a condom and lube.  Tommy unrolled the condom onto my cock before throwing his muscular legs high in the air.  I lubed us up.  I pushed his legs forward and placed my hard cock at his hole.  He opened up and took me. 

“OOOOO Rob,” Tommy moaned instantly.

“Tommy!” I said and looked at his face.  To me, it was the face of my lover despite its flaws.  My cock sunk slowly deeper.  The feeling of ecstasy was overwhelming my senses. 

Leaning forward with my cock deep inside him, I looked into his eyes, “I love you, Tommy.  I’m going to make love to you.”

“Please Rob!  Make love to me or whatever!  You feel so good in me!” Tommy said and pulled me down. 

This was the easiest time I ever had fucking another guy.  Within a minute of entering Tommy, we felt like we were one.  We started moaning and groaning with every push and pull.  I slipped out a few times and wanted back in him immediately.  We kissed with Tommy’s knees near his cut shoulders.  It seemed the wait had charged us up so much and made this so much sweeter.

Tommy moved to his side but we continued to kiss.  My hands were all over him while I pumped my cock in and out of him. 

“OOO Rob, I’m so close.  Fuck me!  Fuck me harder!” Tommy shouted stroking.

“Shot that load, Tommy!  Fucking cum for me!” I screamed.

“Fuck yea!  Fuck!” Tommy screamed.  One hard deep plunge sent him over the edge.  His cum hit my comforter with five good shots.  I had to pull out and blasted my load all over his chest.  Finished with our orgasm, I collapsed on top of him.  Our tongues battled with his hands all over my ass.

I moved off him and soaked in the bliss.  We smiled, kiss and petted while coming off this sexual high we were feeling.

“Rob, I’m sorry about your comforter,” Tommy said.

“I could care less and know I helped cause it,” I said.

“Rob, that was so fucking hot!  I’ve had sex numerous times with guys and a few I thought I loved but wow was that the best ever!”

“I feel the same way,” I smiled.

“I guess good things are worth waiting for but let’s not have two months between the next time,” Tommy said.

“I don’t think I could wait that long either.  Now the dam has broken.  I have a feeling our relationship just made one giant hurdle and will never be the same again.  So do you think you are good enough to be my boyfriend now?”

“I think I am… adequate enough to be called your boyfriend,” Tommy smiled.

“Way more than adequate.  Question is am I adequate enough to be your boyfriend with that kicking body of yours,” I said.

“Definitely.  Give me time and you’ll someday look close to me,” Tommy said.

“Please!  I could try but never match you.  I don’t have the genetics but I’ll try my hardest,” I said.

We held, kissed, petted and fucked again to make up for lost time. After one sensual and romantic second go around, all I wanted to do was be held by my boyfriend and feel his hot naked body against mine. I feel asleep in his arms with his pecs being my pillow.  Waking up with him close by was a joy. 

There were many more nights we woke up together in each other’s arms after more great nights of sex in various places in my apartment and outside my apartment.  With summer approaching, I’ve never loved anyone as much as I love Tommy.  I hope the summer will be even better since I had decided to stay around.


Just another one chapter story that I hoped you enjoyed.