Posted:   January 11, 2010

Another one chapter work of fiction

Opening the door after work, I was greeted no more than 10 steps inside by Seth’s soft lips.  As always, a good welcome home kiss was great and made me feel so loved.  I could smell food cooking as well and knew Seth was testing another recipe on me again from his culinary school.

“What’s cooking?” I asked after breaking a great kiss.

“Chicken in Coconut Sauce,” Seth replied.

“Yummy, sounds wonderful,” I smiled and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“You don’t have a clue what today is?” he asked now with his hands on his thin hips.

“Ummm…” a thousand thoughts went through my head.

“Dumbass, it’s our one year anniversary of the first time we met,” Seth smiled.

“Has it been a year?” I asked.

“Yes one year ago you swooped me from my existence and turned me into the human being I am today,” Seth smiled.

“I guess I should go back and get flowers then,” I said in jest.

“Nah, I got that covered as well,” he pointed to a beautiful bouquet of red roses on the table.  The table was eloquently set with candles as well. 

Let me tell ya, he was a total changed person since the first time we met a year ago…

Being bored on a Saturday night, my friends called and asked if I was interested in going out to this all age gay dance club that had opened a few months earlier.  I reluctantly agreed since I had little else to do that night and needed to get out and about after living in my sorrow for three months over a failed relationship.

At ten that hot sticky night in June, I arrived at the club and finally found my two friends, Jason and Tyson. 

“About time you got here, Kev,” Jason said after spotting me looking around the crowded club.

“You saw the line and all the people,” I stated.

“Have seat.  Whatcha drinking tonight?” Tyson asked.

“Water.  I’m drove, remember?” I replied.

I pulled out a seat and looked around at the gay men and women that had came here.  Initially, I didn’t know that there would be women but oh well.  Tyson came back and handed me the bottled water while giving his boyfriend a beer.   “Damn dude, you still look great,” Tyson said. “I noticed how buff you are when you walked up.”

“What else is there to do?” I said.

“Get out and live life for one,” Jason stated. “You’re still not over Rob are you?”

“Yes I am,” I replied sharply.

“He was no good for you and you know it.  Give it up, Kevin,” Tyson stated. “I was glad you and him are no longer together.  He treated you like shit.”

“No, he didn’t,” I stated.

“Yes, he did,” Jason said back quickly.

“Well… maybe sometimes but not…” I said when my eyes were caught by this shaven headed guy smoking along the wall. “Not all the time.”

Jason and Tyson turned to see who I was looking at.  “He’s cute but young, Kevin.”

“I know he’s too young,” I said while we made eye contact.

“Maybe you should go for someone like that,” Tyson said. “He’d be so different for you.”

“Yea right,” I said with the music starting and about to drown us out.  I sat and looked at him.  I could see him cutting his eyes at me while talking with another guy his age and type.  He looked a little rough and rugged on the exterior with pierced ears, brow and lip. 

“Ask him to dance,” Tyson shouted.

“Yea, it won’t kill ya,” Jason said.

“No thanks!” I said and watched him walk away.  “He’s left now.”

“Well, there’s plenty more,” Tyson shouted. “Let’s dance Jason.  That’s what we came here for!”

They both left me sitting with the water about gone.  I downed the last drink and waded among the crowd to the bar.  When you order water and are of age, you get some strange looks.  I was driving, bartender!  I took the water and saw fingers pointing my direction from that guy.  I looked over and smiled to see him walking my way.

“Wanna dance?” he shouted in my ear.

“Yea, I guess so,” I said, fingering my ear that was still ringing.  We still laugh about that today still.

This boy had every move in the book and showed me a thing or two.  After about 4 songs, he grabbed me by the hand and led me out to somewhere quieter.  We introduced ourselves while Seth, I had his name by now, lit a cigarette. 

I stood looking at the others huffing on cigarettes and who knows what else.  “At first glimpse, you’re smoking, dude,” Seth said to me, exhaling.

“Thanks,” I replied, still looking around.

“I’m not your type, huh?” Seth stated.


“I don’t have to be told.  Thanks for the dance,” Seth said, inhaling.

“I’m sorry, Seth.  I was rude in not answering you but you aren’t.  That being said I wouldn’t mind seeing if you were my type.  I’ve struck out with guys who I thought were…”  His lips hit mine before I could say another word.  The taste of his breath nearly killed me but he was one great kisser.  I could feel his tongue ring when he slipped in a little tongue.

“That makes two of us then.  I usually fuck around with guys my age or who are like me.  You’re different, pure and clean.”

“I’m not so pure and clean as you might think,” I shot back quickly.

“I meant not fucked up and inked up,” Seth stated pointing to the obvious tattoos and piercings.

“That I am not,” I said.  “Usually my guys don’t have that many holes in their face either.”  I had to laugh as did Seth.  He put out his cigarette.  We walked back inside together with him holding my hand.  I quickly saw Tyson and was given a smile of approval.

The rest of the night is really a blur with us dancing and trying to hold a conversation.  Actually I was glad when Seth needed a smoke break.   About 1:30 or so, Seth’s three friends found him and said they were leaving. 

Seth looked at me, “Will you take me home?”

“Sure,” I replied.  Seth bid his friends goodnight.  Within a few minutes, Tyson and Jason were leaving as well.  They could clearly see we were still together.  Truth was I did like Seth but wasn’t sure why at the time. 

A few minutes later, Seth and I decided it was time to leave as well.  No more than a few feet outside the club, his sweaty tee came off his body.  He was so thin with a tattoo on his chest.  He wiped off his body and held onto his shirt.  I was so hot and sweaty as well.  I let go of his hand and took off my Polo shirt. 

“Fuck!” Seth said.  I knew he was talking about my body that I worked on so much and loved.

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” I said.  We found my car and got inside.  Come to think of it, I still wonder why our shirts had come off til then with the heat inside the club.

“Where do you live, Seth?” I asked before starting the car.

“Kevin, I live about 15 miles from here,” Seth said and looked at me.  “I wouldn’t mind staying with you tonight however.”

“Ummm… okay,” I said.  Seth was hot in my eyes now and growing on me every moment.

Once at my house that I rented, I headed to the bathroom with the water running through me.  While I was there, I did a little prep work you might say in anticipation of what might happen.  I came out of the bathroom and could smell he was smoking weed in my house.  He could see my face and tell I wasn’t pleased.

“Sorry Kevin, I needed it,” Seth said and ended his smoking session.

“Fine,” I replied.  I got close to him and kissed him.  This time it was even better.  Our hands were all over each other.  His breath did smell of marijuana.  I didn’t care if it tasted like ass.  I was lusting hard for him and he said later he was for me.  My pants were off first and then his.

It was my turn, “Fuck!”

“Thanks, I’ll take it as a compliment,” Seth said, holding his long thick cock.

From that point onward, it was a blur until he entered me on my bed.  Thankfully he was gentle and patient at this point.  He closed my eyes and could feel him going deeper.  I know my face was showing pain but hell the boy was big.  I clutched my comforter and braced for us.  Once he started fucking me, it felt great.  I know my head was spinning and doing who knows what else.  He was touching every sense in my body with his action.  He didn’t kiss much at the first.  It was pure hot sex between two guys willing and wanting it.  I was more vocal with him than any other fuck I had had.  Something about him made me release my nasty vulgar side plus he was very vocal as well.

I came while he was jacking me off and fucking me on my side.   I felt so empty after his cock left my hole.  He threw off his condom and showered my pecs and abs with his juice.  He fell on top of me and kissed me.  We stayed like this for a good 5 minutes with neither of us wanting to stop.

“I can damn sure do it again,” Seth said.

“Hell yea,” I said.

By this time, I knew his age, 20.  He was only 5 years younger than me but seemed more since I had really only had older boyfriends as long as I could remember.  At this point, I started wondering why I hadn’t.  After ten minutes or longer, we back at it again.  This time was just as great if not more so.  He knew I didn’t mind a good pounding with a little mix of tenderness along the way. 

We showered after the second fuck.  We were still in bliss over the sex and enjoyed exploring each other’s bodies more in the shower.  A shower at 3 in the morning did wake us up however.  We lay together and talked for the next hour.  We did touch and kiss a lot but mostly got to know each other better.  There were things I liked about him and disliked as well.

The next morning or should I say noon, I woke and saw the most wonderful sight ever, his large morning wood tenting the sheets.  It was just too tempting so I pulled back the sheets and woke him with a blow job.   He showered my face with his cum and had the day going right.

“Now that’s how I love being woke up,” Seth said.

“My pleasure,” I said. 

We got out of bed.  Now the thoughts were was this a one nighter or more.  Come to find out, his were the same.  We ate at a restaurant before I drove him to his place, an older apartment complex he was sharing with two friends.  We said goodbye and wondered when or if we’d see each other again.


The chicken smelled great when Seth pulled it from the oven.  He was so proud of his accomplishments over the year.  He had rice and a steamed vegetable medley cooking as well.  I poured the wine while he carried each item to the table.

“Who else is coming tonight?” I asked seeing all the food.

“Just me and you all night babe,” Seth smiled.  He no longer has his lip ring and no other tattoos.  He has put on a few pounds but they were needed.  His hair is now spiked and dark. 

The first bite told me Seth was succeeding in school.  “Yummm…” I said.

“Be honest with me, Kevin,” Seth said.

“It’s very good as always.  When have you ever cooked something that wasn’t good?” I stated and dove right in.

“Before you chow down, I want to toast the greatest man I ever knew.  I love you so much, Kevin,” Seth held up his glass.

I did and clanged our glasses together.  A good kiss followed.  Now it was time to eat.   Man was it good and different.  Seth had the art of putting things together and was heading towards being a great chef.  The only bad part coming in my opinion would be the long hours.  We knew it was coming sooner or later and were ready for it.

After eating, cleaning up and storing the leftovers, we retreated to the couch.  Seth sat nearly in my lap but I wasn’t griping.  “Kevin, thanks for everything you’ve done for me over the past year,” Seth stated and was so sincere.

“Thanks for all you’ve done for me, Seth.  As you can tell time flies right by when you’re with the one you love,” I said and pulled him for another kiss.  There was a part we enjoyed and started every day with one plus ended the night that way as well.

“It really does and has,” Seth smiled.  “So you wanna fuck now or wait?”

“Ummm… now,” I smiled.

“I knew that would be our answer,” Seth said. “I was hoping we could just spend a quiet evening here and enjoy each other.”

“Our problem is it won’t be so quiet,” I said.

“No, I making hot sweat love to you all night.  Nothing rough just good loving and show you what a good lover I can be,” Seth said.

“When have you not?” I asked.

“Ummm… a lot when we first started…”


Driving home after dropping Seth off after our first encounter, I called my friend Jason and needed some advice on how he handled one-nighters.  We talked for a solid hour until I got a beep on the line.  It was Seth wanting to talk to me.  I hung up quickly with Jason and stayed on the phone with Seth for over an hour.  I laughed and joked with him freely and it seemed we had some common threads going.

The next day when I got home, Seth was there waiting on me in his beat up old car. 

“You said come over when I felt like it.  So here I am,” Seth said.

“That’s cool,” I said and opened the door. “How was your day?”

“I worked til 3 and skated around a little with some friends of mine near my place,” Seth said and flopped down on the couch.  “How was yours?”

“About the same,” I said.  “Just adjusting to a new manager.”

“Kevin, I did have a great time Saturday night.  For once I was showed a little respect and not treated like shit,” Seth said.

“I enjoyed our time as well,” I said and sat on the couch with him.

Seth was looking at me and adjusting his shorts, “You know I could do that all over again and love the hell out of it.”

“Seth, if you came here expecting me to bend my ass over and let you fuck me again, you’re sorely mistaken there,” I stated.

“Why not?”

“Saturday night was a hookup.  We both wanted sex and had great sex at that.  Every time you get a hard-on don’t come rolling over here and expecting me to provide it for you,” I said.  “A little relationship would be nice.”

“Fuck that dude,” Seth said. “No one’s tying my ass down with one guy.  I play the field.”

“If that’s your view, then Seth you were great but I want more,” I said.

“See ya around then,” Seth stood and left my house.   It was a brutal way to end it but I didn’t want to be his fuck buddy whenever he was horny.  He was great and gave me lots of pleasure but I want intimacy along with the sex.  I could find sex locally by going to a gay spa.

Friday rolled around with me having plans to eat with my friends Jason and Tyson along with hanging out with them at their place.  On the way home, I got a call from Seth and wanted to meet me at my place as soon as possible.  Within minutes of stepping the door, Seth was knocking on my door.

Opening the door Seth smiled yet could see I wasn’t up for any games.  “Kevin, is it possible to have a little change of heart?  I’ve reconsidered things and you know it’s time my crazy ass settled down.”

“Seth, your words will have no bearing unless there is action behind him them.  Are you horny and want sex from me?”

“No dude, I want a boyfriend.  I’ve been miserable since you threw that shit in my face.  Reality hit me hard.  Either I can get my shit together or be one sorry guy.  I want to start to show you I’m up for the task.  I’ll do it by never even hinting about sex to be with you.  Kevin, I need you right now.”

“I’ve got plans and can cancel them.  There’s something about that fiercely attracts me to you and it’s not in your pants,” I stated.

Seth smiled and gave me a peck on the cheek.  “Don’t cancel your plans.  We can go as a couple.”

“I’ll call and see what they think.  They know about you and saw last weekend,” I stated.  I found my phone to make a quick call.  My friends were all up for it and welcomed Seth’s presence with us. 

After a night which Seth was on his best behavior and making as good of an impression as possible, we stood at the doorway of my house.

“Kevin, I had a great time.  See ya later?” Seth stated.

“Unless you’re willing for a bigger test…”

“I guess so.  What?”

“Sleeping with me but no sex,” I said.

“I sleep naked but yea I will,” Seth smiled.

We sleep together that night with nothing more than kissing and petting.  I was sorry I had put restraints on us for after a while I was ready to have hot sweaty sex with him.  Seth only removed his boxers when we were both so tired and our eyes about to close. 

Seth was beyond true to his word the following week.  He showed up the following Friday with my favorite candy.  In a week’s time, I was seeing signs of his change in attitude and demeanor about life and us.


Seth and I lay next to each other after celebrating the anniversary of us meeting.  The sex was even better since there was meaning and love attached to it.

“What a year, huh?” Seth asked. “To think I almost blew you off as just another hookup but something told me there could be more.  Kevin, did you know how excited I was when you asked me to move in with you?”

“I remember it well,” I replied.  “You had the biggest smile ever on your face.”

“I was expecting it but didn’t know when.  I was the happiest person ever,” Seth stated.

“You showed it to me all night long,” I smiled.

“I did, didn’t I?” Seth kissed me. “I was in love with the greatest person I had ever known and knew I had the boyfriend lottery.”

“I thought so as well,” I said. “It’s not been easy but we’re making it.”

“Yea my age and stupidity crops up every now and then, but I’m trying to overcome that,” Seth said.

“Seth, you’ve thought me so much over the last year…”

“Like what?”

“Never judge a book by its cover and how to be patient when you really don’t want to be.  I’ve also learned that no one is perfect and we have flaws…”

“I’m flawed to death…”

“I have mine as well.  Seth, there is no perfect boyfriend but you’re damn close to it for me,” I said and rolled on top of him to show him more love.  Our night continued with more love making.  I felt his love and hopefully he felt mine.  After the second round, Seth was out and sleeping on my chest.  I loved it and knew it had been one great year.


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