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I opened the door to my apartment. Inside, sitting with the TV going, were Wes, Drew and Cameron. 

“There’s the big winner,” Wes said with a beer in his hand.

“Sometimes I get lucky but Drew really won big time,” I said.

Drew laughed, “My ass should have left with you. The minute you walked away my luck went south.”

“You lost all of your chips?” I asked and set down my bag. I sat at the end of the couch with Wes.

“Not all, but most of them,” Drew replied while Cameron walked to our fridge.

“Jason, you want one?” Cameron asked.

“I guess so,” I replied. 

“What are you doing home?” Wes asked. “Is PJ on the rag like his sister?”

“Well… two nights were enough…” I replied.

“Dude, consider yourself lucky if PJ is putting out,” Cameron said as he handed all of us a beer and sat
between me and Wes.

“Actually, I need a small favor from three great guys,” I said.

“What this time?” Wes asked.

“That pool house nearly killed me,” Drew said.

“No, nothing like that, you see we got asked today to help out a gay kid who was struggling with it and
lives across the street from PJ. It was so bad his mom came and asked us to… help him out,” I said.

“It had to be bad if his mom asked ya,” Cameron said.

“It was. He just graduated but he was bullied after his friend snitched on him. He said he had no friends,
everyone hated him and he wanted to die,” I stated and took a drink.

“So how can we help?” Drew asked.

“I was wondering if you could go with me tomorrow over to PJ’s and show him just like you show me that not
all straight people hate gay people,” I replied.

“I’ll do it for sure. I had a cousin commit suicide… umm… about 5 years ago. No parent needs to go through
that hell, ever. Even today they’re still affected by it, and so am I,” Cameron said.

“I will,” Drew said.

“I will, but what’s in it for us?” Wes asked

“Fuck dude, do it out of the kindness of your heart. So this kid is really struggling, huh?” Drew said.

“Big time, but PJ, Jimmy, Logan, Aiden, Casey and I did our best. Clint, that’s his name, really seemed
okay by the end, but it may take time,” I said. “The shame is he’s a very likeable guy, and cute too, but
he’s skinny like Wes.”

“I’m working on that,” Wes said.

“Don’t back out on us when we ask you to go to the gym with us then,” Drew said. “Jason, you can count me
in for sure.”

“Me too,” Wes said.

“I know two assholes you’re not inviting,” Cameron stated.

“Fucking Ryker has been the worst these last few days. I’m sick of him. Not just about you guys, nothing
can please him now,” Drew said. “I hope Dara puts out like crazy and simmers his ass down a little.”

“Why do you room with him?” Wes asked.

“I wonder sometimes,” Drew replied and took a big drink.

After having two beers, talking with them and watching a little of a movie that had Wes’s interest despite
seeing it at least five times, I bid the three good night and headed to my room. I cursed the pile of
clothes gathered in the corner and knew I had something to do before going back to PJ’s house. I sat in
bed and could hear them but focused on my computer and tweeting a little bit. 

Sunday here in late July, I was up and doing laundry. I heard Wes’s door shut so I knew he was up. The
next thing I knew my bare butt was being slapped. 

“You’re frisky this morning,” I joked, turning around to see he was naked as well.

“It was far too tempting,” Wes laughed. “Hey Jason, I was wondering how you can tell when things are
cooling off in a relationship. For some odd reason I get the feeling Jennifer isn’t completely happy with
the way things are going between us. I don’t know if I’m satisfying her either.”

“I suppose you could talk to her and ask her all those things,” I said and leaned on the bar. “I’m not the
best at telling whether you are or aren’t satisfying her if you mean sexually.”

“I was meaning sexually. She’s quite sexual and a hand full to be honest. So far, she’s been very
understanding and has been great. I get the feeling she’s getting bored with me.”

“I’d suggest maybe you take her away for a weekend and see if that does the trick. You two get away and be
alone, say camping or just a weekend trip. There’re many places near here you could take her. If not, then
try different positions for sex,” I stated.

Wes laughed and slapped my arm, “Here I’m talking about sex with a gay guy.”

“I’m sexual so it’s no big deal. Ask Drew what to do,” I said.

“That’s why I’m asking you. I can’t see me talking to Drew about this shit,” Wes stated. “Maybe I will ask
Jennifer to go away for a weekend. Speaking of, I will be away a few days this week for work.”

“Okay. I think you two should get away and see without anyone else around if there is something or not.
You should be able to tell, plus you can talk about this stuff. Find out what she wants to do. Maybe
surprise her and have sex in some unexpected place rather than just in bed.”

“See, I knew I could count on you,” Wes said. “So how are you and PJ doing since you did come home last

“Things are fucking awesome between us. Ummm… Wes, keep what I’m about to tell you between us,” I said.

“Okay,” he said.

“Well… PJ and I went to get tested Friday, which I think everyone should do to be totally safe. We were
both clean,” I said.

“That’s great, Jason. Excuse my ignorance but what does that really mean other than you don’t have AIDS?”

“His intention was for us to have sex without condoms. After we came back from the casino I was scared
shitless at the thought, despite just being tested…”

“You fucked him with condoms,” Wes said.

“That’s the best part. He saw how nervous I was and didn’t want us to until I was totally ready so we
didn’t. That told me he could be the right one,” I said and smiled.

“That’s awesome. He understood your dilemma.”

“Exactly. I wasn’t with someone that was going to force me to do something I wasn’t totally comfortable
with. Going bareback is about trust. It wasn’t a trust issue but something I wasn’t sure I was totally
ready for mentally.”

“Wow, I can say right now three months ago I completely made the right decision in asking you to room with
me. A lot of people said I was fucking crazy to room with a gay dude but I wasn’t. I found the right
person, straight or gay, that I could be open and honest with, along with being very compatible. I found
someone who cares for me and someone I care for greatly. Thanks, Jason.”

“Thank you, Wes,” I said. I reached over and grabbed him for a sincere hug. 

Wes made us breakfast and stayed naked without me making a comment. He tried his hand at chocolate chip
pancakes but burnt the first batch just a little. He fried up some bacon as well before we sat together
and enjoyed his fine cooking.

After breakfast, I went and called Nick to check up on him. He sounded great and was his usual bubbly
self. He told me how great things were going between him and Austin. He stated he’d try to make it before
the fall semester but for me not to count on it.

When the time came to head back over to PJ’s, Wes and I found it was only going to be with Drew, with
Cameron needing to do some things. I didn’t mind and knew they were the best two examples I could have for
Clint. Drew got in the back in his long trunks and sleeveless shirt that showed his nice big arms. 

“I got to the root of Ryker’s problem. The bitch broke up with him,” Drew laughed.

“Why?” Wes asked while I was driving.

“He said she was ready to move on. Hell, I couldn’t date him if I was a girl,” Drew replied. 

“How’d he take it?” I asked.

“You saw how fucking moody he was, and I really saw it, Jason. Hopefully he’ll see she wasn’t perfect. I
think Dara thought she was better than him and had enough of Ryker,” Drew replied.

“He’s a nice looking guy so he won’t have any trouble finding someone else,” I stated.

“Let’s hope not or it will be hell,” Drew said.

We made it after Wes wanted to stop for beer. I knocked on the door and waited until PJ answered it. 

“I thought it was Clint,” PJ said. “Jason, you don’t have to knock.”

“I was being nice,” I said. I kissed his cheek and grabbed his hand. He was dressed in his shorts and was
watching TV. 

Wes set the beer on the counter with him and Drew grabbing one a piece. “So where’s the kid?” Wes asked.

“He sent me a text and said he’d be over shortly,” PJ replied. “Where’s Jennifer?”

“Ummm… she might come over later but I don’t look for her,” Wes replied.

“We’re free today,” Drew said.

We sat watching TV until hearing the doorbell ring. “Clint,” I said with PJ going to the door.

“Hey, come on in,” PJ said. I turned to see Clint and his mom Janie at the door.

“I’ll only be a second. Oh I see you have more gay friends,” Janie said and walked over to us with Clint
wearing long athletic shorts.

PJ smiled, “No, they’re our straight friends who came over with Jason.”

“Okay,” she said. “I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I don’t know what you did but I
saw a difference in my boy.”

“Oh Mom,” Clint stated.

“It’s true,” she said.

“We didn’t do anything special,” I said. “We treated him like everyone else should.”

“Thank you. I’d love to treat you to an enchilada casserole later,” she said.

“Sounds good to me,” PJ said.

“I’ll bring it over in a few hours,” she said. She hugged PJ and then me. Drew and Wes introduced
themselves to her and Clint before she walked out the door.

“I’m so embarrassed,” Clint said.

“Don’t be. That was nice of her,” Drew said. “I’d say we head outside. You’re whiter than Wes.”

“And just as skinny,” Wes said. 

“So both of you are straight?” Clint asked.

“Yeah, we’re fucking straight,” Wes replied. 

“I was just wondering since you were here and gonna hang with us gay guys,” Clint said while we were
walking out to the pool.

“I have nothing against gay people. I think Jason and PJ are great… Wow, it’s finished,” Drew said and
noticed the pool house. He put down his beer, as did Wes once we were out the door. 

“Yep, it is. Go take a look and see how your great handiwork turned out,” PJ said. “While you’re inside,
grab some towels.”

“Will do,” Drew said.

Clint pulled off his shorts and began smiling. I quickly noticed he had a striking blue bikini on. “I like
it,” I said.

Clint smiled, “I do too. Mom bought it for me today. That’s why I was late getting over here. PJ, I’ll
bring your other one over when she washes it.”

Drew came out the pool house with towels, tossed off his shirt and put his forefinger to his lips. He
walked up quickly and slowly until he was behind Clint. He grabbed him from behind in a tight hold. “It’s
initiation time for your skinny ass. Wes, grab his feet,” Drew said.

Wes tried and tried to grab Clint’s feet while he was kicking them. “Please don’t hurt me,” Clint said,
struggling but was little match for Drew’s strength.

“I will if you fucking kick me again,” Wes said and took Clint by the ankles.

Drew turned and winked at me and PJ before carrying Clint over to the edge of the pool. “Alright, one,”
Drew said while they swung Clint.

“Oh fuck, dudes!” Clint yelled. “Oh shit!”

“Two,” Drew said.

“Get him in the deep end,” PJ said.

They moved a little bit. “Three,” Drew said. They swung back far and released Clint into the air. All I
could see was skinny legs and arms going in every position direction.

Clint hit the water and soon emerged with his long dark hair plastered to his head. “You sorry assholes.
I’ll get ya for that,” Clint said wiping his face.

“Try, you little bitch,” Drew said and flexed at the edge of the pool.

“Damn,” Clint said. “Maybe I’ll just go after Wes then.”

“Just try,” Wes said and jumped in the pool. 

Clint swam to the end and got out, walking quietly with a big smile on his face. He pulled at his suit and
looked over his shoulder. He walked up and took both of the beer cans. He turned one up and drank it
before Drew came racing over. Clint set down the can and downed the other one.

“You sick bastard,” Drew said.

“He said he was gonna get ya,” I said with me and PJ laughing.

Clint belched loudly just before Drew grabbed him. He carried him over to the side and tossed him back in
the pool. Clint was laughing the entire time. I got up and dove in the pool to join them. We messed around
a little with Clint the center of Wes and Drew’s attention. That attention brought a smile to my face and
I knew that Clint was eating it up.  

Things did calm down with Clint right in the middle of us. We sat on the edge of the pool with Wes and
Drew having a cold one.

“Clint, did they really bully ya at school?” Drew asked.

“Yes, they did after I was out. It was hell,” Clint replied. “I felt so rejected and such an outcast.”

“Weren’t there other gay people at your school?” PJ asked.

“There were but I couldn’t connect with them. They were way out there,” Clint said and gestured with his
hand. “They dressed differently and wanted to stick out… well a few did. It was tough.”

“I feel for ya and got a little hell myself,” Drew said.

“But you’re straight,” Clint asked and looked confused.

“His mom is gay.”

“Wow, then how did you get here?” Clint asked.

“She came out after I was born and was a bit older. I heard stuff from people that knew about Mom. I got
in a few fights when they took it too far. It hurt me like crazy,” Drew replied.

“I can’t see that happening now,” Wes said.

“I wasn’t built like this. Actually I was a little pudgy if you can imagine that,” Drew said. “I was
blessed with a talent.”

“He pitches at college. Matter of fact, it’s where you’re going,” I said.

“Awesome,” Clint said. “It makes sense why you’re so accepting.”

“My mom had a small part but I never liked seeing kids picked on because they were different or
handicapped when I was younger. At first I shied away from the few gay people that we had in school. I was
embarrassed that my Mom was gay to be honest. Then I saw some shit I didn’t like and realized that could
be Mom they were bullying. I stepped up and did what I could to stop it,” Drew said.

“I have no reason other than I just see everyone as people,” Wes added. “I try to give people a chance
before deciding whether I like ‘em or not. It has nothing to do with their looks, handicap or sexuality.
Matter of fact, most of the people I disliked in college were straight and complete assholes.”

“So do you have girlfriends?” Clint asked.

“We do. I’m dating PJ’s sister,” Wes replied.

“Damn, I was hoping you didn’t so maybe I could hook you up with my sister. She dates some of the nastiest
guys around,” Clint said.

“Is she hot?” Drew asked.

“Ummm… I guess so,” Clint replied. “I don’t see her much now since she’s living with this guy. He’s trashy
if you ask me.”

“I don’t know what it is about girls and wanting to date bad boys,” Wes stated.

“I wondered that about Jennifer before you dated her,” PJ added. 

“I bet Drew’s girl is smoking hot,” Clint said.

“Why do you say that?” I asked.

“Get glasses, Jason. Drew is fucking hot!” Clint replied.

“Thanks for boosting his ego, Clint,” Wes said and laughed.

“Jason… PJ… you don’t think Drew is hot?” Clint asked. “I think Wes is too.”

PJ looked at me. I started laughing. “I think he is, but there’s more to him than that. He’s one hell of a

“Thanks Jason,” Drew said. “You guys are gonna make me blush.”

“Alright, I think we need to have a diving contest,” Clint said before we bust out laughing. “What’s so

Three fingers pointed at Wes. “I’m getting better. Clint, I’m horrible and I know it too,” Wes said.

“Really?” Clint asked.

“Show him, Wes,” I said.

Wes swam over to the ladder and got out. He went to the diving board. He threw his hands up over his head
and dove off. His skinny legs were bent when he hit the water. We had to laugh at the awful form. 

“You weren’t joking,” Clint laughed. Wes emerged. “Wes, I’ve seen five year olds do better.”

“I told ya,” Wes said and spit water all over Clint. Clint swam towards Wes and started wrestling with him
in the water. Water was going in every direction as they battled close to us. 

“I find it hard to believe Clint doesn’t have friends,” Drew stated.

“I was thinking the same thing,” Wes said and stopped wrestling with him. “Are you shitting us?”

“I’m not shitting you,” Clint replied and wiped his face. “Ask Mom when she gets here with some food.
She’ll tell ya.”

“High schools can be cruel,” PJ stated. 

“They are stupid if you ask me,” Drew said. “Jason told us to be nice to you and how you were struggling.
I was expecting some weird guy but you’re not. You’re really a cool guy, Clint.”

“Thanks, Drew,” Clint said. “I really was struggling and contemplated suicide.”

“Dude, that’s crazy. Things can never get that bad,” Wes said.

“I know, but I didn’t see any other way,” Clint said.

“Please tell us those thoughts are now completely and totally out of your head,” I said.

“They are gone and hopefully forever,” Clint said. 

“They better be,” Drew said and put his dark arm around Clint. “Just in the little time I’ve been around
you I’d be more than willing to help you any time.”

“We told him we all would,” I said. 

“They did,” Clint said. “I told Mom this morning how great I felt and couldn’t wait to get over here. I
know you guys are older and are being especially nice to me. I appreciate that. I know there will be times
when you have other things but it would be nice if you don’t forget about me.”

“We won’t,” PJ said.

We swam around and messed around in the pool. I don’t know if Wes and Drew were going out of their way but
they were always messing with Clint. 

Finally we heard a knock with Clint racing to the gate. His mom was standing there holding a big dish in
her hands. Drew went over and took it from her. 

“Mom, you have to take a picture of me with all these great guys,” Clint said. “No one will believe this.”

“Okay,” she said.

We lined up with Clint in the center. She took his phone and snapped a few pictures. She handed back the
phone and had tears running down her face. 

“Mom, everything is okay, right?” Clint asked.

“I haven’t seen you like this in eight months. I’m just so happy,” she said and wiped her face.

“We find it hard to believe he has no friends,” Wes said.

“It’s true, except this one girl. I was worried sick about him,” she said.

“Those days might just be over. I’ll give you other shit to worry about,” Clint said with a big smile.

“Clint, don’t talk like that in front of your mother,” Drew said.

“Sadly, I’ve heard worse. He was an angry young man,” she said.

“Dude, show some respect from now on,” Wes said.

“Okay,” Clint said.

“Janie, you’re welcome to join us unless Clint doesn’t want you here,” PJ said. “It looks like you made

“Mom, you can stay and see how great these guys are,” Clint said.

“I don’t need to stay to see how great they are. I can already tell by the look on your face,” she
commented. “I think I’ll head back over and let you guys have it. Clint, bring my dish back and put on
some sunscreen before you get roasted.”

“Okay, I’ll see ya in a little while,” Clint said.

She left out. PJ and I headed inside to grab some plates and utensils. We came back with Wes and Drew
coming to get something to drink. We looked around and didn’t see Clint. He emerged from the bathroom,
pulling up his bikini. We sat down and started to enjoy the casserole. It was very good and was a little
spicy too. 

We ate a majority of the casserole and had something to drink. After we finished, Clint asked Drew to put
sunscreen on his back.

“Clint, get PJ or Jason to do that for ya,” Drew said.

“Alright, but putting sunscreen on me doesn’t make you gay,” Clint said.

“Give it to me then. You’re lucky I’m feeling generous,” Drew said. I have to admit how envious I was of
watching Drew put the sunscreen on Clint’s back. 

“Wow, you got some strong hands,” Clint said with Drew putting the sunscreen on his back while he sat up
in a lounge chair. “That feels really good.”

“You’re done, my friend, but you know you can’t get in the water for a little while,” Drew stated.

“I’ll just catch some rays,” Clint said and lay on my back.

We lay around and did get some sun. PJ went inside and turned on some music for us to listen to. I was
with PJ in the lounger and enjoyed being next to him. 

About an hour later, a big clap of thunder ended our day. We scrambled like crazy getting all the stuff
under cover before the rain began falling. Once it let up, it was time for me, Drew and Wes to depart. I
kissed PJ goodbye. Clint said he was leaving as well. He shook Drew and Wes’s hand before hugging me and

We headed out with Clint. He stepped off the porch with his mom’s dish. The dish fell out of his hands and
straight to the concrete with Drew doing his best to catch it. It shattered on impact with the concrete.

“Fuck!” Clint shouted. “I’m such a klutz.”

“It was an accident,” Wes said. “You just tripped off the porch.”

“I’ll clean up, Clint. Accidents happen,” PJ said standing at the door.

“I will. Bring me a broom and pan. Stuff always happens to me,” Clint said and looked so sad.

“It wasn’t your fault. We’ll vouch for ya if your mom is upset,” Drew said and patted Clint’s shoulder.

PJ brought out a broom, dust pan and trash can. Together we cleaned up the broken dish and leftover
casserole. Once cleaned up, we went to the car. The doors were barely closed before Wes jumped out to grab
the remaining beer. 

“I had about as good of time there today as I’ve ever had,” Drew stated while I was driving off.

“I did too,” Wes said. “I think Clint enjoyed us picking on him.”

“He did. You could see it in his face,” I said, driving.

“I still have a hard time believing him about not having any friends,” Wes said.

“I don’t. The look and tears from his mom told me all I needed to know. I saw a mom that was really
appreciative and one that was terrified for her son…” Drew said.

“For good reason too. I hated hearing him saying he thought about suicide,” Wes added.

“Sadly, it is a fact with gay teens and gay people in general,” I said. 

“Very sad,” Drew added. 


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