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My eyes opened at 6:22 a.m. here on Monday at the first of June. Rather than squeeze in a few more
minutes of sleep I got out of bed. The night’s sleep wasn’t as good as the previous two but big
things were on my mind. First was PJ, and then it was the start of my new job. I’d met my boss
earlier when interviewing for the job back in late March, but now the real world was about to begin
for me. Before today all signs pointed to this very moment in my life. It was time to reap the
benefits of many years of school. 

I heard stirring outside my door and knew Wes was getting ready as well. He began at seven at his job
of construction management, whereas I began at eight. I opened the door and saw him sitting having
some fruit. 

“Good luck today,” I said.

He turned his head, “Same to you. Damn dude!”

I laughed standing there naked, “You’re not used to it yet, but you will be eventually.”

“You’re right there,” he laughed. “I swear you look like you got some sun in the privates.”

“I don’t tell private stuff, remember?” I said and walked to start getting ready. 

After turning on the shower in my bathroom, I realized maybe buying a few more bath towels wouldn’t
be a bad thing. Jumping in the warm water felt great. While rubbing the body wash all over my tanned
skin, my dick signaled it needed attention. I hadn’t busted a load since I’d been here. With ample
time and plenty of fresh images of PJ’s naked body, my hand began sliding over my dick. My head
tilted back with the water hitting my chest and abs. I closed my eyes and just imagined PJ with his
mouth wrapped around my 7.5 inches. I began moaning and bucking my hips into my hand. This was needed
way more than I thought. I continued to stroke my dick and stuck a finger up my ass. It was a great
masturbation session before my big day. Finally my balls started churning. My body tensed up with cum
rushing towards its freedom. I groaned and felt cum blasting from my dick. Blast after blast of thick
white cum hit the shower wall and began dripping down until I was spent. It took a minute to come
down from the nice orgasm that felt so fucking good. 

After the nice shower and jack off, I was ready to conquer my day. I entered my room and found my
clothes waiting. They were ironed to the best of my ability. My shirt was light tan with khaki
colored dress pants. Usually underwear is not part of my dress, and hadn’t been in several years
unless it was dressing up as I was doing now. My stomach was churning with the realization of what
was about to occur. I headed out and found something to eat. It didn’t take long before I finished. I
cleaned up our kitchen a little to be a good roommate before heading out the door to drive to work.  

The traffic was okay but still took about five minutes longer than I anticipated in arriving. I
parked and headed to the second floor of the building. My boss, Mr. Dalmyer, was standing at the
front desk with a cup of coffee in his hand. 

“Mr Massey, welcome,” he said, extending his hand.

“Thank you,” I said and shook his hand. 

“Good to see you here a few minutes early this morning,” he said. “Let me show you to your desk and
then we can begin to get started before your first office meeting.”

It was going to be trial by fire I could already see. He showed me to my small office, which wasn’t a
cubical like I expected. It wasn’t the biggest but had a desk, chair and a laptop. He instructed me
to log on, which would be where I’d sign in to my time card. I did so and was thrilled to see my name
appear. He pointed out where I signed on to the time card and would need to do so each day if I
expected to receive payment. While I was sitting there, he did inform me the summer working hours
were only 9 hours a day and off on Friday, but they would jump to 4 hours on Friday during the school
year. I said I could live with that, despite being paid hourly at the moment. He went over a few more
things in general before showing me down to HR to fill out the paper work but I’d need to be back at
9:30 for a meeting.

I sat with the assistant of HR, Nakisha, to go over everything I needed to be a real employee here.
She gave me the full run down of benefits along with a booklet that fully explained everything. I
signed up for the 401K but would not have full health coverage until I had been there 3 months. She
told me the good stuff like about vacation days and sick days, which were accumulated over pay
periods. Basically, I’d get close to 6 vacation days and 4 sick days my first two years but it was
explained in full detail in the booklet.

With about 20 minutes to spare, I headed back up with my head being so cluttered with information. I
passed by the office nearest to me and saw a young lady sitting at her desk. She looked up and waved
at me passing before I entered into my office. I was barely seated when she came to my door.

“Welcome to the team,” she said and entered with her hand extended. “I knew we were getting a new
person here to start the fiscal year on the right foot. My name is Cindy Wilkins.”

I stood and extended my hand, “I’m Jason Massey. It’s nice to meet ya.”

“Nervous still, huh?”

“A little,” I replied.

“I was in your shoes three years ago, but it is a wonderful job. You’ll see we work with some of the
nicest people you’d ever meet.”

“That’s great,” I said. I asked what to expect from the upcoming meeting. She laughed and said it was
the biggest one of the year and we’d probably be in there all day and maybe the week. She laughed
seeing me inhale deeply. 

When it was time for our meeting I entered the meeting room down the hall with my computer in hand.
Mr Dalmyer showed me my seat as well as where I could find the items we were about to dive into. He
stood and began the meeting. Introducing me was first on the agenda. I stood and told a little about
myself. He stood at the front with a pointer in his hand. My job was now beginning with no time to
catch my breath. He was giving out so much information while I tried to be a sponge and soak it all

When lunch arrived, my brain was rattling around like crazy. Cindy asked if I cared to join her for
something to eat down the street and to get out of the office for the hour. I happily agreed and went
with her. 

“So are you getting everything?” she asked, driving.

“I’m trying to. I want to ask you a question but then again I don’t want to come off as being a total
idiot,” I replied.

“After it’s all over you’re more than welcome to quiz me to no end. They say college just gives you
the basics, whereas this is full, head on action at a rapid pace,” she said.

“I can see that very well now,” I said.

“If you don’t mind, tell me just a little about yourself,” she said.

“Well, as I said, I just finished college and moved here over the weekend with a guy I knew from
college. I guess I have the All American family with a younger brother…”

“Are you seeing anyone?”

“Not at the moment. I just moved here,” I laughed.

“You can still do that. I did it for a year before he moved here with me,” she stated before pulling
into a restaurant.

“I guess that could happen. I wasn’t thinking of that.”

We headed inside and waited for a moment. She was on her phone talking before hanging up. “Jason, you
need to be very discrete using this at the office for personal stuff. Have they gotten you a business
phone yet?”

“No, I didn’t know I’d get one,” I replied.

“I’m sure you will after this week, but never use it for personal calls,” she said.

We went to our table and ordered our lunch. It felt nice eating something since I was terrified
earlier my stomach was about to start roaring. We finished up with Cindy talking about her boyfriend,
their upcoming wedding and her two dogs. 

Returning from lunch, Mr. Dalmyer patted me on the back. “I know this is a lot of numbers to you
right now but hang in there.”

“I’m trying,” I said.

“That’s all I can ask,” he said.

Actually the day went by rather quickly. It was nice being intrigued by numbers and seeing all my
college work put to a practical application. It was nice when the day ended, however it was raining
like crazy. They said it was only a passing afternoon shower that was very typical. 

My apartment never looked so good when I entered it. I threw off my shoes and shirt before grabbing a
much needed beer. Now I saw why so many went for a brew after work. I turned on the TV and started to
watch a talk show. As I was watching TV and sipping on a cold one, my phone rang. It was my mom. She
was interested in seeing how my first day went. I told her how I was confined to a meeting room all
day and could expect more of the same for the rest of the week. 

As I was talking with her, Wes walked in and tossed off his shoes on the floor. I walked away and
continued to talk, with Mom now going on and on about one of my uncles and his problems. While I was
up, I did change out of my pants into some athletic shorts that were more comfortable, while Mom
continued to talk. Finally she let me go.

“How was your day?” Wes asked when I returned.

“Fucking hell son of a bitch motherfucking piece of shit,” I replied laughing.

“It went that well, huh?”

“I was in a fucking meeting all day. It wasn’t easing Jason into the job. It was goddamn balls to
wall,” I said.

“Quit then,” he laughed.

“I was just saying that, but it was okay. Man, they filled my head with so many numbers. I see now
why they wanted to start me today. It was the beginning of the fiscal year. How was your day?”

“It was okay for a first day. I didn’t do much other than go with this guy to see a few job sites the
company has under construction. They did inform in the future I could spend weeks at a time when
there was a job out of town,” he said.

“I’ll just say this right now. College didn’t quite prepare me for this.”

“Amen to that. They give us the tools and degree to score these jobs then we’re back to square one,”
Wes said.

“I guess the nicest thing I did learn today was I don’t work Fridays during the summer.”

“You lucky dog,” Wes said. “Boy, my ass is ready for pay day already.”

“I agree with that,” I said.

“Are you seeing PJ tonight?”

“He’s out of town seeing clients,” I replied and started telling Wes all about the pictures of his

“Say Jason, you wanna run and check out the fitness thing here?”

“Sure, why not?” I replied.

I found a shirt and shoes while Wes changed into a tee and shorts. We went out the door. Wes spotted
Ryker and Drew, the two guys he had met the night before.

“Hey guys, what’s up?” Wes asked loudly.

“Oh, hey Wes, hey Jason,” Drew said in his tee, with wide open sides, and shorts. “We were heading to
work out.”

“Funny, we were going as well,” Wes said. “Are y’all going here?”

“Not hardly,” Ryker replied. “We’re heading to Split Universal. You’re more than welcome to come with
us and show us what you got. We can get you a day pass.”

I looked at Wes, “I guess we could, but let me run in and grab my wallet.”

“Get a towel as well,” Drew said. “They charge you to rent ‘em.”

Wes went with me to grab our wallets, not expecting this, as well as a towel. We came back out and
got in Drew’s older SUV. 

“You guys ready to get pumped up?” Ryker turned and asked. “Damn Wes, I’d say you need it.”

“I do,” Wes said. “How is this place? Split Universal?”

Drew replied, “It’s cool, and only twenty bucks a month with no contract. It is split where the guys
are one side and the gals on the other.”

“Jason will really like that,” Wes said.

“Why? Are you a faggot?” Ryker whipped his head around to ask me.

“No, I’m not a faggot. I’m gay,” I replied. “Is that problem?”

“Ignore his ignorant ass, Jason. It’s cool…” Drew said driving.

“It’s cool with you because your mom is a dyke,” Ryker said and laughed.

Wes looked at me and raised his eyebrows. 

Drew made it to a stop light. “Listen asswipe! Mom’s gay just like Jason. You start talking shit
about her one more fucking time and I’m letting your ass out of my goddamn ride!”

“Just go!” Ryker said.

“I’m serious. I’m sick of your jokes about her. Do I ever say shit about your pops being a convict,
druggie and an alcoholic?” Drew said very tight jawed as he sped away.

Wes mouthed ‘whoa’ to me. I nodded and could feel the tension between them.

“We fight like this all the time,” Ryker turned and said.

“Not all the time,” Drew said, still pissed.

“I’m sorry I caused such a stir,” I said.

“No, it’s my fault trying to be funny,” Wes stated.

We rode with just some rock music playing. As we were pulling into the parking of lot of this large
facility, Ryker said, “Okay, I’m sorry for opening my mouth. Is everything good now?”

“I guess,” Drew said, parking.

We grabbed our things and headed inside the gym. We entered, with them getting us a day pass to
explore the facility. It was then off to the locker room to store our things. While passing through
the weights, the smell of sweat combined with cleaner rifled through my nose. I did notice something
different in that some of the guys were working out without a shirt. 

“Drew’s working on core and legs while I’m doing upper body,” Ryker said.

“I’ll go with Ryker,” Wes said.

We split off and walked out to the enormous array of free weights and machines. 

“It looks like I’m with you,” I said.

Drew smiled, “Yes it does. Ryker ceases to amaze me. He’s a pretty good guy and really a great
friend. He knows how it just pisses me off whenever he says shit about my mom.”

“I can’t say I blame you in the least. I don’t care what she is or did she’s still your mom,” I said.
“Do you ever get to see her?”

“Not as much I’d like being here, but we talk at least twice a week,” he said. “I don’t guess you
mind if we do some core work with our abs and then legs? I take it you can handle it from what I saw
last night.”

“I don’t know about handle it but I’ll give it my best shot,” I said.

While warming up, it was easy to see Drew was serious about his workouts. It was hard keeping focused
with the array of shirtless hot guys all around me. It was also very interesting to see the array of
tattoos on display on the men’s bodies.  

“Drew, I assume it’s cool to take off your shirt and workout?” I said.

He laughed while stretching, “You noticed, huh? That’s why the area is split. I guess the ladies can
go shirtless too on their side.”

“Then why are there so many guys here?” I laughed. “I mean all but us gay ones.”

“In all seriousness, I guess this is the only one of its kind I know of. I suppose it is appealing to
some to work out with a shirt,” Drew said. “They do watch and make sure we wipe off the equipment.”

“Makes sense,” I said.

Drew began showing me his workout and was great about helping me get adjusted to his regime. It
wasn’t long before we were both out of our shirts with sweat dripping from us. The part that really
was a challenge for me was the leg part. Drew said core was essential for him, whereas upper body was
not so much so being a pitcher. 

Once we finished I combed the crowd to look for Wes and Ryker. Drew said it usually took longer with
what Ryker did. We headed into the locker soaked thanks to Drew’s workout. There were men either half
dressed, with a towel or naked walking around. I looked down not to stare. Drew opened his locker and
began undressing. 

“Aren’t you gonna shower?” he asked me, standing naked. He had very nice but not real big dark dick
with low hanging balls. 

“Well…” I stuttered and was uneasy.

He put his left hand on my bare shoulder. “Jason, everything is cool. You don’t need to worry with
me. We all have the same equipment.”

“Okay,” I said and stripped down. In college, I had been to the gym there and didn’t have a problem
getting naked. This was an entirely new environment for me so I was a little uneasy. 

With our towels, we headed to the open showers. I did see some very hot guys of all ages. We soaped
up and rinsed off before returning to Drew’s locker. Just as we opened it, Ryker and Wes came walking

“Damn, I’m beat,” Wes said.

“I put his skinny ass through the ringer you might say,” Ryker laughed, without a shirt.

“I’ll say. I’ll be sore tomorrow,” Wes stated.

Wes and Ryker stripped down and headed to the shower while Drew and I finished dressing. Before they
left, Drew said we’d meet them up front. 

“Here, let me show you around a little more,” Drew said.

We walked around to see the massive hot tub and then to the sauna. We headed up the stairs where all
the cardio equipment was.

While walking to the front Drew asked, “Jason, do you think you’d wanna join?”

“I might. I was going to start doing more work with weights and really get in top shape.”

“Here’s the place. The price is right.”

“I know,” I said with Ryker and Wes finding us. 

I pulled Wes aside and asked what he thought about joining. I knew I would use this place and hoped
Wes would so I’d have someone to go with. Wes said he’d give it a try for a month and see after that.
We signed up for the month and paid our fees while Ryker and Drew were drinking a protein shake. 

On the drive home, thankfully there wasn’t any arguing or tension between us. We found out they go
usually on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday and occasionally on the weekend. 

Wes and I headed to our place and thanked them for showing us the gym. Wes immediately crashed on the
couch. “I can feel it already. I’m gonna be one sore dude in the morning.”

“I will be too,” I said. “Drew didn’t let up. I did my best to hang with him but I had to remember he
is an athlete and it was his life.”

“I’m sure you held up better than I did. My fucking arms were like jelly after about the third set,”
Wes said. “I can barely lift them right now.”

“My legs are sore too,” I stated.

“Boy, I really did think Drew and Ryker were gonna throw down there,” Wes said.

“I did too. I see who I got stuck with,” I laughed.

“You have something in common,” Wes laughed. “Did he say much about his mom while y’all were working

“Not really. You wanna know what I liked best about that place?”

“I don’t even have to guess, the no shirts,” Wes replied.

“How’d you guess?”

“I just took a stab in the dark. Ryker came out of his but there was no way I was going to show this
boney ass body,” Wes said. “It was inspirational though and a gay’s guy heaven. You know there were
lots of gay men there.”

“Oh I’m sure there were but I didn’t notice any that were that obvious,” I said. 

Wes started laughing, “Man, here I thought I’d be bored silly. This has been so great. I love it here

“We have been busy to say the least. I’m sort of hoping things will calm down so we can get in

“They will.”

Wes and I had a sandwich since it seemed both of us had big lunches our first day. I grabbed my phone
and remembered it wasn’t with me. At the gym, I was amazed at how many guys were on the phone while
trying to work out. I looked and saw I had missed a call. This time I did recognize PJ’s number. I
told Wes PJ had called and I was going to talk to him.

Once in my room, I returned PJ’s call and loved hearing his voice. He was in a hotel suite with his
dad on their business trip to see a client. He proceeded to ask how my day went, which I told him
about. Then I asked how his day went. What I thought would be a ten or fifteen minute call turned out
to be close to an hour. We easily found things to talk about to make the time fly by. 

After hanging up, I went out to get some water and saw Wes was watching a movie. I downed the water
and took a seat. He looked at me and smiled seeing I was naked like I usually was at night. 

“Did ya come to watch or talk?” he asked.

“Talk if you don’t mind,” I replied.

“No problem. I’ve seen this like a hundred times, but Spiderman never gets old,” he said and hit
pause. Now it did occur to me he had Netflix on the TV, which made sense for his love of movies. “I
can see someone is getting more comfortable by the day.”

“Oh a little,” I smiled.

“How was PJ doing? That reminds me, after we finish here I need to call Jennifer. Sometimes I have a
one track mind…”

“That being movies,” I laughed. “PJ is fine. Generally speaking… ummm… how long do you think two
people should see each before they have sex?”

“Damn, you’re asking me that question?”

“I wasn’t asking the TV,” I shot back.

“This is a major step in our friendship or else you don’t have another person in the world to talk
to,” Wes said. “The way I see it Jason it is all very dependent on the person and the person you’re
seeing. The old saying is after the third date, but I’m sure that’s not what you wanted to hear.
Other than the obvious, why do you ask?”

“As I told PJ, I don’t want a relationship that is solely based on sex. You remember Ian right?” I
asked concerning my first real boyfriend.

“I do. He was what I call really gay,” Wes replied.

“I admit he was. Our relationship was entirely based on sex…”

“Not what I wanted to hear at this very moment.”

“Alright, maybe I shouldn’t even have brought it up then. I’ll just head back to my room,” I said and
started to stand up.

“Sit your naked ass down, Jason. I was just commenting. It wasn’t the picture I wanted entering my
head,” Wes said.

“Okay,” I said and sat back down. “As I was saying, it was entirely based on sex and really nothing
else. Have you ever been like that?”

“Ummm… boy I wish I could say I had been. That was Wyatt’s main goal. If a girl wasn’t putting out as
often as he thought she should, he’d drop her like a hot potato,” Wes replied. 

“I remember all the girls he went through,” I said. “I say that to say this. I want to have sex in
the worst way with PJ, and I know he does with me as well. Yesterday, I told him I didn’t want our
relationship to be based on sex.”

Wes rubbed his chin and looked at me, “I just noticed something I hadn’t until now. You got some sun
yesterday in areas a person normally doesn’t. How can that be?”

My eyes moved around, “We went natural you might say.”

“You are such a dick tease then.”

“I’ll tell you like I told him, nudism is not about sex. It’s about the freedom and the comfort in
one’s own skin.”

“So he’s seen you naked yet not had sex with you?”

“Yes, but I saw Drew naked and you saw Ryker naked, we didn’t have sex with them,” I replied.

“I agree, but we’re not dating or seeing them either. I guess since he’s seen what’s inside the
package, you should give him the honor of letting him play with it now,” Wes said and laughed.

“Boy, this is going in the complete opposite direction of where I wanted it to,” I commented. “I was
hoping a friend could help me.”

“I’m trying my best. You’re asking my advice on when you should fuck him yet not make it seem like
it’s the sole objective to your relationship,” Wes said.

“Exactly,” I said. “I don’t wanna too soon…”

“Jason, here’s my thinking, but keep in mind I’m straight. If you have feelings for him then I see no
reason why you shouldn’t express those feelings sexually. I don’t think you’d be sending the wrong
message since you’ve spent two days together. Honestly, this weekend I was going to try my damnedest
to get Jennifer to stay with me but sometimes women are different. I, like you, have feelings for
her, but I’m not sure how strong just yet,” he said.

“Mine for PJ are getting stronger by the day. Aren’t you afraid you might run her off if your
feelings aren’t that strong yet?”

“I might, but you never know until I try. Hell, she might think I’m like you if I don’t make some
sort of move on her,” Wes said.

“I’m sure by now she knows you’re not gay,” I said. “So you don’t think it’s a bad thing if I just
happen to have sex with PJ?”

“As long as I’m out of sight,” Wes laughed.

“Trust me, you would be. You might be jealous,” I said.

“The only fucking reason I’d ever be jealous was knowing you scored before I did,” Wes laughed.

“You better make sure you have some condoms ready and Jennifer has her legs spread for you,” I
laughed along with him.

“I got the condoms. Now I just need to work on the second part and hope I remember how to fuck a
girl,” Wes laughed.

“I’m sure you’ll remember. If not I’ll try to help you out like you’ve helped me.”

“Jason, you knew the answer…”

“Maybe I did, but I wanted confirmation it was the right one.”

“I’m sure you’ll make PJ a happy man,” Wes said.

“And me happy as well. Damn, I miss fucking a dude!”

“Words I will never ever say,” Wes laughed.


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