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Thursday, the first of August, I entered the building for work and headed up to my office. I grabbed a
cup of coffee and looked around for Dan. Once in my office, I read my emails, which weren’t much so far
since I was still rather new here. Cindy walked in my small office and shut the door. She had a piece
of paper in her hand.

“More work for us?” I asked.

“We have plenty to do. Since you and I are sort of a team, they thought it would be best if we picked
our hours for the school year,” she replied.

“Ummm… okay,” I said, confused.

“Jason, for the first time, we are given the choice of days and hours which we choose to work as long
as we get our 40 hours in. We need to decide 4 or 5 days a week and then the hours,” she said.

“You have seniority so it’s your choice,” I said.

“True, but I want us to be agreeable. I was thinking four ten hour days…”

I smiled, “I like that, I guess.”

“Would you rather work 6 to 5 or 7 to 6?” Cindy asked.

I scratched my head while mulling over both scenarios. “What do you think?”

“I have no preference one way or the other. I picked the number of days so you pick our hours.”

“Ummm… Six is awful early, but we do miss all the traffic and parking would be so much easier. Getting
off at six we’d again miss the traffic going home,” I stated. “Let’s go for… ummm… 6 to 5.”

“Fine by me. We’ll start next week,” she said.

I shook my head, “Okay then.” 

We began working and conferred with our boss, Mr. Dalmyer, on various things. I was informed Monday
we’d be in meetings for the morning so we’d all be on the same page. 

Just before lunch, Dan stuck his head in the door where Cindy and I were working. “Jason, are you free
for lunch?” he asked.

“I think so but it will be a few minutes,” I replied.

“Great. I’ll see ya then,” he said and shut the door.

Cindy looked at me. “I guess it wouldn’t hurt to tell ya. Dan’s son came out to him last weekend. He
didn’t know what to do or how to handle it,” I told Cindy.

“How’d he…” Cindy paused. “He heard us talking yesterday, huh?”

“He did. I’m not crazy about everyone knowing about my private life but if they do find out what can I
really do?” I said.

“You’ll see that being gay is small beans compared to what some have gone through or are going through
around here. You’re drama free, unlike some I have worked with on other projects, so it has been a joy
for me to work with you,” she stated.

“Same here,” I said.

We finished up a few minutes after noon. I went out and found Dan waiting for me in his office. He hung
up his phone and left his desk. He was smiling so I assumed things went okay.

“Lunch is on me today, Jay,” Dan said.

“That’s not necessary,” I said before we went down the stairs.

“Trust me it is beyond necessary,” he stated. “I’ll tell ya about it in the car.”

“Okay,” I said.

We made it to his nice car and got in. I was so anxious to hear how things had gone.

Dan began after he pulled out of his parking space. “I got home yesterday and wouldn’t you know it
Austin was sitting in the living room alone. There was the biggest lump in my throat but I thought
about everything you said earlier. I walked up, rubbed his short hair and asked how his day was. He was
stunned but just said okay. I grabbed a seat and asked where his sister was. He said she was over at a
friend’s house. My wife wasn’t there either since she was working late. So it was just us two. I
cleared my throat and told him I loved him and nothing really had changed. You should have seen the
look on his face, Jason. He didn’t know what to think or say. I asked him to sit with me since we
needed to talk. It was maybe the best father son talk I’d ever had with him. At the end he gave me the
biggest hug ever.”

“Man that is so awesome!” I said.

“We watched TV together until Anna came home. She saw us sitting together and joined us. She didn’t
know what to say at the moment. She got very emotional when she told him she loved him and how proud
she was of him. However I did find out that he’s not dating or talking to that guy. Austin just said he
wanted to be friends. By the way, they met at the gay youth center here in town. Frankly, I didn’t know
such a thing existed…”

“I didn’t either. If I can ask, where is it?”

Dan gave me the location and name, Youth Hope. I didn’t tell him my reason but would check it out for
Clint’s sake. 

“Austin said he wasn’t bullied too bad and everyone at school knew he was gay,” Dan laughed. “He’s on
the swim team so all the kids think everyone on the team is gay. They aren’t I might add, since one of
the seniors got a girl pregnant during the year.”

We entered the lunch eatery. It was mostly plate lunches with home-style cooking and daily specials.
The fried chicken looked too good to pass up when it came time to order.

“I’m tickled to death things worked out for you and your family,” I said.

“I am as well, but it is just the beginning. We did set the rules for dating and whatnot once Kelley
came home so they were both clear on our rules and knew they were being treated as equals,” Dan said
before we were served our drinks. “You were right, not one word about sex either.”

“I told ya,” I laughed.

“He did ask if he could get his ears pierced,” Dan laughed.

“How funny! When is he getting em?”

“This weekend probably,” Dan replied and laughed. “So how is working with Cindy?”

“It’s great. I really enjoy working with her,” I replied.

“I don’t guess she ever flirts with you.”

“She knows I’m gay and it wouldn’t get her anywhere,” I replied with a big smile. We got our meal. The
first bite of the chicken told me I had ordered the right thing. It reminded me of my mom’s fried
chicken by the texture of it.

“You’re the first guy she hasn’t flirted with and tried to get in bed with,” Dan stated.

My eyes lit up, “I suppose she’s settled down now a little bit. I’m not even going to ask what she did
with you.”

“Good, because my lips are sealed,” Dan laughed.

“I suppose you did tell Austin about me?” I said to change the subject and had heard enough about

“I did. You wanna guess what he asked me?”

“Was I cute?” I replied.

“How’d you know?” Dan asked before eating his meatloaf.

I laughed, “I’m gay.”

“Yeah, you are. He does want me to take your picture so he can decide. Do you mind?” Dan asked.

“Go ahead,” I replied. “Only if I can see his picture.”

Dan pulled out his phone and waited for me to finish a bite of mashed potatoes and wipe my mouth. He
snapped the picture of me. He flipped through his phone and showed me pictures of his son. 

“He’s a nice looking guy. He shouldn’t have any problem finding a nice boy,” I stated.

“He knows it too,” Dan laughed. “Austin was afraid we would never accept him but we do. Immediately we
saw him change and he actually smiled a lot.”

We finished up eating with Dan going on and on about his son. I was glad I was able to help in a small
way. The rest of day I worked with Cindy and couldn’t get what Dan had said about her off my mind. It
was something that needed to be stored in the back of my little brain yet never talked about.

Once home, I got a call from Wes. It was great to hear his voice. The purpose of his call was for me to
run pay our rent since it was due on the first. I had the funds and did so right after I hung up with

When I returned, I packed a bag for the weekend since Wes wouldn’t be home. I didn’t check with PJ but
knew he’d be rather excited that I would be staying with him. I did call to tell him I was on my way. 

I knocked and entered his house with my bag over my shoulder. He got up and greeted me with a short,
sweet kiss.

“Are you telling me something?” he asked.

“I could be,” I replied. “You don’t mind, do ya?”

“I fucking hate it. I hate when my hot ass boyfriend shacks up with me,” he joked.

“I’ll just go back to my apartment then,” I said and took off my shirt. My shoes were next, followed by

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“Getting comfortable,” I replied and took a seat. “I think you should too.”

“Clint will probably stop by, you know?”

“So? Are we going to change for him? I know there are times when it’s not appropriate. I’ll put back on
my clothes for you,” I said and reached for my shorts.

“Jason, as much as I love to be nude I don’t think we should be around Clint,” PJ said, sitting next to

“Your house, your rules,” I said and put on my shorts.

“You’re not happy,” he said.

“Not happy isn’t the right words. Fuck, you’re right though,” I said. “I hate that we have to change
our ways. It’s not a bad example but one that needs to be done in the right way.”

“Hot dog, I won an argument between us for the first time,” PJ said and laughed.

“It really wasn’t an argument, per se,” I said.

“Then what the fuck was it?” he asked loudly and laughed.

“A fucking argument is when we go at each other’s fucking throats,” I said laughing and put my hands on
his throat. “Bitch, you get my ass!”

“Get your fucking hands off me, you… you animal.”

“It’s the last time you ever win an argument with me,” I said and busted out laughing. We laughed so
hard and started kissing each other in a very playful way. Our little bit of fun was interrupted when
the doorbell rang. PJ yelled it was open.

Clint came walking inside in his tee and shorts. He saw me and smiled. 

“Ummm… I wasn’t interrupting anything, was I?” he asked, walking towards us.

“No, not yet,” PJ replied.

“I was bored and saw Jason’s ride in the driveway,” Clint stated, taking a seat.

“How have things been going?” I asked.

“So much better it ain’t even funny,” Clint replied.

“That’s awesome,” I said.

“PJ, I took your advice today,” Clint said.

“What would that be?” PJ asked.

“One of the dickheads from school came in the store and spotted me working. He and one of his friends
were talking and I could hear them talking about me. I swallowed my pride and asked if they needed any
help. He said a faggot could never help him. I kept my cool and said I would be around if he needed
any,” Clint replied. “PJ, I just ignored them like you said and didn’t let it affect me any.”

“People are so damn rude,” I said. “Good for you, Clint. Show them you’re better than they are.”

“It’s hard, but I’m gonna try,” Clint said. “Hey, do you care if I ask you guys something?”

“No, go right ahead,” PJ replied.

“I was on the internet last night and got in one of those chat rooms. Are all gay dudes only interested
in sex?”

“Well… the internet has some seedy characters out there,” I replied.

“Tell me about it. They all wanted me to show them my dick,” Clint said.

“Maybe you need to find other sites that aren’t so sexually oriented. I did hear about this place in
town for gay youth…” I said.

“Alright,” Clint said.

“I didn’t know there was one here,” PJ said.

“I just heard about it. It’s called Youth Hope,” I said. “All I know is their name.”

The three of us whipped out phones and searched for it. PJ located it first and told us where to go.
“Clint, it looks interesting,” PJ said.

“Ummm… I guess it is. I can’t see myself going there,” Clint said.

“Why not?” I asked. “You could meet other gay guys your age and see you’re not alone. Maybe even find a

“I’ll think about it and keep it in mind,” Clint said. 

“Clint, you should think about it. They probably won’t ask you to show them your dick,” PJ said. “Did
ya, by the way?”

“Ummm… tell me you guys didn’t do crazy shit when you were my age?” Clint said with his face a little

I laughed, “I have and show it to PJ quite often. Sometimes, I hide it and see if he can find it.”

“How do you hide it?” Clint asked.

“Damn, are you that stupid?” PJ asked laughing.

It took a second before Clint started laughing. “I get it now. You stick it in PJ’s ass and fuck him.”

“Exactly,” PJ said. “I love it when he hides it. It feels so good.”

“I’d pay to see you two hotties fuck,” Clint stated.

“You don’t have enough money,” I said.

“I won’t need any. I can sneak over tonight since I saw a bag on the floor,” Clint said. “I can’t wait
until I can get guys to sleep with me.”

“I’d work on finding a boyfriend first,” I said. “Fall in love with him and it will be one great

“Fuck that. I just wanna have sex with them,” Clint said.

“Haven’t you seen how nice it is to have a boyfriend?” PJ asked. “From my own experience there’s
nothing like having sex with someone you love and care about.”

“I have seen how nice it is to have someone. I don’t know if I’d have the patience to wait and become
boyfriends,” Clint said.

“It is well worth the wait,” I said. 

“What were you guys planning on doing tonight?” Clint asked.

I looked at PJ. “Nothing I don’t guess.”

“There’s still a little sunlight left,” Clint said and smiled at us.

We took the hint that he wanted to hit the pool. PJ and I changed quickly and headed out to find him in
the water. We swam around some and messed with each other. 

Clint didn’t hang around too long and gave PJ and I some time alone. 

“Oh, I’ve been meaning to tell you that I took next Friday off so we could go a day earlier. Is that
okay?” PJ asked once we were sitting in his living room.

“It sounds great to me. It’ll give us three days of the beach,” I replied.

“I figured we wouldn’t be so tired coming back Sunday and may get tired of the beach after two full
days,” PJ said.

“True,” I agreed with him. We added a day to our reservation before we called it a night.

PJ’s alarm woke us the next morning a little before six. He jumped out of bed while I tried to go back
to sleep. I think I finally did and only slept until 8. 

It was odd walking around PJ’s house without him there, despite doing it before. I did some washing for
him, towels, before deciding to head to the gym. It was for working my arms and shoulders since Drew
rarely did those exercises when we went.  

Back at PJ’s, the pool and bright sun were far too inviting. PJ knew I’d enjoy sitting by the pool
naked until Clint called like I told him to before he came over. 

Clint called just before noon and said he’d be over in a few minutes. It offered me the chance to get
something to eat as well as putting on my swimsuit. His few minutes were a little longer than that but
I was able to fold some towels while waiting on him.  

He came to the door in just his shorts and flip flops with a backpack thrown over his boney shoulder. 

“How’s it going, Clint?” I asked, letting him inside.

“Good, but I just saw you yesterday,” he replied.

I laughed. “I guess you did. Are we ready to soak up some rays today?”

“Hell yeah!” he replied. 

I grabbed some water for us while Clint headed out back. He was digging through his backpack for his
towel, shades and sunscreen. I handed him some water and sat in the lounge chair next to him. He began
pouring the sunscreen on his slender body while I kicked back.

“Jason, when are you going to introduce me to your lifestyle?” Clint asked.

“Which one would that be?” I asked however knowing the answer.

“I wanna pull off this bikini and let er hang free,” Clint replied. I sat silently debating his
question. “I guess it’s a no. I hate being treated like a flipping little kid.”

“Clint, have we ever treated you that much differently?” I asked.

“You have when it came to drinking,” he replied.

“We could get in big trouble with the law and your mom. Right now we want to keep her trust and faith
since we don’t know each other that well. I suppose we could be nude back here but first let me say a
few things.”

“Alright, fire away,” he said.

“First and maybe foremost of concern to you is that nudism or going natural has nothing to do with sex
or sexual things. It is more about accepting who you are and accepting others the way they are. For us,
that is not a problem. It is about being free and enjoying life, well it is to me,” I said.

“Okay, I think I understand,” Clint said. “What if I get a stiffy?”

“Today, I’ll understand, but generally just roll over when you get that feeling. You’ll see once the
newness wears off it won’t be problem.”

“So you do get hard seeing other guys naked?”

“Nope, I don’t. It takes other stimulation,” I replied. “It does take away the mystery of finding out
what your sex partner looks like naked.”

“That may not be so bad, but I think I get what you’re saying. The sight of a person nude is no longer
a big deal to you so you’re not anxious to rip their clothes off,” Clint said. 

“Exactly,” I said and began pulling down my bikini. I tossed it aside and knew he was looking at me.
Clint slowly put his hands in his bikini and started pulling it off. He had a very nice uncut dick that
was semi hard with low hanging nuts and very little hair.  My best guess was he was my size, 7 inches,
if not bigger. 

“This ain’t so bad… like sleeping nude,” he commented.

“I love it,” I stated. “Oh Clint, you might wanna put some sunscreen on your dick. It’d suck if it got

“It would,” he said and laughed. He grabbed the sunscreen. “Do you wanna put it on for me?”

I laughed, “I don’t think so. You’re probably used to grabbing it and rubbing it.”

Clint laughed, “I am.” He put on the sunscreen and threw his hands behind his head. “How long have you
been a nudist, Jason?”

“My parents are nudists so I’ve been one my entire life,” I replied.

“That’s flipping awesome,” he replied and then sat up. “So you saw your mom’s twat?”

“I have, along with my dad and brother’s dick,” I laughed.

“I don’t care if I ever see my mom’s twat,” he said. 

“You may have started your life that way,” I said.

“True, just like my parents had to fuck to make me. There’s something I never wanted to see,” Clint

“You’ve got a good point there,” I said. “Clint, when did you know you were gay?”

“When I was fourteen, I really noticed how I thought the guys were cute, especially on the internet. At
first I thought I was envious, you know. Then about two years ago I knew I was gay and had no interest
whatsoever of ever dating a girl, but I was freaked out as well. I kept it hidden and thought one of my
friends was gay, the one that told everyone. How about you, Jason?”

“I had a feeling I was when I was about 16 but thought it was just some passing phase in my life. I
didn’t come out until I was a sophomore in college,” I replied. “I’m glad I really discovered I was
when I was in college. I can’t imagine the hell you went through.”

“It was awful. I hated going to school and worrying someone was gonna kick my ass. I missed a bunch of
days from the fear. I went to class as quick as I could, ate as fast as I could and left school the
same way. The shame of it was I had tons of so called friends. Not a one of those motherfuckers ever
came to my defense or would talk to me after they knew. I really didn’t care about the ones I didn’t
hang out with but I did those I used to hang with. We had great times together. I was always spending
the night at someone’s house and partied like crazy.”

“That’s sad. The bright spot is you stopped partying,” I said.

“I wasn’t a bad kid. Yeah, I drank a little, and yes I smoked some weed, but in general I was terrified
my mom would find out,” Clint said.

“That fear does keep us from really going crazy,” I said.

“Jason, the sad part is since I came out I was a complete and total ass to my mom. It was nothing for
me to cuss at her,” Clint said. “In the last week, things are back to normal and I don’t cuss at her
anymore. I did apologize to her. She’s the best and totally understood. I can’t thank you guys enough
for showing me a little kindness.”

“Clint, you’re very lucky to have a mom that completely accepts you. I’m just as lucky in that regard.
From the moment I came out, they’ve supported me and never questioned me.”

“We’re so lucky, Jason. I’d have killed myself for sure if she’d not accepted me,” he said.

“Now you have somewhere and some place to turn if things get bad again. I hope you will consider Youth

“I am considering it. The only part I don’t care for is going alone,” he said.

“Just going the first time will be the hardest. Remember everyone there is gay and may be going through
the same stuff you are.”

“I guess they are,” Clint said and turned over. He grabbed his sunscreen to apply it to his back.
“Jason, could I get a little help here?”

“I can do that,” I replied. I stood and applied the sunscreen to parts of his back and legs he missed.
“You can do your ass.”

He laughed and applied the sunscreen to his cute little ass. I lay on my stomach while we continued to
talk. It was nice having him to talk with while getting to know each other better. I talked about my
family, especially Nick, with him. 

Clint stood up and finished off his water. “Now I’m dying to go skinny dipping.”

“Dive right in. It feels great,” I said.

Clint went to the diving board and dove in. I followed him and swam up to him.  “This is so cool. I
could really get used to being naked here at this pool.”

“It is addictive. What do you think your mom would say?” I asked.

“Boy, I don’t know. There’s no telling,” he replied.

We swam around and were our normal selves in the pool. We got out and grabbed some more water before
returning to lie out.  

“Clint, I have a feeling one day you’ll make some guy one hell of a boyfriend,” I said after we’d been
soaking up the rays for a little while.

“You think?” he asked excited.

“I know you would. Forget how you look. You have a super personality that I feel is somewhat how you
used to be.”

“You’re far too nice. I am starting to feel like my old self again. When I come over here, my troubles
seem like they’re a million miles away even though I know my troubles are still there,” Clint said. 

I heard the back door open and saw PJ walking towards us. I stood to greet him. His face quickly turned

“What the hell are you doing?” PJ asked, tight jawed.

“I know what I said last night…” I said.

“This is some fucking shit!” PJ said and walked swiftly to the door. He slammed it going inside.

“Oh boy,” Clint said.

“I need to go explain things. You stay right here,” I said.


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