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Sunday morning the weekend of the Fourth, I was sitting outside enjoying the quiet under some clouds.
Everything was going great, but in a way things needed to slow down just a little. I loved PJ with
all my heart and soul but felt maybe it was time to take things easy for a while. It was partly my
fault for sleeping with him as often as I did. We had bonded quickly but I was scared to death we’d
grow tired of each other. It had happened to me in the past, even though my previous two boyfriends
weren’t exactly right for me as I now clearly see. I did want someone forever but there was still a
lot of time for that if PJ didn’t happen to be that person. 

“Hey Bubba, what’s up?” Nick asked, coming out the door and interrupting my peace. He hadn’t called
me Bubba in years but it was nice to hear.

“Just enjoying the morning,” I replied.

He came and sat next to me in the double lounger. He grabbed my bare leg. “Any regrets about last

“Zero actually,” I replied. “How about you?”

“Absolutely none whatsoever.”

“Are you being honest with me, Nick? I’m the gay guy here.”

“I’m fully aware of that shit. It was fun between four horny dudes that were just tipsy enough not to
give a fuck. It’s part of life,” Nick replied. “It was an experience for me that I enjoyed. Mind you,
it’s nothing I want to make a habit of.”

“Okay. Man, I hate that today is it,” I said.

“Join the crowd. You don’t have a long ass drive ahead of you,” Nick said. “I can’t even begin to
thank you. You’re the best brother ever.”

“You are too. I love you to death,” I said and gave him a short hug.

“Now let’s not get mushy here. Jason, I hope you’ll stay with PJ for a long time. I love that dude.”

“You’re not the only one. I don’t have plans right now but you never know. You should know. You go
through girls like I go through underwear,” I said.

“Faster than that,” he laughed. “I know what you mean.”

“Nick, in all seriousness, I really want you to put forth the effort for your upcoming summer
session. It needs to be and has to be important to you.”

“I’ll try my best.”

“You can do it. I know you can. I’ve seen it.”

“Now you won’t be there to stay on my ass,” Nick said.

“I’ll call then every night if that’s what it takes. Better yet, if you wanna come here again you
better make the grades. How’s that for incentive?”

Nick laughed, “Not bad. Austin and I were talking and want to come back ASAP. Maybe the week between
the end of summer and the start of fall?”

“You can if your grades are up to par,” I said. 

“If not?”

“Keep your ass there and learn your lesson. Nick, curtail the drinking too. It’s fine when the time
calls for it but not every night,” I said.

“Now I’m an alcoholic?” Nick said.

“No, but I worry about you. You, of all the people I know, don’t need it to have a good time and be
sociable. Here these few days you’ve made friends in the blink of an eye and just by being yourself…”

“You’re not doing bad either now.”

“I’m not, but it has been luck.”

We sat together until Austin came out with PJ right behind him. Austin said they needed to get ready
to start heading out. With the two getting ready, I found PJ and said I was going back to my
apartment with them.

“Jason, Jimmy, Logan, Cole and Ford are coming over,” PJ said.

“Ummm… PJ, you can handle them. We’ve been together for 4 straight days. I wanna see my brother off,”
I said. “Will it kill ya?”

“It won’t,” he replied. 

“You can have fun with them without me. I don’t think you’ve had that chance yet,” I said.

“Alright then,” PJ said, sounding disappointed.

We kissed passionately and said we’d see each other later. PJ came out and found Nick and Austin
ready to leave. I stood back and watched the exchanges. Nick and Austin were so gracious and kissed
PJ on the cheek.

“PJ, you better take care of Jason when I’m gone,” Nick said.

“I will,” PJ said with a smile. “Austin, I don’t envy you watching after Nick.”

“I don’t either,” Austin said. “Now I gotta be stuck in his fucking truck for eight hours.”

“You love me though,” Nick said and grabbed Austin by the head. “We’ll see ya next time, PJ.”

“For sure,” PJ said.

We headed over to my apartment since I knew Wes and maybe the others would enjoy saying goodbye. I
entered the door with Wes on the couch.

“You’re home,” Wes said.

“He is, but we’re leaving your sorry ass,” Nick said. “We came to say goodbye.”

“Adios,” Wes said.

“Adios to you too motherfucker,” Nick said.

Wes stood and came over. “I was messing with ya.” Nick and Austin gave Wes a big hug. “You guys be

“We will,” Austin said.

I stood with emotions running through my body. Nick walked over and grabbed me. Tears came streaming
out of my eyes while I felt his strong embrace. “I love you, Jason.”

“I love you too, Nick,” I eked out.

“Damn, this is gonna make me cry,” Wes said.

“I know,” Austin said. “There sure is some brotherly love right there.”

“Damn right there is,” Nick said. “Fuck, I don’t wanna leave.”

“I don’t want you to either but you have to get going,” I said and wiped my eyes.

Austin walked over and gave me a hug goodbye. “You take care,” I said.

“I will. Thanks a million. I had the best time here,” Austin said.

“See ya,” Wes said with the two at the door. 

We walked outside and headed two doors down to say goodbye to Drew and Ryker. It wasn’t as emotional
but more like how good buddies say farewell. I walked to Nick’s truck and gave him one last hug and
kiss on the cheek.

He said goodbye before getting in his truck and driving away. 

I went inside after they were gone. “I don’t want them to ever come again. Saying goodbye is too
fucking hard.”

“Jason, there was some real brotherly love and was all weekend. Something I will never experience or
have experienced in my life. It was heart-warming to see,” Wes said.

“Thanks,” I said. “I’ll really miss him in a way, but not so much in another.”

“You worried yourself sick he’d fuck up, didn’t ya?”

“I did, but he did very well. He blended right in with everyone else, but I knew he would,” I said.

“I agree there. By the way, what are you doing home so early?”

“I knew you’d wanna see Nick and Austin before they left, plus I’ve been with PJ for four straight
days,” I replied.

“Getting tired of him?”

“Of course not,” I said. “Wes, I need to really taper things back just a little bit.”


“I don’t know, but I just wanna do that. Things are happening so fast for us. We, or should I say I,
want to let things settle down just a little. We’re only dating…”

“Are you scared you’re getting too close?”

“No, but I’m scared shitless he’s gonna ask me to move in with him. I just know he is. I wanna just
date for a while longer before making that commitment. I like how you and Jennifer are progressing.
You don’t have to be around each other every free hour,” I replied.

“Do you not love him?”

“I love him to death,” I replied. “Wes, are you ready to move in with Jennifer if she asked you to?”

“Ummm, no, but I might do it if you moved in with PJ,” Wes replied. “I think I see where you’re
coming for. It’s great to have someone but things are just moving too fast for you. You want to make
damn certain he’s the one before you commit.”

“Exactly,” I said. “Hey, I’m gonna go take a nap for a little while. I’m exhausted from the weekend.”

Wes smiled before I headed back to my room. The moment my naked body hit my bed my eyes closed. Maybe
I was more tired than I realized.

I woke, shook out the cobwebs and stretched before my feet hit the floor. The bathroom was my first
call before heading to the living room. It seemed I wasn’t the only tired person. Sitting on the end
table was a full list of our expenses. It was more than what we originally thought they would be but
we had cooked more often for friends. Going back, I called Mom to see if she had heard from Nick on
his way home. She had heard from him earlier and was expecting him to call once he was back at
college. We talked for a while about our weekend. My parents were pretty aware of Nick’s drinking
habits but I didn’t mention it. I did get to hear about their weekend with fellow nudist friends.

Finished, I walked back out to the living room with Wes awake. “Alright cocksucker, where’s my
fucking check?” he asked, trying to hold a straight face.

“Pussy licker, I got your fucking check,” I replied with a big smile and handed him my check. “Shove
it straight up your ass.”

Wes couldn’t withhold it any longer and burst out laughing. “Jason, I love your ass.”

“PJ has told me that a few times,” I laughed.

He stood and gave me a surprisingly big warm hug. “I never imagined things would be going so well,
much less hugging a nude gay guy. Boy, didn’t we have a great weekend?”

“We really did. I know Nick and Austin loved it too.”

“I enjoyed being around them. Needless to say, Nick’s a trip!”

I smiled and sat back down. Now my chair had a towel on it for these moments. “He is.”

Wes picked up the check. “Ummm… maybe next month this won’t be as big. We sorta went all out.”

“Wes, it’s okay with me. We’re making great friends…”

“And learning to live together, or at least part of the time,” Wes said with a smile. “I knew coming
into this you were a good guy. Now you’re a great guy.”

“I appreciate that. I feel the same way about you. I love being around you and the guys so much. I
know we’re a little different in the obvious way but I appreciate so much how you and the others
haven’t seen that my friends or I are gay,” I said. “Even Ryker seems to be coming around a little.”

“He is and enjoys being around you guys,” Wes said. “What’s up for next weekend?”

I laughed, “I guess just building the pool house. That will be some good experience for you.”

“Ummm… yeah, it will be on a small scale. Don’t it suck tomorrow is back to the routine?”

“Oh, a little, but I’m sorta ready for it. With all that’s going on I forget the reason we’re here,”
I stated.

“I do too,” Wes agreed. 

The rest of day and night were rather lazy for the both of us. It seemed the long holiday weekend had
taken a toll on us. I did catch up on laundry and kept tabs on how Nick was progressing on his
journey. It allowed me a lot of time to catch on the world via Twitter.

Right before nine, as I was watching TV with Wes, my phone rang. I saw it was Nick and answered it.
He delivered the good news that he and Austin had returned safely back to their college where they
were starting summer school the following day. I was relieved and thus could now breathe easier.

“I take it they made it okay?” Wes said.

I smiled, “They did.”

“When are they coming back? I know they wanna.”

“He mentioned something in a few weeks but you can never tell about Nick.”

“I can see him moving here in a few years, or you moving to live near him. That bond you have is
special,” Wes said.

“He may have to move here since I love it here.”

“I do as well. We’ve only scratched the surface, plus all the stuff that is so close.”

Monday, the sound of my alarm wasn’t the most pleasing sound ever. It signalled my short vacation was
over and it was time to continue with my new job. It was nice seeing Cindy when I drove up. The day
was hectic again while everything was going full throttle ahead with the next full semester beginning
shortly and the second summer starting. 

Getting off at my regular time, it was rather cloudy and looked again like rain. I was anxious to
head to the gym after neglecting my fitness while Nick was here. 

The four of us arrived at the gym and separated with Wes going with Ryker while I continued to work
out with Drew. Just as we exited the locker room, Jimmy and Logan walked up to me in their shorts.

“We missed you yesterday,” Jimmy said.

“Well… I was worn out from the weekend,” I said.

“Understandable,” Logan said with sweat dripping from his face. “We really had a great time.”

“I knew you would,” I said.

“We’ll see ya later,” Jimmy said. “We’ll let you two work up a sweat like us.”

“See ya,” Drew said.

Walking away, I explained to Drew that Jimmy, Logan, Ford and Cole had gone over to PJ’s house to
swim. Drew completely understood where I was coming from and said he was exhausted from the long busy
weekend. We began working out on our core and back some to vary things just a little. Drew was great
at pushing me to limits and pushing me to get the most out of each exercise. I didn’t have to push
him much for he was driven like no one else I’d been around. 

We did finish about the same time as Wes and Ryker. Wes was slowly beginning to develop a little
chest and shoulders after the five weeks of training. Ryker was still far ahead but Wes too was
putting forth the effort. It was pretty fun showering with the three straight guys and was an added
bonus for me despite now seeing Drew and Wes naked several times. There were also a few other guys
showering as well, including a young guy that really caught my eye with his damn near perfect body
and nice hanging cut dick between his legs. It was hard not checking him out but I think he was doing
the same to us.

Wes and I headed to our apartment after riding back with them. Wes opened the door and went to his
usual spot. “Jason, I think that will be the last time I go to the gym.”

“Why?” I asked, walking to the kitchen to mix up the protein shake.

“I’m banging my damn head against the wall. My destiny in life is to be fucking skinny,” Wes replied,
turning on the TV.

I shook up the mix in the two glasses and carried one to Wes while drinking my chocolate mix. “Don’t
give up now. Wes, I noticed that you’re adding a little muscle to your chest and shoulders.”

“Please! Don’t say that just to make me wanna go with you,” he said and grabbed the shake.

“It takes time. We’ve just been going six or so weeks. I really can see some development.”

“I can’t, plus Jennifer could care less.”

“I can sit here and tell you that you are, but if you have your mind made up then there’s little I
can say. Just think how long Drew and Ryker have been hitting the weights. They started somewhere.”

“Can you really tell there’s some improvement or are you bullshitting me?”

“I can,” I said and poked his chest. “Before it was bone against skin. It’s not much but it’s a
beginning. I don’t see much for myself either but I like how I feel afterwards.”

“Jason, I can tell you have. Your fucking abs are getting pretty shredded now.”

I looked down and smiled. “Maybe a little, but I still have work to do.”

“Well maybe I should try another month and see what happens,” Wes said. “I grow to appreciate you
more and more, Jason.”

“I appreciate that. I feel the same,” I said.

As we were sitting around, my phone began ringing in my room. I raced to grab it and saw it was PJ.
Answering it, he didn’t sound so chipper. I came to find out he was going out of town again until
Friday for work. He said he had put it off and was going to see at least two potential clients while
he was away. He requested that I go to his house Friday and wait for the receipt of the materials for
his pool house. I said that wouldn’t be a problem and I was happy to help. I didn’t tell him that it
wasn’t all bad he was leaving either, knowing how I wanted to slow things down. I did enjoy hearing
all about his time with the four the day before.

Tuesday, it was sprinkling a little when I got off work. It was better now than last weekend and
hopefully for the upcoming weekend. Once home, I relaxed and had some fruit while getting to watch
what I wanted before Wes came home from his job. 

Wes got home about an hour later while I was having a salad. He said hi and headed to the couch. 

“How’s work going?” I asked.

“Oh, about the same, I am learning so much every day,” he replied. “How’re things going for you?”

“Not bad, but hectic with summer just starting and prepping for the fall. I never realized how much
was done behind the scenes to make a college run smoothly,” I replied.

“I’m sure it’s like a construction project. If one thing is late or not working like it should then
the entire project suffers. I’m learning so much about time management and scheduling. Everything has
to be orchestrated perfectly.”

“Same here,” I said finishing with Wes switching stations. “Excuse me but I was watching that.”

“My bad. I thought it was just on,” he said and changed it back to the news I was watching.

Wes sat there watching with me for a few minutes. “Jason, it’s depressing to watch this.”

“Actually it is. I’ve seen enough shootings and crazy shit for one day. Turn the station to one of
your movies,” I said.

“Nah, I’m about to leave and go have dinner with Jennifer,” Wes said.

“And dessert too?” I asked with a smile.

“We’ll see about dessert,” he laughed. “She does like stuff with cream filling.”

“Fuck that is nasty,” I laughed.

“You asked,” he laughed along with me. “You like cream filling desserts as well.”

“Hell yeah I do,” I said. “I like the desserts with the cream at the end.”

“I really don’t see what you gay guys like so much about cum. It’s fucking nasty, smelly and sticky.”

“Not all gay guys like cum. I see it as reaping your reward for a job well done,” I said smiling. “At
least, it’s not swimming inside a vagina looking for an egg.”

“Instead it’s swimming in your fucking gut,” Wes laughed. 

“Wes, be honest with me. Is Jennifer on birth control?” I asked in all seriousness.

“She is, but it still doesn’t keep me from using a condom. She doesn’t like it but I see no reason to
take that risk at this moment,” Wes replied. “Jason, I have fucked her twice without one, but I still
pulled out before I nutted. I’ll admit it does feel better and is more fun. The fun ends when my
sperm finds her egg. Do you fuck PJ with a condom?”

“Every time. Barebacking is for committed clean couples. We’re not at that point yet like say Jimmy
and Logan or Aiden and Casey are.”

“That’s good to hear you are safe. I better get ready before Jennifer calls and wonders where I am,”
Wes said.

“Have fun,” I said with him walking away.

After Wes was gone on his date with his girl and was PJ out of town, I didn’t wanna just sit around
like I had the previous two nights. I threw on an old college tee and shorts to head across to visit
Jimmy and Logan with my phone in my pocket. Heading over, it struck me that I had never been to their
apartment but knew the number. I climbed the stairs and knocked on their door. I waited a minute and
heard “Who is it?”

I yelled my name out thinking I must have interrupted sex. The door opened slowly with Jimmy standing
naked behind it. I smiled and greeted him. 

“Did I come at a bad time?” I asked entering their one bedroom apartment with Logan coming out naked
as well.

“No, I was in the kitchen and Logan was in the bathroom,” Jimmy replied. “You can strip if you’d

“Ummm… okay,” I said and took off my clothes. “Boy, I see what kind of influence I’ve been on you

“The best kind if you ask me,” Logan said. “Do you need a towel to sit on?”

“That’s not a bad idea,” I said. “It is the most sanitary thing.”

Jimmy grabbed a towel and placed it in a chair before going to sit on the couch with Logan. “As you
see, we really appreciate the introduction to this lifestyle,” Logan said. “We love it if you can’t
tell. Nothing better than coming home after a long day and losing all of our clothes.”

“I agree and would do it more if not for Wes,” I stated while scanning their nicely decorated living
area. “I don’t see anything wrong with this right here. I’m very comfortable right now and can see
how comfortable you are as well.”

“There’s nothing wrong with friends doing this. We’ve been doing it ever seen the camping trip. At
first, it didn’t seem right but as you can see we’ve adjusted to this very well,” Jimmy said. “What
brings you over?”

“I didn’t want to sit in the apartment alone…”

“Bring your ass over anytime,” Logan said. “We’re glad to have you.”

“Guess what Logan just found out?” Jimmy asked with Logan’s arm around him.

“You’re pregnant,” I joked. 

“We’re trying but no. Logan has a two day conference at the end of next week on the east coast. Guess
what that means?” Jimmy asked raising his eye brows.

“You’re not helping the second… I get it. Nude beach, here you come,” I replied, figuring out what he
was after.

“Exactly,” Logan said. “It’s really a little training on Thursday and Friday. Jimmy wants to go with
me but if he can’t then he’s gonna drive over Friday for the weekend.”

“It’s our one year anniversary, or close enough, and my birthday is the week after,” Jimmy stated.

“Wow, there are two great reasons to celebrate. I’d hate to be in the room next to yours that
weekend,” I said.

“No doubt, but can you blame me?” Logan asked and gestured at Jimmy’s fit naked dark body.

“I love being your boyfriend and taking your fucking cock every chance I get,” Jimmy said and kissed
Logan on the lips. “I hope I can always say that.”

“Do I need to leave you two alone?” I asked.

“I’m sorry, Jason,” Jimmy said. “I love this man so much.”

“Sorry if you’re uncomfortable over there...” Logan laughed.

“I’m fine. It’s great to see two men so in love with each other,” I stated.

“You and PJ are as well. He really missed having you there with him Sunday,” Jimmy said. “Is there a

“None,” I replied. “I was tired and it would offer him a good chance to do something without me.
We’re just dating.”

“True,” Logan said. “It’s good to have friends outside your relationship to do stuff with every now
and then. However, it wasn’t something Jimmy and I do or have done. We have a few friends but none
like we’ve made here recently. It’s been a joy to finally find guys, both gay and straight, we can do
stuff with. I’ve actually enjoyed being around Wes and those guys.”

“It has been a good balance,” Jimmy said. “We really appreciate it so very much.”

“I enjoy hanging out with you two as well. Else, my ass would still be at the apartment,” I stated.

“Now you’re hanging with your new nudist buddies,” Jimmy said. “I’m a horrible host. Would you care
for something to drink?”

“Water would be awesome,” I replied.

Jimmy headed across to grab the water. 

“Have you been to the nude beach over there?” Logan asked.

“I haven’t, but I would love to go,” I replied. “I’ve heard nothing but good things about it, other
than it can get crowded.”

“I’m excited to go even though we’ll miss the second weekend of construction,” Jimmy said and handed
me a bottle of water. “If it’s so popular then why the hell aren’t there more, especially here?”

“I wish I knew the answer to that. With all the financial struggles the state and cities are having
you’d think they’d consider that as a new revenue stream,” I replied.

“I’ll tell you why. The conservatives are scared to allow it to happen. Hell, they allowed marijuana
in Colorado and Washington so why not nude beaches like Europe have?” Logan said. 

“You answered that, the conservatives wouldn’t allow it,” I replied. 

“You know, we’ve actually looked into taking a trip to Europe one day and going to the beaches there.
I see there’s a town where you go naked,” Jimmy said.

“My family went one time about five years ago and went to a few of them in France. They were great.
We didn’t make it to the nudist town,” I said.

“How fucking awesome would that be?” Jimmy asked.

“You are fully converted,” I laughed.

“You think?” Jimmy asked.

I stayed for a while longer and really enjoyed visiting with them. It pained me to don clothes and
walk across the lot to my apartment. While doing so, my phone rang. It was PJ calling to fill me in
on his day while out on the road. 


Thanks for reading this next chapter.   I really appreciate your kind comments after the last
chapter.  I was having one of those days.  Everyone was very understanding.  I try my best and will
continue to do so.  I'm just happy others enjoy something I do for fun.

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