Posted:  Sept 21, 2013

Thursday, the Fourth of July, I was lying awake with PJ sleeping next to me in my bed. We didn’t have sex
but instead fell asleep in each other’s arms. I heard a door open and shut so I got out of bed quietly. I
walked out and saw Nick’s bare ass looking in the fridge. 

“Hey, why don’t we put on some shorts and go outside, that way we don’t disturb Wes?” I asked, quietly.

Nick gave me the okay sign and grabbed his shorts that were still on the floor. I grabbed mine from my room
along with getting us something to drink. We stepped outside with a few dark clouds looming overhead and
went across to sit in some chairs by the pool.

“What did ya think?” I asked.

“You really amazed me,” Nick replied, shaking his messy brown hair. “Your friends are killer. I know you
talked about them, but you know sometimes we have just acquaintances and not real friends. Now I kinda hate
we’re staying at PJ’s for the rest of the time.”

“Believe me, you’ll see ‘em,” I said. “What did you think of PJ?”

“He was pretty quiet for the most part…”

“Yeah, he didn’t have a chance to talk,” I said.

Nick laughed, “My bad, but for once he’s a regular guy, unlike the other two you called your boyfriends. I
will say you looked happy together and that’s really what counts.”

“I’m very happy with PJ,” I said. 

“Mom will be happy to know you’re doing so well. She calls me and is always worried how you’re doing. I’m
like hell you’re 22 years old and will do just fine.”

“I’m doing better than fine. Actually, I’m doing fucking great. I love it here a million times more than I
ever dreamed I would,” I said. “Now she can worry about you and summer school.”

“She always will,” Nick laughed.

“Is Austin going too?”

“He is. He’s gonna live with me for sure during this part of summer school and I hope for the year. We
gotta swap roomies if they will do it,” Nick replied and took a drink.

“More than anyone, you’ll survive. You can adapt to any situation put before you. Like last night, you
acted as though you were their friends more than I did. The few times you did hang out with me and a gay
friend you acted like it was no big deal.”

“Jason, I did notice that you had a good mix of straight and gay friends. That’s fucking killer! You need
that in your life. You aren’t like some gay dudes and can relate to straight guys,” Nick said.

“Like you with my friends, I adapt,” I said. “Nick, I want you to give it your best effort in school since
I won’t be around to stay on your ass.”

“I’ll try,” he said. “I’m not like you where books and studying come easy.”

“I know, but you’ve shown you can do it,” I said.

“Jason, I was worried you’d be all over me for drinking like I did last night.”

“I know how you are. You didn’t get crazy. Just watch it if you can.”

“It’s hard as hell but I’ll try,” Nick said.

We talked about his nudist group he’d joined. He really enjoyed it but he always liked being involved in
group things. He said I’d be surprised how many college kids enjoy it once given the chance. We laughed and
said they should since most had nice bodies rather than all the fat old people we saw growing up.

We went inside after a great chat. We saw Austin, PJ and Wes sitting around.

“Dude, you didn’t tell us Wes is fucking PJ’s sister,” Austin said. “How crazy is that?”

“I knew he was. They compare notes on who takes dick better,” Nick said.

“That’d be tough to say,” PJ laughed. 

“My brother is a fucking stud,” Nick said.

“Dude, I hope you’re just saying that and don’t know from first-hand experience,” Austin laughed.

“Bitch, I’ll fuck your ass up,” Nick laughed.

“We don’t need to hear what you two did last night in bed either,” Wes laughed.

“Everyone’s a real comedian around here,” Austin said.

Wes cooked us a good breakfast before we got ready for our big day out on the boat. We kept a close eye on
the weather but it seemed like we might escape rain for this day. It worked out nicely having everyone here
when we decided to head out and catch the boat.

We arrived about fifteen minutes early at the docks. We followed Drew and found the boat to pay for our
fishing excursion. It wasn’t cheap for a few hours out on the gulf waters.

“Drew!” a guy yelled out to him. 

Drew walked over and greeted the guy. “Steve, thanks for getting us on the boat.”

“No problem. Matter of fact, we had a few cancellations due to the weather not looking so hot but I think
we’re going to do okay. You’re pretty lucky since we normally don’t do afternoons, it’s just for this
weekend,” Steve said. “You guys ready to catch some fish?”

“You better believe we are,” Nick said loudly. “I can’t wait.”

“Hop on board and we’ll get out of here in about ten minutes,” Steve said.

We got aboard the boat, which was actually bigger than I thought it would be. It did have a place where we
could go inside to sit and use the restroom.    

The boat pulled away from the dock and headed out on the water with about a dozen or so on-board. It was
all guys, with one having his two younger sons with him. The waters were choppy and tested our sea legs
from the start. We laughed seeing Austin having to take a seat while Nick and Drew were roaming the boat. 

It took about an hour before the boat stopped. We were given our poles and were offered help if needed. It
was a challenge getting the bait on the hook for me and PJ so one of the two other crew members helped us
while Nick and Austin had their lines in the water and were going without a shirt. Once we were ready, we
cast our lines near Nick’s.  

Not two minutes later PJ was frantically reeling his line in. 

“Bring it home, PJ,” Nick said.

After reeling and reeling, the fish came to the surface and into the boat. It was a good size fish but I
had no idea what it was. Drew came over and said it was a red snapper. PJ was a trooper and unhooked the
fish to hand it to one of the crew members after Nick snapped a picture with his phone. 

“Good eating there,” I said.

“It should be,” PJ said. “That was kind of fun. I’m ready to catch some more.”

Finally, after many failed tries and about fifteen minutes, a fish took my bait after everyone else had
caught one if not more. It felt like a big one with the way it was taking the line. I fought and fought
until pulling the small grouper aboard. Nick was our picture taker and got one of me and my little fish. 

“This is fucking killer, Jason. I love this shit,” Nick said to me.

“It is fun, especially with us catching some,” I said.

“Yeah, even the little guys had caught one before you,” Nick laughed.

“Rub it in,” I laughed, ready to catch more.

It was a great afternoon of fishing. All of us really enjoyed our time out on the boat with us catching
close to sixty fish between the seven of us. I was happy that Nick had caught about a dozen, including two
really big kingfish. It didn’t matter to me that my haul was the least.

We rode back and made plans for the night since it was the Fourth. We wanted to go see some fireworks
either at the beach or downtown. After the long ride back, we made it to the dock about six. We got our
fish that was cut up for us and headed back where we saw a lot of traffic heading to the beach for the

Once at my apartment we decided our best choice was downtown after seeing the traffic. We went inside to
get our things for the rest of the weekend. Wes stood watching us load up PJ’s car and Nick’s truck while
my vehicle would stay parked. 

“Wes, you really should just get your stuff and go with us,” Nick said.

“I would, but I promised Jennifer we’d be together tonight,” Wes said.

“I see where your priorities are,” Austin laughed.

“You know how it is,” Wes said. “Maybe one night I will.”

“Just plan on staying Saturday night when we cook all that fish,” PJ said. “You know you can sleep with
Jennifer at my place if you want to.”

Drew and Ryker came out to say goodbye and thanked us for a fun fishing trip. We knew we’d see them later
as we were all meeting up and going to the fireworks. I knew Jimmy and Logan were going as well but we
never got a hold of Aiden or Casey. Drew said Cameron, Lane, Owen and maybe another guy or two would be
meeting us as well.

We made it to PJ’s house and entered it. Nick and Austin really liked it and told PJ so. They didn’t waste
any time stripping down and jumping into the pool. We had just a little time so we all got in to swim

“Man, I almost felt sorry for Wes when we were leaving,” Austin said as we were getting out of the pool and
drying off. “He looked like we wouldn’t be back.”

“You have to understand, Wes is jealous, but more so of the fact he never talks to his brother,” I stated. 

“Why not?” Nick asked.

“He’s fucked up with drugs,” I replied.

“Let me say from experience, don’t ever start. They fucked my life up for three years. It took me three
more to get to where I am today,” PJ said.

“You were a druggie, PJ?” Nick asked.

“I’m a recovering drug addict,” PJ replied while nodding his head.

“What was your drug of choice?” Austin asked.

“Whatever I could get my hands on. I did a lot of coke and heroin,” PJ answered. “All it took was one time
for me and I was fucking hooked. It led to some horrible years.”

“Did you go to rehab to get clean?” Nick asked.

“I tried that earlier but I did it on my own with lots of love and support from my family,” PJ replied.

“That’s awesome that you can live to tell about it,” Austin said. “I’ve never tried those things.”

“Me either,” Nick said. “I’ve been offered them at parties but I knew they were bad news.”

We weren’t able to stay out very long but they did get a taste of the pool. We dressed and headed out to
meet all of our friends downtown to see the fireworks.

We found all of them with their girls at a parking lot. I also saw they had located Aiden and Casey as well
to join us. We headed to find a good spot with lots of others having the same idea. 

I walked up to Drew and noticed when he got out of his ride that he was wearing some of the new clothes I
had picked out for him last week. “Looking good,” I said.

Drew turned and smiled, “Thanks. Kayly really likes them.”

“Thank you, Jason. He knew I was getting tired of gray tee shirts and plain shorts,” Kayly said, looking so

We walked and found a nice place where we could see the fireworks, or at least that’s what we were told. PJ
sat down next to me with Nick on the other side.

“Jason, if you can’t tell, I really had a great time today,” Nick said.

“I can tell. I’m glad you did and hope you’ll keep having a good time. I’m just glad you’re here,” I said.

“I can already tell I’ll wanna come back soon. I see why you like it here so much. There seems to be tons
to do,” Nick stated.

“Next time we can bring our clubs,” Austin said.

“That would be hoot,” Nick said. “I’m horrible. Ask Jason.”

“You can’t be any worse than some of the others,” PJ said.

Casey turned his head around, “I know you’re not talking about me…”

“I wasn’t,” PJ laughed. “Speaking of, has anyone heard from Ford this week?”

Aiden raised his hand, “He called me yesterday to see what everyone was doing.”

I told Nick and Austin who Ford was. We sat around until the fireworks began. The sky was lit up with every
color and all types of loud explosions to accompany them. I have to admit it was romantic with PJ there
with me watching the fireworks explode.

While walking back to the car, Nick mentioned he was about to starve. That was all that was needed for us,
minus Jimmy and his group, to get our heads together and find somewhere we could go eat. We followed behind
until Drew pulled into a pizza place. It was crowded which meant it was good. We went inside and had to
wait for some tables to open up. That meant some could head over to the bar.

A few tables opened up for us to sit down and order what looked to be some good pizza. Our tables were
separated but it didn’t stop some from going back and forth. We were joined by Wes and Jennifer at our
table while the others were at two other tables. Rather than tempt Nick, I ordered water, as did PJ, for
our drinks while the rest had big mugs of beer. When it came time to order Nick wanted one with jalapenos
so I said I’d share with him. Austin didn’t care for hot and spicy so he shared one with the other three at
our table.

It was nearing midnight before we arrived back at PJ’s house. Rather than sit inside, Nick wanted us to
head outside after we stripped down. He and Austin put a pinch in their lips which actually had deterred
his drinking. PJ and I grabbed the double lounger while Nick and Austin pulled their chairs up close.

“PJ, did Jason convert you to being a nudist?” Nick asked.

“He did, but I see the allure of it. I’ve really enjoyed it,” PJ replied.

“There’s nothing wrong at all with social nudity,” Austin stated.

“Are you at home?” I asked him.

Austin moved his hand back and forth, “Sort of, but not like what Nick describes about your family. We
don’t just sit around naked all the time.”

“Austin, what are you majoring in?” I asked.

“Software engineering,” he replied.

“The dude is fucking smart,” Nick said.

“I got you fooled then,” Austin laughed and spit.

“What’s Nick major?” PJ asked.

“Getting my ass out with a degree,” Nick laughed. “General business.”

“At least you’re going. I never finished,” PJ said. 

“So what’s on the agenda for tomorrow? Today will be hard to beat,” Nick asked.

“It’s your choice,” I replied. “We can kick it here all day or we can hit the beach.”

Nick rubbed his beard, “Tough choice. Let’s see what the weather does.”

“I wouldn’t care if we kicked it here all day,” Austin said. “This is fucking tight back here.”

“It’ll be even tighter once I have all my plans in place,” PJ said.

“He’s got a pool house started and then next is an outdoor kitchen,” I said.

“After that I wanna landscape everything back here with more seating areas. A month ago none of this even
entered my head…” PJ said.

“He didn’t even come out here,” I said.

“Jason and Wes spiced things up, huh?” Austin asked.

“A lot,” PJ replied.

We sat around talking until Austin brought something up. “Just in the short time I’ve been here I think
Jason is the only one of their group that has a thing to do with their siblings.”

“I do,” PJ said. “But now that you mention it I don’t think any of them do. I’m not sure about Lane,
Cameron or Owen.”

“I think you’re right. I’m sure they’re amazed,” I said.

“That’s sad though,” Nick said. “I hate to think how my life would be without my brother.”

“He counted the days until we came,” Austin said. “I can see there is that bond. My brother and sister are
older and now have families. It’s tough staying in touch but we try.”

“Nick, maybe you should transfer here,” PJ said. “Jason can get you in.”

“Hmmm… that’s something to consider,” Nick said.

“Nick, don’t even think about it. You’d lose way too many hours,” I said.

“I’m with Nick. It is something to consider,” Austin said.

“Sorry I brought it up,” PJ said. “It was just a thought.”

“Not a bad one. If nothing else, I’ll move closer once I graduate,” Nick said.

I smiled, “Now that I can go along with.”

We took a quick dip in the pool before ending our night about one thirty. I took PJ’s hand and led him to
his bedroom. I slammed the door and started attacking him. Inside in my heart I felt so much love and
wanted to give it all to my lover. I pushed him on the bed and made out with him like crazy. We sucked each
other’s tongues, bit each other’s lower lips and kissed around each other’s neck to set the tone for the
rest of the night.

PJ collapsed next to me with his clock showing two forty after a great sizzling round of man sex. 

“PJ, I’m sorry I’ve pretty much neglected you,” I said with him next to me and his leg thrown over mine.

“Neglect me more often if you’re gonna fuck my ass like you just did. I swear I didn’t think our sex could
get better, but it does each time we fuck. If you couldn’t tell I loved having your hard cock deep in me.”

“I loved hearing you moaning my name with every breath,” I said. “I just love you, PJ.”

“I love you too.”

That night was the worst night of sleep I’d had in a long time. Usually I fell fast asleep after sex, but
tonight I didn’t. At just before eight, I sat there with my hands behind my head, staring at the ceiling.

“Someone didn’t sleep at all,” PJ said and kissed me on the lips.

“I should have but I didn’t. It sucked,” I said. “There’s no reason why I didn’t.”

“Maybe you’re so excited still.”

“I guess.”

I laid there and started stroking PJ’s blond hair that was getting lighter by the day. “Has Nick always had
the energy he has now?”

“Well… not really. Nick didn’t speak until he was three years old, but I was too young to know there was a
problem. He was in speech therapy until he was about seven or eight. It really set him back in school.”

“Now he seems fine.”

“He is, but it’s a struggle for him now in college. He barely got in. I’d say when he reached puberty,
around 11 or 12, he really blossomed. It was like all his problems faded away.”

“I think I see the connection between you two,” PJ said.

“Early on in his life I was really very protective of him. With his speech problem most kids thought he was
handicapped and made fun of him. I got in a few fights because of him in those years.”

“I hope those kids have grown up and see what a hot guy he’s become,” PJ said. “Austin’s pretty fucking hot

“Austin is a nice looking guy,” I said.

We got out of bed and showered to begin our day. We came out into the kitchen area with the TV still on. PJ
poured us some juice for us to enjoy on a cloudy Friday morning outside. While we were sitting together in
the lounger the door opened behind us. I turned to see Nick walking out naked. He came up from behind and
gave me a hug before moving to PJ to hug him.

Nick sat in a lounger that was still close to ours from the night before. “Jason, I know why PJ is your
boyfriend now. You finally found a guy with a nice house and private pool.”

My finger went over my lips, “You’re giving away my secret.”

“I don’t blame ya one bit. Hell, I’d be boning a girl like crazy if she had this layout, no matter if she
wasn’t hot…” Nick said.

“Are you saying I’m not hot?” PJ asked.

“No dude… ummm… I guess you are,” Nick stuttered. “I was just saying how nice this is back here and your
house is great…”

“With plans to make it a real paradise,” PJ added.

“Jason, don’t drop him ‘cause I’ll need to come see that,” Nick said.

“No plans for that,” I said. 

We sat around discussing the plans. It seemed better to head to the beach and give us a full day on
Saturday to taste our catches. Nick was just about to go wake up Austin when he came out to greet us. He
liked the idea of the beach. With plans, I called Wes to let him know what we were doing so he could join
us and could call the others to let them know. After that I called Jimmy and then Aiden so they could come
if they wanted. Casey was working but Aiden still wanted to come. 

Meanwhile, PJ was on the phone with his dad getting all the details on how best to grill the fish we had
caught. At the end it reminded me of me and Mom with PJ saying goodbye three times before he finally hung

I went inside and heard Nick cussing up a storm. I went to his room with everything he had brought on the

“I forgot my goddamn board shorts!” Nick said.

I patted him on his tan shoulders, “Chill. I’m more than certain PJ has a pair you can borrow.”

Nick hit his forehead, “I’m stupid! Of course he will. We look about the same size.”

We went out with Austin dressed and ready. PJ had a variety of board shorts that fit Nick to a tee. I
donned my blue bikini while PJ had on his red one. Just before we left, PJ insisted on a picture of three
of us and Nick wanted one of us with his phone, as did Austin. 

Before heading out I called Drew for his best suggestion. He started telling me places I was vaguely
familiar with so I handed my phone to PJ. Together they coordinated our beach destination.

We started off with PJ driving. When we got near the beach the traffic was unbelievable. Wes called me and
said how awful the traffic was as well, with Jennifer and two of her friends with her. 

After being stuck in traffic for over an hour we found a parking spot and paid a good bit for it. We
unloaded a few chairs, an ice chest and the rest of our belongings to walk no less than half a mile.

“Boy, I hope this is worth it,” Nick said. “I knew it’d be crowded but damn!”

“Hey, just think of all the hot girls you’ll see,” PJ said.

“Ummm… maybe… plus all the whales mixed in,” Austin said.

We found the place Drew had mentioned and began scanning the area before calling him. He and Wes had just
found a place to park and were on their way. While I was talking to Drew, Nick and Austin were nudging each
other with two nice looking bikini clad girls walking past them. Drew told me to find us a spot and throw
down our things. Looking across the mass of people it would be easier said than done. We made a left and
started walking until we found a nice spot close to a beach bar yet a good distance from the main

We spread out wide and far to occupy space for the others coming to join us. In my head I counted maybe
close to fifteen of us coming out to enjoy the day on the beach. The waves were the highest I had seen here
but it was still a great day.

Drew, Wes, Jennifer, Ryker, Cameron and two other girls came walking up and found us with Jimmy, Logan and
Aiden on their way. They were loaded down with all kinds of stuff, including body boards. We got introduced
to Laura and Jamie.

“Drew, I wanna for sure try one of those boards out,” Nick said loudly.

“Go rent your own,” Drew said and motioned with his head. “I’m fucking with ya Nick. We can share.”

“Thanks, but I hate sharing. Where’d you snag em?” Nick said.

Drew gave the location and off went Nick and Austin. They grabbed their wallets from PJ’s bags.

“Nick, you two come straight back here. Don’t mess around,” I said.

“Gotcha,” Nick said and headed off.

“You sounded like his mother, Jason,” Wes said. “Hell, he’s 20 years old.”

“I know that, Wes, but I know Nick too. He’s like a little kid. He’ll see something that catches his eye
and wonder off. Then he’ll never find us again,” I said.

“Chill,” Ryker said. “I can tell what would catch his eye here and it makes me wish I wasn’t dating. Wow,
there are some really hot babes here today.”

“I guess I picked the spot then like I said I would,” Drew boasted.

“You’re just lucky,” Cameron said. “Toss me a beer.”

“Wait a sec. We can have beer here?” Wes perked up.

“Not really, but if you don’t make a scene they’re generally cool about it. I’ve had beer before and never
had a word said to me,” Drew stated. “Hell, I was even under age.”

“Just keep that to yourself and don’t give Nick and Austin any ideas,” I said.

“Jason, we bought a shit load for the house,” PJ stated.

“I know, but we’re not on a public beach either. I’m cool with that but not here,” I said.

Jimmy, Logan and Aiden came walking up with Aiden wearing a green Speedo. 

“Wassup?” Cameron asked them.

“Traffic was a nightmare and I had to listen to Aiden bitch and moan about it the entire time,” Jimmy said.

“I wish I’d stayed home,” Aiden said. “This is ridiculous.”

“Kind of like your Speedo,” Cameron laughed.

“You just wished you looked as good as I did in one,” Aiden shot back with his hand on his hip. “I honestly
don’t give a fuck what people think…”

“No doubt what they think either. I’m just saying,” Wes laughed.

“I think he’s cute,” Laura said. “I wish straight guys would wear them since us girls do.”

“Get real,” Wes said. “I can see maybe Drew and Ryker in one but the rest of us would look crazy.”

“I’d love to see those two guys that just left in one,” Laura said.

“Girl, that’s Jason’s brother,” Jennifer laughed. “You’re taken.”

“I was just stating the facts,” Laura said in her bikini. Both she and Jamie were nice looking, but Jamie
wasn’t really thin.

Once Jimmy, Logan and Aiden had their spot on the other side of PJ we were set for the day. After about
twenty minutes, I spoke up, “Where the hell is Nick?”

PJ leaned, “There you go again. They’ll be fine.”

I smiled and kissed PJ on the cheek. “Thanks, but I won’t be at ease until he’s back.”


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