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Driving into my complex it was back to reality after a great weekend camping at the gay nudist
campgrounds. Ford quickly unloaded his things into his car. He hugged us both before getting in and
pulling off. We waved goodbye with a few clouds floating overhead.

I opened the door and entered holding PJ’s hand.

“There are the big happy campers,” Wes said with Drew and Cameron there as well.

“We’re here,” I said.

“How was it?” Drew asked, sitting in the recliner.

“Do you really wanna know?” I replied and chuckled. “It was fun.”

“Jason, I can tell, you really are so fucking dark,” Wes said, “You too PJ.”

“There wasn’t a lot of shade,” PJ said and grabbed some barstools.

“So really, how was it?” Wes asked.

I looked at PJ and lifted my brown eyebrows. “It was a gay nudist camp. The facilities were okay but the
place is rather new. They had a pool and a lake. Do you want further details?” I replied.

“I think that’s enough for me,” Cameron said.

“What did you guys do this weekend?” I asked.

Drew turned around and smiled, “We went to PJ’s house yesterday and swam for a little while.”

“Little while’s ass. We were there all damn night,” Wes said.

“Great!” PJ exclaimed.

“Don’t worry. Jennifer made for sure it was cleaned up. We did fix your outside electronics so now you
can listen to music. Say, will you be ready for us next weekend?” Drew asked.

“Well… I do have the plans, but that’s as far as I’ve got,” PJ said, concerning the construction of his
new pool house. “I know I’ll have to pull permits, get the slab poured and have some plumbing done.”

“So are you saying you won’t be?” Cameron asked.

“Ummmm… probably not, but you never know,” PJ replied. 

“Whenever is cool by us. We’ll be there for damn sure,” Drew said. “We owe it to you big time now.”

“Did you guys fuck something up?” I asked.

“No… no… dude. We stayed outside for the most part,” Wes replied. “We agreed we have to do it now more
than ever for using PJ’s pool while he was gone.”

“Maybe the weekend after the Fourth,” PJ said. “That could give me plenty of time to have my shit in

“That’ll work. Let us know ‘cause if not we’re going camping,” Wes said.

“Yeah, we’re gonna go out on this island that’s pretty close,” Cameron said.

“That’ll be fun for you guys,” I said. 

“I may need to borrow your stuff, PJ, if you don’t have the pool house ready for us to start on,” Wes

“Okay. Is Jennifer going?” PJ asked.

“We’re busting our ass to get our girls to go but it remains to be seen if they will,” Wes replied.
“Jennifer has already told me she won’t go if she’s the only girl going.”

“My girl isn’t sure,” Drew said. “Jason, you’re a damn genius. What you said about taking my time and
just being with her is working wonders. I feel like things are looking up.”

“Yeah, there was no gay shit at your pool this weekend. Matter of fact there could have been more girls
than guys,” Wes said.

“We didn’t do gay shit last weekend. We saved that for this weekend,” I laughed.

“You know what I meant,” Wes said.

PJ hung around with us for a while until deciding he needed to go and survey the damage. They repeated
over and over that there wasn’t any. We unloaded his things into my apartment since Wes had asked, just
in case PJ didn’t get things moving on the pool house. He waved goodbye while I followed him to the door.
Before he opened it I kissed him with passion in front of the other three. 

“I’ll see you later this week,” PJ said.

“For sure,” I said and opened the door for him. I watched him leave and shut the door.

“Jason, I normally don’t think of you as gay. You proved you were right there,” Cameron said.

“Yeah, what the fuck? Right here in front of us?” Wes asked.

“Is that a problem?” I asked looking straight at Wes.

“This is his place,” Drew said.

“He knew we were right here,” Wes said.

“Knock off the macho bullshit, Wes. You’ve seen me kiss PJ before. I deserve the same respect with my
choice of mate as I give you,” I said, keeping my temper under control. 

“Wes, what if Jason asked you what the fuck if you kissed Jennifer right in front of him?” Drew asked.

“I get the point so let’s drop it,” Wes said. “Jason, I’m sorry I said anything.”

“Okay,” I said wanting it to end right there. Thankfully it did. It was back to normal after that. Wes,
Drew and Cameron wanted to go eat and did invite me but I said I was tired, which was the truth. 

Right when they were leaving PJ called me and Casey and Aiden came walking in the door. PJ said
everything was good at the house, including having his sound system fixed for the outdoors. I waved Casey
and Aiden inside and said goodbye to PJ.

“We wanna hear all about it,” Casey said.

“You should have gone. It was a lot of fun, but then again I enjoy being a nudist,” I stated. “Really,
why didn’t you wanna go?”

Casey pointed at Aiden. “Fucking blame me, alright. I just couldn’t bring myself to camp out in the
woods,” Aiden replied.

“They do have cabins,” I said.

“Now you tell us! Thanks a lot!” Casey said.

“I didn’t know at the time when we planned it,” I said. “They’re rustic but you do have a roof over your
head and a bed that’s not on the ground.”

“How did Ford do other than nearly breaking his toe?” Aiden asked.

“Ford had a great time. You’ll have to call him so he can tell ya all about it. The funny thing is he met
someone who he really liked but now I don’t think much will come of it,” I replied.

“Typical Ford. He’s scared shitless his family will discover he’s gay. I’ve tried and tried to tell him
to just come out to them and let the chips fall where they may. He’s worried they’ll disown and cut off
his support,” Aiden stated.

“I realize that, but he doesn’t live with them and could see this guy just like he sees the rest of us.
The way he tells it he lies about everything so why not continue if you don’t want them to find out?” I

Aiden shook his head, “I know… I know.”

“So what were the guys like? Big, skinny, hung?” Casey asked.

“I’ll be honest with you. There were more hot guys there than I thought there would be. It was generally
a good mix of gay men that were young. Just like us, some were hung and some weren’t,” I stated.

“Lots of hot fucking sex?” Aiden asked.

I tilted my head, “I guess, but no more than I expected.”

“Cut the shit, Jason. We want details,” Casey said.

“We did see two very hot guys fucking by the lake and saw a few fucking by their tents like we all did…”

“You and PJ? Jimmy and Logan?” Aiden asked with excitement.

“We did, but not together. It was great having sex outdoors,” I said.

“How about Ford? Did he get fucked?” Aiden asked.

“You’ll need to ask him that. I never saw him getting fucked and that’s all I’ll say. The guy he met and
the guys he hung around with were cute,” I replied.

“Probably not,” Aiden laughed. “Casey, we do need to go sometime.”

“I told you we’d regret it,” Casey said.

“There is another weekend in August…” I said.

“We’re there for sure,” Aiden said.

“Jimmy and Logan are going for sure as well. I know PJ and I will go unless something comes up,” I
stated. “I loved it. There’s nothing better in the world than being naked and outdoors with those who
enjoy the same thing. One very good thing was everyone was gay so you could kiss without shit being said
to you and not be afraid to hold hands…”

“Or fuck,” Casey said. “I know there was lots of fucking going on.”

“What did you guys do this weekend?” I asked.

“Fucked,” Aiden laughed. “No, we didn’t do much. I went shopping yesterday and got some really great
looking shirts and jeans.”

“I can say I missed you guys not being here. We realized all of our true friends were gone,” Casey said.

“You could have hung out with Wes and them,” I said.

“I thought about that but they didn’t want two gay guys with them,” Casey said.

“For the most part they don’t mind at all. Strange, but Wes is really enjoying having all kinds of people
around. He wasn’t a thing like this in college,” I said.

“Maybe he needed a change of scenery,” Aiden said. 

“Yeah, we both did. It’s worked wonders,” I said.

They stayed around until Wes came back. Once they were gone, I retreated to my room to prepare for my
week. Now more than ever I wanted to be organized with my clothes pressed and looking as nice as possible
for my job. I was able to talk to Mom and told her generally about my weekend but left the sexual part
out that Moms don’t need to hear.

I came back out naked and sat down, with Wes on the couch watching TV rather than one of his movies. 

“Wes, I wanna hear it now if we have a problem.”

“We’re cool.”

“I didn’t like you saying what the fuck after I kissed PJ.”

“Jason, I’m sorry I said it. I was surprised you had the balls to do it in front of us but that’s no

“It was either there or outside where someone who isn’t as understanding and accepting as I thought you
were could have seen us. I didn’t think it would be a problem for two of you. You made a big deal of it.”

“Get your naked ass over and sit with me,” Wes said patting the place next to him. I went over and sat
next to him. He put his arm around my shoulder. “Jason, I can’t say any more times I was wrong. Something
just hit and you were right. I showed my macho side around Cameron.”

“Okay then. I wanted to make sure since we’re doing so well so far,” I said.

“We’re doing fucking great. I have slip ups and have to realize I was the one that signed up for having
an openly gay roommate but one that usually doesn’t show it. We’re doing fucking awesome. I saw some real
love there in that kiss.”

I smiled with his arm moving from around my shoulder. “There is real love going on there. PJ’s been great
and I hate to boast but I think I’ve been great for him.”

“Jennifer brags and brags about how well he’s doing. Hell, she and I are doing great as well, but… this
weekend she really wanted to occupy all of me. I’m not used to having a girl at my side every step I
make,” Wes said.

“Wes, just tell her, but in a good way,” I said.

“Mr Relationship Expert at it again,” Wes laughed. “I think I’ll keep my mouth shut so she’ll keep her
twat open.”

I shook my head and laughed. “I’ll just say this. I think we both had a good weekend.”

“Very good weekend, dude. Very good! So where’s the best place you and PJ had sex?”

“We swapped… hold on. I’m not telling you that shit. Use your imagination.”

“Deep in the woods you fucked him so damn hard that he was screaming his lungs out for more?” Wes

I laughed, “Never again say shit about me with that very gay comment.”

Wes grabbed me by the head and kissed me on the cheek. “That’s as gay as I ever wanna get.”

Monday, the last week of June, was time to start another work week. It was evident to me how nice having
three days for the weekend during the summer was. I entered the building and continued to my small
office. Every day, my job was getting more comfortable to me but I still was learning new things every
day about the behind the scenes functions of a university. After being a student it was quite interesting
to see all the parts working together to make it rather smooth for the growing student population. Cindy
was great and always so helpful in showing me everything she had learned since coming here. Our biggest
problem was accommodating the growing number of students that were attracted to this nice, rather new
university. There were so many factors involved such as parking, housing, food and more importantly
classroom space.  

This Monday I stayed well past five to finish working. Wes was already home when I got there close to

“Working late?” he asked when I came in the door.

“Yeah, I was. We were finishing up something that needed to get done,” I replied.

“Dude, I got word today my ass is going out of town tomorrow, but this time only for one night, or it
better be,” Wes said.

“Thanks for the notice,” I said. “I don’t know about you but I’ve learned more in three weeks than three
years at college.”

“Fuck yeah. This is the real world,” Wes said. “I learn new stuff every day, especially about scheduling
and dealing with people. I’m beginning to wonder if I’m cut out for this.”

“I know the feeling,” I stated. “Are we working out?”

“Yeah, we were waiting on you,” Wes replied.

I quickly changed and had a quick snack before meeting Ryker and Drew at Drew’s ride. Getting in I never
knew what mood Ryker was in but he was joking and laughing the entire time. 

Drew and I were back to our regular Monday routine that involved our core and legs. We tossed our shirts
in our lockers along with our bags. 

While we were working our abs I couldn’t help but stare at his great abs and well defined Adonis cuts. He
smiled and saw me staring. “Jason, I take it as a compliment that you like what you’re seeing.”

“I’m so sorry,” I said, embarrassed.

He finished up and hit my abs. “Don’t be sorry.”

“It’s still not appropriate to do that,” I stated.

“Dude, I stare and admire other guys here at the gym. Hell, there are some kick ass bodies here. I can
see you’re progressing nicely. Keep up the hard work.”

We finished off our sets and headed to the locker room. Now more than ever I was aware of my wondering
eyes and kept them focused on the stale lockers.

“Damn, even your ass is getting dark,” Drew commented. “No tan lines like me.”

“I’ve never had a tan line,” I joked and wrapped a towel around me.

“I forget where you were this weekend,” Drew laughed and threw his towel over his shoulder to head to

We returned to our place after a good workout. I drank a protein shake, as did Wes. He said he could feel
the workout and could see a small result in his chest. I told him I could see it as well but really
couldn’t notice that much.

Retreating to my room, I noticed Nick, my brother, had called. I called him back and enjoyed talking to
him. I could freely talk to him about things I couldn’t with anyone else. I had no trouble telling him
about my weekend and what I did. He was getting excited about coming to see me the next week. I was
excited as well to see him and be around him if only for a few days. After I finished, I got on Twitter
to see what was going on there. PJ had posted several tweets about our weekend and some were a little
much in my mind.

I came out and took my seat to watch TV with Wes. 

“How’s PJ?” he asked.

“Alright I guess, but you heard me talking to Nick,” I said. “He’s really excited about next weekend.”

“Ummm… okay,” Wes said with a puzzled look on his face.

“My brother,” I said.

“Oh yeah, I thought that was who you were talking about. I really envy the fact you and him are close.
Even in my younger days my brother and sister were never ever that close to me. I was the young brat.”

“Nick means the world to me and always will,” I said.

We talked until it was time to head off to sleep. Sleeping came easy after the hard workout.

After getting off at the regular time the next day, I called PJ to see what his plans were. He said he
didn’t have any so I invited him over to my place. He said he’d love to come over and would see me as
soon as he could. 

PJ was at my door within the hour looking as great as ever in his tank top and shorts. We kissed once
inside the door and went to sit on the couch together. 

“Ummm… PJ, I need to say something to clear the air,” I said.

“Okay, what is it?”

“Well… in the future, I’d appreciate it if you’d tone down your tweets about us,” I replied.

“Tone ‘em down?”

“There are subtle ways to say I fucked my boyfriend outdoors at the nudist camp.”

“That bothers you?”

“It does. To me what we do sexually together is between us…”

“What about us fucking outside?”

“Alright, but the rest of the world doesn’t need to know that information. You could have said something
like it was nice enjoying my boyfriend at the camp. People know what you mean without you saying it
specifically. I hated in high school when the guys would say who they fucked over the weekend. Some shit
needs to be private,” I replied.

“I didn’t realize it would be a problem,” PJ said.

I shrugged my shoulders. “Not so much what I’d call a problem right now but I felt like I needed to bring
it to your attention. I love all the tweets about us and how much you love me but just be a little more
discrete in our sex life, okay?”

“I’ll remember that. I was just telling about our relationship and such,” he said.

“That’s perfectly fine that you do so. Just keep what we do sexually off Twitter if you don’t mind. I
know some people get off on that and no one really knows, but say someone we know makes up a name like my
Mom or your Mom. It would be embarrassing to say the least,” I said.

“I understand, Jason. I promise I’ll keep our sex life off of Twitter,” he said.

“I appreciate your understanding and we have that understanding between us now,” I said.

“Jason, I forgot and left the plans for the pool house out in my car. Let me run out and get ‘em with
that settled. I meant to bring them in,” he said. He stood and left to retrieve the plans while I went to
the fridge to wait to see if he wanted some water. PJ came back in and said water was great. He rolled
out the plans on our table. 

“The pool house looks tight,” I said, examining the floor plan. In total it was 20 by 20 with a bathroom
with access from inside and out. 

“I’m stoked as fuck about it,” he said. “I talked to a contractor that does business with us and got his
opinion about it. He said it shouldn’t be that big of a project and has agreed to do the rough in work
for me.”

“That’s great,” I said. 

He flipped the sheet to show me what it would look like from the outside. He pointed to the outdoor
shower. “What do ya think of that?”

“It will be so handy just like the bathroom,” I replied. “I like how it’s portioned off for privacy.”

“Yeah, I like that too and had us in mind,” he said with big smile. He turned the sheet to show an
overall plan for his backyard with the pool and hot tub shown. He pointed out the outdoor kitchen and
more seating area. “This is for maybe the winter time.”

“It’ll be an oasis back there,” I stated.

“I’m excited about it,” he said and grabbed me for a kiss. It was great with lots of tongue and petting.
I broke the long kiss, took a deep breath, smiled back at him and continued. 

We sat back on the couch with my arm draped over his shoulder. “So this weekend is out of the question?”

“Without a doubt,” he said. “I’ll be lucky if we can start finishing it up in a few weeks. Hang on to
these and give them to Drew so he can give me a price for the materials that are needed. I hope he does
good work, but then again it is just a pool house.”

“My question is will you sheet rock the interior?”

“Oh yes. I hope he can do that as well. I do want hurricane strength windows and doors on it for sure
just in case,” he replied.

“I’ll remember to tell him that, but it’s my understanding that is pretty standard now around here. I
know you’ll take care of the flooring.”

PJ laughed, “Of course.”

We sat together and watched some TV but it was great just being with him alone. After we had been
together for over an hour, PJ said, “Jason, I’m shocked you’re not naked by now. Lately once I get home,
my clothes come off.”

“I get the hint,” I said and stood. With swift motions, I was naked. PJ lost his clothes as well and sat
back down with me. “I do feel better.”

“I do too. I love that you introduced me to this lifestyle.”

“I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it.”

We continued to sit around and enjoy the freedom with Wes gone for the night. 

“Did your other boyfriends like this lifestyle?” PJ asked me after the show we were watching was

I chuckled, “I really didn’t introduce them to it at the time. With one, I was naked enough. All he
wanted to do was have sex. Once the thrill was gone from that there wasn’t anything left holding us

“I get the point.”

“PJ, I love that we have sex to show our growing love to each other and not just for the thrill of it.
Finally, I see the intent of it whereas before I always thought it was a duty of a boyfriend to keep him
satisfied. I feel we have something completely different that I love.”

“So sex tonight is out of the question?” he said.

“Not at all. I said it was to show our growing love to each other.”

He smiled and started kissing me with his hands running all over my body. “Jason, I fucking love you so

“I love you so much too, PJ,” I said.

After making out with him for quite some time on my couch, I grabbed him by the hand and led him to my
bedroom. In my bed, two boyfriends did what came so natural to us. We sucked each other’s dick before I
slid my covered dick inside his hot ass. It was slow love making to PJ for I wanted to stay inside of him
as long as possible. My room was filled with the sounds of PJ’s loud moaning, my grunting and our labored
breathing. The bed was humming along in great harmony with my constant fucking motion. The intensity and
passion were so great between us. I hated like hell when I couldn’t hold back any longer. 

After PJ came, we lay together and could smell the scent of sex filling my room. He tilted his head
towards me and smiled. “Fuck that was just great.”

“It was,” I said.

We needed a shower with my cum on his body. We rarely parted lips when showering the sweat and cum from
our bodies. PJ dressed and left me about eleven. I returned to my bed and could smell his scent as well
as seeing a nice big cum stain on my sheets. 


Sorry for the short delay.   Hope you enjoyed this chapter.

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