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I anxiously waited for PJ’s call on Friday so we could head for our weekend at the gay nudist campground.
He said he would be off early since Jimmy, Ford and Logan had arranged to do so as well. It was no big
surprise that Aiden and Casey had backed out Thursday night. They didn’t give an excuse other than they
didn’t feel like going. It didn’t deter the other four and especially not me. 

PJ called just before noon and said he would be at my place within an hour. I called Jimmy to let them know
it was our plan to follow each other. 

Ford arrived in his tee and shorts with a hat on. He said he had a lot of things he’d borrowed to make the
trip. He sat down on the couch while we waited. “Jason, I’m nervous about this weekend. I don’t know what
to expect,” he said.

“I don’t know what to expect either but it’s better than being around a lot of older men,” I said.

“I like being nude, but I’m not very big,” he said.

“I saw you last weekend. You’re average at least. You’ll see that dicks come in all sizes,” I said.

“I know that. Also, I’m going as a single guy too. I’ll be really jealous knowing you guys will be getting
some and I won’t.”

“Ford… in the end, we may be jealous of you,” I laughed. “We’re not going to a church campground unless
you’re a virgin.”

“I’m not,” he said loudly. “I’m just not that experienced.”

“Go and enjoy yourself. It will be nice getting away from everything and being around nothing but gay guys
our age. By the end you may find someone.”

“If I want to,” he said.

“Oh yeah, you’re not out to your family,” I said. “I don’t envy you there, but how’d you explain this?”

“That was easy,” Ford laughed with a knock on the door. “I said I was going camping, which I am.”

I opened the door and greeted my boyfriend with a soft kiss. We started loading my SUV up with our things
for the weekend. Jimmy and Logan were ready to go as well with Logan’s car packed. 

We started out towards the campsite that was about an hour away. When we found a store we stopped to stock
up on food and to eat as well. While I was driving it was very interesting to me to hear Ford and PJ talk
since they were neighbors. It did make me miss home a little bit but I was managing great due to the fact
things had gone so very well here.

It was about 3 when we arrived at the campsite. It was tucked away off a paved road in the middle of
nowhere, with the closest town being probably ten miles away. I drove past the entrance with the gate open
and saw the sign directing us to the check in station. PJ and Logan got out since they had made our
reservations to pay and check us in. Within a minute, Logan came out the door to wave us inside. 

Ford, Jimmy and I got out with two guys heading out of the station, really checking us out. 

“They need to see everyone’s ID and have everyone sign a waiver,” PJ said. “Also we need to give them a
credit or debit card as well for things like drinks.”

We showed our ID’s and signed the waiver form. We gave them our debit cards and were issued a number so we
could charge things without having to worry about carrying our wallets.

The older gentleman, maybe mid 50’s with very little gray hair, started his speech about the basic rules
and regulations of the campsite. He gave us the area where we had to be clothed but stated everywhere else
was clothing optional. He spoke about no public or overt sex in great detail. At the end he said they would
like for all of us to meet at the pool at 7 with food and a dance afterwards. We asked how many were
expected for the weekend. He said close to one hundred young men had reserved spaces. We were pleasantly
surprised as were the owners. He told us to have a good time and enjoy all that was offered.  

We left with a map and itinerary for the weekend. With a brief glimpse of the itinerary I could see there
were lots of activities planned to keep us busy. We drove off and began heading to the area where we were
free to pitch our tents. It looked rustic with a few building scattered about among the tall pines, oaks
and grassland. As we were driving, we saw two guys walking nude near the road.

“Please tell me they aren’t all going to be like that,” Ford said concerning the two guys. They were big
guys with hairy chests.

“Ford, I don’t what to expect,” PJ said. “I hope some are cute so I don’t have to keep everyone off Jason.”

We parked in a small lot with Logan pulling up next to us. We began unloading my vehicle and carrying
things. We walked along a path and came upon two guys already with their tents set up and then we passed a
group of four until finding a nice area for our tents with a little shade. Each site was cleared, with
Shepard’s hook for lanterns but nothing else.

“Fuck it,” I said after we had everything unloaded. “We’re at a nudist camp.” Everything came off of me and
hit the ground, as did everyone else’s clothes.

“Feels really good,” Jimmy said standing with nothing on but a big smile.

“It’ll feel better once we get these tents up,” Logan stated. 

“I feel better too, plus those guys were hot,” Ford said about the ones we had passed unloading our things.

“Better looking than the ones we passed,” Jimmy said.

PJ and I had his tent up with very little struggle. It did have a smell from being unused but was nice and
roomy. I looked over and saw Logan and Jimmy’s tent up with Ford struggling to get his large tent up.

“That was easy,” Logan said as we converged. “I’m glad I bought the one that goes up in a minute.”

“Hey, it looks really nice,” I commented.

The four of us saw Ford was struggling with his tent, getting quite animated about it. We chipped in and
helped Ford get up his big tent. We started laughing at the size since it was only him. He laughed along
with us. We pulled out our folding chairs near my site, grabbed some water from the ice chest and took a
seat in the partial shade. 

“This is not half bad,” Jimmy stated. “Aiden and Casey are missing it.”

“I hate that they backed out,” I said.

“Get real, Jason. Can you really see Aiden out here like this?” Ford asked. “I knew he wouldn’t come and
would back out. I’m sure Casey would have come but he has little say in that relationship knowing Aiden
like I do.”

“I’ve noticed that whatever Aiden says goes,” Logan said. “So there’s little doubt who rules them.”

“Logan, you start that shit with me and I’m gone,” Jimmy said.

“More so in a gay relationship, I think it does take two like minds,” I said. “I’ve seen it work like Aiden
and Casey but I’m like Jimmy and don’t want that type of relationship. We are referred to as partners…”

“We are, but sometimes a strong demanding person is needed,” Logan said.

We were relaxing with the birds chirping overhead and the sun shining brightly. I spotted three guys
walking our way. Once they were near, I could see two looked to be in their mid 20’s with the other one
looking rather young.

“How’s it going?” Ford asked them.

“Great. How are y’all?” the young one with long curly brown hair replied while the three stopped.

“We just got here and are chilling,” Ford replied.

“That’s great. Have any of you ever been here before?” another one asked. His hair was cut very short.

“None of us have,” Jimmy replied. “Have you?”

“Greg and I came a few times last year. This is Dustin’s first time here,” the one replied while standing.

“If you want, grab a seat,” PJ said. “We wanna hear all about this place if you don’t mind and have a
little time.”

The three looked at each other and agreed to take a seat. We had an extra chair plus a large old blanket as
well that they could sit on. Dustin, the one with long curly hair, had a nice body and an average cut dick,
along with a little tattoo at his small waist. He took the chair while we introduced ourselves and offered
them a drink. Dustin didn’t hesitate in taking a beer while the other two took water. The one with the
short hair was Preston. He was bigger with broad shoulders, a few tattoos on his big arms, hairy with a
short dick. Greg was in between the two with a little gut, dark blond hair and a really nice veiny uncut
dick hanging between his legs.  

“As Preston said, we came twice last year but it was mostly bears and cubs here,” Greg said with his arm
around Preston’s waist. 

“There are bears here?” Ford asked.

“Ford, I’m sure he was talking about big hairy guys and not the animals,” I said, laughing, as were the
rest of them.

“I feel fucking stupid now,” Ford laughed. 

“They really have done a lot of improving around here, like this area. Before it was hard to put up a tent
but now I see they’ve cleared off areas,” Greg said. “The pool was just built last summer but it isn’t all
that big. They have a nice little bar near the pool too. One time when we came last year, it was nuts by
the end of the night. If you like nature, there are lots of trails around to walk. We bring our bikes and
ride around…”

“We should have brought ours,” PJ said.

“Are the people generally nice to you?” Logan asked.

“We’ve found before most are very nice,” Preston replied. “It seems when you take off your clothes it
really opens you up and tends to make people friendly. There are some that come here and stay to
themselves, plus ones that here for a thrill, either just looking or for some action.”

“Is it pretty common to see guys having sex?” I asked.

“Well… I’d say yes. Greg and I do like to fuck in the woods to add a little spice to our life,” Preston

“Not what I really wanted to hear,” Dustin said. 

“How do you know them?” Jimmy pointed at Dustin.

“My sister is married to Preston’s brother,” Dustin replied.

“Once he heard about this weekend he was ready to see what being a nudist is about,” Preston said. “Is this
y’all’s first nudist camping experience? Although I can tell you’ve been sunning naked by the nice tans you
have going.”

“Not mine, but it is their first real experience,” I replied, gesturing to my friends. “I take it you and
Greg have been together for a while?”

“Three years now,” Greg replied, “three fabulous years.”

“That’s awesome,” Logan said. “Jimmy and I have been together a year, whereas Jason and PJ just started
dating not too long ago.”

“I’m single,” Ford spoke up.

“There you go Dustin,” Preston said.

Dustin turned and smiled at Ford. 

“Greg and I do enjoy coming here since it is not expensive or that far. Hell, you’re going to pay more to
camp at a state park, plus you can be naked and with other gay men,” Preston said. “The amenities aren’t
the best but they are trying. The toilets and showers are crude even in the part that has the little

“Good point,” I said. “Finding places to enjoy nudism is rather hard.”

“We know,” Greg said.

They sat and chatted with us. We did discover they lived about thirty miles north of us. Their tents were
just down the paths from us as well. They said goodbye and would surely see us at the pool at seven. 

“Ford, if I were you I’d run and ask Dustin if he wanted to walk around with you,” PJ said.

“Ummm…” Ford stuttered.

“What’s it gonna hurt?” Jimmy asked.

“Alright, I’ll see you then,” Ford stood. “Watch my stuff.”

“We will,” I said and watched Ford walk fast to catch up with them.

“I think we should do a little exploring,” I said.

“Great idea. We can check out this place. The guy at the front said there were over 200 acres here,” Logan

I stood and pulled PJ up by the hand. “Let’s go this way,” I said pointing to the left. “That way Ford
won’t think we’re following him.”

Jimmy took Logan’s hand while I took PJ’s hand. PJ smiled at me with his slightly crooked bottom teeth
showing. I leaned over and gave him a kiss. We started walking in our flip flops and sandals back the way
we came in. We passed the campers who waved and smiled while sitting in the shade. We made it to the
parking lot just as another vehicle pulled into the lot.  We continued on along the side of the road until
finding a marked trail.

Logan and Jimmy led the way with PJ and me following. It was densely wooded with a nice beaten path for us
to walk. 

“If we see a snake I’ll fucking scream,” Jimmy said.

“We all might,” I said from behind.

We continued along the trail with me looking all around and taking in the nice surroundings. 

“Good thing I don’t mind being in the woods,” PJ commented to me.

“I kind of like it,” Logan said.

A few yards ahead I saw one young, skinny guy standing and two on their knees. Jimmy and Logan must have
seen it as well and stopped. 

“Keep going,” I said.

Jimmy shrugged his dark shoulders and continued. The one guy standing was covered in ink and getting his
dick sucked by two guys who looked older. One guy was all the way down on the guy’s dick.

The other one saw us and said, “Anyone of you hot fuckers want your dicks sucked?”

“My boyfriend will do that later,” Jimmy said, walking.

“Fucking shame ‘cause these fuckers can suck a dick,” the young one said and pushed down the head of one of

Once clear of the three, Jimmy turned his head, “There was our first sight of sex.”

“Oh yeah,” I said.

“There’s something I don’t ever see myself doing,” Logan said with us walking.

“In my younger days that would have been me,” PJ said.

“Damn,” Jimmy said.

“I was crazy and fucked up on drugs,” PJ said. “I’d bet they were too.”

“Probably,” I said and continued walking. 

We did pass two guys walking and exploring the wilderness as well. They were very big with huge guts but
looked like they were in love. We made it to the end of the trail that came out on a paved road near some
cabins. I saw they weren’t that nice. We walked along the road and were passed by two cars until seeing a
sign that pointed to a lake.

We walked a short distance down another trail until coming up on the lake. It looked a good size with a
small dock going out into the water and a small beach half way around to our right with several guys lying

“I think they’re having a race here tomorrow,” Logan stated.

“I think so too. I don’t see myself swimming across this lake,” PJ said.

Out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw two guys. I turned my head and did see them. They were about a
quarter of the way around the lake on the left and were fucking in clear view of those on the beach.

“Uh?” PJ asked.

I discretely pointed in the direction of the couple. “Oh fuck,” Jimmy said.

“Actually, I see nothing wrong with them having sex over there,” I said. “They look like boyfriends
enjoying themselves.”

“I agree,” Logan said.

“Damn, I’m getting a boner,” Jimmy said with his dick sticking straight out. I could feel I was getting
hard as well. “Fuck, they are so hot, too.”

Logan reached down with his dick hard and grabbed Jimmy’s hard cock. “I can do something about this.”

“Logan, you just said you couldn’t see yourself doing that,” Jimmy said.

“Not with two other guys but I can see myself doing it with you,” Logan said.

“It’s cool, Jimmy,” I said. “If you want, just find a nice spot and enjoy yourself.”

“Jason and I might do the same,” PJ said with his dick hard.

“Okay,” Jimmy said with his eyebrows raised up, smiling.

They went to one side of the dock out in the woods while PJ and I went to the other. I found a nice spot
and took a seat against an oak tree. PJ got down between my spread legs. He took my dick in his hand and
began stroking it. He kissed me before he dove straight down for my dick. I could still see the hot couple
fucking and would thank them if I could with PJ’s two fingers stroking my dick and his mouth and tongue
working the upper part. My hands were behind my head with PJ between my legs. His mouth and tongue felt so
good on my hard, throbbing 7.5 inches. Nothing could be better to me than to get a blowjob and being naked.

PJ stood and put his hard dick at my mouth after giving me one great blowjob. His timing was perfect as I
was about to blow. My lips parted and took his dick into my mouth. My tongue began massaging the underside
of his dick with his hands on my head. I could hear him moaning along with the chirping birds. Out of the
corner of my eye I saw the couple now in the water, kissing like crazy while I was sucking on PJ. I
couldn’t see Jimmy and Logan from where I was. I moved off and started licking all over his dick before
returning it to my mouth. He continued to moan softly and was running his fingers through my hair. 

His dick left my mouth after I had really worked it over for a while. He stepped back and grunted. Cum flew
from his hard dick. Blast after blast of cum hit the ground while I started stroking my dick. 

After a few swift strokes, my dick was aching. I stood up and let me cum fly. PJ grabbed and kissed me with
cum shooting forth from my dick.

“That was so fucking hot,” PJ said after we finished kissing and cumming.

“It was super fucking hot. I can mark that little fantasy off my list,” I said and kissed him again. 

Just as we were walking back to the dock, the couple came walking by. Both were young and looked so damn
hot. They had great six packs and dark overall tans. One was very well hung. They smiled at us while
walking down the trail. Jimmy and Logan came walking out arm in arm and found us right after the hot couple
had left.  

“I fucking love this man so much,” Jimmy said.

“I love you too,” Logan said. “We just joined one of many I suppose.”

“It was great. Public sex can be fun,” I stated. 

We walked out together and did catch a small glimpse of the couple’s very hot tan asses. We were able to
find our campsite without much trouble, but it took some walking. Jimmy grabbed his phone and said we had
about 20 minutes before the meeting, with no sign of Ford anywhere. We grabbed something to drink and
headed out. The event was clothing optional but now not one of us even considered wearing any. Jimmy had a
small bag for us to put a towel in. We knew they were feeding us hot dogs, chips and a drink as our
welcoming gift to the site.  

We made it to the pool area and saw so many young gay guys with very few wearing even shorts. We spotted
our new neighbors, Greg and Preston, and put our chairs near theirs outside the main pool area.

“Have you seen Ford?” PJ asked.

“Oh yeah, he and Dustin are near the pool,” Preston replied and pointed. I finally spotted Ford along with
two other guys near the edge of the pool. “They’re having a great time.”

“I’m glad they are,” PJ said. “Ford and I grew up in the same neighborhood.”

“Ford told us that,” Greg said. “Wow, what a crowd. I’d say there are more here than they usually have on a

There was only a short wait before the owner, the man who checked us in, and his partner took the
microphone at the front of the pool area on a small platform. “Welcome everyone here to The Woods
Campgrounds. Are you having fun yet?” he said followed by a loud roar of cheering and applause. “Tony and I
are simply overwhelmed by the response we’ve had to the first ever Young Man’s Weekend here. I wasn’t sure
it would go over well but I was completely wrong.”

“Tate is a pessimist,” Tony said, leaning over in the mic. “I told him it would.”

“I will say this is by far the hottest group of gay guys ever to grace this campground,” Tony said into the
mic. “I’ve never seen so many fucking hot gay guys in one place before. The regulars need to be here to
believe what I’m seeing right now. However, I’m not sure some of their hearts could stand it.” 

There was a big laugh from the crowd. In scanning from where I was there was a good mix of guys. Some were
big, some were fit and some were in the middle. There were a few black guys, a few Hispanic and a few
Asian. Also there were lots of tattoos and piercings in the mix. The dick sizes were as varied as the
people were too. He did ask how many were single in the crowd. There were maybe 25 or 30 that raised their
hands, which was a little shocking to me.

Tony began going back over all the rules again, which was a little overkill in my mind and boring at this
point. At the end he handed the microphone off to a young guy who was naked and got lots of cheers. He was
with a nudist club for young men. The only problem was the club was a good 150 miles from where we lived
but did sound interesting from what he was saying. 

Tate took the microphone, “Now is as good a time as any to announce the next Young Man’s Weekend. It will
be the second weekend in August, which is six weeks away. We hope this time will be the first ever sell out
in the Woods history. We hope you will spread the word and mark your calendars to be here again.” He
continued on to go over all the events scheduled for the weekend. Almost everything was on Saturday, with
very little on Sunday. The main event was a big pig roast, which we hadn’t signed up for. It did sound
interesting and gave us something to consider. 

Once they finished speaking it was time to eat. There was a mass rush to a tent set up. We sat and waited.

“Are you guys going tomorrow night?” Greg asked us while we waited.

“We didn’t sign up,” Logan said.

“We haven’t either,” Greg said. “We may wait and see how the day goes. I will say this; they have a great
breakfast every morning.”

“I hope I’m up,” PJ commented.

“Do you expect your boyfriend to wear that hot ass out tonight?” Preston asked laughing.

“He can if he wants to. I’d love to have Jason fuck me all night,” PJ replied.

“Ah, ain’t it great when you first fall in love with someone? All you wanna do is fuck. Greg and I come
here to rekindle that,” Preston said.

“I don’t wanna hear that,” Jimmy laughed with Ford, Dustin and two other guys walking up with hot dogs and

“Hey, how’s it going?” PJ asked.

“Oh man, this is so fucking great. I love it!” Ford replied.

“Dustin, are you having a good time?” Preston asked.

“Like Ford said, I fucking love it here,” Dustin said. “We met these really hot guys, Cole and Shane.”

“That’s great,” I said. Cole was about 5’8” with long blond hair, a tattoo on his left shoulder, one nice
defined body and an average dick with low hangers. Shane was really dark, dark shaggy hair, a goatee,
average body and a big cut dick. 

“Y’all have fun,” Ford said waving to us.

“You too,” Preston said. I will say walking away was four very nice asses. “I’m really happy for Dustin.
He’s been struggling like hell since he came out.”

“I’d say we get in line before they run out,” PJ stated, pointing at the food tent.

We got up and headed to stand in line for the free food. So far, everyone had been as nice as they could
be. Everyone was smiling for the most part and always saying hi or waving. 

We finished up eating just as it was turning dark. We were able to sit around and relax a little bit before
the announcement came for the dance. It was being staged on the opposite side of the pool from us but would
probably spill over to the pool area. Some of the guys headed off after eating to thin the crowd out just a
little but there were still a lot of guys. They had a DJ for the dance. He was a camper here and had
volunteered his services for the event. The lighting wasn’t all that good to start but soon the music
busted out over the loud speakers. It was techno pop. PJ grabbed me by the hand to head over to the main
area to dance. I didn’t object and enjoyed dancing, but this would be a first for me in flip flops. We got
to the area and squeezed among the other naked dancers. I began moving and could dance a little whereas PJ
was great. He had great rhythm and was smiling with his dick bouncing up and down. He turned around and
continued with his ass shaking like nothing I’d ever seen. 

After four songs, we walked off with PJ clinging to my neck. I headed to the bar and needing something to
drink. The beer wasn’t cheap but was cold. We stood around drinking it with a bunch of other thirsty naked
guys. The only part I had disliked was guys grabbing my ass while we danced and one did while we were

We continued to dance since PJ really enjoyed doing so. I liked it as well and loved watching him move. I
was now sweating like crazy for it was extremely humid and very little breeze blowing. 

We stopped and grabbed another drink. Jimmy found us and said he and Logan were calling it a night. He had
our bag and bid us a good night.  

PJ and I called it a night after dancing for a long time. By the time we stopped the crowd had really
thinned out and the dance was close to the end. Our biggest problem was navigating the dark roads and
finding our campsite. 

“Tomorrow night we need to bring a flashlight for damn sure,” PJ said, walking.

“I know that’s right.”

We continued to walk with our chairs in hand until seeing the trail for our campsite. Luckily we found our
tent. We heard loud moaning next to us and saw Jimmy and Logan were fucking outside their tent. Under the
moonlit sky, I could see Jimmy with his legs spread wide, taking Logan’s dick. 

“Say what you want about this not being about sex…” PJ said.

“I know what you mean,” I said.

“I know two more guys that are about to fuck under the stars.”

“I do too,” I said and kissed him.

We spread out a blanket on the ground in front of our tent and grabbed the condoms and lube. We rolled
around on the blanket, kissing like never before. It was hard to break the long kiss. After we swapped
short blowjobs PJ was on the blanket with his legs spread wide and was so inviting. By now Jimmy and Logan
were done. I hardly noticed and was focused on PJ. My hard throbbing dick entered his hot waiting ass. It
felt so fucking good to have my dick inside him. I realized I was fucking him outdoors and it added to the

PJ was moaning with every deep thrust I gave him. He pulled me down. “I love you so much,” he said to me.

“I love you too,” I replied. It was so easy telling someone you loved them when you were fucking them.
However with each passing moment, I loved him more and more. 

We kissed while I slowly fucked him. Nothing around us mattered at that moment to me other than satisfying
my boyfriend. His hands were all over my back and ass while mine were grabbing his face to kiss him. 

I pulled out of his ass and turned him on his side. “I’m really fucking close,” I said, just before going
back inside him. It didn’t take me very long before my dick lost control. I pushed deep in him and filled
the condom up with my jizz. I held him imagining how great it would be one day for my jizz to be in his
fucking hot hole.

While I was filling up the condom, PJ let out a scream. I knew he was cumming and could feel his ass grip
my dick. He shook violently while arching his head back during his orgasm. He stopped with me still inside
of him. He turned his head and kissed me.

We lay there under the stars. I swear I almost dozed off before PJ pulled me up to enter the tent. My head
hit the pillow and I was out with PJ spooning up behind me while one sleeping bag was below us and the
other on top.


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