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With Casey, Aiden and Ford gone I stood and approached PJ. I kissed him on the lips.

“Thank you so very much for telling me I could come over. I’ve loved it,” I said.

“You’re welcome any time. I hope you weren’t too upset with them coming over,” PJ said.

“It’s your house and your rules…”

“Still, I regretted telling Ford he could once I hung up with him earlier.”

“Everything worked out just fine,” I said.

“Did they run around nude as well?”

I smiled, “They did. Ummm… I don’t know if I should tell you this but Casey fucked Aiden in the hot tub.”

“Damn! With you and Ford watching?”

“We turned over to give them their privacy but I think they were going to do it even if we watched,” I

“Well… you weren’t pissed? You said nudism is not about sex,” PJ said.

“I know I said that, but I can’t control what they do,” I said. “I couldn’t tell them to stop.”

“You could have. They fucked right in front of you.”

I pointed, “Ford and I were here and faced the other way once I saw what was going on.”

“Okay,” PJ said and pulled off his shirt. Next were his shoes, followed by his shorts and hot briefs. He
tossed off his socks, “I feel better now.”

“You’re so damn hot, PJ!”

“Fuck, you are too and you’re getting so fucking dark. Turn around and let me see your ass,” he said. I
did and felt his hand on my ass. “Getting dark back there as well.”

I turned back around and felt his hand in mine. He moved us over to sit in the double lounger. 

“I don’t have to tell you how much I love having a boyfriend,” he said.

“It is nice, and to think we’re just beginning.”

“I know. That’s what excites me the most. I look forward to the day when you’re here every day to greet

“Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.”

“I can dream and hope.”

“PJ, what do you like best about having a boyfriend now?” I asked.

“The assurance of knowing I’m someone to someone else. At one point I began to doubt I was boyfriend
material. I also love having someone I can do stuff with, even if it’s just sitting here, but the fact is
he is right next to me.”

“Well spoken,” I said. “It is great having someone to do stuff with. I can’t get over you not having

“As each day passes you learn to enjoy being alone. I had to do it since all my so-called friends had led
me to destruction or were involved in that destruction. The thing is, none of them even gave a shit. I was
one less person they could party with and I was replaceable.”

“Do you miss the party days?” I asked.

“I won’t lie to you, I still have cravings, but they’re getting fewer and fewer. Jason, it sucks knowing
you have to be in complete control or else you’ll go astray,” he replied.

“Have you gone astray since you stopped cold turkey?”

“I did one weekend last year. No one knows this but I bought some crack. I smoked some of it and then got
so fucking pissed off that I had allowed myself to do that shit again. It was sent down the toilet and
chalked it up to boredom but I saw that I’m a recovering addict,” he said. “I see now if I was to stumble
again I’d let a lot of people down.”

“Me especially,” I said.

“As well as myself and my entire family.”

“You’ve never sought professional help?”

“Never. It was forced on me early on when my parents discovered I had a drug problem. I rebelled even more
after they did it. I’m hard headed and want things done on my terms, as I proved to them.”

“The main thing is you’re clean now and have a bright future ahead of you,” I said. “I can’t even begin to
imagine what you were like before.”

“It wasn’t pretty. You think Aiden and Wes are skinny. Dude, I was skin and bones,” he said. “I actually
got fat about a year ago and have lost about 30 pounds since then.”

“My life has been boring compared to yours,” I said.

“A good boring though. Hey, we could just sit here all night but I was thinking we could head to the range
and hit some balls,” PJ said.

“Great idea,” I said. “The sad part is I have to put back on some clothes. I could use the practice to not
embarrass myself completely tomorrow.”

He smiled at me. We stood and dressed. Since my clubs were already in my vehicle I volunteered to drive.
Once his clubs were in the back PJ had to direct me to the nearest driving range where we could practice
for tomorrow’s round of golf. It was about four miles and some great directions before we arrived. 

“Imagine two other gay guys having a date at a driving range,” PJ said and laughed.

“I doubt this is very high on many of gay guy’s lists, but I don’t mind at all,” I said. “Matter of fact,
I know I’ll enjoy it.”

We grabbed our clubs, paid for a jumbo bucket of balls to share and went out to find a spot among the
crowd of golfers.  We set down our clubs after passing two very cute guys, who looked to be either in high
school or just beginning college. I kept my mouth closed remembering what he had said last night about my
comments towards guys. I pulled out my driver and began to warm up in the warm humid evening here. I
enjoyed the game or else I wouldn’t have a set of clubs. I looked over and noticed PJ’s weren’t cheap
clubs and wondered about his level of interest. I teed up the ball and took a practice swing.

“You’re on the wrong side,” PJ laughed about me being left handed.

“For me, it’s the right side,” I smiled. I pulled the club back and hoped I’d connect. I did and sent the
little white ball flying down across the range.

“Wow! Long and straight,” PJ commented.

“Lucky as hell,” I said and watched him. His shot wasn’t as long or as straight. My next drive wasn’t long
or straight. “I told ya.”

He laughed while we continued to tee up ball after ball. I was very inconsistent whereas PJ got the swing
of it and began firing ball after ball down the middle of the range. After a few more shots the humidity
began taking its toll on me with sweat running down my face. 

We finished up at the driving range by using all of our clubs. We walked over and began practicing our
chipping. It was part of my game that I had yet to conquer. This part required touch and feel, of which I
had neither one, especially after not playing in months. 

We loaded up our clubs and were so hot, sweaty and smelly. 

PJ laughed, “Going somewhere to eat is out of the question.”

“For sure,” I said. “We’ll grab something on the way home. I am really hungry.”

“Me too since I thought we’d go out to eat,” PJ said.

We drove through and grabbed something to eat on the way back to PJ’s house. The smell was too tempting
for us, plus we were hungry so very little remained once we arrived back at his house.

We stripped down and ran to the pool. It felt better than ever diving in after working up such a sweat. I
swam to the swallow end and was joined by PJ here at dusk.

“Jason, I was looking at the calendar today and two weekends from now is the Fourth when your brother
comes,” PJ said. “I just remembered to tell you that.”

“No problem, we don’t have to do something every weekend but I do appreciate your excitement,” I said with
my arm around him while we relaxed in his pool. “We can chill that weekend before the storm comes. I was
thinking today about next weekend. Are you sure you’re ready for that?”

“Yeah, why not?”

“I’m sure you’re aware of what occurs at these places.”

“Jason, I’m 25 years old and I have some idea. How would you know in the first place?”

I laughed, “I’ve never been to a gay campground and only the family ones. I can just imagine.”

“Dude, I’ve been wild parties in my life. The sex part won’t shock me at all.”

I looked at him, “I take you’ve been to an orgy.”

PJ laughed, “Yes I have. One was awesome and the other was a fucking nightmare.”

“Okay then. I suppose we can go see what it’s about at the gay campground then. Just spending the weekend
naked appeals to me,” I said. “I think, however, you’re doing it just for me.”

“I’m naked right now with you and I’m growing to really enjoy it. Was your family always naked at your
house?” he asked.

“No, we weren’t, especially in the winter. However, most mornings on the weekends it wasn’t unusual for us
to eat naked together. Matter of fact, I did just that the weekend before I came here. I can remember
nights when I was younger we’d be naked and play games ‘til late in the night or at least what I thought
was late,” I replied.

“What a perfect life. Say, what happened when you and your brother both hit puberty?”

“Things were a little different until we got past that awkward stage. Once Dad realized what was going on
he’d explain everything to us,” I replied. 

“That’s cool,” he said. “Tell me about your brother.”

I smiled, “Nick is one of a kind. Growing up, he was my best friend. If he couldn’t go with me and my
friends then I usually didn’t go. It changed a little when he got older and could drive. By then I was
gone off to college but he made damn sure I was included when I came home since most of my high school
friends were scattered here and there…”

“Even after you came out?”

“Yes, Nick told his friends if they didn’t like the fact I was gay to keep their asses at home. He got
into a few fights over me and always defended me, though I never asked him to do it. I will have to say
Nick does like to drink more than he should. He’s a country straight boy if there ever was one. Now I
think he’d rather be hunting or fishing than anything,” I replied. 

“He’s still a nudist?”

“Oh yeah,” I replied. “If his buddies don’t like it he’ll still just strip down. I’ve been to his dorm at
college since we went to the same school. Everyone knew to knock or call before they went to his room. His
roommate since day one has been one of his high school friends that knew the way he is.”

“I can’t wait to meet him,” PJ said. “We’re a rare breed in that we are both close to our siblings. I
sometimes don’t see why you can’t love your brother and sister.”

“We are. I know Wes’s brother and sister are a mess… well I know his brother is. When things get like that
I can see where you have to cut the ties,” I said.

“My sister never did,” PJ said. “We had some rough days, even here lately, but in the end I still love

We swam around a little until the sun disappeared behind the trees. We got out, only then realizing we had
jumped in without a towel. It gave us a reason to stay outside until we dried off. We both saw a need for
some outdoor facilities like PJ had mentioned to me earlier. We kissed some and enjoyed the feel of each
other’s lips and soft petting while enjoying a few cold ones.

The bugs started to come out once it became dark. We moved inside to his couch. I was seated and felt the
weight of his body on mine. Our kissing intensified to a very heated and hot making out session with our
hands all over each other. 

PJ broke the kiss, still on top of me with my dick in his hand, “I want this fucking cock, Jason.”

“You can have that fucking cock. I want your cock just as much. I want your dick in my ass tonight,” I
said breathless.

“You want me to fuck you?”

“Yes, I wanna feel my boyfriend inside me. I want fucked, PJ! I want fucked by my boyfriend!”

“I’d love to fuck your hot ass,” he said and kissed me. 

He stopped kissing me with both of us hard as rocks. He pulled me up and led me to his bedroom. I pushed
him on the bed and quickly started sucking on his uncut dick. He was too anxious and wanted us to 69. I
jumped on his bed and moved around to where he could enjoy my dick while I enjoyed his. We started sucking
and licking each other until we were on the brink.  

PJ left, grabbed a towel, put the condoms and lube on his bed and pushed me to where I was hanging off the
edge of his bed with the towel under me. “I love giving rim jobs,” he said.

“I’m glad one of us does,” I stated. “I do it out of obligation.”

“Just relax and enjoy,” PJ said. 

With my face buried in his comforter, he started kissing all over my ass. His kisses were so soft and felt
so good. He took his hands and parted the cheeks of my ass. “OOOO fuck, what a nice hole!” he said before
I felt his tongue and lips all around it with one finger pushing inside me.

“OOO PJ,” I moaned feeling so his tongue and lips. My head was swirling around while he continued to move
his finger inside of me. He pulled it out and used his tongue on my hole. The feeling was so great and was
causing me to moan and groan with such delight running through my body. Another greased finger was added.
The finger fucking did hurt slightly but it also felt so good. No doubt PJ knew his territory and was
preparing me in the best way. The fingers slid out and were replaced by what I thought was his face buried
in my face. His tongue was moving in and out of my hole and had me moaning that much louder. “Just fuck
me, PJ! I want fucked!” I begged.

He kept rimming my ass until pulling his face away. He leaned over and pulled my head in for a kiss. “I
hope you’re ready,” he said quietly.

“I’m so ready,” I said.

My ass cringed feeling the cold lubricant applied in and around my hole. He put on the condom and moved
behind me. Finally my ass felt the tip of his condom wanting inside. My ass opened up and hoped he’d ease
inside of me. He pushed but something inside me resisted despite how much I wanted his dick. He kissed my
back and told me to relax. He pushed again. The head went past my tight sphincter inside my canal. I
groaned and felt the pain of having a dick inside of me once again. Slowly I could feel his hot dick going
deeper inside of me. I continued to moan while grabbing his comforter with his hands on my hips. 

“OOO PJ,” I said.

“Jason, your ass is so fucking tight.”

“Your cock feels so fucking good in me. Fuck me and give me that cock!”

My entire body felt like it was on fire. He began slowly moving his dick in me, fucking me. With each
gentle push, I moaned while he was sucking air. His hand was pushing down on the small of my back while he
started fucking me at one great pace. The sound of his skin slapping against mine was heard along with his
loud breathing. 

PJ leaned over on my back with his dick deep in me. Now I was thankful he wasn’t hung, but it still felt
so good and was the right size. He began kissing my neck and shoulders while fucking me. “Damn, I love
fucking your ass,” he whispered.

“I love you fucking me,” I said back.

With his steady pushes I felt like I was about to lose control. My head was now moving side to side while
the sensation flooded my body.

He pulled out and turned me over, along with scooting me and the towel to the head of the bed. My legs
went high in the air before he crawled up to kiss me. He guided his hard dick back in my ass. I reached up
and grabbed his ass to pull him deeper in me. He pushed my legs forward to pin them back with his arms.
Our eyes connected while he was slowly fucking me. I pulled him down for a kiss with my legs falling
around his waist. He slowly built up the pace until I was almost screaming with such delight. He quickly
left me, ripped off his condom and fired his cum on my lower abs. 

“Your ass was just too fucking tight,” he said before leaning over to kiss me. He broke the kiss and moved
to my dick. It was hard at the beginning of our fuck but had softened a little. It grew instantly feeling
his mouth on it, with his hands running down the side of my body. 

It didn’t take me very long before I felt the urge to cum. “I’m gonna fucking cum!” I screamed.

His mouth didn’t move an inch. My dick released its thick load into his mouth. He did pull back just a
little, with cum seeping out of the corner of his mouth. I lay there in my bliss and felt so heavenly. He
began licking his own cum off my body until reaching my lips. I pulled him close and started kissing him
like crazy. We rolled around his bed lip-locked and not wanting to stop.

I finally stopped and took a big breath. “That felt so fucking good.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

“Damn, man sex is the bomb!”

“I agree,” he said and moved off me. He lay touching against my side while petting my face. “I love you,

“I love you, too.”

When his alarm went off, we woke the next morning with me still in PJ’s arms. I turned and kissed him,
still reeling from the night before. We didn’t have a lot of time before our tee time. We showered
together before I had to don some shorts to get my bag out of my vehicle.  

Rather than take directions we loaded up our clubs in PJ’s car to head to the course. I called Casey and
found he too was heading to the course while PJ called Ford. When we drove up the drive leading to the
club house it was easy to see this public course was very nice and well-kept, as were most courses in the
area. We unloaded our clubs and headed to the clubhouse to pay the fee for a round and cart. Ford was
already there and waiting on us, with Casey just behind us. We were able to loosen up and do some putting
on the greens before being called to the first tee. 

“How about we scramble?” Casey asked. “That way we won’t be here all day.”

“I agree,” I said. “PJ and I will be a team and you and Ford can be a team. How’s that?”

“That’s fine, but I’m not playing for money,” Ford said.

We got up on the tee box and looked across the green fairway with a few trees bordering the rough. Casey
went first and hit a high tee shot that landed on the fairway before rolling off. PJ was next and pulled
his tee shot into the trees. Ford followed and barely connected on his first shot. We had to laugh a
little. I teed my ball up. I let it rip and watched the ball sail down the fairway.

“Nice and straight,” Casey said.

“He is. I love it,” PJ said.

“Dude, this is golf,” Ford said.

“You nasty minded fucker,” PJ laughed. “I was talking about his shot.”

We got in the cart and headed off to locate PJ’s errant shot. He found it and returned to the cart while
Casey and Ford were lining up their next shot. They came close to the green but were a little short here
on this par four hole. I was next and hooked my shot way right of the green near the cart path. PJ’s shot
hit close to the green and bounced up on it.

They made it to their ball with Ford putting his chip shot within ten feet. Casey tried to better him but
wasn’t closer. PJ and I had a long crazy putt over a ridge to the hole. I tried first and didn’t get
within 15 feet of the hole. PJ tried his luck and did get it a little closer. 

We stood and eyed our putts. “Put it in the hole, Casey,” Ford said.

“I wish I had a nickel for every time your cousin told me that,” Casey laughed and had to step away.

“I heard you put it in the hole in the hot tub,” PJ laughed.

“Sorry, but fuck yeah I did. Damn that was fucking hot!” Casey said. “Now back to sinking this ball.” He
pulled back and just missed it. Ford wasn’t any better.

PJ stepped up and calmly knocked our putt in. I raised my hands in victory but it was just the first hole. 

After that hole we seemed to swap winning holes for a while. On one hole both PJ and I couldn’t do one
thing right whereas Casey and Ford were getting in the swing of things. We weren’t that serious about the
game and really had a great time out on the course. PJ and I bested them by two holes in the end. 

As we were leaving, PJ said, “Hey, why don’t you guys come over to my place tonight and hang out with us?”

“Sounds good to me but I’ll need to check with Aiden first,” PJ said.

“Damn, I would say you are so pussy whipped…” Ford said.

“Ass whipped,” I said. 

“That’s for sure,” Casey said.

Ford agreed to come over as well. Casey said he might ask Jimmy and Logan to join them to make it a gay
guy’s night. 

“You know I would ask my sister and Wes but I know she’s going out with the girls tonight,” PJ said.

“OOOO, I bet Wes isn’t happy,” I said. “Maybe we should ask if he wants to come over. He can cook.”

“Great idea,” PJ said. We set a time of 5 but they were welcome to come whenever. I got in PJ’s car and
called Wes to see what his plans were. He too was on the course and must have pestered Drew until he gave
in. Wes liked the idea and told me about Jennifer’s night as well. They had just started so five would be
about perfect for him. I had barely hung up when he called and asked if Drew, Cameron and Ryker were
welcome. PJ heard Wes and agreed. Wes said he’d bring hamburger meat and hot dogs if we’d get the rest for
the night.

We stopped by a grocery store and went inside to buy buns and the fixings for tonight’s impromptu cookout.
As I was grabbing some beer, PJ said we could get a better price at a convenience store near his house. 

We drove there. PJ got out and headed inside. He came out carrying a 24 pack when a large guy walked up to
him. I watched and wondered what was going on but figured it was probably a bum. Then the large man
reached up and grabbed PJ by the throat causing PJ to drop the beer. I jumped out of the car and ran
toward them while PJ tried to fight him off.  

“I want my fucking money! I don’t forget!” the man screamed with an odd look in his eyes.

“I don’t owe you shit, Patrick!” PJ said, finally pushing the guy’s hand away.

“How much does he owe you?” I asked and was scared to deer ath.

“Your little bitch owes me thirty from three years ago. I’ll take fifty and call it good,” he replied.

Thankfully I had been to the ATM before we went to play golf and got out some cash. I reached in my wallet
and handed him his demands. The guy walked away with his money and sped away in his old ragged car. We
gathered the beer with the clerk now coming out to see what the commotion was about. 


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