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Getting out of my car on Monday here the second week of June, I looked over and saw Cindy getting out of
her car. She was not the first person I really cared to see the first thing. 

She came walking straight towards me. “I can’t believe I saw you yesterday. Of all people.”

“I know. I was surprised,” I said almost embarrassed. “Cindy… errr… I hope you’re not the type to tell

“Jason, don’t worry. Your private life is your private life,” Cindy said. “Nick was almost jealous of you
in that bikini. It is a good thing you’re gay or he’d have been so jealous.”

I smiled and opened the door for her, “Thank you.”

“It’s nice to see guys that take pride in having a nice fit body, unlike Nick. I try like hell to get him

“One day I may be like that,” I said before we started up the stairs.

“I doubt that. Your boyfriend was cute. You move fast.”

“It just worked out that way,” I said.

We started our day with coffee, though I wasn’t a big fan of the stuff. I sat in my office wondering what
I was going to do. I didn’t have any emails to return since I had just begun. Finally Cindy called me to
her office where we were to begin looking at various thing concerning the students. I believe Cindy and I
were given this since we were the youngest and might relate better to things. However, I knew very little
about the campus and other things dealing with the student body. It gave Cindy an excuse to leave the
office and show me around. While we were out I was able to tell her how PJ and I met. She thought it was

My day ended at five. All I heard all day was how we could cut this and cut that while raising prices on
everything. I kept my mouth shut despite not liking what I was hearing from her. The college was in a
delicate situation with the rapid growth it had experienced over the past several years. They needed the
money to finance other areas and saw the student population supplying that money. So far, the job had
been somewhat related to finance so I was getting to the meat of it quickly. 

Once home, I kicked back in my recliner, since I deemed the couch as Wes’s place. While I was doing so PJ
called me to see how my day had gone. I gave him the run down and asked how his day went. He didn’t sound
very happy since the account they had visited had fallen through over the weekend. 

Wes came walking in the door, covered in dirt. He stripped down to his boxers at the door.

“Damn, did you fall in the dirt or what?” I asked.

“I basically spent the day crawling around in dirt and sniffing my boss’s ass,” Wes replied. “He thought
it’d be nice to show me some of the real work involved. I may have helped and spotted a hairline crack in
a foundation beam.”

“You may earn your check after all,” I said.

“Maybe,” he said and threw off his boxers. “Oh, by the way, I was told today that I’m going out of town
tomorrow so I won’t be home tomorrow night.” He went in front of me on his way to the bathroom. I had
adjusted to seeing his skinny naked body so it was no big deal.

“Have fun. I see I’m rubbing off on you,” I said.

He turned his head, “A little.”

Wes returned from his shower and sat down in his shorts. “I got some sun this weekend but damn you really

“I get dark fairly easily…”

“Good thing,” he said. 

“Are you ready to go work out?”

“Not hardly. My ass is beat, dog,” Wes replied. “You get nasty and sweaty all day and see if you wanna go
work out.”

“It might give you some energy,” I said.

“I doubt it. You can go and tell me all about it,” Wes said.

I called Drew to find out when we were going. He said he had just gotten home after working. He was
working with a friend’s dad doing construction. He wasn’t sure if Ryker would be home in time since he
was working as well, but said we’d go in about an hour.

I hung up and looked over to see Wes was asleep on the couch in his shorts. It gave me time to do some
laundry and pick up around our apartment while talking with PJ for a few minutes. 

When the time came, I let Wes sleep. He was breathing heavily on the couch with his mouth open. I waited
a minute by Drew’s vehicle before he came out. He was only in his shorts and shoes with his bag over his
shoulder. I smiled and got in to go with him.

“Where’s Wes? Is he still asleep?” Drew asked.

“He was sleeping so well I didn’t want to wake him up.”

“They wore his ass out today, huh?”

“I believe they did,” I replied, with Drew driving away and listening to some hard rock. I could listen
to about anything and enjoyed all types of music, except maybe classical and jazz.

“Things must really be going well for you and PJ,” Drew stated.

“They’re going great,” I said. “How are things with your girl going?”

“Boy, let me tell ya, I’m trying like hell to make something of it but I keep getting blocked if you know
what I mean.”

“So you’re after one thing?”

Drew laughed, “Fuck yeah! I’m a guy. Surely you were after PJ’s ass?”

“I can see now why it isn’t working,” I stated. “If you’re just in it to get laid then find a hooker,
Drew. I am after PJ’s ass but I want more than that.”

“Do you think she senses it?”

I laughed, “Well yeah, she does. To me it’s been a huge turn off when I’ve been on dates and the other
guy is just after sex.”

“Ummm… I guess you’re right. I need a gay friend who can give me that prospective on things ‘cause my
buddies are like ‘ditch the bitch that doesn’t put out’.”

“Ditch her if you wanna just fuck her and brag about it,” I said bluntly. “If you want more, make her
want you. You have a great personality to go with killer looks… hope you’re not offended with me saying

“I’m not, but some straight guys would be. Jason, you’re so right though. You’re telling me what I needed
to hear and not what I wanted to hear,” Drew said. “My buddies are so fucking macho and won’t tell me
this shit. Yes, I do want more. She’s not only hot as hell but is so smart. I love being around her and
with her.”

“I’d say next time go see her just to be with her. You might be surprised in the end,” I said with us
arriving at the gym.

“I’ll try that,” Drew said. 

We went in the gym and stowed away our bags. I left my shirt in the locker before heading out with a
towel for our workout. Drew and I were pushing each other to the breaking point on all our exercises
involving our core. 

We were just about finished when Jimmy and Logan spotted us. They walked up and began talking. They had
been members for a while and tried to come two or three times a week. We finished up, showered and
dressed to head home. Drew told me I needed to replenish my body by drinking a mix he had with him. I
said I would buy it and start doing so.

Wes was multitasking when I returned. He was on the phone and watching a movie while kicked back on the
couch. I continued on and put away my bag to return to join him. He was off the phone just as the movie
was ending.

“You left me,” he said.

“You said you didn’t wanna go, plus you were practically snoring over there,” I said getting some water.
“How’s Jennifer doing?”

“She’s fine, but that wasn’t Jennifer. I talked to her earlier on the way home. That was Al telling me to
pack for three days in case it rains like they say it’s going to. I also talked just a minute to my Mom.”

“Wow, you’ve been busy. I assumed you knew there would be traveling involved in your job,” I said, taking
a seat in my recliner.

“I did, but I didn’t expect it so soon. They want to show me all aspects before assigning me with someone
and a job,” Wes stated.

“Have you worked on major construction before?” I asked.

“I have. I worked on a bridge one summer and then worked building a small office building. They were hard
work but I loved it.”

“I’m glad someone enjoys it. How are the guys at the site you went to today?” I asked.

“Let me tell ya, Jason, I’ve never seen so many tattoos and earrings in all my life. Fuck is the word of
choice there too,” Wes replied and laughed.

“Just how I imagined a construction site to be,” I said. “Have you ever wanted a tattoo?”

“Ummm… sort of, but I don’t know what or where. Can you see me with one of those big ones on my shoulders
with these arms?”

“Nope, I can’t,” I laughed. “You do have some skinny arms and legs.”

“Tell me about it, but it beats being fat. Jason, have you ever wanted one? A lot of gay guys have then.”

“No because they’re permanent. My brother just got one right before I left but I don’t really want one,”
I replied.

We sat talking and still couldn’t get over how fast things were happening to us. It was a relaxing night
for both of us. 

Tuesday, I woke and it was pouring buckets outside, just like they had forecast. Wes was already gone to
work when I got up. I dressed and saw our food supply was running low since we had catered a few dinners
for our new friends.  

Work was more of the same and getting to know the ins and outs of a university. It was interesting seeing
all that went on to make sure everything ran smoothly and to find how dependent they were on the state
and generous contributions. 

When I got off work, it was still raining with the tropical storm providing plenty of rain. Coming here I
wasn’t expecting rain during the summer, but I knew it could get worse. I stopped to do some grocery
shopping including buying some protein powder as Drew had suggested before heading home. It sucked having
to haul in things in the rain.

Once I had everything put away, along with writing down my expenses so Wes could figure it in our total,
I called PJ to ask if he was interested in coming over. There was no asking twice and he said he would be
here as soon as he could. I dressed in a sleeveless shirt that I liked and some athletic shorts to be

While waiting, I heard a knock at the door and knew PJ must have flown over since it had been only about
ten minutes. I hollered, “It’s open!”

The door opened with Aiden and another guy walking inside. “Wassup? Are you expecting someone?”

“I thought it was PJ,” I replied.

“Gotcha. We were bored so I thought we’d come over and see what was happening here, but I see you have
plans,” Aiden said. He was in his shorts with a nice pullover shirt while his friend was in shorts and a
button up short sleeve shirt.

“No Aiden. You’re welcome to stay. We won’t do anything you haven’t done,” I stated.

“Awesome,” Aiden said and walked inside. “This is Ford.”

“Nice to meet you,” I stood to shake his hand. At first glance he looked like an All American guy with
short blond hair. “Aiden, you know all the gay guys around.”

Aiden laughed, “I do. Ford is my cousin.”

“I see,” I said. “That makes perfect sense. Can I get ya anything to drink?”

“Water?” Ford asked quietly.

“No problem, but it could be warm. I just put it in the fridge,” I replied. “I have cold beer.”

“I’ll take one,” Aiden said. “Ford doesn’t drink much.”

I grabbed two waters and a beer. “It has rained all day long. I was wondering about hurricanes,” I said,
handing them their drinks.

“Fucking nasty,” Aiden said. “I guess I was in about the sixth grade the last time we had one. You have
to evacuate and board stuff up. This may be the year we get another one.”

“I hope not. My folks would freak,” I said.

“You’d have somewhere to go,” Aiden said.

I heard a knock and went to the door. It was PJ this time. I kissed him and took him by the hand.

“Ford Simon?” PJ asked.

“Wow, what a small world. How have you been, PJ?” Ford said, showing the first signs of emotion.

“Great. How have you been?” PJ asked and shook Ford’s hand.

“Good as well,” Ford replied.

“Alright, fill me and Aiden in on how you two know each other,” I said.

“I know. It’s killing me too,” Aiden said.

“PJ and I lived in the same neighborhood,” Ford said. 

“That’s awesome,” I said. “I’ve been to his house so many times it’s unreal.”

“Yeah, Ford’s folks are rolling,” Aiden commented.

“So how’s your brother doing?” PJ asked Ford with Ford sitting next to him.

“Dude, you wouldn’t even know him now. He’s gotten so fat. Ask Aiden,” Ford replied.

“Darren’s fucking huge now, PJ,” Aiden said.

“How funny. Jason, Darren was one of those guys that was at my house the night Wes got so wasted,” PJ
said to me.

“Yeah, PJ threw some wicked ass parties. I got to go to one or two of them,” Ford stated.

“I’ve heard,” I said. “You want something to drink, PJ?”

“Ummm… water would be great, even though I’ve seen plenty of it today,” PJ replied. I headed to grab him

“How’s Jennifer?” Ford asked.

“Good. She’s dating Jason’s roommate,” PJ replied.

“Where is Wes?” Aiden turned and asked.

“He’s out of town working,” I replied. “I’m sure he’s not a bit too happy right now with this rain.”

“Who is?” PJ asked with me handing him a bottle of water. “Ford, I have to ask, but I think it’s obvious.
Are you gay?”

Ford smiled, “I am. I remember Darren telling about when you came out. He called you every name in the
book. My parents don’t know and think I just like hanging out with my cousin. If you know any single gay
guys I’m definitely interested at the moment.”

“I don’t at this moment,” PJ said. “When did you realize you were gay? I never thought you were.”

“I’m two years younger than you, too,” Ford replied. “I knew when you came out that I was gay. Not many
people know except for my good friends that I trust with my life.”

“I feel for you, Ford,” I said. “My coming out was so easy.”

As we were talking I got a text from Drew asking what I was doing. I replied nothing other than hanging
with PJ and some others. Within a few minutes he came walking in the door with Cameron.

“Wassup, boys?” Drew asked in his shorts and tank top.

“Not much,” I replied. “Chilling right now. There’s beer in the fridge if you want some.”

“I do,” Cameron said. “I’m glad Ryker didn’t come down. He’d have been fucking crazy.”

“He doesn’t like gay guys?” Aiden asked.

“I don’t know what his deal has been lately,” Drew said and grabbed a bar stool. 

“He’s on the rag if you ask me,” Cameron said with a beer in his hand. “Seriously, he better get used to
being around gay dudes because here lately they’re coming out everywhere.”

“We’re becoming in vogue,” Aiden said smartly. “It’s getting better every day and to think maybe we can
marry someday.”

“I think weed will be legalized before that happens,” Ford stated.

“That would be sweet,” Cameron said.

“Tell me the last time you smoked weed,” Drew said to Cameron.

“Ummm… maybe last year, but I would if it was legal,” Cameron stated. 

“Would you marry a guy then if it was legal?” Drew asked and laughed.

“Fuck no, but I think these dudes should be able to. Y’all are all gay right?”

“We are,” Aiden replied. 

“Aiden, where’s your other half tonight?” Drew asked.

“Yeah, I forgot about Casey,” I said and laughed.

“He’s working at the hospital until midnight,” Aiden replied.

“No dick for you tonight,” Drew laughed.

“You wanna bet?” Aiden smiled.

“Man, this sucks. Gay dudes get all the sex they want,” Cameron stated.

Ford raised his hand, “Not me, but I have to disagree. All my high school friends are either living with
their girlfriends or want to. Hell, even my fat ass brother lives with his girlfriend.”

“It beats marrying them. You get a trial run beforehand,” Drew stated. “So many of the guys on my team
are living with their girlfriend and two are now daddies because of it too.”

“That would suck,” I said. 

“Being gay you don’t have to worry about that,” Aiden said.

“But you have to worry about AIDS,” Cameron said.

“I get tested very regularly. Casey works in a hospital and demands we do,” Aiden stated.

“That’s great, Aiden. Better to be safe than sorry,” I said.

It was really great sitting around with them and chatting. This wasn’t what I expected for the night and
was so welcome. Wes had missed a lot of fun that didn’t involve watching TV or a movie. Drew and Cameron
left after being here about two hours. 

“Wow, Drew is so hot!” Ford said.

“It’s a crying shame he’s straight,” Aiden stated. “I’d bend over in a heartbeat for that dick.”

“It’s nothing special,” I said.

“Dude!” Ford said.

“He goes with him to the gym. That better be the only place he sees his dick,” PJ stated.

“It is, so don’t worry your little heart,” I said and kissed PJ on the cheek. “All that matters is how
accepting him and Cameron are. Wes is the same way. I’m sure we know a bunch of Rykers that don’t want
near us.”

“Darren,” PJ said. “He hated me after I came out. It sucked too.”

“He’s the one I’m scared of when I come out,” Ford said. 

“It is getting better all the time,” Aiden said. “I just accept the fact not everyone will accept me and
don’t think twice about it. There are some gay dudes I don’t like.”

“I agree,” PJ said. 

Aiden stood from the recliner, “Ford, are you ready? I’m sure PJ and Jason want a little alone time.”

“I am,” Ford said and stood. “PJ, this has been so awesome.”

“It has been. Let me get your number if you don’t mind. If nothing else, we can get together at my
house…” PJ said.

“He has a sweet house with a pool,” Aiden said, standing and waiting.

They exchanged numbers before Ford and Aiden walked out the door. 

“I’m sure that was completely unexpected,” I said with my arm around PJ.

“It was a good unexpected. I remember how he used to beg to come over with his brother. I’ve spent the
night at his house before I came out. Darren was a good friend back in the day,” PJ said.

“It’s a shame, since he’s missing one hell of a guy now,” I said.

We made out for quite some time but we managed to not get naked. He left just after eleven. I headed
straight to bed after locking the door. I thought I’d fall right to sleep with the rain still falling
outside my window but I heard every single noise in and around my apartment. It was about 2 before my
eyes shut for good.

Getting up the next morning was rough. Cursing the alarm clock didn’t help matters nor did putting my
pillow over my head. The rain had stopped but going out to leave for work the skies were still dark.
Cindy noticed when I entered my office that I wasn’t my usual self. She got the full explanation of my
night trying to fall asleep.  

It really didn’t rain until just before I got off work. My job was beginning to set in my head and make
sense, but there was still a long ways to go before it felt as if I was contributing. Driving home, I
called Wes to see where he was and what he was doing. He was still on the job site and would be home the
following day if all went well. I did get to hear how his boss had taken him out with a few other men for
a big night on the town. 

My only excitement that night was going to work out with Drew and Ryker. Ryker was in a good mood the
entire time. He reminded me of Wes’s old roommate, Wyatt. One day he’d be the best guy in the world
whereas others no one wanted to be within 10 feet of him.  I was able to catch up and enjoyed Twitter for
more than I usually did.  I found it fun to read all the nice things PJ was tweeting.

Thursday was my Friday. I was excited to see it come again, knowing my first paycheck would hit the bank
as well after working two weeks. It had rained on and off to make things dreary and nasty. I was sick of
the rain and knew everyone else was as well. 

Before I left the parking lot I called PJ to confirm our date, with me going to his house as we had
planned the night before.  Arriving home, Wes’s car was parked near our apartment. I came inside and
found him on the couch.

“Welcome back. How was your trip?” I asked inside the door.

“It was okay. I’m fucking sick of this rain!”

“I am too. I bet Jennifer will be ready to see you and I bet you’re ready to see her,” I said.

“I am. Are you staying with PJ all weekend again?”

“I might.”

“Don’t shit me. I bet you will,” he said.

“What is it to you if I do?” I asked and could see he was in a foul mood.

“Fuck you, Jason!”

“Fuck you too Wes! You asked me if I was staying with PJ all weekend and then you said I would. What the
fuck?” I asked, holding up my hands.

“I don’t need this shit!” Wes yelled. “By the way, where’s my goddamn check for rent?”

“I’ll write it now!” I yelled back at him.

“You said I’d never have to worry. What a crock of shit!”

“Wes, stop it! This is complete and utter nonsense!”

“Later, faggot!” he said and stood. He walked back to his room. 

I stood stewing and was so pissed off at that moment, with Wes slamming the door to his bedroom. I went
to my room and did the same. I paced around my room. We needed to cool off for a few minutes but for sure
I couldn’t go to PJ’s at this moment like I had hoped I could. I called and explained to PJ that I would
be late since Wes and I were arguing.

While lying on my bed to cool off I heard his door open and close. I gave him a few seconds to get
settled in our living room. I went out with a check in my hand and found him sitting on our couch. He
grabbed it from my hand.

“Wes, what’s up with you today? I’ve never seen you like this,” I asked sitting next to him.

“I’m just in a pissy mood,” he replied.

“I get that part very well. I have those days,” I said.

“Jason, I found out today they wanna assign me at that job I was at this week with another guy. I
expected a little travel here and there but not spending full weeks and months away,” he stated. 

I grabbed his leg, “I see why you’re in a pissy mood. I would be too if they told me that. Have you
talked to your big boss about this?”

“No. I’m new and am just doing what I’m asked, just like you’d do what they say,” he said.

“First, I’d suggest you talk to him and explain how you like your job but wasn’t expecting this so soon.
Maybe tell him you’re not ready for the responsibility just yet,” I said, trying to think of a good
reason he could give.

“I doubt that would do any good.”

“It won’t hurt if you did though,” I said. 

“I guess I could try, but expect me to be gone for weeks at a time. This really fucking sucks ass. Here I
was developing some friends that I enjoyed being around and I have an awesome roommate… by the way, I’m
very sorry for calling you a faggot. Please forgive me, Jason,” Wes said.

“I will forgive you. I know words come out in the heat of the moment. I was hurt that you said that to me
though,” I said.

“I know, and all I can say is I’m sorry. I didn’t mean anything by it. I was mad as hell and guess I
needed to vent,” Wes said.

“You were pissed. We’ll chalk this up as our first fight as roommates. But if you call me a faggot again,
you may find your ass on the floor,” I said.

“I would probably deserve it too. You probably pack a mean right hook,” he said.

“Maybe I do,” I said and smiled. 

“Jason, thanks for wanting to settle this right here and now. My other roommates would have let it grow
and grow like you wouldn’t believe. Thanks as well for letting me get out my anger on you instead of on
Jennifer,” Wes said.

“It’s better me than her I suppose,” I said. “Next time, just tell me you’re not happy. We’re here not
only to be roommates but to help each other out. Life is hard, but we can be there for each other in
times like this. Maybe what I just said about talking to your boss won’t help you or change things.”

“It won’t hurt either, like you said,” Wes stated. “Dude, I’m sorry again!”

“I’m sorry as well for adding fuel to the fire,” I said. 

“So are you staying the weekend with PJ again?”

“I have no idea. Honestly, it’s not the best habit in the world,” I said.

“Why not? You’re getting some ass and more,” Wes said with a big smile.

“We just started dating. I’m scared to death if I do start staying every weekend with him he’ll want me
to live with him.”

“Is that a problem?”

“Yes and no. Eventually if things go well I’ll want to be with him all the time. For both of us things
are happening way too fast. Hell, we’ve only lived here two weeks.”

“Things are going at fucking warp speed. I know exactly what you mean.”

“Too fast leads to a burn out,” I stated. “Wes, I don’t want to get bored with him like I did my other
two boyfriends. PJ is a great guy but it still could happen.”

“Dude, your other two boyfriends were shit if you’d admit it,” Wes said.

I smiled, “Maybe they were, but I could have changed them.”

“Jason, I don’t believe you could have, but that’s just my honest opinion. As hard and as much as we
would want to change people, it’s hard to no matter how much you love or care for them. I should know.
I’ve tried so many times to change my brother, but he’s still the same. It sucks,” Wes said.

“You’re right,” I said. “I do want to slow things down just a little bit.”

“I agree, but think of the passion and love you develop for them by having sex with them,” Wes stated. 

“There are other ways to develop passion and love besides sex,” I said.

“Maybe, but sex is more fun,” Wes said. 

“I’ll give you that. I better get ready to go see PJ,” I said. 


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