Ties in with Chapter 6 of "After Graduation"

As soon as the door to the guest room closed behind them, Kris jumped through the air and landed on the
bed, bouncing as he did. He turned onto his back, propping himself up on his elbows, and grinned at his

“How good does it feel to be back together, bro?” Kris asked.

“Awesome,” Colt agreed, smiling as he still stood by the door. “It’s like we’ve never been apart. There’s
only one thing that’s different.”

“What’s that?” Kris asked.

“Your ass is still covered,” Colt laughed, pulling off his shoes.

Kris looked down at himself and laughed as well. “I guess I really was having fun. I didn’t even realise.”

“You must have really missed Matt. Usually you’re bare ass naked before the door has even closed.”

“I do have some control, you know?” Kris said.

“Since when?” Colt smiled.

“Since I dumped your sorry ass and got with Melissa.”

“Oh please, bitch, I dumped you.”

“Yeah right, because you weren’t just asking to see me naked?”

“I wasn’t!” Colt protested.

“No? That disappointment in your voice said different. I bet you spent the whole four hour drive here
looking at me, undressing me with your eyes.”

Colt snorted, “Yeah, keep thinking that. I was trying to sleep and your crappy driving kept me awake. I
had to keep looking at you to make sure you still have your eyes on the road.”

“Whatever, bro, just admit it,” Kris teased, “You wanted to see me naked. You love this body.”

Kris pulled up his shirt to expose his tight, hard abs. Colt looked at him with an expression on his face
that said he wanted to kill him, but then he burst out laughing and walked over to the bed, falling down
on it beside his friend.

“This is what I miss from us not living together now,” Colt said. “You being a dick.”

“You loved my dick,” Kris smiled, reaching down to cup his bulge.

“Not as much as I loved my dick being in your mouth so you couldn’t talk,” Colt grinned.

Kris laughed and pushed Colt’s shoulder, almost sending him off the side of the bed. Colt’s eyes went wide
in mock disgust and he pushed Kris back, actually trying to force him off the other side. Kris quickly
flipped onto his side and pushed back against Colt, grabbing onto his clothes and tugging on them, trying
to get the advantage. Soon they were rolling around on the bed, wrestling and trying to flip the other
onto his back. Kris was the first to manage to pin Colt down, using his extra weight to gain the leverage
needed to force Colt onto the bed so he could climb up and straddle him. When he had Colt’s hands in his,
their fingers laced together, pressed hard against the mattress, he leaned down so their lips were almost
touching. Colt felt his stomach tighten, waiting for Kris’s mouth to meet his. He closed his eyes and
leaned up slightly but the kiss never came. Instead he felt Kris’s tongue lick its way up his cheek,
drenching his face in spit. When he opened his eyes again he saw Kris grinning down at him and then before
he could react he felt Kris’s hand slap him playfully across the face.

“You fucker!” Colt laughed.

Kris was chuckling as he still sat astride Colt, looking down at his friend with a huge smile lighting up
his handsome face. For the briefest of moments Colt thought about letting Kris keep the upper hand, but he
saw an opportunity to take control now Kris no longer had hold of one of his arms. He quickly reached up
and grabbed Kris’s free hand, pulling him down and shifting his body weight so he could flip Kris onto his
back. With Kris momentarily stunned, Colt shoved his hand up under Kris’s shirt and used the tips of his
fingers to tickle Kris’s side, knowing it was one of Kris’s weak spots.

“Get off me!” Kris screeched, squirming from side to side, trying to get away from Colt’s probing fingers.

“Say sorry for that slap,” Colt said, tickling faster.

Kris said nothing, his laughter and moans made his abs hurt they were tensing so tight. He started to kick
his legs back and forth involuntarily as the sensation overwhelmed him.

“Say sorry!” Colt smirked as he dug his hands further into Kris’s side.

“Fuck!” Kris cried. “Sorry!”

Colt pulled his hand back and watched Kris sink to the mattress, breathing hard and covered in a thin
layer of sweat.

“I can’t believe you gave in so easily,” Colt grinned.

“Fuck you,” Kris panted. “You know that spot always gets me.”

“I know another spot that does too,” Colt said, raising his eyebrows.”

“I thought you weren’t interested in that?” Kris teased.

“I never said that,” Colt smiled, “just that I didn’t need to see your ass naked. Not until my cock’s
about to slide into it anyway.”

Kris laughed, “Oh look who’s confident about being on top. What makes you think it’s not gonna be me
fucking your ass?”

“Because you’re the one who brought the condoms and the lube,” Colt said. He leaned down so his mouth was
right next to Kris’s ear as he whispered, “And I know you’re dying to have my dick inside you.”

Colt flicked his tongue out of his mouth and ran it along Kris’s ear. When Kris moaned and arched his back
Colt put a hand on his stomach and pushed him back down onto the bed. He moved his hand back under Kris’s
shirt and ran it up over the incredible 8-pack abs until it was resting on one of Kris’s big round pecs.

“Such a hot body, Kris,” Colt still whispered, “hard and firm, muscles everywhere, so different to Faith.”

Kris moaned and threw his head back as Colt’s breath danced across his ear and the side of his neck. The
hand that was caressing his body felt so good. He was used to Melissa’s delicate hands moving around his
body, worshipping the muscles she loved, but Colt’s hands were bigger, stronger and felt more possessive,
like they could own him. It was such a turn on and he felt his cock throbbing, still trapped in his pants.

“Oh fuck, Colt,” Kris moaned.

“You like that?” Colt asked.

“You know I do.”

“What else do you like?”

“Your lips on my neck…”

“Like this?” Colt asked, moving so his nose pushed against Kris’s chin, pushing his head back to expose
his neck. The tip of his nose grazed against Kris’s skin as he took a long breath, inhaling the scent that
was pure Kris, an aroma that made his dick harder than rock. He let his lips brush against the skin and
then placed small kisses all the way down until his lips could go no further, his path blocked by the
shirt that still covered Kris’s body.

“Oh fuck, that’s amazing… I can feel the stubble on your chin,” Kris groaned.

“Yeah?” Colt asked, licking his way back up Kris’s neck.

“Oh fuck yeah. You always knew exactly what to do to get me so fucking hot for you,” Kris panted.

“That’s because I know your body, Kris, inside and out. I’ve licked and stroked every inch of you I could
get to,” Colt whispered as he kissed Kris’s neck again and moved his body, throwing his leg over Kris’s
body so he was straddling him.

Colt sat back on Kris’s waist and felt the hard dick push up against his ass as he ground his hips against
Kris’s. Kris reached up to place his hands on Colt’s thighs, but Colt quickly took them in his own hands,
lacing their fingers together again as he leaned forward and pinned them down against the bed.

Kris was still breathing heavily, staring up at Colt, feeling his dick jerk in time with his heartbeat. He
bit his lip as Colt shifted his body so their hips were pressed together. He let out a moan when he felt
Colt’s own hard cock sliding alongside his own, both still encased in their pants.

“Colt…” Kris whimpered, trying to push back against his former lover.

“Kris,” Colt smiled, grinding his dick harder into Kris’s, loving the moan that came from the hot blond
beneath him.

Kris threw his head back and thrust his hips up to meet Colt’s. It felt so good and he knew his dick was
leaking precum into his boxers as the material grew wetter by the minute and began clinging to his cock.

“Colt…” Kris said again, this time barely loud enough for Colt to hear.

Keeping Kris’s hands in his and not letting up on the thrusts, Colt pushed Kris’s legs apart with his and
humped against him, leaning his head down to lick back up Kris’s neck, this time not stopping as he
continued on up Kris’s jaw and over his chin until his tongue was lapping at Kris’s lips. Kris opened his
mouth and lifted his head, sucking Colt’s tongue inside. Colt pulled back just enough so only the tip of
his tongue was still between Kris’s lips. Kris still sucked at the tongue, trying to get more, but then
settling for the little he had as he used his own tongue to caress it. The tightness in his stomach seemed
to make his whole body tense and Kris felt like he was going to explode. His dick was harder than he could
ever remember it being. He wanted so desperately to reach down and stroke it but Colt held his hands
against the bed and right now he didn’t have the strength to push him off.

Seeing that no immediate relief was likely coming soon, Kris gave in and decided to see what Colt would do
to him. He listened to the bed squeaking just a little and wondered if Matt would hear them in the other
room. That thought should have made him think twice about what they were doing but it only made him want
it more. He actually wanted Matt to hear, wanted him to know he was having sex with a man again and even
hoping it got Matt’s own big dick hard enough to fuck the shit out of Corey.

Colt could feel the little tremors that shook Kris’s body as he continued to move on top of him, rubbing
their cocks back and forth against each other. He knew that Kris was probably experiencing something they
had almost forgotten about from being with women and that was giving themselves up for a man. Kris was
always so used to being in charge with Melissa, being the top, being the one to dictate the pace and
decide on the positions. Now he was submitting himself to Colt, letting Colt decide what happened and what
they did next. Colt knew that was such a turn on from when he had allowed Kris to take that control. He
wanted to give Kris something he wouldn’t soon forget because he knew that once they went back home to
their girls their playtime was over.

Things were getting so hot and Kris felt his cock actually starting to ache because it was so hard and was
imprisoned in his pants. His boxers were now soaked, his whole crotch feeling wet and sticky as Colt’s
cock continued to slide over his own. There was a heat beginning to build up inside his boxers that felt
like a burning and that intensified with every thrust of Colt’s hips as the friction worked his dick into
a frenzy. He wanted to put the fire out, to rip his pants open and let the air lap at his cock and balls.

“Strip me,” Kris managed to pant, letting Colt’s tongue slip from his mouth.

“Not yet,” Colt said, grinding harder still, really driving his dick against Kris’s.

Kris stared up at Colt with pleading eyes but it only turned Colt on more. When he opened his mouth to
protest it was plugged immediately as Colt’s tongue slid into his mouth, not playing around this time,
diving in and searching out his own tongue so it could wrap around it. Their tongues danced and Colt
finally let go of Kris’s hands, bringing one to rest on the side of Kris’s face as they made out.

With his hands free, Kris moved one onto the back of Colt’s head, holding him close so he couldn’t break
away from the kiss. With the other hand he reached around behind Colt and ran the hand down the solid back
of the hot country boy until it was gripping the firm ass and was pulling it toward him, mashing their
dicks together.

When they pulled back from the kiss they were both panting. Colt gently ran a finger over his lips,
feeling like they might be swollen from the intensity of the kiss. His own body was aching for release and
he could feel that his pants were becoming wet from all the precum flowing from his cock.

Pressing his hand against Kris’s chest, Colt felt the strong muscles rising up and down in the rhythm of
Kris’s erratic breaths. He then slowly let his hand travel down Kris’s body, feeling the definition of the
hard abs even with the layer of clothes between them, until his hand came to rest on Kris’s cock, gripping
it tight and giving it a good squeeze.

Kris moaned and whimpered as Colt ran his fingers up and down his cock. He pushed up and tried to thrust
his dick into Colt’s fist, but there was no way it was happening while he was still clothed. He moved his
hand and tried to lift up his own shirt, but Colt stopped him, pushing his hands aside.

Instead, Colt reached down and took the bottom of Kris’s shirt in his hand. He pulled it up and Kris sat
up a little to help Colt as he removed it. When Colt had the shirt up in front of Kris’s face, instead of
pulling it off completely he tucked it  behind Kris’s head, exposing Kris’s hot pecs and abs but still
denying him the freedom he wanted.

Kris groaned but didn’t say anything. He could tell from the glint in Colt’s eye that whatever came next
would be good. He felt Colt shift again, bringing their dicks back together so they could continue their
duel. Colt reached down and ran his hands over Kris’s firm, round pecs, tracing the lines of the muscles.
He couldn’t deny how good it felt to be with a man again, experiencing something so completely different
to what he got on a regular basis with Faith. It was like the treat you give yourself for being good all
month and keeping to your diet. He shifted his body again.

The new position offered something different, something he hadn’t had been able to reach before with his
lips. It allowed him to bend down further than Kris’s neck, giving him access to those incredible pecs and
the nice pink nipples that were now within reach of his mouth. He leaned in close and blew softly on
Kris’s left nipple.

“Holy shit!” Kris exclaimed as his body shivered and his back arched.

Colt smiled and repeated the process, getting the same reaction from the stud beneath him. When the left
nipple was rock hard and covered in gooseflesh, he moved over to the right one and did the same. The tiny
hairs you normally couldn’t see on Kris’s chest were all standing on end, each one tingling with the
pleasure they were receiving.

“Colt!” Kris gasped, reaching up and grabbing onto the back of Colt’s head, his fist closing around the
dark hair.

“You like that, Kris?” Colt smirked.

Kris didn’t answer with words. He used his grip on Colt’s hair to pull his head up until they were staring
into each other’s eyes and then they both dived in, their mouths crashing together, tongues swirling
around each other, hands all over the other’s body.

When they broke apart, Colt kissed back down Kris’s body, letting his lips trail over Kris’s chest,
stopping to suckle on each one of those hot pink nipples. At first he just kissed them, but then he opened
his mouth and let his tongue flick against them. Then he clamped down on them, sucking hard, harder than
he ever could on Faith for fear of hurting her. The moans he heard now weren’t ones of pain, they were of
pure pleasure, a point that was punctuated by Kris’s fingers as they first ran through his hair and then
pulled at it.

Extending his tongue, he swirled it from side to side, drawing a snake’s slithering body down the middle
of Kris’s abs using only his spit and a very special pen. Kris gasped again when Colt darted his tongue
into his belly button and then went back to work on kissing and licking his abs.

Finally, when he made it down to Kris’s cock, throbbing and pulsing so hard beneath the bulging fabric of
his pants, Colt bent down and placed his mouth over it, moving up and down the length with just his lips
before he pulled them back, allowing his teeth to scrape along the shaft. Hearing the high pitched
whimpers escaping Kris’s mouth gave Colt a warm feeling inside as he closed his teeth around the covered
flesh and gently nibbled on it, never quite biting hard enough to make it hurt.

“Oh fuck, Colt,” Kris moaned. “Take it out and fucking suck on it.”

Colt smiled, hearing the lust in Kris’s voice and knowing how bad he wanted them to get down to the
fucking. He wanted to enjoy this though and make it last as long as possible. It had been months since he
got to be with Kris and there was every chance it would be even longer before they got to do it again.

He ran his hand up over Kris’s amazing body, letting his fingers feel the hard abs again and then he moved
back up, licking his way over the incredible muscles until he was looking into Kris’s blue eyes. Their
lips came together in a heated kiss, tongues once again battling, and then Colt took hold of Kris’s shirt
and ripped it off over his head, forcing Kris to raise his arms to get it off without actually tearing.

Colt had barely let go of Kris’s shirt as he tossed it across the room when Kris sat up and pulled Colt’s
own top over his head. He then felt Kris’s huge arms wrap around his back, pulling Colt’s hairy chest
against his face so he could get at Colt’s darker nipples, taking one straight into his mouth.

“Aww, Kris…” Colt moaned, running his hand across Kris’s shoulders and up into his hair. He was sitting in
Kris’s lap letting the blond stud feast on his chest.

“I fucking love your body,” Kris said in the brief moment as he switched from one nipple to the other.
“The hair is so fucking hot. I’ve definitely fucking a man.”

“Hell yeah you are, now suck those nips like you do with Melissa.”

“She loves this,” Kris said, “do you?”

Colt was about to answer when he felt Kris’s teeth clamp down on his nipple. It wasn’t so much a bite as
it was Kris’s teeth acting like a vice, trapping the nipple between them as the tip of his tongue started
brushing against them.

“Oh fuck!” Colt screamed, almost falling backwards. His dick jerked and pulsed in his pants and he now
found himself being the one who wanted to strip naked and get down to the fucking.

He pulled Kris’s head back and their eyes connected. They lunged in for another deep kiss before Kris
pushed Colt onto his back and went straight for the button on his pants, pulling it open and sliding down
the zipper.

Colt lifted his ass up as Kris tugged down his pants, revealing the very tight, very wet pair of boxer
briefs that clung to his leaking dick. The head was just poking through the opening of the red, white and
blue fabric, glistening in the low light of the room. Kris licked his lips and dived in, savouring the
taste of precum as it smeared across his lips and pulsed out onto his tongue.

“Kris!” Colt moaned as Kris sucked the head of his dick into his mouth.

Resting his head on Colt’s stomach, Kris sucked only on the tip of Colt’s dick, not attempting to pull
more out of his boxers or bob up and down. All he did was focus on using his lips and tongue to kiss and
caress the deep purple head that looked set to explode.

Colt reached down, wanting to free himself from his boxers, but Kris slapped his hand away and moved his
own hand down, sliding it under the leg of Colt’s boxer briefs, pulling them tighter, forcing a little
more cock out of the opening, so he could wrap his fingers around the slightly hairy balls of the country
boy he was now sucking.

Every time he tugged on Colt’s balls it made the dick just above them jump and bob, pushing it further out
of the opening in the boxers. Kris smiled because he could feel how tight and tense Colt’s abs were
against his cheek and he could tell how turned on Colt was by the stiffness of the dick that was moving
further and further into his mouth.

Soon Kris was moving up and down on about half of Colt’s dick, loving the feeling of having a cock back in
his mouth. He had missed the full feeling he got from having his lips stretched around the shaft. He
missed the unique blend hardness and softness that only a cock could give as it slid between his lips. He
missed the slightly salty taste of the precum that flowed onto his tongue. And above all he missed the
moans that came from the man he was sucking, telling him how much pleasure he was giving him.

“Oh yeah, suck that dick, Kris,” Colt said, pushing his hips up, wanting to force more of himself into
Kris’s mouth.

Kris felt his own dick begging for release from his pants but he wanted to punish Colt, much like he had
been punished himself. He pushed Colt’s hips back down so his ass was on the bed and continued to suck on
just the head of Colt’s cock.

Colt’s dick was flexing and jumping in time with his panted breaths and Kris almost let it slip from his
mouth a few times but he managed to suck it back in. Colt’s hands were balled into fists, clenching the
sheets as he bit into his lip to stop himself from screaming.

Kris pulled the cock out of his mouth and gripped it in his hand. He leaned in close and slapped it
against his cheek before running his tongue around the ridge of the tip. Colt bucked up and moaned,
reaching down to grab onto Kris’s head, trying to push him onto his cock, but Kris just pulled away.

Frustration bubbled up inside Colt and he saw now what he had made Kris feel. They both wanted each other
so bad and yet they were playing around, trying to draw the sex out. They tried to tell themselves it was
because it had been so long but it was also because they wanted to other to concede that he wanted cock
the most after so many months of going without.

Thinking that he had to move things on, Colt pulled on Kris’s hair hard, making the blond stud moan as he
was dragged up Colt’s body. When they were face to face, Colt moved his hands to the side of Kris’s face
and mashed their lips together, kissing him hard and forcing his tongue into his mouth. Their hands
quickly started running all over each other as the passion built. Colt’s cock was throbbing harder than
ever and as Kris’s hips thrust down to meet him he almost shot his load when the head of his bare dick
rubbed against the material of Kris’s pants. The friction sent shockwaves racing up Colt’s dick and he
felt his balls tightening.

Usually he was the last one to cum and he didn’t want to embarrass himself now by blowing his load before
they ever started the actual fucking. He quickly flipped Kris over and reached down to unbutton his pants,
wanting to focus on something else in the hope his orgasm would fade.

He got the button open with ease and pulled down the fly. He placed his fingers into the belt loops of
Kris’s pants and started tugging them down. Kris lifted his ass so Colt could pull them down his big
thighs, but just as Kris lowered himself back down, Colt stopped with a gasped and took in the sight
before him.

Kris lay back with his body propped up on his elbows. His biceps were flexed and looked huge, almost as if
grapefruits had been sewn into pouches under his skin. His big round pecs glistened with the sweat that
the two had built up and there was a clear bead running down the middle of them, heading for the valleys
between his eight phenomenal abs, all neatly arranged like a mini mountain range. And then there was the
underwear. Light blue silk that looked to be a size too small but clung so well to Kris’s hips, squeezing
him just right to emphasise the cuts that curved under the waistband. The silk itself was pulled tighter
round Kris’s big thighs than Colt would have ever expected and it hugged his hard, leaking cock, making it
seem huge, like a rocket about to take off.

“Fuck me, those are hot,” Colt said.

“You think?” Kris asked, moving his hand down to stroke his dick through the silk. “Melissa got them for
me as an anniversary present. She’s always wanted to see me in a pair and I think they look pretty damn

“Amazing…” Colt breathed, still unable to take his eyes off the incredible specimen before him.

Feeling his cock throb again, Colt was brought back to what was happening and so he moved back from Kris,
stepping down off the bed, and grabbed hold of Kris’s ankle, pulling him to the edge of the bed. He
quickly pulled off the pants that were still only half way down Kris’s big thighs and then quickly pulled
off the silk boxers, feeling how wet they were once they were in his hands.

Glancing down, Colt saw that Kris’s dick was almost sparkling with the amount of precum that had leaked
from his slit. He looked at it with awe, seeing the perfect seven inch cut cock and knowing that he could
probably mount it and there would be enough natural lube there for it to just slide into his ass. Before
that though, he had to taste it.

He pushed Kris partially back up onto the bed and followed him, pushing Kris’s legs apart as he crawled
between them. He placed his hands on Kris’s thighs, just above the knee, and slowly ran them up until his
fingers touched just underneath Kris’s balls.

“Oh yeah,” Kris moaned.

Colt used his fingers to just tease Kris’s balls, lifting them slightly, rolling them around on his
fingers, but then he smelt it. Kris. It was such a familiar scent that rose from Kris’s crotch, the tangy
smell of his precum that had become so inviting, so mouth-watering to Colt during their time together. He
felt his lips trembling as he licked them. He needed to taste it.

Taking hold of Kris’s cock by the base, Colt lifted it up so it was standing up straight. He groaned again
as he leaned in and licked the tip, getting his first taste of precum. It was just like he remembered,
maybe even better. He lapped at the juices that were pumping from Kris’s slit and then ran his tongue
around the head, feeling the slickness that coated the spongy head of Kris’s cock. Leaning back just
slightly so he could look at it again, admiring the beautiful cock that had once been a nightly part of
his life, Colt’s eyes went wild with desire and he leaned back in, wrapping his lips around Kris’s cock
and moving his mouth down as his fingers came up to meet them. With the amount of precum coating Kris’s
cock, Colt’s fingers slid up and down the base of his shaft as Colt started bobbing up and down on the top
three inches.

Feeling the hard shaft sliding into his mouth, passing back and forth over his tongue, was such a thrill.
He could feel the ridges and veins on Kris’s cock and loved how hard and warm it was, a column of human
flesh gliding in and out of his mouth, filling it up, pressing against the roof of his mouth and his cheek
before moving further so it was tantalisingly close to the entrance of his throat.

Kris was in heaven. Melissa sucked his cock quite often and she was pretty good at it. She actually seemed
to love doing it, which showed in her passion and enthusiasm, but no matter how many times she slid his
dick between her delicate lips he didn’t think she would ever come close to blowing him as well as Colt
did. He was just about to reach up to run his hand through Colt’s hair, to encourage him to keep going
because he was making him feel so good, but Colt pulled his mouth off Kris’s cock and sat back. Kris
looked down at him confused until Colt put his hands on Kris’s hips and forced him to turn over, pulling
Kris up so he was on his hands and knees.

Kris looked back over his shoulder, wanting to see what Colt had in mind. The blowjob was feeling so good,
but if it was time to get fucked by Colt’s hot cock he wouldn’t say no, in fact he wanted it so bad now he
was almost ready to ask for it. What he saw made his whole body shiver. Colt was staring down at his ass
like he had just found some hidden treasure he had been searching for decades to find.

The hot country boy licked his lips, his eyes staring at the deep crevice between those two large mounds.
He placed his hands on the two cheeks and squeezed them, letting his hands roam the smooth skin that was
covered with the finest of blond hairs. He pulled the cheeks apart as he bit his lips once more, moaning
as the tight pink hole of the blond stud came into view.

Kris heard the moan from Colt and couldn’t help but smile. He felt exposed as the air rushed past his
hole, but it brought him such a thrill. Knowing that Colt was looking on, Kris used the muscles in his ass
to make his hole twitch so that to Colt it looked like it was winking.

That was all it took. Colt’s hunger and desire kicked in. There was nothing he wanted more in the world at
that moment than to taste that hole. He dived down, burying his head in the crack of Kris’s ass, and
rammed his tongue straight up Kris’s hole.

Kris had been caught off guard when the tip of Colt’s tongue actually slipped inside his hole. He moaned
and his breath caught in his throat. Instinctively he pushed his ass back on Colt’s face, wanting to drive
the tongue deeper. Colt’s hands were still moving over Kris’s ass as his tongue swirled around the hole
and then plunged into the centre, wanting to push inside.

It had been so long since Kris had felt a tongue on his ass, teasing his hole, bathing it in spit. He had
forgotten how good it felt and how much he loved feeling Colt’s light stubble tickling his cheeks as the
tongue worked his ass over, getting it ready for the hard dick that Kris could see was throbbing between
Colt’s legs when he looked down through his own legs and past his leaking dick that was dripping precum
onto the sheets.

Kris continued to watch Colt’s cock twitch and jerk as his ass was being eaten. His moans were constant
now and he was pushing his ass back against the tongue, hearing the bed squeaking again as the two moved
together, Kris rocking back as Colt pushed forward, using the rhythm to fuck Kris’s ass with his tongue.

As Kris’s moans got louder, Colt knew it was time to take things one step further. He kept his mouth over
Kris’s ass, not so much fucking it now as he was sucking it while still probing deep with the tip of his
tongue. With his body he shifted so he was holding his weight up with one arm and with the other he
reached between Kris’s spread legs and wrapped his fingers around the hard, wet cock that was bouncing
around in the air. Kris whimpered at the touch and his ass clamped down on Colt’s tongue as his eyes
rolled up into the back of his head.

“Oh fuck, Colt! Yes!” Kris cried.

Colt ran his hand up and down Kris’s cock, jerking him off as he still ate his ass, but as his fingers
became coated in Kris’s precum he knew he had to taste that dick again. Pulling back from the amazing ass,
Colt kept Kris in the same position on his knees and used his hand to pull Kris’s cock down so he could
get to it with his lips. Dropping down so his chin was nearly touching the bed, Colt stuck out his tongue
and lapped at the head of Kris’s cock, hearing more moans coming from the hot blond. When his thirst for
more of Kris’s precum was satisfied, Colt pressed his tongue against the shaft and slowly licked his way
up it, trailing his tongue over all seven inches as he still held them in his fist.

Feeling the reaction he was causing in Kris, Colt licked his way back down the cock that had become so
familiar to him, only to slide his tongue back up. He continued to move up and down, hearing Kris whimper
uncontrollably, but this time when he reached the base of Kris’s cock he kept licking, travelling up
Kris’s balls, over his taint and between the cheeks of Kris’s ass until his tongue was back on the hole.

Pulling back from Kris’s ass, Colt moved back down and licked his way back up Kris’s cock and onto his
ass. Kris had to bury his head in the sheets and then brought his hand to his mouth so he could bite his
fist to muffle the moans as Colt worked him over better than he ever remembered. Colt for his part loved
the reaction he was getting from Kris and loved worshipping this hot man even more. He knew for sure he
would always be bi and would always love being with a man.

“Fuck me, Colt!” Kris gasped. “Fuck me!”

Colt smiled as he pulled back and leaned in to place a kiss right on Kris’s hole. It was covered in his
spit but he still knew Kris would need more lube after so many months without a dick inside him. Reaching
down he ran his finger around the tip of Kris’s dick, soaking it in as much of Kris’s precum as possible,
and then in one swift move he slid it into Kris’s ass, burying it deep.

“Oh fuck!” Kris moaned, throwing his head back as he pushed his ass harder onto Colt’s finger.

“You want my dick, Kris?” Colt asked.

“Fuck yeah! Fuck me!”

“Think you can take it or do you need me to open your ass up more?”

“Just fucking stick it in me. I can take the pain.”
Colt grinned. “I’ll go slowly at first… then I’m gonna pound your fucking sexy ass.”

“God yeah, give me your dick, Colt.”

Colt pulled back and hopped down off the bed, moving across the room to their suitcase. He quickly pulled it
open and searched out the lube and condoms Kris had thrown in before they left, knowing sex between them was
a pretty good possibility.

Tossing the lube onto the bed, Colt watched as Kris grabbed the bottle and started applying it to his ass. It
was so sexy seeing Kris slip his slick fingers inside his own ass, fucking it gently to get it ready for the
impending invasion. Colt felt his dick throbbing and quickly ripped open the condom packet, dropping it to
the floor as he rolled the condom down his stiff pole.

When Kris felt like his ass was lubed enough he dropped the bottle back on the bed and assumed the position,
on his hands and knees at the edge of the bed, wanting to give Colt access to his ass. Colt moaned again and
quickly grabbed the lube, pouring it onto his cock, using his hand to smear it all over, getting it as slick
as possible. He didn’t want to hurt Kris but he also wanted to fuck him so bad he wasn’t sure he’d be able to
hold back once he got his cock inside that tight hole so he wanted Kris to be comfortable enough to take the
fuck he was about to get.

Satisfied that they were both ready, Colt stepped up and pressed the head of his covered cock against Kris’s
ass. They both moaned and their bodies convulsed, desperate for what was about to happen. Colt was ready to
push his hard dick into a hole that was so much tighter than the pussy he was used to fucking. Kris would get
to feel a dick back inside him, after going so long without, and suddenly he felt like a part of him had been
missing and it was about to be slotted back into place, making him whole again.

Colt pushed forward, pressing his dick harder against Kris’s hole. Even though Kris wanted it so bad his ass
was betraying him. It was pulsing and twitching against the tip of Colt’s dick, but it wasn’t opening like he
wanted it to. He pushed out like he used to have to, especially in the early days when they first started
fucking, and pushed his ass back, forcing the head of Colt’s cock into his ass.

“Oh fuck!” Kris panted, burying his face in the mattress.

Colt held still, his hands gripping on to Kris’s hips as the head of his cock was squeezed so tight as Kris’s
ass clamped down on it with every panted breath he took.

“Take it easy,” Colt said, closing his eyes and willing the load that threatened to break out of his balls to
settle back down. “We have plenty of time, Kris.”

Kris growled in frustration but nodded his head, dropping it down to rest on his forearms as he pushed his
ass up into the air to give Colt full access and control.

Colt held still for another minute until he felt Kris start to relax slightly. He ran his hand up Kris’s
spine and felt the incredible muscles that lined his back. Feeling the reactions from Kris’s body to the
touch, Colt took the opportunity to push his dick in deeper. Slowly he started to sink further into Kris’s
ass as they both moaned. Colt savoured the feeling of being back inside the warm, velvety shoot, while Kris
groaned and bit his lip, feeling the pain of being stretched by a cock, almost like it was his first time

Placing his hand into the middle of Kris’s back, pushing down on it just slightly to make it easier to
penetrate the hot ass, Colt slid more of his dick inside Kris until he bottomed out, completely buried in
Kris’s tight tunnel.

Kris was panting hard, trying to get used to the invasion. He knew how good a cock could feel inside him and
knew that if he just gritted his teeth it would all get better, but he was unprepared for the sensation of
being so full, of being stretched open by Colt’s cock again, thinking that because he had been fucked so many
times before that his ass would just accept it.

After a minute or two of just gently rocking his hips back and forth, barely removing any of his cock from
Kris’s ass, Colt pulled back slowly, feeling the walls of Kris’s ass clinging to his condom-covered cock. It
was the first time they had used condoms in a long time, but now they weren’t using them with their
girlfriends they had made a promise that if they did have sex with any guys they had to play safe. It was a
compromise they were more than willing to make.

Just when he thought Colt was going to pull his cock completely out of him, Kris almost screeched when he
felt Colt slide his dick back into his depths. It wasn’t a particularly hard thrust, but the cock pulled and
tugged at Kris’s insides, stroking every inch of him as the cock slid deeper.

“Oh yeah,” Kris moaned.

Colt drew back again and repeated the process of long dicking Kris until he felt the ass starting to loosen
slightly around his cock. At first he was just going to pick up the pace so he could truly start fucking
Kris, but he wanted Kris to really feel that he had a dick inside him, so Colt pulled back and then rammed
his dick back in, forcing it as far into Kris as it would go. Kris yelped and his whole body bucked as Colt
drove his dick repeatedly into his guts.

When Kris’s moans became little more than squeaks, Colt took hold of Kris’s hips and started pulling his ass
onto his cock, thrusting forward to meet him as he moved faster, sliding his dick in and out of Kris’s ass
with ease. The pace quickened further still so that Colt was fucking Kris’s ass in a nice rhythm. The sound
of their skin slapping together started to fill the room, mingling with the sounds of the bed creaking and
the soft moans escaping their mouths.

Running his hand up Kris’s back, Colt bent his knees slightly to change the angle of his penetration,
thrusting upwards so the tip of his cock went crashing into Kris’s prostate, making him yelp as his entire
body shook.

“How’s that cock feel inside you?” Colt asked, slapping Kris’s ass.

“So fucking good!” Kris moaned.

Colt continued the deep thrusts into Kris’s ass, assaulting his spot with his dick. He could feel Kris
trembling as he ran his hands up and down the blonds back. Not yet ready to cum, Colt leaned forward, placing
his hands on Kris’s shoulders as he buried his dick in deep and pulled back until Kris rose up off the bed
and had his back pressed against Colt’s sweaty, hairy chest.

Kris moaned when he felt Colt’s lips and tongue caressing the skin on his neck at the same time as Colt’s
hands slid around his body, stroking his abs and squeezing his pecs. The dick that was filling his ass so
completely continued to move back and forth, sliding nearly all the way out of him before being driven back
in, slicing its way deep inside him so it felt like it was in his belly, pressing against his stomach where
Colt’s hands moved around in slow circles on the other side of his skin.

Never letting up as he fucked Kris’s ass, Colt moved his hand down through Kris’s trimmed pubes and gently
pushed down the throbbing cock that was straining between Kris’s legs. He let the dick slide between his
fingers and then pushed down again, stroking his way down Kris’s cock as it pointed toward the ground.

“Oh fuck, Colt, yeah,” Kris groaned, reaching back to place a hand on Colt’s head.

Colt wrapped his fingers around Kris’s dick and slowly moved up and down his slick shaft, taking his time to
appreciate the beauty of the seven inch cock. He knew exactly what would drive Kris crazy so he ran his
fingers around the ridge at the bottom of the head and then trailed his fingers up to the base, all the while
his dick was still punching a hole through Kris’s body.

As Colt continued to stroke him and fuck him, Kris’s dick became even harder, something neither thought was
possible. It was so hard now that Colt was struggling to bend it down, instead it was sticking straight up,
raging hard and desperate to explode.

Kris clung tighter to Colt, grasping his hair harder and clinging to the arm around his chest, feeling all
the nerve endings in both his ass and his dick tingle as he was worked over from both sides. No one had ever
fucked him as good as Colt did. No one ever made him feel so utterly helpless and yet so cared for in the
same moment.

Just when he thought he was about to cum, Colt suddenly withdrew his cock from Kris’s ass with a loud popping
sound and took his hand off Kris’s cock. Kris felt so empty and was almost overcome with frustration. Colt
still held him in his arms and was breathing heavily in his ear so why wasn’t he still fucking him?

“I wanna see your face when you cum,” Colt whispered, biting Kris’s ear.

Kris nodded silently, thankful he was going to get the relief he needed. He flipped over onto his back on the
edge of the bed and threw his legs in the air, waiting for Colt to step in and place them on his shoulders.
Instead, Colt pushed the legs apart and climbed up onto the bed with Kris, pushing him further up toward the
middle. When he was in position he put his hands under Kris’s knees and pushed them back a little, opening
him up as he closed the gap and sank his dick back inside the stud.

Colt looked down at Kris’s face as he plunged back in. That beautiful face was twisted in pleasure. The
bright blue eyes were open wide, staring up at him. The manly jaw hung open with the edges curled up into a
euphoric smile. He had always loved that expression when he drove himself into Kris and he loved it even more

“So close…” Kris moaned.

“Yeah?” Colt asked, picking up the speed instantly so he was fucking Kris hard. “Cum for me then, boy.”

Kris threw his head back and his body arched up off the mattress. Colt’s dick was catching him just right and
then the dark haired hunk wrapped his hand back around Kris’s leaking cock and jerked it in time to the deep
pounding he was delivering to the sexy muscle ass.

Colt hammered his dick into Kris, getting almost as much pleasure from watching Kris’s body react to the
fucking as he was from actually delivering it. Kris’s eyes were closed now and his head was thrown back. He
was biting his lip to muffle the screams that wanted to break out and his fists were clenched tightly around
the sheets. Even his toes curled from the sensations that ripped through his body, spreading a warmth through
him as the cum bubbled up in his balls and raced up his shaft.

“FUCK!” Kris groaned, his ass almost tearing Colt’s cock from his body it clenched it so tight as his body
writhed around in pleasure.

Colt let go of Kris’s dick and watched as it started erupting, spewing load after load out all over Kris’s
body, painting his chest and running into the cum gutter abs that lined Kris’s stomach.

When Kris’s ass relaxed and he started to come down from his orgasm, it let Colt pull his pulsing dick from
Kris’s ass. He ripped off the condom and wrapped his fingers around his dick, jerking it quickly as his balls
began to churn.

Kris was waiting for the load to spray over his body but Colt did something he didn’t expect. He put his
other hand over the end of his dick and when his cock started firing he caught every drop. Kris looked up at
his friend, wondering what he was doing, and then before he could even react, Colt’s hand raced towards his
face and playfully slapped him across the cheek, splattering the cum all over it.

“That’s for the slap earlier,” Colt chuckled as Kris stared up at him in shock.

Kris eventually chuckled too as Colt dropped down onto the bed next to him and moved in close, snuggling up
to him as they turned their heads and their lips met.

“Damn I needed that,” Kris said as he grabbed his shirt and wiped the cum off his face and body.

“Me too,” Colt said, “I can never get enough of fucking Faith but holy shit, Kris, your ass just squeezed my
dick like nothing else.”

“Your cock felt so good in my ass, bro,” Kris smiled. “I love being on top and fucking Melissa’s pussy or a
nice tight ass, but damn, sometimes I just really wanna get fucked.”

“I know what you mean. I’ve been having those urges too,” Colt said. “I was kind of hoping to get my ass
fucked this weekend too.”

“Well it’s not over yet, bro,” Kris smiled. “Any one of us will gladly fuck your ass tomorrow night. I’d do
it now but I’m exhausted.”

Colt laughed, “That’s okay, I am too. I’m not sure I can take Corey’s fat cock if my ass is as tight as yours
just was though.”

“You want Corey to be the one to fuck you?” Kris asked.

“I don’t really care,” Colt said, “but I saw the way you were looking at Matt earlier. You wanna fuck his
ass, so that means I get Corey.”

“Only if they agree,” Kris said.

“You don’t even try to deny it?” Colt laughed.

“You know me too well by now, bro,” Kris smiled.

“I do, which means I know you’re about to fall asleep on me.”

“If you wanted me to stay awake you shouldn’t have fucked me so damn good. You’ve tired my ass out.”

Colt laughed again and then he leaned over to kiss Kris on the lips once more. When they broke apart they
moved up the bed and lay together, side by side. After less than a minute Kris turned over and put his arm
across Colt’s chest, settling in to sleep with his head on Colt’s shoulder. Colt smiled and turned his head
to rest it against Kris’s as he drifted off to sleep.


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