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It had been a really tough week for me. For one I had come down with a nasty head cold earlier in the week
and had to miss a day of work to recover from it. Also, work was stressing me out to no end with a lot of
deadlines to meet for various projects and applications my team was assigned. With the boom in tablets, the
demand for our services had gone up like crazy. To top it all off was the stress of Christmas coming up and
getting gifts. That was complete now thanks to the computer.

I was waiting patiently for Corey to come home this Friday night before Christmas. He called to stay he was
running late. Over the past few weeks, he’d been getting a fair amount of overtime at the gym. 

About nine, the front door opened. Corey came walking in. 

“Feeling better?” he asked me.

“Much better. What did you get us for dinner?”

“Fuck!!” he screamed at the top of his lungs. “Matt, I’m so sorry. I just forgot.”

“I’ll have more soup,” I said.

Corey continued and headed back to our bedroom. He came back in his shorts and sat next to me. He put his
arm around my shoulder. Quickly, I noticed his arm was trembling. He leaned over and kissed me.

“Matt, would you stand up for a moment?” he requested.

“Ummm… okay,” I said and got up.

Corey positioned me around and then got on one knee. “Damn, I’m so nervous.”

I laughed, “Is this practice or what? I think you’re about to ask me to marry you or something.”

He grabbed my hand and looked at me seriously. “Would you marry me?”

“Damn Corey! You know I’ve said I would. This is crazy. What’s this about?”

Still on his knee, “You don’t know, do ya?”

“I missed something I guess. Now stand up and stop acting like a damn fool.”

Corey stood and began looking around. He found a tablet that I had lying around and started using it.
Within a minute or so, the tablet was shoved in my face. It read, “New Mexico approves gay marriage.” My
hands went over my face. He wasn’t joking and was formally proposing to me since now we could get married
just by making a short trip. Tears began streaming down my face.

I stood up and was shaking. “Please do it again. I had no idea.”

“Matt, will you marry me?” Corey said now with tears streaming down his face. He reached in his pocket and
produced a box with two rings. 

“I will… I will marry you!” I said with tears running down my face and my nose running again.

Corey took off my other ring and replaced it with a sterling silver ring. My hand was shaking like crazy
when he put it on. We were both crying with me sobbing now. He stood for a long kiss.

I got on my knees and took his hand with tears running down my face. “Corey, will you marry…”

“Yes Matt… yes!” Corey said with me slipping the ring on his left hand. I stood for another kiss. This was
longer and had so much passion in it. He led me to the couch.

“I know this is sort of out of the blue but when I saw that yesterday I knew then and there we could get
married whenever we wanted,” Corey said with my leg over his.

“Corey, I’m speechless right now. So much is going through my head at the moment. Of course I knew this day
would come for us but not this fast.”

“Matt, just let it sink in for a minute and then tell me when you think we should do it,” Corey said.

“Since we are engaged now… fuck I’m engaged,” I said with tears coming again. 

“Yes, we are engaged to be married. I love you so fucking much!” Corey said with tears coming back to his
eyes. He grabbed me and held me while we both cried the best tears of joy ever. 

We sat holding each other with our tears gone. A big smile was on my face knowing the moment I was waiting
for was now within reach. “Corey, when do you think we should get married? Do you want a long engagement or
short one?”

“I’d do it tomorrow. I was actually thinking about a summer wedding at the earliest.”

“Or maybe a fall wedding would be nice… hell, I’d do it tomorrow too,” I said. “I think a summer wedding
would be awesome. You know we’ve both asked for a week off already…”

“Yeah, but we’ve promised Kris and Colt we’d go to the beach. Before you say a word, we’re not honeymooning
with them,” Corey said.

“Definitely not,” I said and kissed him. “Kris will be so disappointed though, but wait ‘til I tell him I’m
officially engaged!”

“Ummm… I’ve already told him,” Corey said.

“You bastard.”

“I wanted to get his thoughts on it before I did it,” Corey said. “He was very happy for us.”


“He knows too.”

“Well, I’ll call Mom and tell her. She’ll be excited…”

“She knows. I had to ask her if it was okay.”

“Damn you Corey. I can’t tell anyone we’re now officially engaged.”

“Sorry, but I got carried away,” he said.

I smiled at him. “No problem. You were excited that our moment had finally arrived and is now within our
grasp. I can’t believe I missed that news yesterday.”

“I can’t believe that I saw it either. The second I saw it I knew we were getting married sooner than we
expected. Honestly, I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. We’ve dated for over 4 years now and have been living
alone together for six months. If we aren’t ready now, then we’ll never be ready,” Corey said.

“Corey, let’s do this for now. Let’s sleep on it and decide later when the big date will be. We can sit
down together and pick a date…”

“Do you want a big wedding?”

“Ummm… I want one that our friends can enjoy. So much for saving for a house. We have a wedding to plan and
pay for,” I said.

“You know the thing is with it not being here or back around campus some people won’t come,” Corey said.
“Who are you going to ask to be your best man?”

“Ummm… I was thinking about asking Scott,” I said and started laughing. “I could hear the cussing now if I

“I’ve already asked Colt to be my best man,” Corey said.

I grabbed my phone and made the call. I put it on face time so we could interact with Kris.

“Kris, you know already, but I called to ask if you’d be my best man for our wedding,” I said into the
phone and saw he was there with Melissa.

“Bro, I’ll need to think about that for minute,” Kris said. “Why the fuck are you even asking me that?”

“Babe, he was being nice to you,” Melissa said, sitting next to Kris.

“Is that a yes or no?” Corey asked.

“Not yes but fuck yes!” Kris replied. “I’ve been so excited for both of you since Corey called me earlier.”

“I first thought it was a joke and didn’t know that New Mexico had legalized it. I’m still in complete
shock,” I said.

“Corey, did he cry?” Kris asked.

“Yeah Kris, he did, and I did too. We were like damn babies in here crying,” Corey replied.

“I think that is just the sweetest,” Melissa said.

“Will you cry Melissa if Kris ever gets around to asking you?” I asked.

“Ummm… probably,” she replied.

“Bros, you beat my ass to the punch. So when should I go rent my tux?” Kris asked.

“We haven’t set a date yet,” I replied. “We said that week we go to the beach…”

“That’d be awesome!” Kris said.

“Kris, I’m not spending my honeymoon in the same house as y’all. Besides, Melissa and Faith would hate it,”
Corey said.

“Thank you, Corey. I wouldn’t hate it, but I’d hate it for you two. A honeymoon should be special and not
with us,” Melissa said.

“Bro, honeymoon with us but not at the same place. Then we could get together on the beach and at night,”
Kris said.

“We’ll talk about it. I mentioned a fall wedding. Who knows it may be sooner than that,” I stated.

“I’ll be there and so will Colt, no matter when it is, bros. I can’t wait to see you two,” Kris said.

“We can’t wait to see you either. We’ll let you know. We still have important business to take care of,”
Corey said.

“I bet. Matt, you thought the night of your birthday was awesome. I bet tonight will be ten times better
than that,” Kris said.

“It could be,” I said. “We’ll see ya Christmas.”

“You bet. Congratulations!” Kris yelled and grabbed Melissa. “We love you both.”

“Congratulations!” Melissa said.

“Thanks!! We’ll see ya,” I said and hung up.

“Kris was excited,” Corey said.

“I wouldn’t expect anything less,” I stated.

“Are you ready to celebrate our engagement?”

“Did you buy champagne?” I asked.

“First I forgot the food and now the champagne,” he replied.

“Oh then, I am ready to really celebrate our engagement,” I said and kissed his cheek.  

He reached out his big arms. He lifted me up and carried me to our bedroom. He gently set me on our bed and
slowly began undressing me while kissing all over my body. Once I was naked, I pushed him and back to
remove his shorts while kissing on him. My lips might become chapped but it would be well worth it. 

With him on our bed, I attacked his mouth with mine. Our hands were going crazy while we kissed like never
before. His passion still attracted me to him and was always a key in our relationship. It was on display
more than ever. We rolled around our bed. It didn’t take either one of us that long to achieve a full

“I’d say we forget the blow jobs,” I said. “I’m so ready to make love to you.”

“I’m ready to feel your love in me,” Corey said.

I leaned over and grabbed the lube from our nightstand. I smeared it on his ass before he took over and
smeared it on my hard eight inches. Seeing his ass made my cock jump and want inside of him. He spread his
muscular legs wide. I moved between them and rested them on my shoulders. I looked into his eyes and
grabbed my cock. I guided it to his hole and began slowly going inside my fiancé’s ass. It was still hard
to believe we were really engaged and were serious about fulfilling my dream of marriage. 

Corey gasped and lifted up his arms while my cock slid deeper in him. It had been inside him now countless
times but tonight was special only to be bested by our wedding night. I pushed until I felt my balls
against his ass and my eyes stayed connected with his blue eyes. He smiled and grabbed me.

“Make love to me, Matt!” he said.

“Oh I will, Corey. I will make love to you as long as I can tonight, my future husband,” I said.

“Fuck that sounds so hot! Fuck me, hubby!”

I leaned over and kissed him while slowly fucking his hot ass. I tried my best to make it so pleasurable
and enjoyable for him while showing my deep love for all of him. We stayed lip locked with his hands on my
ass, pulling me into him. Sex with Corey was always hot as hell but with the love we were feeling towards
each other it elevated everything.

I broke the long kiss and moved to his neck. I kept slowly pumping my hard cock into him and felt him
squeezing his ass around my dick. 

“OOO baby, yes!” he cried. “Feels so good! Keep fucking me!”

“I’m making hot fucking love to you and will keep doing it.”

“I can feel it. Feels fucking awesome,” Corey said with his head tilted back and his breathing becoming

I fucked him harder for a moment with my breathing very loud and his moaning just as loud. “Feel me?”

“I fucking always feel you, babe,” Corey replied.

I leaned over and wanted to kiss him more. We continued to be as one for what seemed like forever. I’d kiss
him and then stop to pound him a little and then return. 

With our lips together, I grunted and began firing off my load into him. He grabbed me as tight as ever,
feeling my load going into him. I pumped every drop possible until resting on his big chest to catch my
breath. I moved and started jacking his thick cock until he busted his load all over my body.  

We lay in our bliss and love with his arms wrapped around me. 

“Are you over the shock yet?” he asked.

“Nope. It’s like the best dream ever,” I replied. 

“I know. I was so scared even though I knew the answer,” Corey said.

“Corey, I still remember the first night we had sex,” I said.

“I do more. After I fucked you I knew I never wanted you to leave my life. I damn near fucked that up but I

“You’re lucky I was so in love. Most guys would have sent you packing,” I smiled at him. “Did that tell you
we’d have a moment like this?”

“What told me was the night you drove back after we’d been fighting for that week when we were sophomores.
That told me right there we’re going to be together for a long time,” Corey replied.

“Now that you mention that it could be the moment for me too,” I said. 

“Be honest with me. Are you worried that we’re accelerating our so called plan that we had? We sort of said
we’d get married in five years.”

“Then a fall wedding will make it five years,” I said. “I’m not worried at all. You’d think I would be but
I’m with the man I want to marry. What difference will two or three years make one way or the other? We can
wait, but to me it would be close to the same. We’ve already started our life as a couple and marrying just
makes it official.”

“Damn, I knew you better than I thought I did. I was like what difference does it make now or in five
years? Hell, we’ve bought a new car together and are saving for a house. That right there is a good sign
we’re going to be together. Someone will need to tell me what the difference would be.”

“I agree wholeheartedly. Corey, was it your dream to get married?”

“Ummm… not really, but when we started, marriage seemed like a pie in the sky dream for gay guys. Each day
it is becoming a reality where we can be married. It’s not here but it is close enough to where it’s not
going that much out of the way to do so. Hell, Juan went further than we will go to be married,” Corey

“It’s just hard to fathom that we are really seriously talking about and that it could really happen for us
without going to great extremes. I could bitch about not being able to marry here. Who knows we might be
able to by the time our day rolls around.”

“Keep dreaming that dream of getting married here. In the meantime we can be real and plan a wedding close

“We can. I love you so much!”

“I love you too. Damn, I’d hate to see anyone else more in love than I am right now.”

Corey kept holding me until I began trying to get him hard. He did and made love to me. It was so great and
lasted forever. It really didn’t seem much like sex this night.

When my eyes popped open on this Saturday before Christmas, they went directly to my left hand to see the
ring was there and the night wasn’t a dream. It was storming outside but it was better than the ice we had
two weeks before. A big clap of thunder shook our place. Corey squeezed me tighter. My head turned to see
his eyes. Our lips met half way.

“It wasn’t a dream,” he said, holding me.

“It was a dream, just one that came true,” I said.

“Matt, where do you think we should go for our honeymoon?” he asked.

“First, let’s get together exactly where we’re getting married then we can think about that later,” I

“Ah, honeymoon planning is ten times more fun. I know you have dreams about that.”

“I wanna go somewhere that is very gay friendly because we’ll be holding hands and kissing all the time,” I
said. “I guess maybe Palm Springs or Key West.”

“I like those ideas. Have you considered a cruise?” he asked.

“Ummm… no, but could we hold hands and not be stared at?” I replied. “Unless… we found an all gay cruise.”

“We could do that. Maybe Miami or Las Vegas… well Las Vegas isn’t my ideal honeymoon location,” Corey said.

“We’ll come up with something. We may have to coordinate with our wedding, say if we do go on a gay

We talked a little longer before things got hot again. Making love to him was so damn easy and such a
pleasure. My love for him was growing that much stronger despite the fact I didn’t think it could. 

We showered and started our day. Corey clung to me like he never had but I didn’t mind at all. 

“Corey, did you tell Scott, Shawn or Bruce that you were proposing to me?” I asked while we were sitting on
the couch watching TV.

“No. I barely had enough time to tell our parents, Kris and Colt,” Corey laughed.

“I’m calling Scott then right now and inviting him over to tell him the good news,” I said.

I grabbed my phone and did call Scott with it still raining outside. He said he’d be over in a few minutes.
It would give us time to put on some clothes.

Scott came to the door in his tee and shorts. He walked in after I greeted him. 

“Okay, what’s the big news?” Scott asked when we entered our living room.

“Corey proposed to me last night,” I replied.

Scott’s mouth opened wide. “Oh my God! Corey, you did?”

“I did,” Corey replied.

Scott’s face then changed expressions. “Congrats!”

“Scott, you looked happy, now you don’t,” I stated.

“I’m confused as hell. I always assumed you two were gonna get married but it’s not legal here… oh my
fucking God, you’re going to New Mexico and getting married!” Scott screamed.

“That’s our plan,” I said.

Scott grabbed me for a big hug and then moved to Corey. “You know I thought of you two when I heard that
but didn’t think you would do it. Now, I’m so happy for you. When’s the big day?”

“It’s not set yet but we’re thinking later next year,” I replied and sat next to Corey.

“That’s so fucking awesome! I can’t wait!” Scott said.

“We’re excited,” Corey said.

“Oh what a great wedding that will be. The perfect couple standing there getting married just like it
should be!” Scott said. “I’ll be there if it kills me. So is it going to be a big wedding?”

“I don’t think it will be since we have to travel, but nothing is planned yet,” I replied.

“I’ll help ya wherever I can,” Scott said.

“Thanks. Where’s Seth at?” Corey asked.

“He’s at the apartment. Matt said he wanted to tell me something so I just assumed it was something like
y’all were moving but nothing like this,” Scott said. “I’ll call and see if he wants to come over.”

“I’m gonna call Shawn and Bruce to get them here as well,” I said.

We made our calls and waited. Scott now seemed excited and started planning the reception while we talked.
Seth came over first but I waited until Bruce and Shawn came in.

Bruce and Shawn came to the door with Seth waiting anxiously. Shawn now had a full beard but it was trimmed
nicely. They sat down and knew we had news.

“Okay, who’s pregnant now?” Bruce asked.

“Matt and I are now officially engaged to get married,” Corey announced.

“Okay, but why did you do it now?” Shawn asked.

“They can go to New Mexico and get married. They just legalized it this week,” Scott replied.

“Oh then, that’s fucking awesome!” Bruce said. “Congratulations! If there were two guys that were meant to
be married, it is y’all.”

“Matt, I’m really happy for you. I’m shocked and wasn’t expecting this so soon. Are you going to do it

“Next year is our plan,” I replied.

Shawn walked over and gave us a hug, then Bruce and Seth did. 

“Scott, you and Seth are next,” Shawn said.

“Let us be together over four years and we’ll consider it,” Seth replied.

Bruce started sniffing audibly, “Hmmmm… I think I smell an engagement party tonight that is about to

“Hell yeah!” Shawn said. “Boy what a throw down that will be. So you are going to New Mexico to get

“We are. It’s not that far from college. We always said we’d get married one day but when that news came
down I figured what the fuck I’m getting married. We already bought a car together…” Corey replied.

“And plan on buying a house. It may be easier to buy now when we are married,” I added.

“Boy, I just knew either Kris or Colt was gonna be a daddy,” Shawn said.

“Hell, it could be you just as fast,” Shawn said.

“First, she’d have to remember my name,” Bruce laughed.

“He’s fucking anything that moves…” Shawn said.

“And is female I need to add,” Bruce laughed. “It beats the hell out of jacking off like you do.”

“You got a point there. Porn does get old,” Scott said. “So where we partying at?”

“Makes no difference to me,” Corey replied. “We can do it here so no one has to drive.”

“Hey, Seth and I will host it,” Scott said. 

“Sounds like a plan,” I said.

“More like an excuse to party if you ask me,” Seth laughed.

“He’s learning,” Corey said.

We sat around talking. They did notice our small Christmas tree in the corner. Each one of us was heading
home to spend time with our family and enjoy the holidays with them. Things were still up in the air about
New Year’s Eve since Ted’s team still had a shot at the playoffs. Even then, he could change his mind. 

That night at Scott’s, we had a great time. Corey did run to buy some champagne but we had to drink it out
of red Solo cups, but that was only fitting. It gave us a big laugh when they toasted us and clanged the
plastic cups. It turned out to be a great idea to stay at the apartments since no one could have driven
after our night.  


I hope everyone had a great Holiday!!!   I hope you enjoyed this chapter of Rooming. 

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