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Friday, just before lunch, as I was standing around after a busy morning, Susan walked up to the counter
where Carter and I were.

“I have four passes to Six Flags if anyone’s interested,” she said.

My eyes lit up. “Wow, I’d love to go,” I said quickly.

“Corey, the deal is they have to be used in the next two weeks,” she said.

“No problem, unless I’m scheduled for both days next weekend,” I said.

“You’re not,” she said, reaching in her pocket and handing me the passes.

“Thanks a lot. I’ve never been,” I said.

“Very funny, Corey. Very funny!” Carter said.

“It doesn’t matter if you have or not since I can’t go and don’t want them to go to waste. You and your
boy have a good time…” she said.

“Maybe one of your college friends will go too since you tell us you have a lot of them,” Carter scoffed.
Generally he was a nice guy but at times he could be a real asshole. He never had a problem with the fact
I’m gay so I tolerated his moody behavior at times. 

“I’m sure they won’t go to waste,” I said. “I really appreciate this, Susan.”

“Anytime,” Susan said and walked away.

“Poor pitiful Corey,” Carter said.

“What? Do you not believe me?” I asked. “I’ve never been.”

“But you’ve been to Europe and on a cruise?” he said.

“I have, but I’ve never been there,” I said.

The rest of the day I avoided being near Carter as much as possible. I had a small group of people I
enjoyed being around and trusted, but Carter was one of those guys who was a different person each day of
the week.

Our apartment was empty when I arrived home after working out intensely to finish my day. I opened our
refrigerator to see very little in there, knowing Matt and I would be shopping this weekend. 

I was on the couch and kicked back when I heard the front door open and close. Matt walked in and
seemingly was dragging. He tossed his things on the counter next to mine. I stood and greeted him with a
big kiss.

“Tough day, huh?” I asked after our kiss, taking his hand.

He shook his head, “Deadlines will be the fucking death of me.”

“You looked so stressed.”

“I am. I feel the pressure to perform and contribute,” he said while we took a seat. 

“That’s why you make the big bucks.”

“I suppose, but damn! How was your day?” he asked.

I smiled, “I have a surprise for you. Susan offered me tickets to Six Flags so I took them. I don’t work
next weekend so I figure we can entice Kris and Colt to join us.”


“Aren’t you excited? I am. I’ve never been and we can see Kris and Colt again,” I said.

“Alright, I’m excited, but I don’t feel it right now. Give me a little bit and I will be. I was talking to
Sergio today about us going to see about buying a new car. He suggested we look at the interest rates and
maybe consider purchasing it outright rather than financing it,” Matt said. Since we’d returned Matt had
transferred his money he had from basically someone he didn’t know to Sergio. He liked the idea of using
someone we knew despite his inexperience, plus he’d be helping out Sergio as well.

I put my arm around his shoulder and began rubbing it. “You worry far too much about our finances. We joke
and laugh about Colt and how tight he is. You have more money than all of us put together…”

“We agreed to save for a house,” he said in defense.

I pulled him closer. “Look, we’re doing great for two guys just out of college beginning new careers.
We’re setting back money each paycheck now thanks to a nice little plan by Sergio. Even with that you said
last week we’re making it very well.”

“I know that but we are buying a new car tomorrow unless you have to work.”

“We are for damn sure. I worry about our finances too and know it’s a reason some couples don’t make it.
We haven’t really spent any money other than the necessities since we’ve been here.”

“Our little trip,” Matt said.

“Tell me that wasn’t a necessity,” I said.

He chuckled, “Very much a necessity on my part, but we’re well beyond that.”

“Just like I thought we were beyond finances. Maybe I should take charge of our bank account and take that
burden away from you,” I said. “I’d be more than happy to do it since you have enough stress at work as it

“Ummm… if you want, you’re more than welcome to do it.”

I laughed, “I’ll do it, but… I was sort of joking since you enjoy it.”

“Don’t offer if you don’t mean it. Starting October 1st, you’re in charge of paying our bills. If we are
one day late…”

“I know… I know. You can trust me,” I said and heard a knock at our door.

I got up to answer it with Matt going back to change. “Hey guys, what’s up?” I asked seeing Scott, Shawn
and Seth standing there. As usual, Shawn was prepared with a full 12 pack in his hand. Seth had been
hanging around us some after meeting him when Kris first came in July.

“We were bored and didn’t want to sit on our ass on Friday night,” Shawn replied, entering.

“You’d think we’d be ready to go out and party,” Seth said. Now Seth had a short haircut while Scott had
let his blond hair grow out and Shawn’s hair was cut normal and looked professional.

“That gets old as hell,” Scott said. “Where’s Matt?”

Matt walked out in his shorts and tee. “I was changing. How’s it going?”

“Bored shitless,” Shawn replied and opened his first one and handed one to Seth.

I grabbed two beers of the six we had and returned. Matt and I didn’t drink unless it was sociably now,
such as this. “Where’s Bruce?” I asked sitting down next to Matt.

“This girl at his work set him up so he’s on a date,” Shawn replied.

“That’s great,” I said. 

“He’s really looking for one thing and one thing only,” Shawn laughed.

“Then it won’t last very long,” Matt said. “Now we need to get you three set up.”

“Just me,” Shawn said with a sly smile.

“Fucking thanks!” Scott said.

“What?” I asked.

“Well, Seth and I have been sort of dating,” Scott replied. 

“Why are you upset that Shawn said something? Were you going to keep it a secret?” I asked.

“It’s more me than Scott,” Seth replied and grabbed Scott’s hand. “We didn’t want to announce it yet while
I decide if I like dating guys.”

“I’m happy for you,” Matt said. “I was wondering if something was going on after I saw you two together
last week.”

“It’s partly me. Hell, after four fucking years I still can’t decide whether I want to date a guy or a
girl,” Scott stated.

“I don’t guess I’ll ever understand bi guys after they’ve enjoyed being with a girl,” Shawn stated. “Kris
and Colt seem to have remedied their bi problems.”

“They’re with two girls who understand them,” Matt said.

“Colt seems really happy with Faith, but he was with Kris too,” Shawn said. “In a way, I’m glad I’m not
wired like that. I know what I like.”

“You’re lucky,” Seth said.

As we were talking and enjoying each other’s company, Scott asked, “When are Colt and Kris coming to

“Well, I hope next weekend, but I haven’t asked them. Our team is off and this girl at work gave me four
free passes to Six Flags. If y’all and more wanna go, we can split the cost,” I replied.

“Sounds like a plan to me. I haven’t been in years,” Shawn said.

“Scott? Seth?” I asked.

“It sounds good to me,” Scott replied. “I’m with Shawn and haven’t been in years.”

“I’ll call Kris tomorrow and see if they wanna come…” Matt said.

“I need to use them next weekend or they expire. If not, we can all go,” I said.

“Corey, is there any way you could maybe get me some passes to your gym? My ass is starting to get fat,”
Shawn said and raised his shirt to show his little hairy gut.

“Yeah, I can get you some day passes and a discount if you care to join,” I replied.

“Get me some too,” Scott said. “I heard Matt is using Sergio now. One day when I get some extra cash I
wanna use him too.”

“It is good that we use our friends,” I said.

“That way we don’t get fucked over,” Shawn said. 

“If we only knew a car salesman,” Matt stated.

“Why?” Scott asked.

“Last weekend we were going to buy a new one but I had to work so we are for sure this weekend before my
piece of shit bites the dust,” I replied.

“Congrats Corey,” Shawn said.

“It will be both of ours,” Matt said.

“Our first big purchase as a couple,” I said proudly.

“That’s killer,” Seth said. “I can tell you’re excited.”

“We are, and it is so needed,” Matt said.

The time really flew by with our great friends. It had a similar feel to the many times we did the same in
college. After Shawn and Seth successfully killed the brews it wasn’t long before they headed off and bid
us a good night.

It was shortly after midnight when I was waiting in bed for Matt to finish in the bathroom. He came out
smiling. Walking towards me was my boyfriend who looked hot as hell. He still donned his brow piercing
with two tattoos. His body had transformed from a skinny guy when we first started dating to a now well
defined somewhat muscular man. His V tapered down to his nice hanging cock and balls with just a little
hair above his dick. His tan was so perfect with a slight tan line at his waist.

I grabbed him and attacked his lips. My love for this man continued to grow and remained as strong as
ever. Every night after work was devoted to each other and keeping that fire burning. Matt loved just
curling up next to me while we did almost nothing, our bodies relaxing completely knowing the other was so
close. Our time together seemed to make us desire each other more when it came time for sex. 

I loved his lips. Even after all these years I still felt a near overwhelming urge to kiss them. The
bottom one was plumper and stuck out just a little further than the top one, begging me to take it between
my own and nibble on it. I brushed my tongue against them and they opened, allowing me inside so the tips
of our tongues danced around each other and then crashed together as Matt sucked my tongue into his mouth.

When I broke the kiss I was panting and looked down into my boyfriend’s beautiful brown eyes. There was a
sparkle in them that told me how he felt about me and it made my heart race that little bit faster,
sending blood rushing to my dick as it throbbed between us.

I pecked his lips a few more times and then made a move down his neck, letting my tongue tease the soft,
smooth, tanned skin that led down to his sexy chest. He’s so hot. His body is perfect, still slim and yet
so toned. He’s like a model you’d see in an underwear catalogue and he’s all mine, a thought that sent
another jolt down through my dick.

I made sure to kiss each of his six abs on my way down to his amazing 8 inch cock that slid so easily into
my mouth. I was so turned on I plunged my head down on it, taking it all in one gulp, which had Matt
bucking up and grabbing onto my head, screaming out in pleasure and forcing his cock even further down my

Sliding back up his cock, I let my tongue trail up and down the length before pulling up to focus on the
head, which was a deep pink and throbbed as it pumped out more and more precum that I happily lapped up,
loving the taste of him on my tongue. I bobbed up and down for a little while, using my lips, tongue and
occasionally my teeth to caress every inch of him, knowing exactly where to touch to drive him wild.

Before long I felt him tugging on my legs and pulled off his dick just long enough for him to spin around,
grabbing my cock in his own hand and pulling it to his mouth. The moment I felt his tongue on the tip of
my cock I dove back down on him, sucking him as deep as he sucked me.

After a few minutes of sucking each other’s cocks, making the other moan which then sent vibrations all
the way up our cocks, through our bodies and made us even more eager to please each other, I pulled back
and moved around so I was on top of him and could lean down for a long, passionate kiss as Matt’s legs
came up and wrapped around me.

After lots of kissing and the great blow jobs, I stared into Matt’s brown eyes and knew what he wanted. I
quickly grabbed the lube to prepare us both and leaned down to kiss him again. Pulling back, our eyes
never left each other, a silent conversation flowing between them as my hard slippery dick pressed against
his entrance and slowly started going inside his ass with his legs on my shoulders. A little smile came
across his face with my dick going deeper. 

OOO Corey, make love to me,” he begged in a shrill voice, his hand coming up to grip onto my hair as he
threw his head back.

“I will,” I said with my hands on the bed at his sides. I kept watching my boyfriend’s face express the
pleasure he was feeling while my dick slid back and forth inside him. I loved it when his eyes would go
wide when I hit his spot. He felt so good wrapped around my cock, his ass never loosening no matter how
many times we fucked. After four years it was still a thrill to have sex with him. He grabbed me by the
neck and pulled me down for a kiss, almost bending him in half. I pushed his legs off my shoulders and
leaned back down, making it easier on both of us as I slid my tongue into his mouth. We kissed and he held
me close while I slowly made love to him.

Our bodies moved in time with each other, his wanting me inside him just as much as mine wanted to consume
him. He held me close, running his hands up and down my sweaty back, gripping my ass to pull me deeper
into him and clutching at my hair as he made love to my mouth.

His big dick was trapped between us, rock hard, sliding up and down in the groove between my tight abs.
Our bodies were so close, our chests touching, our nipples colliding, sending shockwaves through us both
so his dick jerked against me and mine jumped deep inside him.

Knowing he couldn’t touch himself and wanting to make this as good for him as it was for me, I pressed my
stomach harder against his dick so that when I moved my hips back and forth, sliding my cock in and out of
him, it rubbed up and down on his shaft. Matt’s moans turned into whimpers and he pushed his body against
mine, humping his cock against me and driving his ass down on my dick.

Ten minutes later, we were panting and covered in sweat. My dick was pulsating like crazy until my seed
began flooding his ass. My body shook while I deposited a nice load inside him. I pulled out slowly and
saw his long, hard dick aching to release its load. I moved so I was kissing his neck and started sliding
my hand down to his dick. I moved to his lips and we kissed while I jerked him off. He climaxed and moaned
into my mouth with his load splattering all over his taut body. My tongue extended and licked all of it
off his hot muscles, savoring the taste and leaving just enough so the last few drops were shared with

After Matt cleaned up and returned to my side, he moved right up next to me with my arms holding him
close. “Tomorrow is a big day for both of us,” he stated.

“It is. It’s the first step of many for us in a life where I hope we’re together forever.”

“Corey, I can’t imagine us not being together. I’m sorry I worry so much about our money thing but I don’t
want it to be a problem years down the line.”

“If it is, then we’ll tackle it together. We can do that.”

He smiled and kissed me. I held him close to my naked body and loved how we usually fell asleep in each
other’s arms.    

Saturday morning, I woke with the sun beaming in our bedroom window. As usual, Matt was up before me and
probably had been for a while. After a quick stop at the bathroom I headed to seek him out. I heard him on
the phone while in the kitchen and doing laundry. I walked up to him and hugged his hot naked body from
behind and kissed his cheek.

“Kris, I gotta go. We’ll see ya next weekend,” Matt said into his phone, leaving no doubt who he had been
talking to.

“You could have kept talking,” I said.

“I was on the phone with him for almost an hour as it was. He loves the idea of coming next weekend, but
naturally he can’t make it until Saturday. He’ll let me know if and who might be staying later in the

“Sounds like we have plans, but we have bigger ones today.”

“We sure do,” he said and kissed me. “Now I’m excited and ready to see what is in store for us.”

“I’m excited too and pray my car makes it,” I said.

We showered together, dressed and left to car shop. However, after my car started the first time I didn’t
want to test our luck all day. Matt directed me to the car lot. I parked and got out. He grabbed my hand
before we started walking to view what was available.

Matt went straight for the SUV’s and started with the expensive ones so we could rule those out, which was
a given. We wandered around until finding one that we could afford, or hoped we could afford. 

“May I help you two young men?” a guy asked us. He looked to be in his forties with gray hair. 

“Maybe,” Matt replied. 

He introduced himself as George while we introduced ourselves. He asked what we were looking for and
whether we wanted monthly payments along with a trade in. I laughed and pointed to my car as our trade in.
He called and got someone to look at it while we now decided on color and options. Together we found a
metallic gray crossover/SUV that would be perfect and would fit our needs to a tee. He gave us a test
drive and pointed out the features while Matt drove it. 

After the test drive, we knew this was the vehicle for us. We went inside and began filling out a massive
amount of paperwork and did so as a couple. It began the process of our purchase. Matt was the best and
had a price in mind that he wanted us to pay for the car. He really seemed to enjoy haggling over the deal
until his price was met. It wasn’t easy and took multiple trips to the manager until they met Matt’s

The next few hours were waiting and signing over our life, despite a nice down payment and incentives that
were offered. We were all smiles when George returned with two sets of keys to our new vehicle. 

Matt and I walked out to our first purchase together as a couple. George took some pictures of us with our
phones so we could send them to Kris, Colt and our moms. He handed me the keys and told me to drive. I
handed them back to him and asked him to drive since he’d put up most of the down payment. 

I got inside the car with the new car smell hitting my nostrils. Normally not emotional, something came
over me at that moment. Tears of joy began streaming down my face. 

“Stop it, Corey,” Matt said.

“I can’t help it,” I sobbed and saw tears running down his face now. He leaned over and kissed me.
He wiped our tears. “I see how much this means to you.”

“It has so many levels of meaning to me. Personally, I didn’t know if I’d ever see the day I would ever
buy a new car. As a couple, it shows our total commitment to each other. Now we’re responsible to each
other to cover the monthly payment. It also signifies our love to each other.”

“It does. So how’d you like my wheeling and dealing in there?”

“It was great. I didn’t know you had that in you.”

“Colt would have been so proud of me. I did the research so I knew what the bottom line was and wasn’t
going to go for less. I think it meant your car wasn’t worth shit.”

I laughed, “It wasn’t. Get us home, boyfriend.”

Matt drove us around a little bit with smiles on our faces. We returned to our place and proudly showed it
off to Scott, Shawn and Seth. They were happy for us and could see how happy and excited we were. Finished
showing it off, we sent out pictures. Mom called and told me how proud she was of me.

While Matt and I were sitting around and trying to decide on plans for the night he got a call. I wasn’t
sure who it was or the reason for it. Matt stepped away and continued to talk. He came back and sat next
to me.

“Ummm… Jared wants to know if we’re interested in meeting him and Kyle for dinner and maybe a movie
afterwards,” Matt said.

“We can do that,” I said. I knew Jared was a co-worker of Matt’s and one he had become friends with.

He smiled, “I’ll call and let him know.”

“Why? Were you worried I wouldn’t go?” I asked.

“Well… I did want to check with you first before saying yes,” Matt replied.

He called his new friend back and set the time. He came back and sat down.

“We do need to have more new friends. It’ll be nice for a change, like we used to do with Trey and
Towson,” I stated.

“Okay. I just wasn’t sure if you had something special in mind for us.”

“If this hadn’t come up I was going to see if you wanted to go a date,” I laughed.

“It will still be a date,” Matt stated.

After we dressed, I drove us to the restaurant where we were meeting Matt’s co-worker. It was exciting
being able to drive a new car but it was nerve racking in fear of something going wrong. We found the
restaurant about 15 minutes from our place and found Jared and Kyle waiting on us at a table at this cool
restaurant in a gay part of town. They stood and greeted us. Both were short and average size. Jared had
dark blond hair while Kyle’s hair was buzzed with a beard.

“Finally I get to meet Corey,” Jared said. “I feel like I already know you.”

“Oh no,” I laughed.

“I told him the best,” Matt said.

“Wine?” Kyle asked, lifting the bottle.

“Ummm… I think we’ll have a beer instead,” I replied.

“Matt, you and Corey make the cutest couple ever. You said he was bowed up but damn,” Jared said.

“It is his job now,” Matt said before he ordered us two draft beers and got us menus.

“They met right off the bat as freshmen and have been together for four years,” Jared said to Kyle.

“Man, that’s really awesome,” Kyle said. “It’s just been a year for us.”

“Kyle hasn’t been out very long either,” Jared said.

“It took a special guy to pull my ass out of the closet,” Kyle said.

We asked them what they recommended before we ordered. Kyle gave us a few recommendations before we
decided on our meal from the eclectic menu. Once we had ordered we talked but it was mostly Matt and Jared
since they knew each other. Jared was good at getting me and Kyle involved in the conversation since it
didn’t involve their jobs. 

After we ate the very good meal and had a couple of beers, we decided to check out an independent film at
a small theater since none of the major films appealed to us. We did have to drive a little ways before
getting there. Kyle was a big film buff and suggested a movie that he had heard good reviews about. We
entered the theater. Right away I saw it was different since they offered beer and wine along with the
other regular movie fare. 

We found a seat and sat down with our beers. Being able to drink would be something both Kris and Colt
would love. It was nice being able to put my arm around Matt without getting odd looks since there were
more gay people than straight seeing the movie. 

The movie turned out to be very good and one of the better ones I’d seen in some time. We left the theater
and were invited to continue the night with them at a dance club. There was no hesitation from Matt in
saying we’d pass and possibly do it some other time. 

Walking back to the car, I said, “Thanks for saying no to them. I wasn’t in the mood.”

“Me either, instead I’m in the mood for…” he said and cut his eyes at me.

“Fuck yeah!” I said. 

I got us home as quickly as I could. Once in the door at about midnight, I pulled his shirt over his head.
Recently, undressing each other was rare so I didn’t want to miss this opportunity. We undressed each
other and left a trail of discarded clothes. We didn’t make it to the bedroom for sex since we were all
over each other and didn’t want to stop.

My eyes opened after nine with me due at work at noon on this Sunday. Matt was still at my side, cuddled
up against me.

“What’s the deal?” I asked.

“I didn’t want to leave you,” he replied. “You know I love being held and just wanted to lay here with you
as long as I can.”

I turned his head for a long kiss and didn’t care if we had nasty morning breath. “When’s it gonna stop?”
I asked.

“Huh? When’s what gonna stop?”

“My love for your hot ass keeps getting stronger every day. Sometimes I feel like something’s wrong with
us because we’re so in love,” I replied and stroked his forearm as he was facing me.

“I hope it continues forever. We may or may not be able to get married…”

“Fuck that! We will be married one day,” I said.

“Things have improved but we may be old before it’s allowed here. Corey, I guess since this is our first
time living together alone as a couple we are growing to love each other that much more. Hell, I almost
fucked that up until you set…”

I stopped him. “We’re so far beyond that now.”

“I know we are, but I like to remind myself never to take you for granted.”

“I never want to take you for granted either.”

We kissed a lot and rolled around our bed a few times while doing so. The sheets did come off the bed but
I knew Matt would put them in the laundry while I was at work. He was such a good boyfriend and usually
did our laundry except for days when I was off.

It was a struggle to get ready for work but it was something I had to do. I was now responsible for a new
car payment, rent and expenses. There are some days when I wish I was back at college around all my
friends, but most days I’m glad that was behind me so I could move forward in life with many bright days


There's another chapter for you.  As always, I hope you enjoyed catching up with them a little despite it
being from Corey.  Watch for the next chapter coming soon!!!
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